Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 2 29th July

Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 2 29th July

Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 2 29th July, A tribute to Rajesh Khanna by Jeetdas started the performances. Kruti and Neerav were superb in the Face off today. Rohan is not fit to participate in the show so he did not performed today. Decision about his status in the show will be taken next week by Mithun Chakraborty. Jay’s mother and brother were on the show today. Vaishnavi from Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 1 came for a quick performance and also announced the upcoming show Dance Ke Super Kids which will have contestants facing each other from season 1 and 2. Best performance of the day was awarded to OM from Kruti Ke Krackers.

DID Little Masters 29th July performances

Raghav Ke Rockers

Soumya performed Slowmotion Dance Style on the song Nain Parindey

Neerav Ke Ninja

Jeetdas performed Bollywood Freestyle Dance on Rajesh Khanna songs

Prince Ki Palton

Faisal and Shalini performed Freestyle on the song Ek Mein Hoon

Faisal performed Freestyle Dance on the song Chand Sifarish

Kruti Ke Krackers

OM performed Contemporary Dance on the song Soniyo

DID Lil Master Season 2 29th July Videos Part 1

DID Lil Master Season 2 29th July Videos Part 2

DID Lil Master Season 2 29th July Videos Part 3

DID Lil Master Season 2 29th July Videos Limelight

  • dipshika

    Dada please dont eliminate rohan he really deserves to stay this is public demand and i really hope faisal rohan soumya and om make it to the finale and hope faisal wins and rohan or soumya will be second

    • Ramiz Deshmukh


      • Ramiz Deshmukh


        • Ramiz Deshmukh

          ALL THE BEST SAUMYA :)

        • Priya Joshi

          OM was simply outstanding….

          Superb Performance..

          and he is SO SO SO CUTE……

    • jai m

      Let the best person win !! No favoritism !!

      • zainab mustafa

        jis ki kismat mein ho ga wohi jeetay ga…no point of arguing..nobody knw whose going 2 win..sab kuch khuda ke haath mein hai…jst wish dem all da best..

    • zainab mustafa

      i agree wid u..faisal shud win.

  • Dala Zeyda


    • dancequeen25

      Agreed!!!! I really want him to do that!!!!!!

  • Liza d rockstar

    ya top 5 this time….this is a good idea…
    All are good..they all deserve to dance in the big stage and compete for the trophy.
    Plz dada dnt eliminate Rohan..hez a very deserving kid..plz plz pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee….
    he’ll be ok soon..we all are praying for him..
    he will come back with a bang!!!!

  • dechjoll lol

    Today’s performance was AWESOME!!! Really enjoyed each n every dance by the dance ke baabs :) but unfortunately MY Fav Rohan was sick n couldn’t perform. DADA you gonna take your decision next week. So please don’t eliminate ROhan because of shortage of Votes.
    I think if you gonna count the votes like other contestants it would have been a justifying if you at least asked the Team to ask for votes people are little confused with DADA’s comment “I will decide next week.”
    I think people won’t mind if Rohan is an average performer and get him eliminated this week or give a another chance for next year.But ROhan really is a fantastic dancer n throughout his journey of DID his graph has increased Highest.
    All the contestants are Fabulous n It will be great to see them in THE FINALE AS TOP-5.So please don’t eliminate on the basis of votes for this week as he didn’t performed. Please DADA don’t let go of this talented kid from Stage Like DID.Its unfair to the Stage, People n to Rohan.He will be too big to come Next year. SO Plzzzzzzz Take TOP 5 to the Finale like DID3.Everyone Who believes that Rohan Deserves to be in the Finale please join us for TOP 5. TOP 5 this time. COME On guys!!!!!please request DADA to take TOP 5 this time!!

  • kinga98.12

    Please vote for Jeet : 1800 266 56 09 !!!!!!!!!!!!! He is amazing :)
    Neerav and Kruti were great also ♥♥

  • alimurad_pu

    YES I AGREE ROHAN IS JUST A FABOLOUS dancer. if rohan get eliminated then it will not only unfair to him but also to viewers. he really deserve to be in the finale…ROHAN ROhan Rohan………

  • Liza d rockstar

    plzzzzzzzzzzz dada dnt eliminate rohan………
    we want Rohan…..
    we want Top 5 this time pleaseeeeeeee

  • karan sharma

    dada plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t eliminate rohan he is best dancer in did i also want top 5 this time if u don’t this so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t eliminate rohan because he best dada.


    what a Entertaining Episode…

    Awesome… total Awesome Performancesss…

    Jeet Hatt’s Offf Chotay, Hatt’s Off… What a Attribute to Rajesh Ji… .. You Truely Deserve to be Top 4 List

    Saumyaaa… Out Standing Saumi… What a Act Of Your Skipper Raghav, Yar Raghav Really Missing ONE act On Faisal… We Really wanna See Your Style On Faisal.. Please Do Something For US! Please…

    OM … I lik3 Choto Attempt .. but Enjoy Most the Funny Time With Innocent JAY .. He Is So Kind & Fun Loving person. Dada that’s not Really Fair, We Don’t lik3 to give tension to Jay Pa ji ,

    Lovely Faisal Attempt, EEEhhh.. Still Missing Raghav & Faisal Act together… hMmm.. O yeah, I felt My wish Might Be come true On 25 August when the DID 1 & 2 Contestant Challenge Together YupPy! … Raghav should be there, yes!

    and Yes ROHAN be back soon buddy…
    jaldhi theek ho ja. your many FAN’s wanna see your performances in Finale Show! Get will soon.

    We Love You Zee TV


    Well i felt Dada Eliminate Rohan Bit Before the Top 4 Finalist contestant announce…

    coz Final Four yahi hy, Faisal / Saumya / OM & JEET DAS.

    But Rohan (hopefully he is super Fit for Finale show) surely perform in the Final, you guys don’t worry :)

    • san subba

      rohan is better than faisal……!
      u said the u wanna see the raghav act on faisal.but rohan has done crock style beautifully. :)

      • JIN_BABA

        but just imagine if Faisal do attempt on Raghav choreo, u forget rohan am sure;)

  • Liza d rockstar

    no i want to see rohan in the top 4….
    hez more deserving…n he will definitely make it in the top 4…

    • JIN_BABA

      i respect your wish…
      but i just predict what i feel…
      just wait & watch.. in Finale 😐

    • monica deori

      i completely agree with u. Hope that he wins the KB3 cup

  • Liza d rockstar

    n one more thing…why dad will elimintae Rohan…
    he dnt have any rite to do so..hez a deserving kid..and he will get enough votes to make him safe…
    Dnt worry Rohan…we love u…


    lol why you guys so much worried 😛 , it’s all part of the Show Policy, but As we all see DID 3 go with Top 5 contestant, might Dada do same thing Apply on this Little Kid Show, just for JANTA Demand..

    well Rohan is in top 5 List, but i am not sure he will be join in Top 4 list or not… very difficult to say.

    • dancequeen25

      Yeah! All did wants is a high trp rate!!! Haha!

  • ravi shankar

    NO WE WANT TO ROHAN IN TOP 4 BECAUSE HE IS deserve to top 4 finalist. plz janta vote for rohan he is very very good dancer.

  • Biru Tamang

    W0W!!! What a super performance, all the kids really performed extremely good. Grand Master, please don’t eliminate Rohan, he deserves to be there in the Grand Finale, let the people choose their finalists. Once again I would love to see Soumya, Faisal, Om & Rohan in the top 4. Best of luck for all. Keep rocking

  • farhan ali 619

    Hello Aall,
    I had been following DID from season 1 didnt missed any episode bt i never comment as i love to read comments JIN BABA specially i love ur comment Today i wanna comment for OM and FAISAL. Guys I dnt knw y bt today i got tears in my eyes after seeing OM performance and Faisal is my fvrt From auditions I reallay Pray that May Faisal win and after that my choice is OM no wounder all of them r great bt what i feel Faisal is really something else and someone who can compete him He is non other thn OM. I also agree Rohan is a deserving dancer and I pray that mircla happend and The Great DADA anounce for TOP 5 this time he deserve to be there in FINALE and JIN BABA I really look forword for ur comments Keep Commenting and what I think the ranking of top 5 is
    sorry lil buddy I knw u r great Bt not for this Season b.coz other r point to point better thn him

    • JIN_BABA

      sorry for late response,
      Thanks farhan

  • Fazee Perz

    Awesome perf0rmances……these kids have really grown over these past weeks…..pr0ud of them all…….they are all winners :)

  • Abdullah al roky

    please grand master, Rohan is one of the best dancer of DID. i think he should be in second position. keep dancing Rohan, don’t give up.

  • tp tp

    OM you are the best.
    Saumya and Rohan is fab dancers no doubt.

    But keeping OM’s age in mind he is wonder kid.

    So OM,saumya,Rohan,Faisal should be in top4.

    Agar kisi ko jana hai to wo hai Jeetdas. He dose not deserve at all to be in finals. He always performs in his style only. He is not versatile.

    And JinBaba OM dance bhi bahut ache se karta hai.

    • JIN_BABA

      hehe. tp tp i give u OM, u can take it for your own 😀

      he is cute dancer no doubt, but i felt OM Strength better than Jeet, Jeet also a Finest Dancer, i give little Edge in Dance to Jeet than OM, no doubt both r fabulous dancers, but i just share little thing toward both Bacha Party of Little Master :p

  • tp tp

    OM is a versatile dancer.

    Jab koi dancer apne shaili me perform karta hai to flawless performance deta hai. Aur OM ka shaili hai contemporary aur uski flexibility bhi kamal ki hai. Lekin OM hamesha kuch alag aur difficult karne ki koshish karta hai jaise usne hiphop& boyin, malkhamb, kalaripayattu, aerial, fire act, fresstyle sab kiya.

    Agar OM bhi jeetdas ki tarah apne shaili me hi performance deta raha to mistakes nahi dikhayi denge.
    Isiliye OM you are he best.

    Itna chota hone ke bavjood usne har ek style attempt kiya hai.
    Agar final me kisi ko nahi hona chahiya to wo hai Jeetdas.

    NEERAV ki tarah agar KRUTI bhi “HARD WORK” ke badle “SMART WORK” karti na to shayad acha hota tha.

    • JIN_BABA

      Ufffff… OM kA Jadu Sir Char k Bol Raha hy tp tp par “Muhahahaha” :p

  • abhinav agrawal

    whether rohan make it or not now m very clear about where the show is going did always make the contestants win who has survived the entire season without any break or wild card so this is what gonna happen

    1) FAISAL
    2) SOMYA
    3) OM
    and leave the rest ………

  • Ruchika Gupta

    i Agree with the fact that Rohan is deserving and if top 5 can be taken, nothing like that… but if any elimination happens then it has to be Rohan.. i know he is not well but then if any one else goes it would be injustice…

    This weeked all the performances were ausumn… each performance.

  • keerthi reddy

    Guys I agree with uall I think that Rohan or saumya should win because they r awesome dancers faisal should come in second and get the silver trophy and Om in 3 or 4 position depends

    • JIN_BABA

      yeah both win people heart, but actually Trophy Belong to Faisal 😛 😉

  • Priya Joshi

    Either OM, saumya or Rohan should win.

    Faisal should come second.

    Jeet should be out of the show.

    • JIN_BABA

      Keep in Dream…

      • Priya Joshi

        They deserve it.
        So you keep dreaming old man.

  • hema santhosh

    we really want to see Rohan in the finale as he is the most deserving kid of this season.Pls dont eliminate him.we are waiting for ur decision dada.


  • Nikita Jois

    Firstly all my best wishes for a speedy recovery to Rohan. I really hop we can see him fit and healthy next week. I certainly agree that Rohan is the best performer in this season and he has always proved himself good enough to be a part of the top finalists. Rohan I am an ardent fan of yours and would be waiting to see you perform in the finale not as a past contestant but as one of the most deserving finalists. Wish ou all the best!! :-)

  • manu gupta

    rohan recover fast. i hope he will not be eleminated.saumya was best today!

  • Ruchika Gupta

    Winner has to be only and only Faisal…
    he is simply the best…

    Is any elimination happens, it will be of Rohan .. rather i dnt want him to go…. but seing his health i thing he should rest… nothing is much more imp than his health… and without giving any performance if he moves on and someone else goes… it would be injustice to others..

    all the best wishes to rohan..he is no doubt amazing…

  • spartans nikom

    no it will not injustice to others if rohan would be given another chance in finale as jeet was also given chance in wild card as he was ill during mega auditions . i think it is upto janta because of their demand rohan wud be back so in my opinion there should be top 5 this year.. so did in janta demand please give a chance to rohan as he deserve…

  • Darshan patel

    Hey guys…

    Stop supporting Rohan..

    I know he is a good dancer n I believe that.

    Rohan is rested for a full week for his injury n now he is sick then

    I want to say that take a decision to rest for this season n give direct entry to DID little master season 3’s top 12….

    Beacause without perfoming how can anybody judge???

    Even if he will be judged then it is unfair to other contestants……

    N it will be called as fixed show…

    Just not to be unfair to other contestants…

    • dechjoll lol

      Why should we stop supporting Rohan?? He is an amazing dancer n he deserved to be in the Finale. It isn’t like he asked for the sickness. Last time he couldn’t perform because of hand injury. But he came back with a bang n won everyone’s heart. This time he had severe Fever… there is no connection with ur statement of One week Rest here. We also asked DADA for top 5 with no eliminations of other contestants for we believe that they are also amazing!! SO what the hell is your problem??
      Anyways there’s gonna be TOP 5 now.I am very happy for DID not ignoring such a talent. Thank you DADA for your thoughtful decision.
      Raghav ke Rockstars will crock the Stage at the Finale…..Everyone have a great day n week ahead…. I am so happy now!!!

    • Dala Zeyda


      If you are not a Rohan fan thats totally fine but you can’t tell people to stop supporting certain contestants.

      You have our own favorites ,.. then go support them and let us peacefully Support ROHAN FOR THE AWESOME DANCER HE IS..

      • alimurad_pu

        i agree we can’t stop in supporting rohan. i love his dancing sooo soo much…he will be winner…

    • vijay singh

      hey lol ,dont talk like this ,may be he is not now but i think u have never watch his previous performances , ROHAN U DESERVE TO WIN………..

    • Dala Zeyda


  • Darshan patel

    My finalist are….(also in Rank)

    1)Faisal (Definitly deserve to win)

    2)Jeet (will sure secure second rank)

    Next will be based on above n previous day comment by me…

    3)Rohan (If performing next episode then.)


  • tp tp

    @ Darshan Patel,
    you are supporting all non-deserving contestant and discouraging all deserving contestants. I think you have not seen all the episodes.

    Rohan is far better than Faisal.

    OM is far better than jeet.

    OM, Saumya, Rohan are deserving contestants of DID lil masters Season2.

    • Robot Dance

      Dear Darshan Patel,
      I think most of the people have the same opinion that Jeet is far better dancer than Om. No doubt that Om has a very strong mind & his body is supet flexible. So I think Om can perform good stances but comparatively poor dancing. And what Kruti is doing with Om? She should emphasis on enhancing Om’s dancing abilities instead of showcasing Circus Acts. Unfortunately Masters are also supporting these acts. I dont know why. These are not dancing part at all.

      I am sure Om is in wrong platform. Without wasting time his parents should try to make him a good gymnast. honestly…

      • Priya Joshi

        @ Robot,
        Robot ji,

        The show name is “Dance India Dance”

        and OM is a dancer.

        • abeer_19980408

          This is why I don’t like Kruti (her) being as a mentor. She’s not showing a true dance in her choreography, in each episodes. All she does is try to bringing “stunts” on stage, which is not suitable for them and the constants are only kids…now.

  • spartans nikom

    guys my conclusion on all the finalist….
    faisal – a charming personality dancer . he flows like liquid in dance.
    saumya – the most versatile dancer . did lil masters ‘darkhorse’
    rohan – he best do lyrical. and catches every beat and is a very clean dancer.. and yes he is prince of slow motion..
    om- he is the most bravest. cutest. strongest dancer of did lilmaster . he is unbelievable in aerobics and gymnastics. sometimes his innocence is noticeable in his dance.. but may mature in few years..
    jeet . does good mj style and poppin. requires more practice to do steps more cleanly but definitely will do as he is just 7 years old.

    so the ranks are….

    • Sammy Sharma

      Faisal flows as a dancer and Rohan does not?? did you not watch his contemporary dance and the rock and roll he did last week and the pasa doble?? Rohan is far more effortless and clean dancer than Faisal. I am not against Faisal , but in comparison Rohan is better.

      Guys Please support Rohan and let him win.

  • jyoti dogra

    DID little masters is down to its end

    Lets Analyse

    Faisal: Mind Blowing dancer, [its nothing personal – Faisal], He is a macho dancer, he can do anything on earth when it comes to dancing however he has been giving the performances in the same style all the time, not Faisal’s mistake, its his masters mistake PRINCE. i wish Faisal was in either Kruti’s or more prefably in RAGHAV’s Team. just imagine Faisal doing the “abhi muj mein kahin performance” tht Rohan did or Faisal doing the dance with Paul, it would have been a treat to watch.. we all missed that… though he has couple of mind blowing performances of his own but if faisal would have been witth Raghav, it would have been a diffrent story

    Rohan / Soumya : down to earth, very decent, no shu sha… hu ha…, no judge favouritism [GEETA MA], they come on stage, do the performances.. and leave.. they are real perfomers/dancers. Honestly most of the time I feel they dont even care abt the judges, they are like expression less when judges comment. especiaaly when Geeta Maa is comenting to Rohan, it seems like he dosent give a damm. i wanted to write more on the short sweet comments tht Geeta Maa and Marzi have for Rohan / Soumya, but this dosent matter to their fans out there. they dont even care for the judges comments either

    JEET / OM: these two little guys are talented as hell, wow. I hope Jeet was not in Neerav’s grp.. Jeet is been criticized for not showing variation in dance… thts all Nerav’s mistake… i personaly feel PRADEEP should have been one of the masters for these kids… it was clearly visible when OM performed with pradeep, they set the stage on fire. its Neerav connections thru which he got this job which he performed terribly.

    I feel these kids are superb dancers, all of them are gifted. the only diffrence is the MASTERS. whoever wins the show dosent matter. ALL the kids are winners. However the real Winner of the show, personaly, I feel is RAGHAV JUYAL, he has surprised everyone with his amazing choreagraphy rite from the first
    1> intrduction dance of kids with [aag pani dharti hawa]
    2> Bawra mann with yash and susanket [su su]
    3> Tare Zameen par [mind blowing]
    4> abhi muj mein kahin [rohan]
    5> aja nachle [soumya]
    6> rukhi sukhi roti, the list goes on and on ……

    I personally feel RAGHAV has made the diffrence this season, if FAISAL was in Raghav’s team, our discussions would have been totaly something else.
    so RAGHAV hats off buddy.

    • Vijay Kumar

      Will have to agree on that. Raghav surprised me with his choreography! He is talented guy, fun loving yet serious in his work and most importantly friendly and down to earth. Same qualities, he is imparting to his team as well. Please notice that he not only does good choreography but also makes good use of lighting effects, stage and camera! He thinks from other angles also that makes him notch above rest.

    • milan tamang


      Great judgement and a very subtle explanation on each contestant. Yeah, totally agreed on the list that you’ve provided, all numbers had been choreographed outstandingly and different, we can call it something that has been done out of the box.
      Thank you Jyoti, your comment is appreciated highly.


    • Red

      Jyoti – You just said ALL the things I had in mind! Raghav has been NO DOUBT the star of the show! And he deserves every bit of appreciation! So hats off to YOU for bringing this up!
      And I completely agree – if Faisal had been in Raghav’s team, most of the debate about Faisal’s dancing skills wouldn’t even be raised! Because he really is mind-blowing, just that Prince could not bring out the best in him. So is Rohan, who has the edge over everyone else mainly because he’s become “Raghav’s parchayi”. THAT is what an excellent skipper does! That is what everyone’s favorite – Dharmesh Sir did with his team also. So even though the kids are all brilliant (Om is beyond amazing at whatever he has done, and Jeet at such a young age is competing with such outstanding dancers, which is commendable also), this is not just about the kids, but it’s also about the skippers’ journey throughout. Even though I LOVE Faisal right from his first audition, I really want Raghav ke Rockstars to win the title. Nothing against the kids – its just that the Rockstars have been the strongest since Day 1 of the show.

      • JIN_BABA

        Good comments “RED” keep it up

  • keerthi reddy

    Darshan Patel this is for u um what I wanted to say was that shalini was sick for 2 weeks she was there until now I’d Rohan goes that would injustice to him because shalini stayed too and jeet is not going to come in 2 nd he does only 1 style and saumya Rohan and om always do different styles so and Faisal should come in second or third

  • Staar Su

    I think Rohan is awesome.. But Faisal is a good dancer too but he is better without a prop.. he always goofs up when he is handed a prop… that’s my opinion… not saying the kid is a bad dancer.. but all kids are worth it… As someone above said, it’s the masters that we need to criticize if they deliver similar dance styles always. I love Raghav, he is very creative and I feel he and his team are very down to earth.. they do what they need to do and get off no natak baazi… :) OM and JEET and very cute.. but I think they will become great dancers in coming years… they are young compared to others in the show.. :)

  • san subba

    YEah. also agree on above comments..
    Whenever Faisal was handed with props…he always had made mistakes….like with Dharmesh… wen they wre using thermacol……. and in this episode.. he had made mistakes with props……….
    but saumya was mind girls can do the western dancing like her…
    c blows evryones mind…. with her innocence in contem
    grace in classical
    sharpness in popping and hip hop
    dedecation in pasa dobley
    creative in slow motion
    strong in areal act
    stormy in bollywood numbers.
    OMG i couldn’t mention how many dance forms this little angel had performed?
    but faisal had performed only
    locking and popping
    lyrical hip hop (freestyles) See the difference……………

    and do not ignore Rohan….
    he is mind blasting and super talented child…

    he is the next raghav
    the miror
    his contreol over his body is fantastic and his moves are clean as my heart lol… 😀
    and he is also the most versatile dancer.
    i wanna see him in the finals..!

    hope my wish comes true………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….













    Uff Taubbah Hy, buhat shor krty ho sub k sub, Chalo Bhago idher sy :D.

    I doN’t Care 2/3/4/5 Position, bcoz 1st To Faisal hi hy :Pp, who so ever got 2nd,3rd,4th,5th position. i think Faisal Fan’s don’t care for it, :p,

    well Latest News update for DID FAN’s

    Yes Salman and Katrina Kaif are coming in the finale Little Master Show!. to promote their upcoming movie “Ek thA Tiger” (lol 1 hi Q thA 2 Q na thy;)

    Final Ranked are follow:
    1st Faisal Khan, 2nd Saumya Tandun, 3rd OM, 4th JeetDas & 5th Rohan


    Let Me Remind You People something toward “Raghav Pa ji”

    no doubt he is Unique & innovative Dancer, which because Raghav went home in the People hearts, remember DID Season 3? there people want him to WIN the DID3 Title, right? but what happend he didn’t make it 1st position, but Raghav got chance in Little Master kid show, Once Again his Innovative & Creative choreography Raghav went home in the People hearts, so my sixth sense tell me nothing is gonna happen in Finale too, but yes saumya got 2nd position for sure, But Dada would not be just any chirand to put OM on 2nd tanked, but can’t say that :p

    • san subba

      what ever u said in ur comments (or predicted) those gone right…
      i guess u r informed earlier…than us!!!!!
      tell me the secret .. LOL
      but i want ur comments goes worng this tym ………
      JIN BABA ki JAI :p

      • JIN_BABA

        lol, so i go with your wish k? lol …

        i don’t know any secret’s or any 1 tell me about, i just Read the thing goes in the show, & than i predict that what gonna be Next. :)

        • san subba

          Hey ……….
          good news for me and sad news for u…JIN BABA :p
          the official page of faisal on facebook itself announced that
          the DID lill masters is fixed and………………………………………………………………………………. He is not the winner,
          he informed that Saumya Rai {my fav}
          is the winner
          and this has been said by all the pages of faisal khan….!

          hpoe its true… \m/

          • JIN_BABA

            ya i also saw that, can’t say that’s truth or not, because 12 August far ahead… so it’s hard to believe!

  • GreenHope….

    wow i just loved this episode it was really fab & Faisal performance was awsome keep it up Faisal & i will prey for u to win this season wish u all the very best .. Om was lovely on this performance also Somya great & fab .. Rohan get will soon .. i hope that we see u next week ..
    the kids should be in top4 are :( my opinion )
    1- Faisal
    2- Somya
    3- om
    4- Rohan
    all kids is amazing but Faisal is my Favorite so wish u all the very best Faisal hope u win the show i will prey for u
    plz guys plz vote for Faisal let him win

    thank u..

  • GreenHope….

    oh the sad face just ignore it by mistake hahaha

  • GreenHope….

    its sound good that salmankhan & katrina will be in final good news

    guys plz vote for faisal its requst to all Faisal fans plz plz vote for Faisal ..

  • Prince Abbas

    Does any1 know what contestants Dance ke Superkids will have in it?

    Tanay, Jeetumoni, Susanket, Rituraj ?

  • Tushar Pate


  • Roslind Arokiasamy

    Rohan better than Fizal and Om is great dancer but Jeet’s steps (clear and perfect) better than OM.

  • inkesh pokharel

    if and only if the DID lil masters season 2 is to declare the dance skills and talents of all the contestants, viewers and to all, Rohan deserves the title. i do agree that he could not perform in this episode due to his severe illness but along with all the viewers i wish for Rohan’s speedy recovery and he will perform in the finals and prove that he deserves the title.
    as far as other contestants are concerned, Soumya, the gudiya is a versatile and very talented dancer. Faisal is a talented performer. OM to kuch bhi karta hai… .Jeet has a sense of humour and wants to compete with other brilliant contestants. i appreciate his efforts but as far as the versatility and outstanding talents is concerned he needs to work a lot more in polishing his skills.

    DID team, please work on getting rid of judges like geeta and marzi who lack talents in them. how do you expect to comment on talents and skills of other outstanding performers by talent-less people like them. Terence and Remo are commendable judges and try finding some other talented judges to ensure boosting the morale of contestants as well as making the platform for sharpening their talents to the next level. looking forward to the Grand Finale… .

  • Roslind Arokiasamy

    Top 4
    1. Somya
    2. Rohan
    3. Fizal
    4. Jeet

  • Angel Alive

    All five are in Finale.Nice:):)

  • Aarthi Purushotham

    faisal i am gr8 fan of u , the way u perform its phenomenon awesome … God bless u for the finals . jeet ur my fvt love u jeet i wish even u to be in finals …n i wish all the contestant to do well ..

  • Aarthi Purushotham

    Top 4 :


    Jeet is beter than OM … comparitively jeet has very gud body language tham OM .. i wish JEET to be in top 4 n its public demand DADA …..

    • Darshan patel

      I agree with u Aarthi Purushotham…

      Jeet is definitly better than Om…I said it before that Om didn’t deserve to be in top8…

      Faisal n Rohan definitly deserve to be finalists but without perfoming on next Saturday Rohan will not be selected as Finalist however he performed so many good dances before n avoid last sunday due to Rohan’s sickness….

      n If he will perform good on saturday then he will sure in finalist….

      It’s only depends on next saturday show for Rohan’s future…

      I hope Rohan will be fine on next week n definitly perform…

      I wait for Dance ke superkids…I want to see JeetuMoni,Ruturaj and Vishanvi,Atul,Avneet…

      • san subba

        Y do u always take the chance to prove om as an deserving contestant?
        do u have some rivalry with that small guy? :p

    • Priya Joshi

      @ Arthi,darshan
      No not at all,
      OM is undoubtedly a gifted child…
      We have been watching malkhamb, aerial, ring acts, fire acts on DID stage by dancers like mayuresh, salman, khushboo, pradeep gurung, jeetumoni and many others.. So you cannot call it as circus.

      DID stage is the biggest reality show in India for dancers. This stage requires different styles and different attempts..I know dance is important. But only dancing every week is not enough. Even masters keep telling to bring something new along with dance.

      And this little boy has done everything. He is the real master of DID.

  • Kamal Bajgai

    i like this boy dance, i hope that he will be the super star. anyway brother congratulation. always pop the stage. this is my experience

  • natasha aus

    wow wow faisal u touch my heart u r an amazing dancer n very cute boy i also would wish 2 have a son like u wish u lots of happiness n sucess ahead in life n all the best for the final:)
    Jeet u r tooo cute i love ur dancing wish u too all the best 4 the final :)

  • tp tp

    OM is definitely better than Jeet.

    1)OM has gone through all the phases of the show aur woh haq se DID me hai. Jeet ki tarah phokat ki entry nahi mili hai usko.

    2)Om ko kitni bar “BEST PERFORMANCE OF THE DAY” mila hi. Jeet ko ek bar bi nahi mila. “not even once”

    3)OM voting me Top par tha(No 1 position)after malkhamb act.

    4)Jeet was never on Top position.

    5)OM har hafte naya kuch karta hai. Jeet apna ek hi style dikhata hai.

    6)Finally, jo OM kar sakta hai woh Jeet kabhi nahi kar sakta.

    OM whether you win or not you have won hearts of million people.


    • JIN_BABA

      lol u make me Bore “tp tp” 😀

      • san subba

        tp tp….. 😉
        nice JIN bAbA @ 😀

        • JIN_BABA

          san dear u free me tafreeh ly rahy/rahi ho 😐

    • Robot Dance

      @ tp tp
      why you are saying the same things again & again, episode & episode. Ok I am adding some more values to your points 😉

      YOUR POINT NO. 1 & 2 are condtradictory. On one side you are welcoming masters’ decision in favour of Om when they selected Om for ‘performance of the day’, but on the other hand you are rejecting them when they choose Jeet by ‘wild card’. Actually you are speaking your imagination only by completly ignoring other logical views.

      YOUR POINT NO. 3 &4 are misleading & proves lack of flexible thinking. I dont know when Om got highest votes. But after considering the same as true, then also the main point remain undisclosed. The point is Jeet has not ever stand with his skipper in the ‘danger zone’ for getting second lowest votes in any week like Om. Jeet always in 2-3-4 position & never slipped beyond that. All these proves Jeet’s eligibility over Om.

      YOUR POINT NO. 5 & 6 are also not true as the duo have performed several dancing styles. But Jeet actually do justice with dance which performances are treat to eyes & mind, while Om mostly showcased Circus acts instead of stick to pure dancing styles. If you carefully (& obviously by open minded) watch their face-off (jugalbandi) in earlier episode you can realised what I said just now.

      So, stop to make all those foolish coments & accept the truth that JEET IS BETTER THAN OM AFTER BEING 1 YR. YOUNGER THAN OM. :-) :-) :-)

  • bijay karki

    Dear All
    Gone through comments and analysis, but i’ dnt understands why you guys are trying to win this competition by virtue of sympathy or being communial. Let anybody win because all of them are truly deserving and works really very hard. Only one’s going to win the competition though all of them are guaranteed superstar. Try to understand the emotions of this kids who are entertaining us by giving everything they have in such a young age, commenting here against them is like fooling ourself being better then anybody else.
    Lets see on the next episode who will make it to the finale and who ends up winning the competition. Good luck and good wishes to all the kids. Thanks for entertaining us every two days in a week. Keep it up!!!!

    • JIN_BABA

      i already share this thing before, no doubt are children are awesome & deserving 1st position, without any doubt, but just show formalities, they give # 1,2,3 etc

  • Ruchika Gupta

    Good to see so many people supporting Faisal.. He deserves it…
    Guys please vote for him.. he is d best…

    i also don’t agree that he has shown only one form of dance… he has done contemporary, he has done hip ho, popping, cutting, aerial, salsa ad also tried Indian.. and if you guys don’t know the diff between all these dances.. then m sorry for u guys…

    • JIN_BABA

      Rochika people forget all this faisal attempts, but they just remember what Raghav choreo on Rohan & his act, but people forget what is gone happen with Raghav in DID Season 3, he didn’t make it 1st position.

  • Ruchika Gupta

    Agree with the fact that all are deserving..!!!

    But everyone have their favs.. Mine is Faisal…But i wont be doubtful with the results if anyone wins…

    • JIN_BABA

      Mine is Faisal too, but i also Like Saumya, if Saumya make 1st position i have no problem, i like most Faisal & Saumya, than Rohan, Jeet & OM.

  • Gopali Verma

    i suppose Ruchika Gupta is geitng INSECURE, she is literaly beging people to support Faisal.
    is this Ruchika Gupta or behind the scenes, GEETA MAA , asking evryone to vote for Faisal.
    dont wory Ruchika… i just LOVE Faisal…. weather he wins or looses, he has a fantastic dancer, tht is something no one can take away.

    also JIN BAVA weather Raghav won the season 3 or not, but clearly he has been the fav of all and thts wht matters. the trophy is for time being just for that day of the finals but as u see all the good projects are Raghav’s way. and Rajasmitha comes and dances just for Raghav in did lil masters season 2.
    So Wining hearts is VERY VERY important. and i like FAISAL and Soumya both so just pray one of them wins the show

    • JIN_BABA

      :p Gopali Verma Remember this point in your mind
      “All The Good Projects Are Raghav’s Way”.

      If Raghav Got something BIG, So Raghav need to leave something for them. hehe …

      Got it!?. If No… So Leave it than :p

      • Gopali Verma

        u knw JIN BABA.. u r for sure suitable for DID little masters commenting only. “If Raghav Got something BIG” shows tht even the youngest kid in DID is more mature than u. so tell me now did u take permision from ur elders to write comments over here,, or no no wait wait … or do u have to show ur mom ur teeth every nite before sleeping to show her tht u have brushed them …. if not,, u are old enough… so be a MAN and act like a SPORT… okay… i support FAISAL and so do u. so lets support him the rite way.

        • JIN_BABA

          Gopali Mirchi kha k Aae ho? 😐

          • Gopali Verma

            mein chahe kuch bhi kha looo, par lagtha hai tumhe mirch lagi.

  • Abhishek Pandey

    OM I want to see you in top 4 finalist.Keepit up baby.

    All the Best.

  • tp tp

    as you are openly supporting faisal, i am supporting my favorite one.

    Don’t judge everybody’s comments.

    Even ur comments make me bore..LOL……..
    Whatever i have said in comments is true.
    Accept the fact.

    Aur ha tum bhi faisal ko ghar leke jao aur dono mil ke dance karo…OK

    • san subba

      hmmmmmmmmmmm…. good reply

    • JIN_BABA

      but i didn’t mention again & again my favorites as u do 😛 .. Peace, wrna kha jaonga 😀

    • JIN_BABA

      Laughing Out Load….

      tp tp i don’t believe u inna Tap Jao Gi 😛 (Peace)

      Ya Ya Every one support their favorites ,

      ya sure me Ly Jaonga Faisal ko 😉

  • Dala Zeyda

    LOL,for the Last Line 😉

  • tp tp

    U have mentioned faisal name again and again….
    U said “faisal should come first and rest all I don’t care”….right???

    What does it mean???
    Aur tu kya mujhe khayega.

    Who are you. Are you geeta ma or any member of DID internal family.
    Tumne kya sab ka theka leke rakha hai????

    And one more thing, I always said OM is my fav and deserving contestant no doubt in that ,but I also love Saumya and Rohan.
    I always voted for all three.

    This time all ur predictions will go wrong.
    Saumya will win. Just wait and watch.

    • Dala Zeyda

      Good one :)
      <3 Rohan Om Soumya <3

    • JIN_BABA

      Me 1 JIN Ho,
      Kha Jaonga Paka Jaonga, Muhahaha

  • Dala Zeyda

    What’s with many of the Faisal’s page on FB?? i know its not acual faisal… its a crazy faisal-fan but really That insecure about SOumya being Highest voted this week??? seriously??

    Posting stuffs like DID is fixed and Soumya is Winner..Even if SOumya wins, it’ll be because she deserves it..

    Really, who ever the of admin is, he should really get into Politics. he completely knows how to play his cards by tricking innocent faisal fans… Since the Finale is Near this might just help Faisal win the show.. Really, I want faisal to win the show .. because Soumya has proved herself already..
    faisal needs the Title while contestants like soumya and rohan are already winners. You see there is a difference between Faisal and soumya, The same difference is between the fans of faisal and fans of soumya. Atleast we don’t use stupid ,lame tricks to get votes,, We appreciate all the contestants on the Show coz all of them are deserving. Unlike the admin of this stupid page and people who actually believes this blindly- totally brainless.

    All soumya and Rohan fans please vote for them and give your full support..please

    • alimurad_pu

      i totally agree with u…i think faizal fan’s page admin is trying to divert the attention of saumya voters toward faizal khan..the past behavior of judges toward roackstar were biased..but the voting trend have clearly shown that one of either rockstar wil win the did title.. but if this not happen then this will be biased and fixed decision…Best of luck rockstar and guys plzz vote for rouhan and saumya….!!!

  • Ruchika Gupta

    I think you guys are sick… kindly our comments carefully..

    If u guys have ur fav, we also have our fav. and do please read that we aren’t against any other contestants like you.. i too like Saumya, OM and i also mentioned that all are deserving..

    I don’t need to beg for votes for Faisal.. if you read the que of comments you will be able to see that whose begging and whose not…

    Read the comments carefully… it was suppoters of Rohan who are begging and not me..

    Audience is not blind.. they will vote for the one who deserves… And on Finale… the winner will be in front of us..

    I also clearly mentioned that Raghav is my fav too but i dont know what is the prob with u guys… u guys just have to speak against Faisal’s supporters.

    And i guess ur comments will not affect anyones views… if u like Rohan.. thats really great..

    But then let me support mine fav..i m not critizing rest of the contestants to support mine fav then y r u guys doing it…

    grow up guys and be a little mature..

    • Gopali Verma

      yeah guys grown up….

  • pi_nk

    Oh my goodness, Saumya was just gorgeous!!!! I watched her performance over and over and over and over and over again. BEAUTIFUL!!! I really wish Rohan could perform, I hope he gets well and they keep him in the competition. Raghav, please bring him back with a BANG and his best performance! =)

  • Dala Zeyda

    don’t take it too personally , im only talking about THE ADMIN OF THAT PAGE ON FACEBOOK and people who believed that stupid POST.


    I Have nothing against Faisal or anY of his fans. I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST YOU EITHER :).

    ofcourse everyone has their own favorites. All contestants are deserving, i don’t mind seeing faisal win the competition either, But now if Soumya wins , People will talk about how Fixed DID was already and that’s not FAIR TO SOUMYA ..
    What That admin did on fb was tricky and desparate thats it..!!!

  • Ruchika Gupta

    @ Dala Zeyda : I didnt wrote the comments agaisnt you comment… its was against the comments of group of others who are against Faisal and dont believe that he deserves to win.

    Spec.. Gopali verma.. who thinks i m begging people to vote for Faisal..
    Its the finals which will prove the deserving winner… and people who believe that Geeta maa or anyone in the show is partial should watch the show carefully and carefully listen to Geeta’s and Marzi’s compliments to other kids…

    • hema santhosh

      ya sure we are watching the show carefully and carefully but not to hear any judges favoritism(its an old story)but to see how beautifully rockstars are rocking.without rockstars there is no competition at all.



    • Gopali Verma

      u sound like u r beging… wht can i do. i write what i see.
      i tooo want faisal to win the show u knw. but i hate geet maa’s unwanted praises for faisal, she gets too emaotional when he dances, she is a paid judge, very mature, grown up …..she shld knw how to deliver comments… so u as geeta maa dont get emotional… May Faisal win the show….

  • vatika nayak

    geeta maa i respect ua decisions…but i feel dat u favour faisal a lotttt n underestimate rohan n saumya.hope
    hope rohan il get well soon….n b a finalist.
    al d very best raghav ke rockstars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ua trio always rocks d show…..

  • manu gupta


  • spartans nikom

    rohan is the most deserved dancer … we ll love to see him in the finale………

  • vatika nayak

    agree wid u dat rohan s a fab dancer…….:D

  • san subba


    • JIN_BABA

      yeah & Rock star Is Faisal Khan.

  • Saba Malik

    All the five kids r terrific but i completely diasgree wid dose who say Faisal iz getting emotional support from the judges i wud lyk 2 clear dat Master Geeta had only said dat she wud lyk 2 hv a son who cud dance lyk Faisal n not dat she wants only Faisal as a winner.The results are purely based on public voting n ntng iz fixed.Faisal is a brilliant dancer den y shud he need ny1s sympathy i think the viewers r gettng jealous of Faisal dts y such stupid stories r made out .No doubt Faisal iz a complete dance package n if he ll b a winner dts only coz of hs talent n guts.


    yaar to ek kaam karo trofi faisal ko he dedo aur to dancer dance kahan karte hai dance to faisal karta hai

  • Robot Dance

    I think Faisal should come 3rd, after Rohan (1st) & Jeet (2nd). Rohan has better dancing edge over Faisal. I am keeping Jeet in 2nd position bcoz he is truly God gifted. Oh! What a talent at the age of 6 yrs. Truly amazing & awesome. Somtimes I try to imagine that if Jeet is doing these at this age level, what he will do at the age of Faisal (13 yrs). And believe me, when I try to imagine this, always I remained speechless…

    Saumya should come to 4th place.

    I dont know what would be DID’s decision, but irrespective of anything my ranking is final for me…:-) :-) :-)

  • farhan ali 619

    THANK U DADA THANK U THANK U THANK U THANK U THANK U THANK U THANK U that u saved rohan by using ur Great vito power that boy deserve to be in Final and Viewers plz vote for him also OM, Faisal and Roahn r deserving for Winner even m alos gonna vote for Faisal but after that if i have a chance i ll gonna vote for om and Rohan Thanks DADA once again

  • Darshan patel

    plz upload videos which are performed on 4th aug…

    n again Raghav choreographed both perfomance lyrical.He never try something different n not even his music…

    n about sat perfomances Rank…


    N DID gets publicity on just two step of slow motion…

    I m just bored with it….

    Raghav did two season but yet I never watch something different…

    Raghav try something else but on next season if u are taken :-p

    • JIN_BABA

      Darshan patel Very Good comments…
      i also think same

      every time Raghav show same slow motion step, which is looking bore now.

      but my ranked is different from you,

      1st Faisal, 2nd Saumya, 3rd Jeet Das, 4th OM, 5th Rohan,
      but 3rd & 4th position predictu difficult lag raha hy, may be OM posted 3rd.

  • tp tp

    @Robot Dance,
    I strongly feel that u have not watched all the episodes for sure.

    Whenever I comment I closely observe the thigns and then comment, not like you.
    Without knowing the truth you make “STUPID AND FALSE” comments.

    Point no1)I said in prev comments that Jeet got entry due to Dada’s plan not masters. go and read all my comments from beginning. In dance bangla dance show dada told jeet that he will give him entry in DID. So even when jeet was allowed to perform and directly on the basis of one performance he was promoted to top10 leaving all good dancers behind.

    Point no2)Masters have observed OM’s performances and given him “Best performance of the day” many times.

    Point no3) After malkhamb act he got highest votes. Go and watch 1st july episode where Jay announced while calling OM as he was no 1 little master. You must watch it. They had to announce it on 30th june episode but unfortunately it was not highlighted.

    Point no4)4th aug ie yesterdays episode when show was SO CLOSE to Top4 Jeet was in danger zone. Did you not watch yest episode. Oh!!! I think u did not.

    5)OM is very good at contemporary but kruti always gave him new things. And he did justice to all and also got so many AWARDS. If OM was not a good dancer then he would have been not selected in mega auditions only.

    I have proved all points to be 100% true.
    And your false comments itself proved that “OM IS BETTER THAN JEET”.

    Infact dont even compare OM with Jeet.

    Accept the truth.

  • tp tp

    @Robot dance ,
    you cannot talk about any child’s parent that what they should do. They know better than you that what they should do with their kids.

    Again I am telling you better go and watch “All the episodes” including group acts of OM with Kruti, Uday, Rimsha all.

    OM is a true performer.

    • Robot Dance

      @ tp tp

      It seems you have problem with dada or DID policy of ‘wild card’ episodes or most likely to both.
      When dada give grand salute to Om, he is doing right but if he put Jeet to wild card (as you said), he is doing wrong, AMAGING YAAR. Look dear ‘Wild Card’ is a very good try to bring back such talents who unfortunately were not able to participate in trial zone & this policy is not new to this show (you should know it if you seen previous seasons of DID).

      You said ” Jeet got entry due to Dada’s plan not masters” right? Though it is your blind imagination, still if I was in place of Mithunda I also did the same to give tribute to such a talent like Jeet. This also confirm dada’s comitment to the quality of the show.

      I request you to carefully read other coments before making yours. I never declined that Om does not got any ‘performance of the day’ award, but what I told is his performance is very fluctuating, sometimes he got 1st somtimes stood in ‘danger zone’. That proves he is not a steady performar. That is not in case of Jeet.

      Surprisingly you are not talking about their ‘jugalbandi’ performance which I mentioned & is the best thing to compare them. On that performance everywhere (viz, in this portal, youtube etc.) Jeet got more votes than Om. Om was doing jumping all around & a little essence of true dance was in his performance. You should thankful to dada because of whom Om jointly got the prize with Jeet.

      And for your kind information what you people are saying as malkhamb act as performed by Om is not at all that. First of all malkhamb is not a dancing style to perform in DID. It is mostly related to gymnast act (of course Om is doing the same instead of doing true dancing and you people are clapping saying oh! what a dancing performance). Secondly Kruti has misinterpreted the term.

      • Priya Joshi

        Robot ji,

        If you think malkhamb is not a dance form, its fine..
        tell me one thing if that’s true then what mayuresh did in season1 and jeetumoni(winner) did in season 1 of DID lill masters with Malkhamb.

        I tell you, malkhmab act is presented with mixture of dance on DID stage. and among mayuresh, Jeetumoni and OM
        the MALKHAMB act of OM was THE BEST.

        three cheers for OM…

    • Robot Dance

      @ tp tp

      From where you found that Jeet was in danger zone (if it is straight from your super strong imagination, then I have nothig to say).

      It was Rohan dear (hope you are not confusing Jeet with Rohan) who was voted out & Mithunda give veto against this decision to take all the 5 to the final (you may please read the summary of 4th Aug episode in this portal for your kind reference).

      Moral: before advising someone else please do the same first…


    So it’s confirmed that Faisal gonna WIN the Show,
    2nd Saumya,
    3rd JEET (Well Deserved),
    4th (OM) &
    5th Rohan

    Last Night Kruti Really disappointing me.

    Faisal hi Winner hy Guys, Don’t Waste Your Time 😉

    • hema santhosh

      very funny to see this amazing ranking.



      • JIN_BABA

        lol Hema i respect your wish, but it seem difficult to fulfill :)

        i share what which is gonna happend in Finale 😛

        might be some change in 2nd/3rd position, may be, but on 1st Position it’s confirm & it’s FAISAL KHAN 😀

        • hema santhosh


          • JIN_BABA

            hema just wait, what more i can say… not much. 😛


    i didn’t watch the clips of when the Elimination announce, Dada tu Mahaan hy lol, i wonder k yh Veto Power Kaha’n Sy Aaya :D, Lucky Rohan 😛 , Eegarly Want to See Rohan & Faisal Dance Together :)

    Reto RaaJ lol How FAT he is now, No Takker with Faisal & Rohan :p

    i am with Little Master 2 Contestant, which becoz i watched the Little Kid Season 2 Show. Best Of Luck for 24 August, Little Kid 2 Rocks.

  • Niket vithani


    Win Did little Master………..
    it’s Fix

    • JIN_BABA

      Niket vithani u must be in dream, Wake Up Now!

      • Dala Zeyda

        YOur Undying Love and support and your Motherly Confidence in Faisal Keeps Me Wondering IF you are MATA GEETA IN A BABA ROOP.
        Are You? Lol Its OKay NO need to Clarify
        LOL 😀 😀 😀

  • suv kumar

    This show is very nice and its seems very competitive.
    I have few suggestions to make


    since this is a dance competition , i feel sometimes some of the contestants are forgetting dance and diverted more towards stunts, acrobat, gymnastics……
    i belive we should discourage acrobat and focus more on dance just pure dance.

    I AM SORRY IF THIS IS OFFENDING TO SOME CONTESTANTS HOWEVER WHAT I FEEL IS Master OM is just on acrobat and stunts. he does very little of dance. if you really look into his dance he hardly completes any steps properly. his all the steps are unclear and incomplete. fairly saying he should not be there where he is today.

    otherwise rest of the four contestants are good. they do pure and good dance. all the best to contestants.

    • JIN_BABA

      that what we most have same concern as you said… Exactly!…

  • suv kumar

    tough all the contestants are fintastic however i personally think rohan, faisal and somya are really better dancer.

  • tp tp

    @Robot dance
    I really dont understand that what are you trying to say.
    First you said that comments are false.
    Now wen u came to know that i was telling the truth you are nt ready to accept it. OM was voted highest. U said no.It was true. Now u r denying it saying the act was not good.

    In little master 1 jeetumoni had also performed on malkhamb and judges like farah, sandeep appreciated him like anything. So is jeetumoni not a good dancer? If you see the performance OM ka malkhamb act was better the jeetumoni and there was lot of dancing also.

    Secondly I request you to watch 4th aug episode where jeet was in bottom 2. Again u r denying that also.

    3) I never raised point on grand salute. U have raied it. So i will nt speak on this.

    4)In face off OM’s steps were really clear. I loved his dance.

    It is clear that know the fact but completely denying. What’s wrong wid u.

  • Ruchika Gupta

    This week Faisal and Prince proved that they r the best… this was their week …

    what ausum dance… and whosoever understands dance would agree wid me..

    Agree that Rohan is a good dancer but also agree that he hasn’t sown much of versatile dancing… and for that Raghav is responsible.. Rohan is prince of slow motion so Raghav has always added tht slow motion in almost all of his performances.

    I prefer Saumya more than Rohan and would be my second preference as a winner after Faisal.

    I m happy that Rohan is in Finals as he deserves tht position.

    I want to see Faisal as a winner and if not Faisal then Saumya shud win…

    The Krishna Radha Act was the act of the week…

  • tp tp

    Where is Robot dance one???

  • Robot Dance

    @ tp tp

    Though I was not submitting comments regularly before that, I normaly used to read comments of others. By this I can understand other things, which I have not thought. This make me more thoughtful.
    But everytime, dont mind otherwise, I found your comments are blind to one direction.

    I dont think I (or anyone) can clear your confusion, because you remain always ready to say your own without PROPERLY reading other comments. Ok, I am trying once again…but almost sure about no success…

    1. On my 5th Aug reply I wrote, “I dont know
    when Om got highest votes. But after
    considering the same as true, then also the
    main point remain undisclosed…” Does it mean that I am just ignoring/ not accepting what you are saying??? You better know.

    2. There is no harm that you are supporting Om. There is definitely some supporters of Om otherwise he couldnot manage to be in top 5. But you are JUST IGNORING true dancing talents (again I am saying Om has very good flexibility & can perfrom eye catching circus plays/gymnast acts like malkhamb etc., BUT IS NOT A GOOD DANCER). You have repeteadly said ‘Jeet ko to pukat ka entry mil gaya’ etc. which are not acceptable at all. That means you have problem with programme policy of ‘wild card’. Even I found you have accused others for voting on narrow regional biasness as they are also not supporting Om, which shows lack of your flexible thinking.

    3. You might blindly like Om’s performance in his ‘jugalbandi’ with Jeet. But it is true that Jeet was doing pure dancing & Om was just jumping all arround (which you termed as Om’s sharp dancing steps 😀 😀 ).

    4. I raised Mithunda’s ‘grand salute (GS)’ topic only because you accused him for choosing Jeet by ‘wild card’. My quarry was when GM/masters give GS/praise Om then it is okay for you & when the same is happening with Jeet then it is not right only because you not like Jeet. And finaly after this question you decided not to speak on this point, Great Yaar!!! what a defense!!!

    5. About Aug4 episode: it is right that Jeet was in 4th position (bottom line 2 in your words), but I wanted to say you that, Jeet was not in danger zone as it is quite expected that Rohan would get lowest votes as he could not perform because of illness. And in the same way Om got more votes as he was selected for ‘performance of the day’ award in Jul29 episode.

    Nothing more to say you dear, hope you will understand this time, otherwise God only can help you…

  • tp tp

    U said Jeet has not ever stood with his skipper in the ‘bottom two’ for getting second lowest votes in any week like Om. Is it true???
    I really don’t understand one thing you are not accepting the truth that jeet was in BOTTOM2.

    Again I am telling you I never said that When OM got g salute its K. Infact i have not spoken anything about this. So I kept quite.

    And u also said that sometimes OM was in bottom two. Sometimes means what??? Only once, also jeet was once in bottom two.

    For your kind information OM is contemporary dancer. And in Face off OM did complete justice to his dance.

    Jeetdas has shown same style in WHOLE SEASON.

    OM has been VERSATILE dancer.

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