Dance India Dance Season 3 21st January

Dance India Dance Season 3 21st January

Dance India Dance 21st January, Now that’s what we want to see in DID Season 3, Excellent performances by the contestants and Superb choreography by the masters. We can not pick a must watch for today, all the performances were excellent and we are hungry for more. Without much delay enjoy the Dance India Dance Season 3 21st January episode.

Dance India Dance 21st January Performances

Remo Ke Rangeeley

Hardik Rawal and Lipsa Acharya performed Lyrical Hip Hop on the song O Meri Jaan

Mohena Singh and Sanam Johar performed on Pyar Yeh Jaane Kaisa Hai

Sanam Johar and Vaibhav Ghuge performed on Why this Kolaveri Di

Geeta Ki Gang

Paul Marshal and Rajasmita Kar performed Lyrical Hip Hop on the song Teri Meri Prem Kahani

Shafeer and Riddhika Singh performed on Dil Se Re

Abhik Banerjee and Urvashi Gandhi performed Contemporary Dance on Tera Chehra

Terence Ki Toli

Varun Kumar and Sneha Kapoor performed Salsa Dance on the song Character Dheela Hai

Pradeep Gurune, Sneha Gupta and Piyali Saha performed Contemporary Dance on Maula Ali

Best performance of the day was awarded to 3 Masters by Grand Master.

Dance India Dance Season 3 21st January part1

Dance India Dance Season 3 21st January part2

Dance India Dance Season 3 21st January part3

Dance India Dance Season 3 21st January part4

  • ayusi

    All performances were just fantastic………..
    specially 3 performances took d breathe away- ALI MAULA,shafeer riddhika nd sanam mihina
    masters really deserve khubsurat performance of d day cz they are the real heroes……….
    love u world’s best judges

  • dancefan2012

    Guys forget about the video disturbance, what mind blowing performances this week. Can’t wait to see the individual performances. Everyone rocked the floor in today’s performance. I do not know, if they are really the guys who performed last week. It was average performance last week but this week, Ohhh my god, unbelievable. Great choreography, great performance and I had great fun and enjoyment watching DID this week. Waiting for tomorrow.

  • Love

    I think DID3..every performance will be like ..WOW.
    But this time i want to enjoy..
    I cant take my head out of “Kaloveri Di”
    Nailed it..What a creativity..REMO

    Another performance i wished they have executed rightly..was “Yeh zamin ruk jaye..”..may be i love this song a lot…was expecting a lot.Geeta’s choreography but execution..BIG NOOOOOOOOO

    • Whackybanana

      Yea, today’s episode was one of the best episodes I have seen in a long time. Remo is well and truly back in the game. But I feel Hardhik will be eliminated tomorrow. Geeta also seems to have improved and she is blessed with strong dancers this time around barring Urvashi. Terence is strong as usual. This season would be a tight as all dancers are good, but none are exceptional and hence its exciting. Strong dancing and great choreography. Looking forward to the next episode. :)

      • dancefan2012

        Yes, I believe Hardhik is the one getting eliminated this week. But Remo Ke Rangele, do not loose hope

      • me.yummy

        @Whackybanana: Yup, Geeta ki Gang is strong this time except Urvashi. I just hope she doesn’t nominate Riddhika or Rajsmitha again next time!!

  • VM

    Dear Admin n Frendsssss

    In Episode 7 screened on 14 Jan, can i know the name of the song/music medley played when Dada made his appearance in the 1st group dance of the top 18. Please provide me the title.. First music was the MJ instrumental song. I wish to have the title song of the 2nd music where in Dada walks in to the top 18 dance and performs along with them.. Thanks a lot..

    • dancefan2012

      dude, how can you not know about MJ’s Smooth Criminal song. How can you forget MJ. But the version Dada appeared is a remix of the MJ’s Smooth Criminal remake. If you have not heard or seen the song, then visit this link,

      • VM

        Hi Dancefan.. thanks for replying me and I appreciate it.

        I know the name of the first part of the song, which is why I had mentioned that it is a MJ song. What I would like to know is the name of the 2nd part of the music, where the 18 contestants will make way and Dada to walk in. I love that music so much.

        If anyone knows the name pls gimme the title. Thanks..

        • dancefan2012

          Well, it is a theme music for sure or Hollywood movie background score. Not able to remember from which group. You may check the Immediate music or Audiomachine theme music list, you might find what you are looking for.

          • VM

            thanks ya Dancefan.. have been searching for this title years back.. Should u come to know of the title, u may drop me an email to

            Will try the names u provided. thanks

          • VM

            @ Dancefan 2012

            A million thanks to you.. sincerely appreciate ur reply n help in providing me the names. I have found the title of the track I had been looking for. Thanks again and have a rocking week..

        • VM
        • dancefan2012

          VM, it is Skyrim game theme.

          • VM

            @ Dancefan 2012

            A million thanks to you.. sincerely appreciate ur reply n help in providing me the names. I have found the title of the track I had been looking for. Thanks again and have a rocking week.

  • Admin

    Here is an update for those who are having problems with videos.

    • Right-click on the player > click Settings > disable Hardware Acceleration > refresh your Internet Browser.
    • Try closing your browser and re-load the video.
  • locker

    Awesome performances this week. Simply superb. contestants rocked. I liked the duet of sanam-mohena especially.

    You maintain such a huge fan site.. You rock!!
    Please post the videos of 22 January ASAP..

  • talha

    One of the greatest episode from any kind of reality show.A must watch for all dance fans.Great performances from all the contestants specially from remo k rangeeley and yes remo is back with a bang.

  • pooh304u

    best episode so far..
    love the kolaveri di,pyaar ye jaane, Maula ali & character deela hai. best perfomance of the it cant wait for the next episode..

  • mitmani

    Hello friends…
    Some facts about DID 3 till 22 Jan 2012…
    1. Mithunda is more jovial.
    2. Pradeep Gurune from Terence ki toli is the best dancing talent as per the audition.
    3. Piyali Saha should have been eliminated on 15 Jan 2012 episode.
    4. Abhik Banerjee was the weakest performer among the male on 22 Jan 2012 episode.
    5. Crokroaz(spelling?) brought new dance style which will be remembered forever.
    6. Geeta Kapoor will not tell “stupenda fanta….” to any of the contestant who belong to Remo…and Remo will not tell ‘ thatz what I call a….” to a contestant who belong to Geeta

    • JIN_BABA

      i agree with u on Piyali shah comments,
      Geeta is a biggest Jealous lol.

      Remo is a Smart Operator :p

    • dancefan2012

      Well Mitamani,
      1. Yes Dada is funny and professional.
      2. Will not accept the fact that Pradeep was the only best dancing talent as per the the audition. It will be injustice to ignore others.
      3. Yes Piyali was lucky to escape the elimination. She escaped because Chotu from Terance team was eliminated and Dada could not eliminate one more from Terence team.
      4. I will not agree Abhik was the only weak performer, I felt Hardick’s movements were not so clean as well.
      5. Crokroaz, really missing him. He would have shown us some good performances with good choreography, he was flexible and creative.
      6. what ever the reasons are, its upto masters to decide whether or not to say anything. I thing this season, masters are getting pretty well compared to last 2 seasons. Hope Remo and Geeta praise each other team members in future episodes of DID3.

  • mitmani

    and….the memory of Dharmesh still afresh in our mind


    Nice Episode.

    1st Varun & Neha performance
    She is awesoem dancer, i must say, while Varun good in Lefting.
    Mathunda tAke a Poor Decision, but he have no other choice, coz Lipsa & Nando also my favirote.

    2nd Hartic & Lipsa,
    very nice performance, I like this performance Over Geeta contestant “Paul & Rajismita Urf Nando” … i have a question here, Why Geeta not show any other dance form on Paul ??, while v all know that he is good in Hip Hop kind of DANCE.

    Sanam & Mohena Singh, Excellent Act attempt by both Strong Contestant in Remo Team, no doubt Mohena show great Emotion, but Sanam Iz Sanam, i think he do well like last Week Performance with Mohena Singh, Geeta don’t jealous with SANAM.

    Kulavari DI, perform well, good attempt, last moments funny coz of Off Beat issues lol, i notice Geeta not express openly when she comments on SANAM Johar. Geeta not gud thing, don’t underestimate when u comment on SANAM :@,
    JAI Bechary ki Wath laga dyty hy yh log :)

    Redikha Shafeer … Strong Perfomance, Shafeer my favirote in Geeta ki GANG, coz of his strongnest & yet show his verstility, Radikha really Impressed everyone.

    Neha ji, pardeep & Piyali, nice performance, i felt this week, Piyali was lucky, coz last week, she & urvashi were Save, & this time, due to this kind of Choreography she is save again.


    Urveshi & Piyali, should go next week, bad luck for Neha kapoor :(

    • dancefan2012

      Terance did a mistake by not sending Piyali for the face off. Maybe he thought of not sending the contestant 2nd consecutive week. That would have been unfair. But things turned out ugly.

  • me.yummy

    Superb episode!! :) I hope things stay this way. Riddhika and Shafeer did a brilliant job and so did Vaibhav. Mohena was excellent today but I want to see her try some other style next time. Paul and Abhik are strong dancers. But Abhik was paired with a weak dancer. Poor him…I felt he was romancing a plastic doll.
    Sneha’s salsa was cute!! Terence’s Ali maula act was good, but not fantastic. The starting piece was very creative but the rest of the performance didn’t match up to the beginning. The shoulder drag and Pradeep’s high-jump(?) were great and the end was good. The girls in his team, except Sneha(salsa girl), are not strong this time.


    I think something is going wrong in Dance India Dance season 3 because Sneha kapoor was Awsome dancer but now she is out of show thats not good happened and on the other hand Urvashi Gandhi is not very good dancer but still she is in the show thats hurt ………a lot and one more think Chotu lohar was outstanding dancer and again now he is out of show thats realy bad happened on DID3 i m not saying this i m Judge but please do your judgment carefuly

  • ushasunder

    Dance India Dance season 3 rocks, all d choreo gurus r splendid. D dancers selected r well trained n work hard too. Sneha kapur need not hv bn eliminated d wk b4, if der was a tie btn d two male dancers it cd hv bn btn d female dancers too……….anyways d show must go on, finally der will hv 2 be only one WINNER


    Dance India Dance season 3 rocks,Very Nice Performance the All…And Master is Very Biggest… And Mithunda is Most Important Part Of DID…………

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