Dance India Dance Season 3 17th March

Dance India Dance Season 3 17th March

Dance India Dance Season 3 17th March, Bad Boys of Dance performed on Desi Boyz to start the show. Rajasmita Kar from Geeta Ki Gang was voted highest this week while Raghav secured 2nd highest votes. Pradeep Gurune was voted third highest. Vaibhav Ghuge, Paul Marshal and Sneha Gupta were voted lowest this week by the public. Paul Marshal was voted out in today’s episode.

Dance India Dance 17th March Performances

Terence Ki Toli

Pradeep Gurune performed on the song Tees Maar Khan

Raghav Crocroaz performed Contemporary Dance on the song Dil De Diya Hai

Neerav performed Contemporary Dance Style on the song Kaisi Yeh Judai Hai

Sneha Gupta performed on the song Tadap Tadap ke

Remo Ke Rangeeley

Sanam Johar performed Punjabi Style Bhangra

Mohena Singh performed Ariel Jazz on the song Teri Niyyat Kharab Hai

Vaibhav Ghuge performed to Lord Ganesh

Geeta Ki Gang

Rajasmita Kar performed Contemporary on the song Kal Ho Na Ho

Abhik Banerjee performed on Baba Haji Ali

Paul Marshal performed Hip Hop and Freestyle on the song Albela Sajan

Dance India Dance Season 3 17th March part1

Dance India Dance Season 3 17th March part2

Dance India Dance Season 3 17th March part3

Dance India Dance Season 3 17th March part4

  • _harsha_

    Thank you Admin…Was waiting from past 1.5 hrs.

  • dancefan2012

    Admin! Thank You for the upload, finally I will be able to comment. Constantly refreshing the site to check, if my system had a problem

  • dancefan2012

    Start of the show with Bad Boyz dance group – Spectacular, the synchronization between the group members, the tap, the ballroom, Contemporary, little hip-hop, little of locking and popping, they have shown it and it was so clean. Sensational! Magnificent! – This is the first surprise which I talked couple of weeks ago.

    More surprises to come stay tight…….and it has one of my favorite….

    Neerav – Modern Contemporary – Nice act, but Average performance for his forte, was expecting more from him.

    CrocBoy – Indian Contemporary – Nice attempt, tried to mix Slow motion and Contemporary, did not work very well. But great performance for first try.

    Sneha Gupta – Bollywood Contemporary – Same old emotional drama, bored with it, need something new. Terrance…….

    Pradeep Gurune – Parkour – Free Running style – Man you rocked it! Agreed the dance was less but the dance form itself is like it doesn’t need too much of dance, its the monkey movements you all need

    Sanam Johar – Bhangra – Average performance and its every day dance moments in Punjabi weddings and celebration, nothing new in the performance

    Mohena – Arial act – Good attempt but looked little bit clumsy for Jazz style. Bar was raised for her for the difficulty level. Remo…give others the same difficult choreography.

    Abhik – Sufi whirling or Sufi dance form – Seeing the dance style after very long time. Good attempt still can be better

    Rajasmita – Tried Modern contemporary. Well I did not see any dance except the circus act. Tell me if you have any? The only thing I saw was taking the postures on the prop.

    Paul Eliminated – Well again tried to perform like Dharmesh, did not work for me. Did it for you?

    There are so many spectacular dance styles that can be performed on DID stage, some are Vogue, B-Boying, Waacking, Swing and Shadow Dance

    Masters pull your sock and start working. After the brilliant last week performance, this week was weak.

    What is B-Boying?

    OK, something about B-Boying for the people who do not know what B-Boying is and the technique involved with it

    B-Boying is a dance form which includes exciting stunts, foot works, ground moves, etc., that is enough to get the adrenaline pumping. The dance form includes unique elements like power moves, freezes, top-rock, down-rock and flairs, etc.

    • Sandeep Kumar

      Loved Pradeep’s performance but he got comment that he did not dance much. I thought he did, much much more than Rajasmitha. I was surprised no one told her anything.

      I agree about they need to be more creative and bring B-Boying acts.

      I did connect with Paul’s dance and loved it. Similar to Dharmesh does not make him ‘bad’, its not his fault. I thought Mithun would not let him go. He is a good dancer and Geeta should have explorer him more. Vaibhav should be out, he does not impress me a bit.

      What do you have to say about this….Remo has been very selfish this season..he stands up every time his team member dances…he sees no fault whatsoever. And his comments for other performers are ridiculous.

      • Whackybanana

        I agree with all the things you said, Paul withstanding. Its true Remo has been unconditionally backing his contestants to the extent that he might upstage the Geeta from season 1 and 2. Sanam got the MJ band for what? Oh am sorry Punit got it too, my bad. If Punit can get it then anybody can. I lost my respect for the MJ band the time he gave it to Punit. I mean, Punit might be a jolly good fellow, but his dance did not deserve the MJ band.

        Pradeep was outstanding today. The stunts he attempted were so dangerous and I was gasping for breath in between the performance. So I can imagine how tired he would have been. Remo ought to have given him better comments. Also Pradeep is the only one who is trying new things and he is doing justice to it too. I wish he gets into the top 4.

        • virginie

          agree with you, whackybanana!

      • did123fan

        I agree with u about Pradeep’s perfomance n Remo’s being bias lately. N Pradeep has always been trying new things N Remo said his ” That’s what I call a Perfomance” is for trying new things on the stage. So Pradeep deserves it n every act/ dance.
        Raghav is good in his Slow Motion,, n is always given a chance to improve himself n be more versatile.. then y not the other great versatile dancers. I think it’s time to show the best performance not the time to wait for improvement or versatility. ( No hurt intended)
        N Mohina I love every performances that she did until now..
        Mohina N Pradeep .. u guys rock… all the best …

      • dancefan2012

        @ Sandeep Kumar. Rajsmitha is the only good contestant (As Abik is on the way for elimination) left in the Geetha’s gang. Remo and Terrance already knew that Paul is getting eliminated today, so they thought why to pour oil in the burning fire, by commenting bad about another contestant of same team…..I think you got what I say….:-)

        Well Rajsmitha is really a hardworking contestant, I would personally like to see her in Top 6.

        Well the stage is set as the show will be over in few weeks, so Master’s are Masters and will do anything to save the contestants of their team, not sure about Geetha though, the other two will definitely try their best…….

        • virginie

          Yes dear, Rajasmita in top 6, not top 4… I personally wish that Pradeep, Mohena, Raghav and Sneha make it to top 4… with Sanam and Rajasmita top 6…

    • tina

      agree dance 2012..this DID is lacking its dance spirit no new or wow performance no daring arial act..and dancers look so tired and ebergy less, sply Sanam and Neerav.

      I still dont get what was that Bhangra in Sanam- so weak and average punjabi wedding bhangras are better.

      please tell us more of surprise…for me greatest surprise would be if I see shafeer-Riddhika back.

      I know there will be a round when DID1 and 2 contestants will come back to perform with the DId3s…what else please tell

    • Dhanveer Tauckoor

      Excuse me, You are just underestimating these contestants…Rajasmita has danced with a huge prop on the 17th March…The style was Contemporary mixed with Acrobatia…It is really difficult for a girl to execute this performance…Agreed that she only did some postures on the prop but this is also called dancing…It depends on the viewer…Whether its a cartwheel, ballet exercise, ballroom, prop dance, a simple walk, a slide, all of them are dance…She deserved to be no.1 for public voting as she is the strongest contestant among the girls…She also did Hip-Hop with some breaking and B-boying with Pradeep in the next episode…For me, Rajasmita, Pradeep, Sanam and Vaibhav deserve to be in the finale,

      • virginie

        well, you are obviously a fan of Rajasmita. I am not. I am fan of other dancers… mainly what i dont like in Rajasmita is the lack of emotions… she wears a smile that looks like a mask, i cannot relate to her

  • Abdul Saboor

    RaghAv Is Best nd Today except mohina and rajasmita performance all performances were not fully complete there were little bit errors but every one performed really well and crocroaz best of luck boi………!!!! and bad boys of dance were simply awesome

    • dancefan2012

      Did you really watched all of the performances properly?

  • Fazee Perz

    Seems like dancefan n I share the same opinions abt the performances………compared 2 last week it was really weak…..Pradeep’s performance stole the sh0w 4 me……n ols0 thk u dancefan for sharing abt B-Boying…….hopefully we get 2 see it on DID……….bad boys of dance were superb!!!!!! Rly amazing…….

  • Shihab Hasnat

    I like the Show, everyone is doing well. Unfortunate that someone has to be eliminated but that is all part of the game and the show must go on! Good luck to the ones eliminated on their future endeavor and to the remaining contestants…. Game On!

  • mnegi

    Sneha Gupta…….. We all love you……… Tadap Tadap Ke yaaraaaa….. We vote for you….

  • nazishk

    Well i really liked the first act by Bad Boyz of Dance.. they were absolutely brilliant and it was good to see them on the show.

    Now as of performances… Pradeep was good i liked his performance even though there wasn’t much of dancing. He was still good and that goes to show how much stamina he has. I hope he dances well tomorrow..
    Raghav tried something new and I am extremely happy for that…I hope he does well tomorrow and I hope he keeps trying new styles.
    Neerav was brilliant i know contemporary is his forte but the fact that he was able to handle the prop well was commendable.
    Sneha’s solo was ok not as good as the last few performances…. she could have done much better.
    Sanam’s bhangra was average… I have seen better.
    Mohena’s performance was good.. I feel she did a good job despite of her unstable prop. I hope she does better in future performances.
    Vaibhav’s performance was ok… If I am not wrong Dharmesh danced on the same track last year. I don’t know if he is going to stay in the show for long ..
    Rajismita deserved to be on number one… she has given brilliant performances. I am really happy for her and if there is someone who should win from Geeta’s team that’s her. She is unbelievable..
    Abhik was good but it could have been better.. I believe someone last year did sufi style as well.
    Paul was amazing today… too bad that he isn’t in the show anymore. I wish him all the best in future and hope he does well.

    Oh ya thank god mithun didn’t speak much.. He wasn’t as annoying today.

    • Whackybanana

      I agree with you Nazishk. I feel today’s elimination was right for a change. I felt kinda bad for Sneha, repeatedly being voted into the bottom 3. The last 3 weeks she has given good performances but I think the junta is not able to connect with her personality. The boys Sanam and Raghav will march into the final 4 even though they have blips (like Sanam today). Interesting to see who will the next 2. So many good contestants for the remaining 2 spots – Pradeep, Mohena, Rajasmita and Abhik. I feel Sneha, Neerav and Vaibhav will be eliminated in the next 3 weeks. Then it is going to be tight. I don’t comment as much these days cos the show is getting drab. Cheers dancefan2012, virginie and Nazishk. :)

      • tina

        agree whacky banana…very very drab and dull DID3. Please save sneha G…Sanam should be out along with Neerav and Vaibhav

  • DIDFollower

    Bad boyz performance was simply superb!!
    As usual Crocroaz and Pradeep going on top as per quality performances.

    Remo sir need to cheer other’s performances as well apart from his own contestants. He is only pointing out the flaws of others. Have not heard a single day applauding crocroaz heartily. Need to watch Terrance and Geeta who are to the most neutral on comments. Watching Sanam, Vaibhav delivering poor dances. Specially Sanam, who has never tried anything out of contemporary. Forget about trying any style of Hip Hop. Danced a Bhangra style this episode, that also turned out to be a ladies bhangra! And still Remo applauding huge for these ordinary performances and criticizing the pure dance performances.This is ridiculous!!

    Elimination of Paul Marshall was sad for the show. I think Paul was riding on over confidence since Apsara Ali act and was not giving full on of his calibre and this costed him heavily. But, it is surely a BIG miss for DID. He deserves to be the top3 finalists. He is in many ways much better that another 3-4 contestants in the show. Given current situation, Sneha G should have gone, instead of Paul. I would request Grandmaster to bring Paul back by his Veto power.

    • Whackybanana

      You talk about versatility and you say Paul deserved to be in the top 3? Whenever he has attempted a duo, he has been outclassed by his pair. The worst was he was outclassed even when his partner was not even being considered for critique by the judges. He is a good hip hop dancer, but he is quite ordinary when it comes to other styles. He got a long time to prove himself on the show, he just didn’t cash in. How I wish Shafeer was to take his place. That would have been worth everybody’s time. Just my opinion. No offense. :)

      • DIDFollower

        Whackybanana – Just watch the 18th March performance of Paul that too in DUET with Vaibhav..I hope you will get the answer why I ranked Paul in top 3. (Admitted by Remo too!!) :)

    • Sandeep Kumar

      DITTO about Remo!! It is RIDICULOUS to say the least. SO VISIBLE.

      DITTO about Paul!! Top 4 would have been my guess. I was almost certain mithun wouldnt let him go! Bring him back !!!

  • Irfan Scorp

    Well, too bad for Paul but I don’t think he deserved Top 4 anyways. The lowest 2 – Sneha and Vaibhav won’t tick long either.

    Vaibhav has been consistently poor since some week while Sneha is inconsistent.

    Rajismita and Abhik are hardworking dancers; so I guess Geeta can use theme fully now to gain a place in Finals.

    Remo should stop on over-criticizing the others’ performances and still concentrate on getting the best out of Sanam with REAL choreography. He’s Remo’s best element; so instead of giving Mohena’s a tough act that she won’t pull off completely – give Sanam something good rather than Bhangra dance.

    Pradeep is on such a roll and excels in so many styles and performances recently; that he became my favorite right now. He stole the show once more.

    Right now, I see Raghav, Pradeep, Rajismita and Sanam favorites for Finals. Mohena and Abhik are underdogs who can fight for one of these places. As for Neerav, Sneha and Vaibhav, I expect the next 3 weeks to bring farewell ticket for each one of them. Except if they tick a lil’ longer by giving 1-2 brilliant performances but anyways, they are undeserving of the Final.

  • Ayan Pal

    First things first… Paul’s performance was excellent today! Goodbye Paul! If only you had worked a bit harder the last couple of weeks, post your illness, we would have got to see the secrets that you were supposed to show us in the upcoming weeks. For those who haven’t yet realized it, Paul’s exit now leaves Geeta with just 2 contestants. This means we will be able to see Rajasmita, one of the strongest dancers, in just one duet with Avik in the next few weeks. Now that’s pretty bad for the dance fans like me I guess. Now coming to other things, Sneha and Neerav were both very good today! vaibhav as usual was not. Neither was Sanam, but then he has a fixed slot in the top 4 anyways, in spite of his slip from 2 to 4 this week. Pradeep was outstanding this week! One of the most consitent of all, he deserves the Rank 1 and Rank 3 he has got in the recent past. Same goes for Rajasmita. She was if not flawless today, then at least excellent after being just outstanding last week. Here is another deserving Rank 1 and Rank 3. Now Raghav is a great dancer and I also liked him very much today, so not surprised that he was rank 1, 2, as well as 3 in the last few weeks :) He definetely deserves to be in the top 4, unlike Sanam who has been showcasing his style rather than dance in his last few performances. Mohena to me was superb today. Even better than Rajasmita! Avik on the other hand, after a slew of superb performances, had a performance that wasn’t as good as he usually is. But he is surely very deserving of a top 4 slot. His being stuck at 6 is very surprising. Vaibhav needs to go, and in spite of his superb jodi performance in tonight’s episode, if the promos are anything to go by. Reason? One swallow, does not a summer make. Sneha and Neerav will make the bottom 3 this week along with Vaibhav in all likelyhood. Let’s wait and watch the jodi performances to make sure! I have decided to vote after I watch the duets. What about you guys?

    • tina

      Ayan, like ur analaysis once agai. I know sanam has a top 4 slot reserved, however I feel Remo will pick Moeha over Sanam just out of her family lineage.

      Although Moehna was v good today, I somehow Feel Senha G is better than Mohena if you compare all weeks.

      My top thre remains unchanged-Rajasmita, Abhik, Pradeep – they are so hard working always trying difficlut and daring steps.

      It is sad to see Sneha G bottom3 always. For this week I felt it is Neerav, Bhaiv and Sanam

      • Ayan Pal

        Thanks for your comments Tina! Instead of finding fault’s with spellings (really don’t see how someone can be laughing out loud when he or she reads Avik instead of Abhik) you seem to always point out about the opinions of the people posting the comments. Your opinions are always respectful and if someone actually thought you participated in one of the previous shows, it goes on to show a lot about your understanding of dance :) Keep commenting Tina!

      • virginie

        oh oh! How can you think the lineage of Mohena has anything to do with her ranking??? That is really unfair to her!!! Mohena is MUCH BETTER DANCER THAN SANAM AND RAJASMITA! Especially comparing girls, Rajasmita is hardworking and flexible, and has a fixed wide smile on her face, whether Mohena is also hardworking and flexible, but she has elegance, she can express a range of different emotions and characters, she can be sensual, sexy, innocent, feminine or manly, she can express a whole range of emotions, she does successfully very difficult choreographies, she is thus more versatile than Rajasmita, and she definitely deserves to be ranked BEFORE Rajasmita and Sanam, her lineage has NOTHING TO DO with her grace and skills.

        Obviously Sneha is also very good and she has the same qualities than Mohena, it’s just that the poor girl’s braces prevent her from smiling wide like Rajasmita, and people are not voting her because of that.

        And I am being as much impartial as I can saying that, as none of them is my personal favorite dancer!

  • mnegi

    I feel that The Bhangra was off the beat and faster then normal.. as if he is pouring more josh and that was reducing the mast masti of Bhangra.

    Shena’s preformance was effect by her shocks…. she will do better.

    Crockroz, is an light dancer, and getting regional supporter votes.

    Delhi people never votes easliy, even if it is in Free…. They have no time for themself too…

    I have all sypmathy for Sneha… the BEST dancer, the forthcoming Item Star, is getting trapped in depressing attitude of Delhities…

    All the best Sneha…. I always vote for you..

  • virginie

    First of all, Hi5 to wackybanana! Nice to see also nazishk’s comments… I wander how dancefan2012 gets all his spy info… lol…

    Well, here i go!

    In my opinion, Rajasmita does not deserve the 1st position… It should have been Pradeep! Rajasmita is good contortionist, means I also feel her solo act was just a circus act… Choreographed on a boring music, I did not see any dance there! DID is not a circus competition, it’s a DANCE competition!

    Sanam’s performance was pleasant, full of energy on a nice music, and he was looking very handsome today, but I think that’s not enough to be on the top 4…

    Pradeep was absolutely fantastic! This little guy does everything with excellency and he is truly astonishing! His performance, full of breathtaking successful stunts was indeed dance, no point of comparison with Rajasmita! Besides, Terence skillfully made him occupy all the stage, the entry of DID, the contestants sitting area, the public sitting area, WOW!!!!! What an energy and stamina it requires to perform like this and not miss any stunt! And that was also on a nice music. I think Terence is devoting now all his energy to Pradeep, as a sure 1st place winner… But his other contestants???

    Raghav… What to say about this cute janta heartthrob Croc Boy’s performance? He has been pressurized to do other styles in order to show his week points so that his gets down from top 3… Terence could have chosen a better choreography and a better music for him like last week, when he did a great performance through fusion of his own style and other style… Raghav’s uniqueness is also been tested as per the adds we get on TV of tonight’s performance where he dances slow motion with Sanam, Sanam imitating his slow motion… Not the same feel though… Remo is trying by every means to prove that Raghav is not that great and not that unique… Very sad to see this type of competition, instead of showing the best of each one, they are trying to cut the ground out from Raghav’s feet… He has captivated the heart of the janta, and people are standing by him unconditionally, and I find it FINE!

    Mohena, she is such a humble cutie and she has been given a very high level difficulty prop, which she could handle! Rajasmita’s prop was stable and standing on the ground, but Mohena’s prop was folding, completely unstable, suspended in the air and coming up and down, still she managed to be great! I doubt Rajasmita would have been able to perform as well on that prop… The music was also nice… It seems these 2 girls will dispute the finals, as it was shown on the commercials… Means she show is rigged? Sneha is already out??? That’s not fair!!!

    Abhik (not Avik, lol), I have to acknowledge that we often forget he is just 17… still he managed to go so far in DID.. great job, Abhik, but I think in couple of years or so he will be more fit to compete for the sonery topi… Like past performance, I also found his solo performance girly… Come on, Geeta, he is a MAN! He is also not able to convey feelings… for now…

    Neerav did a very good job trying to convey feelings (his weakness, like Abhik), though his performance was flawless and he really did extremely well with the prop… Sometimes a simple prop is much better than a complicated one…

    Paul, he tried his best imitating Croc Boy’s dancing “mudras”, but it was that, imitation… I always thought Paul was the weakest, and that it was fair that he had to go, but still it broke my heart to see him going and to see the distress and tears of Vaibhav for his friend… Heartbreaking… But as they say, it’s part of the game…

    Sheha, this girl is such a good dancer! Though her choreography was not good, Terence seems to let her go… So sad… Indeed, she did not connect with the janta with her facial expressions, people forgot she wears BRACES! I was also feeling it’s unjust she has always been on bottom 3… I would not like to be in her shoes… And she IS REALLY GOOD! She deserves to be ranked before Abhik…

    Vaibhav’s choreography was absolutely wrong on the music… He was playing the big karatalas when there wasn’t any sound, and he was not playing them when there was sound of karatalas… Come on, Remo! What’s going on???

    And last, I also really liked the performance of Bad Boys of Dance, and the fact that they said there are big fans of DID… It was funny that when Terence said he would like to be a Bad Boy, they told him that he got the job!… lol… Terence became speechless and serious… lol… He is THE Dance Star of South ASIA! Not a simple member of a dance group, even if it’s a foreigner group! LOL

    So here is my ranking based ONLY on yesterday’s solo performance, though I have not voted yet… Waiting to see the duets…

    1. Pradeep
    2. Mohena
    3. Neerav
    4. Rajasmita
    5. Sneha
    6. Sanam
    7. Abhik
    8. Raghav
    9. Vaibhav

    It’s also very annoying to see that when a contestant is voted out, everyone is praising him, I am talking about the Masters, all are praising Paul’s performance on the commercials of tonight (yet unseen) duets… Why they don’t praise when the contestant is still on the game? That’s not fair…

    Waiting eagerly to see tonight’s performances…

    • virginie

      Actually I just voted on my 2 mobile numbers for Sneha. The other ones will still be highly ranked, but Sneha should not go!

      I reserve my online voting for after tonight’s show.

    • dancefan2012

      Everyone is a Spy one or the other way………What say!!!! :-)

      • virginie

        hahaha I wish I had your sources! lol… Or maybe if I had them, I would lose interest? 😉

  • HostMaama

    Well I did not see any dance except the circus act. Tell me if you have any? – Dancefan2012

    Loved Pradeep’s performance but he got comment that he did not dance much. I thought he did, much more than Rajasmitha. I was surprised no one told her anything. – Sabdeep Kumar

    It was almost like watching a circus. – Master Terence

    Pradeep was outstanding this week! One of the most consitent of all, he deserves the Rank 1 and Rank 3 he has got in the recent past – Ayan Pal

    Pradeep was outstanding today. Also Pradeep is the only one who is trying new things and he is doing justice to it too. I wish he gets into the top 4. “Remo” ought to have given him better comments –Whackybanana

    Pradeep is on such a roll and excels in so many styles and performances recently; that he became my favorite right now. He stole the show once more. “Remo” should stop on over-criticizing the others’ performances and still concentrate on getting the best out of Sanam with REAL choreography. – Ifran Scorp

    I am 100% agree with your comments mentioned above.

    From my point of view, if you are a Judge you are bound by the moral code of a Judge. Masters’ comments must be honest and truthful. They should perform their duties without favouritism. Thank you.

  • Fazee Perz

    Just a thght……since geeta’s team is left wit only 2 contestants……d0es it mean tht vet0 power will see 1 of her contestant being recalled? If s0….would it be Urvashi?????? Em praying tht its Shafeer……..

    • dancefan2012

      Fazee don’t tell me that you got the wind of LV2Dance. Yes keep watching there is one existing and surprising twist coming to the tale of DID………

      • virginie

        dancefan2012, please don’t ignore me! lol… tell me if you sit abroad, how can you know all the things that are happening in DID and WILL HAPPEN? Please tell me do you have someone informing you from DID or you have an excellent astrologer? lol… come on tell me na… :)

        • dancefan2012

          So you are back with the bang…..I am not an astrologer, but yes I have sources but they don’t give out information so easily… :-(

          • virginie

            hmmm,, as a moderator, you might have access to my email? can you emial me please? :)

      • Fazee Perz

        @ Dancefan hahaha n0 dear I surely d0nt want 3 see Urvashi bk….I was just thinking if GM will d0 tht c0z u knw he’s “in love” wit her lol……I only want Shafeer bk :)……he deserves it….he’s really hardw0rking……plzzzz tell me he will be bk…….n I really d0 admire ur c0mments…….is there a way I can get in t0uch wit u via email or even FB?

  • pooh304u

    Thank 4 uploading the videos..

    Pradeep you were excellent…Remo Sir has forgotten to tell u that ” that’s what i called a performance ” as per he said he will say to each contestant to try something new…and i believe that you deserve that very well.. you have done gr8 job.

    good to all

  • tina

    Bad Boyz from America(btw this is a wrong term used by Indians-you either call USA or Canada, just like you would never call India as Asia) are much much better than the current DID3 contestants, I mean that how DID standard should have been

    1.Rajasmita = truly deserved to be number 1 amidst a bunch of poor dancers. She has amazing energy and STRENGTH and power. Even her slight fault covers up the level of difficulty she performs.

    Before I proceed with my comments, I would like to tell that I judge a performance based on his/her sharpness and clarity, level of difficulty, new steps incorporated, core strength, and facial expression. Unlike some commenters I DO NOT get swayed by how hot he or she was looking or how popular dance number he or she chose to perform.

    2.Sanam= the most energyless Bhangra I have watched ever in my life – with no new steps. What was wrong with his left hand. He seemed not to use it,his left hand. No spirit, no power in dance and SHAME On Remos’s comment. I think Terrance commented rightly as it was looking more feminine and so girlish than masculine which symbolizes Bhangra. stunned how ever body is so partial and how could mithunda give kya baat on such a bad performance when he did not in Rajasmita’s which was much difficult act. Geeta is a very stupid woman, just because Sanam said Geeta is Punjabi, she melted and forgot to critic him which usually Geeta does well with other’s contestants.

    3.Pradeep – simply WOW !!- just like Rajasmita , Pradeep has improved with each performance, he has shown us good expression, core strength and level of difficulty in today s performance specially head spin and jump from tank. How dare Remo say there was so no dance, what about Sanam and Mohena jesus act there was no dance at all. So please Remo stop being biased. I still dont know why Sanam Received MJ band for that dance less act( anyways Remo always gives MJ band to his contestants)

    4. Raghav-very smooth cute performance, liked kahanai and pani step but again same style and my god even his slow motion step is the same in every week,this is simply wrong in DID., OK WHY IS RAGHAV GIVEN UNDUE IMPORTANCE EVERY WEEK???? IT SO VERY VERY UNFAIR TO OTHER CONTESTANTS WHY WAS HE ANNOUNCING DID AUDTIONS ??

    5.Mohena- for a change she really did well, I now some of you again will not agree, some how she always give a different expression that is not required. Remo again biased – how could he say NTWICA performance to mohena and not to Rajasmita??

    6.Avik- truly versatile, at least he and pradeep and Rajasmita are giving diff style every week. Always pleasing to watch him as he dances so sharply and accurately,

    7.Neerav-dont know how I feel he is already tired, and his lifta rae terrible and goirl(raj,snneha) makes better lifts than him, nothing new in his performance

    8.Paul- for a change he did something diff today, but to late to repair the damage. As I said before he should have never picked up slow motion dance as that is Raghav’s signature.

    9.Sneha G- good performance soulful and very nice expression and I completely agree what she said that why SHE. I think everybody in this forum feels the same. and i completely disagree with Geeta, it is not that somebody performed thora better. So far Sanam was the worst in todays performance and both are from Delhi so I think sanam should leave before Sneha. Yes guys please please vote for Sneha G. What BS Remo is talking about other contestants- Sanam never shows any expression and his dance never reaches ur except Jesus act.

    10.Vaibhav-very good energetic performance.

    so top performance acc to me are
    5.Sneha G

    since Paul left today, for me bottom two are Sanam and Neerav. Lets see Sunday performance.

    I woul like to see
    3.Pradeep definitely in top three but I kno wthere will be only 1 from Geeta team

    Next I would like to See Sneha G in top 4 and nobody from Remos team – just acc to merit of performance.

    • dancefan2012

      Hello Tina,

      Good to see you are following the blog. Well its better to says Bad Boyzzz from California that’s more suited rather than saying States or Canada or what ever….

      I do not know, why you liked Rajsmitha in today’s performance, agreed she is really hardworking and versatile than few on the show but today’s performance was all posture act (Yoga) from her, its choreography issue of-course not the performers mistake. I personally like her performances but not today’s performance.

      Abhik is on the way to elimination, so sorry to say that you will not see him in top 4 performing in final.

      Don’t worry there is more good news for you, which you will see in coming weeks, so do not want to disclose now except Abhik’s fate……

      • Whackybanana

        Dancefan2012, you are leading me towards Shafeer coming back into the show. Are you up for answering some yes/no questions? 😛

      • Ayan Pal

        Sorry to say this. But saying that Abhik is on his way to elimination is one of the most biased comments I have ever read on this forum.

        However, if as per some weird logic, everyone except the winner is on his or her way towards elimination, then I guess you are absolutely right dancefan! Abhik cannot take off his shirt and promise his die hard fans that he would not wear a shirt in his upcoming performances, as Sanam has so shamelessly done while asking for votes today. So I guess contestants like Sanam, who can’t even match a slow motion dance of Raghav, who was originally not even selected, would definetely stay, while worthless non-dancers who keep doing different dance styles instead of the same style over and over again in both solos as well as duets will be stuck at ranks 6 and above and eventually be kicked out.

        Come on! They deserve it, don’t they?. After all, style and sex appeal is far more important than dancing and innocence. No?

        Wait there is more… Yoga like poses (wait isn’t that similar to ballet/freestyle/contemporary?) is not dance, but Parkour (wait, isn’t that a fight and flight style of action?) is dancing? I loved Pradeep too. But to say that his dance was dance and Rajasmita’s was not is absolute nonsence. To me dance is the movement of your body to a rhythm that you can feel, and others can see or sense. This is why Lord Shiva is considered as the greatest dancer. Dance is like a religion to many. Just because a particular religion is followed lessor than another one, it does not stop being a religion does it?

        So please think twice before passing nosensical comments on someone’s performace. We have already lost Paul who performed a superb duet with Vaibhav. Let’s not be so blind as to forget that dance must trump style, sex appeal, and regionalism. Vote for the best dancer, not necessarily for the best choreography, and remember the past performances before you give that missed call. A single attempt on your part can help or break someone’s life. So please be more responsible.

        • dancefan2012

          @ Ayan Pal

          Dude, I would humbly (advise) you to choose your words carefully when replying to my comments. Do you know the meaning of Bias, if not then,

          To incline to one side or to prejudice or to prepossess.

          Please do not use the wrong words without knowing the meaning of the word, because you have to be sorry for it.

          What do you mean by Bias, read all my post so far in this website blog, have you seen me taking side of one contestant so far who has not performed well.

          And please stop, its not me who decides who is going to stay or who is going to go, if you like Abhik please support him but my sources says he will not reach the final and he will not that’s that, where is bais on that?

          Its not like I am telling you that he is not a good performer, he shouldn’t be selected in the first place, he is worst performer in the DID season 3, that is what called Bias

          I have not even spared Croc Boy and Pradeep when they have not performed well, those 2 are my favorite that doesn’t mean I will be Bias to them just because they are my favorite. If they do not perform well as a Dance Fan, its my duty to criticize anyone and everyone and no one can stop me from doing so………..

          I do not know, why you bought the topic of Lord Shiva on this blog, dude please…
          I know very well about tandav dance. Its the origin of Classical and many other forms of dance, you do not have to teach me…

          What about nosensical (having no intelligible meaning) comments? What is the meaning of we lost Paul, he should have performed much much before in the show not just today’s performance. Paul shouldn’t have been so confident with just his Apsara Ali performance, he should have done much better than he did in past, so that he would have atleast had a chance to survive in the competition little more.

          Wait there is more… Yoga like poses (wait isn’t that similar to ballet/freestyle/contemporary?) First learn the dance forms properly before commenting or comparing it with……If you want to know details on dance forms let me know, I will guide you to proper sources rather than you beat around the bush and act smart saying you know everything and everyone else who come to this site is just a dumbo….

          • Whackybanana

            Dancefan2012 is doing some tandav on the forum right on. For your viewing pleasure Ayan. LMAO 😀

          • Ayan Pal

            Come on man! Which comment of mine seems to directly or indirectly suggest that everyone apart from me is a dumbo?

            You must learn to practice what you preach. If a word like ‘bias’ makes you feel bad, it does not mean you will use words like ‘dumbo’, ‘act smart’ and ‘beat around the bush’ and threaten to make me feel sorry about something.

            Since there is no way we can compare our IQ scores here, we will never know whether or not you and I are dumb. Now if commenting directly on someone else’s comment signifies acting smart and knowing all about dance, I guess i must be at fault. But I don’t see when my comments have been even remotely ‘beating around the bush’. if you haven’t yet noticed it, I have pretty straightforward responces. And as far as nonsensical is concerned, I guess I felt you did not make sence when you mentioned that Avik did ‘Rajasthani Folk’ and was ‘on his way to elimination’, and that you did not see ‘any’ dance in what Rajasmita did. I hereby rest my case.

        • tina

          Ayan and danc2012- i like to read both of your comments and whacky ur too
          so far did3 comments were only based on dancers and no personal attck, which I really liked
          secondly all of us over here tend to agree most of the times
          1.wost did among the 3
          2. mithunda made very poor choices
          3. Masters, Remo sply make biased comments
          4. Shafeer -Riddhika, sneha kapoor and let ly varun should have not left.

          We all will differ in our ranks of the contestants, so please keep comments clean and no personal attcacks. Some have commented on my likings too. It is ok.
          Lastly Ayan I feel Dance 2012 might be on eof teh crew in DID3, so knows a lot of inside news.

          And Dace 2012 yes both Ayan and I and many others will feel bad and sad if Abhik is eliminated before Sanam, Neerav or Bhaivav.
          tell me one thing Dance 2012 is the winner this time from Geetas team?
          then top 4 are

          • Ayan Pal

            Agree with you Tina. Gosh! We have been sqabbling like a group of rabid rabbits! Time out everyone! Let’s look forward to next week now! And thanks for the latest vids! Am posting it here, instead of the 18th link.

          • dancefan2012

            Tina, its not me who is deciding who is out or who is in. I shouldn’t have released the news so early. I feel like I can take my words of elimination back, but I cannot remove the fact from what it is…

      • tina

        good to know they r from CA. And I did put Pradeep above Rajsmita…)).

        …agreed it was more yog atype, but then it wa ssomething new…honest ly i have seen better aerial act than Moehana and bett bhangra than Sanam in DID itself

        I try to be as correct as possible, only based on dance and level of difficulty, and amount of variation

    • virginie

      Bad Boyz of Dance are doing dance since their early childhood, non stop… trained in ballet… that makes a difference compared to our DID boys and girls… But when Mohena was showing them some Indian steps, they could not perform it with the same taste :)

  • Whackybanana

    Ayan, dancefan2012 just passed on some information he received from his sources that Abhik is on his way out. I don’t think it is view on things. I liked Rajasmita’s and Pradeeps performance yesterday. If I would be asked to rank them then Pradeep would be up there cos his attempt was fresh and I believe the difficulty level was high. And as for your arguments, it sounds a bit naive to say the least when you base it off a contestant like Paul, who has pretty much survived on NOTHING. He and Urvashi deserved to go in place of Shafeer and Riddhika from Geeta’s team. Paul might be a good hip hop dander but like I pointed out above he was abysmal in his duets to the stage that Rajasmita who was not even being judged for her performance last week upstaged him in the duo act. And don’t bring religion, regionalism and holier than thou arguments in the forum man. I respect your opinions, but I believe dancefan2012 is a moderator on the forum. Go easy, he is just trying to siphon some information through. Cheers!

    • Ayan Pal

      Hi Whacky! I belive your rankings reflect mine! My reasons for being upset have been explained in a post below. Thanks for pointing out a few things I hadn’t realised I must have meant while posting that comment. Noone wishes to hurt anyone else’s sentiments in here purposefully. If I have, it must have been for a reason.

    • virginie

      Absolutely agree with you, whacky!

  • Ayan Pal

    Loved the comments that followed my post :) That just goes on to show how posessive we are about contestants we like to see dancing!

    When I posted the first time ever on this Forum, someone said I might be a producer of this show :) I wish I was, for I am sure they must be raking in the moolah!

    Anyways, to move onto other things the words I felt were inappropriate were ‘on his way to elimination’. To me this seemed like a comment reeking of bias towards the show as this seems to strongly suggest that this show is absolutely rigged. How else can anyone in this world know who is about to leave and when? If you feel you are privy to such information, why dont you raise it directly so that genuine fans can once and for all stop wasting their time voting in here? And if you did not mean it that way, do you mean to say Abhik deserves to go? If yes, then would that not suggest a bias and lead to my ranting in the first place?

    I also found it shocking that someone who knows dance as well as you do did not even recognize Abhik’s performance. I might not know what Freestyle/Contemporary/B Boing/Locking Popping is, but I do know that what Avik did was definetely not Rajasthani Folk, as you claimed it to be in a comment above. My talking about Tandav was to correctly explain what was going on in my mind when I suddenly came across that comment of yours.

    Anyways, in hindsight, I guess I should not have pounced on your comments as I did! But then that’s the way I am! I say what comes upon my mind :) But then, in spite of saying that, if you are one of the moderators, I must take this opportunity to congratulate you for uploading such high resolution videos of the show and for all the work that’s done to promote the best dancing show from India. I really felt upset to read about comments that seem to suggest everything else is rigged. I believe it is not. Period.

    P.S: BTW Why does any comment of mine have to do with Love2Dance or anyone else for that matter? I am who I am. Love me, Hate Me, Ignore Me, but please don’t confuse me with anyone else 😉

    • Whackybanana

      I was just fooling around man. Peace out. :)

      • Ayan Pal

        Thanks Whacky! And sorry if I upset u Dancefan! We need fans of dance like you and so, at least i, felt upset when it seemed like you felt Abhik should go. i stand corrected :)

    • dancefan2012

      Thank you. I watched the video again and I have mistaken, it is not Rajasthani folk, it is Sufi whirling or Sufi dance form. I got confused as the Rajistani folk Ghoomar is also close to that dance form, but its done only by Women not by men.

      Possessive – means “jealously opposed to the personal independence of”? What are you trying to say, was that a mistake in choosing the words or are you trying to say that I am jealous….

      or trying to protect my favorite contestant. None of the contestant on the show means anything to me other than good entertainers and followers of dance, thats that……

      Who cares whether, who is producer of the show or a director, if the show is good people will watch, if not good then who will watch? Everyone wish for everything but unfortunately cannot get everything, can they?

      Bias, I will be happy, if you say the Channel/Show cast is Bias rather than again and again pointing out to me. I feel dejected on repeating my comments again and again. Hope you will understand. If you want to fight for Abhik you are welcome and please send and email to email address and send as many as you want and ask your friend to do it as well.

      You are always welcome to reply on my comments but in the right way and choose the words properly. I will always appreciate and accept if I have made mistakes but will definitely give it back if I feel I am not wrong. Thats my nature as its yours…….

      I am not the admin of the site though I work with the team. You have to thank the Admin of the site, of-course can not give you the name but use address convey your message.

      You are always welcome to the site, invite your friends post your comments, but choose appropriate words……….and forget about the LV2Dance part you will not understand even if I tell you the story….Sorry If it has hurt your feelings…

  • Shamik Chanda

    Okkk.. So m late… Nywys.. Had mixed feelings dis week.. Analysis is here.

    1.Rajasmita: as geeta mam says stupendofantabulouslyfantastical, i felt rajasmita ws accurately dat.. D prop had a weight of 35kg.. And dancing with it can b done only by her… C DESERVES D FIRST POSITION.. Nd i dnt think dre ws less dancing.. Bcz with dis prop u d maxm thng dat cud b done, geeta mam made her do..!! Well deserved..

    2.RAGHAV: whn he entrd d shw.. He ws 1 of my fav.. Bt nw eeeeeeeewwww… Slow motion everytym doesnt make it 4 meee.. Happy dat he tried something new.. Bt dat trying ws not good enough.. And evn his costume ws disgusting… Nywys he will get votes coz ppl vote by seeing his face…!!

    3.PRADIP: lovd it.. Cant agree with masters dat dre ws less dancing coz d style itself is called CREE RUNNING.. Still d parts of POPPING he did ws nce…!!

    4.SANAM: bored to death..!! I felt bhangra cud hav been more energetic… !! Nywys dat ws not bhangra evn it ws a mimicry of bhangra..

    5.MOHENA: best dat day.. Wat a prop… Wat a performance.. Wat a choreography… Really liked Remo sirs choreography aftr a long tym… Wonderful… 11 out of 10..!! But remo sir baki logo ko bhi asa kuch choreography diya karo.

    6.ABHIK: dont knw y r u in 6th plce.. Shud b in 4th.. Awesome act.. Chakkars were superb.. Lovd it..!! U really r a dark horse..

    7.NEERAV: complete performance s master geeta said.. Awesome… Keep on gvng dis kind of performance..

    8.VAIBHAV: i really felt dats d worst semi classical act in d season..!! Really man… Dumbo performance s i felt..

    9:SNEHA: drama drama drama… Wt a drama.. Uski dukh dekh k mujhe hasi aa gayi..!! no element.. Terence sirs tragic acts..!!

    10.PAUL. I really felt miserable nd melted out.. Paul is d weakest some one said… Dat ws d worst pj i hrd..!! Nywys man u were my fav.. Hoped u ll b in finale..!! Bt nywys u ddnt..!! Kash log dance dekh k vote karte.. Na ki face or body..!! U killed it man.. APSARA ALI and ANKHO KI GUSTAKIYA were so so so mesmerising.. I dnt agree dat u copy dharmesh.. U hav ur own style nd he hs his own..!! Lovd u man. Ndwil miss u..!! GEETA MAM did justice wit u..!!

    I felt GEETA MAM ws mst neutral dis week.. And REMO SIR d least..!! Nxt week it might b sneha’s turn..!!

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