Dance India Dance Season 3 Finale 21st April

Dance India Dance Season 3 Finale 21st April

Search for India’s dancing star will soon come to an end. Will the winner be from Geeta Ki Gang, Terence Ki Toli or Remo Ke Rangeelay? We are about to find out in a couple of hours.

But before the curtain falls, Masters Remo, Terence and Geeta have planned a mega event that will enthrall avid fans. Dance India Dance Season 3 have a lineup of performances including hosts Saumya Tandon and Jay Bhanushali. All 15 contestants will also get a chance to perform one last time on stage.

Dance India Dance Finalists

Mohena Singh, 23
A princess of Rewa, she broke the rules when she joined Terence Lewis’ dance academy. Specialising in Bollywood dance for six years, she earlier participated in two DID seasons as a backup dancer.

Raghav Crocroaz, 20
Famous for his stage name Crockroaz, this Dehradun boy’s slow motion dance style had viewers applauding. He wants the world to ape his dance style and create new dance forms.

Pradeep Gurune, 24
Though he has no formal training, this dance teacher from Guwahati left home vowing to prove his mettle. He didn’t make it in DID’s first season, but just kept trying. Now, he’s one of the finalists.

Rajasmita Kar, 20
Excelling in hip hop, the lass from Bhubaneshwar has many creative pursuits, such as painting, singing, clay modelling and designer embroidery. Hailing from a modest background, she has been dancing since childhood.

Sanam Johar, 20
He has a passion for modern contemporary dance and has trained in ballet. This Delhi boy participated in DID for his mother, who wanted to see him on TV. He is studying for physics honours, though science comes second to dance.

According to the poll on our website, Raghav is leading with Rajismita on No.2 Let’s wait and watch who is going to get the title of Dance India Dance Winner.

Dance India Dance Season 3 Finale 21st April Highlights

Show Begins.

Jay and Saumya opened the show with a lovely performance.

Master Terence, Remo, Geeta and Grand Master Mithun on stage.

The winner will go home with a Suzuki Car.

Mohena, Sanam, Rajismita, Raghav and Pradeep performing on stage – Jhoom Brabar Jhoom.

Master Terence on stage with a guitar performing on Sada Haq.

Sanam Johar performing on Bachna Aye Haseeno and Singh is King

Master Geeta Kapoor performing on stage now.

Pradeep performing on stage Desi Boyz

Dance India Dance Season 3 Finale 21st April Videos part1

Dance India Dance Season 3 Finale 21st April Videos part2

Dance India Dance Season 3 Finale 21st April Videos part3

Dance India Dance Season 3 Finale 21st April Videos part4/h3>

Dance India Dance Season 3 Finale 21st April Videos part5

Dance India Dance Season 3 Finale 21st April Videos part6

Dance India Dance Season 3 Finale 21st April Videos part7

Dance India Dance Season 3 Finale 21st April Videos part8

Dance India Dance Season 3 Finale 21st April Videos part9

  • Fazee Perz

    Best of luck 2 ol…..may the best (w0)man win 😀


    Finale going boring lol..
    ajeeb sa lag raha hy yh Finale, :/

  • didfan

    No doubt this show is all fixed. Raghav in 3rd place, cant believe it.

    • charles jacob

      lol..u have to bilieve,,rajasmitha is far bettr thn raghav,,this is not a slow motion dance show

  • didfan

    Rajasmitha should get 1st place for doing gymnastics not dance and Pradeep deserves to be in 2nd position.

    • Born2dance

      Do you know what hardwork means or difference between gymnastics and dance?

  • didfan

    Raghav was in 1st postion so many weeks and how come now all of a sudden in 3rd position? They just wanted to make Geetha ma win.
    very bad.
    I lost all respect for DID.

    • Paras shah

      Yes You Are Absolutely Right……..

    • dancefan2012

      Mr Venki, with all due respect I like Croc boy but as a King of Slow motion not as a versatile dancer. There were others on the show who were versatile but not as good as Croc boy in Slow motion and Croc boy was not as good as them in other form of dance. with just one form of dance you cannot win a show which is based on versatility…

      Final Voting is not rigged, its the result of the votes casted through net and phone, Croc boy has good fan following that doesn’t mean others do not have, Rajasmita is from Orissa, also she has her own fan following and voters and you would have seen a number of great dancers from Orissa as well in past.

      Please stop your criticism and respect everyone’s hard-work and look forward for Croc Boy in DID Lil Master’s season 2…

      • Shamik Chanda

        Thnks dancefan2012.. Dat ws reqd… Ppl jus bcz dre fav ddnt win r calling ds shw fixed nd riggided… Dey r nva gonna undrstnd

        • virginie

          what people are never gonna understand? Are you saying that people other than you are idiots?

          • Shamik Chanda

            Yea…Some of dem who dont understnd d criteria of reality shows cn nva understnd…

    • charles jacob

      lol..u have to bilieve,,rajasmitha is far bettr thn raghav,,this is not a slow motion dance show,,raghav doesnt nt deserve the 1st place 4 sure

  • s4smart

    rajasmitha have won the grand finale

  • Paras shah

    Dance India Dance Finale Wiener Is Rajasmitha…


  • mishi bhatt

    buhatghalat huwa yeh cant beleive raghav 3rd par kaisay??
    DID nay yeh kiya result diya ..

  • didfan

    POOR INNOCENT RAGHAV. They brought him back to increase the TRP of the show, they used him and now gave him the 3rd position.
    who would watch DID with out Raghav.
    Raghav be careful in the future in your life. Dont let others take advantage of your talent.

    • Aamaal Naanah

      i total agree with u,now i believe DID is fixed and rigged,,well best of luck to raghav,i pray to dear LORD that he exel in the future(bcuz that dude is very talented nd a sweetheart)atleast pradeep came 2nd not 4th or 5th position,that can serve as a consolation prize for me.hola @virginie nd @amirah….well congrats DID,i wasnt shock,but am jst feeling sorry for RAGHAV,after all d TPR he brought for them..tnx

    • charles jacob

      nice..comedy..u start a competion and give raghav 1st place

  • croc thebest

    I specially registered on this site to say that i’m really disappointed with the result… Crocroax on 3rd position…!!! are you kiddin me…!!
    I always thought DID was the only fair reality show on indian television but today’s result was clearly fixed… How could raghav lose with such a huge fan following and moreover he has been leading in all the online polls…!!! I no longer see any point in watching the show ever again or voting cause your favourite contestant would never win unless it favours the producers of the show.. Lost all respect for DID today..

    And to the creators of the show: You lost a dedicated viewer today and if you don’t want to lose any more viewers stop manipulating the result of the voting and let the audience decide who they want to chose as their winner..

    A True Crocroax Fan
    (from Dehradun)

    • virginie

      I share your deception and your sadness, croc thebest :(

  • shahzada asjad

    that’s not fair i just signed Up here For roghv and Now HE is 3rd thats tottly unfair that guy got the higest voters Till the end of show now suddenly at 3rd thats totly bullshit not gone see this progrm ever LOSSERS and Rogiv BRO U ROCK ur life is not our yet We gone remember u till the end AND KEEP the GOOD WORK Going bro


    Decision has been taken by janta so much fair because rajasmitha deserve to win the show not only for gymnastic but also through her versatilty .

    And i also want tell one thing last few week niki consistently has been occupying top voting …not for first time….
    my request to did fan plz watch each and every contestant not only crocrox…………

    • charles jacob

      you r correct..thumps up..this is not a slow motion dance show

      • Shamik Chanda

        I agree charles.. Its a dance show…. Evry dancing star has a forte.. Lyk rajasmita is good in stunts and gymnastic, pradeep in acrobates, sanam in ballet, mohena in contempry and raghav in slow motion.. BUT DAT DOESNT MEAN HU JUS KEEP DOING DAT… Oll of dem hav excelld in oll d othr styles except raghav nd rajasmita ws d bst among dem and so she deserves d cap… Nothing fixed in dat…!!


    so After 2nd Season, 3rd season also done in the same manner ,

    at least Raghav got a Job in DID Production house along with Prince R Gupta :)

    whatever Zee did, after 2nd season, i don’t care at all, just enjoy the dance show & emotion ..

  • divyasnavi

    Okay,that’s it! I can’t take these comments! Once in for all, stop fighting over who should have won. Every one of them deserved to win. Just because the person you wanted didn’t win doesn’t mean the show was fixed! Think for a second, Rajasmita is good, Pradeep is good, Raghav is good, Mohena and Sanam are good! You guys can’t blame others for how the votes turned out, it’s all in fate. And so what if Rajasmita won and Raghav didn’t? Every one of them gained something from that show. They have fame, money and everything. Around the world I bet the best of the best choreographers want them now. One gold hat doesn’t take that away from what they have. And once in for all, just because you guys fight on here and blame DID or each other doesn’t mean anything’s going to change. What benefit do you have for criticizing others? It’s not like the winners will share their money or their trophy with you! Just stop blaming DID and the dancers for it. I still don’t get what you all have against Geeta ma that you guys think the show was fixed because someone from her team won. All of the 3 dance masters work so hard with their kids, even if Geeta ma didn’t win this year and was to win season 4 or 5 or 6 you guys would still blame that DID was fixed. Again, you guys don’t get any benefit out of it, so stop fighting and stop posting rude and criticizing comments!

  • shohab_shah

    It’s utterly disappointing that Rajasmita has won DID season 3 thus achieved the golden hat when clearly the deserving contestant was Raghav aka crockroax who’s totally an amazing dancer and has a unique + creative dance style which I am positive no one else has or has done upto this season! The DID is all FIXED and has always been which I realized today as in last two seasons (Remo) winning the first season and Terrence winning the 2nd season therefore mithun decided that Geeta should be a winner for this season (so it’s balanced off between masters) thus they didn’t give a shit about whatever janata voted for and totally ignored what they said so decided who they wanted to see as a winner which is just horrendous. I can assure that DID little master winner would be someone from raghavs team as in last season Dharmesh didnt win season 2 but jeetumoni won the season just to make up for the first loss. Wake up people they are playing games with us thinking we don’t know nothing but in actual fact we are the ones who’ve created such game!!! Although people said it’s all fixed in past two seasons I didn’t believe it cause it would be just unfair to predict as such but now it is clear enough to prove the fact. Did Little master is NOT FIXED as the decision made for them is not biased hence reveals a true winner!!!!!!!!XD

  • Shamik Chanda

    People getting crazyyyy… First of ollll…



    its superb and a fair decision nywys… C deserves it…. I dnt knw wat happpnd to olll d othr ppl… Y r we fighting among us…?? IS THAT GONNA CHANGE D DECISION…?? IS RAGHAV GOING TOOOO WIN….” NOOOOO ”

    dats not happening… If hadnt happpnd 4 dharmesh dn it wont happpn with raghav….. Some ppl ova here r saying RAGHAV HAS OLWAYS GOT MORE NO OF VOTES… WHO SAID??? HE HAD TOPPED 4 TYMS AND AFTR YESTERDAY RAJASMITA FOR 4 TYMS… SO ITS OLLL D WAY EQUALLL…. JUS BCZ RAJASMITA WINS PPL R CALLING DIS SHW FIXED

    tell me if raghav wud hav wil he cum to ol of urs house and share his money…. Noooo hw wont…

    Rather we shud b happpyyy dat olll of dem r starrsss… Dey r wrld famous….!!







    • virginie

      Rajasmita never has been equal in vote results to Raghav.

      Rajasmita only won 3 times before the finale and Raghav won 4 times, + Raghav won higher positions in total than Rajasmita:

      These are the real numbers:

      4 times NUMBER 1 = RAGHAV
      3 times NUMBER 1 = RAJASMITA

      2 times NUMBER 2 = RAGHAV
      2 times NUMBER 2 = RAJASMITA

      2 times NUMBER 3 = RAGHAV
      1 time NUMBER 3 = RAJASMITA

      0 times NUMBER 4 = RAGHAV
      1 time NUMBER 4 = MOHENA

      0 times NUMBER 5 = RAGHAV
      1 time NUMBER 5 = RAJASMITA

      Therefore it’s impossible that Raghav could have 11 laks less votes than Rajasmita, which is more or less the difference

      • virginie

        Copy-paste mistake. Just replace the name Mohena by Rajasmita, both won 1 time number 4.

    • Abhi Bapat

      I totally agree u @shamik shanda.. Geeta Maa had won after a long awaited time… n yes rajasmita deserves the victory……

  • abc 123

    What a finale..!!started in such an awesome way and ended in a disappointed way..firstly whole result declared altogether and not in parts..i was not even imagining show will end so soon..and biggest dissapointment…where was did viewer’s choice performance..????

    according to this result raghav won both in solo(for dubset)and duet(with sneha)..but the performances were not shown..i mean what the hell..!!if they weren’t planning to show it.y they made to vote us there…atleast they should had given raghav reward for this..but nothing was if they had forgotten about it…i was eagerly waiting for these performances but show came to an abrupt ending…really dissapointig..and then raghav being 3rd a cherry on that disappointment..!!

  • ferball

    I think they were all great dancers. I am happy for the winner of the show, but they are all winners even without the golden hat and car. All are winners and deserve our best wishes. Congrats for an awsome season.

  • Samairah Parveen

    This show is utterly disappointing , i am certain after this , the show will lose viewers !
    How could they have disappoint their viewers like this ?
    Please could someone explain how Raghav achieved 3rd position in the final , when he has constantly been No.1 and No.2 , and how has pradeep all of a sudden jumped to second place ?
    It would have been fair if Raghav at least achieved 2nd position but 3RD !? Cummon !
    This show is definetly fixed and a whole loada Bullsh*t !
    R.I.P DID !

  • shreya solanki

    i was also belive that did is one which fair reality show. but i think it is fixed after hearing that result. i am big fan of remo sir. mohena is better than rajshmita. but yes raghav deserve for tagdir ki topi of did3. i respected of did3 but now on word i think it is fixed show. miss you remo sir…. i am sorry to say but now i am not following that show.

  • alimurad_pu

    totally unfair to raghav and purely fixed show..raghav gran finale performance was out of this world..he rocked the show..Genuine taleny no comparison..I hate Did after grand finale result…!!!!

  • gautam sharma

    sir season 4 ke audition kab honge?and all the best for all top 13 finalist in future..

  • gautam sharma

    sir season 4 ke audition kab honge?and all the best for all top 13 finalist in future….gautam

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