Dance India Dance Season 3 1st April

Dance India Dance Season 3 1st April

Dance India Dance Season 3 1st April, Today’s episode for focused on Indian Dances. All the contestants performed colorful indian dances. In today’s Faceoof Rajismita faced Mohena in Hop Hop Style while Abhik faced Pradeep in Locking and Popping Style. Today’s episode includes the most awaited performance of Terence Lewis on the song Teri Deewani in contemporary Style.

Dance India Dance 1st April Performances

Abhik Banerjee and Rajasmita Kar performed Karkatam (Tamil Folk) on the song Randaka Randaka from Tamil from movie Anniyan

Neerav , Raghav Crocroaz and Pradeep Gurune performed Yakshagana (Karnataka Folk) on the song Rukmani Rukmani from movie Roja

Mohena Singh and Sanam Johar performed Mayilattam and Bharatanatyam fusion (Tamil Folk) on the song San Sanana San from Movie Asoka

Master Terence gave a special performance on the DID stage in Contemporary style on song Preet Ki lat Mohe Aisi Lagi – Kailash Kher


Rajasmita Kar and Mohena Singh performed Hip-Hop and B-Boying on the remix song Crazy Kiya Re movie Dhoom 2

Abhik Banerjee and Pradeep Gurune performed Locking and Popping on the remix song Main Aisa Kyun Hoon from movie Lakshya

We are aware of the video cracking issue in part1 and 2. It is because of poor signal quality and we will fix it during the week. Please do not make extra comments for this.

Dance India Dance Season 3 1st April part1

Dance India Dance Season 3 1st April part2

Dance India Dance Season 3 1st April part3

Dance India Dance Season 3 1st April limelight

  • Bindi Patel

    Sanammmmmmmm <3

    • kul gurung

      Pardip Gurung is one of the Versatile dancer and yesterday dance of competition also fantastic and Grand Salute from me …………….

      • esposa


        • virginie


          • Jaynesh L

            rajasmita is the best and will win

  • virginie

    Thanks admin! You know I got a still of Terence’s performance that I put on my desktop 2 days back, it’s almost like this one you put :)

  • Whackybanana

    Thank you for the videos Admin. And dancefan2012 and virginie lemme know how I can find and add you guys from the dance india dance facebook page. Cheers!

    • Fazee Perz

      Hiii Whacky me ols0 want 2 na plzzz 😀

      • Whackybanana

        Of course Fazee Perz, but I have no idea as to how to find you guys. Lemme know after you finish watching the show. Cheers!

        • Fazee Perz

          My user name on fb is Fazeena Persaud :)…….vry easy 2 find on the Dance India Dance page since I like ol the p0sts :) thk u vry much :)

          • dancefan2012

            Guys its the fan page and individual chat or blog is not possible. You can always get in touch with me through the email address

        • virginie

          whacky, go to the facebook page, i have just shared 2 videos on my wall. If you know me, you will know which videos and you will find me :) Send me a message with mentioning who you are.

          Even better, admin or dancefan2012, you have access to our email addresses, could you please send my email to whacky and his email to me? thank you!

          And dancefan2012, yours too if you wish, I will be glad :)

    • Mehnaaz

      @Whacky add me to the DID fb page too!!!
      my username is Mehnaaz Mohiuddin

  • Jude Kelly

    Hello guys. I am a dance teacher from a famous dance school in Australia. One of my Indian students advised me to watch this program.
    Ive watched the whole DID in a weekend and i am very very impressed with the choreography.
    Its just amazing how beautiful choreography are being set.
    The contestants are very very good but im particularly impressed with a girl, her name is Rajasmita
    When i saw her first performance i knew she will be the winner
    But today i fail to understand how today the judge preferred to give Mohena Best performance among the girls
    Its completely biased decision as Mohena did nothing impressive apart from doing what we call CHEERLEADING
    Mohena’s stunts were completely dull and even her last somersault was out of sync

    Whereas rajasmita B-Boying style was out of this world. I have never seen a girl doing so many stunts and a hollow-back in 30 seconds.

    Its a pity for me to watch because it is such a good show but contestants are misjudged!

    • Whackybanana

      Wow, its great to hear from a trained dancer on how the performances were. Although am not a trained dancer like you, I agree with your views. Rajasmita did a lotta amazing stunts in her allotted time. It’s true though that she lacked the spunk needed for the dance, but that could be due to her general lack of confidence. After watching this show over the 3 seasons, I feel everybody has their own standards of judging a contestant. Some say all round personality, others say X-Factor, then there is versatility and of course there is just the dance as well. A midst all these metrics I am confused as well. It would be great if you could comment on future episodes as well. It would be great to hear about the contestants from the perspective of a trained dancer. Am sure your response must have made the Admin and Dancefan2012 very happy. Cheers!

      • Whackybanana

        Shit I used too many “wells” in that comment. Sorry. 😀

    • virginie

      Actually, this type of dance is the forte of Rajasmita and it was new for Mohena.

      • Whackybanana

        I understand the “dance ka takkar” can be interpreted in many ways. Mohena defenitely brought the heat to the show with her attitude and sharp movements. But I have never seen any female contestant on DID doing half the stunts what Rajasmita attempted today. It was crazy. But then she lacked the attitude to go with this sorta performance while Mohena nailed it. To each his own I guess.

    • dancefan2012

      @ Jude Kelly – I do not know whether you are a dance teacher or not but I will definitely say that you very well know the techniques involved in Hip-Hop and B-Boying.

      I also welcome you to our website. Please watch and enjoy the videos. As this is the first time you are logged into this website, I would recommend you to watch the videos from DID season 2 which has more wonderful choreography than what you saw in this season.

      You will get loads of tips on dance moves.

    • riti patnaik

      Rajasmita is the best and most versatile dancer in did….as for dance ki takkar ..the camera just takes closeups of mohena while dancing whenver she dances hiphop

      “she makes those pouted and crooked mouth and blows a kiss…”

      while the camera doesnt zoom at all on rajasmitas face….there are many faults in mohenas dance and it gets visible when both of them do the same steps…
      she doesnt complete the steps at all and the landing is
      terrible…mithunda please stop giving biased judgements ..people are not fools..RAJASMITA U RULE HEARTS OF PEOPLE AND SO U ARE NO 1

  • virginie

    So 1st there were some recaps of the best performance of 5 contestants, and this is what I summarized of it:

    Rajasmita (puppets): 3 times chumeshvari

    Raghav (smooth operator performance): Terence said, “Steps, anyone can do, but the feel, non one can like him.”

    Pradeep (Singham): high praises from all

    Sanam (mirror performance – half body painted with the veins): good praises

    Mohena (the model): Praises from all masters…

    Then the 3 masters started flirting with the hosts of DID and Mithun Da seemed not to get it 😉 or maybe that was the script?

    Then came the performances:

    Rajasmita and Abhik =
    Both were very good, but I felt Abhik was even better than Rajasmita (even Terence felt the same), Abhik has more extensions than Rajasmita, more elevations, and at the end Rajasmita was a litle clumsy sitting on Abhik… Otherwise both had very good synch, excellent energy, Abhik did it so brilliantly that he seemed effortless, but at the end of the performance he was exhausted, could not breathe properly and very emotional… Congrats to both.

    Raghav, Pradeep and Neeraav =
    Fantastic team performance, I felt the best were Raghav (surprisingly excellent in this new form of dance for him that has nothing to do with slow motion) and Pradeep. Raghav was even giving better expressions (well, he is expressive) than all of them. Raghav just need to build muscles and this angel will fly!

    Very well deserved most desired performance of the day. Terence was very happy that they got it :) and me too.

    Then a too long joke with Jay, it became boring….

    Mohena and Sanam =
    Unfortunately, they missed the synch… Yes it was so difficult and innovative with the darkness and spots on them painted in fluorescent colors… Nice concept but added difficulty… But the lack of synch made me not connect too much. At least Sanam did not show his nude chest 😉 I did not see much what was the use of the peacock feathers, they did not seem peacocks top me, nor Radha-Krishna’s dance… But despite that, it was an interesting performance.

    Then the so awaited performance of Terence… :) :)
    He is simply magical and sensual. I have no words… Well, I have some I will try to use to describe (if possible) his magical dance: elegance, beautiful muscular body, grace, strength, smoothness, team-work, innovation, continuity, magic, aesthetics, beauty, majesty, feelings, sensuality, expressions, emotions, he gives all he has in his dance, his heart was there… To me he seems like a feline, Terence has the grace and strength of a panther or a lion…

    He shown also that he is so humble, putting his head on the floor to Mithun Da, moving everyone, being so loving and affectionate to everyone…

    Terence is an amazing dancer, an amazing choreographer and an amazing human being…

    Then there was the face to face between boys and girls, though at the end it was more about which girl and which boy are better…

    Rajasmita versus Mohena =
    That was the type of dance Rajasmita excels, her forte, and she did it very well but to me she was a bit masculine. Her military uniform actually suited her… But she lacks grace.
    Mohena performed brilliantly because she could match the energy of Rajasmita though it’s not at all Mohena’s forte. She proved once more her versatility.

    All masters said they were both number one, Rajasmita for her strength and Mohena for her grace, but Mithun Da said at the end that Mohena was better, and I agree with him.

    Geeta was very happy that girls are holding 1st and 2nd positions, I find it also very nice as they are less in number (Terence does not have anyone now)

    Abhik versus Pradeep =
    Both danced a style which was not their forte, thus it was a challenge for both. Both were very good. I am surprised with Abhik, he is being so good these last performances, though to me Pradeep was better, more sharper and it was also the choice of Mithun Da.

    Terence is so generous, despite Abhik is in Geeta’s team and Pradeep was his competitor, he told Abhik that he is his favorite!

    Actually, today, all the masters and the grand-master were fair.

    Dancefan2012, were you referring to this phone call where a lady said “I love you” to Terence and Mithun Da was jealous and she also said “I love you” to Mithun, but “Dada ke bachi hu”? LOL

    • Anand Bhandari

      Astounding performance by Pradip. Looking forward how this marvel unfurls.

  • Fazee Perz

    Thx Admin……

    I think today’s perf0rmance was great…..but Rajasmita was totally outstanding n way better than Mohena…….Pradeep better than Abhik but overall the perf0rmances were great :) it was a treat 2 watch Terrence Sir perf0rmance <3……..als0 thk u Admin 4 sharing tht video on ur fb page s0 I could've d0wnloaded on ma m0bile :D……….keep up the grt j0b :)

  • virginie

    So, Amirah, how did you like Terence’s performance? :)

    • Amirah Aaliyah abdullahi

      @ virginie I agree wit Uя comments. уσυ knw уσυ make a wonderful judge 4rm wat I hv studied.

      • virginie

        Amirah, thank you so so much for your appreciation :)

  • piyush

    why is abheek always out of limelight ??.. in spite of being most versatile of all ..and the face off decision was also unfair..Rajasmita will and should win.

    • Whackybanana

      Yea, I found it weird as well that only those 5 dancers were shown. WTF should Abhik and Neerav do? I know that those are the top 5 voted contestants, but then those 2 are also in the show.

      Another glitch was the editing. After Terence’s performance he was like I want to say sommit when Mithun cut him off. And then he couldn’t say a word. Atleast edit the videos properly.

  • dancefan2012

    Guys hope you enjoyed the Videos today. Yes videos are bit broken but it will be fixed soon. So here is my review,

    Abhik and Rajismita – Karkatam (Tamil Folk) – The song selection was very bad. Karkatam is danced on a slow song and heavy beat. The beat was so fast that it did not suit the dance style. Rajismita was too fast and off beat in few place. Abhik was better than Rajismita on this performance

    Yakshagana (Karnataka Folk)- Ragahv, Pradeep and Neerav – I have seen the act live and yes the dance is less on the act and drama protion is more. Terence has fused it with good dance steps because of the song selection. Terence was the only master who could have done this as he is from Karnataka and knows about that form than other 2 masters. It was the best group performance in today’s show.

    Mayilattam and Bharatanatyam fusion (Tamil Folk) – Sanam and Mohena – I felt the Bharatanatyam portion were less compared to Mayilattam. The concept was nice but the execution was lame. Credit for Master Remo for thinking of the concept. Debit for the contestants for messing up the performance.


    1. Mohena and Rajasmita – Rajasmitha did B-Boying and Hip-Hop. Mohena did only Hip-Hop but with attitude. Verdict – Rajasmita was better than Mohena

    2. Abhik and Pradeep – Body popping with bits of locking. Abhik did more of locking session with popping and Pradeep did breaking and popping and bit of locking. Verdict – Pradeep was better than Abhik

    Good thing about today’s performance was that we got to see the south Indian folk on the DID stage and the face-off was the stealer of the day.

    • tina

      dance 2012 again as always agree with each of your line
      In the face off Raj was better and Mohena did slip off. They were clearly not equal, again could see Mohena’s attitude along with her dance. I think just because she cried yesterday she got the goodie bag.

      Sanam-Mohena messed their dance big time. It was not at all visual pleasure. Acc to me bottom 3 should be

      and neerav

      but I know in reality bottom three will be
      abhik and

      right dance 2012??

  • Amirah Aaliyah abdullahi

    @ virginie I love d performance,d performance was bohut bohut,kiabat,so sweet,terence potrayed d qualities ov a wonderful,talented n skilled choreographer n a dancer.I can’t stop watching his dance,I mean I downloaded ιт n can’t still gєт bored ov watching ιт.

    • virginie

      Same here Amirah! :)

      • Amirah Aaliyah abdullahi

        Ya,veryyy still loving ιт

  • Aamaal Naanah

    @virginie,,,hi,,,so ur comment i total agree with u on ur comments abt rajasmita and abhiks performers,,RAGHAV welldone i was speechless 4 me it was d best performs 2day,cro boy is jst a streesless dancer(smooth operator)he has jst proven dat he isnt only a brilliant dancer nd techinal performer….MASTER TERRENCES i really……… (xce)i dnt knw may it’s only me,i loved it(awesome,breathtaking,magical nd danm sexy,sizzling nd spicy(d 3 S…… LOL)…..

    • virginie

      Ya dear, agree 200% with you! 😉

  • tina

    abhik-Rajasmita- very nice , superb energy, kudos for again taking a difficult step. I strongly believe with all master Abhik should not be bottom 3.

    Raghav-Neerav-Pradeep- all 3 were superb, since all faces were painted expression was not noticable. Geeta rightly pointed, I have always felt Raghav’s arms are a bit loose whenever he performs something. Neerav just rode safely by performing with these two. GM master should have praised Pradeep a bit more.

    GM is a bit racist – does nor compliment much people from south or the hills.

    Sanm-Mohena= loss of sync in so many places, not at all visual pleasure. if the perform was completely in dark then why carry such huge peacock feathers and not utilize. anyways kudos for dancing in dark. Again not a good performance

    Raj-Mohena- rajs did more difficult steps whcih terrance sir rightly poined out and in the end mohena slipped her step but Raj finished smoothly, would rate raj slightly high over mohena, but bother are stronger than any ale contestants of DID3

    abhik-pradeep- both superb equally well, again both abhik and Pradeep shouldnot b in bottom 3.

    I do not agree with Mithunda who made wrong decisions all the way the mohena was better as she clearly slipped off in the last step. Her crying yesterday won her a bunch of goodies today.

    was there no takkar between the bottom three-raghav, sanam, and neerav

    • dancefan2012

      There face off will be next week…

      We will get to know the TOP 6 next week and they will get to wear the Golden Feather on their cap.

      There is too much of time available for the show now with just 6 contestants left from next Saturday. So each masters will be performing one performance each Sunday and also the face off will cover the time.

      If you are going to watch the performance on the channel be ready to watch more advertisements between the performances as they need to kill the extra time.

      If you want to save time and want to watch just the performances then come back here next week and Yes there is a surprise next week……..

      @Virginie – I finally see you liking the posts on the FB. I would like to see others and your friends as well. Lets get the fan count increased.

      Also who are already a fan on the site. Thank You 4 all of your support as we crossed 21K fans on the FB site today.

      • Whackybanana

        Dancefan2012, when is Dada going to use his veto power? Or will he not use it? You always keep me on my toes till the next episode with the revelation of a surprise the following week. Give us some hints. 😀

        • Fazee Perz

          I ols0 want 2 knw the same……when is the vet0 p0wer g0ing 2 be utilized??????? @ Dancefan we r loyal supporters of this page n the fb page as well…..s0 plz give s0me hints na 😀

          @ whacky we’ll get 2 see Shafeer at finale……tht I’m sure of…..but I can’t say if it will be as a c0ntestant in DID once again or as a past c0ntestant……..

          • Whackybanana

            How are you so sure Fazee? Do you know Shafeer?

          • dancefan2012

            You will loose interest in the show if you know what’s going to happen…

            The Veto will be used and it will the biggest surprise 4 all of you, so stayed tuned and keep guessing what’s that going to be…You might even say first time Dada did something good in the show of DID season 3 :smile:

        • Fazee Perz

          Hehehehe whacky em shafeer’s #1 fan n supporter,,,,if u add me on fb I pr0mise I’ll introduce u 2 him :)…..he’s a grt young man wit a d0wn 2 earth pers0nality :)

      • virginie

        pls send me a message to my fb inbox :)

        • sri_valere

          dancefan2012 : My guess is Sanam (mostly) or Mohena gets eliminated and Dada uses VETO power as surprise. ?? :) is that the best use of veto ?

          BTW, I have been reading all of the comments and are you seem to know more of upcoming events in the show. Are you associated with the show in some ways ? Ex contestant or staff etc ??

      • tina

        we already know which two will be out – it is abhik and Neerav, right??

        Abhik should have stayed but zee is not making any conscious efforts to keep good dancers back.

        Also, there is a difference between surprise and shock

        I hope GM surprises us by bringing shafeer back( which I now think wont happen)…I am more ready for a shock from Mithunda coz that is what he has been giving us this DID3…countless mistakes…latest being crowning Mohena over Raj as most viewers over here and FB has expressed that Raj was better in dance ka takkar, where level of dance was considered.

        • Whackybanana

          Completely agree with you Tina. :)

    • prabhat pujari

      Not totally agree with u.. Raghav is from North and he got praised by dada..

  • Whackybanana

    I miss Jin Baba though. Where the heck is he? :-/

  • Ranna

    Why no one can see that Rajasmita does good gymnastic posture. Dance means combination of nritya, Gan and Abhinay. If one look at to days performances, Abhik’s Expressions and Hand movements/position were far much better then Rajsmita.rajsmita just keeps smiling. Mohena is always very graceful dancer. her entire body speakes and moves with her Eyes. Unfortunately Rajsmita can not show much on the face. That is the only reason her best was the Puppet show where no one is seeing her face. To day I will give credit to Raghav who was not as good as Pradeep but was different then his repeated typical slow motion. … Mohena and sanam’s performance was very good but darkness took away the charm of real pecock. There shoud have been two light shades so one can see the Mayurpankh and the face expression….

    • virginie

      Very right on your review, Ranna… Terence said that Abhik was better than Rajasmita on today’s performance though, and I also felt the same…
      I also keep on saying that the 2 minus points of Rajasmita are
      1) Lack of facial expressions (always a happy smile on)… Mohena is very expressive
      2) Lack of feminine grace… Mohena has a lot of it
      If Rajasmita could improve these 2 things, she would be an awesome dancer.

      • jasmine11

        @virginie, I agree with you about Rajasmita’s lack of facial expressions other than the constant smile. I have agreed with this observation of yours in the past episodes as well. She has great flexibility and excels in the gymnastic postures. However, as Ranna noted, a dance performance is about more than that.. I will use Ranna’s words.. a combination of nritya, Gan and AbhinayI. Mohena tries to bring the feel of a performance through her expressions and feelings, in addition to dancing.
        The fact that Geeta gives performances with props does not help her either. There was one with that big some sort of gymnastics/exercise equipment. Then the chance of incorporating expressions/feelings in a contemporary piece was missed… by giving her the candles. When you are blowing the candles, you are somewhat exempt from the expressing. Plus, the whole candles bit was not thematically or meaningfully associated with the song. Geeta shouldn’t just add a prop for the sake of adding something. I still remember two of Urvashi’s performances. When the majority performed in the style of their forte, once Urvashi was given some ring, and another time, she was given that big heavy circular thing. Apart from the household-material round, I think there was one more occasion when Rajasmita was given something. Geeta should try to provide more dance-based pieces rather than prop-based pieces.
        Anyway, virginie, I appreciate your thoughts. I have been in agreement with your feedback for the past episodes of the season. Will try to find on the fb page.
        Also, really liked Terence’s performance. I will repeat what I had said earlier… I am totally inspired by Terence, from his personality to his abilities as a mentor, master, dancer, choreographer, entertainer, judge, and person. I feel he has been one of the most genuine persons on the show, or at least this season. And from the way he interacts or carries himself on the show, I can actually see the goodness in him as a person. This to Master Terence – thank you for being a part of the show, and most of all for your genuineness, candor, integrity, kindness, and respect towards all on the show.

        • virginie

          I will also like to be in touch with you on facebook. You are too kind :)

          • jasmine11

            @virginie – Great, I will send a note to the admin of this site to see if they can help us connect a bit more confidentially (as opposed to us doing so on this public forum). Btw, if by a remote chance you live in va, then I would be your neighbor of sorts.

          • virginie

            No dear, I do not live there… :(
            Please admin, help Jasmine11 and me to connect :)

      • Aamaal Naanah

        @ RANA nd VIRGINIE,,,total second nd agree with both of u,in respect to 1-rajasmita’s facial expression(especially d two points dat was previously highlighted by rana….AND also 2-raghav shuld work on his hand posture and position…..except for dis few flaws,including other contestants( dancers) actually almost or every dancers have their own weak point(flaws).EXCEPT for dat there r all masters in there own genre…XOXO a all d contestant…

  • jasmine11

    On a non-dance-related note, you know.. if Terence and Saumya are not dating anyone or do not have a significant other, they should consider going out on a date.
    You know who else I thought was a good match for Terence – Kulraj Randhawa, who had come on the show a few episodes ago. She was beautiful, eloquent, and intelligent, just like Saumya. If Saumya is not available, then Terence should consider asking out Kulraj.
    Well, given Terence’s personality, talent, and looks, there may already be many women who would be trying to go out/be with Terence. But Terence, above is something for you to consider.

    • Whackybanana

      Wow, you started with dance and then went on to Terence’s personal life. I agree with your comments 100%. Now that you brought it up, yea she has been dancing with sommit or the other most of the time. And the one time recently she didn’t with the candles, she didn’t do all that well. Its true. While mohena has been trying new things and she does emote very well.

      I was reading your “non dance-related note” and it sounded so funny. It’s like you know Terence and all the named women very well. I am sure Terence has the swagger to make a better pick than all our heads put together. “Above is sommit for you to consider” I was just imagining Terence reading that comment, he would ROFL. 😀 😀

      • jasmine11

        Touche! :)

        • Whackybanana

          It just hit me now, you took a few names but, why not you? You seem to be in total awe of Terence, why not take a shot? 😛

          • jasmine11

            Heh. Kind of you to suggest so. Indeed, I am in awe of Terence, and thus would want to wish him somebody really special or extraordinary. (The fact that I wouldn’t stand a chance is besides the point. 😛 Nor would I wish to have a chance for the aforementioned reason. :) ) Thanks for the great suggestion though. :)

  • nazishk

    OK so i watched today’s episode…. it was good. I especially liked dance ke takkar but truly think that Rajsmita was better than Mohena. In my opinion she is a much stronger dancer than Mohena .. hmm I guess Mithun didn’t want Mohena to start crying again 😀
    As of performances… I liked almost all of them.. for me Pradeep, Neerav and Raghav were awesome today…. they deserved to win performance of the day title.
    Over all it was a good episode… I don’t know if am going to post comments here again. I just don’t feel the same for season 3 like I used to for season 1 and 2.

    Have fun people!!!

    • Whackybanana

      I feel the same Nazishk. But I look forward to reading your comments. So do post em, even if they are short or are replies to other comments. Thanks. :)

      • nazishk

        Awww that’s so nice of you…:) Ok I will keep posting comments here :)


        • dancefan2012

          Dude, we would like to see your comments. So yes, please do not stop. We all know that this season of DID is lame but again can’t help with that.

          Please look forward for DID Lil’ masters, this season will be rocking as very bold and amazing kids have been selected, also they are very funny, who likes to give answer on Judge’s face.

          • nazishk

            :) Yup i can’t wait for DID lil masters to start either.. it will be more fun and hilarious. I hope Manish is the host he is really good with the kids.

            Thanks guys!!

  • Fazee Perz

    Dancefan we r not asking 4 a lot….just a little…….:D u knw like tell us if Veto will be used 4 one of the current contestant or s0meone in the past….thts ol :D……

    …Surprise…I’ll be surprised if Pradeep g0t voted out but I’ll be happy if he gets saved by veto power…….

    • dancefan2012

      Stay tuned… 😈

      • Fazee Perz

        Dancefan2012…..okie I will……:D

  • Bhavisha Natha

    Terence – your dance was awesome, fell off my chair when i see you dancing.. mei teri deewani hu..

    • Aamaal Naanah

      i have always loved dat song MERI TERI DEEWANI by kalisah even if my hindi is quiet poor,,,,but last night after master terrence performance am hooked on it…..cuz d act was flawless,expression all time favorite nd remarkable act…HE DID JUSTICE TO D SONG..WOW:…

      • virginie

        Dear Aamal, do you know where I can get all those beautiful songs? (I love most of the songs chosen by Terence)

  • Kashmiri kadam

    i strongly felt that Rajasmita was well deserving to win dance ki takkar. I was shocked with the result when DADA supported Mohina.. she is good but not the Best.

    Guys, Please Please Please vote for Rajasmita.. She is well deserving.

    Were as, Ranchi ki Rajkumari get more support from her hometown Ranchi but Rajasmita has support from all around the country. Even in abroad her talent is much appreciated and well admired. Even Pradip is awesome dancer too.

    For me the list goes as

    1) Rajasmita
    2) Pradip
    3) Abhik
    4) Raghav
    5) Mohina
    6) Sanam
    7) Neeraj

    I wonder what Neeraj is still doing in dis competition.. Vaibhav was better than him.

    • Aamaal Naanah

      @ kashmiri kadam,,,,i total agree with u in respect to neerav &vaibhav,,,vaibhav is a better dancr than neerav….SORRY to other forum member than may disagree with me….neerav was just a waste of space,time nd energy,,,he is teacher but nt a good dancer,i think varun,paul and vaibhav are much stronger than him…am jst sad dat there journey came to an end pretty early…for them to showcase themselves.loved ur comments….

      • virginie

        Neerav has been eliminated…

    • riti patnaik

      @Kashmiri kadam

    • dancefan2012

      Mohina is from Reva not Ranchi. Ranchi Ki RajKumari was Alisha (Not a Princess but was termed as) from 1st season of DID.

  • HostMaama

    WOW…Pradeep & Abhik, what a performance. I loved it. You are my number 1 and 2.

  • sambeed panigrahi

    First things first, it was delightful to watch Terrence sir perform for the sheer amount of sincereity that he lent to his performance and the devotion with which he danced on the stage, paying attention to the minutest of details in terms of expressing the overall spiritual mood of the song , his nimble and smooth flares, and not to forget the humility with which he thanked the general audience and his mates for their support.

    My heart goes out to Pradeep who is such an amazing dancer and so clinical in his approach towards any dance form that he performs, alwys bringing something new and fresh to the table. And also kudos to abhik, who is highly highly under rated but has just amazed with his array of performances in the last few weeks.

    About the battle between rajasmita and Mohena, i have seen some people argue that it being the forte of Rajasmita she should have expressed it with more panache but would like to draw your attention towards the sour and sullen expressions of Mohena when she landed wrongly at the end of the last somersault, also when she entered the stage,there was a general sense of discomfort throughout to be noticed in her face. So if you guys expect Rajasmita to be perfect in her craft of beboying, same should be expected from mohena when it comes to her facial expressions. i would just like to draw your attention towards the performance of rajasmita where she was performing with that 35kgs circular ring and when she had a fall, she got up without the anxiety n discomfort on her face, but that discomfort was shining through Mohena’s face when she had a bad fall at the last somersault….not to add some lame moves as compared to some reaaly really slick moves by rajasmita..the balance with which she did the half touch..amazed me no bounds..for me the top order would be ..Rajasmita..Pradeep and Abhik..what Travis was to so you think you can dance Pradeep is to DID3..and abhik..highly under rated..but like wine.gets better with every shot..hope the people vote on the basis of the range of individual contestants..rather that some parochial and fake metrics….

    • virginie

      I believe people vote for how they are MOVED by a performance or a performer, and in order to be moved, many elements should be present, already described above…

      That is exactly what we say about the great Rajasmita, she cannot show emotions on her face (besides a happy smile), she is maybe shy or it just may be her personality, and it suits very much the energetic type of dance she performs and the dance forms that require to wear a mask, but it does not suit contemporary…

      In order hand, carrying 35 kilos is not a requirement to perform on DID, neither to win.

      Just please go through the very accurate comments of Rana and Jasmine on this same page.

      I wish that Rajasmita could improve her facial expressions and her grace. If she does not improve that, I personally do not believe she deserves to be number 1. Though she highly deserves to be top 4.

      In other hand, in order to praise one’s favorite contestant, I do not find it fair speaking ill about another contestant…

      It is a fact that all the contestants have nice personalities and all dream to win, they are all human beings with feelings, their fans too dream that their favorite contestant wins…

      So let’s us try to say the things constructively in order not to hurt anyone. I know it’s difficult, but let’s give it a try :)

      And I agree that Abhik is under rated.

      • smith24

        For today’s face off, it was a hip hop theme.
        What Rajasmita did was mainly Breakdancing commonly known as BBoying, which is part of Hip Hop.
        I was very much impressed with her as, despite being a girl, she did things that even i cannot do: consecutive somersaults, downrock, baby freeze, hollow back etc etc

        What Drama Queen sorry Drama Princess Mohena did not relate to hip hop in any way! It was mainly free style. The only hip hop steps that she did was:
        a. an airchair (it is normally done with one hand but she insulted it by doing it with 2 hands)
        b. A few locking steps (in which overexpression and arrogance predominated the steps)
        c. A somersault at the end where she completely missed it and again drama queen showed it on her face.

        For me rajasmita was way better than Mohena!
        And also take a look at the DID facebook page, where many other people voted that Rajasmita was better!

        • dancefan2012

          B-Boying = Break-dancing absolutely correct but the term Break-dance is used by media and the correct dance term is B-Boying.

          What I think is Virgine is trying to say is Attitude Vs Expression. Yes Expression doesn’t count on B-Boying but Attitude is needed in Hip-Hop (As it is a Dance style with Attitude). The moments of Hip-Hop should convey that I am the best when dancing.

          I rated Rajasmitha was better than Mohena in the blog above because
          of B-Boying steps Rajasmitha attempted and during the Hip-Hop section the Hip twist she gave was way better than Mohena.

        • smith24

          At least someone knowledgeable agreed with me! Ya rightly pointed out i said breakdancing commonly known as BBoying which forms part of BBoying.

          Whereas I did not see any hip hop at all in Mohena’s dance…even the few hip hop steps she did was wrongly attempted.I would say it was more kinda freestyle.

          From your definition of “attitude” which means “i am the best”, i think the stunts that rajasmita did clearly showed that “YES I AM THE BEST AND COME AND TRY TO DO WHAT I HAVE JUST DONE”

          And i bet nobody on DID3 neither the boys will be able to do these BBoying steps.

          Concerning Mohena, she showed a lot of excessive and unnecessary attitude telling that “i am the best” but at the end there where no actions and no stunts at all.
          Its like the snake who cant bite…

  • Shaleeni Dutt

    It wasn’t a fair judgement in Dance Ki Takkar between Rajsmita & Mohena. Rajsmita is way way better than Mohena . Mohena even slipped in the end and judges commented they both were same.No way I disgree.I think judges and grand master are in Mohena’s favor because she is a Rajkumari and also a cry baby.

    • smith24

      Totally agree with you
      Mohena is an overexpressive dancer and I guess drama queen Mohena will cry every week to make people vote for her. It might not surprise me that she cries so much and dada uses her veto power.

    • Neha_K

      Without any personal attacks personally i also believe that Mohena cried fakely on saturday otherwise if she was so emotional she would have cried when contestants were eliminated as well.
      I think it was to gain the public’s attention.
      Its not that she is a princess or what, i really dont care but yes she is being hyped a lot, the proof is that dada selected her over rajasmita while rajasmita was definitely way better than her in the face off…

      • virginie

        Yesterday, I have gone back through many of the videos of DID3, and Mohena was one of the dancers whose performances touched me more, along with Raghav, Pradeep, Sanam, Sneha G and the other Sneha.

        I also noticed that till now, Mohena has done so many different dance styles and with so much grace, the list is too long…

        Though she says in one of the videos that she is a hip-hop and contemporary dancer, I believe her forte is contemporary, and it suits her emotional personality.

        I have also confirmed that Mohena cries for any contestant that is eliminated or praised, whether the contestant is from her team or not, she loves everyone, that’s why I find her so sweet and attaching.
        Mohena is also very good friends with Rajasmita.

        Rajasmita also praises the contestants from the other teams. That’s why I said much above that ALL the DID 3 season contestants are such nice human beings, and that’s why I feel we should not focus (like-dislike) that much over if the contestant is crying or not (emotional), we should focus mainly on the dance.

        Btw, I admire the dancers what move me, And even if I have a soft corner for some of them, I do not have 1 favorite…

        If I had to describe them in one word, I find Raghav captivating, Pradeep versatile, Mohena graceful, Rajasmita strong, Sanam charming and Abhik a darkhorse.

        All of them are wonderful and it will be very difficult to decide who is the best!

        • Amirah Aaliyah abdullahi

          @ virginie I agree wit you totally,mohenas dance has touched me more Dan rajasmitas dance,rajasmita is also a good dancer but mohena is a better dancer,rajasmita is more ov a gymnast n puppeteer,n dance is more Dan dat.@Shaleeni n @smith24,crying is a way of xpressing feelings,remember Dat pple emotions are differents,she could b d very emotional type,so I dunt thnk tears has NY business 2 do wit voting,ιƒ уσυ want 2 vote her,vote her based on her performance n nt d tears.n pls dunt judge a book by its cover.n 1ce again am still loving master Terence dance.very fabulous,vivid n wonderful performance ☺

          • smith24

            Totally wrong! As mentioned above i, as a hip hop dancer, stated all the hip hop steps that Mohena performed (airchair, new skool, somersault, locking etc) was completely wrong and hence i called it free style and not hip hop

            And for your kind info, what Rajasmita did was a perfect and exceptionnal BBoying, Not gymnastics!!
            Please go and learn dance before critisizing true performers.
            Rajasmita is way better than Mohena and this is a fact!

          • Amirah Aaliyah abdullahi

            Hmmmnnnn,lol very big lol,Do уσυ call wat rajasmita does hip hop,den ιƒ уσυ call Dat hip hop n freestyle,den I dunt thnk I shuld be learning dance,I thnk уσυ shuld undastnd,ιƒ уσυ call Dat hip hop.wat do уσυ call d dances in Step up 3D, уσυ got served.n d rest.well every1 is entitled 2 his/her opinion.4 уσυ rajasmita is better n 4 ♏ε mohena is a better is nt all abt doin risky stunts n jumping n somersaulting,bt is abt dancing witout stress,n ease.n remember every human being makes mistakes,none is perfect.Luv DID3 n @virginie,@jasmine11,@amaal,@dancefan2012,am still loving Terence dance.I thnk I will rate Dat ma best contemporary in dis season.

          • smith24

            please stop talking nonsense when you dont have the knowledge or status do do that!
            As someone trained in hip hop i would like to clear these things for you;
            1) Again i will repeat What rajasmita did was B Boying which is part of Hip Hop. What mohena did was a few steps of hip hop which at the end of the story was completely wrong and overpowered by arrorange, drama and attitude.

            2) One should be completely foolish to compare to movie step up 3D (which has been done in so many takes and which has taken years to be shot!!) with a live performance done in a single take

            3) Again one should be very foolish to compare experienced hip hop dancers in hollywood with a simple moderately educated UNTRAINED dancer

            4) Yes dance is not about doing risky stunts, but BBOying which is a dance is all about stunts! And for you kind info, Mohena also did a few stunts which went dull!

            5) Yes maybe dancers in step up 3D can be better hip hop dancers than rajasmita! But can they perform comtemporary better than her? Can they do lavani as rajasmita did? Or can they do bollywood as she in Gun GUn Guna? Or even karkatam??

            For your own welfare, i will maintain it: please go and do some dance or at least learn the definition of hip hop instead of just sitting at home and lazily critisizing devoted dancers.
            And and most funny thing is to stop compare step up 3D with a live untrained performer.

          • Aamaal Naanah

            @smith24,,,common ur attack on @amirah,@virginie,@rana e.t.c is too extreme for an educated individual like u,,,,

          • Amirah Aaliyah abdullahi

            @smith24. Wow!mehnnnn am surprised at u,am sure u r my elder by far,is very disgraceful ov u 2b using such words on me,lol again,e.g foolish.hmmmmn,dis shows u dnt evn follow simple instructions,had it been u where,u wuld hv undastood d rule ov dis forum,GOSH is so funny wen al dis words u say wunt make whoever u lyk or whoever i lyk b d winner n if dy shuld win,we wunt share d money wit dem,cuz i dunt knw any ov dem ,n u dnt i appreciate talents,n ur neither deir family or friend,bt jst a fan lyk again.wen u want 2 b gr8 in wat u do,u dnt luk at dose under u.e.g if i want 2 b a dancer i wil mak”Micheal jackson” ma idol,rather dan makin pple dt r learners ma idol.wen dy say sum1 is a dancer,it means u shuld b versatile,nt stuck in 1type ov tn,u shuld b capable ov learnin oda tnz.;(,is very sad.hmmmmmn,bt dunt dy hav choreographers training dm b4 dy dance,which means dy r nt untraind pls.n ur a hip hop dancer 2 am sure u also hv a master realy sory if wat am sayin 2u is nt making sense 2u or am sory if i dunt undastnd hip hop n dt gets u angry.mayb ds y ur tauntin at me,i never taunt at pple here cuz i dunt knw dm 4rm nywhere,bt i respect dm bcuz making friends is kul.n respect is also reciprocal.stil luv ol DID3 CONTESTANTS.

          • Amirah Aaliyah abdullahi

            @smith24. Wow!mehnnnn am surprised at u,am sure u r my elder by far,is very disgraceful ov u 2b using such words on me,lol again,e.g foolish.hmmmmn,dis shows u dnt evn follow simple instructions,had it been u where,u wuld hv undastood d rule ov dis forum,GOSH is so funny wen al dis words u say wunt make whoever u lyk or whoever i lyk b d winner n if dy shuld win,we wunt share d money wit dem,cuz i dunt knw any ov dem ,n u dnt i appreciate talents,n ur neither deir family or friend,bt jst a fan lyk again.wen u want 2 b gr8 in wat u do,u dnt luk at dose under u.e.g if i want 2 b a dancer i wil mak”Micheal jackson” ma idol,rather dan makin pple dt r learners ma idol.wen dy say sum1 is a dancer,it means u shuld b versatile,nt stuck in 1type ov tn,u shuld b capable ov learnin oda tnz.;(,is very sad.hmmmmmn,bt dunt dy hav choreographers training dm b4 dy dance,which means dy r nt untraind pls.n ur a hip hop dancer 2 am sure u also hv a master realy sory if wat am sayin 2u is nt making sense 2u or am sory if i dunt undastnd hip hop n dt gets u angry.mayb dats y you re tauntin me,i never taunt at pple here cuz i dunt knw dm 4rm nywhere,bt i respect dm bcuz i think making friends is pretty kul n nyc.n respect is also reciprocal,b u smal or big.stil luv ol DID3 CONTESTANTS.

          • Amirah Aaliyah abdullahi

            @smith24. Wow!mehnnnn am surprised at u,am sure u r my elder by far,is very disgraceful ov u 2b using such words on me,lol again,e.g foolish.hmmmmn,dis shows u dnt evn follow simple instructions,had it been u where,u wuld hv undastood d rule ov dis forum,GOSH is so funny wen al dis words u say wunt make whoever u lyk or whoever i lyk b d winner n if dy shuld win,we wunt share d money wit dem,cuz i dunt knw any ov dem ,n u dnt i appreciate talents,n ur neither deir family or friend,bt jst a fan lyk again.wen u want 2 b gr8 in wat u do,u dnt luk at dose under u.e.g if i want 2 b a dancer i wil mak”Micheal jackson” ma idol,rather dan makin pple dt r learners ma idol.wen dy say sum1 is a dancer,it means u shuld b versatile,nt stuck in 1type ov tn,u shuld b capable ov learnin oda tnz.;(,is very sad.hmmmmmn,bt dunt dy hav choreographers training dm b4 dy dance,which means dy r nt untraind pls.n ur a hip hop dancer 2 am sure u also hv a master realy sory if wat am sayin 2u is nt making sense 2u or am sory if i dunt undastnd hip hop n dt gets u angry.mayb dats y you re tauntin me,i never taunt at pple here cuz i dunt knw dm 4rm nywhere,bt i respect dm bcuz i think making friends is pretty kul n nyc.n respect is also reciprocal,b u smal or big.stil luv ol DID3 CONTESTANTS.

          • smith24


            I did not read your long lecture….

            Let me tell you that foolish is absolutely not a vulgar word in common english language.

            And comparing a movie like step up 3D to a live performer, for me its undoubtedly foolishness!!

            Yes and let me tell you its you and virginie who started with these critism things.
            Look at your previous posts and you will see
            I am just defending Rajasmita and stating some clear facts on our drama queen Mohena.

            And i am not doing that for money or whatsoever, i am defending a simple sincere untrained dancer.
            thats it

          • Jaynesh L

            smith24 vah yaar you are too good!
            I will say “kya baat kya baat kya baat” for what you have said.

            Every sunday i always seen virgine, jasmine amirah etc critising rajasmita and and praising others especially contestants from terrence ki toli

            jasmine to hamesha geeta maa ko critisise karte hai

            Jab rajasmita ki tareef karte hai to virgine always comments to critise her

            but iss baar woh log kabhi kisi contestants ko critisize nahin karenge! lol
            Rajasmita rocks!

          • Amirah Aaliyah abdullahi

            @virginie, tanx dear,is ohk,bt is hurtn n 1 ov a kynd 4 sum1 2 b attackn me wen i dunt knw hm 4rm nywhere,why,lol.wel,as @amaal said i think i wil stop cumin 2 dis forum,cuz is beginin 2 make pple act lyk kids,n make us do sumtn we wunt do on a normal day,lyk being pissed unnecessarily.hmmmmmn,wel we cant chat 1 on 1,if nt i wuld hv given u ma pin or mayb ma twitter name.luv u, n definately luv @amaal 2.;).

          • virginie

            Dear Amirah,

            Thank you for your sweet words, much needed after such anonymous negative and unfair criticism…

            I am sure you are mature enough to know that none of us are going to decide who will win DID by writing anything here, people are moved or they are not, we like a color or we don’t like it. Everyone has his own mind. Those who think they will influence others are completely wrong, even if they write 100 negative or positive comments on this page…

            This place is just to express our likings, not to attack contestants or bloggers, as admin said. I wish everyone was polite and sweet like you… :)

          • smith24

            I am sure for you sweet means praising what you have said and praising Mohena

            I have not insulted anyone nor given critisim

            WHat i have said are clear facts:
            I maintain that Rajasmita is the best
            Mohena is a drama queen and does not deserve to be in the finals
            Thats my opinion!

            And let me remind you that you have given more negative critisims on rajasmita on the previous blogs than i have given to Mohena

            So please let me write whatever i want to write
            There is nothing sweet or bitter in it

        • smith24

          OMG i cant believe that you are also a drama queen like Mohena!
          No wonder why you are defending her!

          You say something and at the end you yourself say ” no i did not say that”

          I have observed mohena so well…whenever someone from another team is eliminated, she is much happy. Like when shafeer and vaibhav was going to be eliminated, she constantly took the name of vaibhav without caring for shafeer. this is not fair play

          Hence this is not a point of discussion.

          It is a fact that Mohena is a drama queen and you will not be able to convince us the contrary!

          And it is a fact that she is overexpressive, she does mistakes in all her steps but she is being hyped!

          It is also a fact that Rajasmita is way better than her.

  • Chitta Baral

    Off late, I think some (Dada) may be trying to downplay Rajasmita so that there is a more competitive field. Otherwise, if there is a clear favorite at this stage of the competition there will be less interest in the rest of the shows. That is the only explanation I can think of why Dada picked Mohena over Rajasmita in the Dance Ki Takkar.

    However, Rajasmita did look tired towards the end of the Karakattam performance. Abhik did outshine her in that performance. Normally she outshines her partners in the duets. May be doing three different dances in a week took the toll.

  • dancefan2012

    👿 Spam, Abuse and Personal Attacks will lead to immediate ban. 👿

    Guys take it easy. Do not get too personal on this blog.

    If you are supporting your favorite well nobody is stopping you, talk as much good about you favorite but also if they are not doing good type the comments that looks motivating rather than commenting bad about a different contestant or the blogger just to maintain status (Hope you understand what I am trying to say). If your favorite contestant is not good this week, there is always next day or week to look forward.

    We are all Dance Fans lets maintain that rather than getting into individual fight on the blog.

    Hope I do not have to take names as you would have understood whose blog has been removed from this post. Lets cheer for ongoing DID season 3 and Upcoming DID Lil Masters Season 2

    I had to do a lot of work today removing the comments posted hope it is not repeated.

    Talk about dance, performance and enjoy the upcoming exciting show this Saturday and Sunday……. :roll:

  • Kashmiri kadam

    Whatever Rajasmita had tried with her dance, Mohena has not(though she is good dancer, but not the best). Just having good expression doesn’t mean that he/she is best dancer. Dancers like Rajasmita makes all girls proud and motivate them that even girls can do much better. Rajasmita’s dance has not only motivated many girls but also has raised the bar of DID3 dance. I wonder why did DADA choose Mohena when she did not even attempted to do what Rajasmita has. Because of this decision, Rajasmita might lose the position of 1#Rank contestent for this week. She deserves much more and also Abhik and Pradeep. They are all very much better than Mohena.

    • smith24

      Exactly! I think it is a clear fact that Rajasmita is a much much better dancer than Mohena. Im sure a drama queen whose name starts with V is going to comment here, saying Mohena is better.
      But dont worry, She will never be able to lower our love for Rajasmita
      neither she will be able to convince us that drama princess Mohena is better. ^^

  • Kashmiri kadam

    Its not just about grace(even Abhik has that) nor about expression(many other dances too had who not even made to the final) and who had both. Its also about dance. Please go through Mohena and Rajasmita’s dance once again very careful. She was indeed better. Hip-Hop doesn’t need face expression to much extend.

    Whereas, Hip-pop is much harder(Which Rajasmita did) and Free-Style is simplier (which Mohena did).

    Even in the last, Mohena slipped.

    I wish DADA should realise that his decision was totally unfair and I really dint expected it from him.

    • smith24

      Yes! And above all Mohena is a drama queen nopes princess.
      If she was told that she slipped at the end, she would surely cry!
      Thats why masters and dada remained quiet!

  • Amirah Aaliyah abdullahi

    @dance fan 2012 ,
    Tanxxx 4 d reminder again,bt I think a personal account should b opened 4 pple 2 fully xpress demselves,or better still add d person on Facebook as Uя friend’so уσυ can inbox d person Uя mynd or Uя emails.

  • sri_valere

    Hi Guys,
    I had read all the comments about the face off.
    Its pretty evident and clear that Rajasmita ace’d and perfect in every section of the point system Perfection, timing, dance, moves no faults.

    Mohena is a over hyped and the 3 masters and dada totally messed up in declaring mohena as the winner. Open your eyes and see clearly the fault landing, imperfect steps, over dramatic of Mohena.
    Don’t add points to Mohena just for TRP’s and she being a reva princess.
    smith24 i totally agree with you.

  • priya sharma

    terrince sir ap bhot acche ho and i love u soo much agar mujse koi puche ki tumare akhri wish kya he to m kahungi ke terrince sir k sat ek candle light dinner. sir agar ap ne ye msg pada ho to please reply on my pls sir reply jaror karna

  • virginie

    Please do not enhance someone by destroying somebody else. That’s called POLITICS, and it’s ugly.

    One should not feel anger against a contestant, after all, we are not related to them, isn’t it?

    • smith24

      Absolutely well said sri_valere.
      Mohena is just an expressive drama queen who is being hyped
      Not only because she is a princess but also because she is an ex student of master terrence

      Besides Mohena will cry if she is given a bad comment. THAT IS CALLED POLITICS!!

      We are not destroying somebody else virgine. We are stating clear facts that many other people have also observed: Mohena is a drama queen that should be eliminated from the show as fast as possible

    • Neha_K

      Well said Smith24!
      Your arguments are so true and strong!!!

      And look who is saying that politics is ugly! LOL
      Everytime she herself critisizes rajasmita and compares her to mohena just to upgrade Mohena’s position.
      Look upwards, she did the same thing by telling that mohena has grace which rajasmita does not have…that is called dirty politics!

      But anyways rajasmita is the best and will always be

  • virginie

    Besides fame and appreciation, the price to pay to be in the limelight is also to be insulted and hated for no reason, even defamed…

    It has always been like this, it is like this and it will be like this, because some people like to play POLITICS (destroy the opponent in order to enhance its favorite)

    How sad.

    • smith24

      Absolutely well said, just as mohena played with her drama by crying and by flattering herself (master terrence said chumeshwari 4 times, master remo said “thats what i call a performance” 5 times)

      That is a clear demonstration of ugly politics to incite people to vote for her. Such contestants should be voted out as fast as possible.

  • abhinav agrawal

    today was fun
    after four days of continue calling my call was finally picked …!.
    my excitement level went very high ..!!!
    the representative asked me whom i wanna talk
    i said mohena offcourse
    he said ok
    i was even more excited now

    out of nowhere he told me that i have registered your no and if u get a chance she will call you on Tuesday ….!……
    i was dam sad all ma excitement level fallen down …!.!.!!!……

  • did-3

    Neerav – Dancer & Instructor (Terence Lewis Academy)
    Mohena Singh – Dancer (Terence Lewis Academy)
    Sanam Johar – Dancer (Imperial Fernando Ballet Company (IFBC))
    Abhik Banerjee – Dancer (Saroj Khan Dance Academy)
    Pradeep Gurune – Dancer & Instructor (Guwahati)
    Raghav Crocroaz – Dancer (Dance Master of his own Slowmo)
    Rajasmita Kar – Dancer (Performed in few regional (Odisha) channel dance shows)

    Let’s see who gets the DID – 3 title :-)

  • Aamaal Naanah

    WOW!!!!WOW!!!!! I love this forum….all week long,,,i hv been reading everyones comments(negative +positive)….,,,the dance battle between mohena nd rajasmita was 45-55 respectively,if am to evaluate,mohena did freestyle in which she missed some steps(somersault),while rajasmita did BBOYING…she was on point,,,,talking frm a dancers point of view(d quickdouble flipback she did was awesome/difficult)even as a dancer i find that quiet changelling 4r me,,, .FINALLY as for DADA(GM)pls let us give d dude d respect he deceive by not accusing him of bias or jst playing politics(as majority have judge him by saying dat”he declared mohena d winner of d danceoff because she is a princess of rewa.)pls you r all hving dis notion shuld desite 4rm it,(I WIL SAY MY SORRY frm am abt 2 airout”i think is pple who usually have low self-esteem/inferiroty complex dat simply result to such funny thinkin/analysics

  • Aamaal Naanah

    DADA has done a lot fr india as a vetran(he was d brain behind DID,bcuz he believed in us as the future leader,dat will make d impossible possible,,,,,in short am quiet diappointed in most of d comment for dis week review…espcially regarding DADA,,he had his personal reasons,,obviously/certainly he knws dat rajasmita is better than mohena,,he was jst tryin 2 save some precious time for other vital issue,instead of having an emotional meltdown after a terrific/awesome day…..COMMON evy1 we all hv emotions,is jst dat some pple dnt hv control over their’s nd some do hv cntrl,i just think mohena is some1 who doesnt take or digest criticism well,,,i simply want to believe dat no judge on dat panel,will gv any advice dat wil be destrutive except fr self improvemnt of d contestants, XOXO..

  • Kashmiri kadam

    I saw DID3’s upcoming 7th Apr Saturday pre-cap where they had shown Mohena’s great performances shots. Coz of 1st Apr unfair decision, I think Rajasmita is going to lose her 1# rank position and Mohena is going to lead ahead. At First, I used to Love watching DID but after that unfair decision, i have lost interest watching DID. If these things continue, then surely Mohena will be the winner with all these huge TRP’s. I really pity Rajasmita and Pradeep as they has put so much effort to come at level 1 and might lose their ranking coz of some politics played. Its a real DISAPPOINTMENT!!!!!

  • Amirah Aaliyah abdullahi

    Hmmmnnnn,lol very big lol,Do уσυ call wat rajasmita does hip hop,den ιƒ уσυ call Dat hip hop,den I dunt thnk I shuld be learning dance,I thnk уσυ shuld undastnd it,ιƒ уσυ call Dat hip hop.wat do уσυ call d dances in Step up 3D, уσυ got served.n d rest.well every1 is entitled 2 his/her opinion.4 уσυ rajasmita is better n 4 ♏ε mohena is a better is nt all abt doin risky stunts n jumping n somersaulting,bt is abt dancing witout stress,n ease.n remember every human being makes mistakes,none is perfect.Luv DID3 n @virginie,@jasmine11,@amaal,@dancefan2012,am still loving Terence dance.I thnk I will rate Dat ma best contemporary in dis season

  • abhinav agrawal

    stop fighting people
    we will vote for what we like and nobody can change mindset
    for of mohena is the best

    she already has broken the record for most no of performance of the days plus m least bothered what people say about her

  • Aamaal Naanah

    @virgine,@amirah….sorry 4r d insults,i will simply just stop entering dis forum,cuz am quiet disappiont at some pple,,,revolting &obnoxious remarks,2wards some forum members,DADA,d hardworking contestants &judges.. e.t.c,,thank GOODNESS i nt reside in india or else i wuldnt mind spending my last to vote, travel to DID studio 2 support d best,innovative,versitle contestant…

  • Admin

    I have been a little busy last couple of days and look what happened here.

    Everyone get a corona and relax. I’m closing comments down on this post to stop the heat. Do not start in on other posts, learn to agree with other’s views it helps.

  • Indie Dude

    I am late to this game,

    I think if Terrence saw his dance in this, he would not be very happy about it. He made the exact same mistakes that he criticized other dancers of.. (Not jumping high, not pointing foot, and extensions)

    Over all it was packaged well, choreography was nice. I wish it could have been better (Terrence if you are reading this, I think that was not the best of your performances)

  • mohammed alam

    raghav was clear winner in face off competition ……. evreybody can dance, bat raghav diffrent dancer, if he learn 4 month he can free style dance,

  • Pinky Tekchandani

    Raghav raghav raghav and only raghav…
    😉 :-*<3

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