Dance India Dance Season 3 15th April *Akshay Kumar*

Dance India Dance Season 3 15th April *Akshay Kumar*

Dance India Dance Season 3 15th April Akshay Kumar Special, Dance India Dance Finalists performed the last time on stage in DID Season 3 as they proceed on to Dance India Dance Finale 21st April. Akshay Kumar graced the stage today for encouraging the contestants and also to promote his upcoming movie Rowdy Rathore releasing on 1st January. Master Remo also performed today in the episode to complete the series of Master’s performance. At the end of the show All 5 Dance India Dance Finalists performed and appealed for votes. Remember the voting lines are open till 7pm on 21st April Dance India Dance Finale.

Akshay Kumar Awarded 1 Lakh to each of the Top 5 DID Contestant. Most DZire performer of the day was awarded to all 5 Finalists.

Dance India Dance 15th April Performances

Terence Ki Toli

Pradeep Gurune performed Ariel Contemporary Dance Style on the song Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin

Raghav Crocroaz performed his slow motion and Robotics Style

Remo Ke Rangeeley

Sanam Johar performed Robotics Dance Style on the title song of Dum

Mohena Singh performed Hip Hop on the song Bach Ke Rehna Tu

Geeta Ki Gang

Rajasmita Kar performed Freestyle Bollywood Dance on the song Aaja Nach Le

Dance India Dance Season 3 15th April part1

Dance India Dance Season 3 15th April part2

Dance India Dance Season 3 15th April part3

Dance India Dance Season 3 15th April part4

Dance India Dance Season 3 15th April limelight

  • satyam kumar

    Thank you admin. :)

    • GAnubhav

      I Can’t Vote Raghav, I just logged in but Raghav’s voting is botton is not highlighted and pops up msg that “you have already voted” how can it be?? I tried with another email id again the same… is it kinda..fake or something??

      • dancefan2012

        Login from a different system and a different ID boss. The system’s MAC address that is giving away your identity blocking you from voting

    • kul gurung

      hello guys be careful some one Cheating for Raghav cause when i try to make vote for other contestant but it will be atomically voted for Raghav may be its like Game fixing……….its not good DID Solve this problem Please…….we humbly requesting ………

      • ashwini b

        first time when i log in to vote,my vote by default is going to raghav even if i try to vote for other contestants

  • vanity fair

    Whch mrn voting to this cock roach yaar….daya…:(

  • vanity fair

    hey T na give ur comments ..i got habituated 2 read ur comments gv dm fst…

  • jojo mani

    Crockroach deserves to win this. Period. The performance tonight made me login here to rewatch it.

    Rest of the finalists are a snoozefest honestly..

    • charles jacob

      raghav is never gonna win this.he repeats the same style always,tat is gonna b a minus mark 4 him.he is not versatile..

      • dance luvr

        Raghav is the only deserving winner out of these by a mile. As for versatility, watching his bollywood faceoff should have been enough. A robotics dancer of his calibre can only dream of being that expressive and fluid. This guy can and has done everything convincingly, time to stop ignoring it.

      • prabhat pujari

        that will be the sole reason if he will win..

    • dance luvr

      Agree. Raghavs performance was on another level. And the versatality argument is overused now. Stop finding flaws and over-scrutinizing him just bcoz he is popular. Every contestant have their strong points that they show off and “repeat” like props and stunts for rajasmitha and paradeep. Other contestants are just not even close to being worthy enough to win the season over Raghav. as simple as that.

      • samecute

        i agree with you! some people have made their hobby of criticizing and finding flaws in some of the contestant like first it was neerav and now its raghav. if you like any one contestant it doesn’t mean that you start finding flaws in others.please people start taking things positively and send best wishes to your my favorites are RAGHAV and PRADEEP.

        ALL THE BEST RAGHAV AND PRADEEP! may anyone of you wins this GOLDEN TAKDEER KI TOP.

  • alimurad_pu

    Where is the remaining parts..i m dyieng to see croc today performance..please admin upload it fastly…can’t wait more..plz plz ….plz

  • ibne batuta

    tonight show very interesting.
    every contestant did a fabulous performance in tonight show,

    but i lik3 Most pradeep & Crozkroz performance,
    and in Dance ki takkar i lik3 Pradeep, Rajasmita, & Mohena act most…

    Really Njoy the Tonight Show, Also Lik3 Akshy kumar with pradeep & Raghav.

    according the performance, i give rank
    1st Pradeep
    2nd Crockroz
    3rd Mohena & Rajasmita
    4th Sanam :p

    In Finale (According the DID, the Rank are)
    1st Rajasmita (coz Geeta Ma Turn, but she is good too 4 deserve)
    2nd Raghav “Croz ka hi bnta hy, pr not sure k Raghav ko 4th Rank na mil jay, i also felt this 😐 ”
    3rd Sanam (Girls & Mithunda Chocie) lol
    4th pradeep, Raghav bhi possible hy, but As seem lik3 he got 2nd Rang for sure,
    5th of course, Raj Kumari & My Liking Beauty Mohena Dance ki Super Star.

    but if u want my personal opinion toward the Deserving contestant that’s |pradeep| coz he is much much better than Rajasmita, but just bcoz Rajasmita is in Geeta Team, Golden Cap being for her, otherwise pradeep deserve to WIN this 3rd Session without any doubt.

    • HostMaama

      Very clean and pure dance, no added effect because you don’t need to add any effect like other contestants in order to enhance the performance.

      What a true dancer. Yes Pradeep you deserve to win DID 3 without any doubt.

    • kul gurung

      i agree with comments its real and pradeep is the no one versatile dancer

  • satyam kumar

    it is a really tough competition between Rajasmita, Pradeep and Crokroaz. May the best win.

  • pri b

    today episode was nice but i fill better performance cod of been given looking back at season 1&2. the top 5 r rlly strong but it was a shame to c abhik get eliminated coz he’s a brilliant dancer and shown range of performance still the janati didnt give enouf votes??
    i hope the best win to me i rlly wish rajasmitha to win coz s he’s the olnly person who can compete wid raghav and manage to get a lot of votes over him ! and i fill its time for some 1 to make geeta ki gang proud!!!! but i bet a decision has already been made……. just like before season 2 dharmesh (the best of the best didnt win????) and suddenly shakti won how?? even thou his always for voted the hightest. rank wise 4 me is
    winner Rajasmitha
    1st runner up Raghav
    2nd runner up sanaam
    3 and 4the mohena or padeeep ?
    plz vote for rajamsitha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    iss bar geeta ki turn

    • prabhat pujari

      according to “JANTA” Raghav is already a winner , but i think everybody other than Crocroaxz have a chance to win coz everybody is thinking that Crocboy is gonna win but they will see some twist in finale..

  • alimurad_pu

    raghav will win the did title..!!!!!

  • divyasnavi

    I don’t get why the contestants strive to become number one.
    I mean, once you join Dance India Dance your life is changed forever. Look at Dharmesh sir, even though he didn’t win his name is like everywhere. So no matter who wins or losses I feel like we’ll see their names again and again somewhere near the future.
    And also, how come we didn’t get to see a footage of Geeta ma in limelight? I was really looking forward to it! We saw Remo Sir and Terence Sir’s day to day life, or what they do usually. I was really hoping to see Geeta Ma’s please upload it if you have it :)

    And I’m SUPER EXCITED FOR THE FINALE! Good luck to all the dancers!

    • virginie

      You are absolutely right, divyasnavi! They are already dance stars and we will see them like we see Dharmesh, Amar and the others who did not get No1! They already reached the sky, all of them!

  • tina

    When Geeta comments first, she over praises a contestant, Remo never praises a contestant other than his team, only Terrance is fair a bit and never over or under praises.

    Sanam-no dum in his jaan/dance, still in shock how could he be in top 5, when there were shafeer, abhik, sneha k and G and Riddhika. DID/Zee are we stupid?…is this a final performance where major work was done by the firework. He was looking a big cat in that suit- why those little ears on his head. no new steps. no stunts. Arrogance was again visisble today. When mithun announced 1 lakh cash award, sanam reacted as if he is already going to win it. His voting appeal is arrogant too. He said he knows what we have to do ? Yeah right..not vote you.

    pradeep=very very smooth, flexible, heart touching,… touching I cud see the honesty in his dance , even akshay was also absorbed into his dance. I am still in shock he had to wait this long to receive MJ band when he should have got it in his parko act -the most difficult in entire DID3. Remo your jealousy shows in your face. The entire world can see it Remo, not good. You almost made it look like a consolation prize becos show is ending. Agree with terrance his ‘dance talks’. prdeep you showed to everyone you have a big heart and much better person than many in DID3

    rajasmita-song and dress could be a bit more inetersting,coz that is what arrests in junta’s mind. What a balance till today, some dancers (Mohena) could not even stand/ and balance for 10 sec and you did teh entire first of on so many matkas. Lastly you have improved tremendously on grace and expression as rightly pointed by akshay.

    Raghav-whatever he did in audtion, same today except change in costume, yet in the end he is unique and no body can imitate him. But very surprising that based on 1 single style he reached in top 5.

    mohena-very nice stunt, very nice attempt for finals, I think could have been a bit more energetic, as her transitions were clearly visible worth some pause and not very fast. Dear Mohena, it is up to us whether we remember your performance. Mohena again tried some sympathy attempts again by saying some burnt, josh main khoye etc..poor mohena..Akshay totally doused her sympathy…and did not air her ego/sympathy. Remo you are completely wrong, fire act was performed by Pradeep too = best so far. Not only you are jealous, you are completely ignorant abt other contestants.

    I just feel Rajasmita could have performed a stunt western act and Mohena a nautanki desi act as they both are good in these and could have enhanced their performance.

    Dance ka takkar-
    Sanam again a dhila punjabi act
    Pradeep- man look at his clean jump from such a height !! amazing
    raj-amazing 1 hand cartwheel and amazing split
    mohena- she dances so well but her over expression kills her performance. rather than looking like a graceful heroine, she makes it look more of a rakhi sawant type item girls.
    croc-full tapori v good

  • HostMaama

    tina, what you have mentioned in paragraph 3 and 5, I 100% agree with you.

  • nazishk

    OK so i watched today’s episode and I must say i enjoyed it thoroughly. I wish mithun would have used his veto power to call upon deserving contestant. But oh well it is what it is.. I enjoyed Remo’s performance it was nice and clean. And it was good to see Akshay on the show… not sure if i am going to watch his movie as i don’t like violent movies.

    And as of performances… Sanam was the first one to go ….I thought he was ok.. not the kind of performance I am looking for if he wants to win DID. I really think Shafeer, Varun or Abhik would have been much better than him. His robotic was ok…. not the best!
    Pradeep was just amazing.. I loved his performance. I really hope he goes far in future. He is a very talented and hard working person.. I don’t know if he will be able to top the list next week but i can tell he will be successful in future.
    Rajsmita was also brilliant.. I loved her performance. I thought she did a wonderful job and i truly hope she wins next week. She truly deserves it and one of my fav contestants.
    Raghav’s act was mind blowing… i know it was nothing new but the way he played with the camera was just amazing. I see him successful in future too.. wish him all the best for next week.
    Mohena’s act was dangerous and nice.. the whole time i was worried about her getting injured. But i commend her for trying something not a lot of girls do. It was good to see her performance but i don’t think its enough for her to win DID.

    The little was amazing and funny… good to see em for a change. And can’t wait for DID lil maters’. I know it will be rocking and much better than season 3.

    I wish everyone all the best for finale next week.. hope the deserving one wins.


  • nazishk

    Ooops forgot about the dance ke takkar… so i was expecting all five of them to dance together but a solo again but that didn’t happened. For me the best were Raghav, Rajsmita and Pradeep… Sanam and Mohena were ok… I don’t know how Mohena made it to the top 5 if she can’t give a better dance ke takkar than that. Sanam was all over the place… Pradeep or Raghav could have easily beaten him. In Girls Rajsmita and in guys Pradeep and Raghav rocked!!!

  • nazishk

    not a solo again**

  • dancefan2012

    Pradeep – Flawless Mind blowing performance. Best of all the performances today. MJ band finally…

    Sanam – Robotics was not that great but had some risks involved with the act. So good act overall

    Rajasmitha – Had expressions in the act, prop was good. It was a good performance

    Mohena – Unnecessary stunts on the act which spoiled the performance. She said that she did the act so that everyone will remember her performance but that’s not going to happen as I would say this was her weakest performance in DID season 3. She could have done a act without extra effects which could have been much better.

    Croc Boy – Tried very hard to do something unique but what I liked in the act is the remix of the statement “CrocRoaxz ko nikalna muskile nahi Nah mumkin hai”

    Was expecting better performance from Remo, somehow I did not enjoy the performance as I wished. So out of 3 Master’s performances Master Terrance was the best in this season.

    I was told by my sources that Dada used the Veto but I don’t know what happened, whether the potion was removed / re-shot or what else happened. Maybe it will come to light after few weeks…

    Well most of us knows who is going to be winner this season as it was also the Most Dezire move of the day… :-) Don’t have to take name!!!

    Don’t want to talk about Fac-Off as it was there to kill some time.

    Just Finale left and then its going to be Dance Ka Baap time…

    • virginie

      I hope the finals are not rigged

  • didfan

    why most of the comments here are against Raghav, saying that he is repeating. we have been watching contemperory, bollywood and other form of dances from decades and you people are not bored of that. Raghav has come up with something new and fresh, so please have a good heart and encourage him.
    I’m bored to watch the same strecthing legs, hands and jumping then rolling all over. Every time when I see Raghav’s slow motion, a “WOWW” comes out of me. Its not just doing slow motion, he has his own style, mannerism and that X factor, that’s why he is in no.1 position. And I absolutely want him to win DID3. And the second position should go to Pradeep and the rest I’m not bothered, apart from this any other decision from DID is unfair to the contestents.

    • virginie


      • Amirah Aaliyah abdullahi

        Hey,am back,jst decided 2 chill off 4 a whyl,I also missed уσυ @virginie n @amaal,n I agree wit уσυ @virginie on Terence team.

      • prabhat pujari

        yeah, they are always good.. whoever goes there(Terrence ki toli), becomes a superstar..

    • muzib rahiman

      its not ki repeatitive rather he is not able to show his versatility because Terence always loves to experiment but he is also not experimenting with Crocs because he knows that its not possible…..
      jaago guys….. A true dancing super star should be a complete dancing star who should represent all India and its all different styles which is possible with rajsmita and Pradeep only.

      • kul gurung

        100% sure Muzib

    • alimurad_pu

      Me also 100% agree with u…

    • alimurad_pu

      Means i agree with didfan statement..!!

  • Sachin Saini

    Hi Admin

    There is again problem.I m trying to watch 14th April 2012 & 15th April 2012 Episode but there is no any video and no link.

    What is problem there. Please i want to watch them

    Please do something for me

    Sachin Saini

    • dancefan2012

      Sachin, you might have to update the flash player on the system.

  • dance luvr

    Raghav is the only deserving winner out of these by a mile. As for versatility, watching his bollywood faceoff should have been enough. A robotics dancer of his calibre can only dream of being that expressive and fluid. This guy can and has done everything convincingly, time to stop ignoring it.

    • prabhat pujari

      seriously that bollywood style was too gud to prove that he is a versatile, anyway i never bothered whether he is versatile or not coz whenever he is on stage , he will do “FAADU” performance every time.. Robotics performance was again another mind -blowing performance. ONe of ma frnd has become fan of CRocroaxz yesteray after that Robotic u can see the power packed attraction of RJ aka CROCROAXZ

      • virginie

        Absolutely, Prabhat! :)

      • kul gurung

        you are right Praght!

  • priyam

    I was waiting for Pradeep to do such a performance and finally it came. Pradeep was really mindblowing and so beautiful to watch. He was so graceful and the costume was so beautiful. For me Pradeep was best in both performances. The second performance was so powerful and it is such a pleasure to watch Pradeep.

    Raghav was my second choice and he was also out of the world today in both act

    The other 3 were all very good, but I must say that today the boys rocked.

    All the performances were great and yes the 5 are really good and deserve to be here. Good luck to all five. see you in the finals.

  • Samairah Parveen

    Undoubtedly Raghav has been the winner from the very start and only he deserves to win, as he has demonstrated it by his unique talent and style and winning over millions of hearts. I have also seen on many occasions how other masters incorporate his dance style and moves into their own contestants dance.
    Even if he doesn’t win, Raghav will always be the winner in my eyes.
    Good Luck to him.
    Waiting to see him wear the golden topi which rightfully belongs to him.

    • prabhat pujari

      If they won’t declare Crocroaxz as a winner then one thing is sure, everbody will come to know that This show is rigged..Coz he has a massive fan following other 4 are very far from him..

    • prabhat pujari

      not only in ur eyes..infact u should say in “OUR” eyes and in our hearts and in our dil and in our dimaag….

    • kul gurung

      actually DID is not for one side of dance DiD means fusion with all kind of dance or DID assigning for Versatile Dancer so, Raghav is not enough for that so pradeep or rajasmita is the one of winner

  • Kashmiri kadam

    Well Well Well, Raghav and winner?? Do you really think that he is well deserving? I dont agree with many of them (sorry guys)

    There are many dance forms which he did not attempt to do (long list, cant name all of them) except that Slow Motion. Though he is best in his dance form but it doesn’t mean that we should just vote him coz of his one and only one dance. Though he tried few stuff but was ot even best in any of them.

    I could see about 95% dances of his with same old style. Only once, please go through the performance of Pradeep, Rajasmita and Abhik… They are far much better than him. Please see the efforts and versatility of the dancers. We just lost Abhik, who was so damn beautiful dancers. Atleast we should learn something now and not keep one fav whole season just coz he is unique. There are hard working dancers and more deserving. In the End, may the deserving dancer win.

    • prabhat pujari

      U r telling Croc’s style is old.. it is still new …Till Croc boy is thr, he will always keep it new

    • kul gurung

      i agree also with Kashmiri kadam this the judgement eyes ………….wa wa wa

  • ppmsia

    hi…when is the finale? this weekend is it?

    • muzib rahiman

      yes this saturday only…….

  • virginie

    Well, this is the last post before the Grand Finale, I was not finding my words, and was delaying to post, and I found on Facebook a post of the Master himself, the great Terence, about Raghav and Pradeep. I was so excited to read it!!!

    What he says is so true and so well written, that I thought of sharing it with you all instead :)

    Terence Lewis said today on a post on Facebook:

    “Reached the Finale Stage set last night and packed up at 8 in da morning. It was beautiful to dance and practice on da huge set as the Sun dawned on us and kissed us good morning, reminding us to go home..

    “Pradeep cd not contain his tears when he saw the stage and Raghav was by his side throughout! Raghav too was talking non stop as to how incredible it will be to dance in front of 25.0000 people live…he rambled…”Sir Khatarnak hoga” atleast 25000 times…and was jumping around the stage, cracking us all up!

    “What can i say abt Raghav..,Unique and exceptionally gifted, unpretentious, unabashed, intelligent and a quick wit to match, yet, a wonderful kid at heart. Loving and genuine…. one helluva of a smart kid…I’ve not seen someone who is so sharp when it comes to choreography and has an ability to create dance with just an idea…just a bit of prodding and directing his energies and in a few hours, he has a piece ready to be performed…no spoon feeding…

    “then I have Pradeep…an epitome of hard work, grit and passion…puts me to shame with his dedication,focus and love for dance…Ull only see him taking breaks, to grab a bite or sip of water, or to catch a few hrs of rest…insanely hardworking, works quietly and delivers a sixer every time…

    “he just told me he used to milk 50 cows daily from three to six and sell it in da market for the owner! Then travel for hours to learn and teach dance to make an extra buck…that’s why he was just crying with joy at seeing the set and stage and realising how far he had come and after so many years of rejection and hardships!

    “I salute DID and Zee for making this happen..a grand salute to its creators and sponsors for seeing potential both in the dancers in da country and in da marketability. A show that stands as a benchmark for talent and has given Dignity to dance!

    “Watch the finale live on 21st on ZeeTV.”

  • didfan

    Thanks for sharing virginie. I think most probably Raghav will win because of his popularity(which I want), but i doubt pradeep will second place, because they cant give both first and second position to the same team right.
    i think rajasmitha will get 2nd place which is not acceptable. pradeep is such a versatile and hard working dancer, feel bad if he gets 3rd or 4th position.

    • virginie

      Thanks didfan! I was so happy when I saw that post of Terence himself! :)

      But if the votes decide the winner, it has nothing to do with “it’s the turn of this or that master to win” or to get a contestant in such and such position…

      I do not understand why some people think it’s the turn of Geeta to win because DID 1 and 2 were won by Remo and Terence… Votes are votes…

      I hope the finale is not rigged, as I said earlier, it would be too unfair and unjust…

      I also believe that Pradeep should not get less than 2nd position… If he gets 3rd or 4th or 5th, it would be really unfair to his talent and dedication…

      • prabhat pujari

        yeah totally agree with u, if Raghav won’t win it means show is rigged, i am not telling this coz i am his big fan, i m telling this coz he is havin such a huge fan following, and based on that he is miles ahead from others. And if Rajasmita will win , that will give us one more point that Show is rigged, coz she is from Geeta ki gang..

      • priyam

        fully agree with you Virginie

      • muzib rahiman

        I dont think if Rajsmitha wins that is because its Geetas turn. it is truely because She deserves to win…….

      • muzib rahiman

        Talking about fan following, you cant predict the number of fan following for Crocroaz is more from one or two sources. Rajsmita has been no. 1 for 2 or 3 weeks which tells that she has got fans following as well. So lets stop predicting and coming to a decision that if croc dont win its like rigging or something.
        I love Croc as a complete performer but not as a complete dancer. If he deserves to win then Prince of first season should also have won and even Dharmesh of second season(though he is versatile not completely)

  • nilesh singh

    what’s the difference between Raghav and (cricket act from season 1)….( part2… both were unique on their style…… one got through and now competing against very best and other was called GAG/GIMMICK!!!!

  • muzib rahiman

    Hi guys… excited to be a member of the fan club of DID. I cant tell you how much I like DID. According to me it is the the the best Dancing show in the world which is really encouraging true talent with out drama, over reality emotions. I have been following all the seasons and I certainly feel the family of DID as my family from DADA to Jai and Soumya. Guys as it is my first post, I am writing too much ignore it.

    I have read all the comments of the episode, and I truely feel that Crocroaz who has been people’s favourite will win this season(Ideally and I dont feel he deserves). People have their own opinions and I respect them all and as most of the people feel, He is so different and talented he has to win, let him win.

    But as I already admitted Ideally he dont deserve because of the only thing that he not gonna survive only with single style though he is the bestttttt dancer in that style. As the concept of the Show tells that Dancing Super star who should represent all India and how can he represent all India only with that Slow motion style??????????
    we have many styles in dance and a true winner should justify all of them. Though I love Croc boy, I dont want him to win.

    Now comes the question of who deserves to win??????????/
    definitely either Pradeep or Rajsmitha. I personally like Rajsmitha as she is so innocent and believes only in Dance dance dance and dance with tons and tons of Hardwork and passion.

    I guess you remember her Voting appeal where she says please vote karo, jaroori nahin hai ke 1st, 2nd bhi chalthaa hai which shows that She dont believe in drama as our drama queen tries and attitude as our delhi dude tries.

    Finally I am excited about the Grand finale and according to me these are results (Guys last time also my prediction went very right as I wanted shakthi to be winner which was surprise, so this time also i hope the same happens)

    I love Master Geethas behaviour, she is so bubbly and if she is in 20s and thin unlike now,, I would love to propose her as well.

    1. Rajsmitha – strong, versatile, quick learner, hardworker, and people like her innocence like i do.
    2. Raghav – slow motion and huge fan following
    3. Sanam – good looking, grace and versatile and most importantly our gabbaar should be in the race for that reason.
    4. Pradeep – same to rajsmitha except innocence
    5. Mohena – hard working, drama queen thats why 5th position

    But I still feel lot of other top 18 contestants deserve to be in top 5 like shafeeq, sneha from bangalore ( i really like her, she is so sweet and i still remember her cute Dabangg dialogue laati se nai, pyaar se darr lagta hai saab), Abhik.

    So thats it guys and wishing all the finalists a very all the best and excited to see dance ke baaapsssss…….

  • virginie

    I have noticed that despite the beautiful and genuine words of Master TERENCE about Raghav, and despite the vote results week after week, still there are people who do not give any credit to the Master and are still trying to pull Raghav down and believe Rajasmita has scored more 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions than Raghav. Well, let me tell you that it’s misinformation and it is NOT true…

    Let’s just talk about numbers.

    There were 8 weeks where the DID 3 contestants have been ranked:

    Raghav is the supreme winner of all the 8 weeks, as he got the highest votes of all and has always been ONLY No 1, No 2 and No 3, unless all the others, including Rajasmita, who has even been 4th and 5th.

    4 times NUMBER 1 = RAGHAV
    3 times NUMBER 1 = RAJASMITA
    1 times NUMBER 1 = PRADEEP
    0 times NUMBER 1 = SANAM
    0 times NUMBER 1 = MOHENA

    3 times NUMBER 2 = SANAM
    2 times NUMBER 2 = RAGHAV
    2 times NUMBER 2 = RAJASMITA
    1 time NUMBER 2 = MOHENA
    0 times NUMBER 2 = PRADEEP

    4 times NUMBER 3 = PRADEEP
    2 times NUMBER 3 = RAGHAV
    1 time NUMBER 3 = MOHENA
    1 time NUMBER 3 = RAJASMITA
    0 times NUMBER 3 = SANAM

    4 times NUMBER 4 = SANAM
    2 times NUMBER 4 = PRADEEP
    1 time NUMBER 4 = MOHENA
    1 time NUMBER 4 = RAJASMITA
    0 times NUMBER 4 = RAGHAV

    4 times NUMBER 5 = MOHENA
    1 time NUMBER 5 = PRADEEP
    1 time NUMBER 5 = RAJASMITA
    1 time NUMBER 5 = SANAM
    1 time NUMBER 5 = NEERAV
    0 times NUMBER 5 = RAGHAV

    The same numbers calculated differently:

    4 times RAGHAV
    3 times RAJASMITA
    1 time PRADEEP
    0 times SANAM
    0 times MOHENA

    In other words:

    4 times NUMBER 1
    2 times NUMBER 2
    2 times NUMBER 3
    (0 times number 4)
    (0 times number 5)

    2nd highest voted = Rajasmita
    3rd highest voted = Pradeep
    4th highest voted = Sanam
    5th highest voted = Mohena


    I really hope DID 3 is not rigged and that they will not apply the funny logics that Geeta Ma should win DID3 with Rajasmita because each year a different Master has been winning and poor Geeta, she has not yet win any Grand Finale and she just has 1 contestant left…


    AND THESE ARE F A C T S !!!!!!

    But according to me, 1st and 2nd position in the finale should go to Raghav and Pradeep, the rest does not matter much… They are all already finalists…

  • Shamik Chanda

    If people cum to this blog and say stop spreading hatred about raghav and mohena… Then dey dont undrstnd dat dey themselves r spreading hatred against rajasmita and geeta…!!

    It doesnt mattr whether raghav wins or rajasmita.. Both of dem r stars…!! Nd nywys winning doesnt chang dre talent…!!! Dharmesh ddnt win but u c him evrywhre… Shakti dd… But d aftr effects were not s high s for D sir…!! Same will b in dis case..!! Cuming back to masters…!! D season has showed who dd d biggest job… Whn rajasmita came to did.. C ws 1 of d weakest… But dn che topped thrice and nw is in d verge to win… No doubt she has workd hard… But who has made her work hard….????? Evry1 knws d ans..!! So its bttr we stop judging d masters..!! Ol through out d season we hav seen ppl saying geeta kapur is not gud… Sum on… Dont u encourage upcuming talent… Remmbr c ws not a choreographr… C ws olways n asistant… But frm DID c started cuming up with hr choregraphies… And d change frm season 1 to season 3 is vry vry big… Dis season gav us sum of d beautiful solos nd duos frm her.. So unless and until u cn do sumthing bttr dn geeta or ny othr master u dnt hav rite to acuse them…

  • Maha Nadeem

    Well let me tell you all that raghav has a lot international voters so therefore he is there in the final

    • Shamik Chanda

      Haha… Stop fooling around… Lol… Voting is applicable only 4 india

      • virginie

        it’s for india by phone, but online it’s anywhere in the world… there is no need to fool around anyone. facts speak by themselves. we are just saying the truth

  • Elisha Singh

    The only reason I watch DID is to see what Terence Lewis can mesmerise us with and what he can teach us about dance. If Terence leaves the show, I will in all likelihood stop watching. He elevates this show to a level of class that makes it globally appealing (not just for Indians). His passion and skill is incredibly attractive and his humanity, even more so. I pray for the success and well being of this beautiful person, Terence Lewis. Sir, you make dance an entirely wholesome experience for me and my family. Thank you greatly.

    Side comment about season 3:
    Pradeep is the best dancer and Raaghav is the most original dancer and Rajismita is an excellent dancer. These are your top 3, no doubt and if any other result surfaces… it begs the question of reality and truth.

  • kalu pradhan

    Dear sir,
    We/me surprise ,,,,,,,,,,,Pradeep Gurune —is it ok
    or Pradeep Gurung,,,,?????/

  • Palak Patel

    Honestly the only ones tht stand a chance r mohena, sanam, or raghav (croakroadz)! Idk y pradeep or rajasmita should win!
    Sanam is very versatile and audience really likes him!
    Mohena is very beautiful and isnt trying to gain sympathy. she has no ego becuz if she did then she wouldnt come to did cuz she is already a princess what does she need? She is very VERSATILE!
    Raghav is very awesome yaar! He is bindas.
    Rajasmita is eehhh. just cuz she can do stunts big deal even mohena can. She is trying to compare herself to the best (Mohena). She dances good but not tht gr8.
    Pradeep is a good dancer and has done big deal acts but doesnt deserve to be the winner!!!!!!!!!!!
    The best fire act boys is always SALMAN dance india dance season 1 and for girls and the first girlis always MOHENA did3! So haters plz dont open your mouths a lot!
    According to me the rank is:
    1:MOHENA,SANAM, or RAGHAV (croakroadz)
    4: LAST and always last Rajasmita :p :p

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