Dance India Dance Season 3 18th March Videos

Dance India Dance Season 3 18th March Videos

Dance India Dance Season 3 18th March, In the Duet round today Vaibhav and Paul stole the show. They won the performer of the day as well as revived MJ Band from Master Remo Dsouza. Sadly Paul will not be judges for his performance today as he was voted out already. Vote for your favorite contestant now to save them from elimination. Next weekend Dance India Dance Season 1,2 and 3 contestants are getting together for the grand episode. It’s going to be a blast, don’t forget to watch.

Dance India Dance 18th March Performances

Pradeep Gurune and Rajasmita Kar performed Popping & B-Boying on song Move Your Body from movie Johnny Gaddar

Neerav and Mohena Singh performed Contemporary and Ballroom on the song Chanda Re Chanda Re from the movie Sapnay

Vaibhav Ghuge and Paul Marshal performed Contemporary on the song Aye Khuda from the movie Murder 2

Raghav Crocroaz and Sanam Johar performed on the song Pyaar Hamein Kis Modh Pe Le Aaya from the movie Satte Pe Satta

Sneha Gupta and Abhik Banerjee performed Contemporary Style on the song Kabhi Na Kabhi To from the movie Shaapit

Dance India Dance Season 3 18th March part1

Dance India Dance Season 3 18th March part2

Dance India Dance Season 3 18th March part3

Dance India Dance Season 3 18th March limelight

A big Thanks to dancefan2012 for the performance details.

  • Prerna Mehra

    Loved vaibhavs performance.. Superb! Sanams act was very nice. Loved it when he asked for votes.. It was very funny.. Raghav is too repititive imo. Hes good but very one track. I dnt think he deserves to b in the top 4..
    My top 4 wud b rajasmitha sanam pradeep and mohena..

    Mohena was amazing today. Nirav is irritating with all talk no show.. next week if someone has to go it shud b him dan anyone else.

    Sneha and abhik were cute and pradeep rajasmitha were good but very untidy.

    My vote today goes to vaibhav mohena and sanam.. Vaibhav for doing very good contemprary and sanam for the slow motion dance. :)… Mohena for her flawless positions during the lifts. Amazing!

    Raghav is good but not a mature dancer

    • mnegi

      I agree with “Raghav is good but not a mature dancer” And Sneha is wow.

    • Amy Marques

      No offense Prerna but Raghav is not a trained dancer like most of them here. Neerav and Mohena have taken training from Terrance where as Sanam in Ballet. So he is very raw but m sure he is any day better than these…

      • tina

        raghav is a trained dancer from terrance dance academy check his FB profile

        • virginie

          Raghav is just 20… how can he be a trained dancer? he joined Terence Academy thanks to DID, not before… And it’s obvious that he is raw unlike Neerav who is obviously a trained dancer… But technique is not all…

        • prabhat pujari

          He has now updated that he is working under terence academy coz now he is in DID, previously he was just like us, dancing at home, school college and there only he has learnt these alll awesom moves… you must be knowing that he is having a group also.. and all of them dance superbly,,, means 5 more Rahgav are there…

        • tina subramaniam

          oohhh really tats y its awesome n superb…

    • tanisha rawat

      last weeks performance were really good especially of sanam and raghav, paul and vaibhav were also good. I’m a big sanam fan so i always enjoy hisperformance however sometimes his get up cover up all his cuteness but he really dance well. I like raghav too his dance style is unique no one can easily learn it but that boy really has something. Once again rajasmita performed really well. She changed a lot since the start of did.

  • Ayan Pal

    Terrence was outstanding today! Vaibhav’s performance with the already voted out Paul will possibly save him from eliminations next week.

    Which means the bottom 3 would be Neerav, Sneha, and a shocker. I believe Rajasmita and Pradeep based on yesterday’s and today’s performance will retain spots on the top 3. Already looking forward to next week’s 100th episode special :) Can’t wait to see the grand reunion of DID 1, DID 2, and DID 3 :)

  • Nobody

    Today Episode Full of Fun… Real Entertainment,

    So Geeta didn’t take Risk on Paul & Remo on Vabhav, but Master Terrence give Contemporary choreograph Contemporary dance on both, well Executed by both contestant, that’s mean they can do it, but their master’s didn’t take risk, and Paul pay for it. hmm..

    I Just Like “Hi” in Sanam & Raghav dance, the rest is not much impressive except few thing, sanam were cute when he said “Hi” in slow motion,

    Neerav & Mohena good performance, but i hate to see Neerav with contemporary again in again, hope next week he eliminate not Sneha G.

    Sneha G & Abhik Performance very Hot.. & well Executed by both,

    the rest comments share later,

  • tina

    1.Rajasmita-Pradeep = very energetic performance. Wonder if ever Sanam or Neerav will be able to give such power packed performance EVER. These two are really innocent and hardworking.

    2.Neerav-Moehna-sweet performance I felt Neerav as the lead should have been more strong in feet and carrying Moehana, and some how Chemistry was BIG TIME missing – there was hardly any eye contact or softness in their performance…Now, my repeatable line…I truly missed Shafeer-Riddhika again. Both of them are good at buttering, it was not coming from their heart.

    3.Paul-Bhaibav= good to see their performance and friendship. Very nice attempt. good synchronize. I fail to understand Remo gives MJ band based on what? Dance or emotions?..because the earlier MJ band was Sanam-Moehna on Jesus which again dance wise was not very strong one. and certainly not a standing ovation dance. If you remove the dialogues from begining and end, I failed to connect with the theme.

    4.Sanam-Raghav=Sanam does energyless performance so this one suited him very well, still lack of synchro in many places

    5.Abhik-Sneha- very nice chemistry, nice performance, saw in vdo3 around 8.20sec that sneha G is in last position along with Neerav and Bhaibv..Guys pls pls VOTE FOR SNEHA G. Neerav and Bhaibhaiv should go out before her. As every body praised their was really really nice and pleasing…they reflects true innocence and romance

    Dance2012 pls let us know who got eliminated, if possible pls ask the jurors/producers to save Sneha G

    • mnegi

      Sneha is better then Moena…… I feel it and see her as a Dancing Poetry

  • dancefan2012

    Pradeep and Rajsmita (Choreographed by Remo) – B-Boying steps were clumsy the downrock did not work for me, which is so much important in that form of style. But popping portion were cool and lots of new moves.

    Monina and Neerav (Choreogrpahed by Geetha) – More than contemporary portion, I liked the ballroom portion. I felt Monhina is upholding the performance than Neerav. I do not know why Neerav still acts and gives extra filmy expression as of Sharuk’s…

    Vibhav and Paul (Choreographed by Terrance) – The story and the emotion did not reach out to me, loads of places the steps were already seen in the past performance. Remo stood, as Vibhav is from his team and Terrance stood, as it was his choreography but the act did not deserve performance of the day, maybe it was send of gift for Paul and …Vibhav

    Sanam and Croc Boy (Choreographed by Geetha) – Free style, I liked the sync between the two and the use of prop. I liked the sink comedy as well…..

    Abhik and Sneha G (Choreographed by Remo) – The performance was better than Vibhav’s and Paul’s. I got to see loads of new steps in the performance.

    Guys..Noticed something…Less bad comments from Master’s. Do you know why? It was because of Adala Badli of contestants………

    What is Parkour and Free running?

    Parkour is an activity with the aim of moving from one point to another as efficiently and quickly as possible, using the innate abilities of the human body. It is meant to help one overcome obstacles, which can be anything in the surrounding environment—from branches and rocks to rails and concrete walls. Free running combines all of the movements of parkour with movements from tricking. This discipline uses the human body to create art.

    • tina

      so who is ur over all top 3 this week and who will get eliminated…pls tell us soon…promise none of us will not break up into fights….)))

      • dancefan2012

        Let us keep the suspense for now as I have already spoken to much on the previous blog. So let me uphold the comments further as it might lead me to other troubles (Not here) as fight on this blog is kind of fun, I get to know people from various age and character, so not worried about that but worried about legal issues.

        • Amy Marques

          but we would like to know your top 5 performers :)

        • tina

          ok then let me make an obvious guess


          since the vdo3 around 8.20 sec showed Sneha in the last position. I also feel the show may be a bit rigged since Zee is not generating any revenue by the missed calls. I may be wrong but thats how I feel.

          Please ask DID to bring back shafeer-riddhika and Sneha -Varuun for a performance. They were such a delight to watch

          Neerav, Bhaivav and Sanam should get out before Sneha does. But Bhaivav is safe this week so it has to be poor Sneha

          • dancefan2012

            Few things that I got from my sources,

            Ahmedabad boy, Neerav Bavlecha started his dancing career assisting Master Terence Lewis. Neerav has trained scores of contestants in the past including Shakti Mohan, the winner of DID 2.

            PRADEEP GURUNG
            Suneeta Gogoi, DID 1 contestant and Jeetumoni, winner of DID Li’l Masters – the two students whom he had trained before they became superstars on previous seasons of DID.

            PAUL MARSHALL (Eliminated Contestant)
            Assisted Dharmesh Sir before coming to DID Season 3

            (Only for LV2Dance…
            URVASHI GANDHI
            Latin Ballroom dancer and has been an assistant to DID contestant, Jay Kumar Nair)- (Eliminated Contestant)

            ABHIK BAU
            He is a trained Kathak dancer and has been assisting celebrated choreographer, Saroj Khan for the past 4 years.

            VAIBHAV GHUGHE
            Speciality Latin ballroom and Street dancing. Bollywood background dancer.

            SANAM JOHAR
            Sanam was a hip-hopper till he joined a professional dance academy, Indian Fernando Ballet Company and found his niche in modern contemporary dance.

            MOHENA SINGH
            Mohena has been a part of Master Terence’s dance academy for the past six years, specializes in Bollywood form of dance

            Sneha Gupta
            Sneha is associated with Zenith Dance Company, a dancing company that works in various concerts and celebrity show

            PIYALI SAHA (Eliminated Contestant)
            She undertook training at Upasana Dance School under Mrs. Ranjita Bose and is currently pursuing masters in Kathak.

          • dancefan2012

            Sneha G is getting targeted now because of the pressure from Zenith Dance Company

          • dancefan2012

            The channel/show is not worried about the revenue generation as they have made a lot from Rebook Merchandise. Also they are making the contestants to sweat a lot from various other shows outside the studio for their revenue generation……..

          • tina

            SNEHA G IS GETTING TARGETTED now because of the pressure from Zenith Dance Company…

            …..what kind of an excuse is this???

            so ZDC is more powerful than ZeeTv?

            most of the contestants belong to some dance group. If Sneha reaches top4 or top6, wouldnt it be more prestigious for the ZDC rather than her getting eliminated at this stage???

            …anyways if Zee bows down to pressure of ZDC, it only strengthens the fact that the show is actually rigged and junta vote does not matter…as clearly by what Sneha said last week she does not voluntarily wants to get out and she is hurt to see herself at bottom 3 every week.

            And thanks to dance 2012, now we know that the very fact that she is the bottom three every week is not due to junta voting but due to some external pressure on Zee tv.

            WOW…I am speechless

          • virginie

            Thanks A LOT dancefan2012!!!! :) :) for sharing the info, but bad news for Sneha :( and the “voting”…

        • virginie

          So if my sources are right, these will be the “voting” results next Saturday, so sad they have eliminated dear Sneha :((
          1. Raghav
          2. Mohena
          3. Rajasmita
          4. Sanam
          5. Pradeep
          6. Vaibhav
          7. Neerav
          8. Abhik
          As you said, it seems they are also on their way to eliminate Abhik, Neerav and Vaibhav…

    • Suraranjani Dhar Chowdhury

      Dancefan2012 –
      Why are Riddhika & Shafeer left out ?, whats there background ?

      • dancefan2012

        @ Suraranjani,

        Riddhika is Alumini of the Danceworx (Delhi) trained in Jazz and contemporary style

        Shafeer runs a dance school called Dynamic Heroes in Thrissur(Kerla). He is not trained by anyone and is a self trained like Paul and Dharmesh Sir.

        • Suraranjani Dhar Chowdhury

          @ Dancefan2012

          Riddhika also, is a instructor & student at Dance Identity based in California.

          • dancefan2012

            Thanks Suraranjani, I did not knew that info. Hope Virgine will get to meet her in CA.

            @ Virgine hope you meet Riddhika…….

  • Ranna

    Raghav is not giving anything different. He just brings slow motion in any act. To praise him more is like doing injustice to other versatile performers.
    Please come out of emotions. He is in DID now. He should be treated normally and not as a special person who needs support all the time.

    • mnegi

      I Agree

  • nazishk

    I had fun watching today’s episode.. it was hilarious and rocking. But really think it was immature of Mithun to comment Somya like that.. it was disgusting actually. He needs to stop flirting with girls younger than him..

    And now as of performances… the first act by Rajismita and Pradeep was full of energy. Like i have mentioned before Rajismita is my second fav after Raghav but if she keeps performing like this she will become my first fav. Rajismita was outstanding… i know her energy was down at one point during the act but the fact that she did hip hop in spite of being a girl is just commendable. Every week she comes back with a banging performance… I really hope she makes it to the top 4… she totally deserves it. And Pradeep is already good in hip hop so excellent act by both of them.
    Neerav and Mohena were good…. I liked their chemistry their lifts were good, transitions were smooth. I wish both of them all the best and I hope they keep on giving rocking performances.
    Paul and Vaibhav did an awesome job… I was happy to see both of them do contemporary. I thought they were amazing… Sad to see Paul go but I hope they stay best friends forever. And also happy for them as they got the MJ band.
    Raghav and Sanam were hilarious… the little punches in their act enhanced their performance. They both were good and I am happy that Raghav was able to justify the choreography for Geeta.
    Sneha and Abhik were also good… I just feel that Sneha need to let her attitude go. I don’t know I feel she is quiet most of the time and doesn’t really get happy for other people.. may be i am wrong but it will be nice to see her mingle with other contestants on-air. And I don’t understand why there was so much hype about Abhik and Sneha….if they are in a relationship than that’s personal it’s nobody’s business… so please Mithun let it go.

    The limelight was hilarious… it was good to see what goes on during practice. And I can’t wait for next weeks episode as i am dying to see season 1 and season 2 contestants perform again especially Dharmesh.

    Good Luck to all the contestants…

  • DIDFollower

    First of all, dying to see the performancs of Dharmesh, Prince, Salman fire the stage again..

    Coming to performances Pradeep and Rajasmita performances was much mature. We know Pradeep is good at hip hop, but watching Rajasmita performing such kind of Hiop Hop acts was a treat to watch. As rightly said by Geeta, it was an eye opener for her. Hope we will get to see some different style of performances from Rajasmita, and sure she will nail that. Their performance was 100%.

    Neerav and Mohena performance was kind of 80% not 100 %. Mohena was much clean on her moves and Nirav appeared somewhat stiff on some occassions. Acting is not a very easy task, so having a small smile with some expressions was making him only more funnier. And that was exploited by all judges too.

    Sanam and Crocroaz were good. I would rate their performance 90% out of 100% this time. The thing is expectations are more from both of these guys and we wait to see more dance out of these. Whatever presented was very good, but need to remember competetion is growing tougher day by day. A small miss in strategy can cost Paul like elimination. Crocroaz, you are one of the favourites, but Don’t take it for granted. Good thing about Sanam is whatever he does he is a perfectionist and does flawless. But, what I felt after seeing till now he is averse to taking risks. He is apprehensive and sceptical whether he can make an attempt of Parkour, Hip Hop at all and not taking any chances. Thats fine till now, but as the show progresses Sanam, you cant escape and you have to showcase the versatility. End of the day, fortunately or unfortunately, audiences will be voting by seeing the VERSATILITY. I am sure you must be practising the other dance styles apart from Contemporary, if not, its HIGH Time.

    Vaibhav and Paul again was a treat to watch. They were 98% out of 100%. Might MJ band was bit more than expected. I am sure that was given since Vaibhav was part of the team. But, overall the act was very very good with lot of energy, subtle movements and expressions. It could to a lot extent reach to audience with the feeling I felt.

    Watching Abhik and Sneha G was again a different experience altogether. I would give 95% out of 100%. I hope Sneha G was a lot changed person today with her DON’T CARE ATTITUDE kept aside. She was searching for answers why she is at bottom 3 always. The answer is her disconnect with the audience. May be she is not rude and thats her style, but to the audience the message goes as her rudeness and dont care attitude and thats why probably she is failing to attract her votes. But, all said, as observed in today’s episode, all these elements were brushed aside and it was much happy and good Sneha G we could see and who was very much involved in the dance and took the comments seriously. Abhik as usual again a flawless performer to me. Should not forget he is only 17 and the maturity he shows is amazing.He is silent and doesn’t do as much marketing as others, but audiences will surely recognize his dancing talent.

    Candidate for Sure Elimination – Neerav

    • mnegi

      I am also waiting for Dharmesh…… It will be very very very nice to see him Rocking the stage…… some thing very new every time..

  • mnegi

    We all Vote for Shena……… She just steals our heart by her Dance………..

  • virginie

    So, sweet Sneha does not have an attitude, she has BRACES, which makes her being ashamed of smiling because she must feel she is ugly if she smiles, because of the braces… At the beginning, she was smiling but immediately sticking the tong on the braces, which was looking weird, then she stopped smiling at all, maybe to avoid doing that…Come on guys, no one ever had some mouth issue that he/she did not want to smile?

    On the contrary, Rajasmita’s perfect teeth make her wear a constant smile, it is irritating too to see her smile confidently all the time… I never saw any other expression on her face than that wide smile… Like a mask… I never saw her showing any feelings…

    Anyways, so about yesterday’s show:

    Pradeep + Rajasmita, by Remo:
    Average performance, I was expecting much more from Pradeep, I am a fan of him, but truth is that despite both are energetic dancers, they are not a duet, nothing was there, even sync mistakes here and there, loads of clumsiness from both… Rajasmita trying to look sexy was pitiful… No point of comparison with Mohena and Sneha…

    Neerav + Mohena, by Geeta:
    Mohena’s grace and elegance is unmatchable. She stole the show. Neerav was a mere support for Mohena… I have to congratulate Geeta for the nice use of the space, like a story told in chapters, moving from one part to the other of the stage… I did not like the last dance steps though, out of context…

    Then, as there were only 5 performances today, Mithun Da AGAIN wanted to steal the show… with his vulgar comments from a grand-father to girls… If I would be the girls, long back I would have send him where he deserves to be… He believes he is funny and everyone is praising him on stage… BORING!

    Paul + Vaibhav, by Terence:
    I could not get connected with the story because of the Hindi, so the beginning was a bit off for me, but as the story was unfolding, it became dramatic and these 2 guys did a superb job, I have to admit it impartially, wow! The song chosen by Terence was perfect, the choreography too, when both screamed i had goose bumps… It was reaching the climax of the story when they were about to shoot each other… The feelings on stage were so genuine, and as they are true friends that it added to the dramatic dimension… Congrats to Paul, Vaibhav and Terence… Well deserved exit for Paul… I felt they also praised a lot Vaibhav because he is next on the exit list?

    Raghav + Sanam, by Geeta:
    Here Geeta tried to get the best of each one, with a nice choreography (with her usual complicated prop steps), but there was sometimes a lack of coordination among these two. Raghav did his slow motion masterly, Sanam was not even close to that… I like (but that is not new) the face expressions and big eyes of Raghav, which he uses right on time and place… I expected much more from Sanam and Raghav though.

    Sneha + Abhik, by Remo:
    Here Remo did a masterly job of choreography and sensitivity, putting these 2 sweeties in a romantic mood (something no one tried earlier), and it clicked! Perfect recipe for both the dancing skills of them. Beautiful lifts. I really liked it, sober and deep, romantic and strong, with loads of chemistry, as it has to be in this type of dance. Both dancers are very graceful, so the choreography highlighted their + points…

    I liked very much this episode of DID because all the Masters had to praise the contestants, as one of them was part of their team and/or they had choreographed the performance… I wish the Masters attitude would always be like this…

    Today’s rating?
    1-2. Mohena-Sneha
    3-4. Paul-Vaibhav
    5-6-7-8-9. Raghav-Sanam-Rajasmita-Pradeep-Abhik
    10. Neerav

    Anyways, we vote more for how we connect with the dancers instead of voting for the best dancer…

    I wish for the 100th anniversary, we could have Amar, Shakti, Binny, Mayuresh and Jay Kumar… Please, not Dharmesh and Punit! :(

    • virginie

      Though I should not have put Paul, there are 9…

  • shark 619

    Today’s performances were amazing! I just loved it :)

    Rajasmita and Pradeep – The performance was average, though they showed us new Style.But still it was good to see both strong dancers dancing together.

    Nerrav and Mohena – Very sweet and simple act. The chemistry was not that good, but the Choreography was amazing.

    Vaibhav and Paul – Superb! They both were just on to the feel of the dance. And they deserved what they got. After this act of Vaibhav I don’t want him to get Eliminated.

    Raghav and Sanam – Wonderful performance! I Liked the use of prop by Geeta and well executed by both raghav and sanam. Full of entertaining act really Enjoyed it. As per dance it was good only means Average.

    Abhik and Sneha – Very Very Cute perfomance! Both did well some new Steps were also there. And chemistry between both were just fabulous.

    I’m just eagerly waiting to see next week’s Performance’s by DID 1,2 & 3 contestants. Moreover I just got to Knew that Raghav is performing with Prince ( Actually Performed). 😀

    • virginie

      hmm so we will have that line of dancers only, Dharmesh, Prince… hmmm

  • virginie

    hehehe I also have my sources 😉 Next week, Raghav will perform with Prince on Body Guard Theme song… That will be very interesting to watch!

    • did-3

      ohh really….

      It will be interesting to see Sallu baba doing some locking-popping and slomo…

      • Whackybanana

        did-3 where did sallu baba come from? LOL.

        • did-3

          Yaar i didnt mean Salman himself doing the steps… i meant raghav and prince doing steps of salman’s body Guard song…

  • did 3rd

    Sneha and Avik trying too hard to get notice since they are not getting vote, they thought or producer thought lets starts some affair, so that the show will get some TRP and ,Sneha and Avik will also survive. I am sure next week, Neerav will be elimination. DID 3 will not eliminate Snehe now, because the producer wants a love story to increase the TRP.
    See its all TRP, nothing to do with voting I think. Online from one log in you can vote all of them. Its nothing like from one log in or one system only one voting is possible. And landline always busy. From where more than 5 lakh vote is coming. If u dial at 3 or 4 am, then also lines are busy.
    I have a feeling that, this season will be either pradeep or raghav, because they came from small town, where DID become very popular because of them. And also for the DID producer, it will be very good story.

    According to me, pradeep and avik is the best dancer in the Show and they deserve to be win. I will very happy if any one of them win.
    I think, now judges should stop supporting Raghav, because its unfair for the other contestants. Yes, its true that he is very creative but as a dancer compare to others he is not good enough to be in top 4.

    For me this week neerav will go.

  • aangelguna

    I love Raghav…I was happy to see him back. But he is not giving anything different. He just brings slow motion in any act. Judges please do something… and to praise him …..doing injustice to other versatile performers. He is inexperience and not a trained dancer but I seen so many people with same situation like him with unique talent (from other dance shows) becoming better performer growing and learning through the show. So it’s time for him to be one. He should be treated normally and not as a special person who needs support all the time.

  • Shamik Chanda

    M late..!!!
    Nywys… Analysis..!!

    1.PAUL-VAIBHAV: paul u provd dat u dont desrve to go..!! Mj band is prestigious… Though it lost some of its prestige whn it ws gvn to sanam and mohena…!! Awesome avt and choreography… D part whn whn both of dem shouted made me goosy…!!

    2.ABHIK-SNEHA: wat a romantic act.. So sizzling..!! Lovd it..!! D costume cud hav been bttr.. Nywys awesome choreography and execution.. Abhik ws bttr dn sneha…!!

    3.NEERAV-MOHENA: wat a use of stage.. Geeta mam burnt it… Good concept… Mohena ws btr..!! Neerav ws rather a gr8 supprt..!!

    4.RAGHAV-SANAM: saman ws more mature.. Raghav’ gripping were weak so his prop work ws untidy… Sanam’ slow motion ws something new..!! Raghavs 1 ws s usual..!! Geeta mam is truly called ‘PROP KI DEVI’ by remo.. C made busstand a pro..!! Fud choreography..!!

    5.RAJASMITA-PRADEEP: ws nt dat impressed.. Bt dey wrer gud.. Truly said by GEETA MAM s eye opener..!! Downrock cud hav been mre clean..!! Energy ws d highlit..

    Nxt week rajasmit and pradeep will gt a position 4 sure..!! Dey wil b in top three. Raghav olso may b though he doesnt desrve to b…!! Sneha G or neerav shud go..!! Til den kip dancing..4!!!

  • Amirah Aaliyah abdullahi

    Tanx amy n virginie,am a real big fan of did3,of india as a whole.i also appreciate talent,dats y i luv raghav,cuz his got a talent a very special 1 at dat,so we shuld appreciate it,rather dan critizing d gift.evn if raghav does d slow motion dance evrytym,dats hs signature dance,dats y pple love him becuz ov “slow motion”.n dats y i luv him 2,n he also has anoda talent ov comedy,like putting a smile on everybodys face,lyk bringin life 2 d pls lets appreciate dat rather dan criticizing it.cuz his style is number dancer is raghav.2.pradeep.3.rajasmita.4.mohena.5.sanam.6.sneha.7.abhik.8.nirav.9.vaibhav

    • Amirah Aaliyah abdullahi

      Cant wait 2 watch 2mrws did3.24th march,hmmmm

    • virginie

      Absolutely agree with you about Raghav, Amirah! :)

  • afrah kurkikar


  • haresh_did3

    Wow wat a performance by rajasmita…..fabulous…….great great great……

    • virginie

      I saw one act like Rajasmita’s in a circus… Very innovative in DID, but I want to see her showing any emotions! She seems emotionless like the dolls of her performance. Then only I would admire her.

  • Amirah Aaliyah abdullahi

    Tanx raghav:*.

    • virginie

      absolutely! :) thanks Amirah!

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