DID Season 3 18th February *Wild Card*

DID Season 3 18th February *Wild Card*

DID Season 3 Wild Card 18th February, Neerav and Raghav Crockroaz are back officially. Today Dance India Dance has Top 13 contestants and they all performed today in Solo. Helen and Bipasha Basu were on stage to promote the upcoming movie Jodebreakers. Public voting is open now and you can vote until Monday 7AM for your favorite contestant.

Dance India Dance 18th February Performances

Terence Ki Toli

Pradeep performed on the song Kurban Hua

Sneha Gupta performed Contemporary on the song Mora Piya

Piyali performed a Classic Dance Style

Neerav performed Hip Hop and Free Style on the song Pee Loon

Raghav Crockroaz performed Locking and Popping on the song Tujhe Bhula Dia

Varun performed on the song Nadaan Parindey

Remo Ke Rangeeley

Sanam Johar performed a tribute to Helen on the song Tum Mile

Mohena performed Contemporary on the song Khwabon ke Parindey

Vaibhav performed a very emotional act in the memory of mumbai attacks

Geeta Ki Gang

Paul performed Locking and Popping on the song Breathless

Abhik performed Contemporary Style on the song Surmai Akhiyon

Rajasmita performed on the song More Piya

Urvashi performed on the song Jane Tu Mera Kiya Hai

Dance India Dance Season 3 18th February part1

Dance India Dance Season 3 18th February part2

Dance India Dance Season 3 18th February part3

Dance India Dance Season 3 18th February part4

Dance India Dance Season 3 18th February part5

  • Prutiy

    Glad, Neerav and Raghav Crockroaz are back. Hope they go a long way but sad that Remo only has 3 left.

  • Whackybanana

    I hope the junta has enough sense to vote Urvashi out of the show. She has been abysmal so far compared to the current dancers and also all the dancers who have left the show. Its a humble request.

    • samecute

      i agree urvashi is the weekest dancer of season3 and i wonder what different things she has done so far, on which geeta mam appreciated her today.

      • Whackybanana

        Well some people here think she is the best. I have no idea what people see in her. Right from the star she has been clumsy and heavy footed in all her performances. She has not given an amazing performance till date. All her duets and solo’s have been mediocre and she has not attempted anything hard as well. Its a shame that she is still in the show. I hope the Junta shows her the door as soon as possible. If she stays we will have to see more mediocre performances from her and one less from a deserving candidate who was sacrificed for her.

        • Lv2dance

          Totally Disagree..She has out done herself in all different styles of dancing. Unlike Mohena who has only been seen in contermporary. Is remo afraid of showing anything different in her performances?
          Urvashi has had a standing ovation couple episodes back when she danced on the car. Someone should know about dancing to appreciate one.

          • dancefan2012

            Please learn the dance forms before commenting. If you feel every second performance is contemporary then its your mistake, please watch the videos again.


        Hi samecute…

        Since the first performance Urvashi gave till now there were errors and improvements to be done. Aur kab improve karegi yaaar. She is already in top 13 and still … i mean this is ridiculous. Yeh dance class nahi hai… dance competition hai. I’m not trying to discourage her but when you are not eligible you are not that is it. This is competition. I mean every place in top 13 is very important.

        We need to realize that.

        • Lv2dance

          There has been errors and place for improvements in most of the contestants and they are still performing. Mohena when attempted the save the tiger performance was picked by Terrance and Gita for places of improvement. Doesn’t mean she did a bad job? Get your facts straight before posting.

      • priyam

        Fully agree that Urvashi should be the first one to go.

        • Lv2dance


          Urvashi will stay untill the end! Sorry

          • dancefan2012

            Your comments and arguments are close to Jai Kumar Nair’s……!!!!!11

    • Mehnaaz

      AGREED!! She is by far the weakest performer in my opinion. And instead of her we should have had either Sneha or Sumit on the show.

      • Mohammad.baig 1980

        i think she will be the good dancer

  • Whackybanana

    And Terence has a very strong team. It would be interesting to see how the organizers rig the votes to get rid of dancers from the toli. My guess is Pradeep, followed by Varun and Piyali.

    • me.yummy

      I think Pradeep will stay. He is from Assam!!

  • Badri Narayan

    Urvashi should be out of show and Sneha should come in……

    • Lv2dance

      Sorry to disappoint you..Urvashi did an excellent performance and will be here longer than you think! Sneha is where she belongs!

      • Whackybanana

        Yea Sneha is where she belongs, representing India in the World Salsa Championships. Imagine we could have got to see world class performances from her, but now we have to put up with Urvashi. I have nothing against your personal opinion and choice, but I feel we more talented dancers would be sacrificed if the junta doesn’t vote her out soon.

        • dancefan2012

          @Lv2dance, Are you a close associate with Urvashi or Jai Kumar Nair? I think you do not have any idea on dance and you need to take lessons on it. Nothing personal, but even a person who doesn’t know anything about dance will say her performance was poor. The credit of poor performance obviously goes to Geetha. Geetha herself mentioned that it was a heavy prop to handle, if she knows that then why did she want to give it to a contestant who cannot handle the prop well, from the very first performance, Urvashi never handled prop well. I think Geetha is first person wishing to see Urvashi out of the show, so we do not want to bother as she will eventually get eliminated as Geetha can concentrate on other left contestants.

          • Lv2dance

            Dancefan2012-There you go u admit the prop was heavy, That goes to show, Urvashi took on the challenge her mentor gave her. She did an awesome job in her performance. No offence to you too.. but you should have knowledge in dancing before posting your opinion.

          • dancefan2012

            I think you did not read complete comments “Urvashi never handled prop well”, hula hoop was that a heavy prop?

          • dancefan2012

            Please do not advise me on knowledge in dance art, from your posting, so far I understood that you do not know about any other dance form other than contemporary. Please learn at-least the name of the dance forms before coming back to me or any one on this blog.

  • Nobody

    Pardeep, good strength attempt, very difficult, but i think this is the Dance show, not strength kinda show, which pardeep did, i want 2 see his dance too, but it’s not work

    Sneha, try New Forte, well attempt, very good, impressive , that’s what we want to see, different kind of dance form & which is not that particular contestant forte. Good.

    Sanam Johar , what have u done? am not impress at all, show us versatility Not which is ur forte buddy

    Piyali, very cool attempt sweet & karak, coz of it’s her forte, she attempt well, nice going.

    Neerav, 1st time i feel, he try good, but didn’t Expect such a Pin Point comments from Geeta & Remo, it is true?, so y you people choose Neerav over Shafeer . now you wanna see Neerav upto the DID Floor Mark.. , while Shafeer already did a flawless & strongest job .

    Paul .. uff same forte, maN, show us versatility .. but good show Paul .. try something else

    Mohena, very sweet, attractive & cute performance, very pleasant performance attempt by Mohena, well done Girl this is 4 mohena

    Crockroz, Out of the World Performance… Unique / Creature & 1 of the Special contestant In DID3 … total Hat k Baap, total hat k …

    Abhik nice & touching, attempt, but same thing expect from him, show us other dance form yar.

    Vabhaiv good story describe through Dance show, Police me bhi Iman dar Officer hoty hy. appreciate krna chaiya unhy.

    Rajasmita.. that’s what i was told, she is the Strongest Dancer in Geeta team, After Shafeer, & Abhik, and she prove with other dance form, very much Appreciable. she is Attractive Lik3 Mohena, both r coool , that’s what i expect same from Sanam / Paul & Abhik as well.

    Urvashi , Mathunda, very sad, we want dance with good & flawless performance, not looking face as u said, “k chehra daikh kr sub galtiya chup jati hy” buhat afsoos ki baat hy, Urvashi still in the Show, & deserving Shafeer & Ridikha out in the GAME.

    Varun, Master Tarrence ne Varun ki Strength ko kia use kia, what a Aggression of Varun on this act, I Lik3 it. different tha, is lia acha laga..

    the above comments my personal comments, no matter people r agree with me or not, everybody have their own like & dislike, thank you.

    • HostMaama

      Ref: Pradeep’s performance I am quite agree with you. This is the dance show call Dannce India Dance. Whatever you do or use, it would be more meaningful if you dance rather than obstacles training. But I felt sorry for Pradeep. What would you do when a kind of fence walll standing in front of you? He is a good dancer. I want to see his dance too.

  • Lv2dance

    wow..what a great performance Urvashi! u did a great job gracefully.

    • Whackybanana

      I don’t have anything against your opinion but 2 questions for you since this is a competition.

      Was Urvashi’s performance today better than the other 12 dancers?

      Who do you think should be voted out next?

      Don’t get me wrong, I just want to understand how you analyze the performances. Thanks.

      • Lv2dance

        Yes Urvashi’s performance was much better than the other 12 dancers. She is a versatile dancer and has proven herself with doing different types of dances and not stuck like Mohena by only doing contempary, which is what she is good at!. Urvashi rocks and should stay till the end

        • Whackybanana

          So you are saying Urvashi’s performance was better than Raghav, Snehe and Piyali (I thought they were pretty good today)? I don’t think even Urvashi thinks she was as good as these dancers. You have got me baffled.

          • dancefan2012

            I believe Lv2dance will read my comments given above

  • Lv2dance

    why does Mohina get to do just contemparay only. Just because its her forte? But ofcourse Mohina you will be an expert and will do really well in it. You need to do other styles like popping to really show your talent. Good job Mohina

    • Lv2dance

      Piyali danced well because classical dance is her forte..It wasn’t a challenging performance.
      Raghav has repeatedly done what he has always been known well for performing slow motion and popping. Again both did very well based on what their good at nothing new.
      Mohena is the same,, contemporary is her forte and she does well in it. Try something challenging like Urvashi and lets see how good you are at it..
      Remo sir is doesn’t believe in props,
      Geeta maam believes in challenging her contestants and repeatedly keeps using props with her contestants, therefore there is no comparising to other team contestants to her contestants..Urvashi your dances are commendable.
      So I wouldnt call it commendable. They have to try different styles to show what they are really made off.

  • samecute

    strong performances from terence ki toli! happy to see neerav and raghav on the show, i wish they go long way to the finale.neerav and raghav well done!best of luck.

  • Mehnaaz

    My theory about the top three are going to be Sanam, Raghav, and …..i dont know the third but I think Sanam will be because:

    1)He is attractive and is using that as an advantage, hence all girls are going crazy over him, including myself.
    2)He is more versatile than Raghav and a little more graceful
    3) And even though Raghav has an amazing forte of his own dance style I feel like the audience will still love him, like Dharmesh Sir last year, but the with passion Sanam will shine through:)

    Even though I love Terence Lewis I’ve got to hand it to Remo Sir this year, his concepts are absolutely amazing!!!!

  • Pokeholic

    Glad to see Cockroach in the top 13, where he should have been from the start, but I wish Shafeer had gotten in instead of Neerav. Neerav has been with Master Terrence for so long and he still makes mistakes and his performance left more to be desired. Oh well DID’s loss.

    Overall I think the best performance was by Rajasmita, her performance was powerful, clean, and it showed her versatility. She, in my opinion is the strongest girl and one of the strongest performers on the show, that are left. Hopefully she goes a long way.

    Cockroach was good too and could have been number one if he had shown more versatility.

    Can’t wait for tomorrows performances.

    • virginie

      I can’t wait to see today’s performances too… 😉 Actually, I wait eagerly all the week long to see the performances! :)

      I was thinking about Urvashi, some people want her out, but she was the one who did that master performance along with Pradeep and Sneha, you remember? Everyone stood in ovation… Don’t be so harsh against her accusing her to be just pretty, no one has chosen at birth to be pretty or ugly, it’s just karma, so nobody should be blamed because he/she has a pretty face or not… I believe she is talented, but I agree with you guys, other more talented girls were left behind, like the other Sneha… Anyways, it’s not her who decides to stay or to go, so please guys, don’t be rude at her, put yourself in her shoes…

      Btw, have you all seen how short all the contestants look compared to Raghav? My God he is so tall!!! It does not show when he dances though… :)

      In other hand,

      • dancefan2012

        Virgine, I think you got the wrong contestant in wrong team. Urvashi is from Geetha’s gang, the performance was done by Pradeep, Sneha and Piyali from Terrance team. So far there was not even a single good performance by Urvashi. I think you might have to look into the video again to verify my statement.

        • Whackybanana

          Yea that is right. It was Sneha, Pradeep and Piyali who did Ali Maula. Urvashi has looked suspect right from her auditions. Not a single good performance from her.

        • virginie

          Ohhhh it was Piyali! Ya, Piyali is a strong dancer 😛 sorry!!!! :)

      • ppmsia

        lol that was piyali my dear :)

        • virginie

          ya dear, sorry, shame on me! :) Sorry Piyali!

      • Mehnaaz

        Virgine, just wanted to say that not a lot of people are going BS over her looks, because lets be real here, all of the contestants in my opinion are good-looking. Remo has Sanam and the princess girl. Geeta has Paul and Urvashi. Terence has Neerav, Raghav, Pyali, and that one guy who did the monkey performance. So yeah all the contestants are beautiful, that doesn’t mean the audience doesnt know what good dancing is.

        • virginie

          Hey I confused the girl, lol! It never happens to you? 😉

          My point was that if someone is beautiful or cute, there is no merit nor fault in that… The merit is in doing a good performance :)

  • Fazee Perz

    Raghav n Sneha r my 2 t0p picks 4 the day………Urvashi definitely has 2 g0…….but once again DID’s marketing team or whomever makes the decision w0nt have her eliminated this so0n because of the way she l0oks………

    My guess is tht Raghav will win DID because of his “popularity” since it would be the perfect cover up………..he’s p0pular am0ng 0l hence he has the m0st v0tes theref0re winning the c0mpetition without questions……acc0rding to the sh0w’s plan n dramatics………….whereas in reality it might n0t be so………

    Anyways I’m just waiting n h0ping tht I’m being pr0ved wr0ng………

    • Lv2dance

      Urvashi stays because of her performance and talent!! Ofcourse if she is pretty and beautiful its not her fault!

      • dancefan2012

        One personal question, are you Urvashi’s fiance or something like that? Do not reply to this blog that you are a girl, we will not believe that.

        • Lv2dance

          none of your business…just because i dont agree with your comments…myob

          • dancefan2012

            We don’t need to know any more as we don’t care who you really are,
            but one thing is for sure, you do not watch DID as dance fan but just either to admire Urvashi’s beauty or with some dirty mind.

  • nazishk

    First of all congrats to Raghav and Neerav and welcome back in top 13. I feel bad for shafeer he should have been in top 13 all thanks to Mithun’s poor judgement.
    Now as of all the performances today pradeep’s performance was weak i wish he had danced more. Sneha was ok i didn’t get the whole suitcase concept. Piyali’s classical was good, i guess she is good in at least one style. Neerav’s hip hop was a good try he could have done better and he should work on it as he has the potential to do so. Raghav’s performance was unique and hilarious to me once again, his little punches were just awesome and he was very good with it. Varun took my heart away, i love animals so his performance really touched my heart.
    From Remo’s team i liked Vabhav way better than sanam and mohena. Sanam could have done much better but i felt his dance was all over the place today. Mohena needs to improve and come back with a bang once again, i have heard people compare her with Shakti there is no way she is as good as shakti. In fact she needs a lot of improvement and looking at her past performance i think she can do much better. Vabhav was just outstanding i really wish he makes it to the top 3 or top 4 coz he deserves it.
    Now from geeta’s team Rajismita was brillian today, i really wish her all the best coz geeta has only one strong contestant in girls and that’s her. Paul was ok today he needs to bring his A game and i know he can do it. Abhik was good too, i liked his performance. Urvashi really needs to work hard if she wants to stay in the show, she isn’t as strong as other girls so she either needs to improve a lot or get eliminated. I have no doubt that Raghav is capable of making it to top 3, he is just awesome.
    I also think that Geeta needs to stop with her politics, when she is commenting her own contestants she says things like, “we can work on this bla bla bla” but when she comments other contestants she is all out and gives her best negative comments. Anyways, can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode.
    Also, everything i said about the contestants is my own opinion so if anyone not ok with what i said about Urvashi keep it to yourself, i don’t care what others think really I DON’T. Urvashi is the weakest contestant to me and she will always be unless she really proves herself. So don’t waste your time on arguing with me!!

    • dancefan2012

      * If Piyali was doing a semi classical dance, why did she wear Mujara costume, the facial expressions did not impress me but the lyrics at-least matched the pace of the dance.
      * Sneha G should change her hair style, it doesn’t fit with some of the performances
      * Sanam poor performance, toes were not pointed and their was a lot of disconnect with the song, well at-least Helen acted as if she was impressed with his performance
      * Mohena few places were really good and most of the places, same steps are being repeated, thats something Remo has to look into
      * Vibhav, he got into character so much that some places went offbeat with the song, but good tribute to his dad and Mumbai Police.
      * Rajismita, the performance was ok not that great, if you see clearly most of her postures were resembling hip-hop movements, though she was not performing that style. “Now thats What I call a performance was not necessary”, Remo please observe closely, we want you to give good comments to Geetha’s gang but give it for good performance not for average one, well I do not think that Geetha is going to say “Stupendo fatabulously fantastical performance” to any of your contestant, even its going to be flawless.
      * Abhik is ok, he is trying hard but I think channel will vote him out of the show as he is the youngest.
      * Pradeep average performance, Terance need to give him good choreography as Pradeep has potential.
      * Varun – Best of all performances in today’s show, yes their were some disconnects but he was better than others today (Not comparing Neerav and Croc boy yet)
      * Neerav and Croc boy are new, so I will hold my comments as I want to see duet performance of theirs. (Though I liked Croc boy performance, again a unique flavor in the dish)

      * Urvashi – I don’t know, why we need to give comment on her, she doesn’t even deserve any comment as she do not deserve to be in the show.

      • dancefan2012

        Oops I missed out to comment on Paul, well there was nothing to comment about the performance as it was average and did not match his style and Geeta please stop imitating Croc Boys moves, you did say in the last performance of the Croc boy that “Trust me dude, jaise ape slow motion dance karte hai waisa koi nahi karsakta hai…..” then why go out of the way to try it with your contestants, please explore their strengths not weakness, by adding extra flavor to the dish you are spoiling the act.

      • Mehnaaz

        Sneha definitely needs to change her hairstyle look!!!!!

  • virginie

    Today I could not stop myself to laugh when I saw Paul trying to imitate the unique moves of Crockroach making them faster and breaking them… No grace, nothing! Just envy… That’s a sign that Raghav is being envied, that’s why Geeta tried to prove that anyone can do slow motion and Raghav’s other unique steps (like picking up things from the floor, making his fingers walk on his arm, taking out his heart from his chest, Raghav’s finger butterflies, etc) but nothing happened when Paul tried… It was even hilarious…I was feeling pity on the choreographer who tried to demolish Raghav’s uniqueness but failed so pitifully…

    Raghav was again outstanding today… Even the contestants from Geeta and Remo stand up when he dances.. Which says a lot (except Paul, lol)… Even Bipasha Basu was mesmerized…She stood up and she hugged Raghav (she did not hugged Paul who was not that confident), but Raghav shows so much innocence (real or not LOL), which charms everyone… Nevertheless, I did not like how Mithunda wanted to impress Bipasha with Raghav (after having disqualified Raghav earlier), whispering to her, almost falling on her and immediately ordering Raghav to do slow motion for Bipasha… Over using the power of his position in the show… And also ordering Raghav to give to Bipasha the same rose given by Paul! No respect at all for Paul who already gave it and did all his own drama with Bipasha…

    Moheena was very good and very graceful, as usual, and so humble, one tends to forget that she is a princess :) …But the choice of her dress was not good this time, too much fabric on her right arm…

    Varun impressed me very much with his monkey performance, very emotional, at some parts I had goose pimples… Same for the police performance, it was also emotional but the fact to include the parents is even more emotional… Nothing is casual, DID invite the parents so that there is more TV reality show and more audience rate using the true emotions of others…

    Sorry to differ with some of you guys, but I preferred the performance of Piyali (very good) and even Urvashi’s to Rajasmita’s…

    Sanam was sweet and graceful, Neerav was very good, technically sound, Pooja did a surprisingly strong performance, Pradeep got a choreography on a prop that was not favoring his dancing talents (not his fault)…

    Remo is left with only 3 contestants, which makes him find faults in all the dancers that are not those of his team, he could not find faults in Raghav, so he is ORDERING him to change his style… hmm… So that he fails… lol…(Raghav wont’t fail, he is God gifted).. Geeta also points at the faults of the dancers who are not of her team but finds her dancers perfect, and only Terence has been fairer, though he also praises more his dancers, but what to do, the fight is on… Now the masters are fighting among them… lol…

    I hope that the show is not rigged and that DID will not try to even the number of contestants per master… That would be unfair for the strong dancers in Terence ki Toli…

    And I hope that Raghav will not get impressed by the fame and will remain simple and humble… Because anyways I am voting for him…


      hahaha…agreed yaaar masters bhi ladh rahe Yeh jung behtreeen 13 ki heee nahi masters bhi ladh rahe hai. Emotions are ok but as Mithun da always says josh me hosh nahi khona chahiye. Emotions dekh ke vote nahi karo, talent ko dekh ke keeejiye voting. You know i’m talking about Vaibhav et al. Songs are what they are and the situations are what they are but don’t get deviated from the main point that this is dance competition on a stage and not real life.

      So don’t get deviated while voting. Junta should eliminate the undesired and undeserved smoothly. Jo decisions masters nahi le sakte hai woh decisions hum lenge…. aur unko raasta hum dikhaayenge …. koun kaabil hai takdeeer ki topi ke liye.

      All the best

      • virginie

        Rohini, I cannot understand fluently Hindi, could you please say it in English? Thank you!

        • dancefan2012

          OK, here is the translation………on behalf of Rohini

          * “masters bhi ladh rahe Yeh jung behtreeen 13 ki heee nahi
          masters bhi ladh rahe hai” transaltes to “Masters are also
          fighting, the fight is not only between the contestants of TOP 13
          its between masters as well”.

          English Quote – The more we exploit nature, The more our options
          are reduced, until we have only one: to fight for survival

          * “josh me hosh nahi khona chahiye” transaltes to – “Never loose the
          presence of mind in excitement” –

          English proverb “Winning is nice if you don’t lose your integrity
          in the process”

          * “Emotions dekh ke vote nahi karo, talent ko dekh ke keeejiye voting
          ” transaltes to “vote for the talented, do not vote based emotional
          drama or emotional performance”.

          English Quote – “I made mistakes in drama. I thought drama was
          when actors cried. But drama is when the audience cries”.

          * “Jo decisions masters nahi le sakte hai woh decisions hum lenge….
          aur unko raasta hum dikhaayenge …. koun kaabil hai takdeeer ki topi
          ke liye” transaltes to ” The decisions what masters are not able to
          take, we will take it through voting and show them way to the
          finals as the deserving contestant should win the competition”. –
          last sentence is roughly translated.

          English Proverb to accompany the sentence “Final success, usually
          at someone’s expense, after previous or apparent defeat”

          • virginie

            wow thanks a lot for your time and effort, dancefan! :)

  • virginie

    Admin, thanks again for timely posting the videos and not breaking them either :)


      Crocroaxz obviously the best performer of the day with his unique styles and his humble responses to the masters. Genuine talent. We are all very happy that you came back dude. As Mithun da said nazar nahi lag jayen…. Don’t worry Mithun da hum janta uska nazar utaar rahe hai everyday.

      Coming to the others:

      First of all… Urvashi is the most incompetent dancer ever seen. I don’t understand why her beauty is given importance over her talent. Kuch talent heee nahi hai… Shafeer or Riddhika ko chance dena tha iske place mein. Selecting Urvashi is the 2nd bad decision by Mithun da after rejecting Crocroaxz in mega auditions.

      Please use dance sense while selecting candidates. You are hurting the careers of talented dancers.

      Abhik is a good performer I have seen even though he is very young to do few acts.

      Next Pradeep did OK.

      Sanam ko aaj charmer ki praise mila hai lekin the performance was not up to his strengths.

      Paul … dude what are you doing. Song selection achcha karo… aur masters ka paaaani peeena bandh karo.

      Paul and Sanam please stage pe dance karo, you are not there to impress just masters. Remember Juntha ko impress karna hai. Concentrate on dance and not on “kaise tadka dena hai masters ko…” tadka daalo aapke dance me…. masaaala daalo aapke dance me. plz plz plz.

      Sneha G… Prop aaap se badaa hai… I did not see aap itna kuch kar paaye us se.

      Varun… you did a good attempt for this new act. Need to improve obviously.

      Piyali … odyssey dance achcha tha… Beware do not attempt classical any more. aap bhoool rahe hai masters are not much keen about classical as it is regional. Also Junta ka bhi khayaal karo, as you need votes from all over India and not just Orissa.

      Neerav ka tho pataaa hee nahi kyon choose kiya…. adaayen bahut hai dance nahi hai. I don’t see him as a potential dancer than shafeer.

      Bottom line Neerav, urvashi tho hona hee nahi chahiye .. behtreeen 13 mein.

      • Whackybanana

        I totally agree with you. Urvashi has been pathetic this season, I hope she gets out soon cos I for one seriously don wanna see her dancer. Also I don want a deserving candidate who could have shown us something amazing to be sacrificed for Urvashi. Although, I feel Neerav is a good dancer. I have my doubts over Sanam and Paul, they have been okay so far. But nothing special from them to date.

  • Suraranjani Dhar Chowdhury

    Had a lot of high expectation yesterday to see behtreen 13 perform.
    It was dissapointment all thru. Raghav is a unique dancer, GOD bless him ! we all love him for his style…but I am kind of bored to death with the same style coming up again & again. I always thot DID believed in new styles/versality. We have seen some amazing back to back performances by RIDDHIKA & SHAFEER in past…& its a pity they dont exist in the show any longer. The most strongest contestants have been eliminated…so now we want “DANCE” on stage..Pretty faces sitting on that couch wld nt work any longer…I guess !!

  • asmitha

    well i do agree wid all u ppl urvashi not gud ….. well she must leave by this week at least …….. well crocroaz roxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx i luv him and neerav too rockes it completely ……… i wish sumit was in……… i seriously luved his performance ……….

  • Lv2dance

    Urvashi you will stay till the end! I love your performances

    • dancefan2012

      Please keep loving……..after she gets eliminated next week

      • Whackybanana

        L2dance has to be Urvashi herself, not even her fiance or friends would have the balls to support her so much. No offense. 😛

        • nazishk

          lol @ dancefan and whacky… your comments are hilarious!! 😀

        • Fazee Perz

          Oh my!!!! Whacky n Dancefan u guys r0ck!!!!!!!!

          I truly think Lv2dance is indeed Urvashi herself…….

          In respect to junta selections… my opini0n it d0esnt matter who we v0te 4 or n0t c0z @ the end of the day… will be rigged………..its just a damn shame 2 see urvashi still there while deserving ppl like Shafeer n Riddika n0t there……anyways I’m h0ping by s0me magic tht shafeer will be recalled………:D

      • Lv2dance

        Dont get too excited

  • coziamurs

    ya Whackybanana… Lv2dance is Urvashi herself…there’s nobody else supporting urvashi…..

  • coziamurs

    next week when Urvashi is eliminated Mithunda wil be like “kya baat, kya baat, kya baat”…

  • Nitin Singh

    apan to bhai crockroach ke fan hain!!! ekdum maa kasam performance!!!! would really like seeing him winning the season!!!

  • tina

    First time I felt like DID lost its charm…none of teh performance was crisp or had a wow factor.
    among them liked Raghav performance( but how long will he do the same style??????)

    And the best I like is AVIK..because he is really sharp and clear.

    I am truly missing Riddhika-Shafeer and Sneha and Sumit

    • virginie

      It was so good to see Sneha, I felt it was a slap on the face to whom eliminated her LOL… She really deserved to be on board in the place of Rajasmita or Urvashi :( I don’t focus only on Urvashi… Rajasmita is not better than her, absolutely boring performances… (And I am not Urvashi, LOL)

      In other hand, Moheena was stunningly good, skilled, strong and versatile… I beleive she would also do well as an actress..

      I wish Raghav and Moheena to be on the finals… Nobody else than Moheena has ever done so well on harness… They always look clumsy, but she was so graceful and sharp, the harness did not disturb her, and what a strength to hold Vaibhav…

      I also missed Shafeer though Neerav did very well, Sanam also did very well, the last part of his performance gave me goose bumps…

  • ppmsia

    owh no. guess its gonna be late again to see today’s episode….noooo haizzz :((…..cant wait to see lol

    • Admin

      Well not much :) Stick around.

      • virginie

        hurry up please! :)

        • Admin

          /turbo set on | virginie >>

          • virginie


      • ppmsia

        haha thanks alot admin! :)

  • alimurad_pu

    raghav was excellent in his performance..

  • Lv2dance

    Raghav was given something different than his forte and ofcourse he couldnt wow the judges.. Not a versatile dancer. He is only good in popping and slow motion.

  • Lv2dance

    Urvashi You performed well and ofcourse need some improvement just like all your costars have to work on themselves. Eg. Raghav sucked in his last performance. You will be up there. All the Best to you!

    • virginie

      Lv2dance, one cannot praise someone by ill-speaking about someone else. Very bad from your side…
      And Urvashi DID NOT perform well. Even the guest pointed at her mistakes. Get a pair of glasses.

    • dancefan2012

      Well agree to your point that Croc boy did not do his group performance, well but his solo is great and we are expecting a greater performance from him next week unlike Urvashi. Your darling Urvashi could not even do solo properly and please praise only your favorite one and point out the mistakes of others, words like sucked doesn’t suit the blog coming from a goon who doesn’t know about dance forms.

  • nazishk

    Lv2dance why don’t you give it a break now?? WTH is your problem? Why don’t you agree that Urvashi isn’t as good as other contestants on the show. She is the weakest one and yes i agree Raghav performance last week wasn’t up to the mark but he has given some brilliant solo performances unlike Urvashi. And for your info Raghav is the highest voted contestant this week so you can imagine people like him much better than Urvashi. We will have to wait and see where Urvashi lands this week… but really stop defending your fav contestant be fair to all or don’t bother commenting here.

  • http://NONE big momma

    I would vote for Urvashi to be out. Apart from a pretty face, she has nothing else to offer. Her dance is ok only, but there are many others more deserving than her who should be competing up there, considering the fact that DID has come to the stage of top 13…

    Furthermore she has an expressionless face when performing and makes it rather boring in her movements..

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