Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 2 5th August

Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 2 5th August

Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 2 5th August, Here comes the final episode of DID Little Masters Season 2 before the Finale on 12th August. Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif were on stage today to promote their upcoming movie Eik Tha Tiger. There was a lot of fun moments and some brilliant performances. Alot of interesting conversations between Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan as they both had a very close past.

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Enjoy the pictures for today’s show.

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253 thoughts on “Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 2 5th August

  1. priyanka kollins says:

    oh,,,i just cant wait much longerrr,,,please,,,upload it quickly ,,,

  2. JIN_BABA says:

    Jeet Just Awesome… Neerav k Ninja outstanding, i simply blushing,
    Neerav superb choreography .. :)

    1. rohit desai says:

      Whole Season Neerav Was sleeping…Did nothing…
      Only one performance close finale he woke up…thats it…:D::D:D

      Weakest skipper of DID…

      1. JIN_BABA says:

        lol as jeet open neerav poll, hr waqt cell fone or laptop py laga rehta hy, Neerav know well k us ka contestant nahi jeety ga.

  3. JIN_BABA says:

    Laughing out Load…
    so much fun between // katrina / Salman / Dada & Marzi Sir..

    Saumya … Just Out Standing :D she is just brilliant

    1. Sonam Jain says:

      I agree with you soumya is amazing but Rohan is better.

  4. Aarthi Purushotham says:

    i stay at Germany … most of indian ppl stay at my residence … we all are gr8 fan of faisaldance .. we dont get indian channels here. we watch through did website … spl we wait wen the videos will get uploaded to watch faisal dance .. we do keep sm expectation today wht faisal is gonna do …faisal wish u all the best from me n my friends…GOD bless u n win this season…

  5. spartans nikom says:


  6. spartans nikom says:


  7. suparna shetty says:

    All the Best to all the finalists …May the best one win .
    According to me all 5 are WINNERS
    Salman U rocked the show :) all the best for UR Movie

  8. anurag singh says:

    plz upload all the full videos of 5 august episode plz plz plz

    1. Admin says:

      No, Never.

      Part1 is uploaded, 2 and 3 coming in 20 minutes.

  9. Divyesh Rakhaiya says:

    Verry gooooooooooooood
    alllll the best top 5……… friend………..

  10. JIN_BABA says:

    Faisal & Saumya was superb today once again… both does a very difficult attempt than others, specially Faisal without sight he did a fabulous JOB.

    JEET & Rohan did a same job, but i give 2nd Rank, i like Most Jeet Attempt bcoz he is so little contestant with awesome Neerav choreography, Rohan did once again which he is so well in that attempt, but nicely done by him.

    what can i say about OM … Aerial / Gymnastic ?? is this a Dance form ? i don’t so, Yesterday kruti set circus act, & today Aerial. O Come On Kruti, that’s not fair, i don’t impress much.

    Salman Superb, i like specially OM & “Katrina / Dada & Marzi Sir fun moments segments, it’s just a so much Fun to watch, Salman have all right’s to making filM Of Dada in the show, HaHa… How Jay Banushali thanks to Salman for those Dada Leg puling, lol.

  11. ponnuru pranay says:

    I want jeet to win the cup….

    Faisal is a good dancer….or the best dancer but JEET DAS!!! no kid can give such a performance at that age….


    1. rohit desai says:

      Oh hello JIN and ponnuru

      OM is ten times better than Jeet.

      None of the performances of Jeet were upto the mark in the season except mj wala. And again there is a reason for this. He had lot of time to practice around 2 months. so he gave his best in wild card. thats it. Apart from that every weak his graph was down due to lack of versatility.

      This shows that he is not quick learner. and throughout the season could not show us variations.

  12. Shank j says:

    In today’s performance, Rohan was just class apart. He is best dancer in DID2. He is versatile (he can do classical, free style, hip hop, slow motion, contemporary etc with ease), his moves are clean, he rarely fumbles up, and dance with precision.

    In spite of that, the judges never appreciate him as he is the main challenge to their favorite contestant, Faisal. Faisal is a good dancer too but he is not as versatile as Rohan and between two, Rohan moves are much cleaner.

    I will not mind much if Faisal win the contest as he is a second best dancer in DID2 ( along with soumya). But it is really shocking and sad to see judges not appreciating real talent like rohan (they have given more positive comments to good performance of Om, jeet, shalini as compared to superb performance of rohan even).

    Watch last 6 episodes and see what I mean.

    1. Sammy Sharma says:

      I totally agree with what you said. Geeta and Marzi are not giving superlative comments to Rohan as he is a threat to Faisal.He was brilliant today.

      1. Roslind Arokiasamy says:

        I too totally agreed Rohan is superb. If you all notice when he was sick he still perform well but not much comments given by both judgers. I really don’t understand.

        1. dechjoll lol says:

          I agree too. When he was sick he didn’t miss a single bit although he looked little sick from the face. And everybody just ignored him then n now also. He truly is the most underrated dancer in this including Uday. Just hope next did lil master 3 contestants don’t have to go thru this Crap…. All the best to ROhan n Soumya!! Crock it

    2. kishor sable says:

      I also fully agree with shank J ,Geetama only appreciating Faisal which is her favourite contestant. Rohan is better dancer than Faisal but she not giving well comment on rohans performance.
      As she is master of the show,she has to give honestly comment on every performer and do not do any politics on talent.If I wrong watch all episodes from audition and comment that Geetama gave on performance of both Faisal and Rohan.
      Faisal and Rohan both are rocks.

    3. alimurad_pu says:

      i totally agree with u rouhan was again mind blowing…but same attitude from judges. and this really hearts to the viewers. best of luck rockstar…!!!

    4. Vijay Kumar says:

      Agree. Rohan dance steps are much cleaner and controlled. Though Faisal’s blind fold act was truly amazing but over the series Rohan’s dance came out much better. Liked to see Faisal feeling excited on Rohan being given re-entry through veto. Good to see kids not having any negative competitive spirit between themselves unlike we grown ups show because of them ;)

    5. dancequeen25 says:

      Rohan is the best dancer in DID lil masters 2!!!!! What the judges don’t understand is that the children form these fake faiths that will eventually be destroyed since they are fake!!! It’s not fair on the children that they have to be a part of this political scene!!!

      1. Sonam Jain says:

        i agree with you…..Rohan deserves to be dance ke baap. Everyone pleeeeeeze vote for Rohan missed call number is- 18002092704.

    6. Sonam Jain says:

      I agree Rohan doesn’t get the credit he deserves

  13. kinga98.12 says:

    Jeet is the best !!!!! :) All THE VERY BEST :) ♥♥ !!!!!!!!!
    Please vote for JEET : 1800 266 56 09

  14. Prince Abbas says:

    Salman Khan comes across as a simple common man and you can see that the comments he makes are purely from the heart. I liked how Salman supported DID right from the start and gave Mohammed Goush a role in one of the songs in Wanted. Good 2 c Mohhamed thriving in Jhalak Dhiklaja.

    Can’t wait 4 Dance ke Superstars.

    Jeetu FTW.

  15. Prince Abbas says:

    I’m sure Ek Tha Tiger will be a huge hit with the masses and classes.

  16. JIN_BABA says:

    Finally He Showed Dance without Sight .. What More You Expect The Winner Of DID Little Master Blaster “FAISAL KHAN” ;) .

    1. Gopali Verma says:

      Jin Bava phir se excite ho gaya.

      abhi bhehas ne dudh diya nai or tum pure muhale ko kher bat ne nikal pade.

      1. JIN_BABA says:

        tm tension mat lo, apna kaam karo. lol,
        let me do My Work.

        1. Gopali Verma says:

          mein kahan tension le rahi hun. yaar tum tension na lo.. FAISAL jeet jayega… tumare kam karne se nai. balki faisal apne dance ke moves se jeetega

          1. JIN_BABA says:


          2. Gopali Verma says:

            me tooo , laughing he ha ha ha ha ha

    2. Sonam Jain says:

      fasial is only getting sympathy votes….. also Geeta ma is giving him special attention. rohan is the real dancer.

      1. luvfaisal says:

        rohan is gud at so called slow motion! he never performed other dance forms like faisal did. uske har performance pe slow motion daldeta hai raghav!

    3. Dala Zeyda says:

      I completely Agree With u JinBaba-ji , Soumya Hi jeetege, Aap kO kaise Pata chala yeah baaat.???
      Kya Baat Kya Baat Kya Baat Kya Baat
      Aapki mu mein ghee Shakar.!!!

      :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


      :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P

      1. ridhi gupta says:

        i thnk dat faisal is mre better dan other dancers

  17. dipshika says:

    oh please ppl faisal is versatile he has done pretty much everything he even did something with the rope and Ariel has rohan done no! so ithink faisal is much better then rohan m not sayin rohan is bad he is good buh faisal is better


    1. Sonam Jain says:

      Did lil masters:
      1 Rohan
      2 Soumya
      3 Faisal
      4 Jeet
      5 Om

      1. navjot kaur says:

        DID little masters


  18. Liza d rockstar says:

    yeah u ppl are correct…before i thout that only I have observed that Rohan is being neglected…but now everybosy is observing the same.
    they always show the performances of Faizal even in the upcoming episodes also..Geeta Ma praised Faisal for his slowmotion dance but Rohan did a mindblowing slow motion dance today and not to my surprise Geeta again didn’t given a damn to it..
    I have no problem with Faisal,hez also a nice dancer but Geeta is not doing the rite thing..and I thing its not only Geeta..even Marzi and the Production House is also involved in it..
    nyways we know that Rohan is as deserving as Faisal..
    So all Rohan’s Fans lets vote for him -18002665604
    He may not win but thers always a chance bcoz this tym the voting lines are opened upto saturday 10 pm…ders a whole week…
    I’ll give missed call from everybodya mobile :)
    Love u Rohan,Soumya and Raghav… <3

    1. Sammy Sharma says:

      Yes.You are absolutely right. I think the whole production house is involved in it. Geeta is not giving stupendo and Marzi is not standing on table for Rohan even though he is giving such terrific performances. They do that for lesser deserving contestants. Rohan , don’t worry buddy.You have won million hearts already like Dharmesh and Raghav. He is a mind-blowing dancer and wil go a long way in his life. Looking forward to see him in dance ke superkids. Hope he is there in it.

    2. alimurad_pu says:

      i agree with u.. i think judges have problem with raghav. especially geeta, the judges appreciate other the contestants as well as their skipper more,but in the case of raghav’s team outstanding acts they neither appreciate contestants nor raghav as much as they praise other teams. in every episode kruti was using same tactics by showing some circus skills to the om. but how judges praise her team, i cant’ understand. totally unfair to raghav efforts.
      love raghav k rockstar..

    3. dancequeen25 says:

      Agreed!!!!!!! Stole the words out of my mouth!

      1. Sonam Jain says:

        i agree too….raghav ke rockstars is the best!!!!

  19. Samairah Parveen says:

    Everyone please vote for Rohan !!!
    He deserves to be in first place !!!

  20. Hafiz Ali says:

    They all deserve to win. I think all of them are brilliant and I would be happy to see any one of them win. But my favourite is Rohan. Good luck to you all!

  21. pi_nk says:

    How come Saumya and Rohan didn’t get stupendo or sunga-babara?? they did just as well as the others, I personally liked Saumya the most today, she was the most energetic.

    1. dechjoll lol says:

      Its not a surprising thing. RKR never gets a justifying comments since from the beginning.They are always left in between. Politics of Geeeta Kapoor!!!

      1. pi_nk says:

        Honestly, at first I tried to ignore all the favoritism in the show, but its way out of hand now.
        Oh well, the best we can do is keep voting for the ones we want to and not base our votes on the judges biased comments.

  22. tp tp says:

    “Best Move Of The Series” Award Goes to OM for Malkhamb act.

    1. Vijay Kumar says:

      No doubt that was amazing act of the series! The small kids strength, flexibility and fearless spirit is simply extraordinary!

  23. Darshan patel says:


    @Raghav…..yaar…ku6 to Rohan se different kara….

    It’s not Rohan’s fault…Rohan did what Raghav taught…..

    Slow motion to koi bhi a6a kar leta he…after all it’s just two step lol….:-p

    I m just bored with it….

    I appreciate Faisal’s effort what he did today…He did all dance forms….n he is best in all of them…He got the highest grand salutes…

    Today I like Neerav’s choreography n Jeet’s execution…

    Once again,

    Raghav try something else but on next season if u are taken :-p

    1. JIN_BABA says:

      lol Darshan, Janta ko Yh Nazar Nahi Aati cheez ;) , & they expect from Table Stand salute from Marzi & Grand Salute from dada, Raghav pa ji, show something else, as Finale has come, you show, what v already saw many time in the Show, see the other side, Jeet & Faisal grown up with New difficult Attempt.

      and please stop this same slow motion again & again, show something different moves in Slow motion if you can.

      1. Gopali Verma says:

        please answer the folllowing questions
        tell me which of the dances were lyrical ?
        aja nach le by soumya …
        bawra man dekhne chala ek sapna [su sanket and yash]
        rukhi sukhi roti [sowmya and yash]
        dhoom 2 dance by rohan

        u name it dude
        soumya’s alll dance numbers expect the one in which she for the first time tried lyrical.
        same is true for su sanket and yash’s dance numbers

        for Rohan he is the master of lyrical and contemprorary.


        1. JIN_BABA says:

          lol tu Do Na Vote Rohan ko, Q time waste kr rahi ho,

          Faisal showed many form with different Dance Style, Even with difficulties, while Skipper Raghav mostly use Same Lyrical & Free Style dance on Rohan with his Parchae Kind move which Raghav know well he do well with it, so what more people Expect from the Judges?, Master Geeta & Marzi Sir Already Given Rohan, Sandababra, & Geeta also give him Stupendo with Paul Dance, but why people getting problem? while they almost Show (Raghav ki Parchae kind move’s)? so don’t Expect the Table Salute or Stupendo etc etc. that’s make a Different btw Faisal & Rohan, if you don’t agree with me, So go & Vote to Rohan & make him WiN. I doN’t miNd! lol, and by the way i am not talk about Saumya dance, she is just brilliant.

          1. a s says:


            ha ha ha
            ye gin baba aur gopali verma ki verbal war sun kar aisa lagta hai ki ye rohan aur faizal ke mummy papa hon

          2. a s says:

            main chahti hoon om/faizal ke alawa baki teeno me se koi bhi jeete kyunki me bhi anti faizal/om group ka hissa hoon all because of geeta n gangs unjustified favoritism to these kids

    2. dechjoll lol says:

      @ Darshan: U must not have seen ROhan’s other performances. He began with a Crock Style and Ended with a Lyrical Comtemporary Style. In between He had done so many other styles. One of them is Jogva which no one ever did before.
      1.Bollywood Style: SOumya n ROhan( jai jai shivam shankar)
      – Won best performance of the day n never made a single mistake.
      2.Bollywood Rock n Roll: ROhan n Susu as Sweety(dhoom tana)
      – he nailed this danced with expressions n complete n clean steps.
      3.Free-style:a) Rain dance on Dhoom dhoom.
      -brought a new theme which was never done in DID lil masters.
      b) Rohan n Soumya(Suraj hua madham)
      -As a lyrical dancer,judges couldn’t point a single mistake!!
      4. Slow Lyrical: Paul n ROhan( Dil sambhal ja zaara)
      – Shocked Judges, grand Master, India n won many hearts.
      5.Breaking n Popping: Rohan n Soumya ( Their First Duet)
      – never missed a single beat with awesome choreography.
      6.Lyrical Hip hop:a) Rohan’s solo(Abhi mujhe)
      -Shocked Geeta Kapoor n made Raghav proud!!!
      b)yash n Rohan(dil toh baccha)
      -Awesome choreography n rohan made a mistake there but he handled it so well that Judges didn’t noticed it.:)
      7.Contemporary:Rohan solo ( tere bina)
      -it included most of the difficult steps of a contemporary dance like spider, air cartwheel, barrel jump, scorpion, clean cartwheel,Pirouettes with slight wrong with Form n balance. Only terence could have point that out. Shocked Geeta Kapoor once again!!

      I can go on n on with other duets, solos but its getting longer than my first comment. so I will stop the description here.Slow motion is just s step n even if its a two steps but i guarantee u that it will take u months to master tat step like Rohan did in one week.
      Don’t point a finger to Raghav. He has done a amazing job with his Rockstars and in all the above mentioned dances n including all the solo’s of Soumya mentioned by other supports, u can’t say that Raghav teaches only lyrical steps. He is the most caring n best choreographer to the kids.He is emotionally supportive, mentally creative and funny as hell!!!
      So before blaming anyone just take a moment of thorough investigation and think before you say. Raghav n his team worked their ass off to get here n just because u only see the slow motion step n nothing else doesn’t mean he is not a good choreographer.So please have a little bit of Respect for all the amazing group dance, duets, solo’s act Raghav n Rockstars had brought up on this stage.And took this season to a another level.
      All the other teams n their skippers are doing their best. U can’t single out someone like this.Its discouraging to the Skipper n his team.

      1. hema santhosh says:

        Thank u dechjoll I think Darshan got the right answer now i hope he will not repeat lyrrrrriiiiiccccccaaaaalllllll…..through out the season rockstars rocked no doubt about it.last day Faisals performance was awesome really i loved it but SOUMYA and ROHAN ARE FAR AHEAD THAN FAISAL IN THE WHOLE SEASON.SURAJ HUA MADHAM was my most favourite duet about solo act i cant even select…. all were brilliant.Rockstars are the luckiest contestants of this season that they got Raghav as their skipper.still praying SOUMYA to win the title.geetha kapoor and prince spoiled faisals image hope DID will never show her ugly face again we HATE you geetha “maa”.Rockstar Rohan you are my favourite BEST OF LUCK!!!!

    3. Dala Zeyda says:

      lyrical lyrical lyrical…

      The Term LYRICAL is Not a specific Dance Style, Basically “Lyrical” means Expressing the emotions by following the Lyrics, it has a poetic feel to it.

      I Believe that it takes immense creativity to set choreography when someone is doing a Lyrical dance, be it any style , coz Lyrical dance is expressive, simultaneously subtle and dynamic, it’s focused on conveying musicality and emotion through movements. The Credit Goes to RAGHAV and only RAGHAV for not Randomly picking up steps from here and there. ;)

      Rohan has done Lyrical Hip-Hop (Abhi Mujhme Kahin and Dil Toh Bacha hai)
      Lyrical Freestyle (Sunri sakhi-My favorite)
      What he did on 5th aug was Lyrical Contemporary
      And ofcourse alot of Other Styles as dechjoll mentioned,
      and Believe me he has brought Perfection in every performance of his.

      I love all the Contestants, Good Luck to all the contestants and Skppers for Grand Finale.
      Eagerly waiting for Dance ke Superkids.
      Wanna see a Rohan-Faisal Duet , and Many more Rohan-Soumya Duets ;)

    4. luvfaisal says:

      very true! i hate raghav! take him to circus!

      1. Dala Zeyda says:

        Dude it doesn’t matter how much you hate Raghav, coz u are just one hater in Millions who Love Raghav ,LOVE always overpowers HATE!!!
        Anyways good for you for being Different !!

  24. Ruchika Gupta says:

    I liked Faisal and Saumya’s performance today…

    Adding Jeet to secondary… Rohan was very nice but nothing different than what he usually does.. i dont understand that if he can give such different dance forms to Saumya why doesnt he give it to Rohan?

    Rohan can do much better than what he does every week… there’s is no doubt of the extreme talent that he has…

    i also dont agree that judges dont appreciate anyone apart from Faisal.. they appreciated Jeet, Saumya, Om and Rohan equally…the comments are always equivalent to performances…

    Salman rocked the show …. u were mind blowing…

    1. Gopali Verma says:

      Ruchika … your comments are rite

      But yeas, it is for sure that geeta is very reserved while commenting to Rohan.

      i am fan of both Faisal and Rohan rite from the first day. both of them r fab.
      but all of a sudden a mnth back geeta has been conservative to rohan
      it shld not be tht way. i thought i am the only one who feels it tht way, but now when i read the comments almost 90% of the guys agree tht geeta is mistaken.

      so Ruchika, it is wht it is. Geeta ma SUCKS. Marzi deserves not to be in the show

      FAISAL AND ROHAN u guys just ROCK

  25. Kishore Karki says:

    best of luck soumya

  26. tp tp says:

    I can see that people have forgotten the efforts OM had put. I know kruti could not give him a good choreography in some acts. But that does not mean we forget all his previous performances. He has given stunning performances.
    Even today’s performance was flawless. You cannot even imagine what OM is doing for his age. His performance looked so effortless yar.

    1. JIN_BABA says:

      go to 29 of July Threat & Read “suv kumar” comments about OM dance

  27. Ruchika Gupta says:

    Nobody has forgotten OM previous performances at all and that’s the reason he is in top 5…

    we know the kind of talent he has… it is just his bad luck that kruti is unable to bring out the best in him..

    We all love Om and his fabulous dance talent…

    1. JIN_BABA says:

      Ruchika you 2 go on 29 July threat & “suv kumar” comments abt OM dance

  28. spartans nikom says:

    i totally agree with u guys.. not only rohan but saumya too have didnt get comments which they deserves. marzi always stands for everyone except for raghav ke rockstars.. faisal is a brilliant dancer but because of judges partially he is hated by many. they are doing everthing to make faisal win.. he got a special performance with shalini instead it wud be a saumya vs shalini jugalbandi.. last year ruturaj was competed with faisal not other.. in the previous week episode faisal was given lead in did lil master group performance.. that day when rohan was voted as hightest voted contestents. faisal too was declared as 2nd highest voted dancer which was unusual in other episode… all the ways are done to make faisal win.. ruturaj came at 5 last year why he was competed with faisal . he should have competed with jeet or om.. that day vaishnavi came there shud be a jugalbandi between vaishnavi and saumya.. it is clear that all ways are done to make faisal win

  29. Ruchika Gupta says:

    i really feel sad to see such immaturity in u guys…
    I guess u guys are sick and not ready to accept facts… let it be..its been many times marzi have stood up for raghav ke rockstars..

    RituRaj and faisal dance forms r similar… that is y they were there in jugalbadi….

    U r blaming DID that they r trying to make Faisal a winner and i feel u guys are saying anything so that Faisal may not win..

    If there would have been any partiality in the show, they would have eliminated Rohan for not performing(be it any reason), but mithun da used his veto power to save him.

    Grow up guys and be a little mature.

    1. Gopali Verma says:


      FAISAL is the winner of DID LIL master

      on this note, it is unfair on other contestants tht they are not being given same opportunity as Faisal.
      an extra dance per formance by him generally meant tht he is being promoted ahead of other contestants.
      so this UNFAIR.

      and ur coment for Rohan not geting eliminated. he is there because he is good
      and did ppl will not remove him, because they are stupid but not stupid enough to loose TRP’s on Rohan

      i am mature and grown up and in all my senses :D

    2. dechjoll lol says:

      @Ruchika: I think u are the one who needs to grow up and open ur eyes. U seriously need a brain n eye check up to see the unfairness going on this season. U are as blind as Jin BaBa. I think u are Geeta Kapoor n Jin Ba ba is Marzi(Uri BABA). First u say that stop arguing when u are the one who is shitting these unfair statements like Geeta Kapoor.

      If u have followed season1 carefully (which I don’t think so) Ruturaj was master in Lyrical. Everyone used to say like no one can does Lyrical better than Ruturaj. And here Rohan has Lyrical as his Forte.So speaking of justice, Rohan deserves to be there at the Jugalbandi not Faisal.

      Rohan is at the finale because he deserves to be there. U can’t see it because u are so wrapped up in ur world of favoritism. After dealing with all the impartial comments by the judges, Rohan was able to survive through his dance and dance only. No “Mera beta” type hype, no sympathy and no talking nonsense on the stage. He won all his supporters only thru DANCE. Who knew that Paul n Rohan will shock the way the did ?? Everyone was so excited about Dramesh n Faisal’s ACT… God really does works in mysterious ways. And thats the reason why he is at the finale whether u like it or not. I am huge fan of Rohan n Soumya. I think Rohan will not win but He deserves to be at the finale more than anybody else.

      So don’t tell us his presence at the grand Finale is Unfair. If this be so then i can say that Faisal being there is also unfair after all the over hype he got from Geeta n Marzi. Rohan n faisal both deserves to be there n u can’t single our Rohan just because u can’t see the other unfairness towards Faisal. BTW its not like ROhan is at the finale n someone got out?? if this is so then its quite right to say that it is unfair. SO what the hell is wrong with ROhan being at the Finale. As if Rohan is not there Faisal’s gonna win.Its not like that u know it better than me. So please stop pointing fingers to Rohan!!!

  30. Priya Joshi says:

    I too agree wid ruchika.

    OM is a cutie pie…
    No one can forget him..
    I still remember his first duet performance with rimsha..OMG it was cho chweet..Also duets with uday and group acts of kruti ke crakcers in which he has done PURE DANCE.
    So chill tp tp..We know his talent.

    Todays episode was entertaining. Katrina is gorgeous.

  31. Shek Ali says:

    This show wy fbrt zeet wo mical wala dance bohot gajab ka tha

  32. Shek Ali says:

    Cokroj plz plz ek dafa 12 agust ko shlow dance karna plz video upload kijiye

  33. Shek Ali says:

    Zeet bohot achha dance karte ho aap aage jake our vi acha dance karna

  34. tp tp says:

    @ Ruchika,Vijay kumar, Priya
    thanks for supporting OM.

  35. JIN_BABA says:

    Faisal he Jeety ga Friends … tension not :P
    Saumya 2nd hy,

    3rd position me Jeet ya OM set hongy
    Rohan got 5th Position. or might be OM got 5th position.

    1. Gopali Verma says:

      phir se emotional ………..:D

      1. JIN_BABA says:

        You Can’t Judge Me (Gopali), what ever i felt or not

        1. Gopali Verma says:

          who is judging u,, its just wht ever i see i write…. u get emotional and blind like geeta maa

          may Faisal win the show.. god blesss

          1. JIN_BABA says:

            i am not with Geeta aunty, whatever she did in the show

          2. Gopali Verma says:

            u r not with geeta aunty, but u exactly say wht geeta ma says.
            use ur own brain while giving comments

    2. Dala Zeyda says:

      I completely Agree With u JinBaba-ji , Soumya Hi jeetege, Aap kO kaise Pata chala yeah baaat.???
      Kya Baat Kya Baat Kya Baat Kya Baat
      Aapki mu mein ghee Shakar.!!!

      :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

      JIN BABA KI JAI HO!!!!!

      :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P

  36. Ruchika Gupta says:

    i will be more than happy if he wins… but voting are still on..
    but u cant say anythin..

    1. Gopali Verma says:

      me too but i dont want geeta ma to take the credit tht mera beta jeet gaya.. i hate her.. and i love faisal… rohan tooo…

  37. tp tp says:

    Why u always comment against OM.
    U were also admirer of OM earlier. right?

    Why u telling us to read suv kumar comments.
    whats wrong wid u.
    U go and read all my comments about OM and also those who are supporting OM.

    U think that if we read suv kumar comments our mind will change or what. We love OM and u cannot force us not to like him.

    1. JIN_BABA says:

      lol, OM stay in the Show? Reason?
      Just ONE :D
      production house & Mithunda want him to stay till Finale,

      they use OM for FUN in the show, ya ya he is good in Aerial & Gymnastic act :D, ya i see his little little dance during attempt :P , but he is so cute & Tashion kind of Child so he is stay In the GAME. nothing against OM .. he is Future Dancer :-)

      1. Gopali Verma says:

        no Jin Baba,

        Om is in the show because he is a very goood dancer and has a agility and stealth of a very powerful dancer. he does not have the latka jatka as shalini or Faisal but he is a strong kid…. he is there because of his talent, not because of dada or anyone else…

        threee cheers for OM..

  38. tp tp says:

    I really feel sad for OM.

    1. JIN_BABA says:

      well it’s all Kruti Fault i must say,
      Finally Kruti understand OM Strength, and in most Attempts she use him just for Aerial & Gymnastic act, she didn’t focus on OM Dancing as i told u abt “Suv Kumar comments”, he truly right say abt OM, OM Ko Buhat Practice ki zarorat hy Only IN DANCING, this is I Say for him. :|

      1. Gopali Verma says:

        yes Jin

        it is krutis mistake… no doubt. but remember its tough to do teach new dance forms to kids… and also remember tht even our FAVOURITE FAISAL does almost the same dance moves all the time with a little mix and match of other things… so OM and Kruti u both rock….

        May Faisal win the show

        1. JIN_BABA says:

          wah wah kia Politics kind kA Statement dia hy Gopali ne. Kia baat, Kya baat, kia baat. HaHa.. i don’t express your Efforts Gopali, wrna u ko phr Mirchi lag jy ge :D

          1. Gopali Verma says:

            politics kya hai ismein, it is wht it is… Faisal is good than the other contestants and deserves to win the show

            but om is too small for faisal’s competition.

            tum jahan bhi rehthe hoo JIN BAVA wahan kya mirchi itni sasthi hai, ki sab ko Mirch hi lagathe rehthe hoo….

            and yeas plz write in correct English or hindi … difficult to comprehend ur comment

      2. san subba says:

        OM is FAb in regards with his age…..
        if He was of 13 yrs as Faisal is
        then he is gonna b the Ultimate Winner..!
        No worry
        m happy for him coz he is Fab if he doesn’t win its fine for me cos he still has more tym!

        1. Gopali Verma says:

          correct let OM be 13 then he will prove his wit

          1. rohit desai says:


          2. rohit desai says:

            @ Goapli,
            Correctly and truly said by Gopali.

            OM is OM….

            You give him any challenge he will live it upto it.

            Have you ever seen OM doing mistakes with props. No he never..

            He plays with props as if toys which are double of his size
            where as other kids have been doing mistakes with props.
            (not against anyone). He is giving takkar to faisal, Rohan ,Saumya who are elder than him.

            OM has set bench marks on DID. and i dont think anyone in future
            of DID also will break these record with AGE factor.

  39. spartans nikom says:

    @ruchika gupta i wll agree with u . in previous episode when prince and faisal perform duet . after that faisal votng details was flashed. why other contestants voting details were not flashed. think ruchika.. we r not against u and other or faisal.. faisal is brilliant dancer all of us know but some efforts are made to make faisal winner…. sorry if i hurt u or other . i am only telling wat i m seeing……

  40. manu gupta says:


    1. JIN_BABA says:

      lol Manu, you said all this, bcoz of us …
      so give us a Credit At least for this :P

      What So Ever Geeta does in the show, is not our matter, weather Geeta make him as Son or not, He is the Winner for us, & there r so many thing behind it, so i don’t tell here, bcoz of people behavior.

      1. Gopali Verma says:

        @Jin baba: yeas it matters wht Geeta Ma does in the show. she is judge for god sake, if it doesnt matter then why is she warming the seat over there….

        1. JIN_BABA says:

          i think you People Writing a Complaint Letter to D.I.D Production house.

          1. Gopali Verma says:

            who cares abt writing a complaint to the did production house, once the trp goes down they will realise by themselves…

  41. Sandeep Bangera says:

    Thanks a ton GrandMaster for bringin in Rohan. I love you for that.

    Yes I agree he is being sidelined a bit… However, people love him and will make him the winner of this show.

    I liked Nirav’s idea of that video background today.

  42. alimurad_pu says:

    while performing aerial dance rouhan get injured and after that he was suffering fever so u people donot have rights to say that rouhan is not a versatile dancer he performed Bollywood, paso doble, contemporary hip hop and offcourse lyrical hip hop (in which no body could match with him). i m not the only one who observed biased comments from judges but there are thousands who observe the same. raghav is also choreographing next did show do you think why because people wants him or his dance style. i m getting bored by seeing the old same dance style as many of the dancer used to performed.
    all the very best rockstar…!!1

  43. abhinav agrawal says:

    faisal awl d way……. luv u guy it would take another ages to gej near ur solo act today truly phenomenal …….

    now my reply to some comparisons
    1- rohan fab in contemp hahaha do watch what your fav terence saia

    2- rohan nt getting praised for his slow motion while ma fav did. may i know what the hell rohan has done apart from slow motion from the very first episode. he does slow motion every third performance faisal did it for first time and was praiseworthy

    3-rohan is better huh faisal won performance of the day doing contemp. robotics ball room double rope malkham and many more and people doubting his versatility hahaha think what are you sayin

    dont worry faisal is atleast 2 and rohan not in top 3 and then what all you will say is that show is scriptd come with something new guys !…….

    1. JIN_BABA says:

      Even Faisal Last 5 August Episode Performance was just awesome. he performed without sight, people don’t remember what Katrina reply to him. she hug him for his Kamaal Performance.

      1. Gopali Verma says:

        i remember wht katrina said Jin…
        i remember everything wht katrina says. she is so gorgeous. but i dont think so she used the word “KAMAL” for his performance.
        dont u watch the DID correctly….

        1. Gopali Verma says:

          sorry she used this word…”KAMAL”hai ye to…

          1. JIN_BABA says:

            she also use “INSANE” word for him,
            he is crazy, she said that too.

          2. Gopali Verma says:

            wht are u talking abt ?
            do want to say that FAISAL is “INSANE”, CRAZY
            u already changed ur mind

            FAISAL is my favurite and he is the winner

    2. Sammy Sharma says:

      Faisal might have attempted many forms ,but he was not perfect in any of them. Committed a lot of mistakes which were overlooked by judges ,specially Geeta “Ma”. Marzi is totally useless. Any dancer can try to perform anything ,but he has to be perfect at it.,which Faisal was not. Rohan is a master at lyrical and Freestyle. He attempted Contemporary and was praised by Terence (except the turns he took at the end). And dude! have you watched his pasa doble with Saumya. No adult can do what he did with his body and face in that dance.

      He is such an effortless and easy dancer.He is just brilliant.

      1. Gopali Verma says:

        u r rite Sammy, absolutely rite

      2. JIN_BABA says:

        remember Sammy Sharma
        hr new dance attempt Qaablay Tareef As Remo Sir also appreciate this thing, as geeta & marzi praise, no matter k contestant sy during attempt kch mistake hoe ho, but at least woh new attempt to dy raha hy, not like what rohan did so many time to Raghav ne us sy Free Style or Lyrical hi karaya hy, jo k Faisal ki favor me jata hy.

        1. Sammy Sharma says:

          What I want to say is : Rohan has performed almost all styles too ( except aerial coz he was injured) and he was perfect in all of them. He did beautiful contemporary, mind blowing pasa doble , cute rock and roll ,lyrical and hip hop are his forte. He did bollywood stype with susanket . He did everything with ease and effortlessness. So he is the one who is totally versatile and his expressions are brilliant too.

        2. Gopali Verma says:

          @ JIN

          can u come up something diffrent the same story again for Rohan and Faisal, u r boring… r u retired frm some job or something.. u say the same thing again and again man… well did u get ur pension this mnth

          1. KARAN CHANDRA says:

            i agree also

      3. alimurad_pu says:

        yes i agree too…

    3. dechjoll lol says:

      @abhinav: answers to ur confusions:
      1. Rohan did contemporary n remember he shocked Terence n Geeta Kapoor. His contemporary is not just a simple one. He tried every possible difficult steps that are there in that dance form. I have already mentioned in my response to Darshan’s comment in case u wanna know in detail. And yes Terence point out that his form in pirouettes was little bit wrong n we love that Terence is genuine. Rohan n Raghav both got to learn something from here. We are not like u.Blind with all the unfairness going with Faizal’s act.
      2. Rohan does only lyrical?? seriously?? are u sure about that?? Coz we have seen so many other forms like free Style- infact apart form lyrical he did freestyle most. He did breaking n popping, Jogva, hip hop, contemporary not to mention, bollywood, Rock n roll,paso doble and dupstep. Guess u have seen only slow motion!!!I am not surprised y u turned out to be another blind supporter of Geeta Kapoor.
      3. Faisal won more performance of the day?? ha ha everybody knows the reason behind that??? get a new point dude?? In this vicious circle of unfairness n politics,Raghav n his RockStars still managed to get Performance of the day. He deserved the performance of the day for Paso Dople, Jame raho, dil toh baccha hai, suraj hua matdham, and many more.Paul n Rohan act shocked India. Still u say faisal is better n Rohan does only lyrical. Get urself an eye check. I think both are amazing in their own style. Neither can beat one another in their Forte.

      Of all the dance form Rohan was given by Raghav, he nailed it and never made a single mistake with props or beats. No coordination problems nor missing of beats. He does what he is asked to do and doesn’t say much. Rohan won all the supporters simply through his dance not by over exaggerations or too much talking. His dance did this n this says so much about a dancer.

      1. alimurad_pu says:

        @ dechjoll lol, yes u r 100 % right.rouhan is a great and awesome dancer.he is a silent killer and deserve to win the title..

      2. Sammy Sharma says:

        100% agree with you . You nailed the analysis dechjoll lol.

  44. JIN_BABA says:

    I Laugh…
    Because Prince ki tu Nikal Parri, Muhahahaha…

    Prince Khush Rah, or Naha Lia Kar :D
    I Also Miss Shalini & Deep from Prince ki Palton.

    1. Gopali Verma says:


      prince ki nikal pari. kya nikali.
      but tum phir se kyon emotional ho rahe ho…. prince almost destroyed the careers of Deep. he was a fab dancer, 10 times better than shalini. everyone knws tht. look at Raghav ke rockstars… kaash deep or Faisal raghav kii team mein hote tho phir kitna sahi hota….

      sahi kaha na jin ?
      phir Faisal ko nayi nayi performances dekhne mein maza ata
      or jyada Deep ko dekhne miltha

      1. JIN_BABA says:

        deep also were my favorites, well is not Prince fault but the whole thing of D.I.D Policy.. prince ki choreography me achy achy performances dia hy Deep ne Solo me or with Faisal & Shalini.

        1. Gopali Verma says:

          @ Jin Bava
          yeas ofc it is the problem of Prince…
          coming late to work… not focusing on other contestants, just because he got FAISAL.. Prince knws FAISAL has got super support from MAsters, so he just other contestants go. tht was sad. on the other hand u see Raghav had his 4 contestants for a mnth because he focussed on all of them

          1. JIN_BABA says:

            but he (Faisal) also can prove himself too with classical performances, (don’t forget)

    2. Dala Zeyda says:

      I completely Agree With u JinBaba-ji , Soumya Hi jeetege, Aap kO kaise Pata chala yeah baaat.???
      Kya Baat Kya Baat Kya Baat Kya Baat
      Aapki mu mein ghee Shakar.!!!

      :D :D :D :D :D :D

      JIN BABA KI JAI HO!!!!!

      :P :P :P :P :P :P :P

  45. JIN_BABA says:

    Raghav k Rock-star bhi achy hy, but Raghav ne most Saumya say hi different dance style karay hy, which Bcoz i much appreciate Saumya than others contestant from the Team Raghav.

    1. san subba says:

      JIN BABA@ remember that u wished Faisal doing choreography in raghav’s assitance and performing crocks style?
      well and i did replied u ……… “rohan has done crock style beautifully”

      m very happy to see that did waalo ney woh comment like kiya and use national television par FLASH KIYA……. ha ha!

      NEWAYS JO V HO…..

      FOR FAISAL ALSO…………..!

      I WANNA SAY…..

      1. JIN_BABA says:

        lol Sun Bara Khush Ho rahy ho
        Bara Teer Mara tm ne lol :P , on which National tv?

        so only Rohan does na?, Faisal still not attempt on Raghav Style, tu yh kehna thek nahi hoga k Faisal bhi Raghav style achy sy nahi kr skta, am sure he will, but ab tu Finale aa jy ga, khair i hope k “Super kid ki Takker” me mere wish puri ho jay,

        sun faisal jeety ga bhae,

        1. Dala Zeyda says:

          YOur Undying Love and support …
          and your Motherly Confidence in Faisal Keeps Me Wondering IF you are


          Are You? Lol Its OKay NO need to Clarify
          I’ll Keep your secret
          LOL :D :D :D

          1. Sammy Sharma says:

            Hahahahahhahha..Thats too funny. I totally agree with you. I think this is Geeta “Ma” in the form of Jin_baba.

    2. Gopali Verma says:

      @ jin..

      Soumya is a versatile dancer, no doubt,
      as u can see there are 2 raghav ke rock stars remaining, which clearly shows how good Raghav is with his rockstars. also at first raghav had all his rockstarts in the team when all the other teams lost 2 of theirs… this show tht raghav knws wht he is doing and uses the best of the kids tht he has got…

  46. JIN_BABA says:

    Oh You Talk About 4 August Episode, when the 1 comments Flash on the Tv, hmm acha tu woh tmhara comments tha , By Miztake, hehe :D :P

    1. san subba says:

      ha ha ha….!

      khair jeetegi toh meri gudiya saumya…hi..!
      thoda finalist pole dekho..
      and fb pe fans ki efforts dekho!

      agar ab v faisal jeeta toh

      1. Ruchika Gupta says:

        dnt agree with tht… every supporter doesnt need to login to facebook and show hw they love him… they will just vote…

        if ur fav doesnt win doent mean tht its fixed…

        1. Gopali Verma says:

          its not fixed but baised tho hai hi Ruchika…. geeta ma to faisal biased…. tht is not rite

          1. JIN_BABA says:

            Geeta Aunty ki JAY ;)

          2. Gopali Verma says:

            GEEETA AUNTY…..
            she is GEETA MAA. a fake MAA…. Baised MAA…
            kya kalyug hai… kiski jay jay kar ho rahi hai

      2. JIN_BABA says:

        lol “Jal Rahi hy”
        O Bhae, most of the time i’m Smiling (LoL)

        sun think before comments :P , is not make any sense, If Saumya WIN to it’s Ok, O yeah you can say that, Oh she deserve it, As you say so, but when it’s Faisal come to WIN, It FIXED, (Laughing Out Load). that’s really Unfair Statement My Mate Sun Subha :D ;)

        1. san subba says:

          yeah…… Evryone knows whats happening in lill masters………….
          Faisal is just….getting more attention and chances for being famous…so that people could make himwinner and in saumya’s case c haven’t done face offs and got another chance to perform extra nor geeta Maaaaaaaa had said “meriiiiiiiiiiii betiiiiiii” like c does to faisal….!
          JINU BABU

        2. san subba says:

          yeah…… Evryone knows whats happening in lill masters………….
          Faisal is just….getting more attention and chances for being famous…so that people could make himwinner and in saumya’s case c haven’t done face offs and got another chance to perform extra nor geeta Maaaaaaaa had said “meriiiiiiiiiiii betiiiiiii” like c does to faisal….!
          JINU BABU
          RUCHIKA@ m not serious about my comments i just said that for fun and m just lagaiying mirchi to jin baba but aap ko mirchi lagi toh mai kya karooooon?:p

          but i wish Faisal to come second and b famous like dharmesh and prince..!
          and Want Saumya to win coz c deseerve this title…!

          Raghav has worked so much on her then Prince..!

          All the best Saumya (my ddEAR) AND fAISAL (bhai)……..!

          1. JIN_BABA says:

            LoL Sun issy Mirchi Lagana kehty hy :D ?, khair leave it, i don’t want you to Learn “How to Lagaying Mirchi” to others, “Laughing”…

            i am the one happiest person on this page ;)

          2. Gopali Verma says:

            JIN bava….

            meine tho aaapko mirch lagayi thiii. wo bhi kafiii TEZ or aapko lagi bhi thiii, phir kyon ab dusro ko lagane ka kam kar rahe hoooo. tht mirchi was for u only, not to fwd to others

            FAISAL ROCKS

  47. Darshan patel says:

    Hey guyz,
    u think show is scripted n judges r unfair to ohters except Faisal…

    But see all Faisal’s performance….He never repeats his dance style…

    Faisal n Saumya r better than Rohan…


    In Prince n Raghav,

    we must say both r genius in their style..

    Raghav r master in slow motion but as a skipper he had to try something different choreography…Saumya always performed different dance forms but Rohan didn’t….

    so saumya is better than Rohan….

    about Prince, nobody can touch his locking n popping style…n in DID season2 prince did same style in all episodes…

    But,Prince as a skipper, he grew up n try different styles to his contestants…

    Faisal is best in all dance forms so he will be winner….


    Let me remind u all DID contestants who are best in their Dance style….

    Siddesh : Expression

    Prince : Locking n popping

    Mayuresh : Aerial

    Kruti : Classical

    Kishore n Pradeep : B-boy

    Raghav : Slow motion

    But nobody among above can win the show…

    So, grow up guyz Rohan did his best in Raghav’s style but he will not be in top 3…

    My Ranks,






    All the best Faisal….:-)

    1. JIN_BABA says:

      hmmm Ranking achi set ki hy, good

      1. Gopali Verma says:

        jin baba::

        tum bhi ranking kar do… we are waiting for u to do the honors… but dont get emotional and do the ranking

        DARSHAN PATEL: u r absoultely rite… very nice analysis.. thanks buddy

        Faisal shld and must win the show

        1. a s says:

          SOMYA SHUD WIN… she has also done different styles and that too with a panache

          1. Gopali Verma says:

            i wish A S,
            i wish tht too badly par its does not seem to be possible.
            i have followed her frm BOOGIE VOGIE, she been awsum… wining the show dosent matter actually, who cared abt rajasmitha when she won the show… matter of fact soumya was dancing better than rajasmitha when they did the duo…

          2. JIN_BABA says:

            ya i give her 2nd Ranked without any object :P

        2. JIN_BABA says:

          taubbah hy, tu Gopali 1 cold drink pilado taky tmhy ju myra Emotional hona (kch ziada) nazar aata hy woh Halka ho jy, :P

          1. Gopali Verma says:

            ek glass pani pe lo
            or RAGAV BABA ka naam japo,,, tumara kalyan ho jayega…
            ur emotions will be under control…


      2. rohit desai says:

        @Darshan ,
        you putting jeet in 3rd position???. LOL

        First tell him to come out of his forte.

        Tell him to do something different.

        Why don’t u tell him to do contemporary. Oh!!!by the way he did it on Saturday. and i must tell you he did not do justice at all with that dance form. now season hi khatam ho gaya boss.

        So the ranking should be






  48. Ruchika Gupta says:

    I think its enough…there is no use arguing in between us.. the show is about to finish..

    I guess we all agree that all the five dancers are good and whosoever wins the how would be deserving..

    let us just support our favs and pray for their win…
    The show is not scripted and the winner will be the one whom audience loves the most…

    If u guys feel that Rohan and saumya is loved by all then they will win… and if Faisal have more fans then he wil win…and same goes with Jeet and Om…

    So please stop fighting and hope for the best… If i support Faisal i wud like him to win and so wud his fans… if u guys like Rohan, Saumya then u wud definately like them to win..

    I have no complaints against the gudges and dnt believe tht Marzi is useless.. he has a very good knowledge of dance(please listen to his comments carefully)

    Kindly stop this chain of arguments and keep your fingers crossed for the results…

    1. Gopali Verma says:

      Ruchika :

      the show is not scripted for sure… but yeas the promotion of contestants is scripted…

      Marzi is super duper uslesss in this show. he did nt perform on a single number, neither he has good communication skills to deliver the message and he is a pupet of geeta ma,,, he never dis agrees with her .. tell me Ruchika…. if on one occasion he has disagreed with GEETA,,, because he is on the same carrer level as geet ma

      whoeever wins the show dosent matter now… after reading all the commentts its for sure

      Faisal is awsum.
      Prince sucks
      Raghav the real winner of the show
      roahn and soumya are good but not better than faisal
      and GEETA MA sucks big time…

      1. Ruchika Gupta says:

        agree to some of ur points…

        But Prince is an ausum dancer and ausum choreo as well… i cant forget some of his ausumest performances in DID 1.

  49. tp tp says:

    the way u telling people not to judge you same things apply to u also.
    U always judge on my comments. U definitely have some rivalry with the small OM.

    Let me remind you some of the performances of OM in which he has done PURE DANCING.

    All the group acts of Kruti Ke crackers.

    OM & Rimsha duet act(1st episode)
    OM solo dance in trial zone(on jiye kynu)
    OM, Risha, Uday (on Mere vatan song)
    OM & Uday duet(on DON song)
    OM & Uday duet(on Chintata song)
    OM & Uday duet (on Ek chatur nar song)
    OM solo (on chota bachha song)
    OM & kruti (on O bandare song)
    OM & Kruti(on Kuch to hai rabata song)
    OM solo (on Ib ne ba tuta song)

    and many more….In all these above performances he did ONLY DANCING. PURE DANCING. It may be bollywood, hiphop, bboying, freestyle etc. How can u forget all these performances.

    Apart from all these he has shown some daring performances.

    Whatever was given to this little boy by Kruti he did full justice to it.

    OM has proved himself to be a good dancer as well as an energetic performer.

    What Jeet did WHOLE SEASON???. Only Freestyle and his style…

    1. JIN_BABA says:

      tp tp this is the answer of your question, i also notice this.

      “Master OM is just on acrobat and stunts. he does very little of dance. if you really look into his dance he hardly completes any steps properly. his all the steps are unclear and incomplete.”

      1. Gopali Verma says:

        @ Jin
        MASTER OM is the real master, i tell u, no one even our favroite FAISAL KAHN will be able to do such daring stunts and acts tht he does at the his age, he is near to half the age of FAISAL… Master OM is the real winner of the show….

        1. JIN_BABA says:

          am talk abt the clear cut Dance, not which kind of dance he hardly completes any steps properly, (nt 2lk abt his Aerial or Gymnastic)

          1. Gopali Verma says:

            oh i see, so u r now cricizing om for not giving clear cut dance steps..
            Thanks Rohit
            @ JIN BAVA –
            let me tell u one thing abt faisal,, let me criticize bot of ours fav contestant now… FAISAL KHAN — he looked stupid with the props with dharmesh… lost it 2 times, the worst performance in did with the prop
            he was not at all in sync with the TV actor he was dancing with. h seemed to be in his world. so u tell me tht he is PERFECT and OM is not

            i have just given 2 simple examples rite now abt FAISAL… let OM be at the same age as FAISAL, FAISAL wont stand a chancee…

        2. rohit desai says:

          @ Gopali
          thumbs Up…
          Good Answer…

      2. tp tp says:

        I think suv kumar is none other than JIN_BABA.
        Same comments delivered word to word same…

  50. bianca aida says:

    M from italy
    i really like all five
    but i think faisal win bcz geeta want faisal win this show..
    its my opnion sumiya win, becz she is a very grace full…

    1. a s says:

      very true bianca aida!\
      u have almost summarized the politics happening in did lil’master’s production house

      1. a s says:

        i also think that faizal has got some connected to some ace choreographer from bollywood and has the backup support just like shakti mohan from did season 2 who aslo had bollywood connections back then

        1. a s says:

          she was a graduate from terrence’s organisation

    2. JIN_BABA says:

      Even if it is taken on your talk, but Faisal also prove his ability from his so many dance form performances, that becoz he is a well Deserving Winning Trophy.

    3. Gopali Verma says:

      u r so rite bianca aida.

      your last 2 short sweet lines have said it all…

      U ROCK

  51. san subba says:


    1st SAUMYA
    2nd FAISAL
    3rd ROHAN
    4th JEET/OM
    5th OM/JEET

    1. JIN_BABA says:

      san 1 baar mery mind me bhi yeh Ranking aae thi, but agar show Me nature dekhi jay tu yh Ranking banti nahi hy :P

      JEET 3rd Position, might 4th Rohan & Last OM

      1st, 2nd Rank belong to both Faisal & Saumya

      1. Gopali Verma says:

        @ Jin
        Wht do u mean by the nature of the show?
        it is wht it is, the BEST dancer wins
        1> Faisal
        2> soumya
        3> then the rest, which hardly anyone cares

        1. JIN_BABA says:

          it’s secret…

          1. Gopali Verma says:

            @ JIN

            oh i got it,,
            the nature of the show is tht “it’s secret…”

            thanks JIN

          2. Dala Zeyda says:

            YOur Undying Love and support …
            and your Motherly Confidence in Faisal Keeps Me Wondering IF you are


            Are You? Lol Its OKay NO need to Clarify
            I’ll Keep your secret
            LOL :D :D :D

          3. Gopali Verma says:

            three cheers for “Dala Zeyda”

          4. dechjoll lol says:

            Well the secret is Jin_ba ba is the admin of this page n he controls everything here. Trust me friend… he is DID admin n look who does he support!! before few weeks in the voting soumya was ahead of Faisal n there is no special post from the DID admin. Now faisal is ahead.. see he had post two heading on that issues. DID admin please be fair n have a little bit of sense of professionalism here plz… No wonder y u support Geeta kapoor So much!! stop hiding behind n start acting like an admin of this Page!!

      2. Sammy Sharma says:

        JIN_Baba : You are talking so much about versatility, and putting Jeet ahead of Rohan????? Where has Jeet shown versatility??? I think yo uare just insecure about Rohan coz somewhere inside you know he is better than Faisal.

        1. JIN_BABA says:

          na i didn’t mean that,
          just for that weeks i praise jeet attempt, coz rohan not showing new thing.

          1. Gopali Verma says:

            wht new things u want frm Rohan… he injured himself doing a areial
            he was sick for a week. for God Sake please dont get emaotional like GEETA MA and keep on side lining other contestants

        2. alimurad_pu says:


  52. JIN_BABA says:

    dala tmhari baat tafreeh ki had tk tu thek hy
    per reality sy is ka koe relation nahi,
    so keep smiling

  53. JIN_BABA says:

    good try some one casting bulks vote on Saumya Name on this page.
    hay why you forget Rohan?, very old tricks.. try something else!
    and by the way this is not a real voting, so carry on, who is behind it ;)

  54. dechjoll lol says:

    Geeta Kapoor is too unprofessional to Judge a kid’s show!!!
    I think these whole emotional n biased comments were all started from the moment she told her mother that she needed a child like Faisal. That’s when she developed motherly feelings towards Faisal n she became a mother to him only. She is more of a crazy fan like we are n we know what it feels like to have our own favorites. That’s why we are here justifying our favorite contestants by commenting now and then. But that’s alright for us because we aren’t a judge and speaking in front of a National TV show. Our comments will not affect the lives of all the kids participating there and all the work that each and every skipper puts is not depended on our comments. But Geeta Kapoor is there as a judge. She is getting paid to judge them and most importantly everyone from all around the world is watching it. It’s a disgrace to DID platform to have such an unprofessional people ruining the all the efforts of people behind the scene of this whole production who were working their ass off to make this show one of the best dance show in India. I have been reading the whole comments and 90% has a issue with her except two people throughout this season. Geeta Kapoor completely ruined Faisal’s repetition as a dancer and she made this show a depressing to all the fans n family’s of Raghav, Kruti, Neerav, Rohan, Soumya, Uday, Om, Tanay,Yash, Rishi and more. I don’t want to say anything to Marzi because he doesn’t know what he is to say as a judge. He is like a Parrot there repeating not only his old comments but also the craps of Geeta Kapoor.

    Another reason y I think Geeta Kapoor is unprofessional is with reference to the episode where DID dancer comes to support our lil masters. There, she personally had an issue with Rajismita for not keeping in touch with her after winning the show. See how Geeta Kapoor mentioned each n every other DID dancers by pointing them n missed Rajismita n Paul. How could she miss her winner’s name!!! She indirectly tells to Soumya (isse hi rehna) craps while she was implying to Rajismita. Thank God DADA said Nandu is like a dark horse n we can’t say anything to her. I think Rajismita is not the “MAA MAA “type. She speaks less but gives awesome performances like Soumya. This episode made me see more clearly about Geeta Kapoor’s unprofessionalism as a judge. She just puts all her personal issues on the National TV show!!!

    Every time Faisal performs she was like “ Aaj toh please kehne de” and this whole season was ended with that shit. Geeta Kapoor if u wanna whistle so much then learn to whistle. U had this whole season for that. Why begging??? I am not denying from the fact that Faisal’s today’s act was the most dangerous N Awesome Act .Hats Off to Prince n Faisal both of you. Every time Salman n Katrina were praising Faisal she was shouting from behind like”kya baat”. Come on Women have a control over your emotions for god’s sake. Now that she literally begged n showered her love for Faisal every time, I feel sad for Faisal for even if he wins the show people will say like Faisal won because of Geeta Kapoor’s biased judgments. Whether u like it or not its gonna be end up like this. Winning this competition gives you a big recognition only for scholarship is same for every finalist but that title of Faisal (if he wins) is completely ruined by this Geeta Kapoor.

    I swear I was an admirer of Faisal (RKR ofcourse!!!) before but as the show moved on with the undying support Geeta Kapoor is showing to Faisal even when he makes mistakes n how she is short n sweet with RKR, I became a Huge supporter of ROhan n Soumya. I feel sorry for them and Om from the bottom of my heart. They danced so well but there is always a connecting issue with Geeta kapoor. I hate her from the Core of my heart!!! You want me to tell u a good n professional Judge?? We have Vaibhavi Merchant from ZND. She is a superb dancer with a amazing sense of judging!!! She is single, childless also but she can handle her emotions so well. I don’t know why they don’t call her instead of Geeta Kapoor? I am just happy that this show is gonna end soon and I pray, plead n hope that Geeta is not there in DKSK. Else this is gonna be a series of unfair judgments with season 2 getting more hype than Season 1 And she will completely smash the Repetitions of Season 2. Please don’t let this happen again DID Managers. We can’t stand her impartiality.
    Those of you who says Geeta Kapoor is not biased. Don’t tell us we are blind. I guess you guys are seriously blind. I am not the only person here. There are thousands of fans who love Faisal but still see Geeta Kapoor’s unfairness. U guys have that undying support for her which really surprises us!!! We agree that She praises other contestants but from the beginning to the end of this season she never stopped being unfair to them. I watched each and every episode more than u can imagine and I request you guys to compare the comments. Not just the words but the feelings, the emotions she puts. The kind of influences she has on Marzi. Her entire body gestures n facial expressions. She sometimes hardly completes her “superdo…” crap while giving to other contestants and look at her expression when Marzi gets up on the table to other contestants. I have seen n compared each and every comment she gives whether I have to play the video in slow or fast mode. I compared (Faisal v/s other contestants)her comments, expressions, her request to Marzi, her body language when Marzi stands upon table, her reaction when dada comments or gives grand salute and her emotions. I am not just blindly saying she is Biased. If u still don’t see it. I can’t do anything but let it be.

    I just wanna take a moment here and thank DADA for his kind consideration and not eliminating Rohan. Thank u for not out casting his talent and let him be where he deserves to be. I am just happy that both the RockStars made it to the finale. God really does works in mysterious ways.

    Solely speaking as a Dancer, Faisal is amazing and I have a huge respect for you for this dangerous act.You Deserves to win also for the efforts u have put in. All the other contestants are amazing at their age n you all deserve to be at the Finale. Best of Luck!!! It doesn’t matter who wins or who loose, all of u have surprised us in your own field of dance and nobody can take that away from you be it a unfair comment or scold for trying something new. Just enjoy at the Grand Finale n Have fun 

    As a big fan of Raghav ke Rockstars, I just wanna say Best of luck to both of you. You both are amazing dancer. I will be happy if one of you win ( soumya I am rooting for you). Rohan I love you  I don’t think u will win but its okay, we know that u are a Great dancer n you have won the hearts of millions. Your act with Paul has the maximum views on Youtube and this clearly proves how much hearts you have won. You are like Raghav not only in dancing but also with personality n the way u have shocked India with just one Act!!!! I am very much looking forward to see ur and souya’s dance at the Finale as well as at the Dance ke Superkids. Crocked the stage RockStars!!!
    Love you Raghav, Rohan N Soumya

    Best wishes to Jeet, Om, Faisal, Soumya and Rohan <3<3<3

    1. a s says:

      hats off dechjoll lol for such a long comment… not crap but true judgement… love u raghav n his rockstars :)

    2. alimurad_pu says:

      @dechjoll lol,same from my side as commented by a s to your comments.

  55. tp tp says:

    JIN is totally sick,
    After seeing the list of mine still not ready to accept the truth…
    I have written the list in which he has done only dancing with clear steps. go back and watch all the episodes carefully then come and comment.

    Gopali Verma thanx a lot…

  56. tp tp says:

    I think JIN is jealous of OM coz faisal at the age of 13 cannot do what OM does at the age of 7. (Nothing against faisal). JIN is giving all diplomatic and political answers and telling others not be politician…

    First you improve JIN then tell tell others…

    1. JIN_BABA says:

      no i am not jealous of OM

      haven’t time to watch OM previous video, due to busy in routine life, but chk later those video, you don’t hyper k.

  57. keerthi reddy says:

    uhhh guys pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevote for saumya or rohan i really want them to win or om is kinda good i dont really like jeet… i realyyyyyyyyyyyy enjoyed marzie dada geeta and salman love salman and katrina i no ek tha tiger is going to be a super hit and love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu raghav saumya and rohan kinda om pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee votfor themmmmmmmm love u guys

  58. Ruchika Gupta says:

    I dnt know y u guys are fighting in between… Just end up the discussions and pray for ur fav ones. and wait for the results..

    ur arguments will not hamper the results of finale…

    1. a s says:

      no ruchika… our arguments n posts are very important… remember in DID 3 when raghav did not clear the mega auditions it was the audiences support on the net which bought him back in the action…

    2. Gopali Verma says:

      @ RUCHIKA:

      it is very important to Post comments, if u r not interrested in reading them please refrain from wrting any comments in this blog

      1. Ruchika Gupta says:

        I agree that its imp to post comments and support ur fav but wat u guys are doing is supporting ur fav and at the same time u r criticizing and questioning others opinions which is not acceptable.

        These are litle kids and u r negative comments can hamper their emotions and confidence. Guys whomesoever you support .. pray for him/ her to win but dont wish for others to loose.. thats what i wanna say…

        If u dnt like Geeta Maa and Marzi thats ur choice but u cant doubt on their talent because of which they r here.
        Agree that Master Marzi agree to Geeta’s comments but he definitely point out his opinions and clarifies the dance in minute details.

        instead of supporting the contestants u guys are fighting in between..

  59. Priya Joshi says:

    Keerti, I toatlly agree wid u…
    Saumya, OM, Rohan are more deserving.
    But if u see this poll voting, something very wierd.

    Jeet is ahead of Rohan and OM…Highly impossible.
    Is this poll real or fake?
    Dal me kuch kala hai….

  60. tp tp says:

    Guys this poll voting is totally fake…

    Don’t waste your time in voting on this poll..

    All of a sudden some contestants are getting BULK votes..especially Jeet

    1. Sonam Jain says:

      TRUUUUUUUUU…… rohan is ten times better than faisal forget jeet. how is he in 4th position???????? this poll voting is totally rigged!!!!!!

    2. san subba says:


  61. JIN_BABA says:

    dechjoll lol

    excuse me?.. you wrong dechjoll i am not a Admin on this page, not even a Geeta Kapoor supporter, i am not with what she did in the show, Got it? the all KIDS are brilliant in their dance move, every one has their favorites and my is Faisal & Saumya that’s it. is not mean that i don’t like Rohan, OM or Jeet as a Contestant, Ajeeb Log ho aap kch idher.

    take it easy & wait for Finale Day.

    1. Dala Zeyda says:


      Keep Smiling JinBABA


    2. Gopali Verma says:

      @ JIN BAVA

      as u say to everyone on the blog , “MIRCH LAGI” and “LAUGHING”
      now actually i am laughing, we are not ajeeb, but u r ajeeb and garib my nature… just Like GEETA MA, u r emotional for FAISAL and a Pupet on the show like MARZI….

      i want FAISAL to win, but i never detest other contestants like u do.
      so be FAIR JIN

      1. dechjoll lol says:

        Completely agree with u Gopali.He is the most weirdest person here. His comments are so not funny n makes other people’s comments funny. He comes here at 5am and comments. Dare to tell us ajeeb??

        @Jin_bin: go check ur comments first n see who is weird n crazy n biased!!! You are the one with most irritating issues, instigating here n there. If u wanna support Faisal then do it. Why the need to bring others down. Everyone is deserving here.

        1. Gopali Verma says:

          thanks dechjoll lol….

        2. san subba says:

          TRUE INDEED :D

    3. san subba says:

      JIN BABU ,,,,,,,,,,,, KAHA CHALA GAYA…
      DIL TUT GAYA KYA. :p

      1. Dala Zeyda says:

        LOL, nice one. Cheers to San subha :D

  62. Sonam Jain says:


  63. apple tree says:

    i just read in all the comments that u guys are giving regarding faisal and his dance….no doubt n everyone knows that he is a fabulous dancer….n i think every week he is growing up more n more as a dancer…..every act he gives us in a week are commendable…i completely agree wid the fact that geeta ma is too much connected with faisal…bt only because faisal is being loved by geeta ma why are we against matter whatever geeta ma does to faisal,whatever favoritism bt lets not go against faisal.we are here to promote the talents….even in the recent performance he danced no one is appreciating his efforts…’s not easy to dance like that….and his bijli khadi,it was really awesome…..guys plz lets appreciate others efforts n lets love them……..

  64. tika thapa says:

    I think people of ASSAM are so busy in voting saumya, that they have forgotten OM :-(:-(
    I know she deserves but pls pls vote for OM also.

  65. Ruchika Gupta says:

    There are many Fans of DID who dont post comments here but i have observed people in my close that they really like Faisal and his performances.

    I often observe in my office, my colleagues appreciating Faisal and even Saumya.. In my family, friends and even in my society i have observed the same. Faisal and Saumya are every ones fav…

    M happy to see that as these two are mine fav too…

    1. Gopali Verma says:

      @ ruchika…

      if they both are ur favourite, u have never appreciated Soumya, just because she is geting good public uspport now, u r supporting her now.
      u have been an avid supporter of FAISAL, well thts not wrng, but u too have not supported other contestants
      just like GEETA MA u r,

      and yeas even in my society every body like ROHAN AND SAUMYA only

      and no one like Geeta Maa baised ness towards Faisal… even though FAISAL is a good answer, the reason is because everyone likes to support the under dogs

      1. Ruchika Gupta says:

        @ Gopali,

        I think u havent read my previous comments carefully.. and even this comment.

        Yes i have appreciated Faisal as he is my fav and Saumya is my second fav and i have very clearly mentioned the same in many of my comments.
        Faisal is one contestant whos my fav and i want if he doesnt win then Saumya should win as i feel her the second deserving contestant and i had like many of her performances..

        Please read the comments carefully and understand their meanings…

        Yes I even like The other three contestants and if u clearly read my contestants i have always appreciated all 5 and have always clearly mentioned that they all are deserving…

        1. Gopali Verma says:

          YEAS u write 10 goood things abt FAISAL and how ur society frnds and all the world likes him and then u write a one liner saying tht other contestants are also deserving, this is just so that u look FAIR and sound good on the BLOG..

          i do have read ur comments very carefully

          1. Ruchika Gupta says:

            i write 10 good things about Faisal as he is my favorite and write
            one liner about other contestants as i believe they are equally deserving.

            and if u notice i have never commented negative about anyone, be it any contestants, skippers and judges.

            tomorrow is the Finale.. so please stop the discussion and pray for the best results tomorrow

  66. Ayushi Pulukool says:

    i love jeet… well i think he deserves to win

    1. Robot Dance says:

      @ Ayushi

      I also support you. I dont know why some/few people are talking about absence of versatility in Jeet’s performances. I really dont know how much they are well-versed about dancing styles. But as a viewer, I can tell you all that me & my friends are very very enjoying Jeet’s all performances. He is truly God-gifted.

      I also surprised by seeing that most of the comments are written by supporting Faisal/Rohan/Saumya. No doubt all three of them are brilliant dancers BUT HOW COULD WE FORGET ABOUT JEET/OM. This duo are the most junior to this show. Instead, they are giving neck to neck fight to the seniors (who are even double of their age, yes I mostly mean to Faisal).

      I am sure Jeet/Om are the true ‘Dance Ke Baap’. What maturity, timings, expressions they have showcased through the show…

      Hats-off to you Jeet & Om… :-) :-) :-)

  67. Gopali Verma says:


    I TOTALLY agree with Ruchikas comments abt supporting ur fav contestants and not criticizing others…

    but u r writng this comment now, u have whole heartedly agreed with JIN BAVA and DARSHAN PATEL, both, in particular, when they crticised other contestants, so thts not FAIR…..

    Abt Geeta Maa and Marzi – tell me one dance number tht they have perfomed uptil now tht makes u go WOW. i have never seen marzi dancing in this dance show tht was impressive, not even onceee and everyone know how GEETA MA dances… so wht brings GEETA and MARZI to the show is not TALENT for sure….

    About Marzi’s opinions, instead of standing on the desk…. he shld knw how to OPPOSE GEETA and stand by his views…..

    1. Ruchika Gupta says:

      i guess u dont the that they both are bollywood choreographers…

      Please read their biographies u will come to know.. Marzi has learnt dancing under Shamak Davar and now is the principal faculty member of his dance institutes.
      he may not be a very big choreographer but is very talented.
      Marzi started assisting Shiamak from Dil To Pagal Hai. He has choreographed many songs in Bunty and bubli, dhoom 2, devdas and rab ne bana di jodi..
      Marzi has choreographed for almost all the leading actors.

      And Geeta Ma has also choreographed many songs in bollywood. if u wanna list i will give…

      1. Gopali Verma says:

        Marzi is not even near as good as Remo and Terrance,, tht why he gets dominated by GEETA maa tht wht is the point in the making of this comment…..

        one can get in the film circle just through contacts, there are countless examples of those…

        LET Marzi performance atleast once.. u will knw wht kind of dancer he is…

        1. Ruchika Gupta says:

          i know he isnt as good as terence and remo and eevn mentioned that in my comment… but Remo and terence have also gone through the same phase as master marzi..

          Please note that m nt a fan of master marzi or master geeta but i really felt that u guys are too much against them which is wrong.

          If u r a coach at shamak davar’s institute then same is master marzi… If u are aware it was shamak davar who recommended the DID crew the name of Master Marzi for being the judge there…

    2. Ruchika Gupta says:

      i have neither supported Jin Baba nor Darshan Patel.. I have always kept my points… what i feel… i m very passionate about dancing and always appreciate good dancing.. I myself is a dancer and know a lot about dance.

      1. Gopali Verma says:


        its good tht u keep ur points, one shld always keep its point abt things…
        GOOD for u tht u r a dancer, me tooo, i am a coach at shamak davars acadmeyy and i tooo knw wht is going on in the circles of dance industry…

      2. san subba says:

        10 LIKES FOR U… :D

  68. Red says:

    I don’t think it’s necessary to read EVERY SINGLE comment to understand what this whole discussion is about. I’m not here to judge or compare anyone’s performance, because I’m not qualified enough (just like most of you). But I do have an opinion, and a right to it.
    Each of the kids have been OUTSTANDING throughout! What is everyone arguing about? Jeet is 6, Om is 7, Soumya’s probably 12, Rohan and Faisal are 13. They’re KIDS for heaven’s sake and look at what they’ve done on stage! It’s absolutely ridiculous to even call any ONE of them undeserving. They beat millions to get where they are, and no matter who wins, they’ll be deserving.
    Everyone has favorites of course, it’s only human nature. When I started watching the show, Faisal was my absolute favorite. I love Faisal the same way I did since the beginning. But I’ve learnt to love Rohan and Soumya more. It probably has more to do with how they are the underdogs, how Raghav’s efforts go unappreciated (most of the time, admit it!) and how they definitely deserve more recognition as dancers. I absolutely ADORE both Jeet and Om. I don’t know about anyone else, but when I have kids, and if they can dance like these two at such a young age, I’d be the most proudest person alive!
    Every kid has given memorable performances:
    Faisal’s blind-fold act, the balloon act, the aerial act, the tango with Shalini.
    Jeet’s MJ act and a few more in the beginning + the most recent one
    If I start with Rohan, Soumya and Om, I probably won’t finish.

    Yeah so Rohan has his own style. Doesn’t everyone? Do you see Geeta doing hip hop? Terence doing Bollywood? Remo doing Classical? Sure, they can do amazing if they try. But at the end of it, they’ll be known for what they’re best at. Rohan has tried many acts. If he’s better at the beat popping he does, is he really to blame? If Raghav wants to highlight his strengths, is HE at fault?
    Same goes for Faisal. No matter what style he performs, everyone loves his lyrical hip hop the most. Because of his clean moves. Does that mean he is a weak dancer if his classical isn’t perfect? Of course not.
    Let’s not compare the two of them. Or anyone for that matter. The kids all deserve more than that. Sure, I’ll go crazy with happiness if Rohan or Soumya win. But I’ll still be happy if Faisal or Om win, too. Don’t lower your standards by criticizing kids who are doing acts that you can only dream of. DON’T criticize the efforts of skippers when you can’t do even a fraction of what they’ve done. They’ve all had a hard time with the kids, and they’ve come a long way and they deserve nothing but appreciation.

    As for the judges – seriously no comments. THAT is not worth my time. I honestly stopped bothering about that. If you think Geeta’s right with her affection for Faisal, go ahead and support it. If you think she’s unfair to Rohan and Soumya, IGNORE IT! Her comments should not make a difference to you as long as you like the kids’ performances. Vote for who you want, but don’t force your opinion on others. And nobody in their right minds should call any of them undeserving. They’ve reached this far for a reason, don’t ruin it for them.

    1. Red says:

      Oh and totally respect all the people who don’t care about the results, and still appreciate the performances. The results really don’t matter. It didn’t matter when Dharmesh didn’t win. It didn’t matter when Raghav didn’t win. It didn’t stop them from becoming dancing sensations worldwide. So if Rohan doesn’t win, I’ll be happy for whoever does (even if it’s Faisal, Jeet or Om). He’ll make it big in life anyways. And there’s nothing in this world that can make people stop loving him. So the polls don’t count, nor does the final result.

    2. Sammy Sharma says:

      Excellent views!! I totally appreciate what you have written. May the best kid win and other best kids be equally famous and successful!

  69. tika thapa says:

    Winner should be either Saumya, Rohan or OM.
    Very deserving contestants.

  70. Sam Semmi says:

    I jz dun understnd y u ppl r critisizng faisal. He is da bst n he wil remain da bst. Since da audition til now he has perfomed outstndingly. Sm1 said he is getting sympathy votes?? Lol u r bilnd ? Cnt u c hw wel he dances? Its jz jealosy i cn say … Faisal u r da bst i jz love ur dnce . May u win ameen ma prayerz r wid u … Bst of luck dear lov d innocnce on ur face. Nvr let it go

  71. Sam Semmi says:

    U r da winner fo me faisal

  72. san subba says:

    Folks clear up all…ur doubts…
    here is todays voting polls……….

    SAUMYA – 33%
    FAISAL – 31%
    ROHAN – 16%
    JEET – 11%
    OM – 9%





    1. tp tp says:

      @ san
      good to see u voted for OM 9 times.
      pls along with saumya vote for OM.

  73. san subba says:


  74. Liza d rockstar says:

    Guyz guyz guyz!!!! U ppl are literally fighting among urselfs….for heaven’s sake..juz stop fighting and start voting ur favorite contestant…!!
    ya I agree with the point that the judges really sucks…n Geeta maa is a real looser and Marzi her papet..
    but juz ignore the judges..dey r useless..dey seriously dnt knw how to judge a Kid’s show..those kids really dnt understand anything but only dance and appreciation.
    So lets make those kids happy by giving them votes.
    one more request to DID production house..plz plz plz dnt call geeta from next time onwards atleast for judging DID Little MAsters…FArha Khan was so sweet in the last season..
    nyways Love all the kids…there are 5 in the finals bcoz all 5 deserve to be there in the show..
    but my fav Raghav ke rockstars :)
    Love u soooooooooooo very much Rohan-SOumya-Raghav <3
    Crock d stage!!!!! :)

  75. Prashikumar says:

    I think if Geeta n Marzi were not the judges then Faisal would have been the undisputed champion of this show coz he has all the combination to win a reality show here like poor back ground, immense talent, humble character etc…. Now coz of judges people are here discussing more about Raghav n his stars and theyhave a point in that too.
    Whoever wins doesn’t matter for me. I just wish these kids at this young age don’t fall in that cheap politics played out here.
    Cheers to the dance of all kids :)

  76. spartans nikom says:

    really appreciate your view. yes u r right prince,dharmesh,raghav didnt became winner but they r the most loved dancesr of our country. so whoever wins rohan will always remain the prince of slow motion and shadow of raghav.. defintely one day he will become KING OF SLOW MOTION AND BEST EVER CROCK STYLE DANCER !!!

  77. san subba says:

    todays voting poll…………
    1 SAUMYA – 30%
    2 FAISAL – 30%
    3 ROHAN 16%
    4 JEET- 14%
    5 OM- 10 %

  78. Siyaf Khan says:

    As per my list

    1. Abdul Khan says:

      As per my list

    2. rohit desai says:

      @siyaf khan

      Jeet in 3rd position is totally unfair….

      OM is ten times better than jeet.


  79. Robot Dance says:

    I dont know why some/few people are talking about absence of versatility in Jeet’s performances. I really dont know how much they are well-versed about dancing styles. But as a viewer, I can tell you all that me & my friends are very very enjoying Jeet’s all performances. He is truly God-gifted.

    I also surprised by seeing that most of the comments are written by supporting Faisal/Rohan/Saumya. No doubt all three of them are brilliant dancers BUT HOW COULD WE FORGET ABOUT JEET/OM. This duo are the most junior to this show. Instead, they are giving neck to neck fight to the seniors (who are even double of their age, yes I mostly mean to Faisal).

    I am sure Jeet/Om are the true ‘Dance Ke Baap’. What maturity, timings, expressions they have showcased through the show…

    Hats-off to you Jeet & Om… :-) :-) :-)

  80. Abdul Khan says:

    Rohan is the best dancer among all contestant because he has the that type of talent which every people want to see. He improved himself day by day now truly he is Dhamaka on stage.

  81. rohit desai says:

    Jeet may be a good dancer, but versatility is the most important factor of a dancer which makes a dancer “COMPLETE DANCER.
    Jeet is incomplete dancer.

    We were really fed up of seeing his same style whole season.

  82. Darshan patel says:

    In this season I want to see these contestants to be in top order,

    By Ranking,





    5)Uday / Deep

    6)Deep / Uday






    All the best Faisal…:-)

  83. rohit desai says:

    @ Darshan,

    But darshan Your ranking is totally FLOP…..

    Its a disaster.

    On the basis of performances, the ranking should be











    Sorry BOSS actually shalini and shreya don’t deserve to be in this list at all.

    One is expression queen with only latka and jhatka(No dance).

    Another is Drama queen, only talks (No dance)

  84. Soneb Malik says:

    Thanks for the video… but the video is not showing.. you can’t watch it.. please someone do something about it

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