Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 2 30th June

Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 2 30th June

Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 2 30th June, The cast of Bol Bachan was on the set today to promote their upcoming movie. Ajay Devgan, Rohit Shetty and Abhishek Bachan enjoyed and appreciated the contestants’s talent. They also joined the kids on stage for little shake of leg. Uday and Shreya were lowest voted thsi week, unfortunately Uday has been voted out. Face Off between Prince and Crockroaz was a treat to the eyes.

DID Little Masters 30th June performances

Raghav Ke Rockers

Rohan and Soumya performed Contemporary Style on the song Kitni Batein

Neerav Ke Ninja

Tanay and Jeetdas performed Salsa Style on the song Maria Maria

Jeetdas and Shreya performed Free Style on the song Subah Hone Na Dey

Prince Ki Palton

Faisal and Shalini performed Contemporary Dance on the song Sureli Akhiyon Wale

Kruti Ke Krackers

OM and Uday performed Free Style on the song Chinta Ta Ta

DID Lil Master Season 2 30th June Videos Part 1

DID Lil Master Season 2 30th June Videos Part 2

DID Lil Master Season 2 30th June Videos Part 3

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  • saru parangden

    part 3 is not working plzz fixed it adims plzzz… it’s already 5:35 am out here haven’t blink for a second… still waiting :)

    • Admin

      Par3 is working fine. What problem are you facing ?

  • joe

    I always say to myself ,I will skip the elimination part, for all of
    the kids are great, and hopefully they will continue to dance.

  • Fazee Perz

    Awes0me perf0rmances t0day………so sad 2 see Uday g0 :(………OMG Prince reminded me y I love him sooooo much ;)…….him & Raghav were awes0me today :)

  • gulam nawaz

    i wanted uday to b in dis competition till d end. he was a good contender n good talent. atleast hes btr dan shreya. may b bcoz he jus dances nd dsnt talk n do all d tamasha ppl dnt vote for him.

  • Divya Pandey

    i hate it when a talented one like uday get eliminated just bcz d one’s who r not of that level but still on the show just bcz wrong publicity…pls stop this n vote on only talent basis…this will surely gonna make a huge difference..

  • Anwesha sen

    this is so not fair, shreya ko vote karne waale inte saare hai kya?? from the time of audition, i knew kuch gadbad hai, there were many other contestants who did better than her & didnt get selected but she got kyunki ye ladki shamak davar ke dance acedemy mein sikhti hai… & bohot hi jyda batuni hai.
    uday was too too gud. from the begining till nw he was doing really wel, his last week’s performance was best. but uska koi supporter nai thana like same happnd with deep. all the gud dancers r leaving!!! next week agar ye chik chik shreya out nai huwi, m sure many ppl will stop watching the show. coz all other contestants r really gud & extremely better than her. rohan also doesnt hav many supporters, m scared for him, he is so talented & doesnt deserve to go.
    bachari kruti, left with only one small om… all the best to him. but neerav ka team abhi bhi 3 baki hai, jisme one doesnt deserve atall to be in top 8.
    i really mis rishi.. neerav ne plan karke usko bahar nikal diya instead of shreya.
    i so badly mis my dearest susanket… & yash, very strong contemporary dancer rimsha!!! all the gud ppl r gone!!!
    i want rohan & saumya to be in top 4 by any means. jo bhi saumya ko vote de rahe hain, simultaneously vote for rohan too.

    DID 1 was far better with jeetu, atul, vaishnavi, rituraj.. real talent. not chik chik!!!


      m agreee with u……………………..but i think shalni bhi kuch acha dance nahi karte deep aur uday and rest of contestent…………….usko toh grandmaster ka support haiiiiii and wooo dance sae jayda apne expression dekhati haiiiiiii lakin we all now it this is india’s biggest dance reality show not a acting show ……….. where is dance……..expression is not enough……..
      in sab sae toh better om haiiiiii jo dance karta haiiii aur karwata bhi haiiiiiii………………………………..

      • dancequeen25

        i agree completely!!!!

  • Samairah Parveen

    Where is the part where Raghav was doing slow motion with Ajay Devgan on stage?

  • ferball

    Rohan and Soumya’s performance brought tears to my eyes.Absouletly awsome. I loved it. Hats off Raghav

    • Anwesha sen

      ya it was done in dedication to saumya’s dad who is in army…
      You saw the promo of saumya’s dance that will b shown today?? its awesome… she does a beautiful areal act!!! HATS OFF SAUMYA, no1 else could b better than u!! love u baby & God bless u. You really deserve to win!!!

      • dancequeen25

        she really is magical!

  • Anwesha sen

    Raghav!!! i m so proud of u…

  • Kishore Karki

    Raghav i am show happy you make supper dancer soumya rai thanks.


    m very sad about uday
    1st week mai jab deep eliminate hua . maine soncha it happns some time but us time shalni ko eliminate hona chahie tha but unfortunately deep got eliminated. than yesterday jab dono ka naam liya i thought shreya may be eliminate today but the result was different…….i was in shock………..
    aur kamino nai jab somya 1st aye thi toh bataya thaaa lakin yesterday kuch bhi nai bataya…………………..

  • yovanee sewraz

    i have been watching shreya dance since day 1 and i find nothing good about her dancing ,same styles,same jumping movements, same over energetic dance over and over again!! i truly believe she should go out of this competition as better dancers are getting eliminated because of her….its asthough the 3 judges got her back in this competition …uday is a way better dancer than shreya and i hope they nitice that shreya should ether better her dancing of go out of the competition!

  • Sakshi Papreja

    highly disappointed after seeing Uday get eliminated…he was the strong competitor for Soumya, Faizal and Rohan…he deserve to be in the top 4 contestants…from the very first day I he is dancing so well and I gain interest in watching DID Lil Masters only cuz of UDAY…cuz I really liked his performances…The main reason for his elimination was the judges as they never supported him…Geeta maa keeps on saying “mera beta jab b ho wo Faizal jaisa ho” its a reality show guys not a filmy drama…if yu want to say that yu can say that off-screen also…Uday kam bolta tha but I think he was never given a light even…after seeing ol tat and even biased opinions from judges also I have literally lose my interest in DID…its ol for TRP…sab andar ka khel h…achhe dancers bahar h and those who hv jack they are in…Shame on DID…the show which dont hv a balancing factor…ek ko hi aaga le jaate jayo…I knw Faizal will be declared as the winner because of his so called Geeta Maa…its not a reality show..rather its the scripted one…If I cud get a chance den I wud love to c Uday back which I knw is not possible…Well I knw Uday yu really have a long way go…all the best for yur future endeavors…

  • khushboo chopra

    :-( Its a sad day to not have Uday on show. He is one of the superb dancer. Its not gud for the competition also to take a loss of such a gud talented Uday. The props , the Moves which uday used in all the shows were best enough to compete with others. just becuse Kruti ke krackers doesnt hv a gud suport thy shuld leave the show,,,,, its highly unfare. i hope ther cn be a wild card entry to have uday back in show. any ways all the best UDAY ….

  • mukesh lama

    if the faizal became a did little master winner then from next time dance India dance will be disappear ……then ,All hate this programme….still have good dancer but we have to know that……we should see their ability and have to vote….but dont vote them who r still there due to some internal politics….its really a bad game…..

  • tp tp

    totally agreed.
    Uday ke last week ke dono performances best the.
    Phir bhi eliminate hua. Aur faisal sirf audition me kya acha kiya sab uski hi tareef kar rahe hain. He is not a good dancer. Yash, rishi,uday usse bhi better karte hai aur alag alg style bhi karte hain.
    Ab to lag raha hai poora fixing hain.
    Agar neerav ke team me se koi bhi jeeta ya faisal jeeta hum sab to DID dekhna hi band karenge.
    Kyunki faltoo dance dekhne me maza nahi ata.
    Strong candidates ke strong dance dekhne me maza ata hai.
    Aur OM is bar top par tha. lekin usse to highlight hi nahi kiya. Kyun????? Aur agle episode me sirf ek bar bol diya.

    • Angel Alive

      Malkhamb act of Om was oustanding but then they never highligted the act yaha jab bhi dekhti hu jeet das ka hi performance rakhte hai for fans of jeet das,chaye usne acha kiya ho ya nahi.abhi jeet das ko promote kar rahe hai yaha. srif ushi ki pictures ya ushi ke videos hota hai.Limelight mein maine sab bache bolte huye dekha lekin Om ko dikhaya hi nahi.i felt sat and sundays episode Om was left out.Anyways aisa hi hai tu i think Jeet might win this season.

  • Leninbala Devi

    Guys lets vote for the talented ones only n not for the one who talk a lot n trying to create a scene like jeet n shreya but jeet is talented,look at shreya…… needless to say more as i toally agree with a comments above… Uday is far far much more n more better than her,it was a shockin news!!!!! Ya Rohan dnt get much supporter, he is a gud dancer n i dnt want to see such a gud dancer eliminated bcoz f some stupid talker untalented talker…. Deep met d same fate coz of Shalini!! ROHAN IS LITTLE RAGHAV, n i think masters dnt support him well!!!! I want to see rohan n saumya going to top 4 or 3

  • dancequeen25

    we should watch crocroaxzs performance in slow motion…….u knw the slow motion button thats there while watching the video!!!!!!!!!!! haha!!! :)

  • Trevin Govender

    Please could you upload part 4? We haven’t seen the face-off between Raghav and Prince as yet.

    Thanks Admin.

  • pi_nk

    Oh my goodness!!! Raghav is a story teller yar … I had tears watching Saumya and Rohan. MashAllah you’re so gifted Raghav, and of course the kids as well … WOWEEE!!!
    I hate elimination day, so sad to see the kids cry.

  • sneha ashok

    how do i vote???????????

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