Dance India Dance Season 3 24th March Videos

Dance India Dance Season 3 24th March Videos

Dance India Dance Season 3 24th March is the 99th episodes of Dance India Dance. This Sunday marks the 100th Episode of Dance India Dance on 25th March. In today’s episode the contestants performed solo and it was a treat to watch, each and every performance today was really up to the standards of Dance India Dance. Really happy to see all the contestants working hard and it showed today. Rajismita’s performance was specially appreciated by all masters and grand master. Abhik, Sneha Gupta and Neerav were lowest voted contestants today while Raghav, Rajismita and Mohena secured top 3 positons respectively.

Don’t forget to watch tomorrow’s Dance India Dance 25th March Grand Episode in celebration of 100 Episodes of Dance India Dance. Dancing Stars from DID Season 1 and DID Season 2 will partner with DID Seasons 3 contestants to rock the stage, to give you a little preview of what is going to happen here is a list of Duets which will be performed tomorrow.

Neerav and Kunwar Amarjeet, Pradeep and Shakti, Raghav Crokroaz and Prince, Abhik and Kishore, Mohena Singh, Salman and Puneet, Sanam Johar and Bhavna Prohit, Vaibhav and Kruti Mahesh, Rajasmita, Siddhesh and Dharmesh

Hope to see you all here tomorrow for celebration of 100th Episode of Dance India Dance.

Dance India Dance 24th March Performances

Terence Ki Toli

Pradeep Gurune performed a fire act on the title song of Singham

Raghav Crocroaz performed Popping and Slow motion Dance on the song Mein Deewana

Neerav performed Hip Hop Dance Style on the song Bachna Aye Haseeno

Sneha Gupta performed Hip Hop on the song Chalya Chalya

Remo Ke Rangeeley

Sanam Johar performed Contemporary Style on the song Zara Si Dil Mein De Jagah Tu

Mohena Singh performed on the song Ek Hasina Thi

Vaibhav Ghuge performed on the song Maa

Geeta Ki Gang

Rajasmita Kar performed on the song Senorita

Abhik Banerjee performed on the song Abhi Kuch Dino Se

Dance India Dance Season 3 24th March part1

Dance India Dance Season 3 24th March part2

Dance India Dance Season 3 24th March part3

Dance India Dance Season 3 24th March part4

  • dancefan2012

    Thanks for the upload Admin……..

    • kamal pushkar

      raghav is the best

  • dancefan2012

    Sanam performed trampoline act which was good and I don’t know why I get the feeling that he is becoming Emraan Hashmi of DID. His parents or DID not giving him dress to put on……..

    Pradeep once again a powerful performance. He is the guy. Talent ka bandaar hai…

    Mohina gave a good performance. I was talking about Shadow dance last week and I got to see the jalak of it today.

    Croc Boy was lost in the laser, very bad performance. He needs to work very hard to be in top 6

    Neerav did locking and popping which is a new style attempt, I felt that he was off beat with the monitor recording, few places it was not in Sync and it looked clumsy

    Vaibhav was not even an inch close to what Mangesh did in DID season 1. Vaibhav I do not know why you were safe this week.

    Rajasmita performance was beautiful performance

    Abhik few places it was really good and few places mishap. So I would say it was nice performance overall.

    Sneha G – Eliminated, so no comments

    Will wait for tomorrow’s episode, too see the surprise that my close associates were talking about…..


    1. Rajasmitha (Difficulty)
    2. Pradeep
    3. Mohina
    4. Abhik
    5. Sanam
    6. Neerav
    7. Vaibhav
    8. Croc Boy

    • tina

      agree with your ranking dance 2012. neerav and Raghav had big help in their prop so their dance was not a strong where as Rajasmita and Pradeep had sweated off overshadowing their heavy and difficult prop which I dont think any other dancers in this DID3 could do.

      Croc boy wont get out although his style is so same everyweek, but I really want neerav and Bhaibav to get eliminated before Abhik does. Is that possible dance 2012?? please let us know

    • Debashloka Mishra

      First of all I want to wish the whole DID Family for the achievement.

      About yesterdays’s performance rajasmita was terrific. I personally want her to win the Golden Cap. Dying to see today’s performance.

    • did123fan

      dancefan,,, I thoroughly agree with your comments and rating.. PRADEEP AND RAJASHMITHA … really loved your performance..
      Remo sir , He is still KANJUSH

      • did123fan

        Remo sir is still kanjush with his comments….
        N I think it’s time to see Croc boy more versatile …not just slow motion and popping/ locking… Let’s see him do Bollywood/ contemp/ freestyle without SLOW MOTION … Roz roz dal roti is boring :)

  • Admin

    You are welcome :).

    Please vote for Rajismita, What she attempted today deserves her a no.1 spot next week. Link for voting is on the top right corner.

    • Seedhee Wong

      Dear Admin,

      I am from Mauritius and i am a great Fan of Dance India Dance.

      Actually, i am coming to India in May and would be fortunate if i could assist one of the the episodes.

      Could you please advise me how can i arrange this? Or where do you actually do the shows to see if there is a possibility.


    • Sarthak Mishra

      dear admin can u plzz tell me the name of that DJ who has made MEIN DEEWANA song… Jis mein raghav dance kar raha tha… Plz plzz tell me its urgent…

  • dancefan2012

    What happened guys, every week you complain that the upload is very late and this week its on time and no one is there to watch and comment……… :putnam:

  • _harsha_

    Wow…Admin…Thanks a lot. I didn’t realize that it would be this fast. Thanks a bunch. Unfortunately, stuck with some work…will have to watch after couple of hrs…

  • shark 619

    Today’s Performances were Amazing and Superb. Really it was WOH HOGA JO SOCHA NAHI :)

    Sanam – Very Nice performance. Good use of prop and some very good movements to enjoy.

    Pradeep – Really a power pack performance. Great stunts were executed. He is seriously a versatile dancer.

    Mohena – Beautiful performance. Did something New and that was Just Wow.

    Rajismita – Excellent Performance. Great to watch her. She is a Very Strong and confident dancer and got all that what she deserves Today.

    Vaibhav – Good Performance only could have done more Better. But happy to see him dance in this form also.

    Raghav – Good Performance. Dance was little disrupted but the Lazer Thing what he did was just Fantastic.

    Neerav – Nice Performance. Attempted new Style and did it in very well manner.

    Abhik – Very Nice performance. His moves were Sharp and clear. The light portions were Awesome.

    Sneha G – Though Eliminated I’ll still say About her Dance, was Just Excellent a Power pack Performance. Sad to see Her Eliminated.

    Tomorrow is the Wow Day 😀 Just can’t wait to see the performances of tomorrow.

    • dancefan2012

      Would suggest you to watch Croc boy, Sanam, Vaibhav’s performances again and then see if you are right about your comments.

      Compare Sanam’s performance with Jai Kumar Nair and Vaibhav’s performance with Mangesh in season 1.

      Please tell me one new step that Croc boy performed today, which he hasn’t showed us in this season from the time of his audition.

      Hope you do not take this suggestion in wrong way…..just a hint from the dancefan that’s all it is, nothing personal.

      • priyam

        I think that Jai Kumar Nair is just too good for Sanam. Jai Kept improving whereas I could not See much improvement. After all, he was the king of props. The way he used props was amazing.

        Mangesh was more energetic that Vaibhav.

        Raghav still has to improve a lot and be more versatile. He still has a long way to go.

        These comments are not based on this weeks performance though

        • priyam

          Based on the perfomances, I would say that I could not see any wow factor in Sanam’s performance whereas Jai Kumar Nair’s trampoline performance was out of the world.

          Mangesh performance touched my heart. You could feel the emotions and you felt like crying whereas Vaibhav performance was quite weak compared to Mangesh. Lots of things were not there.

  • virginie

    Wow, this time it was very fast! Thanks Admin :)

  • virginie

    Well, my sources were almost 100% right, lol, they just exchanged Mohena with Rajasmita’s ranking… Is that a vote result or a change in DID strategy?

    Nevertheless, really sorry to disagree with your likings, admin, but this is my opinion:

    Actually, he kept his word, he danced without his shirt! LOL
    In other hand, if he really would like to look handsome, he should shave that ugly beard 😉
    His dance was ok, the prop thing was not that spectacular.

    Absolutely stunning, not because of the fire, not a new thing in DID, but of how he executed it… I really loved his crawling entry, absolutely perfect, he really looked like a lion, beautifully confident and wild… I also loved the fire fans (5 flames each)… Just WOW Pradeep! This guy is just AMAZING!

    What expressions and what dance! Absolutely fantastic! Mohena is so expressive, she can impersonate with brio any character she is performing, she can be graceful, feminine, masculine, motherly, sexy, aggressive, soft, anything! In every performance, she incarnates masterly a new character, a new attitude, a new feeling, new emotions, just WOW girl! And the idea of rubbing the make up was a nice new thing… Congrats girl!

    Though it was a very innovative “character” and type of dance in DID, I found it too long, what was interesting became boring. Sincerely I can’t understand why she is so highly ranked, Mohena did a better job than her, Pradeep too. I believe because Rajasmita always smiles broadly, which is something that makes appear her cold to me, I cannot relate to her. I feel she is as emotionless as the dolls she was making dance… Yes, she is hardworking, skilled, talented, energetic, but… emotionless… Which is a turn off for me… And it’s the 2nd time Geeta gives her a circus performance (I saw that type of act in a circus)

    The only good part was the stairs fall… Else, it was an average – rather weak – dancing performance… I believe he is missing Paul and might go soon to join him… Why he got the MJ band?

    Terence gave him a very interesting concept, for which he could have used more space on stage, I felt it was too restricted to one place… Else Raghav did extremely well, I really liked it. It was like he had come out of a movie… MAGICAL ACT!

    Btw, today’s choreography of Terence was all related to electronics, Neerav’s TVs, Croc’s lasers, Sneha’s light on the clothes…

    Very good concept of Terence and especially excellent execution of Neerav. He was more energetic today than previous days, showing assertiveness, excellent synchronization with the TVs, I feel this was one of his best performances ever, he should have been praised for it.

    Very good dance of Abhik, one tends to forget he is still a 17 years old kid… Why is he keeping the same ugly bird as Sanam? LOL… And Geeta copied some moves from Raghav…

    I believe Terence knew she was at the bottom of the ranking, because he could have done much better for her, the choreography was too simple, except the entry that was fantastic.

    I am really sorry to see Sneha go… I believe Vaibhav was the weakest today…

    I don’t know if our votes matter or if it’s internal DID politics, but I don’t think all masters should have the same number of contestants or so till the grand finale… That would mean our votes do not matter? For instance, as Geeta is left with only 2 contestants and now Remo and Terence have 3 each, next 2 weeks DID will eliminate 1 from Remo and 1 from Terence? Means Vaibhav and Neerav will go? That would leave us with the top 6 Raghav-Pradeep, Rajasmita-Abhik and Mohena-Sanam… Just speculating here…

    • tina

      agree virginiw

      bhaiv and Neerav should go now and sanam should get rid of ugly beard and me beinga woman I dont find him even 1 % hot, infact abhik may turn uup to be a hot hunk when he will be 27

      • virginie

        ha ha ha tina, we women don’t like ugly beards! LOL
        Ya it’s true that Sanam is a graceful dancer, he has a nice body and some charisma, but that ugly beard… yuck… He should take more care of his dance than his chest 😉

        In other hand, Neerav has trained Shakti and other top position dancers, so he must be good in the sense that he knows all about dance, he must be generous and a good pedagogue… But a good teacher is not necessarily a good artist himself, they are 2 different things, and that is also true the other way round, a good artist is not necessarily a good teacher, to know how to convey the knowledge and to want to do it sometimes clashes with the ego of the artist… So we should appreciate Neerav though he is not himself that talented and charismatic…

  • ritesh choudhury

    toady pradeep performance was awesome .and rajasmita was also excellent. but raghav was not soo good . but terrence hv given him beutiful concept.sanam was ok. and i am very dissapointed with sneha’s exit. mohena expressions were good. todays ranking on behalf of performance for me is as follows-


  • virginie

    I wander how Pradeep and Shakti will match, lol, but as both are very great dancers, it should be really interesting to watch…

    I wished Mayuresh would have been there with his masterly aerials… He and Mohena together would have been astonishing!

    I would have preferred to see Kunwar Amar and Sanam together…

    Pradeep and Kishore together, both energy packed stunt dancers, would have blasted DID!

    • priyam

      I personally think that Pradeep and Shakti will do great together. They are both terrific. Hoping to see them create magic as Shakti used to do.

      I will miss Mayuresh as well my dear as not only he is gifted but is such a nice person. I will also miss his aerial act.

      Very keen to see Kunwar Amar

  • Prerna Mehra

    Why are people so harsh and judgemental on Sanam?> I think he’s a very very neat dancer… Pradeep is good but clumsy most times.. Rghav doesnt deserve fab 4 spots! at all! i really think he shud be eliminated next cuz hes very very crass in his dancing. its unfair to other contestants like sanam, mohena and abhik who are much much better than raghav.

    i personally think sanam is a class and a pleasant dancer who knws his strengths well

    • dancefan2012

      Please give me the list of performances were Pradeep was clumsy and Sanam wasn’t…Let me watch again and see if you are right about it.

      Well if you do not have the list with you, let me know… I will give you the list of performances from my side.

      Please do not judge the contestant with Duet alone, solo is more important than duet……

    • tina

      today sanam was net but not always…pradeep is neat and very good in expression and dance almost all days

  • samecute

    Thankyou Admin

    For the upload.Enjoyed today’s episode but sad to see sneha go.

  • raj shetty

    “jaha hoga wahi jo socha nahi”
    seriously nice concept and good effort on did 3 stage

    1)rajasmitha -for so much difficulty level and de innovtion.. though dance was bit less…but hats off for such an awsome work…

    2) pradeep- truly versatile..stunning performance way to go

    3)mohena- very nice attempt..good 6 for sure

    4)abhik-nice attempt well executed …it reminded bit of dharmesh
    dance(laser act).. in dance ke superstar

    5)neerav- jus for the attempt and the concept ….really a new
    concept..though clarity was bit less in dance

    6)raghav- jus for laser light effect :)…nothing new in dance..try
    something new…slow motion wont work anymore:)

    7)sanam-dance and jumping has lots of diff …not 1% close to jai
    kumar nair dance on trampolin(did 1)..showing off his body may get
    votes for him :)
    7)vaibhav-(same as sanam):dint convey the emotions dance was bit
    slow..last week performance with paul saved him this week

    waiting for 100th episodes….signin off…..

  • samecute

    I don’t why master geeta and master remo praise their own students so much even if they do not dance well like in today’s episode sanam and rajismita were given props and in their performance prop overpowered them, their was repetition of steps.As master remo and master geeta say there should me more dance as this is a dance show, so where was the dance.On the other hand they criticized raghav and neerav’s performance where they performed really well .Sad to see sneha go.Well thats my opinion.

    Waiting to see tomorrow’s episode!

    • virginie

      Can’t agree more with you, samecute! We want to see dance, not circus acts or gymnastics…

  • tina

    1.Sanam- good to him taking some bold semi-arial steps, I liked it. But why is he shirtless again??

    2.Pradeep-I love to comment when one performs Indian/classical dancing. He gives best expression among all contestants. ufff…his expressions are to die for….When dancers like pradeep have already migrated to more difficult fireworks, Sanam has taken baby steps towards monkey bar..I still dont get how Sanam is in 4th position and pradeep below him when pradeep gave better performance cont is last 3 weeks

    3.Mohena did v well very sharp, she truly did well, but I did not understand her multiple personality art and why she was rubbing off her lipstick at times to show her madness. But she is a bit of drama queen. (Grand master stood up for Pradeep and chum and stupendo got from terrance and Geeta yet he was sober.)

    4.Rajasmita-Again I had a smile throughout her perfom, Initially I could not apprehend which one was doll and which one raj, so beautifully executed.Even Mithunda stood up immediately after the performance. SIMPLY NO WORDS WILL MATCH HER PERFORMANCE !! truly and well deserved MJ band

    5.Bhaivab-First DID should ban some songs which have been used many times and I agree Mangesh did best in this song and got hurt and then eliminated as he needed rest. Bhaiv steps were too simple compared to him. He and Neerav should get eliminated before Abhi does.

    6.Raghav- very slow, same boring steps, infact the LASER was the true dancer of this dance

    7.Neerav-again the screen is real hero, neerav hadn’tt much to do His moonwalk was not much worthy to mention.

    8.Abhik= I dont get why is he in DANger zone, he performed flawlessly and smoothly and I liked many of his steps like falling backwards.



    top performers
    1. Pradeep and Rajasmita together( very tough for me to chose one above the other)
    2. Moehna

    I dont want to even rank the res – all were average dancers

    • priyam

      You are right , Pradeep gives wonderful expressions, especially the Dev Anand Preformance. That was Wow for me.

      • dancefan2012

        Priyam, you definitely have the taste to dance. Dev Anand’s performance was mind blowing for me too….

        • priyam

          Thanks my friend

    • virginie

      Sanam was shirtless because last time he promised to be shirtless today LOL

  • shark 619

    @Dancefan2012 First of all you say Me which step did he repeated except slow motion ? Today he was dancing free No locking portions were there.
    Dude This is just my opinion Okay. And coming to sanam and Vaibhav I really felt there performance had something New and that made me to right that all.

    • dancefan2012

      I think you did not watch the performance again. Did you?

  • Sandeep Kumar

    Pradeep: Good performance. Power packed. Should have got better comments.

    Rajasmita: Visually it was AWESOME. I kept guessing until end how she did that! You can argue about the ‘dance’ and ‘repition’ part, but hey…at the end, it was all good.

    Mohena: Although emotions and all were good etc…i personally being a big fan of her did not think it was ‘great’, i did not connect much. It was decent.

    Sanam:Decent, nothing out of the world. I wish remo gives him something good next time.

    raghav: Good try. Could have been MUCH better. I like him. Somewhere in middle it got a little boring. Terrance should use him innovative manner, give him some fast type of dance with some unique concept.

    Sneha: She just behaves very ‘weird’ on stage. No audience like-ability. So no votes. It was just a matter of time. Avg performance.

    Abhik: GOOD performance. Comments could have been better. ‘Stage time’ is less so he is not so noticeable. He is capable to be a little higher in votes.

    Neerav: Decent. Could have done so much better. Liked him initially. Now he is ok.

    Vaibhav: Dont think he deserves to be on stage. Paul should have been there. Period. Bad performance if you consider everything.

    Remo: Getting a little better with giving comments. He was horrible intially.
    Geeta: Giving good comments now
    Terrance: I always enjoy his comments. Neutral. Loves everyone equally.

    • tina

      Sandeep agreew most of ur comments
      1.Moehna even I could not connect with her emotions, Pradeep and Moehna got standing ovations but Pradeep was sober and quiet and Moehana was like…god !! such drama she does,

      2.Sanam nothing wow compared to other I keep wondering hopw is he in top 4?

      3.Raghav ye sit got boring hadnt it been the laser magic

      4.Neerav , Bhaivab- just get out

      I still have soft corners for Raj, Abhik, Pradeep simply because they are hardworking and very pleasing dancers and risk takers

      • dancefan2012

        Tina, did you not notice that she pointed out that Chumeswari was given twice and NTWICAP (Abbreviated) was given twice. What she is trying to convey to audience indirectly is vote for me, I am the best. You should understand the meaning. And I know, who asked her to say that……..

        • virginie

          anyone would feel happy to receive praises! don’t criticize the joy, criticize the dance

          • dancefan2012

            It wasn’t criticism…

        • tina

          agree dance 2012…thats why I said all dancers think of themselves already superstars by their attitude..only innocent ones are pradeep, abhik and raj…thats how I feel…

          Priyam I agree..Pradeep should receive better comments

          infact both abhik and pradeep are better dancers but just because they are sober and does not do any drama, they have less chance of votes

    • priyam

      I agree that Pradeep must get better comments.

      • virginie


  • Love

    Rajasmita is incredible today!!! U go girl… :) can someone dance with such precision that too when u r bend and crawling with only hands and feet!! JUST OUT OF THIS WORLD..


    These 3 deserves to be in top3
    1) pradeep..this boy excels all the style and does new every time
    2) Mohena..very versatle and does it with perfection
    3) Rajasmita

    Anyone can win ..i have no problem..equally deserves GOLDEN CAP!!

    • tina

      completely agree…))) what amazing strength she has first gas cylinders now these dolls, wonder how much they weigh


      • dancefan2012


        • virginie

          DID is not about lifting weight

  • _harsha_

    Watched it now…What a performance today…
    I just wished SnehaG to stay further for few more episodes. Was expecting Neerav or Vaibhav to leave.
    I am not sure why Janta has not given votes to her even after power pack performances from last few weeks.

    My rating goes this way…
    1. Mohena
    2. Rajasmitha
    3. Pradeep
    4. Abhik
    5. SnehaG
    6. Sanam
    7. Neerav
    8. Raghav
    9. Vaibhav

    • tina

      should have read dance2012 comment last week…sneha was destined to leave show owing to pressure from her dance company and not voting…sad I know

      • dancefan2012

        You guys would have noticed that Abhik is being pushed next……….As I said earlier. I have got to know from my sources that something major is happening in DID after loads of emails came to the Zeetv email address about Sneha was eliminated and Abhik in bottom 3, the channel is getting stinker emails saying its rigged and rigged to the core… lets wait and see what changes will happen, will they retain Abhik……???

        Hoping for the good news……

        • virginie

          I wish they take back Sneha and say bye to Vaibhav, and that Abhik could stay longer…

          • dancefan2012

            Sneha, I don’t think channel will decide that.

        • tina

          dance 2012 , please pass them this link as well

          and let zee know injustice was done to these following people
          shafeer – BIG TIME EVERYONE AGREES
          sneha kapoor
          sneha g
          and I might add Sumit – although we only saw one performance from him
          (but as the saying goes johuri ko kire pehecchanne me waqt nehi lagta)….))

  • DIDFollower

    Pradeep and Rajasmita stole the show of today’s. There was wide difference with respect to rest of the contestants. I think Pradeep and Rajasmita giving 200% of their efforts and doing tremendous things on the stage!!

    Whereas my personal favourite Crocroaz, don’t know he might be taking things for granted.That slow motion walking is amazing but we have seen that in all the episodes ryt from the auditions..He is such a nice dancer, dont know why he is not unleashing those..

    Abhik’s performance was also good..

    Rest all the performances I don’t feel like commenting anymore.They were so average, and what masters saw so much overwhelming, that also I could not understand.Sanam’s marketing is going very well in the show.I think that has become more important than dance. I felt like watching circus instead of dance for Sanam’s perormance!!

  • nazishk

    Thanks for the upload admin.

    ok so I watched today’s episode and I must say I am really happy with Rajismita’s performance. She def deserves to be on number one… I understand people are crazy about Raghav but Rajismita deserves to be on the top.

    Now as of performances… Sanam’s act was good… I liked what he did with the trampoline.. I just wished his floor movements were better and clean. He needs to bring his A game if he wants to be in Top 4.

    Vaibhav’s performance was ok… I thought his dance wasn’t too clean but good attempt by him.

    Mohena was also nice….. I just like Rajismita better than her. I hope she keeps up the good work so she stays in top 4.

    Pradeep’s act was good… I don’t know but I don’t like the fire concept in dance. I just wished he had danced without it. Overall it was a good performance.

    Raghav’s act was good… but not flawless. I really would like him to try something new with no flaws. His attempts have been good but with flaws which is not good for him if he wants to stay on the Top.

    Neerav’s act was ok…. I thought he could have been better.

    Sneha’s act was nice… Sad to see her go but wish her all the best in future.

    Abhik was also good… He is a good performer. I just hope he doesn’t get eliminated as he deserves to be in at least top 5.

    And Rajismita was just awesome….. love that girl. I would like her to win season 3 coz no doubt she deserves it.

    Over all it was a good episode… can’t wait for tomorrow….. can’t wait to see Dharmesh and other contestants of season 1 and 2.

  • Shamik Chanda

    ‘hoga wohi jo socha nahi’ truly said.. Wondrful day 4 did.. Coming to performances..

    1.Rajasmita: i must say she has a strong chance of winning dis tym.. War a performance… D illusion c created ws so nice… And choreography by geeta mam ws suprb… I think c deserved d MJ band nd so c got it… (mohena ko toh kherat mein mila tha).. Go go rajjo.. Tum baki sab pe bhari parne wali ho..

    2.Pradeep: hav seen lots and lots of fire act but hav nva seen somethng lyk dat… Bcz it ws done by pradeep.. He burned d stage… Its tym he gets d MJ band too… Nd m not happy with his ranking..!! He should hav been in top 3..

    3.Neerav: so new concept.. D visuals added flavour to his performance.. I agree d lock nd pop needd sharpness.. But neerav karle ga..!! Terence sir ne bohot bariya choreogrphy kiya… Jus hoped dat neerav ws a lil more bttr..!!

    4.Abhik: visuals again… But bttr dn neerav.. He made d lites his patnr..!! Some sections were brilliant.. D tursel strech ws so clean and smooth… It ws a wowatic performnce..

    5.Mohena: d perfect word 4 hr performance wud b ‘beautiful’.. C is a vry graceful dancer… Last week we jus saw glances of shadow act in abhik nd sneha’s duet.. Dis week mohena ne usi shadow act ko ek naya rup diya..

    6.Sanam: trampolin????? Dancing or rehearsing..???? Jai kumar nair ws bst in it.. Frm lst week itself his solos r not going gid.. Bad newzz 4 u sanam.. Get urself tidy.. Nd i dont knw if ny1s think him ti be handsme.. Neerav nd abhik r bettr dn him..

    7.Raghav: my wrds cme true.. Atlst hs slw motoin is loding d attention it got bfre.. It ws horrendous… Same things with sme lasers.. Dnt tl me it ws locking nd poping.. M nt a fool.. But dose ppl who brng him to 1st position dey r..!!

    8.Vaibhav: did sanam cry aftr his performance????? Forget crying… I prefer laughing aftr seeing dis.. I thought dis ws one of d worst performnce in did nd his worst performance..!! Nxt week he might b out..!!

    9.Sneha: she did her own style nd it ws bang on… About ur elimination i thought it ws fair… Coz lst week vaibhav got d MJ band so he wud b safe nd u had to go.. Nvrtheless u r a awesome performer..

    I hav commntd on d dancing stars in d way i wanted to rank dem.. All three masters were vry fair today…

    Looking up to tomrrws performances… Eager to c Dharmesh, Siddesh and Amar..!!

    • virginie

      I had troubles trying to read your review, please leave the SMS writing type for the mobile phone and write here in full words and if possible, only in English, so that anyone can understand, in India and abroad. Thank you!

  • priyam

    Ouf, Finally I could log in after so many weeks.

    Well, first I think that Jai is much ,much better than Sanam. He has given so many WOW performances. Looking forward to see such performances.

    It is really sad to see Sneha leave.

    Pradeep is in my opinion the most versatile and consistent candidate. Unfortunately he is underrated.

    Abhik is very strong for a 17 year old and deserves to be among the 5 best.

    I personally think that Mohina is much better than Sanam, but seems like Sanam is the one who will reach the finals.

    Will be nice to see previous DID contestants performing, especially Amar and Siddesh. I just wished that Mayuresh and Jai were there as well.Those two have given such terrific performances.

    • virginie

      Priyam dear, I love your comments! You should comment more often 😉 Waiting to see your comments for tonight’s performance :)

      • priyam

        Thanks dear, but I had problems to log in. Seems to be ok now. I love your comments too.
        Remo was wrong in not giving Pradeep “that’s what I call a performance”. So mean of him. I wonder what’s in his mind. The true winner for this season should be Pradeep as he is a complete performer, but seems like Rajasmita is going to win.

        How can Pradeep be on 5th Position and how can Abhik be in danger zone.

    • dancefan2012

      I would love to see Jai and Siddesh dance but not their Attitude…..

      • priyam

        you are right. If you get rid of their attitude, they are too good dear.

  • rit2012

    hey guyz all of u r saying that pradeep performance is excellent,he is a versatile dancer. so if we all want to see pradeep at no 1 position if please vote for him. and make him no.1 voting dancer of this week

  • rit2012

    Plzzzz vote for Pradeep and Rajasmita both of them deserve to be in the finals….

    • dancefan2012

      rit2012.. I have removed one of the comment and edited the above comment……where there was typing mistake

  • Ayan Pal

    Sanam – 4th – Amazingly beautiful and graceful performance. The bounceback from the trampoline and the subsequent grabbing of the semi circular bars was done amazingly well. Welcome back Sanam! 8.5/10

    Pradeep – 5th – Spectacular performance! Passion, power, and dedication turned this into a fiery performance. This was extremely
    difficult and the best fire act, much better than Salman’s in Season 1. He definetely needs to go up the ranking order guys! Please do not ignore this powerhouse of talent! 9.5/10 (.5 less due to the same song being performed in the same season and that too by one of the finalists, Varun. Varun’s expressions were, as per me, somehow more powerful than Pradeep’s today. Maybe a different song, or a remix of the same song would have worked better.)

    Mohena – 3rd – Completely in character and a stunning performance indeed! It was shot very well and enhanced the multiple personality disorder of the lead character in the story. The only thing it lacked was the element of toughness that I felt some of the other performances had. 9/10 (.5 more due to the fabulous expressions and accurate acting)

    Rajasmita – Unique and out of this world! To give such a synchronized performance in spite of being bent for almost 90% of the time, and not being able to see almost anything just goes on to show what Rajasmita can do. I am beginning to feel there is nothing she cannot do, and I would have to say that Geeta has managed to use her prowess in incredible ways. I give it a perfect 10/10.

    Vaibhav – Bottom 3 – Sorry. Not impressed. I couldn’t help thinking about Mangesh from Season 1 as he performed. I had tears in my eyes then, but this time the emotional connect that this song could have had was not there. I must add that Vaibhav’s dancing was never in doubt. Somehow it just didn’t click for me, especially for his expressins which clearly lacked the intensity an act such as this required. 6/10

    Raghav – 1st – The act was amazing in parts, in spite of the minor goofups at times (what was that with the pocket? Funny glitch if
    you ask me :)) However many of the moves has already been showcased by Raghav before in performances that were definetely better in totality. Hence I’m going for a 7.5/10 for this one. Raghav please don’t lose your momentum! (.5 more due to the excellent synchonization with the laser beams.)

    Neerav – Bottom 3 – Good, but not great. Even though this required a good amount of synchronization, the choreography was such that at times (especially when he was lying down, facing the cameras, and behind the LCD) I was just seeing a dance recording. Hence I will give this a 7/10.

    Abhik – Bottom 3 – Dancing was really, good, as it always is. Some potions were really wow! However, I believe the choreography stopped this from turning into a spectacular performance. I’m going with a 8/10 for this one. (.5 less due to the lack of difficulty in this act that was further burdened by a short song that made it difficult to put in more steps)

    Sneha – Will really miss Sneha. This being her last solo performance, hoped this could have turned into something spectacular, but unfortunately that was not to be. I wish her all the best, and can’t wait to look forward to her final jodi performance. Goodbye one of the best dancers of this season :(

  • Ayan Pal

    My predictions for the super 6 – Rajasmita and Abhik from Geeta Ki Gang, Sanam and Mohena from Remo Ke Rangeelay, and Pradeep and Raghav from Terrence ki Toli. Neerav and Vaibhav must leave. They have wasted enough time and in the process wasted others from getting their due (Shafeer, Piyali, Sneha should have been here instead of these 2. Even Paul desererved to stay longer than any of them. Please vote them out before another deserving dancer is forced to leave the show.

  • Shamik Chanda

    Guyys… Who do u think wil go the next week?? I think it wiil be vaibhav..!!

    • virginie

      Ya, rightfully, it should be him…

      • dancefan2012

        Hopefully, I get an update about it as I got to know, there are some major changes happening and the some portion of program is going to be re-shot…..

      • priyam

        Yeah, he is the one who must go…….

  • indu k

    i have been reading all of your comments for so long. Finally decided to join in with mine……..

    According to me, the two over-hyped dancers this season are Sanam and Raghav. Its really hard for me to see them in Top 4 week after week. Sanam has been doing the shirtless act for so long now that its downright irritating. And i am totally tired of the slow-motion step.

    I know there are lots of fans for Raghav. But can anyone point out a single performance of his – solo or duet, in which he has not used his signature step? Ya, he is great. But this is not a competition about the most innovative step, right?

    For me the top 3 are Pradeep, Rajasmita and Mohena. i dont know who will the fourth finalist. If they consider only dance, then it should be Abhik. But practically speaking, i think it will be Raghav/Sanam.

    Coming to this weeks performance, my bottom three are Vaibhav (when will be go?), Neerav and Sanam.

    why does Pradeep continue to get a low rank despite a power packed performance week after week? Even the judges don’t give him so many positive comments. Are they preparing for his elimination?
    Maybe because he does not do any melodrama like Sanam and Raghav? Abhik, Pradeep are very quiet and composed. maybe that’s why zee tv does not want them.

    i really miss Shafeer.His was pure dance and no Bakwaas.

    • virginie

      I also believe the 2 first finalists should be Pradeep and Mohena (1st and 2nd position either of them) and then, to occupy 3rd and 4th positions, it could be any of them, Raghav, Sanam, Abhik or Rajasmita.

      I really feel Rajasmita is overrated… If being original, creative and having an inimitable signature step (Raghav) is not a requirement to win DID, being a strong girl able to carry heavy weight has never been a requirement to win DID either…

      I would like to see Rajasmita doing anything else than energy, strength and and smile packed – or circus – performances…
      When will Rajasmita do half of what Mohena is doing???

      I would also like Sanam to put more effort in his dance.

      I know Raghav is doing his best and the huge crowd of followers cannot be all wrong… Including me… I love seeing him doing the slow motion, I just wait every time for the moment he will do it, as the half lack of his followers do!!!

      And Abhik is just fantastic for his age, in few years if he continues like this, he could win DID…

      I think Vaibhav was saying bye to DID by performing for his mom on stage, he must know he will go soon…

      I also miss Shafeer and Piyali, the Indian classical dancer…

    • priyam

      Very well said Tina. I fully agree with you

  • virginie

    When will Rajasmita be graceful, romantic and sexy like Sneha and Mohena? When will Rajasmita perform in grief like Mohena did in Jesus act? When??? That’s why I truly feel she is overrated. I will be very upset if she wins DID. In that case I prefer that Raghav wins! At least he shows different emotions! I am really fedup of Rajasmita’s high rank. PRADEEP AND MOHENA are the true versatile dancers of DID3!!!

  • Aamaal Naanah

    I am a huge fan of DANCE of any form,i have been reading everone’s praises,critics & also supporting their favorite dancer,i luv every1’s comment especially VIRGINE&INDU K,,,,,u 2 wuld make a wondaful judge,if given the chance(u both r neutral and critize contrutively.
    EVERY DANCER 4 DID3,hv they good quality &not so good,am srry to say i quiet agree wit d fact 1- crock boy alias RAGHAV:shuld change or bring something new,,but u all shuld dat in his profile when ask y did u want 2 win DID3”quote” i want to make my dance steps &creativity known world wide”evn if doesnt win in d show trust me he will it as a comedian,a performer,an anchor and a unique dance inventor/chreography(slow motion).2-PRADEEP:is the most verstile dancer in did3,i simply jst luv d way he usually excuted his dance&act so well..all d best..3-RAJASMITA-i admire her 4 energy,williness 2 learn &daring nature,,,but amnt comfortable wit d fact dat master geeta uses her”am srry to CIRCUS DU SOLEIL OF VEGAS OR ANYODA PART OF WORLD,cuz in dance community it’s cald gimmicks..4-SANAM:luv him 4 his confidence a nice dancer..5-MOHENA:ABHIK,=tis two r d dancer we call passionate perfomers…neerav…awesome teacher as a dancer well cnt say…vaihbav….good dancer..luv them all…and may the BEST MAN WIN WINNER.

    • priyam

      Right. May the best win.

  • Aamaal Naanah

    Croc boy have performed comtempary before,freestyle but bollywood naaahhhh…..,expect d episode where he acted as laxmi,and ravan along side with neerav &piyali(dnt sure who d female was then….

  • Shamik Chanda


    I just want to clear… Whateva rajasmita does is not circus act but its called gimmicks.. Its a form of dance..!! And cuming to fact rajasmita should match mohena and sneha i must say dat sneha is olready out and mohena is weaker then rajasmita.. She is good but rajasmita is better.. Raghav is cery good in his slow motion which he does everytym he does a solo… He is d weakest in other styles ..

    • virginie

      @ Shamik:

      I completely disagree with you.

      • virginie

        I am sooooooo bored with Rajasmita’s energetic performances and eternal smile…

    • Aamaal Naanah

      @shamik chanda

      Yes !!!!GIMMICK!!!,it’s allowed but nt alwys,e.g lifting 2 gas cylinder,lifting circus bar,,hopping &laying down for cinema shooting carriage over u and finally,,,d puppet show,,i hv seen so many of dat in BROADWAY SHOWS &AS EARLIER POSTED ”CIRCUS DU SOLEILS”i knw deep down in my heart dat rajasmita is a verstile dancer and can make impossible act to possible..
      I knw master geeta is trying her best to be innovative and also win d competition…nd i wish her d best….

  • virginie


    • DIDFollower

      Even Sanam’s performances are also like circus!!

  • Shamik Chanda

    @virginie: but my dear this is a form of dancing called gimmicks.. This is included in dance..

    • virginie

      What is the issue if it’s called gimmicks? Still I saw a very similar act in a circus, a foreign circus, to be precise. Besides, Geeta herself was saying sorry for it, no?

      And when I said that I want to see Rajasmita doing half of what Mohena has done, I really mean it. You might disagree with me but you cannot deny the fact that Mohena has tried many different styles and Rajasmita, besides her 2 circus acts, is always doing the same thing.

      You will not convince me of the contrary because I have my own brains and judgement. And I try to be impartial. Mohena is not my favorite, still I cannot accept that Rajasmita is better than her because that is not what I see.

      And you should respect my opinion. Everybody has the right to disagree. That’s why this is a forum. Many persons, many opinions.

      Discussion closed.

      • Shamik Chanda

        Thnks.. U got d point..!!

  • priyam

    Would have been nice to see Kruti and Abhik dance together. Kruti is such a beautiful dancer and I think that she is one of the most talented classical dancer who has perfomed in DID.

  • Amirah Aaliyah abdullahi

    Hey guys,ma msg myt b late but is nided,a beautiful performance realy,4 pradeep,he is a very good dancer n energetic,4 raghav,raghavs dance was beautiful bt i agree dt d laser lyts ddnt realy bring out d beauty ov d dance,bt very beautiful,n as 4 rajasmit :|,i agree wit @virgine n @amaal,is realy a circus dance,n 4 oda dancers nyc dancing.n 1 more point pls dunt blame d dancers,i thnk deir masters 2 r 2 blame as @amaal said.

    • virginie

      Thanks Amirah :) And you are very right in what you say!

  • Admin

    I just wanted to highlight one of the rules which you guys here are ignoring.

    “Spam, Abuse and Personal Attacks will lead to immediate ban. ”

    Don’t test me.

    • Aamaal Naanah


      THANKS for d hightlight again,cuz some pple hv turn dis forum fr their ”ANGER MANAGMENT CLASS”&dis is really dishearting for enlightening individual nd matured….

  • ifda taj

    i loved raghavs dance

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