Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 2 23rd June

Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 2 23rd June

Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 2 23rd June, Super 10 DID Little Masters performed today to get a place in the Top 9. Soumya had a little accident dring her perfrmance which stopped her for a moment but Mithun asked to continue her performance. Soumya was the highest voted contestant this week while Jeet was 2nd and Tanay was 3rd. Shalini and Deep were the lowest voted contestants today. Unfortunately Deep could not make it to the next round.

DID Little Masters 23rd June performances

Raghav Ke Rockers

Soumya performed Contemporary Dance Style on the song Choti Si Asha

Rohan performed Aaicha Gondhal

Neerav Ke Ninja

Shreya performed Bollywood Freestyle on the song Chin Chin

Jeetdas performed Hip Hop & Popping Dance on the song Urvasi Take It Easy

Tanay performed Ariel Contemporary Style on the song Guzarish

Prince Ki Palton

Deep performed Bollywood Dance on the song UP Wala Thumka

Shalini performed Contemporary Dance Style on the song Khaabon Ke Parinday

Faisal performed Ariel Contemporary Style on the song Tu Na Jane

Kruti Ke Krackers

OM performed Malkhamb Dance on the song Omkara

Uday performed Contemporary Dance Style on the song Pani Da Rang

DID Lil Master Season 2 23rd June Videos Part 1

DID Lil Master Season 2 23rd June Videos Part 2

DID Lil Master Season 2 23rd June Videos Part 3

DID Lil Master Season 2 23rd June Videos Part 4

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  • awesome maan

    deep has been performing wonderfully and shouldn’t have been eleminated. Uday and om kracked the stage today, and soumiya did a great job getting back and performing with the wings

    • Manal Arshad

      Deep please please come back soon! i mean earlier than soon!

  • divyasnavi

    Today’s episode just felt very like depressing to watch. All the dances were just okay. Like I’m not saying we put the kids in more pressure than they already are, but it just felt like the extra stuff they did with teaching the kids a lesson and stuff felt really sad, I know that all kids are like that, but that doesn’t mean purposely pick on kids like Soumya and Tanya on National Television, that’s really going to make the kids’ confidence level go down, I really hated that part. Other than that, the masti between Jai, Marzi sir, Geeta ma and Mutunji was pretty funny. I wish Deep wasn’t eliminated though :( I feel like it was so unfair because Deep has been their like every episode working his butt off and performing really well, and then Shalini was gone for like 2-4 episodes and then she doesn’t get eliminated, he may have been really over confident in himself, but also he was a really good dancer, definitely deserved to be in at least top 7 or better. Oh well Janta ka decision hai, aur Janta ka decision bagwan ka decision hota hai. I’m still surprised Shreya hasn’t been eliminated she’s clearly a weaker contestant than any of the other contestant. Oh well. Waiting for tomorrow’s episode!!

    • Mahaboob Peera

      i felt very same feeling on this cute episode as getting from past episodes…
      sorry 2 say this… I am opposing Ur UNFAIR comment in as Ridiculous manner on Shreya’s attitude in Dancing… she is nice… I think u may felt guilty while seeing next episode i.e., on 24th June… so Beware of giving comments…

      and also i felt dialoma on Janatha Decision on Deep’s performing… of course this is Compitation… Hothaa Hai..Kabhi…Kabhi…!!!!

  • ppmsia

    why does grandmaster need to make soumya cry again. she already had a bad day with the wings and to make it worse, mithunda wanted to discipline her some more. whatever happens between parents and their kids is not relevant and we have parents to deal with that…for mithunda to publicly say that she has misbehaved with her mother right after her unfortunate perfomance, its just too much! poor soumya :(

    by the way, tanay’s performance was simply awesome eventhough he didnt receive all those high grade salutations from masters…he was just superb!

  • Shaya Lautan

    I was too sad to see saumya cry :(
    They should just focus on their dance!

    Tanay & Om were great today 😀
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s ep !!!

  • Rakesh Jain

    I believe that parents should support their children….bcz first of all, children’s are under immense tension, pressure of performing on such a big platform….so, it happens that children try to focus a lot on the dance and at the same time unknowingly ignore or hurt their parents…….Moms complaining in this manner will demotivate their won child and might affect their performance….. I know parents are god and they always care and think good of their champs but, rather than increasing childrens tension and diverting their mind towards such small things, parents should help their children put a fight for their destiny.

    Now, Dada has become grand dada (scolding everyone)

  • Shamik Chanda

    Awesum episode. Ll start with individual performances.

    Om: mindblowing, chummeswari, stpendo, sundababara nd wat not…!! D boy is jus awesum.. D way he dd d act ws suprb…!! Tons of appreciation to kruti for dis choreography

    faisal: vry gud. Bt felt his alignments cud hav been bttr..!! Vry vry eyepleasing

    tanay: a treat to watch. I think the choreography set 4 him ws vry difficult nd he did splndid job to dat

    uday: vry gud usage of prop.. Vry vry swt performance

    saumya: nce begining.. Bt dn yes d perfrmnce droppd. D prop ws too big 4 hr. Nd its usage wsnt clean

    jeet: yes he is d 8th wonder.. Bt har hafte same style, dat doesnt wrk 4 me.. Nywys he is olwys suprb

    deep: entertainment, entertainment entertainmnt

    shalini: nce, simple, sweet

    shreya: lines werent correct, dats tru.. Bt d other things were awesum

    rohan: weakest of d lot 4 me. Enrgy ws missing, stps were incomplete..

    I thought on d basis of lst weeks performnce.. Faisal nd shalini shud hav bn in bttm 2 nd shalini shud hav been eliminated.

    I hated d part whn dada ws scolding saumya nd tanay.. Khud keheta hai ki displine mein raho aur khud hi sare mummy o ko lyn marta hai aur geeta mam k piche bhi parta hai

    • irshad arakkal

      for me the weakest contestants in this lot are shreya & shalini ……shreya should have been eliminated…..

      • pramod chauhan

        i completely agree with you irshad even they both should not be in top 10 inke alawa yash ya rishi hote to dance dekhne mi or jayada maza ata

  • bijay karki

    om you’ve been truly fantastic…. go on my child i wish if every child can perform like the way you did today. the level of the competition was tough and all the kids are truly upto level. hats off to you all.. you all are superstar

  • Anwesha sen

    people of kolkata got so busy voting for jeet das, they forgot to vote for deep & shalini. ppl felt deep got bhaari on faisal,thats why out ho gaya bechara!!! sad for him.. but i still wonder, there is so many supporters of shreya… deep was far better!!! he is a superb dancer. God bless him.


    i was so sad when watching soumya accidentaly step on the wing and slip but as what mama geeta was saying it happen anywhere in any competition same goes to miss world competition before and also it happen also in malaysia where the malaysian idol champion slip down while walking to preform on the stage but being more matured she manage to cover-up the incident and goes on, the only thing is that maybe raghav forget to teach her if this incident happen how to cover-up , she should have continue and establish a moment where she can immediately cover-up the incident and continue..well while watching that occasion happen soumya …my tears come out anyway you are still my favorite and please go on and get the no 1 place for this competition. dont worry you win or you loose you still the best. all the best and may god bless you..from hazli–malaysia


    hai mr raghav….you have done so well in making soumya and also small dancer in your group to be become a professional dancer. and your choreograph was so amazing. so for the next occasion please put soumya and give her a hindi song more towards or in the line like acha nachle. the acha nachle she preform was the best of the best and next get something from dil to pagal hai – are re are. tks frm hazli –malaysia

  • Rakesh Jain

    Today,s show was awesome……Mucambo and zocambo were fantastic …..I enjoyed each and every moment of the show…..Well done soumya, you were rocking, my Japani gudya……..

  • Kishore Karki

    soumia one of the best dancer there is no question .see is the best

  • pramod chauhan

    deep was a good dancer he should not have gone out……..sherya and shalni both are weak dancer as compare to others even so many good kid dancers are not taken in top 1 as like yash ,rishi , sachin anyways but we should give vote to good dancer who danced well

  • Fazee Perz

    Vry gd perf0rmances….Deep should n0t hv been eliminated….but ol these kids r so talented n brave n only one can win….best wishes 2 them ol :)

  • tp tp

    OM OM and only OM….
    Kruti ke crackers were awesome..

    None of the little master have shown the amount of versatility OM has shown.
    This little boy is so talented. He should been voted first.
    People are simply appreciating raghav and saumya.
    But kruti and OM are fentastic.
    And yes deep should nt been eliminated. Instead fisal or shalini should go.

  • Angel Alive

    Om was outstanding.I loved his malkhamb act.Om is very talented and he is the best dancer.My vote is for Om and uday.Love you kruti ke krackers:)

  • priyanka kollins

    Please !!! Don’t give up Soumya,,, we proud of you,, You really really Great dancer,,,we love you…. You are the Best ever !!!

  • spartans nikom

    the show is just a trp show. when the auditions videos started airing on television i thought this season would be better than last so terrific performance by naina , simran , faizal etc. now the show have become worst it is not equal to 70% comparing to last season.. jeetumoni. ruturaj . manoj . papya were exeptional. deep was a brilliant and terrific dancer than shalini and shreya. if rishi . yash . or shivam would be in their place the show must be a superhit show.. the show when started i used to see the same episode 4-5 tie but now i am hating to see the complete show hardly one time. the show is just depressing. but love u and jeet. the seven who kept the show goin. uday hve been exceptional today..keep it dancing champ

  • mukesh lama


  • murtaza hamidi

    deep mess you so much

    • Manal Arshad

      all our best wishes are with you! may you get bigger successes in your life!

  • pi_nk

    what on earth was that about?? if the kids misbehave, the masters and grand master should talk to them about it, whats the purpose of showing it on national television?? I loved how Raghav handled the situation when grand master was scolding Saumaya, he showed his ‘father like’ side in this episode, GREAT WORK RAGHAV!! =)

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