Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 2 7th July

Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 2 7th July

Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 2 7th July, Top 7 DID Little Masters started off the show with a promotional song. Rohan from Raghav Ke Rockers got injured during rehearsals so he could not perform today, Raghav performed with Soumya today. Best Dueet of the day was awarded to Om & Kruti and Shreya and Tanay. Today Shreya and Shalini were lowest voted contestants. Shreya could not make it to the Top 6 DID Little Masters Season 2.

DID Little Masters 7th July performances

Raghav Ke Rockers

Soumya and Raghav performed Freestyle Dance on the song Kambakht Ishq

Neerav Ke Ninja

Jeetdas and Tanay performed Bollywood Free Style on the song Daud

Shreya and Tanay performed Contemporary Dance Style n the song Sajde Mein Yunhi

Prince Ki Palton

Shalini and Faisal performed Contemporary Bubble Dance on the song Dheerey Dheerey

Kruti Ke Krackers

Kruti and OM performed Indian Mythological Dance Style

DID Lil Master Season 2 7th July Videos Part 1

DID Lil Master Season 2 7th July Videos Part 2

DID Lil Master Season 2 7th July Videos Part 3

  • Dala Zeyda


    • Manal Arshad

      Rohan get well soon, I am only watching DID due to faisal otherwise eliminations like those of SHREYA and especially DEEP! have upset me well! and i watch the show sometimes sometimes dont. i love the show but it is getting boring because shreya and deep are way better than those left behind! Deep come back soon! We all miss u very much!

      • Sadat Rahman

        I was so upset hearing that Shreya was the one to be eliminated and even though I voted for her many times than anyone else and she is incredible what was the janta thinking and I wish the best for her future and hope to see her at the Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 2 Grand Finale or if not then in the future

    • Manal Arshad

      DEEP i dont know if others miss u or not but ur fans are still out here waiting for u to come back! so go for it!

    • eva ahmad

      yap Rohan ROCK THE STAGE….. good bless you…. love you

    • Rahul Bawne


  • Dala Zeyda

    i don’t know why, but i think i am gonna miss Shreya, compassion at such age is unbelievable, i wish her all the best in the future :)
    I can’t believe that for me This was the hardest Elimination till now!! I know either her or Shalini should go but still its hard to see little kids crying :(
    And sadly every contestant will leave the show and there is only on winner, despite having a favorite contestant , i think i am going to feel sad for every contestant being eliminated :(

    • JIN_BABA

      every 1 say Sherya should go blah blah, and today when she got Eliminated i am sure every one crying after that, why this happen? i think i don’t cry if DID won’t show Sherya School Days film, and i also feel crying with every one when JAY Announce her Elimination, sherya is a grow up child, i wish very happy Future Life awaiting for this Beautiful Heart Child, Sherya Be HaPPy Always, our prays r with you. :)

      • Sadat Rahman

        I agree on everything you just said JIN_BABA

  • dance luvr

    This Geeta Maa is getting on my nerves. The way they are treating Raghav and ignoring his hardwork is infuriating. Every other skipper is shamelessly copying his moves and choreography and they take full credit while Raghav gets underwhelming comments. And whats up with them desperately trying to prove that the kids are better dancers than him right from day 1? Its not going to make the did3 winner fixing seem any less fixed.

    Its sad to see them continuing how they used Raghav in did3 for TRPs. I hope he doesnt work for them ever again.

    • Dala Zeyda

      I completely agree with you dance luvr
      firstly, earlier everyone (including me) was complaining that she is partial towards her fav beta-faizal and all of sudden today she is too good to all the kids especially shreya and tanny those of whom she never really cared to bother about,as if she has some emotional attachment.
      secondly, khud dance nahin ate aur raghav ko bola ki he is not up to mark,HONESTLY RAGHAV IS BETTER THAN THE JUDGES :)

      • ragdha unique

        i agree with you dala… i dont know why the judges have a grudge towards raghav… he is such a talented dancer as he created a versatile unique dance form which no one ever thought of… there are thousands of people who wants to do his dance moves including me!! geeta is so mean to other kids…. its not that faisal is not an awesome dancer but if geeta is too over him other contestant will definitely not like him.. and we dont want that to happen.. do we??
        Raghav (if you ever see this) let me tell you that not only in India, in maldives also you have thousands of fans!!! and i am your biggest fan!! keep up the good work with the kids and make us proud by taking rohan and soumya to the finals!! wish you all the lcuk!! <3
        by all means i wud love to have faizal in the top 4.. and plx all of you viewers.. pls dont say things to kids… as they are kids.. jeet is just a kid and he is showing what he has been taught…. and others too.. so dont judge them and comment harshly… the are at such a tender age and no matter what i can say that all of them can dance better than adults.. so everyone out there are true winners!!! its a sincere request.. plx


          yes also in malaysia..raghav make sure our soumya better off than faizal next show.

  • shilpa singh

    This elimination was the saddest elimination for me up till now, it is fair I know.. but seeing such a young girl having such a big heart made me cry, I appreciate her from my heart and her today’s performance was simply brilliant and I wish her all the very best for future.
    I am a very big fan of DID and especially this season of lil masters I am liking alot, I watch episodes multiple times.
    coming to performers, I like Jeet, saumya, rohan alot, I think they are brilliant and uday from eliminated contestants which was not at all fair :(
    Saumya: Best dancer on the show, she does all styles of dance with such ease and brilliance.
    Jeet: Oh man, this kid is a genius his steps are so clear and expressions are awesome always bang on. considering his age he is just 6 and such brilliance Just beautiful.
    Rohan: He is such a sweet boy and such a cute smile same goes to uday as well these two guys are really very good dancers.


    well i am not enjoying tonight show, except Kruti+OM & Saumya Performance were good, i really miss Rohan performance in tonight, wish he get well soon, Faisal good as he is a good dancer, but i felt k Prince, faisal ko sahe istemaal nahi kr pa raha, kaash Faisal Raghav ki Team me hota tu kia hi acha hota,

    so next weak “Shalini” leave the show? or Jeet or Tany may be the Next week Victim. let c


    O yes Tany & Sherya also did a Fabulous job. miss you Sherya, Khush Raho :)

    • Sadat Rahman

      I absolutely agree with you on this Jin_ Bara

  • Prakash Chapagain

    how to vote?

  • darus chetty

    Shreya and Tanay ur’ll danced from ur hearts i loved it i can strongly say that,that was the best perforance i have ever seen in my life and i have seen many.Shreya u dance like a angle and in my eyes u are an angle sent by god you have a bright future and i pray that you keep on danceing and getting better and better because for me you are the best.if it was up to me u would still be there but angles have many more jobs to do and touch more hearts this is just the beginning doll dont ever give up always fight.I am proud to say u are the only person that made me cried but the way u took it made me happy knowing that you are growing up to be such a great person.SHREYA LOVE YOU ALWAYS ALL THE BEST FOR UR FUTURE MWAH.All the best to rohan hope you get better soon,you always break the stage.

  • Salahuddin Khamruddin

    Hello DID,

    I would like to share few of my feelings. Right i am in UK(for onsite from my company)and here i feel very lonely as i am away from my family. But every week days i will be waiting for Saturday and Sunday to watch this show (online as i don’t get chance to watch this show live). My favorite contestants are many but i love Shreya a lot, her expressions, her cuteness, her innocence and of-course i love her kind heart. I felt very bad when she got eliminated today and broken into tears.

    I am really gonna miss Shreya very badly on this show. Shreya all the very best for your future. Be happy and keep others happy.


  • Akshay malhotra


  • manu sharma

    Raghav has been quite wise in keeping his profile low against Somya on the stage. Because when Raghav is on stage, on one is able to concentrate on any other person. But in this episode, he wanted the viewers to watch Somya only and not him. He had no alternate with him than to give company to Somya as Rohan was not well. Masters got the opportunity to point out that Raghav was not upto the mark today. Only if they would understand the wisdom of skipper Raghav. Raghav should avoid doing Babas act on stage any more. It may not put him in some controversy unnecessarily. I don’t know if there is anything in common between the two, but Rohan often reminds me of Darsheel of Taarey Zameen Par. Perhaps they have similar expressions ! God bless Rohan and he gets well soon. Managing a contestant to reach position no. one may make him win the show but may not help him in becoming a good dancer which is the ultimate aim of these children. Good dancers are above the positions given by judges. Dharmesh… Puneet… Sanam Johar… have set examples by working as choreographers. Then Salmaan, who was fortunately a winner too ! No doubt DID trained them and gave them the stage to prove their talents. But they are all above the winning positions. Raghav has the same spirit !`

  • Kishore Allanki

    Ewwwwwwwahhh.. Geeta Maa,, dude somebody stop her, i can’t see her over the top expressions… Encouraging kids and appreciating is the most important part, that i agree, but making kids learn by letting kids know about their flaws and need to improve things, should also be done.. I am totally not liking the way this show is heading.. Sorry! Guys but traumatize, putting in traction is what i see, when i am watching the some of the newer episodes.. Hope Terrence and Remo come back make some meaning to the word judge.

    • ragdha unique

      I wish that remo and terrence were here like you said!! geeta is now going too one way!! its not fair for other kids.. even faizal will be left out if this continues!! i dont want faizal to leave because of waht geeta is doing!! prince has to pull his socks up and try harder!! he has to bring out the best in him with faizal otherwise he will loose his contestants… shalini is such a sweet kid too.. she does very well with faizal and i hope the pair wont suffer… i wish that rohan, soumya and faizal would be in top 4 for the finals!! :)


        yes me too hope master terrance and master remo to comeback not just leave to master marzi and master geeta..she too bias to faizal by right she shoudn’t do professional and keep you personal feeling towards yourself

  • munna pawar

    anybody can tel me how to vote to favrate contestant

  • munna pawar

    can anybody pls tel me how to vote for favrate contestant

    • Dala Zeyda

      If u r outside INDIA here is the link
      otherwise give a misscall to
      Codes are as follows:-

      faizal 02
      om 03
      rohan 04
      soumya 05
      jeet 09
      tannay 10

    • Manal Arshad

      even i do not know =(

      • Dala Zeyda

        If u r outside INDIA here is the link
        otherwise give a misscall to
        Codes are as follows:-

        faizal 02
        om 03
        rohan 04
        soumya 05
        jeet 09
        tannay 10


    fm malaysia..soumya nevermind you get the second highest vote and i think it not so much different but make sure the next occasion get back your title no.1 and highest vote and for mr raghav please think and introduce a new choreograph much more better than today and i suggest go for ‘bumro’ song from mission kashmir or mohabattein. to me soumya you are the best, best and the best …keep it up


    My Prediction for Final Four…
    keep write this guys

    1. Faisal
    2. Saumya
    3. OM
    4. JEET DAS

    & might be Faisal WIN this time, & 2nd Row is complicated bcoz the tough compitition between OM & Saumya for 2nd Position, but i felt Saumya successfully make it. 3rd OM & 4th Jeet Das


    1 Another Dhamaka News for you Guys

    In The Coming Weeks DID Superstar’s are coming back to perform with

    DANCE KE BAAP’S Dharmesh sir with Faisal..THE BAAP OF DANCE..

    Pradeep with Om…

    Paul with Rohan..

    Vaibhav or Siddesh? with Jeet Das, BOTH DANCING KOLAVARI’S SOUL’S

    They are back with bang…!!!! 😀

    • Dala Zeyda

      what about the other contestants?
      and who is paul..

  • Ruchi Yadav

    Faisal is ma fav contestant……..but m not able 2 vote him everytm i call it says wrong no. check ur no. whereas dere is no such prblm with the other contestants…..why????????????

    • Love Arun

      dont know dear

  • spartans nikom

    we r proud of raghav . he followed saumya in this dance . he is real a great dancer . everyone knows the dance of raghav . he is one of the best………

  • Badri Narayan

    Get well soon Rohan… missed you in these performances…
    Jeet Das doing the same style again and again…not liking any more..

  • Angel Alive

    People are unable to get on om’s number but able to get on jeet numbers seems like it is all planned.I am sure they won’t let om be in final.since the jeet is in contest i was sure this was going to happen.For me DID Ends here.I am not gonna watch anymore. actually i am tired of all drama In DID.Goodbye wishes are always with you dear Om.

    • JIN_BABA

      what’s happen? OM no where going, OM in top 4 Finalist … keep in mind this.

    • Manal Arshad

      i also think so :(

  • avishek Dey

    It would be great if last year’s winner Jeetumoni comes to DID little masters 2 for one episode and he performs with d little masters of season 2. I think every body would love to see Jeetuumoni after a long time with his super dancing talent.

  • Suprabha P

    My god rain of good comments see shreya you are inside all our heart sweet heart i really prayed god to keep you good and healthy are continue the kindness you show to poor people . I cried on your elimination which i did not do for any other member . I always used to be sad whenever my fav member is eliminated but seriously don’t know how tears came in my eyes . God bless you from now 10 or 12 year you will be a best Dr

  • Kishore Allanki

    Every time i wanted to watch the episodes again. I always get depressed or frustrated with geeta and her partiality comments.. If she likes some one, then she can show her affection to that kid, but she is not even happy with the other kids work… When Rohan was sitting on the sofa depressed, she said “No Stress” I know what she meant, no stress dude, by the time you are ready faisal will rock the stage, and you are done… Cause Rohan is the strongest competitor in the did lil masters.

    • Dala Zeyda

      You know Rohan is my favorite too. I am really scared for him, He could have easily given an awesome solo performance if only he wasn’t injured. I JUST HOPE HE GETS WELL SOON AND LITERALLY KILL IT, NEXT WEEK AND MAKE RAGHAV SO PROUD, AND SHOCK EVERYONE ELSE.
      <3<3<3 CROCK IT ®°©kStAr !!

      • JIN_BABA

        Rohan also good dancer, but due to Saumya also in Same Group, i don’t think Rohan go longer, not even go in Finale 4, but if Dada create any new option for Rohan, otherwise in Finale 4 Are
        Faisal, Saumya (due to girl representative) OM & JEET Das from Neerav

        from All four Master :)

        • Dala Zeyda

          I understand that it would only be fair to all the skippers if one contestant from each team makes it to the Finals, then it’ll be a true competition. And i love Soumya, she is very talented and versatile, she is one of my favorites. And i also know that ROHAN has very few fans compared to others like Soumya,Jeet,Faisal,Om, or even Tannay for that matter(since he came third once).

          But still i want to believe that he’ll go a long way, he will keep on giving awesome performances, and with his talent he’ll impress not only the judges but the audience and at least make it to Top-4!!!!!!

          But if he doesn’t make it to The Top-4, i wish that when he gets Eliminated, he’ll give the most magical,the most awesome,the most lovable, the most technically correct, and the most CROCKING PERFORMANCE ever on Dance India Dance, that HE WILL BE REMEMBERED FOR THE GREAT DANCER THAT HE IS.(like with PRINCE, even though he didn’t make it to the finals, he is a legend !!)

          LOVE YOU ROHAN :)


          LOVE YOU CROCK~J <3<3<3

    • Kiran Nathani

      Absolutely right! From beginning only Geeta has been very partial towards Faisal. In the very 1st episode when Faisal got nervous & did not dance well then also she praised her so much but when Rohan gave such beautiful performances then she says that he could have done much better. She is really very biast…

      • Manal Arshad

        thats called favoritism.

  • tanuja sangliram

    miss you so much chik chik……whatever…u r the best for me

    • Love Arun


  • mukesh lama

    all the contestant are same but vote by janta should be fair…dont do any mistake for counting vote of any contestant…..but hope that did never make any sadness for the janta …..

    • Manal Arshad

      i totally agree with u mukesh!

  • tp tp

    sab se jyada hard working is show me OM kar raha hai. Kruti is doing extremely good job. This little boy can do anything.
    But all are appreciating raghav team and Faisal.
    Faisal ka to sirf drama ko hi votes milte honge, dance ke liye nahi.

    Please janta vote for the Most
    “hardworking, deserving, innocent OM”.

    He is really been so versatile. He deserves to win the competition.
    jitne jabardast peformances OM ne diye hai na utne agar faisal ne diye hote to uske upar phoolonki barsat kar dete ye log.

    • JIN_BABA

      tp tp, no doubt OM is good, but there r so many different thing btw OM & Faisal, OM have good Strength , but his dance Just Ok, not Karak Like how Faisal, Rohan & Saumya did. but let me tell u, Faisal gonna WIN this 2nd DID Little Master title, 2nd Position is tough due to both OM & Saumya good, so can’t say abt 2nd & 3rd Position, but yeah for 4th Position Jeet Das gotcha in Finale

  • tp tp

    Aur jeetdas ka to sirf ek hi style. Uska versatility to dekha hi nahi ahbi tak.
    Aur saumya ko bhi bahut log support karte hai. lekin usse bhi jyada achha OM kar raha hai.

    OM ko jyada votes karna chahiye.

    • JIN_BABA

      agree on this statment OM is much better than JEET :p

      • Manal Arshad

        i agree, om is better than jeet

        • dancefan2012

          Om is better than Jeet in flexibility but not the perfect executioner. He most of the time miss the timings in his dance performance like he runs before the song ends but hopefully he covers that up in the future episodes.

      • Sadat Rahman

        No Jeet and Tanhay is better and om somewhat better

  • Manal Arshad

    how many of u agree for deep and shrey’s elimination?
    i do not! i do not like the eliminations of tyhis as well as last week,
    shalini has only been kept because she is a little cute, “Deep” deserves to be in place of shalini and in four final contestants!

    • JIN_BABA

      no doubt every child is precious & awesome talented dancer, but due to Program policy every week 1 contestant got Eliminated.

      it’s hurt. but we can’t do anything.

      • Manal Arshad

        if deep and faisal were in danger zone and then deep was eliminated i would never ever say so on this site, but deep got eliminated in competition wuth shalini! so not acceptable
        plz plz its my humble request to give deep 1 more chance if u r reading my msg deep, plz come back!

        • JIN_BABA

          Manal we respect your concern, but it’s not possible 😐
          Shalini is Dada Girl Friend :p but don’t worry she also got Eliminate in up coming weeks, i also Like Deep over Jeet Das & Uday, but it’s a part of Program policy, so you don’t take seriously, just chill & Enjoy the remain contestant performances

          • dancefan2012

            Hey Jin_baba – i will let you know in advance when Shalini gets eliminated

          • Manal Arshad

            if tanai can get a chance then why not deep?
            all the children of DID are like the various colours of rainbow…
            every1 likes differentt colours,
            i hope u understand me =)
            i know shalini is dada’s gf, because she is pretty, but it is still a dance show =(
            i honour the decision of the judges… =)

          • dancefan2012

            No elimination this week due to voting line number confusion voting line was blocked

  • Manal Arshad

    please tell me how to vote on this site, =)
    every1 votes but DID considers their own self! =(

    • dancefan2012

      @ Manal Arshad – Voting link will be added next week. The voting number have been changed, we will give the update next week.

      • san subba

        8th july episode please

    • Sadat Rahman

      here is one link where you can vote or you could Give a missed call at (no) to submit your vote
      Sr. No. Contestant Skipper Voting No.
      1 Deep Gosh Prince 1800 200 56 01
      2 Faisal Khan Prince 1800 200 56 02
      3 Om Chetry Kruti 1800 200 56 03
      4 Rohan Parkale Raghav 1800 200 56 04
      5 Saumya Rai Raghav 1800 200 56 05
      6 Shalini Moitra Prince 1800 200 56 06
      7 Shreya Acharya Neerav 1800 200 56 07
      8 Uday Sachdeva Kruti 1800 200 56 08
      9 Jeet Das Neerav 1800 200 56 09
      10 Tanay Malhara Neerav 1800 200 56 10

      • Sadat Rahman

        Remember only 7 contestants not the ones who got eliminated like Deep Ghosh,Uday Sachdeva,and Shreya Acharya

        Wish the best to all these contestants

        • Manal Arshad

          i think faisal, om rishi and saomya will make it to the finals. i waish a bright and even more better future and dbigger success to Deep!, Uday! , Sachdeva, Shreya Acharya and Shreya!
          Best of luck every1!


    Admin bro, what’s happend? Y Video not upload yet?

    • dancefan2012

      JIN_BABA – The servers getting upgraded, so no upload for 8th July, it will be done next week

  • dhurbaraj rai

    dear admin.
    i cant see the 8th julu episodes not uploaded or yet or something wrong with my system or connection pls reply .. thanks

    • dancefan2012

      @ dhurbaraj rai – The servers getting upgraded, so no upload for 8th July, it will be done next week

  • dhurbaraj rai

    Dear admin.
    i cant see the 8th july episodes not uploaded or yet or something wrong with my system or connection pls reply. thanks

    • Rohan Singh

      The 8th July episode has not yet been put up. Even I have been waiting to watch it since yesterday. In the 7th July episode I saw the trailer of Om and Faisal’s dance and it seemed mind blowing.

      Just hoping that the admin uploads the video at the earliest.

  • Sunny Sanu

    Please upload july 8th episode…!!!

    • dancefan2012

      Sunny Sanu – The servers getting upgraded, so no upload for 8th July, it will be done next week

  • Manal Arshad

    i think faisal is a great dancer and has chances of winning DID =) Best of luck faisal.

  • Manal Arshad

    actually every child has his/her own speciality, sometimes its hard to hudge that who did better! =D

  • Sajjad Memon

    8th July ka episode kahan hai upload karo

    • Manal Arshad

      i am also anxiously waiting for it!

    • Love Arun


  • Manal Arshad

    Deep me aap ki performances dekh dekh me thakti nahin, i do not know why but it is my strongest desire that judges just give u 1 more chance, i know its not possible, but umeed par to dunya qaim he, nothing is impossible in this world =D
    i am very hopeful about your return in prince ki paltan!

  • yaara da yaar deol

    ilike fasle and om.they are very good dancers

  • Manal Arshad

    how many children can return via wild card?
    who do u think will return?
    i think shreya.

    • Sadat Rahman

      Manal, there is no more wildcard and its almost will be the grand finale of little master of season 2

  • Sadat Rahman

    Hi DID, I am Sadat From the United States and I have been seeing this for a very long time and I got used to the hosts,contestants,judges,and grand master Mithunda and the saddest part of DID is when it is elimination and there is so many good contestants sometimes I just hate to see them go and sometimes the judges are too mean especially Geeta Kapoor even though people call her as a and think of her as their own or somewhat like their mother

  • san subba

    Saumya, om, faisal and rohan
    are the finalists id this season………..!

    • Love Arun


  • natasha aus

    Hello amazing show i love all the kids my favourite is faisal he is just amazing dancer and very cute too i wish he wins DID.I dont know how 2 vote 4 faisal im in australia can anyone tell me thanks.

  • Love Arun


  • san subba

    hey Admin……………. where is the 8th july episode? huh
    please upload..yar… we don’t have a tv at the hostel so we have to manage with laptop… and we r not allowed to open social networking……… do upload the 8th july episode ok!

  • Onkar Rao


    geeta ma main ek bat kehna chahta hun aapse…

    aap such main ma ho ma jaisi nahi.

    aapko bata dun ki 5 January 2012 ko maine aapni ma ko kho diya..
    wo mujhe or meri do bahno ko chod ke ja chuki hain…magar jab v did me aapko dekhta hun unki yad nahi aati..malum hain kyon…

    kyonki meri ma ka chehra aapse milta hai…..

  • Himadri Roy

    Dance is not just moving body parts with the rythm of music/song. Expressions, timings, body languages are integral parts of dancing. If all these go on cohesively then only viewers can truly enjoy a performance. That’s why Masters’ are repeatedly saying that sense of acting is the same way important with dance.

    With all these keeping in mind with the age factor, the final ‘Krazzy Four’ should be:

    1. Jeet Das
    2. Faisal Khan
    3. Saumya Rai
    4. Om Chetry

    Ye hai aasly dance ke baap! baap re baap!!!

    :-) :-) :-)

  • tp tp

    @himadri roy,
    Jeetdas does not deserve to be Top 10 also and u talking about Top4???
    just coz u r a bengali…

    Top 4 of DID little master season2.

    • Rahul Bawne

      ok ye hai is sal ke top 4

  • Dala Zeyda

    What? But Rishi is already out.. I think u mean Rohan.

  • Himadri Roy

    dear tp tp,

    as I replied earlier(on discussion about 30th Jun episode) , pls dont make all these stupid & narrow regional coments in this open & liberal discussion. pls read the rule & maintain the decorum framed by admin to post any comment. Just becoz the fact does not match with ur imagination, you cannt ignore it. And the fact is Jeet Das is in top 7 & far ahed of Om Chetry as per viewers choice which reflects through votes. This week Jeet is in no.3 position, earlier he was in 2.

    Pls accept the truth. I hardly believe that your top four can manage it, but still good wishes to you.

  • tp tp

    Truth has to be accepted by you. Whatever i have told in my comments is 100% truth. OM is above jeetdas. Don’t even compare OM with jeetdas.
    As far as votes r concerned people like you don’t vote on the basis of dance. So jeet is getting more votes. But truth is OM is far better than jeetdas. Accept the truth.

    • Himadri Roy

      @ tp tp,

      U mean all the other persons watching the programme & supporting/voting to other contestants (especially Jeet) other than OM are fool & they dont have any sense about dancing OR they are voting on regional biasness. I really dont know what to say u for this.

      Ok, I accept that you is the only one who has all the knowledge about dancing. GOD SAVE YOU DEAR. Thnkx

  • andy

    Hey Admin,

    I dont understand why the episode for 8th July is still not uploaded and are you going to upload this week’s episode or not?

    I think, competition is getting at that stage and it’s getting exciting that who gets into the finals as everyone have their own style and forte… it would be very interesting, but without videos, we’re helpless!!!

    • Manal Arshad

      we all are anxiously waiting, plz upload fast, thanx

  • Manal Arshad

    hi admin,
    i wanted to ask u whether the contestants , judges or other people who are in the shhow or are carrying it see our comments?
    thanx, plz reply =D

  • san subba

    dear admin!
    we don’t have television in hostel so please upload the remaining episodes soon….!
    m egr 2 watch those performances………
    its an request,,,, reply must

  • anjalirsoct16

    dear admin
    upload the last day eposode



    why it seem that everybody is talking about faizal and om and jeet and rohan but nobody talking about soumya , is it because everybody has confimed that she will become the winnner of did little master and no comment can be shoot to her or because she is nepalese appearance or something else..please dont judge the book by the cover if i may suggest please go way back and see in the youtube when this girl start dancing , i found out that she start dancing since she was 8 years old to me even she’s nepalese or she look like chinese doll or japanese doll but she has proven that she is the best. i am not sided soumya but i appreciate the talent ‘WHAT A TALENT’. But to me i think she will win this time and even now she has 1-2 competitior but anyhow soumya keep up try your best to be on the top no 1 until the end. tks

  • Md. Monir Hossain

    Dear Admin

    Please upload next episode…………………….

  • tp tp

    I am not supporting only one contestant like you.
    Along with OM i also like saumya and rohan very much.

    I also loved yash and rishi who are unfortunately not there.

    But recently OM has given most daring and different performances. Keeping his age in mind he is really a versatile dancer. I have never seen such versatility at such small age. So I like him very much.

    OM you are a winner for me…

  • paulinaa muhammed

    first of all i dont like geeta being so bias and pretending that faisal and shalini gives a beautiful dance, omg this is so unfair. soumya , rohan,,n shereya has all the qualities. im not satisfied of eliminating shreya, she is too good, and importantly she is way versatile than faisal and of course shalini.
    whatever i think im losing interest watching bias shows!!!!

  • pi_nk

    Tanay and Shreya were great in this episode .. i’ll miss her.

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