DID Season 3 *Elimination Episode* 3rd March

DID Season 3 *Elimination Episode* 3rd March

Dance India Dance Season 3 3rd March Elimination Episode, In today’s episode Mohena’s parents were featured. For the performances, yes it seems like Dance India Dance is catching up to the standards. Paul Marshal was not included in the voting as he did not perform last week due to health issues. Pradeep got the highest votes while Sanam Johar got 2nd highest votes, Raghav slipped to No.3. Lowest voted contestants today were Sneha Gupta, Varun Kumar and Vaibhav. Varan Kumar has been voted out of the show. Indeed a brilliant dance and we wish him all the luck for future.

Dance India Dance 3rd March Performances

Terence Ki Toli

Neerav performed Abhimanyu Style on the song Dhakka Laga Bhukka

Pradeep Gurune performed Hip Hop Style on the song Zindagi Kya Tera Roop Hai

Raghav Crocroaz performed his usual slow motion style mixed with Mirror Dance

Piyali Saha performed Jazz Dance Style on the song Yeh Dil Hai Nakhrewala

Sneha Gupta performed Ariel Contemporary on the song Aao Huzoor Tumko

Varun Kumar performed Hip Hop and B-Boying on the song Dhan Te Nan

Remo Ke Rangeeley

Sanam Johar performed Freestyle on Patti Rap

Mohena Singh performed on the song Piya Kesariya Re Maaro

Vaibhav Ghuge performed Take It Easy Urvashi

Geeta Ki Gang

Paul Marshal performed Freestyle on the song Tu Tu Tu Tu Tara Phas Gaya Dil Bechara

Rajasmita Kar performed on the song Ni Main Samajh Gaye

Abhik Banerjee performed Kathak and Bharatanatyam Style on the song Kya Karon Mein Ladies

Dance India Dance Season 3 3rd March part1

Dance India Dance Season 3 3rd March part2

Dance India Dance Season 3 3rd March part3

Dance India Dance Season 3 3rd March part4

Are you happy with varum kumar's elimination ?

  • No (68%, 975 Votes)
  • Yes (32%, 449 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,424

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  • virginie

    Thank you admin! That was pretty fast! :)

  • Admin

    @virginie :- Welcome.

    Sad to see Varun go. He was one of my fav in the show.

    • virginie

      Yes, he should not have gone. For me Paul was the weakest and he skipped a round.

      I like the button you put here. I hope DID will take our votes in account :)

  • aangelguna

    thank you admin…you guys are doing a good job.

  • harsh savani

    abhik nd raghav awesome dance man

  • Nobody

    Paul, i notice he is good with Props.. well Executed, but i Expect something different today, in dance

    RAjasmitaaI Loved It, Loved It, Her Performance, what a Energy Pack Performance, she is Power Pack Female in Team Geeta “Sarial”

    Neerav. wow, what a Nice Drama Act. Less Dance , i expect dance.. agar drama hi krna hy tu bhae, so You Are 200% perfect for film & Drama Serial, so better try in both Duniya .. “Moraban chao”, I really Like Drama section, over all in Neerav act.

    Sanam, did a fab job, coz he try new thing, but not much impressive .. that’s fine attempt,

    Abbik, well attempt, new dance, khatak+natam, ofcourse, new thing, we always appreciate it, he also played with his face very nicely. gud Abhik ,

    Paradeep. Yes he is a Versatile Dancer, & very cute performance, i like his dance move, Flying kick, & what a good attempt

    Mohena, good attempt, but if compare with Rajasmita act, I like Rajasmita Energy performance, but Mohena also did a Nice attempt.

    raghav, at the beginning, we saw all those move, which he already show us in previous dance act, but total wow act with Mirror session, out standing with it
    .. Total out class.

    Piyali, just wow, she is brilliant week by week, fast learner & attempted well, this Piyali & Sneha G, Simply Good Performers

    Sneha G, Out Standing, Power Pack Performance, & Power pack Streangth performance act, for me, # 1 performance act in Today Show of Sneha G. Excellent

    Varan did a Fab job, bcoz he try New dance attempt with full power pack performance,

    Vaibhv, i think Varan did a better job than Vabhav, for me Vabhav should go, Not Varan.

    i didn’t See Piyali Performance, due to Electricity problem.

    All in All, another very nice Episode, for us.. Happines & beautiful feelings after watching such a beautiful program

    More thing share later on this post. keep watching Friends.

    For Me today 1 to 3 contestant performances are:-

    1. Sneha G.
    2. Rajasmita
    3. Paradeep

  • Nobody

    This is BIG unfairness in today Show, that Paul didn’t select for Red Zone, while he is not Performed Last Week, when Sneha G & varun give a awesome performances last week, & also Today Vabhav performance is not upto the save mark, but Unfortunately due to Missing of “X” factor in Varun, he unable to take bulk vote from Public, for me Vabhav Deserve to be eliminated in today show, but this couldn’t happen today 😐

    i saw Piyali & Sneha G & Varan Improve very well Week by week, they show new attempt with very balanced Energy, while the other Team Contestant not very much impressive just Ok Performances, Except Abhik & Rajasmita.

    Very Unfairness.. Mathunda says right after Sneha G performance, that he didn’t thought that she select for Danger zone Sofa. he is total right, she is much deserve than this Neerav & Vabahav :/

  • virginie

    Well guys, I was quite happy today with the performances, and quite unhappy too to see that Paul has simply skipped the chance to get eliminated… His today’s performance was so poor, so boring, so flat… Poor choreography, excessive props… Geeta really did not worked on him… I think he should go now… I don’t understand why Mithun da gave him his famous “kya bat”…

    How is it possible that Varun got eliminated when last week, he was awarded better performance of the day??? Really Paul should have gone. I am sad for Varun :(

    Though I found Mohena’s royal parents very simple and sober, I think calling them on stage and making Mohena perform as a princess is not going to work on her favor in the ranking because people will get envious and I bet she will get less votes next time, though no one can deny her talent, grace, fragility, strength and magnetism…

    I was very pleased with all the 3 Masters today, I found them very fair in their judgements, I really appreciated them praising the good work of the dancers or their co-choreographers (except how they under-judged Sanam, who is not maintaining his 2nd position just like that, and they were very diplomatic with Paul…)

    Even the Grand Master is better these days, lol, not flirting with girls and not calling the attention. A very pleasant show…

    I appreciate the effort done by Terence with so many contestants in his team. Well, he lost one, so in one sense, he will be able to focus more on the remaining 5, though I insist, Paul should have gone, Abhik and Rajasmita are strong enough to hold Geeta close to the finale…

    The masters praised very rightly with “that’s what I call a performance”, “chumeshwari” and “stupendofantabulouslyfantastical” 3 performances: Abhik’s, Raghav’s and Sneha’s. I absolutely agree with them (though voted No 1 and 2 did not get vows, we know why, lol):

    Abhik: His muscular body fitted well the classical fusion, he is very strong, powerful, clean, expressive, but in some parts I found it a little bit “girly” (sorry Abhik). Otherwise, the choreography was simple but extremely well executed, eye catching performance.

    Raghav (Crockroach): I really liked the fact that Terence used Raghav’s slow motion talent and creativity and fused it with other matching styles, which enhanced and reinforced the talent of Raghav, as I always thought it should be. Many people can be versatile, but very few have their own unique style… And that’s what makes me stick to want Raghav in the Grand Finale (and I’m sure he will be). We all can appreciate his amazing balance (something that many dancers lack), his clean movements, how he moved at the exact time at the beginning, his mastery of mirror style, his magnetism and strength mixed with his innocence. Very impressive.

    Sneha ji: I felt really sorry for her that again she is been voted as one of the last because she is a very good dancer, very flexible and graceful, very strong and has great control over her body… The end of the performance was amazing.

    Besides them, I found:

    Pradeep: very skilled, balanced, clean, expressive, his choreography was simple but he executed it so well…

    Sanam: He also has a muscular and pleasant body, like Abhik, which is a plus for dancing. His performance was innovative and cute, but what is eye catching in him, besides his talent, is his mixture of grace and masculinity, his charisma. (I dont’t think we girls are so dumb to vote only for a face lol)

    Neerav: Though Neerav has a very good technique and balance, I agree with the masters that he lacked energy, charisma. Today’s performance did not convince me much.

    Piyali did an amazing chair split.

    Rajasmita was strong and graceful.

    So based on today’s performance, my ranking would be:
    1.2.3. Raghav, Sneha, Abhik
    4.5.6. Pradeep, Mohena, Sanam
    7.8.9. Rajasmita, Neerav, Piyali
    10.11. Vaibhav, Varun (though he is out)
    12. Paul

    • samecute

      dear virginie i agree with you your review is amazing. if i talk about neerav, i believe Master Terence is not putting him in diffrent and difficult choreography i dont know the reason but i have this feeling, because he has assisted Master Terence so it means he is trained for almost all the styles which Master Terence does and he is giving neerav very simple choreography.

      • virginie

        Thanks samecute:)
        Very true about Neerav…

  • dancefan2012

    Paul – Average – Its high time for him to show versatility – Same old lyrical Hip-Hop trying to copy Dharmesh will not work any more.

    Rajasmita – I liked the performance but something was missing.

    Neerav – Average performance – The postures were not clean in few places. It wasn’t a “chumeswari or that’s what I call a performance” kabile tareef. Ignore Geeta’s comment, its always stupendo… for all of her contestants whether they good or not.

    Sanam – Good performance, good concept. I liked the body popping and tutting sections.

    Pradeep – It was free style, it was not hip-hop. I liked the performance.

    Piyali – Jazz was OK and I did not find any thing great in the performance but appreciate the fact that she attempted something new

    SnehaG – Good performance but again there were flaws in the performance, transition wise not the dance step wise. The toe part was dangerous as she could have twisted her ankle very badly. I liked the hair style.

    Varun – Body popping (More of Hip-Hop) and B-Boeing, I liked it but its unfortunate to see him voted out of the show.

    Vaibhav – Need to improve a lot, hat section was also not that great, I did not find any innovative steps

    Croc Boy – I really liked the Mirror section but other wise the steps were repeated. Tu-ting was not clean

    Monina – Average performance – Well I want to see some other dance form. She should attempt one complete Aerial act like Sneha attempted today, though it was not a flawless performance.

    Abik – Good attempt but need to work on Postures, there were lot of mistakes with the postures. Being student of Saroj Khan, I would say it was an average performance.


    1. Sneha G
    2. Sanam
    3. Pradeep
    4. Rajsmita
    5. Croc Boy
    6. Piyali
    7. Mohena
    8. Vaibhav
    9. Abhik
    10. Paul
    11. Neerav

    Not rating Varun as he is out but he performed well.

    It was not definitely not the audience vote out for Varun it is the channel. There should be a limit in rigging the show and we do not want to see the deserving contestants going out of the show.

    • dancefan2012

      Messed up with Neerav’s comments above, it was meant for Abhik.

      Neerav – Average performance and need to practice more before performing in the big stage.

    • Fazee Perz

      Dancefan I totally agree wit 0l ur reviews………..

  • samecute

    Thankyou admin for uploading the videos, but starting part was missing.

  • Love

    i think Sanam is overrated. If we see last week performance only, then Sanam should have been voted out!!! his solo and ballroom was total fiasco to me..He was my fav in the beginning but not anymore because he is not versatile. Remo is using him like Punit last year 😛 I have no idea how he got no. 2 after last week performance..
    Abhik is under rated..he excels all the styles..this boy will go long!! he should.

    Girls r doing great!! Mohena and Rajasmita.these two r excellent ..not a single performance has dropped since the show has started!! This 2 deserves in top6. Sneha G is great!! Piyali was never my eye candy!! last week and this week solo is great!!

    Paul-Raghav r excellent in their styles..but in duo..Paul is better than Raghav!! to be Honest Raghav is incredible in what he does..otherwise these both will be kicked out before top 6.

    I love Neerav since audition..The emotions he display in contemporary is unmatchable. At least he is trying different styles. Today he did pretty good!!

    Vaibhav should have gone today!!

    • me.yummy

      Hi love!! Hope you are doing well. 😀

  • virginie

    is lv2dance back???

    hey guys, where are you??? (nazishk, whackybanana, priyam, et all)

    • Whackybanana

      I am here. I watch the episodes but I kinda lost interest due to the heavy rigging of votes which led to the elimination of many good contestants. Earlier I used to watch the show at one go, now its more stop and watch when you are bored. Maybe its just me. I hope you are doing good. :)

    • priyam

      I’m here my friend and I am very angry and unhappy with Varun’s elimination. By the way, I’m Priya. I have the impression that contestants are eliminated on purpose in Terrence team. How mean. I am sure that Sneha is the next to go and this is really sad as for me she is one of the strongest among the girls.

      Yes, I want Varun back as well and please Dada, use your veto power for contestants like Varun as well and not only for the Pretty Kooshboo.

    • nazishk

      Here Virginie.. :) How are you?

      Well i think today’s performance were really good. I thought everyone did a good job but i really liked Raghav, Sneha, Varun and Abhik performance. I thought they all did an excellent job even though they need a little bit of more improvement but they did well.
      Paul’s performance was ok…not as good as it should have been even after not performing last week.
      Pradeep was ok.. i thought varun was better than him.
      Neerav was once again ok… he needs to try other styles.
      Vaibhav was ok as well he could have done much better.
      Piyali’s jazz wasn’t good… she tried but wasn’t as good.
      Rajismita was good.. i liked her performance.
      Raghav was excellent i thought i know he performs the same style mostly but even Dharmesh last season was liked for doing his own style. Raghav tried something new and that’s commendable.
      Varun was awesome.. it was an unfair decision. He deserves to stay in the show.
      Abhik tried something new and it was good. I thought being a guy he did an awesome job in classical.
      Sneha was also good… she has improved a lot. I hope she stays longer.
      Over all it was a good episode… I just hope it gets better not worst. And Varun should have stayed in the show… this season is proving to be a king of wrong decisions.

  • tina

    As of Saturday March03, Avik is still my Fav- kind of reminds me the crispness of Shafeer. Very versatile – strong in both Indian and Western. His performance was almost good as I am a B’natyam dance.On the other hand Neerav again was plain BAD.

    Dance2012, don’t know why u didn’t like Avik- he was the best performer today along with Sneha G.

    Paul and Vaibhav should go – both overrated

    Masters need to speak out now. Raghav is the only dancer who is not showing any versatility. I am bored of his’creepy movement ‘ dance form. It is unfair on other dancers.

    I said it last sat too that Avik is my fav and Varun might be voted out, because although he is a strong performer like Shafeer, he cannot speak hindi well or a crowd puller.

    It is V V WRONG for Piyali to be safe and Varun to be voted out when both of them were ‘performer of the day last week’ and Varun was more consistent than Piyali.

    I dont like DID3 – yest to see a wow perfornace since shafeer left.

    Top 3 today
    2.Sneha G

    No body else is even worthy at least today and also on the show. DID3 kind of lost its spunk.

    • dancefan2012

      Just because Masters praised Avik doesn’t mean he did good, if you watch the performance again, you will make out the error in the posture, you mentioned that you are a B’natyam dancer above and you should know what I meant. Being trained by Saroj Khan and I want him to perform better as I am a great fan for Saroj ji.

  • curiouscat

    Yes, I’m ranting here !!! WTF is happening ? We, Indians here takes the all bloody effort to watch the only reality show in India and that too is rigged. Paul, the weakest dancer in the show did not get eliminated and the best one VARUN got out. Are these guys really counting the votes or just want to get some TRP and shit … First it was with Sneha , now its Varun .. Get a good grand master at the first place or atleast teach him some dance lessons. Ask him to leave his fake attitude out of the show, him calling the contestants “buddy” is so fake and all he has to say is “I have no words” which is true as he dont know anything. Zee TV needs to grow up and show some respect to the real talent .

    • Whackybanana

      The grand master is a joke. Dance has moved on a lot from his times and he is clearly not fit to judge these contestants. I hate his stupid ass comments and all the masters sucking up to him.

    • virginie

      curiouscat and whackybanana, who would you suggest to replace outdated Mithun da?

      • curiouscat

        That’s the hard part .. The closest that I think about is Shiamak Davar, his comments were quite decent and about the dance when he was judging Dance ke superstars.

        • dancefan2012

          My only choice will be Farah Khan, she is dramatic sometimes but strict about the performance and gives back on the face, if the performance is not good.

          • Fazee Perz

            I would agree with farah khan 2…….

          • nazishk

            Ya her or Prabhu Deva… if Zee is looking for someone who really changed the history of Dance in India than that’s Prabhu Deva.

          • dancefan2012

            Nazisk, the only problem with Prabhu Deva is he doesn’t know Hindi and has big communication problem. Well that’s true that he is India’s MJ.

        • virginie

          Ya I also liked his comments

  • anujsharma

    Vaibhav sucks.. he should have been out today..


    Varun was indeed a very strong and versatile dancer. He definitely did not deserve to go so early.. Very sad to watch him go out :(
    He was one of my favourite contestants..I really wish they could bring him back..

    • virginie

      yes, I agree with you,, Varun should be back and Paul should have been eliminated! That was a very wrong decision of DID to keep him…

      • priyam

        I fully support you.
        Dada, kuch to accha karo, bring back Varun

  • virginie




    • priyam

      We all want Varun Back
      We all want Varun Back
      We all want Varun Back
      We all want Varun Back

      And Sanam is overrated because he has good looks.

      Sneha and Varun have always be underrated just like Amar. Don’t you find it odd that most of us believe that Varun should not have been eliminated and Sneha is very strong and yet they are the least voted contestants. If this is really Janta’s decision, the rules have to be amended.

      • virginie

        agree with you, Priyam


      yes. Varun should be got back.. dada should use his Veto power for Varun…

      • virginie

        Ya, that would be finally a good decision to make us try to forget what happened to Shafeer…

  • chakri_4u2

    hey get the neerav out of the show. he didn’t deserve to be in top 18 itself. i don’t know how he is still in top 11. and vaibhav shuld hv been out on thw day in place of shafir & yesterday also…. janatha janardhan.. vote the contestent based on the performance yaar..

  • Tamjeed A


    Here is my observation from today’s performance and in general.

    Raghav, has the cleanest execution of steps of all the contestants. He definitely does things differently with very smart moves and I find them eye appeasing. With the other contestants the main issue is they are good dancers but the charisma is not there, with the reason being we have already seen much stronger performances in dance reality shows. Paul’s male/female act was one different act, Varun’s first act, Sanam’s mirror act, were some of the performances to relish in the current season…. Otherwise, believe me they have failed to be consistent and over the time it reveals that they are good in one form/act. I can confidently say that people dogmatically wait and watch Raghav’s performance and except for the school act he has always lived up to the expectations.

    Neerav, is no match with the other contestants. He is in just because of Terrance otherwise, he is was not eligible for top 13 too.

    Paul, is definitely a one performance wonder. Besides the male/female act nothing was good from him.

    Mohina, is a strong contender and will be in top 3 for sure.
    Sanam, is good in one form. He can just do contemporary only but exceptionally well.
    Pradeep, an exceptional good dancer.

    According to me.
    1) Raghav
    2) Pradeep
    3) Mohina
    Rest of them are neck to neck with each other as part of second brigade.
    I agree regarding the elimination of Varun as a wrong move. Vaibhav was the weaker along with Paul. Definitely not Varun for sure.
    Bottom line, we need to judge dance that lives in the heart of ppl.

    • esposa

      to my Tamjeed A

      Yes dear, m fully agree with u

    • virginie

      agree with you!! :)

    • nazishk

      Agree there is something about Raghav that makes me want to watch weekly episodes. Other wise DID has lost its charm.. it’s not the same anymore.

  • Ayan Pal

    Sometimes we simply go overboard. Fact No 1: Everyone has their own unique reasoning. I might like a Raghav and an Abhik better than a Vaibhav and a Neerav. But someone else might not! Fact No 2: When a performer gives a great solo, it works in his or her favor, but during a duet, one person is liked more than the other (Ex: Piyali was no 8 and varun was voted out after the judged specifically pointed out how Piyali was better). Fact No 3: When someone else performs, the reaction of other contestants also go a long way in influencing voters. Everytime someone performs Sanam always has a positive expression on his face, unlike Sneha G for instance, who seems to be sulking. Now it’s extremely likely that Sneha is simply having that expression on her face because of her braces, but to the audience, it might appear to be an act of jealousy. fact No 4: Inspite of being so called liberal Indians, its a given fact that we are biased and hence I will not be surprised if NE votes extensively for pradeep, and Mumbai for Vaibhav for instance. However the fact that every contestant can have only one vote cast towards him, should help eliminate such a bias. fact No 5: A large section of the audience respects the opinion of the judges and might be getting influenced by their positive comments. I would like to state here that I find it ridiculous to suggest that someone else should be a Grand Master. This show is Mithun’s idea and so obviously he should be given full credit for not only the show, but also for his choice of masters – Remo, Terrence, and Geeta, who were relatively unknown till DID happened. Now there are moments when it appears like a deserving contestant is voted out, and here I absolutely agree. But the fact is that everyone is good. Hence other factors like how handsome/glamorous a person is (Sanam – Delhi Dude), where a person is from (Pradeep – North East), how uniquely a person dances (Raghav – Slow Motion) go a long way in deciding who will get how many votes. And last but not the least, that person’s luck. Some guys are plain unlucky (Shafeer is the name that comes most on one’s mind).

    • curiouscat

      Are you one of the producers dude !!! Stop giving excuses and blaming it on the voters. Yes, there is a regional bias but voters are not fools to ignore good talent..

      And Mithunda, yes he might the one who started this, I also liked his comments in Season 1 and 2. But this time he is becoming too old for such a show. Kya baat and Grand salute used to be rare in last two seasons, but this season every Tom Dick and Harry gets it. Its just because of Raghav I will be watching the show. This show is becoming another India f@#$%king Idol or Whatever@#$Pa ..

      • Mehnaaz

        Yes:), Mithun da this season has eliminated very good contestants unfairly this season. He also doesn’t even know proper information about dance and likes to just watch and say kya baat. He in my opinion is also very biased about the contestants.

    • tina

      liked you analysis

      I think everyone agrees MITHUNDA IS Main culprit for DID3 performing very very badly…I still cannot forget the fact that Shafeer, riddhika, Sneha K, Varun and Sumit are not in and useless ppl like Piyali, Vaibhav, Paul, Neerav are in. No more daring/arial/unique acts in this season

  • me.yummy

    Today’s episode was ‘fadoo’. Abhik, Raghav, Sneha were excellent. I wanted to see Abhik try something new and he did. Sneha is one strong gal and her aerial act was lovely. Raghav did his own style AGAIN and again I was enamoured by him. Pradeep, Mohena and Sanam were good too. I really appreciate Sanam’s effort to try something else and he did it very well. His tutting section was fab. I liked Mohena, but Remo could have done better with the choreography.

    Unhappy with Varun’s elimination. He was very good last week (and today as well) and didn’t deserve to be eliminated. Piyali or Vaibhav should have gone out today.

  • ppmsia

    yes varun shldnt be eliminated…..dancers who are weak in my opinion are: vaibhav, paul, neerav,piyali,raghav( yes im tired of his usual style)….i hope they get eliminated in the following weeks instead of others….

    and its gonna be 4am here in malaysia, and im still up waiting for sunday’s videos… what wld i do without this website haha…..thanks for all the great videos that have been uploaded up till now :)

  • Mehnaaz

    I think that the judges fairly critiqued the contestenats today.
    1-Sanam-Honestly from the comments above everybody needs to stop dissing him and saying that the only reason he is in second is because of his good looks. Yes, he handsome, but if you look and his performances they are worthy for being voted on and today he did a kick butt performance with the whistle while dancing.I just want to see some more popping and locking from him.
    2-Crocroaz-He shocked and amazed me today because, his mirror section was flawless and well as his pure style. He will probably be on number two or one depending on how well he does tomorrow.
    3-Abhik-He surprised me by doing so good in indian classical which isnt in his area of expertise at all.
    4-Pradeep-Nice, simple, and cute:)
    5-Sneha-Amazing I never knew she had enough strength to do that it really shows how she is a very versatile dancer she just needs to work out a little.
    6-Mohena-It was nice, but I personally think that the judges especially Geeta was praising her a little too much because it wasn’t as good as some of the other girls performances.
    7-Rajasmitha-nice and graceful
    8-Vaibhav-It was okay he needs to show us something new for a change.
    9-Pyali-She kind of did something similar to what Vandana and Kruti of Krupa??? did last year.
    10-Neerav-I was kind of dissapointed because as Geeta correctly pointed out that his elevations were quite poor and his quality of dance overall wasn’t very impressive.
    11-Paul-He didn’t do anything special at all and his props didn’t enhance his performance, but instead took away from it.

    • virginie

      good review mehnaaz…good points :)

  • Abdul Saboor

    how can i vote online and come on still ajj ke episode nahe aye and i love raghav and sanam

  • kkoble

    Im pretty upset about Varun. He didnt deserve to leave. I believe Paul or Vaibhav should have left instead.

    I appreciate Sanam’s attitude and I think Remo should try more with him because Sanam does have great potential.

    I agree with Terrence about Abhik. Abhik was absolutely amazing today and hats of for doing a completely new stlye with so much skill. He barely had time to breath and he got down almost everything. I think he is underestimated in this show and should be given more credit especially since he is only 17.

    Mohena and Rajasmitha were okay today.

    I am tired of Raghav. He needs to try something different. After a while, it does not matter how good you are at one style. Shakti and Salman were good at multiple styles which is why they won. Rahgav has to show more versitality.

    Pradeep was pretty average.

    I appreciate Piyali’s versitality but I don’t think she will stay long because Rajasmitha and Mohena are both better.

    Very happy for Sneha; excellent performance from her today.

    Neerav dissapointed today but I dont think the fault goes to him. Atleast he tried something new.

  • HostMaama

    Based on their performance dated 03 March 2012, I would like to share my “stars” to the following dancers;
    Pradeep Gurung ★★★★★
    Sneha Gupta ★★★★
    Abhik Banerjee ★★★
    Sanam Johar ★★
    Raghav Crocroaz★

  • Fazee Perz

    Honestly I really hate ol the damn rigging!

    Mithunda u made l0tz of wr0ng decisions…atleast use veto power 2 bring bk varun or shafeer……

    Was Paul’s illness a c0nspiracy to still hv Geeta’s team in the running?? R the votes being rigged to rem0ve 4 guys so tht the show can hv 4 males n 4 females? Will there be massive riggings 2 c0me so as to sabotage terence’s team since he’s now left with 5 while the other 2 judges hv only 3 contestants? Junta y is it tht sanam is stil at n0. 2 after last week’s performances????

    *****s0 many questions on my mind……..deserving dancers r not given the spotlight…….I had a gut feeling tht varun would hv been the next 2 go c0z like shafeer their inability to “emotionally blackmail” the audience worked against them……Mithun plz rest0re the integrity n respect we lost 4 u by bringing bk shafeer or varun thru veto power…….*****

  • Ashish G

    Varun is first in a series of shocking eliminations yet to come.He was perhaps the most macho contestant on the show and his performance was consistently ranked highly by the masters and had multiple “Most Desired Performance Of the Day” to his credit.Unfortunately this could not convert to popularity as public mood tends to influence by other reasons as well.The same may be said for Sneha G despite her oomph.It’s all the more surprising considering she has appeared on Boogie Woogie and has been a trainer for a few years.Well this is the peril of having a voting based system and audience appeal will now play a major role in the run up to the Grand Finale.Top 13 represent the elite dancers (though some would like to make an exception to Urvashi Gandhi) and it all boils down to the ‘Pop’ factor now.
    Varun you would be highly missed.

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