Dance India Dance Season 3 8th April

Dance India Dance Season 3 8th April

Dance India Dance Season 3 8th April, After Master Terence Lewis it was turn for Geeta Kapoor to grace the stage and what beautiful performance from the master on the song In Aankhon Ki Masti Ke. *it’s a must watch*. Today’s theme was magic, After the duet performances today the final elimination will be held next weekend on 14th April and the Top 5 will go through to Dance India Dance Finale. Today Rajismita-Abhik and Sanam-Mohena won the performer of the day collectively.

This is your last chance to save your favorite contestant, Vote now and see them through to the Dance India Dance Season 3 Finale.

Dance India Dance 8th March Performances

Terence Ki Toli

Pradeep Gurune , Raghav Crocroaz and Neerav performed on the song Tere Payaar Ne

Pradeep Gurune , Raghav Crocroaz and Neerav performed on the song Sayoo Ne

Remo Ke Rangeeley

Sanam Johar and Mohena Singh performed on the song Maria Maria

Sanam Johar and Mohena Singh performed on the song Kal Yaad Aayenge Yeh Pal

Geeta Ki Gang

Rajasmita Kar and Abhik Banerjee performed on the song Jag Soona Soona Lage

Rajasmita Kar and Abhik Banerjee performed on the song Lo Aaj Main Kehta Hoon I Love You

Dance India Dance Season 3 8th April part1

Dance India Dance Season 3 8th April part2

Dance India Dance Season 3 8th April part3

Dance India Dance Season 3 8th April part4

Dance India Dance Season 3 8th April limelight

  • wawa


    • m.p Neha

      geetha ma aapka daance tho laajawab tha…!! aapke exprerssion se body ke saare movements thak bohaaauuuuth achhi thi.. Geetha ma aap bohoth emotional hearted he aur terrance sir very expressive. unke expressions both achhe hai..keeping this in mind me aapko ek request karna chahthi hu ki aap aur terrance sir togetherly workout karke ek dancer se ek song pe perfomance ko choreograph kijiye.aur wo song he Lukkha Chuppi from Rang de basanthi movie.. is song pe aap ek maa aur ek bete ke rishthe ko dikhasakthe hai..aur wo act bohoth achha niklega zaruuur.. plz plz is song pe ek performance dekhna chahthi hu…!!! dance mera passion he aur mujhe dancing bohoth pasand he aur jab me 4 saal ki thi thab se dance seekh rahi hun aur ab jab me 14 umar ki hu mujhe dance india dance pe aane ka bohoth shauk he aur me zaroor mere level best try karoongi ki mein aapke dil jeethloo….:) :)

  • Prerna Mehra

    Sanam mohena: very spunky first act! Thera was the only act that actually lived up to the magical theme of the day amongst the other two acts! Very sexy, suave, hot and stylish.

    Their romantic act was also very touching. It was emotional and romantically sweet. The lifts and dance were amazing. This week they both have outshone both in their individual n duet performances! They shud defo move to the finals!

    Abhik rajasmitha:
    I honestly cud not connect to the sad act. It was nice but it wasnt touching enuff for me to cry the way geeta was howling. To be very honest, imo. I think she just did it to hype her contestants.

    The mr. India act was sensual but did not live up to the theme.

    Pradeep sanam:
    The magic act imo was not synced in many places and raghav was just suppoting neerav n pradeep. He wasnt doing any magic tricks or dance. Even the sayonee dance was very average. Im really hoping he goes out in the next episode cuz the other 5 deserve a much more chance than he does! Atleast sanam mohena rajasmitha n pradeep defo r better dan raghav. I hope ppl n the show does justice to it. I as an audience am fed up of seein raghav n his hype. Id rather see sanam, pradeep perform dan watch ppl false praise raghav to prop him.

    Not bashing just saying what i feel is d truth

  • smith24

    I find Mohena so repetitive in her steps. Everytime she comes on stage she does the same dance steps.
    And not to forget her exessively over-required expressions and attitude.

    Even the masters joked that her expressions was very good when she was half bodied.

    And not to mention that she is so being hyped by dada. She and Sanam definitely did not deserve to get performance of the day today.
    Only abhik and rajasmita deserved it today. Thats my opinion.

    • virginie

      Your aim is to destroy Mohena in order to enhance Rajasmita? How sad. You come up here ONLY to talk bad about her. In yesterday’s show, all the masters praised her. According to you, the masters are all wrong. We all are all wrong.

      • smith24

        What is your problem?
        Shall i ask for your permission before expressing my opinion?

        I am not DESTROYING SOMEONE. I, as a dancer, am just expressing my opinion on the techniques of the dancers. I don’t care who is the winner.

        And if you were a little sensible, intelligent and mature, you would know that none of us are going to decide who will win DID by writing anything here. People are moved or they are not, we like a color or we don’t like it.
        Everyone has his own mind! You cannot influence your thought on me.

        So I, as a dancer, i write what i have feel . I am not moved by Mohena and I write it here.
        Besides its a clear fact that Mohena is being hyped by dada. The fact that she undeservedly got performance of the day proved it today.
        Even in today’s performance she was trying to be Shakti!!!!

        Like yesterday also, she copied all the steps that shakti did in “zindagi mein koi kabhi aaye na rabba” and “chachi 420″. But As i said earlier she cannot be shakti.

        And I think everyone knows mohena is excessively overexpressive. Even masters teased her on her expression today.
        Yes masters praised her yesterday because
        1) She is an ex student of master terrence who will hesitate to critisize her
        2) She is in master remo’s team who cannot critisize her
        3) Geeta maa rarely critisizes someone but notice that if mohena’s performance was so good as ud said, geeta would definitely hv said stupendo
        4) She is being hyped by dada just because she is the “princess”

        I maintain that Mohena is being hyped, that is tries to imitate and copy the steps of Shakti and that she is excessively overexpressive.
        Stop being a dictator! You cannot force me to like DRAMA QUEEN Mohena.

        I have freedom of speech and expression. I am not destroying Mohena nor influencing anybody.

        I write what i feel is right viriginie, Whether you agree or not

      • priyam

        I think that Mohena is very light on the feet and is a very graceful dance .

    • ibne batuta

      smith she is a good dancer, & We most people lik3 her.. that’s it.:p

      • smith24

        I know she is a good dancer.
        Everyone on did is good
        But in my opinion she does not deserve to be in top 5.
        N if lost ppl liked her, she would be number one voted
        THATS IT!

  • rajeev vatsal

    wot i xtremely feel is that rajsmita shld win d race of did..c not only is confident bt hav full grace, specularity n uniqueness in different forms of dance style bt is also very much competitive among d rest. raghav seems clumsy only wid his slw motion whch isnt gonna support him more,
    sanam and mohina are beatiful dancers n have full spport due to there huge fans..
    well not to forget abhik whose expressions n versatility is uncomparable to othrs.
    really its gonna be a tough fight . bt R@J$m!tA is d real winner!!!!!

  • dancefan2012

    Every pair performed 2 songs each. One was related to the Magic concept and the other was either Freestyle or Contemporary

    Sanam and Mohena

    Performance 1: Freestyle with Magic tricks – Good performance
    Performance 2: Contemporary with touch of Hip-Hop – This performance was better than the 1st one and had it romantic side of it.

    Abhik and Rajasmitha

    Performance 1: Bollywood freestyle with Magic tricks – Good performance
    Performance 2: Contemporary – Touching and much better than the other performance

    Neerav, Pradeep and Raghav
    Performance 1: Freestyle with Magic Tricks – Funny act and had good magic tricks than other performances done today
    Performance 2: Contemporary – I felt it was an average performance compared to all the performances done today.

    Special Performance by Master Geeta was the highlight, she did Mujra and the expression were too good, well Mujra is associated with Kathak so no wonder it was good performance.

    So guys got to know the surprise,
    This season it will be Top 5 in the finals and not Top 4

    We have to wait and see, if Dada uses his Veto to push all 6 to the finals or will he use it for something else or waste the VETO power given to him this season without using it.

    Look forward for the next exciting week….

    • virginie

      Yeap, I got surprised to see it will be top 5… and the show will end earlier, else how come the Lil Masters could start in this month only?

      I feel it’s too difficult to decide who should stay and who should go, they are all 6 so good…

      • priyam

        Yeah, they are all so good, But for me Pradeep is the best.

        It is going to be very hard to see one of them eliminated as the remaining 6 really deserve to be here and are all very strong.

        • virginie

          Absolutely agree with you, dear Priyam, they are all very strong :)

    • tina

      so dance2012,

      I guess the surprise(in true sense) ended for all ardent did3 and dance fans with abhik being out and that Mithunda still did not use veto only proves the fact that he continued to ‘shock’ us instead of surprising us…needless to say worst/most biased/rigged did among all the 3 dids

      please excuse my language but you can see why I am saying this…((

      all of us knew and masters told repeatedly that abhik was really versatile and the dark horse and the sole good, universal versatile dancers left in the show were were Raj, Prdeep and abhik

  • Prince Abbas

    How come we never see Raghav do any ballroom dance/salsa?

    • virginie

      LOL, in Terence’s team, they are all men!

      • ibne batuta

        so what virginie lol,
        if a master Terence teach him, he can do for sure haha

        • virginie

          LOL you are funny :)

          • ibne batuta

            Thanks :))

  • ibne batuta

    well i tell you guys, what happend in this session,

    Mr Mathunda uncle did by forced Eliminate to Shafeer that Day, while Vabhav performance not upto the Mark, that day Vabhav deserve to Go, but Mathunda choose the Wrong decision , while he know well what class dancer Shafeer has, but he choose Shafeer over Vabhav. that is the BIG, Big So Biased decision in this 3rd Session by G.Master, Other!!!

    what i am going to say, Read Carefully Friends…

    Shafeer deserve to WIN this session, but Mathunda Eliminate him in the beginning episode, so he clear the way for Rajasmita, (remember i am not jealous with Rajasmita, i also lik3 her), but Honestly Mathunda did a Big biased decision in that particular day, & this is what i Remember till the session EN. :/

    • tina

      could agree more buddy…I think all true dID and dance fan knows this…and next big mistake was to bring neerav in , in place of shafeer

      • ibne batuta

        Ofcourse Tina, Neerav already has a job in production house, and i hate neerav for this. jo power pack performances shafeer ne dia, i didn’t see k kisi or contestant ne dia ho. huh.

    • esposa

      I agree with ibne batuta except Shafeer will win the show, sorry, but by sure he will not even reach to top six, it’s my opinion. Shafeer was a good dancer in this season but not excellent like Mohena, Rajasmitha, Pradeep and Raghav. However, in my opinion by Performance wise, my ratings for top three is as under: –

      1. Pradeep (Versatile Dancer, he can do anything for real)

      2. Rajasmitha (Real Dancer and hard work)

      3. Raghav (very unique dancer with X-Factor)

  • virginie

    Today’s performances were all very good, flawless, very good magic tricks, no more heavy props :)

    SANAM+MOHENA = Such nice costumes. What an ideal dancing pair… Loads of chemistry, sexiness, so much grace, excellent sync, beautiful lifts, everything was there… I really enjoyed the perfect dancing couple and the tricks.
    All the Masters said the same thing: SOOO BEAUTIFUL!

    RAJASMITA+ABHIK = Some very nice lifts. It was nice to see Rajasmita perform this week emotional performances. Expressions were there. Abhik was very good too.
    The Masters said: “If Rajasmita is a dark horse, Abhik is also a dark horse”

    RAGHAV+PRADEEP+NEERAV = Very good tricks, very good sync, very good expressions. It is much more difficult to be in sync in a trio than in a duet… Thus their work was commendable.
    None of them failed once. Neerav was outstanding… If only he would have performed like this earlier… I liked the energy Raghav had put in his performances. Pradeep was good as usual and too cute.

    What I liked the most today, was the limelight on Terence’s daily routine and his house (previously we saw Remo’s routine and house).
    I really loved Terence’s house. He is a true artist, so creative! He uses “ordinary” objects and he transforms them as artwork. Conceptual art, Very practical. I loved his reading sofa-library!!! :) What an excellent taste he has! I never saw a house so special like his. I loved the guest’s toilet too with the chair! lol…
    Above all, he is a nice human being, giving happiness to all. Pranams, Terence!

    The limelight is a must see!

    • ibne batuta

      no doubt he is nice human being, per house takreeban full tha, as he said k he wish his house free of stuff but that can’t happen .

    • virginie

      Ooops, I forgot Geeta Ma, she is really GRACEFUL and FEMININE. A treat to watch.

      • ibne batuta

        lol Geeta Maa Sy acha tu me ko Song laga 😉
        well she done well, but I Njoy Most Song 😀 .. that’s what i feel i share it :s …

        ab moti bhi tu buhat ho gae hy Geeta Ma 😀

      • priyam

        The magical moment for me was geeta Maa’s performance. It was beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. she was so graceful and beautiful to watch.

        I was also very happy to see Rajasmita in Sari. Now, she looked really feminine and really beautiful.
        She gave nice expressions this week.

        Pradeep is always great, cute and his expressions are mindblowing.

  • ibne batuta

    Raghav FAN’s Listen all, this time Geeta Aunty contestant gonna win 3rd session,
    but yeah, might, Might be (but not sure lol), Raghav got runner up, mean 2nd position, but i am seeing Raghav at 3rd or 4th, i didn’t see tonight show, except sanam & mohena 2nd performance along with Abhik rajasmita Mr India song, & last Trio performance, I like very much Sanam mohena performance, while Abhik & Rajasmita performance just Ok not Spark in their performance, coz I Expect Fast move, but they perform slow :/, Last Trio also superb performance, but i Expect the whole “Saiyoni” song, that wasn’t done by Terrence sahib :/

    full song hota tu or acha act ho jata Terence Sir kA :D.

    tell me Friends?
    can this time 5th contestant go for Finale? i mean, can DID change some Rules in this 3rd session?, coz i heard something from JAY.

  • divyasnavi

    Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.
    Think before you criticize these dancing stars everyone. Just because they make dancing look so easy doesn’t give us a right to criticize them. I feel like every single one of them deserve to be DID number one dancing stars. They get literally 3 days to memorize the dance and then performing them. Imagine how much pressure they are under. And then here we are in our own world, criticizing them. I don’t think any of us have a right to discuss about what they do well or don’t to well.
    I’m not bashing on anyone, nor am I trying to intentionally hurt anyone. I’m just saying before we criticize others we should know what it feels like to be in their position.

    • ibne batuta

      Sahee Bola,
      Acha naaaa. bas theek hy :p

    • priyam

      Very well said.

      To ibne batuta
      Nice to hear from you this season

  • Shariek Gasieta


  • tina

    Sanam -Mohena-Mohena dance reminded me that we missed Sneha k so much..she did this type so well…nevertheless they made a very good attempt. I know Raj does not give much expression but I have to get over Mohena’s over expression.

    Abhik-Rajamita=Rajasmita expression improved quite a lot in one week, for those who had complaints,Abhik gives very correct expression in all his dances I feel these two are the strongest now. again good dance, many new steps, good expression by both and strong performance.THEY BOTH ARE TRULY DARK HORSE

    neerav-raghav-pradeep -awsome joker magic act, again face painted so everybodys expression was ice and neerav did well for a change.very entertaining.

    Sanam-Mohena-very nice dance, Sanam was blank and emotionless while delivering the dialogues, so Mohena was better than Sanam, a little less acting by Mohena when his own master Remo praise would actually make her look more gracefull

    Abhik-Rajasmita-leap of faith was awsome, however due to light off, expression was not visible and it could have been a more romantic and less magical

    raghav-neerav-pradeep=awsome, could feel their trance. I just felt raghav should work a bit on hands.

    perfomance of the day acc to me
    1.abik rajasmita old age emotional act
    2. raghav-neerav-pradeep = trance act saoni

  • priya sharma

    geeta ma u r realy a super dance women u r a dancing super star for me ur kya dance kiya apne sach me ap ki nazro ne to mardala

  • riti patnaik

    I loved this episode….It had dance and entertainment…thanks to all the magic acts.

    both the performances were gud..mohina was not loud which was a relief…thnx for NO OVER THE TOP OVEREXPRESSIONS..In other forums too people have posted about the MOHINAMANIACAL that is going on in DID..(courtesy mohinas maniac acts and masters praising it)I TOO FEEL THE SAME…well all is well that ends well.. sanam and mohina danced very well today and i loved it.

    the magic act was nice but the sayoni act i felt was ok.pradeep really stands out in these trio acts because of his clean moves and energy.

    i liked both the performances….rajasmita and abhik had the right amount of emotions and clean gud powerful moves in the 1st act.EXCEPTIONALLY WELL PERFORMED.
    In the 2nd act rajasmita started with a bit of extra force but abhik and rajasmita are BRILLIANT dancers…so i loved it.

    geeta ma was enchanting…i loved her performance and especially the way she WINKED…hats off to geeta ma for those out of the world expressions.

    my top 4 for sure are

  • Kashmiri kadam

    I loved Abhik and Rajasmita’s both the performance.
    Jag Soona Soona Lage – Song was very emotional and I almost cried.

    Lo Aaj Main Kehta Hoon I Love You – Song was very magical. There nothing which lack in both the performance.

    There was emotion, love, passion, romance and magic. Truely Magical.
    Mr. India song was one of the best song in DID-3 according to me (Leap of Faith jump was breath taking).

    They both truely deserve to be in final. I hope Abhik gets vote and get through to the Finals.

    Kudos to both!!!!!

  • fab nac

    Remo is an unfair judge. His “thats what I call a performance” is always for his own contestants.

    • smith24

      Totally agree.
      Even if drama queen mohena gives a bad dance with steps copied from shakti in DID2. Remo still called t “thats what i call a performance”

      When other contestants do better acts, he stays quiet.
      He knows very much how to hype his contestants

      Even about the MJ band, he does the same thing.

      Well that is his choice, we cannot change anything
      But its true that it is very dishonest and unfair

    • priyam

      well said. This is really not fair

      • priyam

        Sorry- I replied to Fab Nac

    • HostMaama

      Absolutely agree with you.

  • priya sharma

    I loved the performance sanam gave…none of them can dance ballroom dances like he does…I hope he comes in the finale..

  • ibne batuta

    hmm Abhik miss u,
    Rajasmita got 1st Rank

  • esposa

    To priya sharma

    Mam, just think, as mohina has been voted more than sanam by the ppl & Mohina will snatch this opportunity from Sanam.

    Sorry Priya

  • nazishk

    I wanted to post my comment yesterday but for some reason this website wasn’t working for me properly. Anyways so i watched the episode and it was going well until Mithun asked his lady to dance with him… I puked right then and there.. for real no kidding!! I closed my eyes shut and waited for the pathetic romance to be over with. I was really irritated by him.. I don’t know how long we will have to put up with him. And no offense to anyone but Geeta should use her dance talent to work on her health it’s not good for her mentally and physically unless she has some medical condition I don’t know about. Her performance was nice though!!!

    As of performances… the best performances were given by Abhik and Rajsmita for me. I loved both of their acts they rocked it but feel bad for Abhik as he got eliminated :( He should have stayed….in my opinion he is better than Sanam.
    Mohena and Sanam were also good… but i really want Rajsmita to win this season she truly deserves it. And Thank God Mohena didn’t cry again.. In girls Rajsmita was the best for me.
    In guys everyone did a decent job… but loved the trio act from Terrance’s team and also liked Abhik’s performance.

  • nazishk

    And i noticed one more thing… Remo never gives “that’s what i call a performance” to other team contestants. He always gives it to his team.. which is really not good. And disagreed with Mithun when he said Judges always give honest and good comments to all the contestants in Remo’s case that’s not true. Apparently he thinks his team deserves it only even if their performance is average. Remo don’t be biased… appreciate and respect other contestants as well!!

    • priyam

      I completely agree with you. Even Geeta is more realistic in giving comments now. I really appreciate her effort.

    • HostMaama

      nazishk, I 100% agree with you.

  • joe

    I read so many different comments which is interesting in itself, but
    when you are focused on someone from the beginning it is hard to see the wonderful talents of others. so many things have to be taken into
    considertation, the songs, the different styles of dancing , etc.
    come on guys they are all very good in what they are doing, keep on
    enjoying the show and hope your lucky dancer will win.

    • virginie

      absolutely agree with you, Joe!

  • Priya Kalea

    just heared the news – Abhik is out! What a pity, considering he was such a capable young dancer.

  • priyam

    If I have to rank the top 6 it would be

    Crocs (Love you Raghav as you are unique, but you still have to learn a lot and I am sure that one day you are going to be very famous)

    I am really sorry for Abhik as for me he was one of the best. Anyway, Abhik is very talented and has a very bright future.So, best of luck and keep smiling as you are so sweet Abhik)

  • Krishna Nayak

    Pradeep is awesome, very versatile… Wonder, how he does it all…

    I dont hate or have any personal grudge against Raghav… but yaar, I dont think he is versatile enough to win.. He has a long way to go in being a true DID winner. If he wins, I know why he would.. People should get over their craze for this guy. He is fabulous in what he is best. But in other forms, I havent seen his best..

    Mohena and Sanam are good… They both have some great lines when they dance… Of Sanam, for me his best performance was the audition one on the song from the movie Aisha… Love Mohena for her body language when she dances.. great attitude.. When not dancing she overreacts… aa.. she needs to stop.

    Abhik and Rajasmita… I love em yaar… They are so good when dancing together.. Abhiks expressions are great.. And Rajasmita, I am in love with her.. She is really working hard.. She might win… She is a dark horse to look out. There is variety in her dance routines and she dares to do the hardest. Yet she smiles and melts u.. She is my personal favorite..

    Among the top 6 I really admire all of em… Raghav yaar, do something different and dont get stuck with ur own style only.. All da best.

  • Shariek Gasieta

    Hey ,can anybody tell me how to vote dancing superstars to the finals + the code

  • suresh babu sekharan

    It is quite saddening to hear if Abhik is out coz he is of course a better performer than Raghav who is not verstile like others in the super six. According to me Rajsmitha, Pradeep, Sanam, Mohina and Abhik are to be ranked in order on the grounds of talent and grace.
    If Jantha’s decision is the only criteria for the judgement the masters and the performers’ skills are a sheer energy waste. Grand Master should consider Performance first and jantha’s voting should be only a support system for a good performer.

    As for Remo’s opinion is concerned, yes, even I felt he is very biased for his team members and being skimpy to appreciate other team members. Grow up Remo master.

  • suresh babu sekharan



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