Dance India Dance Season 3 4th February *Maha Episode*

Dance India Dance Season 3 4th February *Maha Episode*

Dance India Dance Season 3 04th February had a double episode. Top 12 Contestants performed in the beginning on the song Rockstar and Contestants gave tribute to Masters in their own styles during the episode. Remo’s wife Lizel came on stage while Remo blushed. Show sponsor suzuki announced 3 lakh cash prize for the performer of the series which will be announced at the end of the show. Vaibhav and Mohena won performer of the day.

In the elimination episode, Urvashi Gandhi and Paul Marshal were selected by Geeta Kapoor. Remo S’souza nominated Sanam Johar and Lipsa Acharya. Terence Lewis nominated Piyali and Pradeep. Lipsa Acharya was the one who was eliminated today. No one from the boys eliminated today so we are left with 11 contestants and 2 more to come through wild card next week.

Next week for the Wild Card round there are 12 contestants in line. Manju, Hardik, Sneha, Chotu, Riddhika, Shafeer, Neerav, Narendra, Rohit, Kalaiarsan, Sahil and Sumit. Oh wait Did i forget to tell you that RAGHAV CROCKROAXZ is back in the wild card race. It’s going to be a really tough competition. Let’s who are the lucky 2 contestants to come back in DID Season 3.

Dance India Dance 4th February Performances

Remo Ke Rangeeley

Sanam Johar and Lipsa Acharya‘s performance was dedicated to Jay and Saumya.

Vaibhav Ghuge and Mohena Singh performed Tiger Dance dedicated to Geeta and Terence.

Sanam Johar performed on the song AKS.

Lipsa Acharya performed an Ariel Contemporary

Geeta Ki Gang

Paul Marshal and Urvashi Gandhiperformed on Pehli Nazar Mein tributed to Remo D’souza.

Abhik Banerjee and Rajasmita Kar performed Ariel Contemporary on Bol Na Halke Halke dedicated to Ternce Lewis.

Paul Marshal performed on Aankhon Ki Gustakhian.

Urvashi Gandhi performed on the song Sheila Ki Jawani.

Terence Ki Toli

Sneha Gupta and Piyali Saha performed on the song Mein Hoon Na, it was dedicated to Farah Khan and Geeta Kapoor.

Pradeep Gurune and Varun Kumar performed a tribute to Mithun Chakraborty and Jay with the song Bhaag Bhaag DK Bose.

Piyali Saha performed Bollywood Style on the song Jawani Jalti Jaye.

Pradeep Gurune performed Hip Hop on the song Mere Jeevan Saathi

Dance India Dance Season 3 4th February part1

Dance India Dance Season 3 4th February part2

Dance India Dance Season 3 4th February part3

Dance India Dance Season 3 4th February part4

Dance India Dance Season 3 4th February part5

Dance India Dance Season 3 4th February part6

  • nay2in

    thank u admin

    • smittal

      LINE..BCOZ ALREADY THERE ARE 12 CONTESTANTS IN WILD CARD – Manju, Hardik, Sneha, Chotu, Riddhika, Shafeer, Neerav, Narendra, Rohit, Kalaiarsan, Sahil and Sumit…THN IS RAGHAV THE 13TH ONE??…

      • aham

        yup 13th n will in top 15 <3

    • smittal

      wohhh….he is back….raghav crokrox…nw its time to see did3….dont let him go nw yaaron….dabaa ke vote kerna at the wild card to get him back in the show and make this mithun da even more realize tht wat a blunder decision he took earlier bt gettng him out of d show….

      • R45

        i knew it his gona cum to the wild cards entry.
        and he ill get selected das 4 sure.
        finger x

    • smittal

      Dont let Raghav go nw yaaron….dabaa ke vote kerna at the wild card to get him back in the show and make this mithun da even more realize tht wat a blunder decision he took earlier bt gettng him out of d show….

  • dancefan2012

    * 5 Stars for bringing CrocRoaz back for the Wild Card entry.
    * Duet’s were average
    * Solo boys were awesome
    * Solo girls were average
    * Lipsa took challenge to do something other than her forte but she had to pay price for it. At-least she did something different, which other 2 girl contestant did not.
    * First time in this season Dada took the right decision to keep all 3 guys who came for faceoff and biggest surprise that made me really happy is bringing back CrocRoaz to the show. Hope he gets into top 13 as this year its top 13 not top 12.

    Admin nice job in uploading the video fast this week, but it messed up the quality of the video. Hope you will upload the better one soon.

    • JIN_BABA

      but she did quite well with awesome Energy , but what Urvashi & Piyali did, not impress at all, jst Piyali was Ok, Urvashi very avarage performance in Solo act, she should be Eliminate not Lipsa :@

      If she not coming through Wild Card, so all blame goes on Mathunda, he take a wrong decision in this 3rd Session

      • dheeraja

        i agreee.. personally thought that urvashi was the weakest link.. very very average performance

        • Veloshani Manicum

          I strongly agree that urvashie should have been eliminated. her dancing was really bad this week. Lipsa had much more energy and tried something different.

          • JIN_BABA

            1st Episode me hi Eliminate Deserve thi, but Mathunda :@ didn’t take action :@

      • Lv2dance

        Disagree with you. Urvashi’s did a great performance. She has the umph to dance and is a versatile dance, compared to Piyali and Lipsa. Lipsa is not good in popping and Piyali can’t do popping either as well Urvashi. Urvashi has always been selected by Geeta and always has gone back due to her great performances, unlike Remo who seems to be hiding Mohena, who has only done one solo performance. Urvashi you Rock!!

  • Admin

    Well It was actually bad satellite signal. Will fix the corrupt parts tomorrow.


    So Finally Crockroz are BAck In the Dance Show, nice to see his WB Entry, but what Mathunda did in this 3rd Session, i really Hate it, it’s really spoil the 3rd session, i really Annoying 😐 , all the Strong Dancer Eliminate by Mathunda :@, that’s really Hurt to see in this 3rd Session, i felt after today Lipsa Eliminate, she will back in the Show through Wild Card, also Radikha from GKG , don’t know other’s Contestant, but i want Shafeer will back again the Show Throw WC. 😐

  • bnpat

    Crockroz…You are welcome….Good Decision by DADA

  • dheeraja

    good to hear that Crockroz is back… does anybody else feels that Paul’s dance was a piece of Dharmesh Sirs choreography ? the style and props interesting usage reminded me of dharmesh sir…
    also i thought Varun should have been selected from boys instead of Pradeep.. terrence intentionally saved varun from getting eliminated…

    • dancequeen25

      Agreed…..I really think that might have been dharmesh sirs choreography…….I think he helps geeta ma a lot in the hip hop pieces…..even I was wondering y terrence put Pradeep in stead of varun…..good thot!!!

      • dancefan2012

        Yes the moves were close to Dharmesh Sir but can not be compared with his moves. Dharmesh Sir is outstanding performer and entertainer.

    • mohit red

      raghav is special for us.

  • nazishk

    Thanks Admin… love watching the videos here!!


    1st Performance sweet & cute, both girl look & attempt so nice, over all good performance,

    2nd Sanam & Lipsa, very Cute performance, ya kch area me synchronizing weak gae, but daikh k acha laga, both contestant ko different act me:)

    3rd performance dedicate to Remo & her wife, i didn’t connect so well , just Ok Performance for me, ab itni bhi ziada dhamal nahi thi :|,

    4th performance, nice Tiger costume, nice tiger actions specially beginning act, & what was that in this act? lol they WIN most desire Award :p

    5th Performance, Abhive & Rajasmita, Lovely perform by both contestant, very difficult choreography attempt by both, strong contestant.

    6th performance, Varun & pradeep, nice & Jolly act, difficult but doing good by both contestant. Lovely.

    LoL Bechara JAY ki tu laga de puri in logo ne :) , Bechara

    Ufff Crocroze ENTRY.. Awesome.. awww.. he is in Terrence Team :S rather than in Remo Team 😐

    Rest of the Solo Performance, well all performed well in Boys,
    i don’t know what is going on in this 3rd Session? Y they don’t take Challenges act ?? Even Lipsa did that, & perform very well, just wow.
    but Unfortunately G.Master did again a BIG Mistake to Eliminate Strong dancer continue. :/

    Y Urvashi still in the SHOW? she do weak solo performer in the show, & today her both performance not up-to the Mark.

    Y Mathunda Y, you save Urvashi ? :@
    did you guys notice? every contestant Encourage her :’( feel really BAD for LIPSA.. Hate This :@

    • dancequeen25

      I could always imagine crocroaxz in GKG or RKR but not TKT…….it seems wrong or not exactly rite…..

    • Nikita Sood

      Disagree with you whoever you are. Urvashi is a fantastic, versatile dancer. It is very obvious that Grandmaster can see that, maybe you cannot see it. See has done several dance performance and has out done each of her performances.

      Lipsa is a good dancer. but no so good in popping.

      I don’t see why Piyali is stil on the show, she is good only in classical dancing. I think Piyali should have gone.

      Urvashi you Rock the show!! Love all your performances!! I know you belong up on top!!

      • JIN_BABA

        Nikita Sood, this is Dance show, not Beauty Contest which Urvashi participate 😐 , she have jst good looks & some dance move, she is fine dancer, but not upto the those mark which is Required in this DANCE show, don’t know what is the Relations btw Urvashi+Mathunda :@, Lipsa is more than that, Urvashi didn’t do those dance form which Lipsa perform very well.

        Urvashi jald hi Eliminate hogi.

        • utkarsh mahajan

          Urvashi was the weakest performer. It’s high time they make a right decision. It’s not a beauty pageant. Just because she is good looking doesn’t mean you will keep her in the show. I totally agree with you JIN_BABA

        • Lv2dance

          sorry to disappoint you both. Maybe you both think this is a beauty pageant show, as I didnt think it is a beauty pageant show. It doesn’t matter what you all think anyways. You are not the judges.
          Besides your comments make no sense at all, base on why you think Urvashi is a weak dancer.
          Urvashi I repeat is a versatile dancer, better than Lipsa, thats why Lipsa is not in the top 13. Lipsa is good at what she does, but can’t perform all styles well like Urvashi can.
          Urvashi is beautiful and has the umph for dancing which i guess Lipsa, piyali don’t.
          We will see who gets eleminated. Its not Urvashi…sorry to disappoint u two.

  • evleena

    oh yes cockroach IS BACKKKKKK 😀 yeye! m so happy 😀

  • srilesh

    Can someone enlighten me why Lipsa was eliminated and not Urvashi ? Are they counting on looks over performance to better the TRP ?

    Very distraught over the eliminations.

    Shafeer and Lipsa. Not fair at all

    • priyam

      really not fair. Urvashi is the weakest.

      • Nikita Sood

        Disagree with you too..Urvashi was not the weakest at all. She belongs where she is!! and I’m confident she will be in the top!

      • utkarsh mahajan

        Urvashi is not even close to good. She need to learn more. It’s not about looks. It’s about dance. Wrong decisions have become a part of this show.

        • dancefan2012

          Urvashi’s forte is Balle and Ballroom dance. Dancers who are trained on Balle or Ballroom will have issues getting into contemporary and other dance forms and they cannot do the Indian dance forms very well. Urvashi sure need to take lot of training on other forms, if she needs to be in the DID. My hunch is that she will be the first to go out in the elimination by voting.

          • Lv2dance


  • dancequeen25

    I’m so grateful that crocroaz is back!!!!!! Since the wild card entry is dependent on the jantha crocroaz shud come back since he is so popular!!!!!! I think it was unfair to keep the boys n eliminate the girls just for the reason that all of the girls performances were average but they were on par with each other…….. But then again the girls performances were weak!!!!!! Anyway I’m just happy crocroaz is back!!!!!!! Yippeeeeeeeeee!!!! First right decision made by dada this season!!!!!!

  • Ramesh

    Good to see Sneha Kapoor back on show

  • Shamith Mukundan

    Bad Decision again by Mithunda…
    Urvashi should have been eliminated not lipsa…

    hope Shafeer makes it to the top 15…. Best of luck Shafeer.

    • Nikita Sood

      Disagree with you too. Piyali should have gone..Lipsa is gone for a reason. Urvashi belongs up in the top 10 and has proved herself well! Mohena has only done one solo performance and no seems to have noticed that. Remo is keeping her for the end. Atleast Geeta hasn’t done that, she has repeatedly has given Urvashi to prove herself until Remo. What are you hiding Mohena for Remo..

  • jasmine11

    As a lot of you have noted above, I agree that Urvashi is the weakest dancer on the show. I strongly feel that she should have been eliminated.. in the first elimination round (instead of Manju). That would have had changed how all the following eliminations happened… for the better. In any case, Urvashi should have definitely been eliminated instead of Lipsa!!! All she did was run/walk around the stage. And her starting, middle, and ending dance steps were the same. Whereas Lipsa attempted something difficult and performed decently. Urvashi would not have been able to do even one of the steps from Lipsa’s dance decently. I don’t understand why the show is keeping Urvashi in. I hope she is the first to go though public voting. No offense to her, am speaking from the dance ability, performance and fairness perspective.
    On another note, I wonder what Geeta would have said if the number performed by Urvashi was done by someone else – “blah blah blah.. it’s too simple.. all you did was walk around the stage.. blah blah blah..” Geeta is not creative at all!!! She repeats her concepts, dance moves, everything. And plus, her unfairness and politicalness in judging and her drama are quite off-putting!

    • Nikita Sood

      Urvashi’s dance was not as simple as it looks, If you think you can do it, why don’t you try it. Easier to be a critic. Urvashi belongs in the top 10. She gave an excellent performance! You rock Urvashi

    • utkarsh mahajan

      Can’t agree more with jasmine11. Urvashi needs to be out if the show is fair. It’s not about looks. Height of unfair judgment. They shouldn’t eliminate strong dancers like that.

      • priyam

        I just hope that she is the first one the Public votes out. Feel sorry for Sneha, Lipsa and Shafeer who are much stronger than her. I think that Sneha was very strong among the girls.

    • dancefan2012

      Geeta needs to read more books or perhaps take training sessions from Shekar Suman

      • jasmine11

        Right ho! She indeed does. 😛

  • rizwan

    Crockroz is back Now This Decision Is Good

  • Dance ka baap

    Lipsa & shafeer elimination ..both faltu decions taken by DaDA.. any how shafeer is the strong dancer who has potential to win show.. i guess sooo :-) :-)

    • dancefan2012

      Agreed, they are one few of the DID 3 contestants who are versatile and they deserved to be in the show.

  • Dance ka baap

    shafeer & sneha might get in thru wild carD ..:-) hopes are high for these talent’s

    • dancefan2012

      I doubt that the host (Sony TV) will let Sneha in, as she already has attended Jhalak and IGT shows on other televisions. Shafeer has 80% of chance to get back in.

    • priyam

      I really hope so as well

  • Dance ka baap

    Admin.. any idea if chat room is enabled this season.. :-)

    • Mayuresh More

      He friendzzz muje eske videos download karne hai kase kuru plz bato

  • Admin

    @Dance ka baap : No plans so far but you never know :)

    Videos have been fixed now. /Enjoy

    • Nirvair Gill

      hello sir mujhe ek chance milega ka dance me kuch kr k dikhane ka…??


    i cannot understand what kind of judment Mithun Daa doing unrvashi is not very good dancer as lipsa but still again very beautifull dancer out of the game and only beautifull girl Urvashi is again in the game thats totaly unsatisfied result…….like when sneha kapoor was out of the game and Urvashi was in the game dont do that Mithun Daa

    • Lv2dance

      Good Decision by Grandmaster to keep Urvashi on as she has repeated proved herself well.

  • nazishk

    Hmmm Well i am happy to see Raghav back i hope he will make it to Top 13. And as of elimination i really think Urvashi should have been eliminated….Lipsa had been doing good over all… Either Urvashi needs to improve A LOT or she should get eliminated…. I wish all the other contestants all the best for rest of the season!!!

    • Lv2dance

      Urvashi is in the top 13 for a reason, not only is she beautiful, she has outdone herself in each of her performances. Hip Hip Hurray Urvashi..You go girl!

  • Nitish P.M.

    what the hell is it.. DID is an dance competition not a beauty contest, why the hell they taking Urwashi ahead when many of much better dancer have got eliminated, completely wrong..

    • Lv2dance

      Urvashi is not only beautiful but and excellent dancer, everyone has room for improvement and so has she, outdone herself through each performance. You go Urvashi!

  • Pranav anand

    hey which was the song in the tiger dance….time when light turns red ….i mean the last track of the tiger dance….juzz gimme the name of the track..

  • Nirvair Gill

    hellllllllooooooooooo sir mujhe v participate krna hai dance me plzzzz me wait kruga aap k rply ki tthnnnnnnnnnnnnnnxxxxxxxxxxxx soo muchhhhhhhh/………

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