Dance Ke Superkids 23rd September *Finale*

Dance Ke Superkids 23rd September *Finale*

Dance Ke Superkids 23rd September Grand Finale is here. Terence Lewis started off the Grand Finale 23rd September with an energetic performance with the contestants. Geeta Kapoor and Farah Khan had some fun on stagee with Grand Master. Rohan and Prince of Team Yahoo beat Dharmesh and Ruturaj to win the Dance Ke Superkids Finale.

Dance Ke Superkids 23rd September Fianle performances

Tanay, Rajasmita and OM performed Freestyle on the song O Re Piya

Vrushali, Vaishnavi, Kruti and Shalini performed Classical Style

A group performance by the contestants n the song Aao Huzoor Tumko

Prince and Rohan Team Yahoo vs Dharmesh and Ruturaj Team Wakao Faceoff

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  • Kishore Karki

    yahoo thanks

  • san subba

    admin..@ wen will d.i.d launch their next series?

  • Gopali Verma

    yAHOO WINS THT is expected….

    its a shame tht dharmesh was not able to win against prince…
    this shows tht how goood the performance and the professionalism of the yahooo team is and the credit of the win of yahooo goes to the captain of the ship RAGHAV… he was not there yesterday and today…. but his moves were clearly seen in Rohan and faisal’s performance…. RAGAHV rocksss….. sory Dharmesh “””SIR”””….. ha ha ha ….. Sir god knws why….. the clear evaluation of the show is tht yahoo team had more verstality and they brougt the best of the teamm members… lets take example of TANY… absolute brillance… Dharmesh was not able to get the best out of his team and his ideas were fading as the show progressed… thank god pradeep came in as savior and then finally they were given the performance of the day… jsut once in FIVE weeks…. so in all a lot of fun and lot of good performances by yahooo who deservedly win the competion….

    YAHOOO ROCKS and so does RAGHAV

    • Shubham Cityhunter

      NO !!! they lost becoz Rohan was better than Ruturaj . Dharmesh is better than everyone in popping and beat catching . Yes Yahoo deserved victory becoz there kids were better but dont point towards Dharmesh it is not his fault . WAKAO had both prince and raghav and on D Sir’s side he had the whole responsibility. i agree thar Dharmesh is not that good choreoghaphy wise as CROCROAZ but he dance is divine . . .. !!!

  • Sudeep Samota

    ………/ …/
    ……./.. ..(__ ____
    ▓▓…….. ..((_ I___)
    ▓▓…….. ..((_ I___)
    ▓▓…….. ..((_ I___)
    ▓▓—.___( (_I__ )
    Yahooooo nd i miss u
    OMMMMMMMMMMMMMM M♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥OMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMM♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥OMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMM♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥OMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMM♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥OMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMM♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥OMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMM♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥OMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMM♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥OM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ OMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MM♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥OMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMM♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥OMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMM♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥♥
    Great dancer in the whole world♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥

  • Gopali Verma

    Also at the begining of the show everybody was discussing abt the attitude of the wakooo team…. and at the end they LOST badly…. they SUCKED

  • Swapnil Shukla

    Kya koi Sach BOLNA chahta hai ….. ?
    Why RAGHAV Have been set as FADED since he performed KHOON CHALA song with ROHAN in the SECOND episode…… And finally been MADE INVISIBLE at the final Episode ??????

    Raghav I know this is the fight between MONEY FULLL PEOPLE V/s TALENTED PEOPLE…. You surely BUY ZZZZZZZ(Sleeping) Guys some Day :) !!!!
    Z Guys Best of Luck for winning a Talent full But less resource full Guy today….. And loosing your all credibility ?
    As I was the person who never watched DID ever ….. But for last 40 o rmay be the episodes since Raghav came in …. I became Addict kind of (Like many people said same way for addiction).

    But now Thanks to you Guys for breaking tha addiction mirror by RUDELY KICKING OUT THE TALENT OUT OF YOU SHOW FOR SAKE OF YOUR OWN GOODNESS…

    Who ever DARE to Answer me !!!!

    • abc 123

      heyy..realx a little bit…i am sure u r vary big fan of raghav..and so very upset that he was not a part of grand finale..even I was really disappointed..but DID has nothing to do with it..i don’t know about the last two weeks..but yes in the grand finale he was not well..he came for the shoot..but in the middle of the shoot he fainted and was hospitalized..unfortunate but true..but i must say that one mistake which DID did was that they didn’t mention it in the episode..they should have told the viewers aout this..

      • Sweety Neerav

        exactly….raghav was sick…he could’nt come…i visited his house and he was really sick…he told he cant make it to the finale..

  • Swapnil Shukla

    Rohan I initially was not Happy for you being the part of the Final episode as you should have left the DID for the sake of Raghav being his honest and reliable student….. ?
    But Finally I realized that you stayed probably for BEST of the things as you are the only one who actually have won this STUPID but may be meaning full DANCE KE SUPER KIDS trophy for your GURU RAGHAV on your Only OWN….!!!!!
    May GOD BLESS you with all Ever BEST thing in LIFE,


  • Darshan patel

    First of all congrats Yahoo team for winning this season which I expected…

    I didn’t like this Finale compared to any other DID Finale….

    I just only enjoyed last perfomance….

    About last perfomance….

    Ruturaj : Best dance by Ruturaj compared to this season’s any other his perfomance

    Rohan : Good as usual in his dance style from this entire season

    Dharmesh n Prince : Speechless….Whenever they both perform whether it is solo or duet I want to see him again n again….As marzi said They both r “Dance ke DADA”….

    In entire DID or in future nobody touches Dharmesh n Prince…Hope I will see both of u in next season for atleast one day…

    And I saw in this episode, Judges didn’t commente on dance portion or any fault…

    And result based on only five perfomance????It’s not good from my side ..

    Best judges in DID from my side….

    1)Shiamak davar

    2)Remo d’souza


    They all r pointed each n every dance portion….

    In entire DID I like Dance ke superstars season….

    Hope next time judges , anchor n dada will not disappoint us…

    N waiting for Remo’s film ABCD specially Dharmesh , Salman n Prince…

  • tp tp

    Congratulations Team Yahoo.

    OM , Tanay, Nandu gave mind blowing performance.

    Prince was too good …And rohan like always he is best…

    But i was expecting some more performances as it was finale. anyways still happy.

    OM dear am gonna miss you very badly :(

  • tp tp

    Really will miss OM’s challenges and his cute naughty habits…

    • JIN_BABA

      lol tu repeat Episode watch kr k khush ho lyna

  • pramesh karki


  • brijesh patel



    • Sweety Neerav

      he was ill dude!! how will he come? he is my friend…and i saw him..he was reaaallllyyyy sick…he told that he wont be able to attend the finale…that’s y..

  • nirmala khuman

    missed raghav very much.. but rohan’s dance ke takkar was worth waiting… rohan m gonna miss u very much…. love u my little rockstar….

  • hema santhosh

    so the battle is over and the finale was little boring.I enjoyed only the group act of OM TANAY AND RAJASMITHA and the last performance.Its a shame for DID parivaar that they didnt even mention the name of the captain of yahoo team.RAGHAV….WE MISSED YOU BADLY YOU WERE THE MOST DESERVED PERSON TO LIFT THE TROPHY…
    2012 proved lucky for Prince that he lifted the trophy twice but he is a fabulous dancer no doubt in that.In DKSK all the kids of season2 were just superb.
    TANAY totally deserved the act of the series.
    SHALINI and JEETH also gave some good performance.
    OM did full justice to his second runner up position and a big kiss for his innocence.
    FAISAL danced better than season2 and he kept the consistency and in his last solo act he just reminded us that he is the MASTER BLASTER.
    SOUMYA ,I felt in dksk she was quiet as compared to season2 may be bcos of that horrible result……we all love you soumya..when you are dancing your body language is terrific and i really wanted to see you and rohan doing MJ STYLE.
    About the performance of masters ,master Terrance….just loved his performance.
    HORRIBLE DANCE BY MASTER GEETHA-now a days master geetha likes to perform on item numbers only next song in her mind is NAKKU MUKKA thank GOD u saved us and FARAH nani sorry baby hahaha very soon we can see this group item in COMEDY CIRCUS.


  • Sudeep Samota

    The finaly act supeb everyone give supeb performance bt i like OM performance…wow OM wat an act given by U I loved it… I miss u so much dear…love u dear…

    • JIN_BABA

      Muhahahaha 😛

  • manoj chandel

    Dance ke superkids was a superb show, but i really miss the charm like Dance ke Superstars last year that was much better and very well judged.
    Hopefully next year we will see more talented guys then previous seasons.


  • Shubham Cityhunter

    i agree that team yahoo was a lot better than team wakao . . .. only dharmesh and vaishnavi were worth wathcing . Raghav and Dharmesh according to me are stars . Faisal and Rohan are WOW !! i request Dharmesh sir to bring new choreoghaphy as he is just suberb he only falls back due to his old style which we have seen numerous times. Raghav is not better than Dharmesh in dancing his style is better and new to our eyes !!! Team YAHOO deserved the victory, a lesson for team WAKAO that they should improve themselves . . .!!!

  • nazish mehdi

    I will DID. I’ll miss Judges, Raghav and all the kids, there masti and OM’s challenges. I wish DID should be back
    Congratulations to YAHOO!!

  • Dol sarah

    What a disappointing and sad end to the journey of these awesome kids and skippers, DID literally ruined the FINALE of DKS by wasting time in the Jay-Marzi drama, Jay-Shreya takkar, Farah-Geeta-Mithun dance number. Its a dance show for the kids and they are doing COMEDY CIRCUS, its really sad how the kids and the skippers do all the hardworks and during the shoot, people like Geeta, jay, marzi, mithun take all the limelights.

    I have lost all my hopes for DID-4, seriously if Geeta will still be there in the upcoming seasons it will be a huge let-down, this lady should seriously seek some place in the politics.

    The only thing worth watching is the performances by the kids. And despite Raghav’s absence the two reasons why i have watched DKS finale is Rohan and Soumya. I was waiting for a Rohan-Soumya duet since the beginning of the season ,i am so sad that they were not paired for a single performance.

    And Soumya was not given a single performance in the Finale :(

    The only thing that i loved about the Finale was Rohan’s solo bit in the final takkar. Rohan, you completely made up for Raghav’s absence.

    Love you My lil rockstars Rohan and Soumya.

  • zakir hussain

    yahoo is agraet team… before itself i know they can win… but no one can beat dharmesh sir….. i love u dharmesh sir…

    • Shubham Cityhunter

      yes right Zakir i luv Dharmesh sir too !!!

  • manu gupta

    hey did!gonna miss you..
    mujhe to TV dekhne ka hi man nahi karega!did ke bina sab suna -suna ho jayega…….ye sabhi bachche yaad aayenge and RAGHAV to sabse zyaada…..
    well where was raghav in this episode?can anybody tell me this?

  • Darshan patel

    I saw Faisal’s solo again which is performed on semifinal….

    OMG Best perfomance in entire DID little master…

    He danced with each bit….♥♥♥

  • astro sct

    CONGRATS to all the CONTESTANTS and SKIPPERS of YAHOO TEAM.Am really gonna miss everyone except Geeta Maa & Marzi Sir.Feeling extremely bad for Mr.CROCK 4 he couldn’t attend both d semi and grand finale. Bt thank GOD Rohan was there.
    RAGHAV ke Parchayee and Roshni love u both.

  • B7

    guys check this video of Phillip Chbeeb one of a great dancers, where u get a lot of similar moves that raghav is doin in his signature song(4 mnt portion)……

  • Darshan patel

    After watching this video I must say,

    No one in DID can do this type of dancing….

    No one is comarable….

    BTW good video….Amazing dance….I like first half….

  • spartans nikom

    the show was fixed .. as the performance were reduced to 4 from 6 to minimize the difference between 2 teams. as yahoo in their 2 episode were leading by 9 m. and saumya and om were prevented from performing .they know that if they performed the dance ki takkar will be of no use. they will win by there performance only. and DKB will end in 3 weeks. Another fact is vaishnavi and jeetumoni performed maximum performance than any other contestants. khyati didnt perform. Rohan didnt got a single solo.. om too. faisal only one.. so it is now proved that zee tv only wanted to strech the show.. really hate this …

    • Darshan patel

      Agree…Worst finale in entire DID…Result was based on just fiver performance???????? Is it good???

      In whole season they judges on 13 perfomance where in finale just 5???

      Everything is fixed….

      kyati didn’t perform in whole season…

      Om performed only with Tanay…n two time acrobasia….bcoz he is not matched with other contestants not with Jeet….

      n bloody mogambo n jogambo…n Dada’s drana….n repetiting Jeet’s mom to speak daddaa…… n Marzi’s too much drama with jay n all stuff…

      N someof u covered in ur comment…

      They only want to get TRP with strong dance to compete with zalak dikhlaja n KBC n other show….

      I dont want to see Geeta n Marzi as a judge….

      In this finale they just talked about anything not about dance….
      What is this????

      Change judge….People r bored with same judges….

      I really like Shiamak davar, Remo n Rajeev….They are pointed each portion….

      I loved Dance ke superstars season n it’s judging….

      Anyways good thing is we njoyed good performances…

    • tp tp

      even i wanted to see OM’s solo performance and surely he would have got PERFECT 30 coz he is an outstanding performer.

      OM can match with anyone. Give him any style, any prop, any challenge he will do full justice to it. got it. The reason they did not give him solo is they wanted to make wakao win in 3rd and 4th week.If OM would have performed surely wakao would have lost again.

      • Darshan patel

        @tp tp

        I dont say that OM is not a good dancer…

        I want to tell u that I saw in etire two season that OM’s hiphop is weak..he is made for contempry n aerial or other dance which contains flexibility….so that he always performs on those kind of act….

        just like Prince, Prince is made for locking n popping…so anyone perform with Prince, he has to do locking n popping…same as OM…

        So that kind of dancers require matching from his partner…

      • spartans nikom

        i agree bro that om is an outstanding dancer. he is one of the best dancer in india . the only weakness is he is so innocent that his innocence is seen while he dances hip hop , free style etc. but he is only a 7 year kid. let him be 12-13 years old he will be one of most brilliant dancer not only in india but in the whole world.. and zee tv stop misusing his innocence for increasing ur trp . instead work on showing dancing rather than doing drama and nautanki . ur trp will increase automatically . and this time with no complaints with audiences . this show doesnt run on ur drama but the love for this dancer from audiences . saying it the biggest platform and showing only 5 performances . what a waste of time . so why u dont decrease the time to 1 hour rather than increasing drama. increase the no. of performances the love for u will increase .

  • spartans nikom

    my favorites r raghav , rohan and saumya. really will miss them. when i see their dances which i have downloaded in my pc it brings tear in my eyes please did come fast but this time no drama….. thanks love ..see u soon

    • Dol sarah

      Me too, i just love Raghav, Rohan and Soumya. The are the three most special people on the show for me.
      Sadly the finale was so disappointing, i was so sure that there will be a Rohan-Soumya duet in
      the finale, still can’t believe that they didn’t do a single duet after their Paso-Doble act,i really miss
      those Suraj huwa madham days. But then i guess i will have to live with all the old performances
      And why Soumya didn’t even get a chance to perform for two consecutive weeks. Really sad coz
      this girl is one of the best dancers on the show.

      The finale could have still been fine/good if the random fillers weren’t included, I really don’t know what
      DID is upto with all the Jay-Marzi drama (Who comes up with such ideas), and when i saw the performance
      by Geeta-Farah, i literally went ewwww. Why on earth are they wasting time on all these Nautankis.
      Why didn’t they ask the kids who they are gonna miss the most, what they learned from their journey, their
      happiest moment on DID, Cute and innocent things like these that could have easily raised their TRPs .
      Sadly they don’t know that.
      About the judges, the less said the better…

      Marzi, this guy seems to nice but, all his comments are not useful, because one way or the other they are treated as a joke
      due to his poor diction , even the kids and the skippers are not concerned about what he has to say, coz he doesn;t now what he is saying.

      About Geeta “MA”, I use to have a lil respect for her cause in season-3 i thought she was a fair judge.
      But in Lil masters -2 and now in DKS, she is the only thing that ruined the these awesome shows.
      She is not at all a fair judge and i am 100% sure that she will be a part of all the seasons of DID,
      but my only request is please don’t make her a part of kids show like Lil masters and DKS because
      she gives a very bad example to innocent kids who are at their learing stage in their life.
      Overdose of Geeta’s politics can be very harmful to their health. I literally mean it.

      @admin Please call judges like Terence lewis, Remo d’esouza, Shamak dawar people who are true to themselves,
      no favortism, no emotional dramas. Plain and simple judging but still fun to watch…

  • Anjali Khan

    Faisal…u made me completely speechless by your solo performance! Hats of to u my lit cutiepie :) Everytime u come on the stage and prove again n again that U R THE BEST ! My God…what a performer you are! Each n every transitions, expressions just made me wow!! Just wanna say one thing…you are not only the son of the judges but also you are the PRINCE CHARMING of our hearts and MASTER BLASTER of INDIA.. :))

    Thank you so much PRINCE…We were eagerly waiting to watch his solo performance finally we got to see it… though some of wishes are not fulfilled like we wanted to see him performing wid Raghav n Prince but its ok…finally on the grand finale FAISAL gave us an outstanding solo performance. I m so proud of u my dear…keep dancing like this :)

    May ALLAH bless you always ..May all ur dreams n wishes come true? <3

  • anjali sharma

    I’m gonna miss you DID :(

  • bindu bala

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yahoo wins….

  • Rajneesh Gupta

    its shameful to all the members in DID and Zee team. Raghav was in charge of yahoo team and suddenly he disappears and they are not even to bother to tell the audience the fact. No one in DID team or in Zee tv said a word for Raghav, Raghav who created a record breaking views now suddenly disappeared in the way that he never exits but if sources to be believed Raghav was thrown out of DID and its a mutual decision taken by Zee tv and DID team includes masters and grand master. Pathetic

  • True Believer

    Here is what I think: [Not using harsh words…but, pls take my words with utmost severity!]

    DID is a good show with good dancers. But, its going in a very bad route of bureaucracy & favoritism.
    According to me,
    best judge overall is TERENCE LEWIS (Why? He was never partial, but always tried to give good & true judgement)
    Remo: Horrible favoritism to his team. Started with Salman in the first series, and now recently to Sanam! NOT AT ALL FAIR
    Geeta: She started now with horrible favoritism too (HEIGHTS!!! with Faizal. He is a OK dancer and not at all a match to ROHAN…Anyone disagrees?)
    Terence: last season, he didnt appreciate RAGHAV…But, yes…he wasnt that good during that time. But, now he is one of my favorites. He improved A LOTTTTTT. But, dont take Terence wrong though.

    Now coming to the participants, [I MEAN MEMORABLE]
    Best of all:
    JAY KUMAR NAIR [I guess, everyone forgot about him :( He was best…but, yes…he is emotional and got into the trap of judges by breaking out when favoritism is shown :(]
    RAGHAV [Though, favoritism is show, he maintained his COOL…Great job]
    DHARMESH [AWESOME down to earth personality. Though, favoritism is shown to him too, but…that never got to his head]
    SHAKTHI [Great dancer. I think, knowing these political things, she is away from the DID]
    ROHAN [AWESOMEEEEE, unparalleled. But, neglected by judges due to Faizal :( who is not that good.]

    Saumya, Atul, Kunwar Amar, Sanam, Siddhesh, Mayuresh, Vaishnavi were Great as well.

    Poor performers with HUGE hype by judges: TOP 2 – Salman, Prince, Faizal (Sometimes he is good but doesnt deserve this BIG hype).

    Now, coming to Grand Master, Dont want to say this…but, with all respect to this elderly person, I want to say that he is a PUPPET in the hands of REMO (First and foremost) and then Geeta. He always, dishonors Terence’s judgements :( not sure why? Also, he doesnt have his own perspective!

    If u see, most of the current mentors are from Terence’s team only! He is a great Dance Leader (I wud say, Divine!)

    Anchors: The best anchor with great humor :) whatever people say is, JAY :) He and Mithun form a great pair to relax the audience (AWESOME, I MUST SAY :)) Thanks JAY for all your humor…u can become a hero of Comedy genre…You have great acting skills too!
    Of course, Manish is always better than anyone though in Humor and also as a Host! He is AWESOME!!!

    BOTTOM LINE: DID/ZEE-TV missed a great dancer and also an AWESOME MENTOR…JAY KUMAR NAIR…

    Request: Please PROMOTE JAY KUMAR NAIR (forgotten hero), RAGHAV, DHARMESH, SHAKTHI, ROHAN if you like his DANCEEEEEEEEEE. He is a great dedicated dancer we have in India…And, he is truely PASSIONATE about dance and not the commercial ASPECT OF IT. [Yes, everyone needs money…but, that shudnt be the only thing! True Passion is MUST]
    ************THEY ARE THE BEST OF DID************

    Please do reply with your views!

    • Anjali Khan

      Yesss I disagree with you. Just because you think that Faisal is not good, does NOT mean he is not at all a match to Rohan. FAISAL is nothing less than Rohan and I will definitely say, Faisal is the most magical and strongest dancer!!! Anyway, ur words can NOT change the history now. FAISAL is the MASTER BLASTER of DID S2 and thats the fact :))) u agree or not who cares….

    • Shifa Khan

      yEah i disagree….
      How cum ppl say dat Faisal got sympathy votes n he was not at all deserving…
      Geeta maa liked Faisal’s audition before knowing his background…n he won cx of public votes n his unbeatable performances not Bcx of GEETA MAA’s FAVOURITE KID…Rohan,saumya,jeet,om all r gud…but faisal proved himself throughout d series dats y he is our MASTER BLASTER 2… All d contestants were given equal chances…they cud ve prove dmslvs :-)
      Its not d matter of sympathy, money or favouritism…DID is all about talent…n Faisal won only bcx of his talent :-)
      1 thing more…. If Faisal won only bcx of favouritism dn he wud not b able to impress marzi,farah n terence…Geeta maa called him her son she cud b partial towars him……but y Faisal made Farah maa call him her son???was that favouritisim too???
      If Faisal got sympathy…dn Rohan also got Grand master’s veto power…the public has eliminated him…but he was there in Grand finale only cx of Grand master….n Master Blaster Faisal was dere only cx of his Talent :-) if faisal really was not a deserving candidate dn public wud ve eliminated him not rohan 😀

      • Swapnil Shukla

        Mr. Saif.

        You remember the VETO by the grand master for ROHAN….. For the cause he was not able to Dance at all for being Seriously SICK and hospitalized.
        Where as in the episode to dance with Senior dancers Rohan was the MAGICAL performance(With kind of UNKNOWN dancer PAUL) and GRAND MASTER him self gave two Salutes…. Other Fact… The most Watched VIDEO over Inter net on that performance for the all available DID videos from the history.
        Same Case How DID FAIZAL PERFORMED WITH THE BEST EVER DID SEENIOR DHARMESH SIR ( I STILL HOPE YOU DONT CONSIDER THE favoritism for the selection of DHARMESH FOR FAIZAL) Dharmesh was him self was annoyed with his performance.
        But Who wins HE wins.
        All the Best Faizal and your followers who are blind to support you. Like I am also blind to support talent 😀
        Nothing HARSH to any one still.
        But Who dare ??? Talk :)


        • Anjali Khan

          Wrong- Faisal and Prince’s duet (Robotic bijli) got 4 lakhs 70 thousand+ views and Rohan n Paul’s duet is definitely less than that :)))

          • Dol sarah

            Wrong- Rohan’s Abhi mujhme kahin solo got 747,995 views.
            Far far more than 475,800 views that Faisal-Prince(Robotic bijli)got..
            Thats a fact no one can change.

            Ps:I am not talking about the video uploaded by niranjan1chinu.
            It was uploaded by Divgun Sethi

        • Angelfromhell

          i know this is 2 years late but im a “blind” supporter of faisal from the auditions till now. he has been winning hearts all across india from the day he has entered television. he is never proud or show arrogancy. still the same boy he was when he first auditioned. may god bless him. i was very disheartened 2 years ago when i read so many comments against faisal and i have always been a proud fan of faisal. he is where he is now because of his talent and his hard work. every one always complains of geeta’s favoritism for faisal but what u dont understand is that faisal has this quality which makes ppl love him. its not only geeta, what about farah, marzi, dada and now in his serial he is the laadla of the people of the sets. everyone praises him

    • Sweety Neerav

      faisal deserved to win…first he did robotic bijli with prince..and every1 loved it!! and his final performance was blindfolded dancing which just tuk away the hearts of millions…he deserves it…please clean your tongue when u r telling things like this about faisal..i am not a complete faisal fan but i love any 1’s performance which is deserving…i was actually a jeet fan but i respect all the performers,shut your mouth and respect their talent…dont worry faisuu..we all r there for u…love u…

  • True Believer

    A small correction in the below statements:
    JAY KUMAR NAIR [I guess, everyone forgot about him He was best…but, yes…he is emotional and got into the trap of judges by breaking out when favoritism is shown to other guys :( ]
    RAGHAV [Though, favoritism is shown to other guys, he maintained his COOL…Great job!]
    DHARMESH [AWESOME down to earth personality. Though, favoritism is shown to him, but…that never got to his head]

  • astro sct

    GREAT DREAMERS dreams are never fulfilled they are ALWAYS TRANSCENDED.
    Be true 2 ur heart.BELIEVE in ur DREAMS.
    People whom they love unconditionally will never ceases 2 forget them even after 1 week or more.
    Agreed on the statements of RAGHAV and DHARMESH SIR by TRUE BELIEVER.

  • astro sct

    Sory itz remember nt 2 forget.

  • Anjali Khan

    @Dol Sarah- I knew that and yes I dont even deny this fact….but if u notice again then u will see we were talking about Rohan-Paul n Faisal-Prince duet only :)

    Actually I should thank you for speaking the truth that no one can change a fact :))) I do totally agree with u @ this point. Hence, u guys cant deny a fact about Faisal that he is the ultimate winner, the same way u r asking me not to deny that fact about Rohan!! I m not saying it to u only, but to all Rohan fans that……… everytime u guys keep trying to kill his image saying that he is poor, he needed money n he was geeta’s fav, thats why he won…not only this, u guys even try to deny his talent!! :@

    Totally ridiculous!!!

    Faisal is the Master Blaster of DID LM S2!!!

    Thats a fact and no one can change…


  • Dol sarah

    @Swapnil was talking about Rohan-Paul’s no of views, doesn’t that mean you should mention Faisal-Dharmesh 😀 And since you mentioned Faisal-Prince, meaning you are mentioning the max views Faisal got, i mentioned the max views that Rohan(Solo) got 😀

    Ofcourse faisal is the master blaster of DID lil masters season-2 and i state it like anything other fact, be it regarding Rohan ,Soumya or any other other contestant for that matter.

    About him being poor, i haven’t seen anybody mention it here in this post, it was you who came up with it. May be people have mentioned it elsewhere….

    And about Geeta-“MA”, as of now the less said the better. 😛

    About the heights of being ridiculous, I remember that the week Soumya was highest voted (During soumya-ankita episode), it was some really insecure faisal-fans who posted on FB not only once but many times, that DID is fixed and Soumya is the winner blah blah… and how people were acting like Julius Caesar mob LOL..
    The politics on the inside and the outside , now thats Ridiculous.

    • Anjali Khan

      can you please read the very first comment written by ”true believer”?? Then tell me who came up with the poor thing…ok???

      Dont involve fb comments here!!! If u can give fb example, then i have also thousand examples which are stated by Rohan-Saumya fans!!

      n if u talk about the politics, ok here i have a ques!! How come Saumya was @4th position??? She should have been 2nd atleast!! Right? Om was NOT Geeta Maa’s fav….he didnt even need money, then how come he took Somya/rohan’s place?? So, will u show me politics here as well???

  • Shifa Khan

    Omg sm1 here called us BLIND FOLLOWERS OF FAISAL… But dear hw can majority be blind 😉
    yes Faisal won only bcx of favouritism….he was infact IS D MOST favourite of millions of ppl…only Geeta Maa’s favouritism cud never make him d master blaster 😀
    MOST VIEWED VIDEO doesn’t matter at all… Every contestant has given sm memorable prfrmances…
    I really like Rohan … I wud say his illness was his bad luck… But still ROHAN’S FOLLOWERS cudn’t make him even d 1st runner up….
    Raghav’s k rockstars were on 3rd n 4th position cx of him…the kids gave their best but smwhr choreography or d choice of song went wrong…n raghav kept on repeating his mistake…
    While prince was continuously challenging his kids…faisal was not very strong in d beginning but he improved alot later on…
    Comparing FAISAL , ROHAN ,SAUMYA is unfair….as all of dm were quite strong…i was not very happy vd saumya’s result but i dun think so one shud make it a reason of degrading others… :-)

    • Shifa Khan

      sorry i wanted to say faisal might not b as strong as Rohan in d beginning… But later on he inproved…m not talikng abt auditions … Its only abt d starting episodes…where sm of faisal’s performances were a bit weak…
      It was not his fault in Dharmesh-faisal prfrmnc… Yeah he cudn’t manage his prop but it atleast dint make him stop his performance….he well managed d situation twice…n v can’t blame him for diz…cx it happened to many others as well :-)

    • jojo mani

      Faisal’s dancing skills were always average. It was proven in DKS when he was made to perform with other dancers. Saumya and Rohan on the other hand were versatile and clean dancers.

      But they lost because they didn’t bring drama. Neither did they have the exaggerated support from the judges, nor did they have a sympathy story to rely on. And audiences gets affected by these things a lot. Prince and Kruti NEVER managed to train their kids in their OWN styles like Raghav did. Faisal’s dance teacher was the one choreographing his dances on the show mostly not Prince.

      And since Om and Faisal were always pushed down our throats, they ranked higher. But as was evident in DKS, that didn’t necessarily mean they were more talented. Its all about who the judges and channel chooses to back so be happy your favorite got lucky.

  • melrose rocks

    oh seriously shifa???? u r telling that it is raghav fault …that’s why saumya n rohan never won?????? r u paronoid o wat…raghav is best cherographer in that season okie..n it’s not his fault if rohan n saumya never won….!!!!! if raghav is not gud ..he wont become the captain of yahoo team!!!! well okie he did some mistakes.but nobody is perfect rite by the way…rohan n saumya perfomanc e were always awesome okie

  • melrose rocks

    i’m not trying to argue o wat…i ‘m just saying that is seriously not raghav fault okie..faisal won bcoz he is damn gud dancer..well actually rohan n saumya r aso good but not everybody can win rite….but there is no point to argue no w bcoz did already finish

  • jojo mani

    DID is the worst reality show I’ve seen. Raghav raised the standard of this lame show and it was the first time I followed it cos of the quality dancing. Now I’m definitely NEVER coming back after the way they treated him.

    Raghav is obviously going places but Damn these DID producers have got to be shameless to throw away the very person who brought so much of fame to DID. I truly believe they were insecure of his popularity from day 1. Look at him now… most popular dancer of all DID!

    And they’re still at it. Its PATHETIC to see zeetv using those kids in their shows only to do the style RAGHAV invented. The most laughable was Prince faisal receiving best guru-shishya award. Talk about ridiculousness! They should at least remember the rule of KARMA… it will be hilarious to watch when it’ll bite em back!

    • Sweety Neerav

      u bloody fool…he is my friend and i visited his house..he told that he is sick and cannot come for the finale…its sick when u fools think that they kicked out raghav…he was never kicked out…he had to take care of his health…stop worrying about him…we, his friends are there to take care of him…u guys must enjoy the show..its not like its the end of the world or something!! raghav told me to remind u guys that he cant perform in the finale..this discussion must stop..its disturbing him…DID did nothing wrong to him…

  • Kanushree Jain

    Did anyone notice that Saumya has not been given the chance to do any solos or duets since Sept 8 when she performed “Kuch to hai Tujhe Rabbata” with Shalini? And I have never seen Khatiya give any performances. Only in this finale episode, both of them gave barely half a minute performance. WTF??? Did DID forget how many unforgettable performances Saumya has given and increased DID popularity?

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