DID Season 3 10th March *Bollywood Superstars Special*

DID Season 3 10th March *Bollywood Superstars Special*

Top 11 Dance India Dance Contestants started the 10th March Dance India Dance show with a superb performance. Today was a tribute to Bollywood Superstars Special. Terence seems to put in a lot of effort to his contestants and it was clearly visible today or maybe because he has more contestants he has more chance to show his skills. According to the voting this week, The highest votes were casted to Raghav Crocroaz, Second was Sanam Johar and Third was Rajasmita Kar. The lowest voted contestants this week were Neerav, Piyali and Paul Marshal. Piyali Saha was eliminated today.

Dance India Dance 10th March Performances

Terence Ki Toli

Neerav performed a tribute to Shammi Kapoor

Piyali Saha performed a tribute to Rekha

Pradeep Gurune performed a tribute to Dev Anand

Raghav Crocroaz performed a tribute to Mithun Chakraborty

Sneha Gupta performed a tribute to Madhuri Dixit

Remo Ke Rangeeley

Vaibhav Ghuge performed a tribute to Govinda

Mohena Singh performed a tribute to Jeetendra

Sanam Johar performed a tribute to Anil Kapoor

Geeta Ki Gang

Abhik Banerjee performed a tribute to Shahrukh, Salman and Aamir Khan

Rajasmita Kar performed a tribute to SriDevi

Paul Marshal performed a tribute to Kishore Kumar

Dance India Dance Season 3 10th March part1

Dance India Dance Season 3 10th March part2

Dance India Dance Season 3 10th March part3

Dance India Dance Season 3 10th March part4

  • dancefan2012

    Thanks a ton for the upload Mr Admin

  • dancefan2012

    Vibhav – Freestyle and Bollywood – Was that a tribute for Govinda or for Jitendar, Dev Anand and Mitunda? Well dance wise it was good performance, wanted to see different style from him and got to see that.

    Monina – I would name the dance act as Pagal bollywood dance style – Jeetu worst dancer to choose to give tribute, he has 3-4 signature steps all so funny that you will laugh when ever you see it. Performance was really good. Well portraying Jeetu is not easy just for a women but also for men who are good dancer.

    Avik – Salmam, Sharuk and Aamir (3 Khan Special) – I liked Salam and Aamir but I felt Avik could have done better with Sharuk. Overall good Performance

    Pradeep – Awesome performance. Great facial expression and superb body language. Stole the day for me, smoothly performed.

    Rajsmitha – Average Performance. Facial expression not too impressive. Steps were not complete. Dance portion was out of Sync with the Song. The pace of the dance was not going with the song. AND I love you too dada was that from Rajsmitha or from Geetha……..?

    Sanam – Average Performance, Except the Spin on the Air which was Superb, the other portion of the dance was as worst as Anil Kapoor’s dance. Sanam if you really want to be like Anil then forget dancing and start acting. We want to see dance in the show not acting

    Croc Boy – Superb performance again. But please do not dance with some one, who has forgotten how to dance and does the same steps in all the places. You are unique and you will forget what you do, if you start dancing with such people.

    Sneha – Power packed performance. I liked the new hair style, thumbs up only for the hair style but too fast at some places as it went out of sync with the beats (Not the song but the beats).

    Neerav – Again an average performance. I think Neerav should start concentrating on dance rather than acting, at-least till he is in the DID stage.

    Paul- Tap dancing – Out of Sync, he was missing the beats in lots of places. (Well can’t say it was tap dancing, but can say mimic tap dancing).

    Piyali – No comments as eliminated

    Geetha – Please stop double standard comments. Either completely say good or completely bad, what is that saying bad with the start of the comments and then ending as superb, very good, awesome…. Please go and flirt with Dada at some other place. Please Audience ko bakshoo yaar, koyi toh samjou ki ye dance the program hai, MTV dating ka nahi. Stop feeling proud on the contestants from other teams. Please set good choreography for your team and then take pride or be proud of yourself for doing good job.

    Mithunda – Time for you to say good bye, even constants and masters have finally realized and indirectly indicated, enough with you, just leave as soon as possible. You have been given Life Time Achievement award for DID.

    Remo – I don’t know why but he was bit down today throughout the show, is it because he might loose a contestant next week from his team.


    1. Pradeep
    2. Croc Boy
    3. Mohina
    4. Avik
    5. Vibhav
    6. Sneha
    7. Rajasmitha
    8. Sanam
    9. Paul
    10. Neerav

    Lets wait and see how the Duet is going to be**************

    • vanity fair

      Rajasmitha shld be at 5 th position

      • dancefan2012

        Thank you for your opinion but respect mine. I do not have any issues, if you like to keep her at 5th position. I have rated the performance according to what it was performed by the contestants today. Its just my opinion.

    • virginie

      Hellooo dancefan2012…

      I did not write before because I was a bit disappointed with the 2 shows and the infinite gratefulness everyone expressed towards Mithun Da, even Croc Boy disappointed me showing so much praise towards him… All the 3 Masters too… I don’t know why somehow I felt betrayed…. Don’t ask me why! And it took me some time to cool down lol

      I also felt like someone might have read our comments and they decided to prove us wrong by dedicating the show to Mithun Da…
      Like when you and others were saying that the show is rigged and 2 days later they started showing DID “Vote!” adds on Zee TV every 2 minutes… Somehow what people comment online seems to interest DID people whatsoever…

      And Mithun Da felt so good with the praise that he restarted flirting with the girls, with Geeta… Really disgusting! Such a grand-father flirting with girls that could be his grand-daughters and doing “sexy” moves with the hips while dancing… He should realize that he is not young nor sexy to dare doing that. I don’t mind Shahid Kapoor doing it! lol But Mithun… ehem…

      Besides my disapointement, I could not cast the votes, those phone lines were appearing having a “network error”, which upset me too…

      This being said, talking only about dance, I agree with 90% of your comments (the remaining 10% for Sanam, I really liked it) but I am just 50% agree with your ranking…

      And I am glad that now you like the uniqueness of Croc Boy :)

      As today I am a bit lazy to say it with my own words and you already commented on them, I will just share my ranking:
      1 – 2 Pradeep, Raghav
      3 – 4 Mohena, Sneha
      5 Sanam
      6 – 7 – 8 Abhik, Rajasmita, Neerav
      9 Vaibhav
      10 Paul

  • haresh_did3

    Thanx dancefan2012 for d review…….


    Friends, everybody in the different mood, when the Saturday show start . some people tired, some people good feelings, some people not in good mood, when the show goes, but what i feel, if you watching the performance with dance feel, so then you can do better judge the dance performance, otherwise everybody have different nature of Like & Dislike toward the Dance & contestants. that’s all i want to share here.

    I Lik3 crockroz / Sneha & Neerav performances, while Avhik performance also good too, Mohena did well, coz in real the dance was attempt by Jitu ji, i didn’t saw Paradeep performance with feel, i can check later his performance, then share more comments soon.

    • dancefan2012

      Well I agree with you to the point raised above that everyone has their own view. I respect your view and it was just my opinion that I gave. Appreciate the fact that you did not get offended by it. Thanks for understanding and being moderate.

  • tina


    liked ur analysis…agree with you
    Mithunda should go , I was surprised he did so many ‘kya baat’ today…has he gone mad…and yes Geeta and Remo should be more honest/direct/open with their comment.

    my rating would be
    5.Rajasmita – Rajasmita was good but her costume killed her performance, it should have been more feminine.

    Now that Piyali is gone bottom 4 (not base on todays performance but entire DID3)should be
    10.Neerav – didnot find any energy in his dance sply when he is doing a shammi number, and his lifts are still atrocious

  • alimurad_pu

    thanx show was awesome…

  • tina

    I have a feeling that
    Mohina from Remos team( I am 100% sure)
    Avik from Geeta team
    Raghav and Sneha or pRadeep from Terrence team will be in top 4

    Going by the logic Geeta team should win this time and if you have followed DID1 you will notice 2 and 4th position is from same team, the winners will be in this order
    1. Avik

  • Love

    Pradeep was awesome..flawless..he is versatile and deserves top 5 spot.
    Sneha was fab..this girl rocks..
    Neerav ..i really enjoyed his performance.
    Vaibhav was good..
    Raghav was good..nice mix..

    Abhik..was good as Salman..awesome

  • Ramprasad

    Never expected Piyali to be eliminated :(
    First Varun now Piyali…. very bad

  • Love

    this episode was OK compare to last year which was dhamaka, esp I remember Amrita’s mujra dance on Helen’s song.. :)

    Piyali was the nly classical dancer and she is out..SAD

  • Ayan Pal

    I was able to watch only the last three performances yesterday. Need to catch the rest before commenting, but definetely very dissapointed to see an excellent and always improving Piyali go while a nosensical Neeraj (he has been bad consistently, except for his dance during the wild card, but even there Shafeer and Remo’s Mr Robotics was much better than him) and a mostly pathetic Paul (to his credit, he has had some great solos – especially his bottom 3 solos and some great duets) stayed. Also surprised to not see Vaibhav anywhere near the bottom 3… Will watch the rest of the performances and come back on this. Though from the comments above, the top 3 seems like a very good desicion :)

  • Ayan Pal

    Raghav – (Was ranked 1st) – Brilliant performance! The signature steps of Mithin and Raghav combined with some extremely smart choreography by Terrence to a superb medley turned this into an amazing tribute! Was entertained thoroughly to see this cool version of some iconic songs of Mithun!

    Sanam – (Was ranked 2nd) – This was an enjoyable and one of the best performances that Sanam has delivered after a string of dissapointments. Sanam seemed totally in character. Song selection and choreography lent very good support to the star appeal that Sanam already has. I especially loved the ‘1 2 ka 4′ portions. Well done!

    Rajasmita (Was ranked 3rd) – Atrocious choice of song to give a tribute to Sridevi. Almost every Bollywood actress being mentioned in the song was not at all a good idea. Choreography was not bad, and neither was the dancing, which was good. Yet as a tribute it just did not work for me. Very dissapointed with Geeta for ruining what could have turned into a brilliant tribute to the superlative Sridevi.

    Pradeep – (Was ranked 4th) – Amazing tribute to Dev Anand! Not only was the dancing great, the acting was equally good. Pradeep looked, danced, and acted just like Dev Anand. Excellent choice of dancer, song, and choreography by Terrence.

    Mohena – (Was ranked 5th) – As a tribute, it was a good performance. However would have preferred if she had given a tribute to a girl, especially as there are very very few female dancers, and an amazing range of female dancing superstars who could have been chosen. As a dance, it was above average, the acting and expressions were however excellent!

    Avik – (Was ranked 6th) – Excellent dancing that was enhanced by good choreography and an excellent choice of songs. As a tribute to the ‘Khan’daan it was excellent indeed!

    Vaibhav – (Was ranked 7th) – Sorry, but this was just some average Dancing. May have liked it as a dance, but did not like as a tribute to Govinda, be it in his expressions, or dance style. Very unlike Govinda. Would have preferred some more Govinda steps and his trademark expressions.

    Sneha – (Was ranked 8th) – Wow! The dancing and choreography was excellent. As a tribute it was very unique and effective. Overall excellently done!

    Paul – (Was ranked 9th) – Sorry. But Paul has to do better if he wishes to stay. Just doing something new like a tap dance is not enough. You must perform it superbly. This tribute to the Master of all trades – Kishore Kumar did not showcase the versatality that Paul has shown in the past.

    Neerav – (Was ranked 2nd last). This tribute to Shammi Kapoor was average as per me. neerav, who is known for her acting/expressions, I feel could have done a much better Shammi Kapoor, at least acting wise. Dancing wise too, the iconic Shammi Moves were not brought out as beautifully as they could have been. Thoughly marginally better than his previous solos, in turned out to be another dissapointment by Neerav, I’m afraid.

    Piyali – voted out this week – Her tribute to Rekha was a beautiful farewell gift by Piyali. Well choreographed and danced. Goodbye Piyali! Will miss you!

    The top 5 as per me:
    Rank 1 – Pradeep (for making Dev Anand almost come alive on the stage, and yet dancing brilliantly as well)
    Rank 2 – Raghav (for his superb remixes and amazingly chosen medley, along with superlative dancing)
    Rank 3 – Avik (for his excellent dancing teamed with great expressions while playing 3 superstars known for their very individualistic styles)
    Rank 4 – Sneha (for her brilliant dancing, though a bit lessor than Avik as the 2nd portion was more Sneha than Madhuri)
    Rank 5 – Sanam (more for the tribute than dancing)

    The bottom 3 as per me:
    Neerav, Vaibhav, and Paul (in no particular order) for being dissapointing for various reasons.

    Biggest dissapointment – Rajasmita and Geeta for ruining a perfect opportunity to pay a tribute to the superb Sridevi, and for Piyali, the only classical dancer to be voted out tha same day.

  • HostMaama

    From my point of view;

    Pradeep Gurung ★★★★★
    Sneha Gupta ★★★★
    Raghav Crocroaz★★★
    Abhik Banerjee ★★
    Vaibhav Ghuge ★

  • haresh_did3

    In todays perfomnce ie. rajasmita was wow in both d dance wid avik n paul……b/w dis 2s, wid abhik was superb……both of abhik n nandu dissorves perfomance of d day…….wel done rajasmita well done……


    i unable to watch 2night show, due to busy somewhere, just saw 1/2 performance, Lik3 Neerav/Raghav & Sneha joined performance & Last 1 of Rajasmita & Paul, the trio performance just Ok. i lik3 Neerav & Sneha G attempt in that particular performance, while Raghav was Ok. & in Last Performance Paul were judge in that performance, but i surprised that the Rajasmita beat Paul in Paul dance act, also saw Abvik & Rajasmita attempt clips in LimeLight segment, i just say wow, what a Girl she is Fabulous Dancer, Rajasmita i wish you reach in Finale, :)

  • nazishk

    I just watched last weeks episode due to busy schedule. I enjoyed all the performances but for me the highlight of the day was Raghav. He mixed his own style with Mithun’s style which was brilliant. He always puts a smile on my face… what a lovely person he is.
    Sneha was rocking today… at one point during her performance she reminded me of Alisha from season one. Sneha has improved a lot and i am so glad she didn’t get eliminated. She should stay in the show and go far she deserves it.
    Piyali, Pradeep and Neerav were ok… they could have done much better.
    Sad to see piyali go but it’s for the best.
    Vaibhav, Mohena and Sanam were average… Mohena could have done much better. Vaibhav and Sanam were just ok.
    Paul and Abhik were good…. I thought Abhik did a good job. Rajismita was just brilliant this week. She is my second fav after Raghav… i hope she goes far.
    Over all Rajismita, Raghav and Sneha were brilliant today…
    Good luck to everyone in future episodes.

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