Dance India Dance Season 3 25th February

Dance India Dance Season 3 25th February

DID Season 3 25th February, Saroj Khan was on the set today to support her student Abhik. According to the public voting Raghav Crocroaz was at the first place while Varun, Sneha and Urvashi were at bottom 3. Paul Marshal did not perform today as he was not well. Today’s theme was household items and all the contestants performed with props related to household. After Top 12 performances it was announced that Urvashi Gandhi has the lowest votes and has beeen eliminated from DID Season 3.

Dance India Dance 25th February Performances

Terence Ki Toli

Neerav performed on the song Kya Karoon Soye Soye Se Koi

Piyali Saha performed on the song Kabhi Neem Neem

Raghav Crocroaz performed on Saali Khushi

Pradeep Gurune performed on the song Behka Mein

Varun Kumar performed on the song Kabse Usko Dhoondta Hoon

Sneha Gupta on the song Iktara

Remo Ke Rangeeley

Sanam Johar performed on the song Ruk Ja O Dil Deewane

Mohena Singh performed on the song Chikni Chameli

Vaibhav Ghuge performed on the song Arey Yaaro Mere Pyaro

Geeta Ki Gang

Rajasmita Kar performed on Gun Gun Guna Yeh Gana

Abhik Banerjee performed on the song Tera Hi Karam

Urvashi Gandhi performed on the song My Dil Goes

Dance India Dance Season 3 25th February part1

Dance India Dance Season 3 25th February part2

Dance India Dance Season 3 25th February part3

Dance India Dance Season 3 25th February part4

Dance India Dance Season 3 25th February part5

  • dancefan2012

    Admin thank you for the upload

    • virginie

      yes admin, thanks for the timely videos and the timely breaks too :)

  • dancefan2012

    Below are my views, well lets not fight this week. Its only my views, you can share yours. I will very much respect them provided you have judged the contestant based on their today’s performance

    * Pradeep – Awesome Performance
    * Sanam – Messed up in few places
    * Monhina – Good Performance
    * Piyali – Average Performance
    * CrocBoy – Good but not impressive but then again it was funny
    * Rajsmitha – Strong performance
    * Abhik – Powerful performance
    * Vaibhav – Good Performance
    * Neerav – Good Performance
    * Varun – Good and Emotional Performance
    * Sneha G – Good performance – But why is she not changing the hair
    style? Terrance*****
    * Paul – Did not perform due to sickness
    * Uravashi – I believe that was her best solo so far in the show but too late now.

    My rating according to today’s performance wise

    1 – Pradeep
    2 – Abhik
    3 – Varun
    4 – Sneha G
    5 – Rajsmitha
    6 – Monhina
    7 – Neerav
    8 – Croc Boy
    9 – Vaibhav
    10 – Sanam
    11 – Piyali

    Paul did not perform and Urvashi out of the show, so no rating for them

    It was really power packed with the prop round today as expected from the masters’ and contestants, the real competition starts now.

    Will wait for Ball Room special – Tomorrow’s episode

    • virginie

      ohhhh i did not like the prop theme… at all…

      Still, I found Mohena outstanding and Abhik surprisingly strong, both are surprise packages, though Mohena has stolen the show for me…

      Raghav was good, and I think Terence did very well keeping him at what he does best, his unique style, which no one can imitate (though they try pitifully)… I think his innocence and cool spirit has won the hearts of the people too…

      I loved Sneha’s performance, the end was fantastic.

      Poor Neerav, that almira was really not fit for the performance, so unstable, he kept on closing the doors, and the choreography was too simple…

      My God, Terence has to work DOUBLE than Geeta and Remo! I hope he will be able to devote as much time as them in each of his 6 team members, because Remo is going full speed…

      Poor Urvashi, though I agree with you that today was her best performance, she can go and iron at home now…

      My preferred performances, those of: (not in that particular order)
      Raghav, Sanam, Pradeep, Mohena and Abhik

    • virginie

      I also appreciated that Geeta almost only highlighted the good points in the contestants of her co-judges team members :)


      i realy like the performance of pradeep n sneha g

      • dancefan2012

        Pradeep was really good today but Sneha did not give a flawless performance, but I really appreciate the fact that she attempted something new and did really good job, would have been better with different hair style.

  • virginie

    The quality of the performances is definitely better this season than the past season, i did not hear any judge pointing out that the performance was not clean, that the feet have to point in such direction, that they should place the feet confidently and not keep moving it.. Except to Urvashi… Last season the judges kept on pointing at mistakes that Season 3 contestants are not making, I guess they learned from the mistakes of the previous season…

  • me.yummy

    In this episode, Pradeep and Sneha did a fab job. Raghav, too, was very good but I want to see him do some other style. Ditto for Abhik. He again did contemporary. He did wonderful hip hop in the elimination round and I’m sure he has it in him to do some thing different and do it well. Mohena did a decent job but it could have been better. Neerav and Rajyasmitha were decent, too. The other performances were average for me.

    And, and well done junta…we did what Mithun did not do! Urvashi makes an exit today. She gave her best performance till date, though.

    • virginie

      In the ballroom, Raghav will show some other style…

      But why to ask him to perform so well in all styles? Do we ask all the others to have a unique style and creativity (which is the trademark of an artist)?

      • me.yummy

        Well, he can always incorporate his unique style and creativity in some other form like contemporary. Terence will have to work on this. :)

      • dancefan2012

        Virginie, This show is about versatility and we want it to be that way. Just with one dance form, a person can not become a choreographer. We love his unique style no doubt about that but we want to see him performing other styles as well. In today’s performance he has repeated lots of steps which he has used in earlier performances, it would be good to watch if he is not repeating the steps again and again in every performance, yes there were some new steps and he is so unique that in every performance, he slips at-least once, which he need to be careful with, if you watch today’s performance, he was about to hit the prop given to him that might end up in a disaster.

        • virginie

          Dear Dancefan2012, you left me confused… What is the aim of DID? To find future choreographers or talented dancers?

          • dancefan2012

            Talented Dancers come to dance competition with AIM of becoming choreographer in future. What is the use of showing talent only on
            one stage, what is next? How long can your uniqueness last? You need to achieve more when you become popular else your popularity will fade away in no time. Unless you explore other dance forms, how can you
            add flavor to your unique style. Every dancers should at-least know
            3-4 dance forms to survive in the competition (Any Dance Competition). If you show your talent in only one style for 3-4 months, will the viewers watch the same style again and again? If your favorite movie has different songs with similar choreography will you enjoy the
            song? If you are given same food everyday, how long will you eat it without complaining? Will you not ask for a different variety for a change?

          • Fazee Perz

            I agree wit u Dancefan……maj0rity of the dancers on DID after being on DID hv g0ne on 2 bec0ming Choreographers n trainers……..some have even opened their own dance academy

          • virginie

            Dancefan, still I believe that is not true in other places…

            For instance, in other countries, dancers are not expected to be versatile but to excel in one specialty… Nureyev was a classical dancer (western) and excelled in that and was known worldwide because of his excellence in that style of dance and did teach others that style only.

            I guess the situation in different in India? With the Bollywood thing being so specific to India… I really don’t get it.

            I myself did study dance long back for few years and the only thing I’ve been taught was classical (western)

            Even in other forms of art like plastic arts, you are not supposed to master all the techniques… you must show your talent, your creativity and your uniqueness and develop your own style…

            And if we transpose these into dance, Raghav fills in it… That’s why he scores the higher votes… The audience might not be aware of technicalities but they/we cannot be crazy…

          • dancefan2012

            See not you caught in your own point. Nureyev the great Russian ballet dancer has performed Classical ballet, Neoclassical ballet and Contemporary ballet though overall its just Ballet can you see the fusion between the other forms.

            That is what we are trying to say, unless you explore other forms how can you create a new and unique form. Are you just going to keep repeating the same steps again and again?

          • virginie

            I am not saying repeating the same steps, but to stay in his own style /adding similar styles, in other words, creating a unique style, not unique steps… :p Got me? No one expected Nureyev to perform salsa or hip hop, lol… You got my point now? :)

          • dancefan2012

            You are not reading my comments completely and jumping to conclusion. Perception is the not good. What I am saying is fuse the styles, who
            is asking to do different style completely. We are saying show us more with you style combine with it.

            You yourself mentioned about Nureyev above and I said he has not performed just one style, he has fused his specialty with other forms to give more entertaining act, that’s why he is well known.

            I do not want to argue on this point any more, lets stop it here. All I want is Croc boy to stay on the show, but it will not happen if he is repeating the same thing again and again.

          • virginie

            Won’t keep discussing that point further… for now LOL

            I just wanted to tell you, as you are a great dance connaisseur, and I I am sure you will like it, that I myself saw Nureyev performing live many years back :)

        • Suraranjani Dhar Chowdhury

          Its not that Raghav ‘shd try’ but by now he shd have been in a position to show us different styles. If this show was only abt what each contestant is ‘best’ at, then, all contestants would have been winners by now. Wonder how long, we will need to live by ‘slow motion’. We are all he is best at it & we all love him for that..
          Seeing the show as it stands today, I still have a big question in my mind “what made Shafeer & Riddhika get eliminated from the show” inspite of such back to back strong/powerful/unique performances !! this haunts me quite often..However no sweats !!

          • dancefan2012

            Shafeer and Riddhika are great in their Duet but some how I feel Riddhika is not upto mark in her solo but yes she is better than Urvashi and Piyali. May she would have done better job with more opportunities. I would love to see Shafeer back on the show, hope Dada uses his power to recall him to the show.

    • dancefan2012

      @ me.yummy

      Contemporary – There are four main techniques used in contemporary dance and they are

      * Cunningham – Cunningham uses the idea of the body’s own “line of
      energy” to promote easy, natural movement
      * Graham – focusing on the use of contraction, release, fall and
      * Limon – exploring use of energy in relation to gravity and
      working with weight in terms of fall,rebound, recovery
      and suspension.
      * Release – placing emphasis on minimizing tension in the search
      for clarity and fluidity and efficient use of energy
      and breath

      Normally all 4 technique are not used in the contemporary dance form as its really difficult to combine all 4 and each technique is unique.

      What Abhik did last week – Surmai song was combination of Cunningham and Release and in today’s performance he combined Graham and Limon. So I think he is still doing different form though overall it looks contemporary

      I think you will not complain, if watch the videos again after reading the comments.

      • me.yummy

        @Dancefan 2012: Thank you so much for the info!! :) Now I know that Abhik has successfully performed all the 4 techniques in contemporary. He did well in both the performances. :) And, yes, I am not complaining now but I STILL want him to try something different.

        It works in the favour of the dancers if they keep trying something new!! And both Raghav and Abhik need to do that. I especially want to see these guys doing well because they are one of my favourites on the show!

        • dancefan2012

          Yes, I would love to see Abhik doing Lyrical Hip-Hop. Some how I feel that Paul always does Lyrical Hip-Hop all the time but it does not suit him as he is trying to imitate D Sir.

  • virginie

    Sorry to invade the page 😛 … I just noticed that last season, Dharmesh was also eliminated early (like Raghav) and came back through wild card and became 2nd in the grand finale…

    • tina

      Raghav was never eliminated…he was never selected in the first place….every season I find this DID comes up w new rule…it is not consistent

  • Fazee Perz

    Pradip n abhik st0le the sh0w 4 me today……all the perf0rmances were g0od h0wever I’m still waiting 2 be impressed by Cr0ckyyy boy……he’s a fab dancer n unique in his own way…….but he still hasn’t “w0wed” me……..I h0pe he d0esnt feel tht because he was the #1 wh0 received most v0tes tht he can relax n n0t w0rk harder……Sanam’s perf0rmance was ok but it was a little messy 4 me…….kud0s @ Urvashi 4 delivering a grt perf0rmance but unf0rtunately it was 2 little 2 late…..anyways wish her 0l the best in her future……..can’t wait 2 see t0morrow’s epis0de :):)

  • surya reddy

    I agree on prev posting…!!!

    “ohhhh i did not like the prop theme… at all…”

    judgement is good..though the concept is not all..

    not interesting..!!disappointed !!

    • Fazee Perz

      We ol hv our 0wn views c0ncerning pr0ps…..a pr0p when handled pr0perly enhances a perf0rmance but if n0t pr0perly handled it can do just the opp0site……..I quite liked the pr0p…….it was befitting the type of perf0rmances tht were d0ne……s0me dancers were impressive wit their pr0ps whereas s0me were n0t so impressive………..

      • dancefan2012

        I agree to Fazee prop needs to be used on a dance show to add extra flavor to the dish. The points Fazee has pointed out above is true in nature.

        • Fazee Perz

          Thank u dancefan :)

  • HostMaama

    “Many men many minds”. Below are my views and rating based on their performance dated: 25-02-2012.(Top 5 Only)

    Pradeep Gurung ★★★★★
    Sneha Gupta ★★★★
    Abhik Banerjee ★★★
    Varun Kumar ★★
    Mohena Singh ★

    • dancefan2012

      * No doubts on Pradeep, he was the best today of all the performances
      * Sneha – 4 rating just for attempt on the new style otherwise got
      hit because of flaws and the transitional errors (If you watch the
      video again it you will tell you the story).
      * Abhik – Heavy prop, Graham and Limon combination (For comtemporary)
      was good, I think you did not like it because of Saroj Khan (Just
      my assumption)
      * Varun – I liked it because of the prop, very difficult prop to
      work with, you will get injured even with a small mistake,
      transitions very clean close to Pradeep’s performance
      * Mohena – Bollywood dance form, agreed with you – just good
      performance best is yet to come.

  • nazishk

    Ok… just watched today’s episode!
    Well I think today’s performances were much better than last week. It was good to see a good range of different dance styles.
    Now coming back to the contestants, from Remo’s team Vaibhav performance was good. Mohena and Sanam were ok this week, i think Mohena needs to work on her Bollywood style. And Sanam’s prop didn’t work well, his dance without the prop was good though.
    From Geeta’s team Abhik was really good I liked his overall performance. Rajasmita could have done much better without the prop, i know she can do it. Urvashi’s performance was ok and good to see that finally she is voted out. I am really glad Mithun didn’t use his vito power for Urvashi.
    From Terrance team Pradeep was wonderful with the prop, it was an awesome performance. Sneha was good this week, it was one of her best performances. Piyali was ok i think it’s her turn to get eliminated now. Varun was good i liked his performance a lot. Neerav’s performance was ok too, i think he should try different dance styles other than contemporary. And about Raghav, i really want him to go further in this competition so he should also try other dance styles. He is best at what he does and it’s always entertaining to watch him dance but it would be nice to watch him try something new. I liked his today’s performance though.
    So overall, my fav’s were Pradeep, Sneha, Varun, Abhik and at last Raghav.
    I wish everyone all the best and hope that the deserving one stays!

    • dancefan2012

      I think Dada will use the Vito power to recall Urvashi under Jai Kumar Nair’s and Geetha Pressure as he would want his girlfriend to be on the show little longer. Using Vito too soon will give bad impression on him from the audience.

      Yes Piyali is next in the list but the competition will be between Paul and Piyali and most likely Piyali will be out as she is from Terrance team and channel doesn’t want to throw 2 contestants in a row from the same team (Geetha).

      Croc boy has to really work very hard and do at-least fusion of his style and something else to further impress the audience.

      • virginie

        yes, fusion would be fantastic

  • nazishk

    lol….Ya i just hope he uses it for the deserving contestant.
    Oh ya i forgot to mention Paul well he didn’t perform today so i don’t know on what basis he will get votes for next week. I won’t be surprised if he or piyali gets eliminated.
    And true Raghav needs to try something other than his slow motion next week so the viewers can appreciate him for more than his slow motion style.

  • tina

    Out of top 13, i think I have found a strong is Avik

    Earlier it was Shafeer who gave u sso many wow dances with maximun risk and most difficult and versatile I see that in Avik…he was lot of potential ..he should be given strong choreography every time…

    Raghav is good, but yes Raghav needs to do more dance form, and a request to all 3 judges and contestants-raghav does slow motion best please do not cop that…earlier Paul and today I think Vaibhav did slow motion a bit.

    it would not be wise if junta keep voting raghav #1 all the time…going by todays performance it has to be Pradeep and Avik..lets wait for Sundays performance

    Lastly Mithunda…ufff…he always finds Urvashi sweet and cute…STOP Looking at her…and See her dance…her legs are never straight, always bent, good she is out …next should be Piyali…

    varun is a good dancer but a quiet one , so he may be evicted eral if masters do not say strong words about his performance.

  • http://NONE big momma

    Mithunda has been like dat from his young days!! He gets smitten by pretty ladies. He has forgotten his purpose of being seated at his Maha Grand Sofa yaa.. Mithun da, this is a Dance show, not beauty show yaa… hahahaha.

  • http://NONE big momma

    Varun n Vaibhav really coming up man.. so cool yaa. Love Mohena’s dance..

  • http://NONE big momma

    can I ask if Urvashi is out of DID.. we are yet to get to watch on our satellite TV..

  • abhinav agrawal

    where is luv2dance

    • http://NONE big momma

      Luv is around here but too sad to express her/his sadness at the moment. Get well soon Luv..

  • nazishk

    @ abhinav she is probabbly too disappointed to post comment here. After all her fav is out…. And yes big momma I agree with you!!

    • http://NONE big momma

      Hi Nazi, thanks dear…. so it is true that Urvashi is out? Nothing personal or she does not owe me anything. But other dancers are more deserving than she was. Which is why I felt she should be voted out. In fact, I am rather surprised that she stayed on til top 13!!! The others who did not make it to the top 13 were far much2 better than her.

      She has the same expression for all her movements which makes it dull and stagnant performance..

      I miss Luvdance and her protecting comments for Urvashi..

      • http://yahoo eena22

        I truly agree with u..Urvashi never deserved to be in the top 13…Im very glad that she got voted out…!!!Good voting audience…!!!!!

        • virginie

          At least now I will not confuse anymore the “beauty contest girl” with Piyali… LOL

        • Suraranjani Dhar Chowdhury

          Yes, RIDDHIKA paid a prize, at the cost of Urvashi…It sucks for sure !!!!

      • nazishk

        @Big momma yes she is voted out and i agree that she should have never been selected. She was the weakest of em all and now piyali should go too. I don’t know what Mithun was thinking but oh well finally she is out.

  • alu B positive

    Shafeer miss u a lot……

    • dancefan2012

      He should be recalled as he is the only best contestant eliminated who I think deserved to be in the show.

    • http://yahoo eena22

      Yes…Shafeer shud be called back in the group..!! He was the best in Geeta ki gang…!!!!

  • Ranna

    Raghav has performed all his dances with his own signature style, It is time for him to move away from it and do some thing different, which all others are trying very hard. Yes Remo sir is trying all different things with his contastants and they all are proving him right. I was a bit upset for Vaibhav to day as all judges said his dance was goos but not with confidence and I think that could be due to his voting ranking, as Raghav just got everything as he was not selected at first point and I don’t think judges might not have seen his limitations of his own style, he is back clearly due to public demand only and now public has voted him the highest so it is all done. He should be treated normally now and no sympathetic votes as if you look at Vaibhav’s all previous performances they all were different and specially very strong – That might have put his mood off that Janta has not given him true recognition when he was given performer of the week award. Varun, Mohena, Rajsmita, Pradeep, Sanam, Abhik are all more versatile and better with their emotions. Please judge and vote in the right spirit of dance.

    • dancefan2012

      Agreed, the voting needs to be done based on both solo and duet performances and by seeing the contestant’s growth in his versatility.

      Sowing same crop again and again in the field will make the land’s fertility drain in no time. The crops needs to be sowed in rotational bases.

      The best needs to be shown when you are in real danger and explore things out when you have plenty of time to prepare yourself and it will be helpful for your future not only on this platform.


    Season 3 ka Sabse bada bimari ….. contemporary …

    My request to all mentor and dancer that please show the versatileness of all dancer …

    Specially sanam excepet 2 to 3 performance all are contemporary ….

    PLZ something Change…

    • dancefan2012

      Well I think you need to understand the 4 different techniques involved in contemporary, please read my post above for details. And yes, I agree to the point made in your post above, it looks like the same style for a person who does not understand the techniques involved in the dance form but I think you will not complain if you read my post and then watch the videos once again. I will also agree that Sanam needs to improve his contemporary as well; as he is not good with all four techniques as of now.

      Well it is just a suggestion, please do not take it offensive, I just wanted to spread details on dance forms as we are all dance fans. We need to know maximum details about the dance forms before judging any contestants.

  • kaiz

    Raghav – slow motion in contemporary! much awaited! 😀

  • dancefan2012

    I do not think Slow motion with contemporary is possible from Croc boy because he need to be a master of Limon technique to make it possible. I feel the croc boy is so light in his foot that he sometimes loose control, except one performance he lost his balance in all other. Well that is not a complaint, I admire him as he managed to make it look like it was part of choreography but the fact remains same. Yes I would love to see the fusion of his style and others style. I will think of some good combination that will suit his style and post again with the details.

    • virginie

      waiting for your suggestion 😛

  • nidra chakraborty

    ALL RUBBISH!!!!!!!!! what is the need for neerav to stay in the show…i mean all the experiments r nt being done wid raghav…he is an awsmmmmm dancer…bt he is nt being looked at,….terence is vryyy partial dis yr…he has an outstanding cntestant…datsss raghav….yet he is partial and does all d experiments wid neerav…raghav should b made to do all d styles… cntemporary,hiphop,salsa,,,,,everything….he has d potential in him….neerav dosent deserve to b in dis show….its all bcoz he was d assistant of terence…dance india dance 3 is d bsttt offff all d 3…yet due to such partial behaviour it will lose its TRP among d viewers….sneha kapoor wass better…much much better than neerav….yet all d partiality willl lead to their decrease in popularity…vryy vryy pityyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://yahoo eena22

      If anyone deserved to be there instead of Neerav, it shud have been Shafeer…!!!He was a fabulous dancer…!!!

  • nidra chakraborty

    sanam johar is an excellent dancer…he has the potential to win…yet hiss performances r nvr judged…d one whois his partner is judged…y so??? i feel only raghav is sanam’s competitor dis yr..yet both r ignored..dis way d show will lose its popularity…..wht say guyzzzz????????????

    • virginie

      well Raghav and Neerav have been voted 1st and 2nd… :)

  • tina

    I agree with most of you.


    Since Shafeer Riddhika gone, I am not seeing any wow factor, any wow dance, I do not look forward to any particular dance.

    Neerav was bad on Saturday. dont see what extra value or diff style is he adding to the show.

    I so want Shafeer, Riddhika, Sneha and Sumit back -in that order

  • Suraranjani Dhar Chowdhury

    I agree with you Tina, Since Riddhika & Shafeer left the show, yet to see “DANCE” on stage. Its a pity for sure..But thats what reality shows are all abt, I guess !

    • kya hai

      Completely agree!! It baffles my mind to even think that dancers like Neerav and Urvashi got to stay and hard working strong performers like Riddhika and Shafeer had to leave!! This show is completely rigged. It is always who you know and not what you know in India. As much as I love this show i hate to see all these injustice. Paul missed you today. I think you were born to dance.

  • abhinav agrawal

    mohena was gud with his bollywood attempt

  • Fazee Perz

    Since m0st of us r r0oting 4 Shafeer y can’t we have a public demand… w0rked 4 cr0ckyyy s0 y can’t we create a public demand 2 help influence Mithun da’s vit0 power???? Coz honestly speaking I d0nt think anyone wh0 was eliminated frm the t0p 13 deserves 2 be saved wit vit0 power…..if we wanted 2 see them then y would we have v0ted them out??

  • priyam

    If I have to rank the 1st 6 it would be

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