Dance Ke Superkids 25th August

Dance Ke Superkids 25th August

Dance Ke Superkids started with a blast on 25th August, Special Guest Sonakshi Sinha appreciated the contestants and masters for great talent. Farah Khan, Geeta Kapoor and Marzi enjoyed the judges panel. The performances were outstanding and it was so nice to see DID Little Master Season 1 kids back as they rocked the stage. Dharmesh Sir is leading the Wakao team while Raghav is mentoring Yahoo team. Shreya is hosting the show with Jay Bhanushali. Contestants from both teams performed a special tribute performance for Sonakshi Sinha. Favorite performance of the day was awarded to Kruti and Rohan.

Dance Ke Superkids 25th August performances

Jeet and Shalini from Team Yahoo performed Samba Dance Style on the song O Darling

Mayuresh and Vaishnavi from Team Wakao performed Contemporary Style on the song Abhi Mujh Mein Kahein

Om and Tanay from Team yahoo performed Contemporary Style on the song Ishqzade

Ruturaj and Vatsal from Team Wakao performed Bollywood Style on the song Nach Le

Kruti and Rohan from Team Yahoo performed Ariel Contemporary on the song Ishq Sufiyana

Anurag and Atul from Team Wakao performed Freestyle on the song Yeh Dunya

Dance Ke Superkids 25th August Videos Part 1

Dance Ke Superkids 25th August Videos Part 2

Dance Ke Superkids 25th August Videos Part 3


    26 August Review!
    Yesss… Season 2 Rocksss LOL

    Even Saumya Beat Vishnavi in Point, (Dharmesh bro, try some one else to compete with saumya, LoL, Vishnavi already performed on Saturday, Man seriously your contestant seem like weak, Except JeetuMoni & Vishnavi Wink)

    Raghav & Dharmesh tie

    and last Faisal Rock the Jugal bandi Round Clap

    Many Congratulation to Season 2 for Winning This Week Tongue

    1 more thing lol, i really didn’t know, who’s the winner of Season 1, but yeah happy to know it was Jeetu Moni, and i like his dance move.. he is good too.

    • Admin

      This is not fair, wait for 26th videos coming in a bit :)

      Dharmesh and Raghav both are real superstars.

      Rocking start to the show. Let’s hope they can keep it up.

      • JIN_BABA

        lol, kya kary Control nahi honda Ay , haha
        1 to video time py upload nahi hoe, so i decide to comments on 26 August Episode 😛 ,

        yeah both r Super Duper Star, but I really Impressed with the performance of Raghav Crockroze … he is simply “Zara Hat k” Dharmesh ka apna charm hy, per Raghav k unique style k aagy Phikha HY 😀

        I like Vishnavi & Jeetumoni & little bit Vatsol from Season 1 ,
        baqi Season 2 tu Hay hee Super ROCKS :)

        • Red

          Agreed! I’m a HUGE fan of Dharmesh, but today Raghav stole the show! He was always brilliant, but aaj toh yaar :O It was simply MIND BLOWING!
          Respect to both the captains though. I love how supportive they are about each other’s performances. You can expect such attitude from Dharmesh and Raghav only.

          • JIN_BABA

            yeah, Because both are clean heart & Straight Forward nature.

        • Admin

          As you might have notices, we are in process of migrating to new server. So videos were delayed yesterday. Not today. Enjoy

          • JIN_BABA

            Ok Ok… Keep it Good Work bro,

  • Darshan patel

    After completion of DID little master season2,

    Rohan did an aerial act which was done with kruti…
    it was nice…
    then why he was not done something different at that time???

    Vaishnavi n Mayuresh got marks which was unexpectable….
    They deserved more…

  • Prince Abbas

    Jeetumoni’s portions seemed forced and or scripted before hand. I mean singing sataynamev guru etc. Also the ending of the faceoff btw Faisal and Jeetu as well. That said, lets see what performances the skippers bring us.

  • Sudeep Samota

    My fav. In did OM <3 Love you dear…nd Dear OM tum to challenge ke master ho nd congorats seasan 2 u r winner of dis week

  • Samah Khan

    why did u not put up my comment

  • nirmala khuman

    rohan… u did it my dear.. u again proved that u can do anything…u r so versatile… loved ur performance… one thing i like most about u is that u are so calm and humble and that makes u so sweet… so far team yahoo rules… om and tanay were explosive..soumya and faisal did fab dance too… and no words for raghav.. please make rohan and raghav perform together again… raghav and rohan id the best jodi.. team yahoo keep crocking…

  • hema santhosh

    THE Aerial act of Rohan was amaizing just want to see that barrel jump again and again love u dear you are superb.

  • keerthana reddy

    it was an awesome performance by rohan and kruti i really loved it

  • san subba

    Season 2 rocks……… \m/
    thats it. :p
    love saumya and faisal and rohan and om and jeet and shalini and tanay he he

  • anjali sharma


  • tp tp

    I just loved OM and tanay today.
    One of the best synchronized acts.

    Really as farah said it looked like mirror image.

    And kruti you did it again “Performance of the day”. U are my fav skipper.

  • rohit desai

    After finale there were some people who criticized om for not doing clean steps. After seeing this performance i think they should take their “words back”.

    OM is a fabulous dancer.
    His steps were crystal clear today.
    his timing was bang on.
    and the sync b/t om and tanay was just superb.

    One more thing I want to tell that when om nd kruti did aerial act people said that it is “circus”. Now wht you call it. Kruti and rohan got highest marks today and season2 won this week.

    Even farah said that was a very difficult prop. Dancing with that prop is really difficult. OM being so small used so many difficult props in season2. If farah was the judge om would have got more appreciation.

    I too love Rohan more than faisal but OM you are unbeatable.

  • pi_nk

    I didn’t watch season 1 of DID L’il masters, so i’m naturally favoring season 2, lol, but season one is not bad either. All of the performances were nice.
    oh, one more thing, thank you for pulling up your pants Raghav, LOL 😉

  • san subba

    well season 1 haven’t show their best.!
    but anyways..season 2 always rock.

    i had lots of expectations with jeetumoni,,but he was failed……and atul haven’t got a good chance to show some of his b-boying form.. he is excellent..

    i noticed ruturaj is now no more energetic these days he he
    he was fab in season 1..

    and vatsal is very flexible and versatile same goes to vaishnavi..
    anurag is good dancer a cute dancer …
    and was that another girl from seasn 1 Khayati?
    the girl with no bones?

    m not sure ..
    her dance wasn’t goo that much but … c was flexible as om in season 1.

    and season 2 is very good and well known
    i was just describing season 1

    • san subba

      season 2 gonnnnnnna ROCK love u all

  • anjali sharma

    so cute when faisal and rohan hugged <3

  • abeer_19980408

    Um…why Shreya Acharya is hosting the show out of nowhere? And…where is Saumya Tandon?

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