DID Season 3 *Ballroom Special* 26th February

DID Season 3 *Ballroom Special* 26th February

Dance India Dance Season 3 26th February was graced by the new married couple of bollywood industry Ritesh Deshmukh and Genelia D’Souza, They came for the promotion of their movie Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya. In the Ballroom special episode of Dance India Dance all the contestants performed in couples. Since Urvashi was eliminated she will not be considered for voting. Most desired performance of the day was awarded to Varun Kumar and Piyali Saha.

Dance India Dance 26th February Performances

Terence Ki Toli

Varun Kumar and Piyali Saha performed Pasodoble Dance Style on the song Maut

Neerav and Sneha Gupta performed Cha Cha Cha Dance Style on the song Subha Honey Na De

Raghav Crocroaz and Pradeep Gurune performed Jive Dance Style on the song Aunty Ji Get Up And Dance

Remo Ke Rangeeley

Sanam Johar and Mohena Singh performed Rooomba Dance on the song Yeh Mera Deewanapan Hai

Mohena Singh and Vaibhav Ghuge performed Salsa Dance Style on the song I Hate Love Stories

Geeta Ki Gang

Rajasmita Kar and Abhik Banerjee performed Lindy Hop Dance style on the song Tum Se Mili Nazar

Abhik Banerjee and Urvashi Gandhi performed Bolero Dance Style on the song Mein Wari Jawan

Dance India Dance Season 3 26th February part1

Dance India Dance Season 3 26th February part2

Dance India Dance Season 3 26th February part3

Dance India Dance Season 3 26th February part4

Dance India Dance Season 3 26th February Limelight

  • nay2in


    • nazir


  • nazir

    why your written in hindi all name o styles of any dance style any name of contestants why hindi please writen english

    • virginie

      yes please! there is also audience abroad

  • nazir

    i request grand master all written name of style in english please

    and second request we all want see dharmesh sir just one time in did3
    please come him in did3

    • virginie

      well, then i want to see Amar 😛 Amar dancing with Mohena… wow!

      • priyam

        I would also like to see Amar. He is such a terrific dancer.

        • esposa

          To my dear friend priyam
          Yes i agree with u priyam, Amar is a terrific dancer and I cannot forget the solo performance in the song Kahi to Hogi wo (Remix). I have seen that performance more than 100 times. Really great. One more thing, i have met with Amar in New Delhi in a marriage function and we have a conversation about DID 2 finale’s. I told him that most of the ppl wants u to be in place of punit. I also disused about Kahi to Hogi wo performance. He really loved when I said u were looking zaakas in that performance.

          • virginie

            Am I not your dear friend, esposa? 😉 I wish I had met Amar, I am his fan too…

          • priyam

            My dear friend exposa,

            you are so sweet. You are so lucky to have met Amar. But, I have been quite fortunate as well as I met one of my favourite, the chocolate boy Mayuresh in Mauritius.

            Don’t worry Virginie, I am your friend…..and I’m sure exposa is as well.

    • esposa

      To my dear friend nazir
      You even catch my mouth dear, I really love to see D’Sir back to the DID with some moves (Guest performance). It would be great watching D’Sir in DID floor.

      And I tell u 4 sure, the DID 1 & DID 2 contestant will definitely perform soon with DID 3 contestant. In my opinion the duet performance would be: –

      i. D’Sir with Paul (for sure)

  • virginie

    I loved today’s performances! The choreography really matter too… They are all strong dancers…

    To me, Mohena is outstanding and very consistent though she tries new dance styles (last week harness, yesterday Bollywood, today salsa and rumba) and for once i agree with Mithunda, she is very very graceful… It’s a pleasure to watch her… Besides as she is the only girl among 2 guys, she is working double.. Which is good for her :)

    I also enjoyed the bullfighting performance, i had goose bumps… very well choreographed and strongly executed… The matador was really standing like one, with that characteristic pose, and the bull was strong and innocent, as they really are, I also liked the end that Terence gave it… Unusual… Congrats Terence… Well deserved award, Varun and Piyali… My God EVERY TIME I SEE THE END OF THIS PERFORMANCE IT GIVES ME GOOSE BUMPS…

    Terence was also right about the hips importance in salsa, something that I dont see much in Indian dancing salsa, as he said it, it’s the “flavor”…

    Neerav and Sneha were really good, Sneha is a surprise package… :)

    Today’s Terence choreography were really innovatives :) All the dansers incarnated really well their characters…

    Abhik and Rajasmita did not move me today…

    And I am also happy today with Geeta finding flawless performances in the team members of her co-choreographers…

    Terence was very right in his comments about Urvashi…

    And he pointed at the mistakes of Sanam, which were not his mistakes but Remo’s (lol) because Sanam got voted 2nd best… So Terence had to put him down lol…

    Moreover, I noted that (all) the masters praised the contestants of other teams that were not on top of the rank and found flaws on those who were voted firsts …lol… politics? hehe

    And last but not the least, Mithunda “Grand Master” also stopped flirting with girls :) What a relief! hehe

    It’s becoming very difficult to vote as I am tempted to vote for some, but I stick to my choices… Raghav and Mohena :) Raghav for his innate talent and creativity and Mohena for her talent and grace.

    If there had to be 2 boys and 2 girls, I wish the finalists would be Raghav, Mohena, Sanam and Sneha… Raghav and Sneha could do funny childish acts :) And Mohena and Sanam are such a beautiful and graceful couple…

    And if only boys, then Raghav, Pradeep, Varun and Vaibhav (Neerav has already a future with Terence)

    In any case, to me, it’s all about Terence and Remo…

    Well, that’s my opinion guys :)

    • samecute

      We should support Neerav as well, because he is really working hard and most importantly he is facing irrelevant criticism but still smiles and performs with perfection and grace.We should not overlook his performances just because he has assisted master Terence because he is in the competition as other contestants.
      Dear Virginie, that’s my opinion, no offense and i appreciate the way you have over viewed today’s performances.

      • virginie

        Yes samecute, you are right, we should not overlook Neerav, he does a lot of effort and he is very good and those who are very good or very liked will be the 1st ones to be criticized 😛

        From now onwards, the masters will criticize so much the next 3-5 most voted of next week… I bet on this… The more closer to win, the more criticized 😛 …politics…

        And thanks for appreciating :)

        • samecute

          Dear Virginie u are quite foresighted person! i like it.Hmmmmmmm! i have a Question, do you have any idea? will sneha kapoor be back in competition?

          • virginie

            hahaha i am not an oracle LOL, i just link things :)

      • esposa

        I fully agree with u samecute, Neerav is a strong dance.

  • samecute

    Once again wonderful performances from Terence ki toli.I especially liked neerav and sneha, varun and pyali performance.But i am little disappointed with geeta’s and remo’s comments on neerav and sneha’s performance because when in wild card episode neerav worked with remo his technique was superb as both remo and geeta said and after that when he was in the competition, they have started pointing out his mistakes, dont know why they are doing that? especially today, as both neerav and sneha performed really good.My best wishes are with neerav, sneha and raghav.

    • virginie

      Is Paul going to be eliminated because he did not perform this week or is he skipping one elimination round by being ill?

      I am not saying he is doing it purposely, but I wander what are the DID rules in this case…

      • priyam

        I am also onfused my dear as Vrushali performed despite of being very sick in season 1. She had gastro and was very weak. I also wonder what the rules are .

        • virginie

          Yes, dear Priyam :) Really wander what the rules are…

  • baba

    Hey guys please bring salman and Dharmesh sir once on DID-3
    and raghav you are amazing man….
    and mohina you looked stunning and very sexy today…. 😉

  • tina

    Today I missed Sneha-Varun pair, sply sneha as she was very good at this.

    Even today I missed Shafeer-Riddhika and Sneha ‘s performance

    Till date I did not see any flawless performance.On sat no body was clean with props except Avik and Pradeep and today no body was wow in ball room dance except Piyali-varun and mohena.

    Both Piyali and Moehna were clumsy yesterday in their props. So as of now I have no fav, may be Avik again.

    vaibhav- I dont know man, why does he always end up giving a weird expression looking at the camera, as soon as he ends his performance, as if he is already a hero(either kissing or winking).

    I would like to see Avik and Varun move on till the finals

    • mnegi

      Yes, Sneha was very very good…

  • mnegi

    Sneha Gupta is my favorittteee……… Great Dancer……. I may wrong, but i see one of the best item dancer in her……. she.. has all potential..

  • tare007

    Mithun Da : Mithun’s favorite word today.. “Graceful”. Can somebody give a script.. he copies Remo throughout the day..

    Geeta: Geeta, good to see that you like Varun and Piyali’s performance because you never seem to like another master’s team.

    Remo: Mithun, was coping you!

    • virginie

      At least Mithun said ‘graceful’ instead of “I love u” LOL.
      I agree with your comments though…

  • Fazee Perz

    Wow…..I think ol the perf0rmances were g0od t0day…….

    I was impressed wit Varun n Piyali’s perf0rmance…..Terence rightfully deserve a d0uble thumbs up 4 choreographing such an amazing perf0rmance…….

    I ols0 liked cr0ck b0y n pradip……I think they were grt t0day n its g0od 2 see cr0ck b0y trying s0me new things…..I h0pe it continues……..pradip’s expression n his character ol c0mplimented his perf0rmance………..

    Sneha G n Neerav was ols0 go0d but still n0t impressed…….*d0nt ever think I will be c0z I still preferred SHAFEER over him*…..h0wever based on his perf0rmances so far I think ol critiques he received were rightly made……really after assisting terence 4 s0 long he should be able to deliver great perf0rmances……anyways let’s wait on watch……

    Nandu (Rajasmita) n Abhik’s perf0rmance was go0d…….h0wever I was a little disappointed with Abhik’s n Urvashi’s perf0rmance……

    Vaibhav n Mohena’s perf0rmance was nicely executed……I liked it……..

    Sanam n Mohena’s was again a little messy…..really I h0pe Sanam works harder since he has p0tential…..

    All in all it was a well choreographed sh0w……..

    I h0pe paul doesn’t get eliminated c0z of his illness……but since he didn’t perf0rm it shouldn’t be fair to judge him……

    After t0day’s sh0w its really tough to say wh0 should be eliminated……I was thinking piyali but after seeing her t0day it sh0ws tht she can indeed try new things….anyways wishing them ol best of luck!!!!!!!!

    • dancefan2012

      Finally got to watch the videos after the hectic weekend. All performances were good. No more comments as already to many discussions already done. Will watch the videos today and give my comments.

  • kya hai

    Piyali was outstanding today. No doubt. Neerav always seems clumsy to me. It just makes me mad that he was chosen over an outstanding performer like Shafeer. Also Urvashi stayed while Riddhika had to leave. Shafeer and Ridhika deserved to be in the final 13
    and were way better than Neerav and Urvashi.

    As much as I love this show I must say this show is all about who you know and not what you can do. A total injustice!!

    • Suraranjani Dhar Chowdhury

      GUYS, Get RIDDHIKA & SHAFEER back into the show, in case we want to see “REAL DANCE”.
      Trust me !

  • Fazee Perz

    Riddhika n shafeer were eliminated in my views 2 equalize the team members…..which it should n0t have been….em ols0 particularly upset wit Geeta Maa f0r selecting Shafeer n riddhika tht day c0z paul n urvashi g0t a grand salute…..I mean c0me on…Shafeer had 2 c0nsecutive grand salutes n a “kya baat” then y the partiality? Riddhika had a grand salute n ols0 a “kya baat”…..Urvashi was clearly the weakest dancer but geeta maa saved her MAYBE because she felt her beauty would’ve taken her further……..

    Coming back 2 Shafeer’s elimination I think 0lso his background n his inability to speak much hindi played a big r0le……..DID wants contestants who can “emotionally blackmail” the audience…..whereas I think tht its t0tal nonsense……I d0nt want to watch someone’s em0tions thru w0rds but I want to see it thru their dance…..each n every step should tell how much passion tht pers0n has………if DID looks at the American sh0w “So you Think you can Dance” they’ll see w0t a real dance competiti0n lo0ks like…………….

    DID seas0n 3 is indeed the best seas0n yet but again the G.M’s decisions were p0or………..

    I do h0pe junta v0tes on talent n n0t by the way the c0ntestant looks………since the t0p 3 were Cr0ck b0y, Sanam n Pradip……I really didn’t see y Sanam deserved #2……..I guess m0st of the v0ters r girls :D….only us girls w0uld v0te looks over talent……..

    NB: this is just my opinion :)

  • abhinav agrawal

    it was a good show. for me top four would be sanam mohena raghav and one frm abhik and rajsmitha

    as far as Paul is concerned i think grand master will give him a chance in did 4 and either sumit or shafeer will be brought back into the show

    • virginie

      That’s an interesting forecast! Ya they might bring Shafeer back in place of Paul… I hope so!

  • priyam

    I was very dissapointed to see Sneha and Varun in the danger zone. I hope that they do not get eliminated soon as they are very strong contestants. I am very happy that Urvashi is eliminated.
    Seems like Piyali is putting a lot of efforts and is improving.
    Coming to veto power, I hope that Dada does not waste it like he did in Season 1 calling back Khooshboo.As a result, strong contestant like Mayuresh could not be called back.

    I would like to see Mayuresh and Amar on stage.

    • esposa

      priyam: I am very happy that Urvashi is eliminated.

      ME TO, REALLY.

  • priyam

    More information should be given about Paul’s sickness. All contestants who have been sick performed in the past. Is he really bad. What is going to happen if he cannot really perform. Could he really not perform? Is it a strategy to have him replaced ? I am really confused.

    • esposa


      • priyam

        I’m not a big fan of him too dear

  • Whackybanana

    I personally thought that the performances this week was not very strong. I watched both the episodes and nothing was good enough to make me log back in and watch em again. It was a pain to sit through some of the performances as well. But that might be just me. I am glad Urvashi was voted out, I have no idea who would be next. I thought Piyali would be the next to go, but after her performance today it would be a lil harsh to send her packing. Btw, what Amar and Shakti did last season was a 1000 times better than Varun and Piyali’s rendition of the Pasa Doble. Even choreographically that was a lot better. But it was the best out of the lot. Raghav was weak again today, am yet to see a good duo performance from him. I think Terence saved him the blushes by not pairing him up with a girl. It would be interesting to see him attempt other dance styles in the coming episodes. I hope virginie, dancefan2012 and nazishk are all doing well. I make it a point to read all your comments religiously. Cheers guys. And thanks for the videos, Admin

    • virginie

      Thanks whackybanana! I also read your comments and those you mentioned religiously, and I also missed Amar and Shakti…

      Ya Terence rocks! He should keep that pace through all the season! Tough job… hmmm… 6 contestants while the others are only having 3 each… He has to work DOUBLE & BETTER than Remo and Geeta! (well, mostly better than Remo)… And he has to work harder on our dear Crockroach to keep him highly voted… (I thought the same than you when I saw our Crock boy paired with a boy lol 😉 But I salute his inner talent…

      • priyam

        Agree that Shakti and Amar did a lot of WOW performances. Till now, the performance that Was really strong for me was Sneha Kapoor’s and Varun’s first performance.

    • dancefan2012

      Hey Wacky, Well I had a hectic week, so could not watch any of my favorite programs and no comments from my side as there was already too many discussions happened in the blog. Will watch the videos today and see how things goes, but I think still, Pyali or Paul are the one in the elimination list, but again we will see, I am sure that this week some one from Terence team has to go out, though they have done good.

  • me.yummy

    I was really looking forward to this episode since this was going to be pure dance, minus props and stunts but I was a little disappointed. Mohena performed very well today. Except her slide down the pole, everything was beautiful. From the song selection to the presentation, Remo came up with a beautiful act. But Sanam let the whole thing down. He is not at all working on the flaws and it would be better if Remo just had Mohena and Vaibhav in his team. Abhik is a good performer but both his performance just didn’t click. Terence was at his best in this episode. The paso doble was fab but again there were a couple of slip-ups. Piyali did try something new and to some extent did it well. I wish Sneha Kapoor was still in his team. She could have performed this act well. But kudos to Terence. Each season he does the bullfighting dance and comes up with a new end. Neerav and Sneha’s performance was nice but not excellent. Pradeep and Raghav could have done better. But I loved the ending of this performance. It was sooo cute!!

    I feel Mohena is the strongest contestant on the show. And I am sure Remo will present her very well in the coming weeks as well. Ciao!!

  • nazishk

    Ok I watched ballroom special and was very pleased to see some good performances.
    From Terrance ke Toli varun and piyali took the show. They were fab and i was surprised to see piyali doing such styles. If she keeps it up she might go far. Sneha and Neerav’s performance was average i felt Neerav was restricted to his movement coz of his costume and it could have been much better. Raghav and Pradeep were good i am glad raghav tried something new, i just hope he gets better in all other styles and make it to top 4. And i don’t like it when Mithun brings someone’s personal life on-air. If he really wanted to help Pradeep he should have kept it off the show. There is no reason for him to invade someone else’s privacy. Please Mithun next time you wana help someone don’t put it on-air respect people and their privacy.
    Back to Geeta ke gang, Rajasmita and Abhik were ok their performance could have been much better. Looks like she is not winning this time either unless Shafeer and Radhika comes back and do some magic. Abhik and Urvashi were ok and Mithun really need to stop staring at girls. He gives his best comment to girls only…. really annoying.
    From Remo ke rangeelay I liked Mohena better than Sanam and Vaibhav. She was graceful but still there were errors in her performance. Sanam and Vaibhav need to do a lot of work to give a banging performance next week.
    Overall Terrance had the upper hand today and i hope his team takes the crown this year as well.
    Good Luck to all the contestants!!

    • virginie

      I agree with most of your comments, nazishk! Good point too about Mithun invading the privacy of people…

  • pankaj jadhav

    he plz bring back to dharmesh…..!!!!!!

  • Haresh swain

    I want crok boy n prince dance together……….both of them r strong in their styles…….so there will be grt fight b/w them……:-)

  • Haresh swain

    I want crok boy n prince dance together……….both of them r strong in their styles…….so there will be grt fight b/w them……:-):-)

    • priyam

      I think that’s a great idea. Both are unique in their style and would be really nice to see them dance together.

      • virginie

        Personally, i find Crock boy more unique. Prince reminds me too much Michael Jackson…

  • mnegi

    I am fan of Sneha Gupta.. WOW

  • sarathkanth

    genelia is cute :)

  • dancefan2012

    Man, Varun got eliminated, was it really audience vote that voted him out or the channel? I knew that Terrance will loose a contestant from his team but was not expecting Varun to be eliminated. The show is loosing its credibility within the audience now…………………………………..

  • gopal thakur

    Cook Roch really wonderful & Avi is One Dancer Very Proud in DID



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