Dance India Dance Season 3 Wild Card 12th February

Dance India Dance Season 3 Wild Card 12th February

DID Season 3 Wild Card 12th February where Judges chose 8 contestants for Public Voting and to be included in the Final 13 Dance India Dance Contestants. From Terence Ki Toli we have Raghav, Neerav and Sneha Kapoor. From geeta Ki gang we have Riddhika and Shafeer. From Remo Ke Rangeeley we have Hardik, Sumit and Sahil. Now about today’s Solo performances, I can’t choose the best. They were all fablous and left the public with a lot to think. For voting details you can click on the Vote Now banner on the top.

Dance India Dance 12th February Performances

Terence Ki Toli

Neerav performed Contemporary Style on the song O Meri Jaan.

Raghav Croacroz performed on Dil Kyun Yeh Mera Shore Kare.

Sneha Kapoor performed on Sajna Aa Bhi Ja

Geeta Ki Gang

Shafeer performed Contemporary Style on the song Zindagi Yeh Safar Mein Hai

Riddhika Singh performed Contemporary & Freestyle on the song Chupke Se Lag Ja Gale.

Remo Ke Rangeeley

Hardik Rawal performed on the song Aflatoon with Nunchaku.

Sumit performed Robotics Style.

Sahil performed another powerful Hip Hop Style.

Dance India Dance Season 3 12th February part1

Dance India Dance Season 3 12th February part2

Dance India Dance Season 3 12th February part3

Dance India Dance Season 3 12th February part4

Dance India Dance Season 3 12th February Limelight

96 thoughts on “Dance India Dance Season 3 Wild Card 12th February

  1. Admin says:

    I hope those who always wanted videos early are happy this weekend.

    Enjoy the brilliant performances by all of the contestants tonight.

    1. virginie says:

      Thank you very much for uploading fast! It was much required due to the extremely short time to cast our votes!

      Nevertheless, I have a few questions:

      1) Why DID3 gave less than 12 hours to vote and select the 2 Wild Card Candidates? And that too, the hours of the night? Those who missed the show tonight won’t even suspect there was such a short gap to vote…

      2) Why Jay said we only can vote for one candidate? I voted for 2 candidates by phone and I also voted for 2 candidates online. If only one vote was the rule, why the phone and online system allowed 2 votes from the same person? Besides, we are choosing 2 dancers, so why Jay said only 1? Or maybe I did not get properly the Hindi…

      3) Why in the voting site the profiles of the Masters are not up-to-date since the past 1 year and Terence’s name is been continuously misspelled? Can’t DID people be careful with the spelling of the name of one of the 3 judges of the show? Spelling matters for non-Hindi names…

      Thank you for answering me.


      1. dancefan2012 says:

        If you have used same phone to vote, then only one vote will count and that is the first one. On the Internet, the vote will be locked using the MAC address of the machine. So waste of time in case you used the same phone and same PC to vote twice.

        1. virginie says:

          Hey “dancefan”, if what you say is true, all my votes are going to Raghav…

          You seem to know quite a bit of this process…

    2. samecute says:

      Dear Admin,

      Thankyou for uploading the videos on time.


    3. esposa says:

      thanks ADMIN. thanks a lot for this, really great work.

  2. lmnaasira says:

    Thank you so much for the early upload…

  3. alimurad_pu says:

    raghav raghav and only raghav

    1. Dhrampal Negi says:

      ya u r right bro.

    2. esposa says:

      Raghav was my favorite, but after seeing the performance of The “SUMIT”, wo man, wat a Bollywood and robotic dance, took my heart away, Raghav is a different kind of dance but only with one style. Hope all understand this. As Ramo said no body can do the slow motion like Raghav, yes, defiantly, no one can do the magic like Raghav & surly all DID fans will agree with this, but, but the same time I must say the “SUMIT” will surprise all the dance fans for sure. He is the hidden weapon for this show.

      Raghav & The Sumit

  4. aham says:

    thanx AdmiN…<3

  5. intwala.nayan says:

    the best 3 performance are already in the photo and i am astonished and
    very curious for the next episode .

    All the best Raghav, Shafeer, And Pandem.

    1. virginie says:

      That’s very true…

      Raghav, Shafeer, Neerav, Sumit and Sneha were the best today… :)

      Terence knows how to show the best of each dancer…

      Love you Terence!

      I believe today’s Remo’s choreography did not do justice to Hardik, we could not see all his potential…

      And I would have preferred that ‘Dada’ selected Manju instead of Sahil… :( She is much better dancer…

  6. dancefan2012 says:

    Admin, thank you for uploading the videos faster this week and I appreciate the efforts on making sure that the videos are not broken like last week.

    1. virginie says:

      yes, yes, yes! I also appreciated the fact that these videos were not broken!

  7. dancefan2012 says:

    Alright coming to the performance, the audience will have tough time to choose the contestants through voting. Less than 12 hours to vote as there is not charge for voting and the channel is not going to earn anything from the voting as they have already decided who is going to be in and who is going to be left out.

    * Neerav – Good but he is not shown us any other form other than Contemporary (Flaws were there)
    * Raghav Croacroz – Good but I was expecting mix of few other forms and different steps (Flaws were there)
    * Sneha Kapoor – Good, she has shown us contemporary as she cannot do solo salsa (Terrance Style) no complaints on choreography ((Flaws were there)
    * Shafeer – Good, one of the best dancers in Season 3, Versatile dancer. (Just one flaw)
    * Riddhika Singh – Good attempt but prop failed the performance, shouldn’t have performed floor contemporary as part of yesterdays performance was also floor contemporary (Loads of flaws)
    * Hardik Rawal – Average – Good attempt again he is not using his physical appearance for his advantage. (Loads of flaws).
    * Sumit – Good execution, nice performance, one of the best of today’s show
    * Sahil – Short and sweet lyrical HipHop but could have avoided the Dada portion in it (Well complaint for Remo not to the contestant)

    Performance wise rating
    1. Sumit
    2. Shafeer
    3. Neerav
    4. Ragav Aka Croc
    5. Shena
    6. Sahil
    7. Ridika
    8. Hardik

    Still I will be voting to Croc boy as I want to see more of his performance (By Phone) and for Shafeer from Net.

    1. esposa says:

      My Performance wise rating is as under: -
      1. Sumit
      2. Neerav
      3. Ragav Aka Croc
      4. Shafeer
      5. Ridika
      6. Sahil
      7. Shena
      8. Hardik
      I am really happy and surprised with SUMIT’s performance, really great, he is the great surprise

  8. kkoble says:

    wow. this has probably been one of the toughest wild card groups. almost everyone deserves to be in the top 13. im personally cheering on shafeer and neerav just based on their performances today. although raghav is very pleasing to watch I believe he doesnt deserve to move on because he didnt take his chance to show us what else he can do. but if he doesnt move on I hope we get to see him perform again in the finale!

  9. kkoble says:

    also thank you admin for putting up these videos. i really appreciate it.

    and i wouldnt be surprised if sneha or sumit also got chosen. i wish remo had given hardik better choreography because hardik has a lot of potential and has performed a lot better before. good luck to all!

  10. Whackybanana says:

    Based on the wildcard performances Shafeer should definitely go through. The fight for second place would be between Neerav and Raghav. Though Neerav has been good, he hasn’t shown us anything other than contemporary so far. Raghav has only done hip hop, but he gets brownie points for bringing forth new and amazing moves. So its Shafeer and Raghav for me. Cheers!

    1. Nobody says:

      Shafeer weak point is that he is from poor back ground, from poor area, avarage look’s , = Out in the GAME.

      1. Whackybanana says:

        Ha ha, last year Dharmesh got extra votes cos of his simplicity, poor background and average looks while Shakti was given the flak and termed a sophisticated snob. Now the tables have turned eh? A bunch of hypocrites we are. We never back true talent, its all the glitter and charisma. Very disappointing, but true nonetheless.

        1. dancequeen25 says:

          agreed!!! :)

          1. dancefan2012 says:

            Dada should allow the contestant to talk. He never allowed Shafeer to fully complete his sentences during the show (After his performances). We know that he is weak in Hindi but he is making effort to convey his message to everyone and I hate what Dada was doing on the show.

        2. Nobody says:

          this is totally Insane, if Mathunda didn’t give any opportunity to shafeer after Blasting Performances 1 by 1 , they played very bad game with Shafeer, they know his class, this is really disgusting , Even Ridikha were strong than this Urvashi :@

  11. Mehnaaz says:

    they should make a video conatiaining all of Mithunda’s and Jai’s moments together:)

    1. virginie says:

      yes! a separate show, NOT INCLUDED in the DID3 season! lol

      1. Whackybanana says:

        Yea, I think the grandmaster as a whole should be taken out of did3 and given a separate show. That would be a relief.

  12. nazishk says:

    WOW this was one awesome episode and i am so happy for Raghav hopefully he will go through. As of today’s performances i really think Remo should have chosen Manju instead of Hardik. I didn’t like his performance at all, Manju deserved one more chance as she and neerav are the ones who won best performance of the day award yesterday. Sumit was brilliant i wish him all the best. Riddhika again failed to impress her viewers by her solo performance, it wasn’t as good as her duet with Shafeer yesterday. Shafeer on the other hand was awesome i really hope he comes back through wild card entry. And Raghav was outstanding, there is this uniqueness about him that makes his performance shine, he deserves a chance to prove himself. Neerav was outstanding too, i wish there were 3 empty spots not 2. I would love to see Raghav, Shafeer and Neerav back in the show. I feel bad for chotu but i wish him all the best. Sneha was good but i don’t think she is going to come back. Sahil was good too but i am sure Raghav, Neerav, and Shafeer will be on the lead. I have already voted and would like to see my favorites back in the show. Good Luck to all the contestants. Keep up the good performances :)

  13. nazishk says:

    And yes thanks admin for posting the videos sooner!!

  14. om prakash says:

    I love Shafeer & Ridika

    1. Nobody says:

      Shafeer & Raghav were so good, Shafeer should come with Raghav :/

      1. virginie says:

        i saw in the videos that it’s Raghav and Neerav… videos were on air on Wednesday night…

  15. vijay kumar says:

    i think the two best performance today was given by raghav & sumit

  16. Dhrampal Negi says:

    Hi Raghav bhai. Can u learn me the dance of crocroax.

  17. Dhrampal Negi says:

    Raghav is better dancer in ever step.

  18. Dhrampal Negi says:

    i would say raghav is the one of the best dancer of top 13.

  19. kanhiya swamy says:

    Raghav is my favorite dancer in DID.

    1. virginie says:

      Though the performances of Shafeer and Nirav were really good (Sumit too), nevertheless I cannot forget Raghav’s performance… I see it again and again and again… I don’t know what this boy has that he totally mesmerized everyone… Yes, he is very creative and innovative, but he does not have the technique and the training of the others… Still he outstands others, it’s a general phenomenon… Raghav, we love you! Keep your innocence! That’s your treasure! And Terence, please keep choosing such nice songs… Thanks a lot guys to bring such joy into my life :)

      1. virginie says:

        *Neerav (sorry for misspelling)

  20. ferball says:

    This is an awsome season. Some of the best dancers I have seen. It will be hard to choose the best I think. Raghav is very unique in his style and the best at it I have seen, but some of the contestants I believe are more varied in styles. I wish them all the best of luck.

  21. illusion-93 says:

    found out from sources that neerav and raghav have been voted by the public.. good for raghav but i also wanted shafeer to be back. Raghav and Neerav are both from Terence Lewis dance academy, Raghav is casted in Remo’s new movie… and where did shafeer come from??? i just think that Shafeer deserves to be back. And this makes me feel that there was no point in auditions if DID don’t want dancers like Shafeer.

    1. nazishk says:

      wow that sucks for Shafeer he really deserves to be in the show. I hope Mithun can choose him and have top 14 contestants instead of top 13!! He has given a lot of wrong decision this season, one right decision will only do good to him.

      1. Whackybanana says:

        Shafeer comes from a town in Kerala, Thrissur. He does a day job as an electrician and manages a small dance group. I don’t think he has had any professional training before. But he sure as hell has the passion to burn the dance floor. Just cos of a stupid decision by mithun da he is back to square one. He deserves to be in the top 13. Poor guy.

        1. esposa says:

          sir everyone came to DID for burn the dance floor, not only shafeer, i hope u understand. thanks

          1. Whackybanana says:

            Of course I understand, but look at the contestants who have been voted out and the ones who are in the show

            Voted Out

            1) Shafeer
            2) Sneha Kapoor
            3) Manju
            4) Lipsa
            5) Riddhika

            In the Show

            1) Urvashi
            2) Paul

            I don’t wanna rant about the other 11, but these 2 definitely could have been replaced by any of the 5 who are out of the show. DID is shooting its own foot with these stupid decisions. I hop YOU understand.

          2. sumathi mogan says:

            esposa : hi, ur comment was just nice….but i hate that….yes every one was born to burn the dance floor….but dont u think that it was a pre-planned show…what was the reason actually for eliminating shafeer…no points…he has gaven a power packed performance each week and should he deserves this…one more things i wanna say is i hate remo because he will only say “now thats what i call a good performance ” to his group contestants only every time as i’ve seen it from did 1 till now…so disgusting….and about the MJ band…he only will gave that to useless dancers. my nice comments is terence is much better than remo only a bit…for he conclusion, i really hate mithunda remo and terence which doesnt meant to be in DID, THEY SHOULD BE ELIMINATED FIRST…mithunda wasnt fair at all…ask mithunda to ask himself. Shafeer is always extra ordinary guy while performing and with poor background, he always wanna to gave a power packed performance….he is a musliman i think, wonder why allah ne shafeer ko help nahi kiya…i hate allah too for keeping up mithunda still alive…these three mens i tell you they are against geetha ma. they always from DID1 till DID 3, even geetha ma ki ache ache contestants ko they will never appreaciate with open heart..and from DID 1 TILL NOW THE CONTESTANT WITH POOR BACKGROUND WILL BE ELIMINATED…MITHUNDA SAYS IN SHAFEER LAST WILD CARD SOLO PERFORMANCE ” THAT DAY WAS A BAD DAY FOR U ” THATS WHY SHAFEER ELIMINATED…I WILL DEFINATELY PROMISE KARTHEY BOLLUNGI THAT DADA NE JO HAVE BAD MIND…THE WAY DADA USE HIS MIND TO MAKE DECISION NAA!!!! VARE VA….KYABATH …KYABATH…KYABATH…IM REALLY VERY VERY ANGRY…DONT KNOW HOW TO SCOLD THAT THREE BULLDOGS KO…PHIR BHI IM REALLY HAPPY THAT IM NOT BORN IN INDIA….EVERYTIME MONEY AND POLITIC SPEAKS..HATE IT ALSO….

    2. Nobody says:

      unbelievable hy Illusion , Shafeer ki performance much better than Neerav, he is jst handsome, or normal dancer, but i wanna see Neerav dance, is he perform like how shafeer did so FAR? i don’t thiNk so!

  22. virginie says:

    I cannot go to sleep before watching Raghav’s last performance at least 3 times… He is a mime too… So soothing.. So poetic… It fills me with bliss… This boy has magics in his dance…

    If Raghav is not in, I will stop watching DID!

    As per Shafeer and Neerav, both are very good, both have eagerly desired to be on the show since long… Both deserve to be there…

    I also think there should be 14 top contestants, not 13… That way, we would enjoy more the show and the pleasure would last more…

    1. esposa says:

      To my friend sumathi mogan
      1. Pre-planned show ? Sorry, no comments on that, I can’t say and don’t really want to say that this show is pre-planned cause I’m heartily attached with this show & also don’t want to hear this kind of shit, if it is pre-planned then I must say this is worst.
      2. What was the reason actually for eliminating shafeer ? Yes, you are right, I don’t think that shafeer should be eliminated that day, may be that was not his day. As I told earlier, I love shafeer, but when he dance I don’t feel much. It’s my opinion and may so many ppl think the same. Hope u understand.
      3. MJ band to the useless dancers ? sorry to say that, this statement cannot configured, Ramo awarded MJ band to the D’Sir (Geeta Ki Gang), Sidesh (Geeta Ki Gang), Mayuresh (Terence ki toli), Shakti Mohan (Teremce ki toli). So u cannot say this, sorry.
      By Performance wise, my rating is as under: -
      1. Sumit
      2. Neerav
      3. Ragav Aka Croc
      4. Shafeer
      5. Ridika
      6. Sahil
      7. Shena
      8. Hardik

    2. Nobody says:

      I Expect same from Mathunda, let wait & watch what happen in 18 Feb progrom

  23. virginie says:

    And why some people say that Raghav is in Terence’s Dance Academy? He was untrained before joining DID3, he just practiced 15 days his 1st performance for the auditions… He said he was dancing only since few months back and he learned the moves on his own watching TV, YouTube, without any training…

    How can we compare Raghav’s training with Neerav’s, who is working as an instructor since many years in Terence’s Dance Academy? (if I understood the Hindi well). That’s why Raghav has so much merit to be so good… And Shafeer too has a lot of merit to fight life that way and manage to be in DID3… Hope he will stay in…

    1. tina says:

      yes it is true both


      google their name, or see their FB profile. It is unfair that a country with 1 billion population, and so many auditioning in different cities, that in the end Terrence students gets to stay. Then what is teh point of all india audition??

      am junta like shafeer should be give chance.

      I do agree that Shafeer, Raghav and Neerav all 3 performed really well- but in that order, but Shafeer showed more versatility and level of difficulty, he definitely must stay

      1. esposa says:

        I do agree that Shafeer, Raghav and Neerav all 3 performed really well ?

        What, why, where ?????????

        Where is the real guy “SUMIT”. Have u seen the Bollywood and Robotic dance performed by the SUMIT, Wat the hell with u all guys, I don’t know the some ppl are just looking for their fvt. Candidates only not performance. All three Masters loved it, dada loved it, now wat, in wat way u think Shafeer raghav neerav etc deserved to be in place of SUMIT. Plz reply, thanks

        God what’s going on ?

        1. nazishk says:

          OK i don’t know on what basis you think Sumit deserves to be in the show and not raghav, shafeer or neerav. First of all, summit only performed twice throughout the whole show his Chote mian performance wasn’t even that good and about his robotic dance.. true it was good but he hasn’t shown versatility for viewers to choose him for top 13. As much as I am happy for neerav to be in i really wished Shafeer was back in the show because he really deserves it. He is not just an ok dancer he is brilliant in what he does if there is anyone who deserves to be in the show that’s him. Poor contestants like Piyali, Urvashi are still in the show when the versatile and more deserving dancers are out.
          So get your facts straight before you blame others for not going for summit, he is not as good as shafeer!

          1. sumathi mogan says:

            NAZIKH : NICE COMMENT YAAR..LOVE YOU…WO JUDGE KARENGGE PEOPLES WITH HEALTHY MIND ARE LESS NOW…YES that was really true that some ppl are just looking up and voting for their favourite contestants ko. only and left the good performing candidates ko….

          2. esposa says:

            To my dear friend nazishk
            1. On what basis you think Sumit deserves ? LOL, watch again his Bollywood and the robotic my friend. May be you are so attached with Shafeer but I must say SUMIT deserves more than Shafeer. No feel in Shafeer dance, however, i personally think that SUMIT has that feel. Thanks.
            In my opinion, by Performance wise, my rating is as under: -
            1. Sumit
            2. Neerav
            3. Ragav Aka Croc
            4. Shafeer
            5. Ridika
            6. Sahil
            7. Shena
            8. Hardik
            2. He (SUMIT) hasn’t shown versatility ? lol, hahaha are u nut, how many times he performed ? is he performed more than Shafeer ? and you think shafeer is versatile dance, on what basis, I think cause u know him (blood relation) lol, I think he performed more than SUMIT that’s y u said he is a versatilities dancer. Than let prayer for SUMIT / NEERAV to be the selected and see their versatility ? if I stick with one thing then how u will find other contestant versatility. Boom ??
            3. Ok dancer he is brilliant ? In my opinion he is really a ok performer dancer to bahut dur ki baat hai. Thanks
            4. Poor contestants like Piyali, Urvashi: Yes, I definitely agree on this and I also want to add Hardik’s name in poor dance list, I don’t he is also a good dance.
            5. So get your facts straight before you blame others for not going for summit, Sumit is more better than shafeer, thanks friend and enjoy future episodes.

        2. dancefan2012 says:

          If you see the performance wise rating that I have rated above, Sumit as number one in the list. There can only be 2 contestant who can come back and everyone wants their favorite to come back to the show. Is there any thing wrong with their wish? If Sumit is your favorite, please support him but you can not force others to accept what you like.
          My Favorites are Ragahav and Shafeer on the show and they will be as I like Ragahav’s Uniqueness and Shafeer’s hard work and dedication.

          1. sumathi mogan says:

            for last, was Shafeer’s hard work and dedication bring him up…no isn’t…we are not forcing some one to accept what we like…we are discussing the worse things that happening in DID…its unfair at all. answer me why shafeer eliminated…as u say his each performance was that good with grand SALUTE THREE TIMES from DADA..why he is not in the battle ground….? its really pre planned…

          2. esposa says:

            TO MY DEAR FRIEND dancefan2012
            Its not about forcing dear, here ppl commenting on contestant dear, I am just putting my views as ppl do here, thanks

  24. Fazee Perz says:

    Firstly the sh0w is fixed so we all just wasted our time by voting…….frm all surveys tht were conducted it clearly showed tht raghav n shafeer were the t0p 2 dancer to be ch0sen in the t0p 13 but only raghav made it……itz such a shame tht DID is being based on TRP n sick marketing strategies rather than talent…….anyways Shafeer has a long way to go n he’s already a star…..he’ll be successful……..its DID’s loss tht they don’t hv his talent there!!!! *****still h0ping by tht by s0me magic he gets called back***** love u shafee muthe :)

    1. esposa says:

      i don’t think shafeer is that good, i mean he is good, not he is not having that ‘X’ Factor like raghav : Sumit : Paul : etc, got it sir, hope u understand.

      1. Whackybanana says:

        X factor? Please explain what the heck is X factor according to you? Last time everybody said Dharmesh is so simple, comes from a poor background yet he dances so well. And Shakti was the sophisticated snob. Shafeer has been excellent in all his dances so far, the level of difficulty he has attempted in his dances have been very high and he has not put a foot wrong in any of his performances. Paul has just been surviving on his one hip hop performance in the kasauti, other than that he has been piss poor. And Sumit, he is good dancer. But he hasn’t done anything amazing to say the least. His chote miyan number has been done much better by Siddesh in season 2 and the robotic dance by Prince. It is nothing unique and we have seen better performances in the same genre. Shafeer was raw talent and he says his strong point is hip hop and we never even got to see that. I would have loved to see him in the show cos he could have pushed the other good dancers. Right now I don’t see Paul, Urvashi, Piyali and even Sumit winning the sunheri topi, pushing the other dancers or even giving a good performance. I would have preferred to have Shafeer/Riddhika/Sneha/Manju in their place.

        1. dancefan2012 says:

          Esposa, I do not agree with you. Shafeer is a good performer, maybe he did not impress you as he lacks communication. But Art is conveyed with their performance not through speech.

          1. esposa says:

            To my dear friend dancefan2012
            Esposa, I do not agree with you. Shafeer is a good performer, maybe he did not impress you as he lacks communication. But Art is conveyed with their performance not through speech.
            No no no no no no, its not about lacking of language, I tell you one thing, I always try to copy the style of Shafeer’s accent, I don’t know u believe or not, I like his dancing also, but but but I believe that nerave and sumit are the deserving candidates. Its my opinion, thanks and sorry if my comments hurt u sir.
            By Performance wise, my rating is as under: -
            1. Sumit
            2. Neerav
            3. Ragav Aka Croc
            4. Shafeer
            5. Ridika
            6. Sahil
            7. Shena
            8. Hardik

          2. esposa says:

            nerave : Neerav

        2. esposa says:

          First up all tell me what heck means sir ? I don’t get it. Sorry for that.
          Now about ‘X’ factor, I must say ‘X’ factor doesn’t mean smart or beautiful bla bla bla bla, neither I believe in this sir. In my terms, ‘X’ means suitability. If raghav is doing Slow motions, it’s his ‘X’ factor cause nobody can do that, but ppl can copy and do very good in this also, so its Raghav ‘X’ factor. Hope understand sir.
          2. About DID 2, lol, R u comparing so called Shafeer with The Dharmesh sir, what ? are u serious. May be u r nut. Ok, lets continue.
          3. He has not put a foot wrong ? ok, have u seen Sumit’s performance, Bollywood and the robotic ? it’s my big request to u plz take a look again and tell me where he put the wrong foot, sir its not about wrong food u dumbo, its all about the ‘X’ factor (once again ‘X’ factor: read para 1).
          4. Paul has just been surviving on his one hip hop performance ? once again I have to say : what ? Paul, now u r again comparing Shafeer with Paul, both are different kind of dancers. Both do different styles. Have u seen the Apsara Aali performance ? if not see it, if u have seen then plz see it again, thanks.
          5. Shafeer was raw talent ? lol, hahahahah, RAW, what is this ? if u want to see the hip hop kind of Shafeer do, plz come to Delhi I will so u in our gali, I am not joking sir, I will so u. hip hop ? hahahahah, what kind of hip hop shafeer do, anyone can do that kind of hip hop, nothing unique sir.
          6. My Performance wise rating is as under: -
          1. Sumit
          2. Neerav
          3. Ragav Aka Croc
          4. Shafeer
          5. Ridika
          6. Sahil
          7. Shena
          8. Hardik
          I am really happy and surprised with SUMIT’s performance, really great, he is the great surprise.

          1. nazishk says:

            lol… damn you are nuts!! First of all you keep getting back to us with your stupid comments than you ask whacky what the hell hack means and than you call him a dumbo… lol!!! You are obviously out of your mind and definitely don’t know how to judge true talent. Just coz summit performed Bollywood and Robotic you think he deserves to be in the show. Ok even if i agree with you, other people def don’t want Summit to be in neither do i, he is not good. And if you are seriously calling shafeer to be an ok dancer than you need some dance lessons yourself!! Or may be you just have a bad choice… now to further prove my point look at the polls kiddo.. summit is number 7 on the list way past Raghav and Shafeer. Now you can definitely like someone like summit but don’t tell others or argue with others to not like shafeer and raghav. Keep your opinions to yourself and grow up or at least talk like a grown up person. And trust me i would consider myself lucky if i had a blood relationship with shafeer but i am not but love him for his dance. Gracias and stop with your nonsense!!

          2. Whackybanana says:

            Ur definition of X factor is suitability to your own show, not DID 3. So I would encourage you to start your own show and name it X Factor for all I care.

            Secondly I did not compare Shafeer with Dharmesh, I just said that the whole poor background etc. worked for him in season 2 while Shakti received flak for being sophisticated.

            So according to you Sumit also has the X factor eh, which is again a vague term-”Suitability”. Like I mentioned before he has done the same things which we have seen in season 1 and 2 and at a level which has been surpassed before. Also unfortunately he has given just 2 performances and hence doesn’t weigh up to all the ones given by Shafeer. That is not his mistake, but definitely should be taken into consideration.

            And Paul has been surviving on one performance. I would encourage you to start reading better or getting a new pair of glasses cos I had mentioned “Kasauti” in my comment. So I have seen the “Apsara Ali” performance. But besides that he hasn’t given a good performance to date.

            And Shafeer has not done a hip hop number so far in DID 3, but he says that is his strong point in his bio in the DID 3 website. Judging him before he gives a performance in his forte is wrong.

            And your ratings are ur personal choice, I have nothing against it. But yes, my heart saddens when deserving candidates are shown the door while the undeserving candidates still remain. And I hate to break your bubble, but the show is rigged. Right from DID 3 we have seen the organizers rig the votes to maintain parity among the no: of candidates among the masters.

            Lastly, I would encourage you to read and comprehend things better before you respond. Please do it while you watch the show as well, cos I feel its cos of people like you who weigh up charisma to talent, the deserving candidates are being voted out. Thanks for your time. Cheers!

          3. esposa says:

            To my good friend Whackybanana
            Sorry, I can’t start, yaar wo to pehle hi start hai “X Factor”, sorry, and even if u like to be in my show, u couldn’t go and take part in this cause ‘X’ Factor, lol, hahahahahahahah.
            Poor ?, lol, poor, haahahahah do u know how poor he is ?, below garibi rekha or what ?, lol, hahahhahahahhh, BTF, he is in the DID3 cause of paulsan, got it, POOR, lol, hahadh making fool.
            If he is poor, he can do another job not mesti ki pathshala like dancing, lol, hahahahahaha
            Yes, everyone X Factor except SHAAFER, poor guy, hahah, happy.
            Sumit the same things which we have seen in season 1 and 2 ?
            Lol, I tell u one thing, what Sheffer did, I can show u in New Delhi in Red lights, lol, serials, delete lol word. Monkey dance.
            My fvt. Past and present
            DID 1 : i. Salman, ii. Sidesh, iii. Prince
            DID 2 : i. D’Sir, ii. Shakti, iii. Kunwar
            DID 3 : i. Pradeep, ii. Sanam, iii. Rajsmita
            If u have seen the “Apsara Ali” than no comments, remarkable performance and out of the world, I don’t miss a little beast bro, he is really good what he do.
            Shafeer has not done a hip hop number so far in DID 3 ? what, I don’t know, u really watch DID 3 or not, but bro better watch the top 18 fight dear, than u will feel how good he is in Hip Hop Section, lol, really average, accept jumping, really, see it before, DID ppl delete it, lol
            If couldn’t find plz let me know, I will upload, “upload” for u, seriously.

      2. nazishk says:

        lol … Do you even know what x factor means? I guess not… listen whoever you are DID is not a show for people with x factor. It’s a show for versatile dancers so keep your x factor to yourself. Paul, Summit definitely not have any x factor, they are ok dancers. Paul is still in coz of Mithun wrong decisions not bcoz he got some sort of X factor! You wana talk about X factor?? .. Shafeer who is so called ok dancer to you is actually very versatile, he proved himself in every dance form he has performed so far. And no words for Raghav coz his dance speaks for him.. Neerav worked hard not only for 2 months but for 10 years before performing in wild card entry. So stop with your x factor!!!

        1. esposa says:

          To my dear friend nazishk
          Lol, as I told ‘X’ does not mean style and beauty sir, and I think u are very much attached him not with the whole dance show, if u concerned about the dance show, u will never say this stupid think, thanks, and watch the further shafeer’s elevation episode, I tell u. and by the way shafeer is in my opinion is under training dancer. Look like learning and learn in whole life will not get much, lol, poor bunny guy. Shafeer, shhhhhhh. Bye dear.

          1. nazishk says:

            Ohh i am right you are a brat.. or you are stupid! One of those things and really stop with your nonsense. You don’t know a thing about dance you are just here to argue with people and waste their time. LOL in your opinion?? who cares about your opinion especially after reading your pathetic comments. Your comments make me laugh coz they are so full of it just like you. Now take a chill pill and stop arguing with us coz you are not gona get anywhere with it!!!!!

          2. dancefan2012 says:

            @ esposa,Your comments “by the way shafeer is in my opinion is under training dancer” under training dancer or under trained dancer? Please stop arguing as Nazishk mentioned above, everyone here are fans of Dance not just DID. You have less understanding on dance forms and you need to explore more before blogging.
            Hip-hop dance, any one the street now does hip-hop. If you have watched the DID3 auditions 70% of hip-hop dancers were not selected and the reason, we have watched enough of them on season 1 and 2 and it is not the only dance form available. Your X factor explanation was understood but not up to the mark that we would satisfy with it. Everyone has their own do’s and dont’s and please stop commenting unnecessarily on this blog. Rating a performer with just one performance and with a whole lot has difference. I liked Sumit’s performance but whats more, I still voted for Croc boy and Shafeer because they were my favorite and you cannot say that vote for Sumit as you liked his performance than others. Unfortunately Shafeer will not be in the show. Please stop unwanted fighting on the blog. We are here to discuss the performances on DID. Please express what you
            feel and let us express what we feel and no arguments on someone else’s liking and one final thing guys please do not get personal on anyone, we are all Dance fans in one or the other way.

        2. esposa says:

          don’t know how to judge true talent ? hahahaha
          Who are u, the Grand Mastro ? hahahahahaah, will u judge, who is best, hahahaha, real dumbo and if u really thing sumit just a ok dancer, than u should also take some dance classes (as u said to me also). And about my bad choice, if u writing this sentence that my choice is bad (i.e. Sumit) than u r a really a bad dance and bad dude dear. If u really respct dance u never these words u dumbo, cause I have never write these kind of words. The choice depends on person to person u dumbo, if I like raghav than I like him, don’t put ur legs, its my opinion and I have the rights to write comments on this. Thanks dumbo
          And bro talk like a gentlemen not like road side dude and please don’t compare yourself with any dance cause u don’t have anything like dancers.

  25. priyam says:

    Whatever Academy they belong to does’nt matter. Persomance only must be considered. I was hoping to see Sneha back. She is so talented and so strong. DID 3 is full of talented participants. Best of luck to all those who have not been selected. Keep dancing.

    1. virginie says:

      Agree with you, Priyam! Performance should matter… Sneha should not have been eliminated… She is really good… That was a wrong decision… one more…

  26. Fazee Perz says:

    I totally agree with Mr. Whacky…………..

  27. priyam says:

    Well, To conclude, I must say that Terrence has a very strong team as well as Remo. Geeta is left with a weak team. Her tricks worked against her. She lost very strong candidates like Shafeer. I am sure that the first one to go will be Urvashi. Poor Abhik, he is the only strong one in the team.

    I really wish to see Piyali perform a pure classical before she is out as she is the weakest in the team and might soon be voted out. We haven’t seen a nice classical this season.

    1. Whackybanana says:

      I agree with you priyam. Looks like Geeta won’t win this time as well. Unless an epic rigging of the votes happen. :)

      1. nazishk says:

        Agree with whacky… this season isn’t for her either. Her best contestants are out already except Abhik!

        1. dancefan2012 says:

          Stupendo fantabulously fantastical performances will be less sway this season. She would get a chance if she stops her drama skills on the show and romance scenes with Dada.

          1. nazishk says:

            lol… i couldn’t gave agreed more!! I know i am waiting for the day when she stop with her politics. I can’t stand her drama and politics in the show.

    2. Nobody says:

      Exactly, Now Geeta pay for it, but i felt that the whole game planned by DID & G. Master, no doubt Shafeer so FAR better than this Neerav, not because of jst dancing, but strongest thing in Shafeer, not Neerav, we already SAW Many WOW Factor Performances through Shafeer were so Excellent. i need he will be back in the show. he deserve it

      1. nazishk says:

        100% agree with you… the whole season is pre-planned. I feel bad for Shafeer though, i don’t know i feel like Mithun has something against south indian contestants. In DID 2, he was also not very keen with Kishore and this season it’s shafeer. I really wish for Mithun to go away and never come back to DID. I think DID will be much better without him. And i feel for shafeer i wish he could come back coz no doubt he deserves it.

        1. dancefan2012 says:

          Guys I thought they would not select 2 contestants from the same team in the Wild Card Entry as it would not tally the team members in each team. Any news on one more wild card entry this season, they should plan one more as Terrance would have to do lot of work than other masters. Could it be because Remo is busy with his movie that he can not spare more time for DID3?

          1. nazishk says:

            Ya that’s what i thought too but i guess not!! Terrance has 6 contestants now and to be honest Geeta doesn’t deserve any more contestants as she gambled her best ones. And it may be true that Remo is busy with her movie so can’t take more contestants.

  28. Fazee Perz says:

    Esp0sa open ur eyes 2 the facts dear…….I’ve been actively following 0l the DID c0ntestants………on Raghav’s page abt 1 m0nth bef0re the wild card perf0rmances actually t0ok place he inf0rmed his fans n frnz tht he’s back in DID….isn’t tht pre-planned?????
    Since Shafeer entered DID he has never tried 2 charm any one with his w0rds but he sh0wed his real talent……..he’s indeed versatile………y is it tht on the day tht he was ch0sen by Geeta Maa 2 d0 s0lo he was eliminated wen he received the best c0mments frm 0l 3 judges n grand master while Pradeep’s n Vaibhav’s s0lo perf0rmances were n0t praised by them 0l?
    Its because its a pre-planned sh0w……….its 0l abt TRP……Sanam, Raghav, Pradeep they r ol in demand by the viewers especially ladies because of their looks……..Urvashi has the looks but she d0esnt deserve 2 be there……
    When will true talent be appreciated instead of how the contestants look???
    Shafeer has had flawless perf0rmances thru out this seas0n but he’s n0t there………..

    1. Whackybanana says:

      Since you brought it up, VH1 airs a show called as “The Voice”. It’s a reality singing competition. They select the contestants based on their voice alone. Its an interesting concept. I dunno how we can implicate that in a dance show. But, I feel more than talent, DID has always been about TRP and drama. It is indeed a great platform for dancers, but nothing has changed in the show right from season 1 to 3, same rigging of votes to maintain parity among masters and promoting dancers who look good and can boost TRP with their drama and emotions. But I guess thats what appeals to a typical Indian viewer. no wonder the stupid and pointless saas-bahu serials are still in demand.

  29. Fazee Perz says:

    Als0 esp0sa fyi……..shafeer didn’t train at any of the master’s clg or sch0ol……he’s self taught n he is running his own dance school “dynamic her0es”………….y d0nt u just accept tht he’s a much better dancer than m0st of them remaining n st0p arguing on the same p0int………..ur getting b0ring :O

    1. esposa says:

      i am sorry to say but i don’t feel dear, wat i do, i really didn’t enjoyed Shafeer’s performance, he is power pack but not a all-rounder, sorry bro, wat can i say, its my opinion, i am not saying he is not a good dancer, not at all, but wat i feel is he couldn’t express and again it’s not about language or look, if yes, plz trun back and see the D’Sir, he doesn’t have the look and the English but he is one of the most popular guy in this industry and guys plzzz m not here to insult anyone or for argument, i just want to tell u that don’t flow with emotions or something else, once again shafeer is good dancer but …………… sorry.

  30. Fazee Perz says:

    Yes whacky……I agree wit u 100%……..Shafeer n Riddika were eliminated tht day because GKG had 0l six c0ntestants……..n yes the v0tes were rigged from 0l aspects…….but after w0t they did wit Shafeer I feel as if DID d0esnt deserve his talent!!!!!!!!! Its just my opinion!!!

  31. says:

    raghav is best………………………………………………….
    from everyone…………………………………………………..

  32. Subhash Ingle says:

    I want to watch the show live. Could anybody tell me what is the location of programme and what’s the procedure.

  33. rohit sharma says:

    guyes i want to download all songs which all did contestants using for perfomances help me

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