Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 2 28th July

Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 2 28th July

Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 2 28th July, Popular Zee Tv characters paired up with the little masters in today’s performances. Rupal Tyagi ( Gunjan from Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke ), Ankita Lokhande ( Archana form Pavitra Rishta ), Kinshuk Mahajan ( Pintoo Singh from Afsar Bitiya ), Gulki Joshi ( Sugni from Phir Subah Hogi ), Rithvik Dhanjani ( Arjun from Pavitra Rishta ) and Narayani Shastri ( Gulabia from Phir Subah Hogi ) were copled with the little masters final 6 contestants. Rohan was the highest voted contestant this weekend while Faisal was 2nd highest voted. Shalini and OM were at the bottom, Shalini could not make it to the next round and we are now left with Top 5 DID Little Masters. There will be one more elimination before the 12th August DID Little Masters Finale.

DID Little Masters 28th July performances

Raghav Ke Rockers

Archana and Soumya performed Bollywood and Classical on the song Chupke Se

Gunjan and Rohan performed Freestyle on the song Zooobi Doobi

Neerav Ke Ninja

Sugni and Jeetdas performed Bollywood Freestyle on the song Wooh Ladki Hai Kahan

Prince Ki Palton

Gulabiya and Shalini performed Contemporary Dance Style on the song Kisi Ko Sapna

Arjun and Faisal performed Locking and Popping Style on the song Let’s Party

Kruti Ke Krackers

Pintu and OM performed Boollywood Style on the song Mereko Majnu Bana Kar

DID Lil Master Season 2 28th July Videos Part 1

DID Lil Master Season 2 28th July Videos Part 2

DID Lil Master Season 2 28th July Videos Part 3

  • Robot Dance

    the expression queen & dada’s gf is out. so sad :-(

  • san subba

    shalini deserved to stay!
    …….. but the ultimate winner is one.. so no rona dhona. :)
    and i want rohan, saumya and faisal in the competetion…!

  • alimurad_pu

    it seems in coming weekend either rohan or saumya will be eliminated. if this happend then it will again confirmed that the whole show have alredy been scripted since it’s opening. as we all are already know that in season 3 that geeta’s team contestant will win the title. in the similar way in the previous season of DID little master there was a 4 contestant from each skipper. so now raghav have 2 contestants while other have 1 each. but if any one of rohan or saumya get eliminated then this is not fair not only to both but also to Viewers of the please DID stop making fool and prove this show as unbiased show. but really i m not expecting this. let’s wait. and also hoping best..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tushar Pate

      then pls don’t see showif u not like

  • manu sharma

    I always avoid commenting but today I cant help myself from writing these lines. From the past grpah of results it is quite clear that DID can manage to shape up final things. First Salmaan from Remo’s Team(he deserved it too), then Shakti from Terrence team, then Rajsmitha from Gita’s team. And because of this politics, the most deserving candidates like Raghav, Paradeep, Dharmesh and many more lost the game.
    This time from the attitude of masters and grandmaster it seems they will make Faisal win to oblige Gita Ma, which will be a big blow to deserving contestants like Rohan, Somya, Om and others. Gita’s step treatments towards other contestants except for Faisal, is already demoralising the children. She welcomes Faisal with arms open after his performance but is unable to even connect to others’ dances.
    According to DID’s policy of leaving one contestant to each skipper in the final, one of Ragha’v team may be eliminated next time. DID will try to eliminate Rohan as he is a big challenge to Faisal. Rohan is certainly better than Faisal.
    This DID has wasted more time on melodramas and puppet shows and boring interactions between Gita and Grandmaster which has deprived us of more performances from the talented children. It remained more a show of masters than little masters.
    Shalini was expected to go this time.

    • i love india

      u r damn right…..geet maa tusi great ho….hope u ll get married soon at least until next DID lil master season so that she didnt need to say anyone mera beta…..

      • dancequeen25

        haha! agreed!

    • san subba

      i agree

      • Snehashis Chowdhury

        I agree .dnt wanna talk about d champ bt I think Rohan is much better dan being in 3rd place

    • kusum maharjan

      Well, Raghav just knows how to do slow motion only and so does rohan! Slow motion ain’t a dance! Though Soumya danced really well in the beginning episodes of DID, she failed to continue the same thing. 😛 Look at Faisal, he attempts every style and geeta appreciate him for wat he does every week bringing out something new. Its a treat to watch him dance. His moves are amazing. Faisal deserves to be the winner! I love him.

  • i love india

    Result was as aspected…but more happy that rohan got highest voted….damn faizal was second.
    but still why everytime in break they are showing only faizal dance for tmr…god save DID… i just want to wish somuaya , om and rohan good luck just worried for rohan heard that he is sick . about faizal he is good dancer but he doesnt need our goodluck becuase drama baje geetmaa and whole DID are going to him trophy no doubt…..

  • Sammy Sharma

    Extremely happy that Rohan was the highest voted contestant. I just wish he gets well soon so he can come back with a bang!!

  • Nava Nithya

    India pls keep voting and make faisal win! seems like highest voted contestant differ each episode… so unpredictable… I think everyone has their fav contestant… so lets dont say anything bad of any of the kids… or the judges or the show… i wish i can vote but cant… so india pls pls pls vote! love you faisal and prince!

    • kusum maharjan

      i love him too.. :)

  • Nava Nithya

    faisal gonna be a heart breaker 😀 ♥ super good looking kid!

  • abhinav agrawal

    screw all……. guys doesn’t know abc of dance and comment upon who’s better and who should go hahaha
    according to me the only style in which rohan scores higher than faisal is lyrical hip hop that’s it………. undoubtedly show is fixed but people don’t have any right to say faisal undeserving …….. since audition it is clear that both will be the top two as geeta asked them both at mega audition and what the @*@* about judges ha they are not illiterate aroud they are far better than those commenting on them and screw those who says terence will judge rohan better coz when he was there for a weak he pointed out many flaws in rohans contemp. so think atleast before shiting out from your mouth

    • dancequeen25

      we all have different opinions and if this is yours then its fine but u cant say that the rest of us dont know anything about dance cuz we do n as we respect your opinion i think u shud also respect ours.

      • abhinav agrawal

        i respect all opinions but saying someone who won most best performance awards undeserving is not fair plus saying terence is better to judge is also something which i totally disagree

  • Darshan patel

    I want to say that stop playing this type of Drama..
    I want only solo perfomance..

    Raghav’s Drama is totaly ‘Hathoda’….

    for today’s perfomance i would like to say..

    Faisal : Nice perfomance but i want to see better..

    Rohan : Good perfomance except first half dancing.

    Saumya : Not good perfomance which I have seen before..

    Shalini : Good perfomance.

    Jeet : Nice perfomance n nice choreography by Neerav…

    Om : Very bad perfomance….Very less dancing…

    In Om n Shalini..I will choose Shalini to stay…

    Om doesn’t deserve to be in top 8..
    He is not fit in any ohter dance form..

    In next episode I want only Dancing….Stop playing Drama…

    • Robot Dance

      DARSHAN is right. Om is a very cute kid but he does not deserve to be in top 4. Shalini is also better than Om. But still I am considering that this show is going on the basis of votes. As only becoz my favourite kid is out, I should not say that the show is biased. Becoz I dont know what others like. BUT IF OM DOES NOT GET ELIMINATED IN NEXT WEEK, THEN DID WILL MAKE A REASONABLE NUMBER OF VIEWERS BOUND TO THINK THAT THE SHOW IS PREVIOUSLY SCRIPTED. Om is a very cute & loving kid, but on the basis of dance performances the others (Rohan, Faisal, Saumya & of course Jeet) is far away better than him.

      I also like to say KEERTHI that you are right that if a kid is not doing well then the most liable person for this is his/her skipper & choreography, as all the kids are extremely talented. But still if we have to choose/eliminate among them then we have to consider only the stage performance not the other issues as those issues are common to all contestants.

    • san subba

      ….u would have been in the kids place….inspite if u wanna comment…#LOL
      😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 :B

  • keerthi reddy

    Well I actually disagree with u darshan Patel because it’s not Oma fault the the people whoe coreograph him and do that performance is
    TheIr fault not the kids and love u raghav and Rohan and saumya about the elemination I think shalini deserved to go I mean all she does good is good expressions so and stop the being unfair to other kids geeta ma and just being fair to Faisal India pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee vote for kids who deserve to be the winner like Rohan saumya and maybe Om so please love Udi baba and crocbaba raghav ur so funny love prince ktuti raghav neerav love all of them but I loveeeeeeeeeeeee raghav keep doing a gray job guys expect a lot from uall

  • hema santhosh


    pls pls VOTE for ROHAN and SOUMYA

    • jai m

      He is the Best !! The reason I watch the show !!

  • shourov paul

    Om cant even dance properly, camon Zee Tv the only reason you didn’t kick him out is because he’s from Krutis team and if he gets kicked out she will be out of Dance india Dance Show too so you decided to kick shalini Out.. I am damn sure om didn’t get more votes then Shalini… Zee tv and DiD team you should bring her back…Think about it She is a way better dancer then Om and you guys should have a “face-off”.. Shalini is the best honestly I am really upset not only because she is my favorite dancer but also she is a GREAT DANCER!!!!!!!

    Thank you..

  • dechjoll lol

    I think the whole DID judges are so heartless!! Rohan was sick, you can see from his expression n after performing this fast dance No ONE asked him if he was feeling fine or something like that. Since when did GEETA became this professional!! Instead of saying something to Rohan’s performance she shifted all her comments on GUNJAN!!
    When Marzi was commenting (@ part 3(11:27), Jay was asking Rohan was feeling okay or not…Rohan Just nodded a little but looked very sick!! I love u Jay even more for your sense of concern n thoughtfulness.Rest are intentionally or unintentionally focused on Gunjan that didn’t seemed to Notice a Kid’s health AT ALL.
    I hate GEETA from the core of my heart. SHE is so biased.Did u see her reaction when MITHUNDA joked that Faisal didn’t perform well.JUST see her Instant reaction, she OOPED. SHE couldn’t even take a moment of Joke about Faisal. how can u not say that she isn’t Biased. Its written all over her face.She is very UNPROFESSIONAL to her FAV. n over professional to the Rest.No wonder why other TV shows do not call her for judging other shows unlike Terence n Remo. She is struck in DID with Mithunda’s “Mujhse Baarosa Rakho” live example!!! HOPE she never judges a Kid show ever again. She is very clever n diplomatic with her comments when it comes to other contestants on one hand. On the other, we have Marzi who has no brain at all!!!

    DID should call Terence as Remo is busy with Jhalak( great if he can come too). I like Terence sir a lot even when he points out ROhan or any other contestant’s fault. HIS Comments are always so Genuine to everyone. HE appreciates their good points n point out bad points equally. That’s the kind of judge we need in STAGE LIKE DID.

    Loved it when Raghav was reassuring if Rohan was okay when MarZi was dancing with Gunjan. Also at the very end of the Part3, when the camera almost turned off to darkness… Raghav Picked up ROhan N Took him out of the Stage. I just hope Rohan is fine n gets to be in Top 4 even though my heart tells me that next week one of the RKR will be out. Just wish for some miracle to happen in this whole game of politics n impartiality.

    I wish all the top 5 could make to the Finale. All the contestants are amazingly mind-blowing.Everyone has a fav. n mine is Raghav ke RockStars. SO lets root for our own fav.

    I hope neither GEETA nor MARZI is there in DID lil master season 1 v/s 2.If so, will ruin the innocence the show once again!!!

    • Samairah Parveen

      I totally agree with you, it is expected from Geeta and Marzi but even grand master did not ask if Rohan was feeling fine. That is totally not acceptable, if it had been Faisal, they would have made a very big deal out of it. Poor Rohan. Hope he gets better soon and wins the show. :)

    • shilpa redkar

      i totally agree with u……really, actually geeta ma was my fav. since did started but this time i completley disagree with her becaz i ithink she is very partial to faiszal. though i know that he is fab.dancer, he is my fav.too, but even all other r a good dancers,so the competition is reallly very tough,i think rohan is not at all given much importance though he is a vvv.good dancer…..only faizal,faizal n faizal ……no far yaar with the other contestnts….even i n my frnds.n everybdy watching did knows that faizal will win… becaz the way they are showing….may the best person win..

    • Dala Zeyda

      I agree with you too dechjoll, Geeta ma and Others should have atleast asked Rohan how he was feeling .. What’s the point of calling her “MA” if she has no concern for a kid who is so sick..
      And i must say, Rohan Didn’t make a single Mistake despite his sickness. Like always he proved himself this time too.

      • Sammy Sharma

        I couldn’t agree more. Leave alone asking about his health , no one even said anything about his performance. Despite of being sick he was perfect and performed so well. He is such a humble kid,did not make a big deal even when he was voted highest. He just smiled so humbly.Love him. Guys , please vote for him.

    • hema santhosh

      I agree with u, geetha so called “maa” found very relaxed and happy in todays episode she knows well that Rohan is better than Faisal and she really wanted to kick Rohan out of did.When Thanay and Rohan were in bottom2 she was praying for that to happen ,a more comfortable position for her “beta”.Rohan and Soumya are the most deserving kids of this season to the finale without any masters support.Let us wait and see…

      Jantha pls support Rohan



    DID L’il Masters gets its top 5 finalists!

    Faisal / Saumya / Rohan / Jeet & OM.

    and my predict are.
    1. Faisal, 2. Saumya, 3. Rohan, 4. Jeet/OM, 5. OM/Jeet

    Good to see Rohan in Finale.

    • Vijay Kumar

      This is good news! :)

      • JIN_BABA

        ya it is.. eagerly want to see Faisal & Rohan dance together for sure.. wrna maza nahi aay ga :-/ .. also wish If … If Hrithik Rosan grace the Finale Show.

        • Vijay Kumar

          YESS!! That would be killer episode! He should perform also .. full song like he did for JD. Predict it and let it come true :)

    • karan sharma

      you Absolutely right rohan is best dancer


    Faisal is the Wiinner 😛 Well Deserve it, (Along with Saumya)
    i count Faisal & Saumya # 1 Ranked

    • Vijay Kumar

      If this is prediction, then its bad news :(

      • JIN_BABA

        lol vijay y you so worried?
        As Dada says often in the show,
        “Insan ki hr Khuwaish(Dream) zarori nahi k puri ho” Aaj nahi tu kal us ka din aana hy 😉

        1st & 2nd Ranked to me ko confirm hy :p Faisal & Saumya, the Rest is the choice of D.I.D lol (Kidding)


    The top 5 finalists will be seen competing with each other on 12th August in Pune.

  • Shivani Desai

    Rohan or Soumya must win.


    • JIN_BABA

      Shivani don’t worry, both r the winner of Millions Heart, but i tell u both ranked Saumya got 2nd highest in Final, due to JEET 3rd position 50/50 ho gae hy, Rohan & JEET k Btw.

  • kinga98.12

    Jeet must win becouse he is the best !!!!!! :) and finally came back Neerav !!! ♥♥

  • asif khan

    DID L’il Masters gets its top 3 finalists

    Faisal / Saumya / Rohan /om

    and my predict are.
    1. Faisal, 2. Saumya, 3. om

    i think faisal won did lill master

  • jai m

    Hi Guys !!
    This is my first post on this great forum !!
    I am an ardent fan of DID Little Masters and i wait for this show like anything. Rather, it’s the only show I watch on weekends. I have seen Rohan grow up as a dancer since his first performance on ‘Abhi mujh mein kahin’ song. A quick learner and an adept performer, he has come a long way. If his performance with Paul on 22nd July is anything to go by, he will prove to be a worthy contender for the DID Little Masters crown (albeit, he makes it). Guys, if anyone agrees with me, kindly vote for Rohan @ 18002665604. He is not well and did not perform today. Although Grandmaster has kept the decision regarding Rohan close to his chest, kindly vote for him so that our votes take Rohan forward.

    • Dala Zeyda

      Yes please vote for ROhan and Dada don’t neliminate rohan only coz he couldn’t.. Anyone could have gotten Sick, it was rohan this time but that doesn’t mean he is not talented.. ROHAN HAS BEEN A GR3EAT DANCER SINCE DAY-1. so please guys vote for him.

  • Liza d rockstar

    Heiiii Guyzzzz…Im really upset bcoz my baby Rohan is so not well and hez hospitalised :(
    nobody in the show even asked him about his health..Geeta was so busy in praising “GUNJAN”and even didnt look at Rohan..he was looking so sick..poor Rohan
    but happy to see Raghav carrying Rohan after the show :)
    Rohan seriously deserves to be in the show..juz hope that he’ll get well soon.
    guyz plz vote for Rohan..its not that hez my fav but hez a real good dancer although he never got that limelight like faizal
    I think he should be there in the top 4..
    18002665604 – Plz vote :) :)

    All the contestants and skippers are good…love u all…
    but kya karein my special Muahhhhhh to Raghav,Rohan and Soumya :) :)

  • karan sharma

    dear public plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do the vote for rohan he is the best dancer in did a posit of faisal plz do vote for rohan no. 18002665604.

    • san subba


  • keerthi reddy

    I think Rohan or saumya should win

  • tp tp

    I too disagree with darhsan patel and shourov paul.
    OM is versatile dancer.

    Jab koi dancer apne shaili me perform karta hai to flawless performance deta hai. Aur OM ka shaili hai contemporary aur uski flexibility bhi kamal ki hai. Lekin OM hamesha kuch alag aur difficult karne ki koshish karta hai jaise usne hiphop& boyin, malkhamb, kalaripayattu, aerial, fire act, fresstyle sab kiya.

    Agar OM bhi jeetdas ki tarah apne shaili me hi performance deta raha to mistakes nahi dikhayi denge.
    Isiliye OM you are he best.

    Itna chota hone ke bavjood usne har ek style attempt kiya hai.
    Agar final me kisi ko nahi hona chahiya to wo hai Jeetdas.

    NEERAV ki tarah agar KRUTI bhi “HARD WORK” ke badle “SMART WORK” karti na to shayad acha hota tha.

    • san subba

      very goooooooood answer . #thumbs up 😉

  • keerthi reddy

    Hey guys if u agree with me please comment again um what I think is that next week grandmaster is goin to decide wht to do with Rohan I think that he should decide that instead of 4 finalists there should be 5. How bout u guys do u think so too

  • manu gupta

    hi everybody!this is my first post.i m a great fan of DID .i m so sad about rohan. he is the best dancer. he must not be eliminated.and i agree all the people who said that sabne faizal ko chada rakha hai. i will not say that the show is fixed because i respect DID and i believe DID. but yes, what faisal do everybody do & he get much more attention then others.geeta ma ka ye drama sahi nahin hai.raghav is the best skipper.he knows how to manage all.then it comes prince but i can see attitude in him.kruti is doing good job but not getting much attention for her work.neerav has not done a great job.i think agar woh shreya ko pehele dance ki kasauti par utar deta to rishi ki jagah woh nkal jati or rishi could give big takkar to all these contestent.

    mere according top10 main shreya ki jagah rishi aur shalini ki jagah uday hona cahiye tha. he was fabulas and can compete greatly rohan and faisal.uday deserved to be in top 4.agar aaj yahaan remo sir hote to competition ek dum fair hota.jeet ki jagah deep zyada badiya tha.

    aur ye scripted mogembo and all ko hata dena chahiye kyunki DID doesn’t need this. waiting to see the competition b/w DID season 1 and season to.

    my rankings-

    • san subba

      i’ll b happy… for this result :)

      • Sammy Sharma

        I’ll be super happy with the above result. Rohan deserves to win. I can’t stop watching his performances over and over again.

  • Nava Nithya

    India pls vote for faisal khan! he dance effortlessly …..

    • Sammy Sharma

      Have you not seen Rohan dance at all??

      • san subba

        good answer. 😀

    • san subba

      contestant who doesn’t put their effort……..”they don’t deserve to WIN at all” :v

  • san subba

    Dear friends……….!
    this politics thing is just goin onnn …in DID..!
    Only Faisal is getting more attention……..
    if u have ever danced … look at faisal’s and rohan’s performance..rohan has unimaginable perfevtion on his
    technique…he is more smoothness over steps and he had proved it in Every performance he gaved…!
    And Saumya is the only girl who has attempeted all Dance styles…with perfection..!
    …so moral yeh hay ki…………
    Rohan and Saumya Deserves to win …..!
    please vote for them! :”)

    • Sammy Sharma

      I totally agree. Guys, watch the pasa doble dance form by Rohan and Saumya. You’ll be blown away by the perfection both have shown in their dance. I have watched it many times to see both of them seperately.Rohan is an immaculately stunning dancer who has superb control over his body and his moves and Saumya is equally good.

  • natasha aus

    Wow wow Faisal u touch my heart u r an amazing dancer n a very cute boy i also would wish 2 have a son like u too wish all the best for the final n lots lots of sucess n happiness ahead may god bless u:)

  • angel reemo

    faisal should win best of luck faisal

  • pi_nk

    WOA!! ok this is the height yar! What was that about?? Forget about commenting on his performance, none of the judges, not even GRAND MASTER could bother ask Rohan how he was feeling???
    Discipline sikhaney mey toh barey agey nikley huwey hain, but they don’t care about how the kids are feeling??? Jay was the only one who asked Rohan how he was (while the male judge was commenting) and of course Raghav. I would have exploded by now if I was in Raghav’s place, first the “connectivity” with Saumya’s performance in the last epoisode, and now this kind of behavior?? WTH??!?!?!?! Raghav is so positive and just ignores the judge’s carelessness and focus’s on his kids. I always try to put something nice, but this is the FREAKING HEIGHT!!!
    Raghav is so sweet, he always trys to cheer up the kids that get eliminated, even though they’re not from his group. I love his team, not just because they’re his kids, but because they are the most talented on the show.My best wishes with Rohan and Saumya. =)

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