Dance India Dance Season 3 14th April *Top 5 Contestants*

Dance India Dance Season 3 14th April *Top 5 Contestants*

Dance India Dance Season 3 14th April, Finale 5 Contestants for Dance India Dance Finale on 22nd April are selected. Results for this weekend showed that Rajasmitha is still topping the votes with Crocroaxz on 2nd position and Sanam at 3rd. Pradeep and Mohena secured 4th and 5th position while Abhik was the ulucky one who failed to make it to the finale after getting so close. In today’s episode Saregamapa Superstars were present to show their singing skills along with dance superstars. Dada wasted the VETO power this season. He did not make any use of it or will he use it tomorrow to give us a surprise…wait and watch the next episode…

Dance India Dance 14th March Performances

Terence Ki Toli

Pradeep Gurune performed puppet dance style with Lil Singing Champ Salam singing Mein Tan Haara Mein Man Haara Bawore Bawore Bawore from Movie Luck By Chance

Raghav Crocroaz performed FreeStyle with Ashmat (Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champ Winner 2011) singing Musafir Moh Liya Re Pinjare Wali Muniya from movie Teesri Kasam

Remo Ke Rangeeley

Sanam Johar performed Aerial Comtemporary with Kamal Khan (Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2010 Winner) singing Tere Waste Mera Ishq Sufiyana movie Dirty Picture

Mohena Singh performed Mujara and Kathak with Varnali singing Dil Mera Muft Ka from movie Agent Vinod

Geeta Ki Gang

Abhik Banerjee performed FreeStyle with Raja Hasan singing Nainon Ki Mat Suniyon Re from movie Omkara

Rajasmita Kar and FreeStyle with Suganta singing Jiya Jale from movie Dil Se

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  • dancefan2012

    Pradeep Gurune performed puppet dance style – Good Performance

    Raghav Crocroaz performed FreeStyle – As usual nothing new

    Sanam Johar performed Aerial Contemporary – Watchable performance

    Mohena Singh performed Mujara and Kathak – Learned from her Grand-mom when young and finally used it today

    Abhik Banerjee performed FreeStyle – lot of moves looked closer to what Croc boy was doing but it matched well with the singing – Eliminated as I told in past post

    Rajasmita Kar and FreeStyle – It was a nice performance and the best in today’s show

    Singing was better than Dancing in Today’s Sur Aur Taal episode – My verdict. What do you say?

    Will Dada use his Veto power? Its so confusing me that I think he will call Raj Roy (Sweety sweety tera pyar chahida performer) – Whom he promised that he will give him a chance of performing in the DID stage this season. Hope it is right, it will be a big welcome from my end if its true.

    Nothing more to comment hoping tomorrows episode is good as Akki will be there and everyone will be in mustache. I would especially like to see Geeta and Dada with Mustache

  • divyasnavi

    Abhik :(
    Loved all of the performances today!
    Tension nahi leneka hai

  • alimurad_pu

    All performance was very nice..good Show..raghav is my favourite dancer..Hope he will win the DID ..!!1

  • tina

    I usually give comments after watching each performance and before listening to master comments as I do not believe Remo give unbiased comments ever and Geeta Ma is v stupid and cant comment correctly, she kind of gets swayed.

    pradeep – awsome, if croc is good at slow motion, pradeep is good at speed, what a speedy performance, what expression what flexibility.Selfish Remo praised singer more than Pradeep. His each performance is worthy of MJ band. Remo is selfish and sly

    Sanam- in the entire DID, only todays performance of Sanam was worth watching, he did something diff and showed some strength as well which was long due as correctly pointed by Geeta. Sanam is also another arrogant brat. when masters are commenting, raj, pradeep and abhik just says thank you, but Sanam is like ‘yes I already know I am good and deserve to b top 4′

    Abhik- My god what an expression, what flexiblity. Dance 2012 we already knew he will be out owing to the partiality and rigging that DID showed this time. o mny difficult steps

    Can you tell us thousand of viewers outside India why such bias-ness goes on, when the entire world not only India knows that Abhik is much better than raghav and Sanam. And why this new rule everytime. GM Mithunda did not have guts to eliminate one more contestant. Just because Abhik was quite and did not do drama , he was a soft target

    Raghav-so average everytime, I am sorry as many deserving candidates have left the show. remember in Did1 and 2 many contestants were told numerous times to show some versatlity(including winner shakti) her self, so why a pass to raghav this time?

    rajasmita- OH MY GOD…she should get the did trophy just today…very very nice and pleasing to watch topped with Sugandha;s terrific voice. I just felt her costume should have been lighter blue than green.

    mohena-very ordinary kathak. abhik did better kathak early on the show. In kathak or classical dance, the expression could have been a little less or sober. thank god she did not cry today, coz everybody gives their best.

    1)we did not see any surprise/only shocks as i said earlier from mithun da
    2) there was no face off from raghav-neerav and sanam
    3) mithunda if he did not use veto power then he should take out one more-why new rule every time
    4)eithet sanam or raghav should have been out in place of abhik, if talent was the key to wininging did. but raghava nd sanam ar eboth popular and gets mpre votes so it absoltely make sense nmpot to promote talent but popularity.


    • dance_bh

      Today’s performances were good.. Nothing extraordinary..I loved Pradeep and Rajsmita’s performance the most.. Surprisingly Sanam was good today..Expression wise and also showed some variety and strenght.Raghav does same old steps i started getting bored.Today I felt few of the Abik’s dance steps somewhat resembled Raghav’s signature steps..But Anyday Abhik is better than Raghav.He should have stayed.Mohena was good ..I was happy to see she doing indian classical.. good attempt… According to me Rajasmita ,Pradeep , and Mohena all 3 deserve to win. I will be happy if any of these 3 will win the title. Singing wise Azmat was terrific awesome singer love him..

    • dance_bh

      Ya i agree Remo is very partial..I think so many undeserving contestents got MJ band this season.. I no longer feel MJ band holds any value.. Shafeer,sneha,abhik were lot lot better than..Raghav , neerav,and vaibhav..I think this happens every season deserving contestents because lack of janta attention (mostly because they dont do much drama ) leave the show .

    • Kajal Vipin

      Well they are asking for the public to vote whom they like best and the votes reflect that choice. Either judge and eliminate candidates according to performance or ask the public for its opinion and then follow it….

    • dancefan2012

      1. There was face-off happened but it wasn’t aired. I do not know why.
      2. Yes this season of DID is scripted for untold reasons and I cannot share details.
      3. Channel needs to make money and increase TRP both Sanam and Croc boy generated TRP which Abhik failed on.
      4. Rules are meant to be broken. If not broken then where is the newness in the game.


      well said tina. abhik deserves to be in the final and far more better dancer than raghav or sanam.

  • smith24

    I’m sorry i will not spread any more hate :)

    • dancefan2012

      Dude there is nothing left just the Finale left… :-)

      • Admin

        But still it sounds good, doesn’t it 😉

        • priya sharma

          hey admin,for some reason i am not able to vote could you please gimme a link to vote online.

  • HostMaama

    Pradeep…Everybody dances, the poor and rich, the young and old. But Pradeep, you dance like a multi-coloured dance of rainbow. True Talent and True Dancer ever seen in the DID.

  • Kajal Vipin

    Loved Sanam’s power-packed performance and unfortunately contrary to popular opinion HATED Rajsmita’s rolling around in the thermocol balls extremely. Abhik is a good dancer and possibly could have stayed instead of Mohena.

    As for winning the DID finale I hope its Raghav as he is unique in his style and also very fun-loving. Would hate Rajsmita winning as most times she comes to dance I feel like switching off the TV and feel that she has been excessively praised by Geeta Maa and Terence Sir.

    • Kajal Bansal

      Hello everyone, it’s smith24 here. I was so dumb to create another account and start bashing again. Seriously i’m sorry again guys.

      • Neha_K

        I had this duplicate account and admin found this one out as well. Sorry again this account is also blocked from posting :(

  • Indie Dude

    This was a good episode. My heart goes for Abhik. But he took it so well. Sometimes I wonder is he really 17 years old. Compared to all the others he didn’t cry, he held himself pretty well.

    According to the voting system Rajasmita and Raghav have been consistently on the number 1 spot. So, it has to be one of them who is going to win the contest. I don’t think in one week janta will change its decision.

    Pradeep.. Was good as usual. Nothing new other than acting like a doll
    Sanam.. Thought he hurt his foot a week before, but looked good performing the aerial. I wonder how did he manage to dance after that one foot multiple spin.
    Abhik.. liked his performance. He had some amazing moves. Feels sad about his departure.
    Raghav.. He looks good doing his style.
    Rajasmita.. Strong performer, wow for that floor sweep movement. It was so clean and fast.
    Mohena.. I thought it was a good performance.

    General observation.. both Remo and Terrence, it looked like their hair dressers got fired :-)

    • Mehnaaz


  • nazishk

    I loved today’s episode coz my fav Salman Ali was there … 😛 Love his voice.. God gifted child may God bless him and give him more success he deserves every bit of it. Also liked chotu Azmat and Bernali… i know them from sare gama pa last year but had no clue about the other three.

    Anyways and now about the performances… I thought it was smart for the contestants to dance while a singer is called to sing on the stage. I felt Pradeep was a little weak or may be i just didn’t like his puppet dance. Raghav did well.. again nothing new but in his style it was good. Sanam was also ok I do not think he deserved “now that’s what i call a performance” comment. Remo need to stop praising his own contestants and not worry about the others. But I am glad he didn’t do that for Mohena coz she didn’t do well enough to get that. Rajsmita was brilliant for me… I loved the whole idea of so called “snow”. I thought she did well… and I am so glad she was on number 1. And finally my heart goes out to Abhik I feel horrible to see him go.. I wish him all the best in future.

    And Thank God Mithun didn’t talk much today.. he wasn’t as annoying. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode I hope it will be a blast as the finale judgement is based on it. I wish everyone all the best for the finale and look forward to DID lil masters’.

    Hello virginie, dancefan and whacky :)

    • dancefan2012

      Nazhik bhai no time for silly acts. Suganta did what Dada wanted to do in today’s episode. The fun is tomorrow, wait and watch too early to say Dada did not do anything special today.

      • nazishk

        lol dancefan… I m not a bhai yaar I am a behen :P.. Who is sugnata?? Is she the punjabi girl with Rajsmita?

        • dancefan2012

          Yes Behenji. She is RJ from Punjab FM cum Singer cum Comedian (Though she is not good at doing comedy).


        admin/dancefan 2012

        if you can not write the name correctly, do not write. singer’s name is SUGHANDHA not Suganta, full name SUGHANDHA MISHRA ( 2010 saregama contestant).

    • virginie

      Hello nazishk :) hope you are doing fine! me too waiting for the lil masters, it will be so amazing! There are lil wonders! :)

      • nazishk

        yup you got that right…. :)

  • virginie

    What a beautiful performance of Mohena!!! I really loved it!!!! She is soooo graceful… She even can move her eyebrows in a way that even Geeta Ma said she cannot and praised her for that!!! Geeta congratulated a lot Mohena, I was so happy!!!! Mohena is so versatile!!!!! She is gorgeous dancer!!!! She has so much grace!!!!!! Love you Mohena!!!!

    Actually Sanam was also wonderful!!! I was mesmerized by his grace, his extensions and strength!!! He did a wonderful beautiful performance!!!!! Hats off!!!!

    And Raghav and Azmat were sooooo cute!!!!!! I really enjoyed very much today’s performances!!!!! Raghav is really a heart-rob!!! He fused so nicely his unique style of dance!!!! Terence was so right to say people love him so much and that he is the KING!!! He inspires love….
    And tomorrow’s promo of Raghav shows him at ASTONISHINGLY OUTSTANDING!!! HE GOT ALL THE MASTERS TO STAND UP FOR HIM!!!! WOW RAGHAV!!we will see the TRUE CROCKROACH!!!! Love you Raghav!!!

    Last week, as for many weeks, Raghav was number one, and I am sure HE WILL WIN DID3!!!! Mark my words!!!!!

    And I was a little sad for Pradeep, because he dances so wonderfully well, but today, his performance was not showing him at his best… I really like him and he is a TRUE DANCER!!!

    Interesting choreography for Rajasmita, but she was not at her best. Usually Terence praises Rajasmita, but today he said the performance would have been complete if she was showing more grace…

    And Abhik did a superb job today… Does not matter he is not top 5. He is just 17… If this boy continues like this, he could do a very long way and reach heights !!!!!

    I guess tomorrow will be the BIG DAY where everyone will DO WHAT HE/SHE does best!!!!! WOW!!!!

    Anyways, to win DID3 matters, but to be top 6 or top 5 is already enough to be a STAR!!! :) THEY ARE ALL STARS!!!!!! YIPEEEEE…..

  • Anu Keshav

    Todays promo Raghav dancing as a Crockroaxz is only enough for him to win DID3. Terence truly said “he is the KING, undisputedly”, WOWW…

    • virginie

      yeap! I am dying to see tonight’s Raghav performance!!! never saw anything like this!!!

  • Techno Royal

    It was a good show again but yes I agree Avik should not be out. He is better dancer than Raghav. Raghav is popular because of his style. people will always vote who they like instead who is really good as dancer.

    There cant be 100 % fair always. I feel raghav does not deserve to be in final. sorry Raghav.
    My winner is Rajsmitha. being a untrained dancer she has been doing different types of dance and that to so well.

  • Shamik Chanda

    One of most unfair episodes 4 mee…

    Starting with
    PRADEEP: nce start reminds of sunita and sids performnce of season 1… But dn gradually it dropped 4 meee..!! I felt d signature step of ‘bawre’ ws weak… Hav seen othrs doing it with much ease and energy…!! All in all 8 stars 4 him out of 10..

    SANAM: delightful and pleasing… Correctly mentiond by maa dat it ws a long waited suprb performance 4 him… He hs got immnse amount of strength and due to dat gr8 stunts in mid air… D spin ws rocking…. 9 stars 4 meee…

    ABHIK: u deserve to stay… I think he ws one of d mst deserving contestants 4 finale on d basis of dancing… On d basis of drama he ws d least… Myb dats y he is not dre… Performnce ws awesum and it deserved more appreciation… Nd evn a grand salute… Bt he is not getting it mayb bcz day want to pull geeta maa down…!! 9stars 4 me…!!

    RAGHAV: nothing new… Simply nothing new… Grand master said his dance with d slow part of d song is fantastic… But dey dnt undrstnd d beauty ws in d song bcz azmat had sung dis fast track in a slow beat… Whras raghav has done dat evrytym he ws in stage…!! Remo had broken his head fr dharmesh in season 2 for dharmesh doing his own style evrytym… Terence had broken his head for prince to make him do other styles… Dn WHY dont u speak agnst raghav…??? Acha its undrstud dat raghav is frm terence ki toli so terence is not speaking… Remo i s jealous of geetas strong contestants dats y he is not speaking… But wat is wrong with geeta maa??? Has she forgottn d things her co judges dd with dharmeah sir..!! Disgusting..!! Kip voting 4 him… Evn if he wins he remains d most non versetile dancer on d floor of did..!! 7 stars 4 me..

    RAJASMITA: remo and terence scared??????????? Scared bcz rajasmita might win??????????? Hw embrassing..!! It ws a suprb dance…!! D thermocol effect ws heavenly…!! But dn our terence sir saw no grace in dat…!! May b he thought this rajasmita ws doing a bull fight dats y he cud nt find grace…!!! Grow up dudes.. U r jus shwing dat MARZI and RAJEEV were bttr dn u…!! Rajasmita might not b at her bestest but ws surely d best… 9.5 stars to her…!!

    MOHINA: kathak and mujra ka watt laga dala… Dis ws d most deformed kathak on d stage of indian reality dancing shws may b…!! In d past weeks evrybdy said mohena does ovr acting… I ddnt agree.. Aftr tomrrws performanc i hav toooo… Kathak ddnt hav d flare, d grace reqd…!! Mujra containd more bollywood steps dn its subtle ones… I gt national scholarship in kathak so i knw hw bad it ws… I agree with terence dat it cud b bttr…!! Geeta maa said dat mohenas eye brow movemnts were vry gud and yesss dat ws really vry gud and d only good thing i cud see… Ab geeta maa ne keh diya ki mohena has done it whreas c herslf cnt do it… So ab toh mohena hawe mein uregi..!!
    Grw up… Master is olwys a master, contestants r olwys a contestant..!! If dis blog has ny othr kathak dancr or ny1 knowing kathak dn plz reply mee about wat u feel of mohenas kathak…!! 6 stars to mohena frm mee.!!

    • prabhat pujari

      U r so jealous.. i don’t know how u live ur life with that jealously thing inside u..

  • santhosh vegi

    I don’t know how Raghav has come to 2nd spot. Every dance he performs, he includes slow motion into it. Without which he can’t prove himself(I simply hate it). Vote for some one who is really talented on all forms of dance..That’s my request to people who vote. Make someone, who deserves the crown.

    I loved Abhik’s performances…he did fantastic job all the way. I can say that..he is better than Raghav and deserves to be in top 5.

    In my opinion Rajasmita should win this title.

  • Prerna Mehra

    Sanam was MINDBLOWING!!! Loved his spin on one toe and i think he shudve got more praises from other two judges. There are always a little strict wen it comes to him. I read someone sayin hes arrogant, hes not. Hes a boy who talks less, there is a difference unlike raghav who gets votes by overacting! I really think he doesn’t deserve top 5 position. Why do the judges never point out his flaws? Why does he never do anything new? Has any one wondered abt that? Every other contestant (sanam included) has performed variety.. What has raghav done except slow motion? I dnt think he will win. It will b rajasmitha, but all i cAn hope is the final 2 are mohena rajasmitha or sanam rajasmitha! But a show is a show n we knw how dat goes :):):)
    But on a closing note, i dnt think sanam is rude, hes just a guy of few words which is good

  • Aamaal Naanah

    may the best man win,whether is mr unique dancer raghav,or miss enerygtic nd versitle rajasmita,mr versitile pradeep or sanam or mohena……………AND PLS REMEMBER CHANGE IS THE CONSTANT THE THING IN LIFE”we r all nt knw wat r d criteria nd parameters that r going to be used for judging dis seasons did3,so let all just watch and enjoy the show while it last,,,,HOLA @VIRGINIE nd @AMIRAH………..

    • virginie

      Hello Aamaal :) Missing Amirah too…

  • Whackybanana

    2 Things I noted from the episode

    1) Mithinda is dyslexic. He cannot see and hear at the same time. He has a problem. He makes a comment after Sanam’s act, “Main kise chodke kise dekhu, Gaane sunu ya dance dheku”. See he is incapable of doing both at the same time.

    2) I don’t think the singing was done live. It was pre recorded and the singers just lip sync. I am basing this off Raghav’s performance. Dancefan2012 can you please confirm this?

    • nazishk

      lol whacky.. your comment was hilarious… you are right about Mithun though 😀 😀 😀 He is no good 😛

    • tina

      shamik and whacky…

      laughing out loud….Mithunda has many other problems we know about…))

      1.yes singing was not done live, none of the singers could lip sync

      2. the editing was done v smartly, sply in case of sanams’s dance, whenever there was a transition movement where he had to remove or put his hand in the ropes – the focus /camera shifted to the singer- why not show them both together as in other dancers?

      3.Mohena’s eye movement- nothing great. I am a Bharat Natyam dancer so I can comment only on classical dancing where this eye movement is used lot in bharat natyam/ mohiniattyam/kathakali….every dancer is taught this alternate eyebrow movement in their 1st yr( in a 6 yr course) …so really that was not that great.

      4.and sadly I told long ago that the show and the winners are rigged /predecided and today dance2012 corroborated that….sad but it is true.

      • Shamik Chanda

        Tina: mithun da is so cunning… Jab kuch bola na nahi hota hai tab bolta hi rehta hai… Aur jab bolna hota hai… Thnk u keh k chor deta hai

  • Mehnaaz

    Just because Sanam is an introvert does not mean that he is arrogant. He is saying what he thinks should happen because he, just like any other contestant worked hard to get to this position. I will guarantee everybody that all five contestants are thinking the same thing that Sanam said…..The contestants just didnt say it because they know people will judge tem, but Sanam atleast has the guts to put his thoughts out there. #doneventing

  • Sachin Saini

    Hi Admin

    I m trying to watch 14th April 2012 Episode but there is no any video and no link.

    What is problem there

    • dancefan2012

      Sachin, you might have to update the flash player on the system.

  • Kashmiri kadam

    Watched Saturday’s Show

    –> Sanam – Really Good performance!! yes, it was long awaited performance. Remo Sir should have focused more on Sanam rather than Mohena just coz to show that Mohena can do better than Rajasmita (which she failed to)

    –> Pradeep – Very beautiful dancer. I was surprise when he was on 4th. He deserve’s to be in 1st or 2nd place(winner too). He never made any mistake while dancing. Very graceful dancer. He should have been the first dancer to get MJ band

    –> Raghav – Changing costumes doesn’t mean that you are versatile. Your all dance steps are same and 95% dances of yours has slow motion. Give me a break, please. Though you are good but when i think of Abhik, i feel that its unfair for you to still be there in top 5.

    –> Mohena – Shamik Chanda, totally agree with you. Seriously watt laga di thik Kathak ki. Thank god, its over. Please learn something from Abhik.

    –> Abhik – Just loved his performance. Dada should have used VETO power. He is far much much better than Raghav, Sanam and Mohena(Sorry guys)

    –> Rajasmita – I wish you win babes. You make all girls so proud. Inspite of Raghav’s huge fan following, you are the only one who can beat him.

  • Shamik Chanda

    U remember abhiks kathak????? Dat ws d bst one so far… Evn master geetas kathak during did double finale was d bst…

    Classical dancing is something MOHENA should nva do… Jo sympathy votes leti hai voh bhi nahi milenge..!!

  • Kashmiri kadam

    Truely said Shamik. But this will be the last DID episode i will be watching and supporting. After knowing that the episodes are scripted, just for their own TRP increase, I have lost interest in watching it

    My Views on Saturday’s Ranking

    1st Rank – Rajasmita (Yes, she really deserves it, but dont trust DID results. they might make Raghav Win this season).

    2nd Rank – Raghav (God!! on what Bases? Just coz of Slow motion? Has he ever tried performing Kathak or any pure solo Indian classical dance? Leave dat, have he ever tried pure contemporary or salsa or ball dance. Phew!! Though he is good but not Best, guys)

    3 Rank – Sanam (Though he is good but there were much better dancers than him.

    4 Rank – Pradeep (Why on Earth is he on 4th??? He honestly deserve to be 1st or 2nd. just coz he doesn’t have good body like sanam or one style of Raghav, he is on 4th. What about his other dance style?)

    5 Rank – Mohena (I dont even know how she still survived for top 5. There were girls who were more deserving than her.

    Voted Out – Abhik (Please compare his dance with Sanam, Mohena and Raghav, they don’t even come any closer to his level of dance. At the age of 17, oh my God, Great dancer.)

  • Rohit Saini

    Hi There
    i want to vote for Pradeep. because he is really best in all kind of dances he performed yet. one more reason for voting him he remind me my best friend Helgie who is in ireland i was with him 3 year whenever i watch Pradeep dancing i feel like Helgie is performing.Pardeep ur too good in all aspects of life. keep it up bro god bless.and my heartily blessings are with u that u ll win this competition.

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