Dance Ke Superkids 1st September

Dance Ke Superkids 1st September

Dance Ke Superkids 1st September videos are here. Enjoy and don’t forget to watch tomorrow’s episode, Bipasha Basu on Dance Ke Superkids. Team Wakao is on 73 while Team Yahoo is on 82 points. Rohan and Raghav’s performance was outstanding today and they were awarded performance of the day.

Dance Ke Superkids 1st September performances

Saumya and Faisal from Team Yahoo performed Waltz on the song Tum Jo Aye Zindagi

Dharmesh Sir and Ruturaj from Team Wakao performed Freestyle on the song Phir Se Ud Chala

OM and Tanay from Team Yahoo performed Acrobatie on the song Tera Chehra

Raghav and Rohan from Team Yahoo performed Lyrical on the song Khoon Chala

Vrushali and Vaishnavi from Team Wakao performed Robotics & Bharatanatyam Style on the song Bhore Bhare Pangat

Vatsal and Atul from Team Wakao performed Monkey Style on the song Singham

Dance Ke Superkids 1st Sep Videos Part 1

Dance Ke Superkids 1st Sep Videos Part 2

Dance Ke Superkids 1st Sep Videos Part 3


    82 Points Season 2 Rocks Once Again :p

    So many beautiful act, during the dance, I Enjoy Fun moments Like Farah Says.. Baby Bolo Mujy Baby, lol,
    lol what Marzi says to Geeta & farah, k is say inspiration mat lo Rituraaj, Slim ho jao etc etc. so much hilarious moments last night. I Enjoy Alot 😛

    I give mark last night attempt

    1. Raghav / Rohan
    2. Faisal / Saumya & vrushali & vushnavi
    3. Tanay / OM, Dharmesh & Rituraaj
    4. Atul / Vatsal

    no offense guys. (tAk3 Ligh3)

    • Meenu Yadav

      I hate did lil master season 2.

      • JIN_BABA

        they (season 2 contestant) are the reason, I Saw the Whole Season 2 not season 1, they are Special for us,

        specially Saumya, Rohan, Faisal, Jeet & OM chota Master 😛

      • Sudeep Samota

        Meenu season 2 is best as campare to season 1 nd OM is best in season 2 bcoz 9bdy complet OM challenge (in the word of geeta ma OM u r a master of dance OM u do everything)

        • tp tp

          OM and tanay were fabulous again. Very difficult and unique performance.
          OM is master in doing NEW and UNIQUE things. I just love him.

          Rohan and Raghav were simply superb today.

          Saumya and faisal looked romantic. good jodi.

          Overall Season2 rockzzzzzzzz……..

      • nazish mehdi

        why? like that
        DID litlle master 2 is the best

    • Meghna Shah

      What happened to the videos of this week? We are NRIs and have been following DID since its first season.
      As the quality of the videos have increased tremendously, we love watching this show.
      But this time, its taking too long for the admin to uplod them. Hope nothing is wrong.


    Dharmesh try pair with Jeto moni , so they got a good point am sure.

    now i am waiting Faisal / Rohan pair & Faisal & Raghav pa ji pair.

    Season 1 Jany Dy Jany Dy, Zara Hawa Aany Dy 😀 😛

    yh Season 2 k BoMB hY, Zara Side ty raho in sy 😉

  • Sudeep Samota

    OM &Tnay give the best performance of did nd jo unhone kiya wo or koi nhi kr skta nd OM best in did superkids…love you so much OM my sport is alwayz with u in my life jb tk sas chlengi main OM tumhe hi sport krta rhunga…i misssss u so much ॐ…

    • JIN_BABA

      😛 Sudeep pa ji, Support hota hy, Not Sport 😐 😛

      OM is a cute child, as well as Tanay, both r fabulous Dancers no doubt.

      • Sudeep Samota

        Ya jin baba mujhe pta h bt ye short form me likha h


    Admin, 1st Video show “Video Stream not found”

    kindly Fix it. thx.


    Vishnavi & Vrushali Dance remind me Faisal & Prince time in Dance k little master II. :)

    Loved This Show.
    Zee Tv Rock.

    • anjali sharma

      same here .. looks like season 1 is looking for inspiration from season 2 LOL .. it would be better if they tried to come up with their own ideas

      season 2 all the wayyyyyyy!!

  • usman saeed

    part one not play and part 3 not display:-( when you upload them?

  • usman saeed

    plz fix the problem i can’t wait to see that episode

  • aham

    link 1 is not working..:(

  • melrose rocks

    raghav n rohan perfomance were fab…it was spectacular as alwayz!! :)
    om n tanay were simply amazing…no words… faisal n saumya ..omg ..they look so cute n good together…they should dance together often…such a cute pair (:
    dharmesh should really let atul to do his syle once…he is so good in his b-boying style…really hope to see again….atul is a one of strongest dancer in season 1 n my favz……they should jaikumarnair instead of vrushali..he is so much better than her..she is showing so much of attitude…there…..well i hope season 2 win again…cheers for team yahoo (;

    • Meenu Yadav

      I hope season 1 wins and i cheers for team wakao…………..

      • JIN_BABA

        lol Meenu Next Week baat krna ab 😉

        Season 2 Make it once again, 2 WIN In two weeks 😀

  • Admin

    I know, will fix later tonight.

  • priyanka kollins

    missed part 1 guys,,,hmmm plz fixed it…


    Big Grand Salute to Farah Ma’am urf Baby 😛 … Very Fair comments for Saumya Performance.. She is special in Team Yahoo Group, yesss We make it again. Team Yahoo WIN hurryyyy! 😀

  • anjali sharma

    Looks like Farah’s extra points didn’t help this week LOL
    better luck next week 😉


    Next Week, Ranbhir Kapoor coming in the show

  • melz xmel

    team yahoo was superb! faisal and saumya! i was dying for these two to perform together, they made such an awesome pair :’) love you raghav even more for making this jodi happen <3 + raghav&rohan. wow. they totally deserve 'the best performance, all in all as a yahoo supporter i'm veryyyy satisfied with todays episode 😀 <3

  • Sudeep Samota

    @Jin babo ha mujhe pta h support hota h bt ye short form me likha h ok

  • astro sct

    Raghav and Rohan were outstanding.Saumya and Faisal nice pair.
    Om,Tanay speechless.
    A request to DID team-Please present a duet performance of Rohan and Prince.

    • anjali sharma

      I agree!
      I’d love to see Rohan & Prince together and Raghav & Faisal

  • hema santhosh

    OH! it was an amazing episode for many reasons

    first of all OM and TANAY SPEECHLESS ACT ….THE ACT OF THE WEEK..just want to see it AGAIN and AGAIN……




  • nirmala khuman

    rohan and raghav steals the show… but its little bit saddening when everyone is praising raghav and choreography… bachhe ne itna acha nacha aur kisine kuch bola bhi nahi bachhe ke bare mein… rohan ki tarif karne se itna kyun katarate hain i dont know… par jo bhi hain rohan aur raghav ne kamal kar diya raghav toh hain hi bahut acha par rohan u r too awesome… aur it never feels like raghav is better than rohan.. rohan gives tough competition even to raghav… Season 2 rocks!!

    • hema santhosh

      pls stop worrying about the judges comments((specially geetha )no use of it) at least FARAH MAM is not ignoring Rohan thats enough.ROHAN IS THE



      • dechjoll lol

        Totally agree with ya. NO use of the judges comments( spl.Geeta).
        They all are great dancer.. but in my heart Rohan is the Strongest!!! This kid makes me feel more and more Proud each and every passing week.
        So did soumya.
        Oh can’t get enough of my RockStars.I always support them and will always do.

  • tp tp

    admin pls upload Sundays episode.

  • usman saeed

    still part on not fixed:-( plz admin fixed it and also upload sunday episode

  • Samah Khan

    amazzing episode faisal and saumya look so beautiful together

  • bianca binoy

    i love u season are the best.the episode was just awesome.i was busy with my exams so i couldnt congragulate u the very next day.

    season 1,dont ever even dream that tou are going 2 win.season 2 hi jeetenga

  • divyarthini rajender

    wat happened about september 2nd’s episode??????

  • manu gupta

    raghav…there is no one like u..rohan supub no doubt season 2 winner.but season1 can improve a lot!

  • melrose rocks

    guess wat… !!! this saturday rohan n faisal r dancing together n they got full 30 n best perfomance of the day !!! at last i saw them dancing together…. the perfomance was simply amazing….faisal r aso good in slow motion style !!! :) well again team yahoo rocks 4 eva :)

    • anjali sharma


    • hema santhosh


  • anjali sharma

    Who is the other girl of team Wakao? I haven’t seen her perform a solo or duet, just in the group performances ??!! Was she even in season 1, cuz I don’t remember her

    • melrose rocks

      she is from dharmesh ke dhincak…she was eliminated in first round

  • san subba

    she is khyati

  • san subba

    well season 1 haven’t show their best.!
    but anyways..season 2 always rock.
    i had lots of expectations with jeetumoni,,but he was failed……and atul haven’t got a good chance to show some of his b-boying form.. he is excellent..
    i noticed ruturaj is now no more energetic these days he he
    he was fab in season 1..
    and vatsal is very flexible and versatile same goes to vaishnavi..
    anurag is good dancer a cute dancer …
    and was that another girl from seasn 1 Khayati?
    the girl with no bones?
    m not sure ..
    her dance wasn’t goo that much but … c was flexible as om in season 1.
    and season 2 is very good and well known
    i was just describing season 1

  • san subba

    ADMIN BABA where is sundays’ episode yaar??

  • manoj chandel

    don’t worry wakooooo…
    you gonna rock this week definetly >>>>>>>>>>>>> they are getting their rhythm ……, so yahooo wala ready for the challenge
    So best of luck team wakOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    you will win.

  • dechjoll lol

    admin please upload the sunday’s video…. dying to see the jugalbandi of Soumya n Vaishnavi in good quality!!!!
    Yahooo Rocks but I feel kinda sorry for Wakao….but they won this time!!! Yeah…. its gonna be fun now….. I hope this time the Jugalbandi is not Rohan from YahOO….. GOd let it be someone else!!!

    Anyone has got any clue abt the Jugalbandi???

    • Red

      It’ll really be unfair if they make Rohan lose in the Jugalbandi round just so that Wakao wins this week! I really think Wakao has VERY talented dancers, but none who can beat him at Jugalbandi. I hope it’s not him :(

      • dechjoll lol

        Yeah.. totally agree with you.HE is the Best :)

  • melrose rocks

    iif i m not mistaken it would be om n vatsal!!!

    • dechjoll lol

      Om n VatSal??? Seriously?? lol they are like completely different dancers….wonder on what ground they gonna complete!!!
      Very Unsual pair…..

  • tp tp

    om and vatsal for what???

    • dechjoll lol

      Hey if Melrose is right, then Ur Om’s gonna compete with Vatsal at the Jugalbandi!!!!
      But not completely sure about the info.

  • tp tp

    Oh no!
    OM is too small to compete with vatsal. This time they want team wakao to win coz if yahoo continuous to win then show will end. so…

    • anjali sharma

      I agree :)
      And maybe they’ll let team Wakao win the week after this too, so in the final episode the score will be 2-2 .. predictable 😉

  • dancequeen25

    raghav and rohans performance was impeccable!!!! i keep thinking what can they do next time that will wow us again……i keep thinking there arent anymore ideas but they surprise me every time! these guys are really talented!!!! i thought season 1 would lead but now the whole game has changed! all the best season 2! CROCK IT!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Somi R

    Shreya is not good at anchoring the show. She should also have been a participant. Let Jai do the anchoring part alone. He is really good.

  • san subba

    guys.. pradeep is going to replace mayuresh..!

  • tp tp

    Oh no!
    whats wrong with DID. why they are taking such decisions.
    Pradeep is really good. This is all planned to make wakao team to win.

    Hope pradeep comes in yahoo replacing prince. LOL…
    coz raghav and kruti are doing fab job. Prince is there only for name sake.

    • anjali sharma

      Because of his shows in Fiji, Prince couldn’t be there last week :)
      I’m sure DID was aware of his schedule, and otherwise they could’ve arranged a replacement.

      Wonder why Mayuresh is being replaced though ..

  • anjali sharma

    Excited about this weeks episode!!!!!!!!

    I really wonder who’ll win this week, have a feeling it will be Wakao, because if Yahoo wins the show is practically over :p

    Anyway let’s wait and see how honest this show really is and if the team that wins really deserved it or if it was to keep the show going 😉

    It’ll be really odd though to see Om and Vatsal as they’re completely different dancers..

  • Ruchika Gupta

    i liked last week’s performances but i believe FAisal and Saumya’s performance deserved more points than what they actually got.

    I m waiting for prince to come back and perform with a bang… i miss his locking and popping!!!

    Raghav and rohan were just amazing… very exited after seing the promo of today.. Faisal and Rohan together!! mind blowing!!

  • Trevin

    @Admin: Please could you upload part 1 and Sunday’s episode?


  • razz maharjan

    please load the part one i am regular of this show and i don’t want to miss it please load fast did rocks

  • Admin

    Part1 is fixed.

  • Sweety Neerav

    this farah ma’am and her extra point!! -_- she is soooooooooo partial!! she is not being fair..

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