Dance India Dance Season 3 4th March Videos

Dance India Dance Season 3 4th March Videos

Dance India Dance Season 3 4th March was a Duet Dance Special. Some very nice performances today and some of them weere average. Do let us know which one you liked the best and Do not forget to vote for your favorite contestants by clicking on Vote Now button, remember the voting closes Monday Morning. Act fast. Today’s performer of the day was awarded to Paul and Rajismita.
One thing i was very happy to see in the limelight. Punit and Kruti are assisting Remo D’souza. This is indeed very good trend that masters actually take care of the contestants who deserve to be in the industry.

Dance India Dance 4th March Performances

Terence Ki Toli

Neerav and Piyali Saha performed on the song Choo Ke Bole Na Choo Na Mujhe

Pradeep Gurune and Varun Kumar performed on the song Behney De

Raghav Crocroaz and Sneha Gupta performed Kitni Baatein Yaad Ati Hein

Remo Ke Rangeeley

Sanam Johar and Vaibhav Ghuge performed a nice drama

Mohena Singh and Vaibhav Ghuge performed on Ab to Aadat Si Hai Mujhko

Geeta Ki Gang

Abhik Banerjee and Rajasmita Kar performed Tu Jahan Mein Wahan

Rajasmita Kar and Paul Marshal performed on Pass Aao Na

Dance India Dance Season 3 4th March part1

Dance India Dance Season 3 4th March part2

Dance India Dance Season 3 4th March part3

Dance India Dance Season 3 4th March limelight

  • virginie

    Well, today I was a bit disappointed with the performances…

    The only performances that really caught my eye and my heart were the 3 ones choreographed by TERENCE… Sorry Remo, Terence out passed you… And Geeta missed it completely today (well, that’s my opinion

    Raghav and Sneha: Very convincing performance, very nice concept of Terence, very cute performance. I like to see Raghav doing what he does best as he is truly amazing and seeing him perform his own moves is so soothing, I can’t explain why but it gives me peace and a very nice feeling, since his 1st performance… Besides, it was nice to see Croc boy romantic for once 😉 the chemistry was so present that I wander if they are not romantic outside the stage too… Just kidding! Lol! (Anyway, it’s not my business;) ) Seriously, I truly enjoyed this performance. Sneha is just getting better and better. She is such a strong dancer that deserves to be part of the top 4… I will be very very angry on DID if next week she is again on red zone or worse, eliminated! Grrrrr……

    Piyali and Neerav: For once, this was a spectacular performance of Neerav, thanks to the choreography of Terence, truly beautiful and aesthetic, very eye pleasing, and a dramatic end… Was it a spiderweb with a spider and it’s pray? It seemed that to me…

    Pradeep and Varun: Here again Terence created a very nice choreography, the use of a sand box was a new element to DID… And the dance style too (contact work)… Very pleasing and aesthetic too, thanks to the great performers. Well, Pradeep is already established as a very strong and very determined dancer, and it’s paying off! What a beautiful execution of Pradeep with Varun! How unhappy to see Varun going! It’s really unfair… Mithun da, everyone is asking you to use your veto power to get Varun back to the show. Please do it…

    After them, in my ranking comes Remo’s choreography with Mohena and Vaibhav, nice concept and nice execution, especially Mohena with her nice balance and trust on Vaibhav… Many beautiful moments… Mohena is also confirmed as a very strong dancer.

    Besides these 4 performances, to me, the other 3 were FLAT BORING, sorry to say that, but I really got bored, :( mostly due to a repetitive and déjà vu choreography which did not enhanced the dancers.

    So there were Abhik and Rajasmita: they seemed to have put a mask with a smile, such a stiff smile, fake attitude, lack of coordination between both, clumsy performance due to the really unpleasant prop and an entangled choreography.

    Vaibhav and Sanam: what a disappointment with Sanam… But the choreography did not help… Making remixes of old movies does not always work, especially because the taste is different now.. So I found their performance very boring too, not moving, way too much talking and almost no dancing, it only got interesting when the music finally started… but it did not last…

    Paul and Rajasmita… What to say? Paul does not convey feelings , besides the choreography was so repetitive, they kept on sliding on that prop during all the performance… Sooooo boring!! Absolutely undeserved “kia bat” and “most desired performance of the day”… Again a misjudgment of Mithun da! How is it possible that he bypassed today’s innovative and breath-taking choreographies of Terence???

    Thanks Terence for such beautiful choreographies… Please keep that high level and work hard on our Croc boy! We want him on top 4 till the Grand Finale! We want beautiful innovative choreographies :)

    • ppmsia

      how many places are there for grand finale….3 or 4?

      • dancefan2012

        Its Top 4

        • ppmsia

          thank god…i tot it was 3 lol….hope, rajasmita, mohena, sanam and pradeep will make it to grand finale (assuming varun is not going to be called back via veto power)

    • alimurad_pu

      i agree with u..

    • samecute

      Dear vieginie i agree with you.Thanx for the detailed review, infact its a nice feeling that one more person thinks the same way you do it.

      • virginie

        Ya indeed it is, dear samecute! :)

    • vijay jha

      thnx for the part 2 video quality was not gud and i am still waiting for a good quality video..can u plz upload it…

    • DID fan

      Boring performance/…. Bring back VARUNNNN KUMARRRRRRRRRR..
      Dada..plzz use ur veto power.. Guys lets shoot a mail to “” . this is the id where everyone mailed for croc boy.

    • vanity fair

      Raghav ko ekehi style mein dekhna mushkil hai…koi bhi song ho woh wahi steps karletha hai..

  • dancefan2012

    Admin thank you for the upload, but you have to correct the above post. It was Abhik and Rajasmitha not Abhik and Paul in Tu Jahan Mein Wahan performance.

    • Admin

      Thanx and fixed.

      have you checked your email yet ?

      @ virginie : Have you ?

      • virginie

        @ admin, yeap, thanks, I got the mail of the videos at 2:33 am… (watched them on TV), wanted to share my views so waited till I saw them :)

        • Admin

          You should have another one from me. Check spam folder.

          • dancefan2012

            I have send a reply

  • dancefan2012

    Neerav and Piyali – Good performance but the steps were not very clear due to the prop, the final portion was executed beautifully

    Pradeep and Varun – Superbly performed

    Croc Boy and Sneha G – Cute act and very beautifully done. I was happy to see Croc boy coordinating with Sneha, there were some miscoordination but overall it was very good

    Sanam and Vaibhav – Sync issues were there, but superb concept

    Mohena and Vaibhav – Average performance, the prop did not go very well with the dance and lots of repeated steps

    Rajsmitha and Abhik – Very Nice performance

    Rajasmita and Paul – Very difficult prop but Rajasmitha did better than Paul. Paul might escape the elimination next week because of this duet

    All the performances were great, each pair were as good as the other, do not want to rate today’s performance as everyone did great job, hopefully they do their Solo as good as the Duet.

  • virginie

    Dear admin, I also liked the limelight, Remo is a genuine and simple guy who cares for his ex-team members, I really liked how he took all of us with him, nice to see that part of him too :)

  • ppmsia

    hmmm just wondering…..i tot only those who are from india can vote…but if i were to vote online and i put one of the indian cities as my location when i sign up as new member, would they still know that im not from india?

    • dancefan2012

      The IP address of the machine will give away.

      • ppmsia

        :( thanks

        • dancefan2012

          But I do not think that the voting is making any difference though as channel is taking the final decision, thats what I assume after seeing the elimination so far.

  • nazishk

    I didn’t like today’s episode as much as i liked yesterday one. I thought the strongest performances today were given by Raghav & Sneha, Varun & Pradeep, and Rajismita and Paul. They all did an awesome job, yes there were mistakes but they were excellent.
    The other performances were ok…. I didn’t like Abhik’s performance he was really weak and struggling to dance on the bench.
    Vaibhav and Mohena were ok, i didn’t like the whole rope thing.
    Piyali and Neerav were ok once again… I didn’t like the concept.
    I wasn’t able to watch Sanam and Vaibhav’s performance coz of the video quality but i am sure they were average as well.

    Over all i am disappointed by this season, DID has lost its charm. It’s not as exciting as season 1 & 2.. may be coz season 3 started off with a lot of mistakes a lot of wrong decisions have been given. I just can’t wait for DID lil master season 2… i am looking forward to it and I hope mithun isn’t the grand judge for the show.
    Good luck to everyone and I hope Raghav keeps giving rocking performances so i stay tuned and keep watching future episodes.

    • dancefan2012

      Stay tunned as there are loads of surprise coming in next few weeks…….Don’t want to give away, just stay tunned!!!!!!!

      • virginie

        what surprises? :) good ones?

  • Mehnaaz

    I really enjoyed this week’s limelight!!

    • dancefan2012

      Loads of fact came to light through limelight……..

  • Fazee Perz

    **damn I hate time difference!!!! Now saw DID in the West Indies!

    1) Mohena n Vaibhav….I actually liked this act……I think this pr0p was vry difficult n any one mistake would hv messed up the entire act….agreed wit the judges it was timely c0nnected however at the end vaibhav’s fo0t was n0t straight…..but well done…..

    2) Abhik n Rajasmita… was a grt perf0rmance…….nice w0rk wit the pr0p but I think Abhik’s facial expression was n0t 2 befitting…..despite the few mistakes it was still beautiful….

    3) Cr0ckyyy n Sneha G……vry g0od perf0rmance….nice 2 see Raghav’s r0mantic side :) vry vry well d0ne! Awes0me choreography master Terence….I h0pe Sneha G d0esnt get in the red z0ne nxt wk!

    4) Nirav n Piyali…..go0d j0b! Grt ch0reography h0wever I think it was a little unattached n agreed wit Geeta maa n Rem0 sir it was visually appeasing….

    5) Vaibhav n Sanam…….this was supp0se 2 be a reflecti0n act??? Not in sync wit each other… was a t0tal disaster! Rem0 sir plz be impartial! This act didn’t deserve “n0w thts w0t I call a perf0rmance!”

    6) Rajasmita n Paul……awes0me perf0rmance!!! Rightfully awarded “m0st desired perf0rmance of the day”…..the em0tions, m0od chemistry n especially the ice pr0p!!!! Grt j0b Geeta ma n well executed Nandu n Paul! *p0or jay……I give u a grand salute okie ;)*

    7) Pradeep n Varun….grt perf0rmance! New c0ncept…..well choreographed n executed! Will miss u Varun! Pradeep ur grt!

    All in all…awes0me perf0rmances! The masters did grt wit their choreography! Its difficult 2 say wh0 should be eliminated but once again I think Terence’s team will be targeted………anyways g0od luck 2 them ol!

    • dancefan2012

      Piyali will be target next week, as she is in the list and even Remo hinted….

      • Fazee Perz

        yea i agree wit u……its c0nfirmed tht its a girl….my sources say tht its indeed piyali……

  • tina

    My verdict
    1.Mohina-baibhav-new concept of strech band, but they were so fast, missed the crispness and flawless-ness had Shafeer-Riddhika had performed the same number.( I cant help but miss S-R- hey were mature, very stable, composed, very soulful in their performance). Mohina-Vaibhav had no expression on their face and it felt like they are going one step to the other robotically w/o any emotions, as if they were bound and wanting their performance to end soon.

    2.Avik-Raj=usually I like avik, although sweet performance, Avik was off balance at many places, Rajasmita was stronger compared to Avik. Again Had it been Shafeer-Riddhika, I would have enjoyed this performance more.

    3.Sneha G-Raghav= awwww very sweet soul touching performance. AGAIN IT WOULD BE WRONG IF SNEHA GETS ELIMINATED NEXT WEEK AND RAGHAV STAYS BACK , COZ SNEHA REALLY GAVE GOOD PERFORMANCE BACK TO BACK , and AT THE SAME TIME SHE WAS IN RED SEAT 2 CONSEC TIMES. lets pray she doesnt get eliminated next week. If she does then I will say Mithunda us taking Bribe from Mohina’s parents to keep solo female strong dancer.

    4.Neerav-Piyali= man… get this neerav out , I just watched first 5 sec, pls notice guys Piyali being a girl make stronger and higher aerial lifts than Neerav.

    5.Vaibhav-Sanam= could not watch vdo properly due to tech error, but I am sure it was not the best perfomance.

    6.Paul-Rajasmita- ok did any of you notice this Paul always has some hero attitude and he always has to wink, but i liked their perf best.

    7.varoon-pradeep=very nice prefom by both. Varun wrongly eliminated

  • Ayan Pal

    For me the best performances were of that of Paul & Rajasmita (extremely difficult and uncomfortable prop used, great choice of song, very well choreographed and executed), Raghav and Sneha (excellent coordination and great chemistry, performed in the right ‘frame’ of mind, beautiful steps), and that of Piyali and Neerav (aesthetically wow, thematically beautiful, very well choreographed as well as performed). The other performances were not as good. I personally did not like the sandbox act of Pradeep and Varun. In fact Pradeep was dissapointing in his solo on Saturday as well. If he ends up once again in the top 3, it will be mostly because of the usually huge voting from NE. Same goes for Sanam. His jodi performance was not good at all. Maybe it’s not his fault that the choreography was done a day back, but that just cannot be an excuse. Sanam will probably be in the top 3 once again, but this time more because of his looks and personality than his dance (at least this week, he has given great performances before).If Sneha gets into the bottom 3 once again, it will simply be because she is in Terrence’s team as well as the fact that she always has a strange expression on her face (its her braces guys! She is NOT jealous/insecure abt someone elses’s performance). Abhik may have dissapointed in his jodi performance with Rajasmita, but was gantastic in his solo and deserves a better ranking this time. Now I can’t understand why ppl are after Piyali’s life. Her Katthak solo, Bullish group dance with varun, and spidery moves this week should ensure she stays. I personally feel Neerav, Vaibhav, and Paul should grace the bottom 3 instead of a more deserving girl like Piyali and Sneha. I say Paul becoz in spite of a great dual, his solo was week and he was absent last week. I hereby rest my case.

    • tina

      really like how you analyse…couldnt agree more w you.

      Piyali has definitely improved and I agree she should stay longer than Vaibhav, Neerav and Paul. I just felt that more deserving candidates – Riddhika and Sneha K had to leave early instead of Urvashi and Piyali.
      Piyali initially was bad but with guidence she has improved a lot, so we see her good perf NOW, had it been Riddhika or Sneha in her place, we would have seen much much better performance and a good DID overall.

      Agree Raj-Paul and Sneha-Raghav were top 2 performers and none of them were even worthy of DID standard. Still I dont like Paul simply because he is getting some undue favor this time. Last two DID if you didnot perform, you by default would be in red zone – so why exception this time? DID always invent rules midway difficult to apprehend by am junta – they have never been transparent. Moreover Paul always have ‘already a hero’ like expression on his face.

      I feel Sneha G, Avik, and pradeep are truly innocent dancers who are really working hard – others are not that hard working or think great abt themselves. Just like we felt that DID2 were more innocent and acted as a group than DID1.

  • Amy Marques

    I think Paul and Smita did a very good performance.

    Honestly feel Neerav has been over rated by most of them. I do not see him performing other style better. And the same with Sanam. Do you guys really think that performance was outstanding for Remo’s comments?

    • dancefan2012

      Remo praised Sanam and Vibhav as he himself said that the choreography was set in a day.

      What was he doing for the whole week? He just has set 3 solo’s and 2 duet every week, I think he and Geeta can do far better job than Terrance.

  • aangelguna

    Admin, thank you for uploading but when I download and watched it unable to view the video’s clearly.
    Dear admin, please do something about it.
    Thank you.


    Raghav+Sneha G
    Paul+Rajasmita &
    Sanam+Vabhav drama acting dance, was Entertaining act.

    the rest of just Okay 4 me, Saturday Episode were far better.

    • Admin

      We missed you mate :)

      • JIN_BABA

        i try to come, but every time when i click on login option, it’s show Ip access problem :/ , i understand, what happen.. but i don’t mind.

    • dancefan2012

      Is Paul duet going to save him from elimination next week?

      • JIN_BABA

        ya he save this week,
        but in future programs he also going out from the show.

    • mnegi

      Yes, Sneha…. Out standing

  • tina

    Jin Baba
    welcome back, liked your comments in DID2, why so late in DID3, so who acct to you will get eliminated next week?

    I want Neerav, Paul or Vaibhav to be out and dont want Sneha g to be out

    And who are your fav ( currently and also those that got eliminated)

    • JIN_BABA

      thanks Tina for liking my comments, i also lik3 your comments too, bcoz it’s very familiar with my comments :) ..

      well i am very busy these day, no much time for comments here.
      well Piyali might eliminate this week,

      LoL same wish here Tina.. i also didn’t found spark in Paul/Neerav & Vabhav anymore, they should leave ASAP,

      well my favorite was & in recent dancer now are.
      in recent dancer .. Sneha je / Mohena & Rajasmita..

      Crockroz is Unique 😀 .. Simply Awesome Style Dancer.

      • JIN_BABA

        Paradeep also good :p

        • virginie

          agree with you jin_baba…

  • dancefan2012

    Voting on this site is less. Is there a reason guys?

  • raj shetty

    all were ok this week
    paul and raj were best deserved performenc of day

    bottom 3 will be vaibhav neerav and sneha
    sneha doesn deserve to b in bottom

  • Haresh swain

    yo……gud perfomnce by raghav n sneha g……..n also rajasmita n paul…….

  • mnegi

    Sneha is wow…….. An Outstanding Item Dancer in Making……. I can bet…

    WOW……… I wish him all the best and a real CHAMP

  • Admin

    Videos fixed.


    Incredible .. really, what a Performance By Raghav in tonight Show.. i was thinking that the tonight Abhiv & Rajasmita performance were cool, but when Raghav Come & do perform… O My … Awesome, Ohhh… Amazing RAghav… Maza Aa Gaya Yar. Great Great… Performance in Tonight Show… Love You Raghav. For Very touching & Lovable Performance For Public,… Hit Hay BaaP HIT Raghavvv All The WAYYY Big smile

    Sneha G Very HAwttt Performance.

    in tonight show, i lik3 most Raghav / Sneha G & Neerav Performances,
    remain also good with their level best.

    Abhik / Rajasmia / Mohena Very Good attempt,
    Sanam / Paradeep & Piyali, Good performances
    Vabhave / Paul Just Ok performance.
    specially did good job.

    • dancefan2012

      I think you forgot Pradeep……..
      Neerav again an average and no upto mark performance…
      Paul and Rajasmita – Out of Sync performances…

      Yes Raghav was amazing but Pradeep stole the day for me…

      I will wait for the video upload for rest of the comments as its not right to upload comments on the wrong blog.

  • dancefan2012

    I am waiting to upload my comments. Admin, when is the video getting uploaded………

    As I thought Piyali is out!!!!!

  • vanity fair

    Hey Admin…you people are little bit late in uploading the videos…others are a bit faster…I prefer your site to watch …hope you will be doing it much faster…:)


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