Dance India Dance Season 3 14th January

Dance India Dance Season 3 14th January

Dance India Dance Season 3 Top 18 contestants came on stage behind the grand master for an opening performance. Master Terence Lewis, Geeta Kapoor and Remo D’souza followed them on stage. Abhik Banerjee and Riddhika Singh along with Varun Kumar and Sneha Sneha Kapoor was awarded performer of the day. In today’s performance Sanam Johar and Mohena Singh rocked the stage. Tomorrow Masters will choose a couple each from their team and we will see the first eliminatin in this season.

As we posted earlier here are the final teams for this season.

Geeta Ki Gang

Abhik Banerjee
Paul Marshal
Rajasmita Kar
Riddhika Singh
Urvashi Gandhi

Remo Ke Rangeeley RDX

Hardik Rawal
Lipsa Acharya
Manju Sharma
Mohena Singh
Sanam Johar
Vaibhav Ghuge

Terence Ki Toli

Pradeep Gurune
Sneha Gupta
Sneha Kapoor
Piyali Saha
Chotu Lohar
Varun Kumar

Dance India Dance Season 3 14th January Performances

Mohena Singh and Sanam Johar – Saibo
Paul Marshal and Urvashi Gandhi – O La La
Sneha Kapoor and Varun Kumar – Jab Jab Tere Pass
Vaibhav Ghuge and Lipsa Acharya – Chammak Challo
Shafeer and Rajasmita Kar – Halka Halka Sa
Pradeep Gurune and Chotu Lohar – Nakhre
Abhik Banerjee and Riddhika Singh – Baharan
Sneha Gupta and Piyali Saha – Hat Sala
Manju Sharma and Hardik Rawal

Dance India Dance Season 3 14th January part1

Dance India Dance Season 3 14th January part2

Dance India Dance Season 3 14th January part3

  • thilina1994

    where are the masters performences admint? :)

    • Admin

      oops sorry forgot to mention, but you can still watch them in videos :)

      • thilina1994

        sorrryy..what videos? and thank you soo much this is great stuff :) keep the good work up admin

    • sipra bera

      lipsa…u r the best…..

  • wawa

    ooh lala ooh lalaa Thank u Thank u Thank u Admin for the great video quality really its like watching it live

    • Admin

      You are most welcome. Took a bit extra time and i know your guys had to wait but i hope the quality is worth the wait.

      Tip: You can watch in full screen by clicking on the button in the right corner of the player. Also you can start the video from any point by clicking on the seek bar.

      For any feedback

      • Whackybanana

        The seek feature is great. Thanks Admin.

  • omkarjoshi1989

    thnx admin ..
    varun,sneha performance was BEST of all !!
    hey one suggestion… if u dnt mind !!

      if possible,,
      can u upload future episodes as “individual performance videos” ??
  • Admin

    That’s the plan omkar. Give us a few days to settle down servers and technical stuff and you will see Individual performance as well as download option :)

    • omkarjoshi1989

      @ admin: thanx Admin for considering a suggestion.. let me know..
      one more thing i want to ask..
      ” can i watch videos from SEASON 2(dharmesh, shakti wala season) on your site?
      i surfed , but i didnt found anything because i dont remember dates of those old episodes..

  • tushar

    AweSome quality .. !
    w8ng for the download option to come .. :))
    Thnxxx a lot admIn :)

  • Sachin Saini

    Hello Admin,

    I saw all videos but masters performances and introduction of the contestants is missing please we want to see them as their introduction .

    please do something.

    • Admin

      I guess we missed it during the repeat. Will see if i can fix it later in the week.

      • esposa

        Thanks for everything Admin, i love the quality of videos, thanks again

  • Ruchika Kothari

    Hey Admin Thanks for creating this website I really appreciate u people effort and passion about dance. I want to download DID season 1 and 2 episodes. Can we get the download option for that also ???

    • Admin

      Yes, All of them.


    wow, Maza Aa gaya, :p

    best performance are,

    Sneha Kapoor and Varun Kumar – Jab Jab Tere Pass
    Abhik Banerjee and Riddhika Singh – Baharan
    Shafeer and Rajasmita Kar – Halka Halka Sa
    i admire Shafeer & Rajasmita Gud Sncronyzing performance :)

    Manju Sharma and Hardik Rawal
    Mohena Singh and Sanam Johar – Saibo
    Pradeep Gurune and Chotu Lohar – Nakhre
    Vaibhav Ghuge and Lipsa Acharya – Chammak Challo

    Sneha Gupta and Piyali Saha – Hat Sala
    Paul Marshal and Urvashi Gandhi – O La La

    i aM Impressed with Grand Master comments, 😀
    i notice Sneha Gupta not happy at all?. don’t know what is the reason behind, but Mathunda notice this, & give some Advice to her.

    My Favirote are
    Sanam johar
    Sneha kapoor
    Mohena singh
    Shafeer also well performer.

    gud luck guys =p

    • Whackybanana

      Great to see u again Jin_Baba. :)

  • sanam-remo

    Very Good Episode… All contestants were really good… The performance i liked most was

    1)Sneha Kapoor and Varun Kumar…. very impressive and rightly deserve POD award.. sneha was too gud…

    2)Shafeer and Rajasmita Kar…. wow they both are very strong.. really liked their performance…

    3)Mohena Singh and Sanam Johar /Abhik Banerjee and Riddhika Singh…… both these performance was too good… abhik has great potential…

    i also like hardik nd manju emotional act, choto and pradeep/vaibhav and lipsa entertaining act..

    one perf that i did nt like was of urvashi and paul..

  • danceitup

    Whats the name of the music piece that the top 18 are dancing to in the beginning of the show?

  • Love

    Wonderful beginning :)

    For boys, i will be rooting for Sanam and Pradeep. Paul is great in one style, if he proves to be good in other style then it will be awesome.

    For girls, no one seems to be sparkling this time to me..I will wait for couple of more episodes. Sneha and Mohena looks promising for now.

    Terence..thanks for showing wonderful choreography. I loved the Jazz, it was FUN!!!
    Remo, i liked Chamak

    I guess now i have no choice but to start loving contemporary 😛

  • Rajaaaa

    Hello DADA…Whts going on DADA?Is CHOTTU Deserved to be out of DID???I really dnt understand whts going on???

  • Suvhash

    Dear Admin,

    I always watch DID & i haven’t missed single episode so far from DID season 1, but this season is not worth watching.
    Who actually administer the dancers….
    This season have no level compared to past seasons.

    Piyali Saha she is the worst performer on 15th January, 2012. in fact she should have been eliminated instead of Manju.

    Manju should not have been eliminated she have performed better than other, I think DID3 is all about bullshit, its not worth watching this year.

    Chotu lohar- Should not have been eliminated, I think Mithhun DA is taking wrong decision, He knows little about dancing.

    I think you should inform or else talk with Grand Master.
    Now I m losing my interest watching DID 3.

    HOPE you understand what standard is taking DID3 Level.

  • kirankarkala

    dear admin videos are not working properly some disturbance is there in video. please do some thing

  • jasmine11

    Based on dancing, Urvashi should have been eliminated instead of Manju.

  • patel.1005

    Why can’t I see the videos properly? The videos look like an old VHS video with damaged tape.

    • Admin

      Drop us a line here will look into it.

    • ansh

      I second that. the videos are not proper.

      • Admin

        Could you please take a screenshot or screencast of the problem. I will be in a better position to suggest a solution then.


    Grand Master Did a Mistake lol. both dancer deserve to be in Adbudh 16 ..

    Geeta or terrence ki toli me sy contestant jana chaiya thy.

    Urvashi or Piyali should Eliminate today. but Mathunda didn’t take action lol, i felt due to Beautifulness mathunda sahib, gone Blind :/ , but those contestant r eliminate today, are good. base of today performances Urvashi & Piyali deserve to be Eliminate. had hy Grand Master py :(

    • Whackybanana

      Jin_Baba – you are right, but the rules of the game are one guy and one gal, isn’t that right? Among the gals all of them were equally weak. Dancing wise none of the 3 were exceptional to warrant a place. Urvashi did something different and her work with the prop was commendable. Piyali was just okay. Perhaps Manju should have stayed, but then in that case Terence would have lost 2 contestants.
      As far as boys were concerned. Paul’s performance was stunning. Then it was between Chotu and Sanam. Although Chotu has immense potential, on an immediate basis Sanam is much more technically gifted in terms of dance than Chotu. I feel Chotu has a great future, but he was up against some strong dancers today. Cheers!

      • Love

        I agree with u. Manju is brilliant..
        I am upset with Remo that he fused two odd dance forms together..
        Flamenco-contemporary :( ITS WEIRD. Contemporary needs soft landing while flamenco needs strong foot work..
        I am confused what remo was thinking..

      • me.yummy

        @Whackybanana: In season 1, Mithun eliminated 2 contestants from Terence’s team in the first elimination round and in the second round, he did the same with Geeta (and at that time she had already lost Paulson beacuse of his injury).In season 2 again, 2 of Geeta’s contestant were eliminated in the same round. I don’t know what was the problem in doing that again!!!

    • Love

      Sahi kaha..Piyali should have gone out..
      Who will say she was learning kathak for 10 years?????

      Her hands are floppy, eyes go
      SORRY..i am bring rude..but i am after piyali since audition 😛
      Sanchita shouls have got into top18 instead of her..

      Mithun ki firse ghisi piti record suru..kuch acha hai..per decision pe jhola hai 😛

      • me.yummy

        @Love: True Love!! Piyali’s performance was below average. Terence’s choreo was also weak.

  • parvezalam2

    There Is No Masters Performance. It is not Full Episode.
    YOu are Requested to Upload Full Episode. So That We Can Enjoy…………..

  • me.yummy

    Overall, this was an okay episode. The contemporary performances were okay, nothing ground-breaking. I still liked Abhik and Riddhika’s performance. The other two were also okay!!

    Among the boys, Sanam and Pradeep look good!! Mohena’s performance was better than her mega audition stuff. Pradeep and Chotu were also good. Piyali and Sneha were disapponting and so was the samba by Geeta.

    I hope the performances improve next time. :)

    • Whackybanana

      What about Shafeer, I think he is a very powerful dancer. Looking forward to see how Geeta uses his strengths.

      • me.yummy

        @Whackybanana: I think his performance in this episode was okay. Their synchronisation was the best thing about that performance. Plus, I don’t remember his performance from the audition to make a comment about his dancing abilities. :(

    • Love

      hi! Yummy:

      How r u???
      Hows everything??

      • me.yummy

        Oops!! I didn’t see this…exams are just round the corner!! Wish me luck!! ..and take care :) :)

  • neela mukherjee

    This dance show is propagating vulgarity in young generations. Last two episodes I observed, that the choice of boy and girl together and their indecent poses will horrible effect on our young generation. PLEASE STOP THESE VULGARITY AND INDECENCY.

  • syed27



  • VM

    Dear Frendsssss

    Can i know the name of the song/music played when Dada makes his appearance in the group dance of the top 18. Please provide me the title.. tahnks a lot.

    • HEINS075

      if you r asking about d last part…then its camera obscura (enigma)..very first time heard in old spice ad…..u can find other version also in enigma…

  • HEINS075

    camera obscura-enigma….

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