Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 2 22nd July

Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 2 22nd July

Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 2 22nd July, Ritesh Deshmukh and Tushar Kapoor were the guests today to promote Kya Super Cool Hein Hum. Best performance of the day was awarded to Faisal.

DID Little Masters 22nd July performances

Raghav Ke Rockers

Soumya performed Classical Dance Style on the song Mein Pareshaan

Rohan performed Popping and Freestyle on the song Duniya Ka Nara Jamay Raho

Neerav Ke Ninja

Jeetdas performed Bollywood and Classical Dance on the song Manmohini Teri Ada

Prince Ki Palton

Shalini performed Contemporary Dance Style on the song Kyun Phoolon Ke Khile Khile

Faisal performed Ariel Contemporary on the song Tu Aaja Mere Mahi

Kruti Ke Krackers

OM performed Fire Stunt on Ganpati Bappa Morya

DID Lil Master Season 2 22nd July Videos Part 1

DID Lil Master Season 2 22nd July Videos Part 2

DID Lil Master Season 2 22nd July Videos Part 3

DID Lil Master Season 2 22nd July Videos Limelight

  • Vijay Kumar

    Although I started as admirer of Faisal but now I think Rohan is better than Faisal. He seems much more in control. I am not sure if Rohan will be there in finale or not but I think he’d do much better in life. God bless him!
    Soumya’s dance was really elegant and excellent. Don’t understand the “connect to it” thing!

    Prince should abstain a bit. There is too much cheek pulling and cheek kissing! I am sure he doesn’t think an iota otherwise but people notice… I did take notice, felt uncomfortable and would have probably raised it had she been my daughter. Am I the only one thinking like that?!

    • Janhavi Dethe

      I Agree with you … Rohan is best!

      • Sudeep Samota

        Vijay & janvhi i dnt agree with u OM is too gud as compare to rohan nd faisal… OM best dancer in did as well as whole world♥♥♥

    • meghana narvekar

      Yes i also feel that there is unnecessary extra attention given to Faisal
      pehale kabhi ye chij feel nahi ki thi but abhi strongly feel ho rahi hai

      Rohan showing his versatility ever time but did not get much attention……….

      we all pray for Rohan……….
      All The BEst Rohan………………..

    • a s

      i also feel the same… faisal is being given a lot more attention than he deserves… i personally feel that he is connected with any of the bollywoods ace choreographers… and DID will make him win this season…but i prefer rohan a lot more than him (only he lacks in facial expressions) but dances very well… somya is also good… she adjusts her body language to the dance style she perfoms

    • Rinky Sachdeva

      Agree!! Faisal is being given more attention than he deserves!!

    • Samairah Parveen

      haha I agree with what you said about prince. His cheek pulling is very annoying and I definitely wouldn’t want my child’s cheek to be pulled in such a manner. Please stop with the cheek pulling Prince :)

    • dancequeen25

      i agree completely!!!! faisal is getting too much attention! rohan is the best and the most versatile! he deserves to win!

    • Siyaf Khan

      Faisal is still best performer of this season. no doubt on this case. He is getting more attention because of his performances only. nothing else. Judges have to appreciate the dancer who perform very well. Here they do that.
      Faisal, we all with you..and hope that you will be the winner.

      My ranking;


      • Sudeep Samota

        Siyaf khan ur ranking lol nd how u say that OM is in 5th ranking in did he is very gud dancer Other kids ok he won many times best pertperformance of the day

    • mehetab nasreen

      common guys .why you blaming faizal?he is a gud dancer n getting attention.howz he related for rohan’s not getting attention?om is also gud.all these kidz r rockng…..hope faizal wins…except jeet everyone deserves to win..

    • inkesh pokharel

      i never expected DID to be this biased. the organizers might come up and say that all the decisions are made by viewers voting but every move of their decision clearly shows what they intend to get from this show.
      if and only if the DID is able to get rid of these so called judges especially the stupid geeta, will it be recognized as the dance platform for innocent young talents.
      i had a feeling that the judges and the decisions are biased since the DID season 3 and you all might have felt the same if you have been watching these young talents perform their outstanding performances.
      everyone has their own opinions about the contestants but being a judge and having the responsibility to critic in their performances, the so called judges should have their sincere and fair judgement.
      no doubt about faisal being a talented performer but have you guyz noticed about the praise and the appreciation and extra attention he gets after every performances while others, forget about the appreciation for their outstanding performances, have to hear those stupid words from the talentless so called judges. this is so ridiculous. Raghav is a versatile choreographer and very talented and creative choreographer. there is not a single episode that the so called judges try to demoralize the creativity and outstanding choreography of Raghav. i dont understand if they are jealous of his creations. infact the judges seem to be jealous of every new ideas and creations of all the mentors including Prince, Kruti and Nirabh. geeta expects her to-be-son, if she ever has one to be a talented one but with this unfair judgement and bias-ness in the show, i wouldnt be surprised to see viewers who might curse you with words like u would never-ever get married and have kids.
      the only suggestion from well-wisher and a regular viewer of the DID is judge every contestant based on their performances and their talents.

  • tp tp

    OM baby a big Salute to you.

    You are the most hard working, versatile and deserving contestant of DID little masters.
    Tu hi hai asli dance ka baap.

    • saleem khan

      yes i agree with u> TP TP

    • Sudeep Samota

      Yes i also agree with you tp tp OM my favourite nd he is a great dancer i love u OM♥♥♥

  • Sammy Sharma

    Rohan is just superb! Such a controlled , effortless and self-assured dancer. I totally root for him and wish he does not become a victim of voting system.

  • dechjoll lol

    I don’t feel that voting is fix or something like that but I have to say that this show is biased in a sense that they do try to promote some contestants more than others. I mean may be they are trying to get better TRP’s by promoting the more popular contestants or something. But throughout this season even in promos or limelight, they show more of Faisal, Jeet,Om n Soumya most of the time.Even in today’s limelight they show more of Dharmesh n faisal n only a clip of Rohan N Paul. OH come on.. they got the best performance of the week n you guys didn’t get a clip of them in the limelight. I was so hoping to see more of Rohan n paul in this limelight atleast. I do agree there are few clips of rohan n his grandparents… but seriously compare to Faisal… it was nothing!!
    They only interview only those contestants who they want to win..make them get more connected with the audience so that audience will vote for them…. even with the jeep waala limelight.. where kids go to see Ferrari ki sawaari.. they only shoot the jeep scene where there is Faisal. I think we need more of other contestants too in limelight.

    Raghav ke RockStars are awesome dancers n they have been giving amazing performances so far…. I don’t know wat’s wrong with geeta ma!! Soumya’s performance was so nice. Okay even if She was not being able to connect to the song.. but she should have comment nicely on soumya’s dance with few more words like she did for faisal’s performance with Dharmesh sir. There Faisal made lots of mistakes not only the props but after dropping the prop he missed so many steps but she just look past Faisal’s mistakes n showered with very very nice comments. Y this rudeness towards Soumya.I hate this season’s judges.Should have called Terence..he has the guts to say the truth unlike Marzi sir who always favours Geeta too. Apart from the Contestants n the Skipper.. I love Jay.

    I have no hard feelings towards Faisal as i have mentioned his name many a times… he is a good dancer for one thing but I think he is overly overrated by the judges n whoever interviews n edits the video of limelight.
    For me Rohan n Soumya is one of the Strongest dancers in the show. I want to see Shailini to perform on popping n locking kinda style to see if she reali deserves to be here so far. Expression is not enough!!

    Just wanna thank Raghav for the amazing performances you brought in this season.You have high-lighted this show more than anybody else n i think everyone inlcuding the judjes should remember n respect this. His choreography is even better than others.

    Soumya you did a fabulous job today.. not matter what geeta or others say, you are gonna be the winner.. you deserve it!!
    Not to mention Rohan: I am so proud of you.YOu simply left everyone speechless this week!! Hope u won’t get eliminated this week else I will stop watching the show. It will be so heartbreaking to not to see you performing on the stage. ALl the Best N RKR Crock the Stage!!

    • alimurad_pu

      Absolutely, i agree with you.

    • i love india


    • a s

      totally in agreement with you

    • dancequeen25

      brilliantly put n rightfully said! i completely agree with you!

    • saleem khan

      u r so angree yar. but u take some good point

    • inkesh pokharel

      i never expected DID to be this biased. the organizers might come up and say that all the decisions are made by viewers voting but every move of their decision clearly shows what they intend to get from this show.
      if and only if the DID is able to get rid of these so called judges especially the stupid geeta, will it be recognized as the dance platform for innocent young talents.
      i had a feeling that the judges and the decisions are biased since the DID season 3 and you all might have felt the same if you have been watching these young talents perform their outstanding performances.
      everyone has their own opinions about the contestants but being a judge and having the responsibility to critic in their performances, the so called judges should have their sincere and fair judgement.
      no doubt about faisal being a talented performer but have you guyz noticed about the praise and the appreciation and extra attention he gets after every performances while others, forget about the appreciation for their outstanding performances, have to hear those stupid words from the talentless so called judges. this is so ridiculous. Raghav is a versatile choreographer and very talented and creative choreographer. there is not a single episode that the so called judges try to demoralize the creativity and outstanding choreography of Raghav. i dont understand if they are jealous of his creations. infact the judges seem to be jealous of every new ideas and creations of all the mentors including Prince, Kruti and Nirabh. geeta expects her to-be-son, if she ever has one to be a talented one but with this unfair judgement and bias-ness in the show, i wouldnt be surprised to see viewers who might curse you with words like u would never-ever get married and have kids.
      the only suggestion from well-wisher and a regular viewer of the DID is judge every contestant based on their performances and their talents.
      Rohan is an outstanding and very talented performer. he deserves the title.

  • tp tp

    Faisal and Jeet both are unnecessarily focused more in limelights.
    Faisal never handled prop correctly. He always does mistakes. Geeta is always with Faisal.

    And jeetdas perfoms same style. I have never seen him doing new things. Prop to kabhi use nahi karta.

    My favorite is OM.
    I also like Rohan and Saumya.

    • vijay singh

      rohan is fab dancer….and he deserves to win but unfortunately whole script has beeen written before and in next epsode, as we know either rohan or soumya vll elimiate .if its happen this vll be unfair to both of them. ,because both of them deserve to stay in finale ,i sugget that om must eleminate this time, he is weak in comparable to all 4 ,lets see iss there any mracle happen in nxt epi………,hope 4 best result this time………….

    • mehetab nasreen

      om really deserves to win

  • Dala Zeyda

    Seriously i am tired of all the favourism towards certain contestants. But i still believe that winner will be either ROhan and SOumya And ROhan will be in TOp-4, if the show is not scripted which is something i truly believe in, coz they are not just good talents but they are plainly, simply good kids, just like how raghav is.

    Since its upto The audience and the audience can very well see who has been consistent and versatile through out this season, whose performance was cleaner , more flawless, Its only the Rockstars. Despite everything, i love how they are so humble and quite everytime they perform, their action does speaks louder than words.

    About Soumya performance:
    It was imaginable for geeta to see someone choreograph a semi Classical dance on a very unique song piece (with such contrast pitches). Raghav’s innovation shocks Geeta ,and marzi shocks me, he has truly no opinion of his own. I am really upset but still happy for ROhan. Love u ROckstars .. CROCK IT!!


    • nelson sing

      u r right

    • Roslind Arokiasamy

      u r right i agree with u

  • spartans nikom

    you remember that episode when saumya fall during her act while using prop.. master started firing on her saying that if prop wouldnt be used it wud been more better. but in todays episode prop fell twice from faisal hand but masters supported him saying that ho jata hai. tumhare presence of mind bahut strong hai. tumne bade cleverly us prop ko uthaya. how the masters can be so partial .. seriously i m missing terence lewis and remo sir… at first i was liking faisal but now i only admire rohan and saumya .they have performed the most best performance… you can notice in bol bachan episode.. please vote for saumya and rohan they r the best… sometimes the innocence of om cum in his dance.. he is too young for this show . he extremely ecel in other thing but not in dance .. saumya rohan rock the stage…………………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • spartans nikom

      sory guys wo bol bachan wali line galti se likh di sory

    • Dala Zeyda

      LOL, i was just going to write the same thing.
      Did u notice that only in Faizal’s performance Marzi commented first, Rest all the PerformanceS Geeta commented first. She seriously wants to tell everyone that she is not favoring Faisal.

      Actually everything started during the Mega Auditions, Rohan and Faisal performed , Both of them did really well, Especially ROhan’s QUick style was too awesome.. BUt then while commenting, THEY DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING TO ROHAN just few one sentence bby marzi…BECAUSE THEY WERE GOING TO PLAY A LIL GAME TO CHECK THEIR FRIENDSHP (since rohan and faisal were bestfrds)
      They gave the golden superwing to Faisal, and pretented Rohan was not SELECTED.. ROhan took it so well, then he cried a bit,, but the Judges waited for Faisal to CRY and When faisal did cry, Geeta said

      “hume ROhan ko golden Superwings dene pare ke taki Faisal Aap na roye..”
      I MEAN COME-ON, ROHAN DID EQUALLY WELL IF NOT BETTER.. They showed it as if Rohan was selected Because of faisal and i have seen on FB ppl wrting the same… i Really felt Upset.
      At the End they could have atleast TOld ROHAN HE DESERVED IT :( :( :(

    • dancequeen25

      agrred !!!!!! they are treating those kids like rubbish! it isnt fair! not one bit!

    • vijay singh

      i agree vid you,,,

  • hema santhosh

    Now i have no interest towards Faisal.Rohan and Soumya deserves to be in no1 position.Master Geetha always had a connection problem with Raghav and his Rockstars nobody can help her.OM is doing only some circus but he is innocent.After Soumyas performance we were shocked on master Geethas comment.Thanks to Rithesh that he gave 100 out of 100 to Soumya.
    Shalini performed well.Jeethdas doing same thing and in the mega audition round we saw the same dance from Susu even some steps were same.I really want to see rohan in no1 position next week he deserves it.

  • Red

    I completely agree with the above comments! Faisal started off as one of the competition favorites, but Rohan, Soumya, and Om have definitely proved to be more versatile dancers! Raghav ke Rockstars were always not appreciated enough, since the beginning. That is why brilliant dancers like Susanket and Yash also got eliminated, even though Shalini is still around.

    Last week Tanay got out. 2 weeks before that it was Uday. These kids don’t speak so much, and don’t get enough limelight, so they couldn’t connect to the audience also. I’m not saying the judges need to be harsh on Faisal and Jeet. They’re also kids, and we’re no one to judge. But the judgment should be fair! If Geeta’s going to appreciate Faisal’s attempts at something different, she should also give credit to Soumya for atleast TRYING something new in every episode!

    Kruti has also done a fantastic job throughout, even though she’s left with only Om. And no doubt, Raghav is outstanding! His work is so brilliant that it shocks Geeta so much she can’t even appreciate it! I really think Rohan, Om, and Soumya should not be eliminated anytime soon. Raghav ke Rockstars – no matter what the results are, you guys have won the hearts of millions, just like your skipper did <3

    • Red

      I really REALLY miss Terence and Remo! They would have given the kids the kind of comments they deserve. If Remo was here, he would not have encouraged the partiality that some kids are getting. And Terence would certainly have the guts to give his own opinion, no matter how different it is from Geeta’s. If Rohan gets eliminated next week, I really think that would be a loss for DID, not for Rohan or Raghav.

      • alimurad_pu

        i agree with u…

  • i love india

    Someone plz kick out the GEET maa….. c really shocks nowadays….if it contuines same plz just give trophy and award to faisal..n stop showing dance( No bad feelings for faisal, he is a good dancer)..Hope next DID little master she wont be here as a judge…

  • pragati bhagwanani

    faisal will win the kb3 cup

  • alimurad_pu

    i m really upset about the behavior of judges toward raghav especially geeta..Raghav always brings good decent and unique choreography but not appreciated by judges.. why i thimk they jealous or some other i donot know. but there biased opinion are clearly shown and it hurts the viewers like i m suffering right now..i think nothing wrong with the song of saumya . and i have not seen a especial thing in faisal dance( either ir was nice ) but not e=as the appreciated by judges..on the other hand rohan should be awarded the best performance of the day.. they praise the other skipper more than that of raghav. we know raghav u and your rockstar are out of this world and they are winner..because the won the heart of millions..

  • Dala Zeyda

    Hey guys please pray for ROhan he is very SICk :( :(
    He had to Go to the Hospital :( :(
    I am so worried.. Chota-Raghav please Get well soon :) :)

    • pragati bhagwanani

      how do u know he is in the hospital

      • Dala Zeyda

        ROhan is hospitalized, please pray for guys

        • vijay singh

          get vll soon rohan ,,we vll pray 4 u and what ever the result may be u r the winneer 4 us like ur skkiper,,,,,,,,,,raghav

  • Vibhawari N

    I really Loved and like the episode of July 22, when our handsome guests tushaar and Ritesh came to DID, Ritesh Apne jo Marathi me Gaana Gaya. wow, I really like it and you know Moment of the show was when jay started doing some action and immediately Dada comes to sit on him , with them Ritesh and Tushaar also came … Really you guyes are very entertaining. Dance of Jeet is very very good, I was just thinking while seeing his dance, whether Aishwarya is watching ,if not Please aishwaryaji watch it…..Definately Rohan is better than Faisal, Sometimes I feel , everytime Faisal is doing dance with same steps, not new one like Rohan….Shalini and Soumya also very good dancer, I love their expression….

    • Shweta Mehto

      Saumya and Rohan are fabulous dancers. They deserve to be in top 4. I loved saumya’s dance and Raghav is an excellent choreographer. He thinks out of box and therefore saumya’s dance was so graceful and unique. I loved it. Judges were not able to understand this. They always say that any new thing is welcome on stage and now when Raghav got such a beautiful dance they did not admire. Its not fair. Rohan and Saumya should not be eliminated. They were so good throughout the season.

  • Staar Su

    Geeta is maa to only Faisal.. not anyone else.. 😛 she should be kicked out of the show.. and what’s with the “I Love you” thing on this show.. is this a reality kids show or “Pair them up” show..even with that zokambo watever nonsense… I think those who speak less act more.. 😀 Actions speak louder than words.. :) Rohan, Soumya keep rocking and OM keep it going.. he is chota packet bada dhamaka kind.. and I think Tanay was much much better dance than Shalini.. I cannot forget his wild card entry dance and mime act.. he rocked the stage with many memorable dances.. And tell me what do you remember Shalini ever doing??? Rohan is very crisp.. both Saturday with Paul and last night he rocked the stage..

  • Kam Sub


  • Liza d rockstar

    I really really hate Geeta from the core of my heart….she is blind or wat??? n wat Marzi is doing in that show..he knows nothing..he even dnt have a decision or comment of his own..the kids are more mature than him..he is not at all cute as he shows off..and wat happened to Grand master????atleast he could have praised Raghav and Soumya for their out of the box thinking…instead he also scolded Raghav..
    I seriously dnt understand..even Grand master is biased in this show..
    the whole show is scripted or wat??
    Soumya danced so elegantly..even we all the viewers appreciated her for her dance and raghav for his choreography..but I was really shocked by the comments of judges!!!
    and Rohan…wat a performance he had given..even faisal cnt think of dancing like him..then also “performance of the day”was given to Faisal only..but I wasnt shocked bcoz I knw he’ll only get :(
    seriously I felt very bad for Rohan at that time..hez such a simple kid and an awesome dancer..
    Plz viewers dnt promote those partial judges and their fav kids…do vote for Soumya and Rohan..if u think they deserve to be in the show..
    I truely believe they need to stay in the show..
    if any one of the rockstars will be out..I’ll stop watching this show..
    n geeta should be dropped from the show next time onwards..
    Really missing Master Terrence and Remo..
    All the very best Raghav and his Paltan!!!!

    • PS Nishchal

      The comments of Geeta have been unexpected, ” I did not get connect”.

      • Staar Su

        And we don’t connect to Geeta maaaaaaaa;-)

  • Liza d rockstar

    Guyz can I vote for Soumya and Rohan tomorrow also???
    what is the time limit for giving votes???
    Is it only valid for saturday and sunday????
    Plz reply fast….I cant loose my fav contestants :(

    • Dala Zeyda

      voting line open only on
      saturday:9pm onwards
      you can also vote on sunday: 9pm to monday 7am

  • yash

    I totally agree with what others have observed.

    All the kids are genuinly great performers, but I’ll restrict my saying to Soumya’s performance who I strongly belive did not get fair comments from the masters and the grandmaster. In my opinion the very right person to judge Soumya’s todays performance is – Terence Lewis.

    Well I don’t have enough knowledge/experience in classical dance like Geeta. But I understand what exactly Raghav tried to demonstrate through Soumya’s performance today – simply mind blowing! superb man! hats off to both of you!!! The pitch of the music with the classical fusion was awesome. If I am not wrong, I think Geeta failed to grasp the concept of modern fusion. …and Marji is an IDIOT. Being funny is one thing, but man you are a professional choreographer – have an opinion of your own. Do you guys not have a dance group who travel abroad to perform? I’ve seen many difference dance forms in different parts of the world and I simply failed to understand the judgement on Soumya’s performance today. We all know Mithunda is there for other reasons instead as a dance scrutiniser and although I liked his positive attitude towards the masters, I felt he could have done better for Soumya. Thnaks Ritesh for being honest!

  • Biru Tamang

    I don’t agree with the comments of some guys, all the contestants are there because of their performance, talent and of course skill. All kids have different talents. However, some judges seem to be more connected to some contestants like Faizal & Jeet. Raghav is doing Fabulous job. I totally disagree with Geeta’s comment in regards to Soumya & Faizal. She is more inclined to Faizal although Faizal is one of the strong contestants of this season, Geeta has to judge all the kids equally. For me, I love to see Soumya, Rohan, Om & Faizal in top 4. These days Shalini also doing much better. Hats off for all kids.

  • jyoti dogra

    Geeta Maa Respect: Rite frm season 1 to 3, especially season 3 chereography for Rajasmitha awsummmmmm.. LOVE U maa…
    Geeeta Maa Respect GONE: let me tell u this is just not me, but all of my classmates and all the ppl in my building and area, we are huge did fans. we religous follow DID, watch each show multiple times.. but this time round, Geeta Maa has lost the respect for her words… and we realy feel sory for MARZI, he is so so SPINELESS in the show. sry Marzi, be a true Parsi and speak it out man…

    All contestants are awsum.. Faisal has a supreme talent.. but he has idiot master prince… Rohan and Soumya god bless u too. u r lucky to have Raghav as ur guru.. Raghav has amazed me thru his choreagraphy… WOW.. Love u Raghav, keep working hard… Jeet is so so cute.. he is awsum kid,, guys dont forget he is kid,, supremly talented.. but again i wanna see him dance on raghav choreography… honestly OM is good, i love him for his innocence… hope we makes good in the show.. Kruti plz be more and more inovative… Pradeep brought good things out of OM… TRY more kruti, best luck….

    i dont wana talk abt shalini.. sadly and honestly she is not supposed to be here… just like how gita maa ended her comment for soumya with a SORY.. same for shalini SORY…

  • abhinav agrawal

    comon guys stop being jealous of faisal…….. he is simply the best …….. the only participant who has performed all the styles equally well ………. the only deserving to win…….. and if you have a problem with him getting lime light then stop watching d show as you people always say but never do that ……… m reading that non sense from season 3 where on most of d times people write that we will stop watching like Paul elimination shaffer elimination etc etc if you dont have the balls to do what you say stop boasting ……

    • safia bibi

      he is by no means the only one deserving to win. Rohan and Soumya have shown as much versatility if not more and deserve to win as much as Faisal does. Yes, he has scored much more in terms of Geeta’s undue comments. he is a very good dancer but so are Rohan and Soumya and you are not the only one here entitled to his opinion.

    • JIN_BABA

      Agree with you.

    • dechjoll lol

      I don’t think there is anything so special about faisal to be jealous of except for the fact that he gets more credits than he really deserves. He is a great dancer but everyone else is also a great dancer too.FYI, Most of the complaints are against to the judges n not him…

      I don’t understand why we can’t argue about limelight, this show is not for only few contestants, everyone deserves to be in the limelight.Why should we stop watching limelight? As much as you like seeing faisal in limelight,we also want to see our favorites in there too. SO we have the rights to complain against it. Don’t worry we will stop watching DID lil’ master if a deserving contestants gets out(for me its Rohan) gets out.
      Rohan n Soumya are best dancers in this season too…. I hope one of you really wins.
      Raghav ke Rockstars….CRock it!!

  • safia bibi

    If Rohan and Soumya, both are not in the top 4, which can only be due to Geeta’s partiality, then there would be no reason to watch DID. It seems as if they have Raghav just for TRP’s and don’t bother to comment on him as a skipper. The only genuine comment I remember was of Terrence when he came on the show. He praised Raghav, others can never “connect”. I always liked Terrence and Remo much more than Geeta but now I think she doesn’t deserve to be a judge at all, should be a politician, not here to hurt innocent kids.

  • Ruchika Gupta

    Well i do believe that Rohan, Soumya, Jeet, Om and all the contestants are extremely talented and very good dancers..
    But even my fav. on the show is Faisal..

    I mean com on guys.. Kids or there family are not paying the judges for being partial.. Dance is there bread and butter and they have always been fair enough. Whenever Rohan or Saumya aor Om have performed they have appreciated them equally. In fact they never support appreciating Saumya for her grace and Om for his Courage and efforts.

    On yesterdays performance of Saumya as well they very well appreciated Saumya that she did everything brilliantly and whatever was the issue was with the connection of the song for which Raghav and not Saumya is to be blamed.

    And everyone have there favs… so it is ultimately Public who votes and decides…And yes my fav is Faisal and i do believe that all the others are equally par excellence and anyone who wins will be deserving as they all are “Dance Ke Baap “

    • Ruchika Gupta

      Stop Arguing amongst us in between…

      They are the judges because they have knowledge about dancing much more than we do..

      If they were partial, faisal would have been winning best Performance every fri & sat.. but he also gets criticism..

      I remember the episode when faisal first time tried to do classical but failed, they did criticize them, when shalini and faisal did the couple dance with that ball, they did criticized that i little effort was showing in their performance…

      How can u guys forget when Om danced on Malkham, how much judges appreciated him, When Rohan did comeback with the water act after his fracture, judges appreciated his efforts… U guys forgot when Saumya did that arial act and how much was she appreciated.. I cant believe how can u guys say that the judges are partial.. Cm on!!

      and judges have appreciated Raghav so many times for his excellent choreography..

      I dont believe that Prince is not a good Dancer… he is an amazing dancer…. Neerav is equally ausum..

      And even if .0001 percent judges are partial.. y blame contestants for that.. I mean Every contestant puts up their more than 100 percent on the show… they are just kids… they dont understand politics…

      We are grown ups and we should behave like that.

      • JIN_BABA

        Excellent Description Ruchika Gupta … well done!

      • dechjoll lol

        Sorry for the interruptions but u didn’t get what we are trying to say here. Yes the judges did appreciated all the contestants once in a while.Whatsoever you have mentioned above is right… but we are talking about the differences between the level of emphasis n emotions they put during the judgements.
        Faisal did aerial act first followed by Soumya- being a girl did as great as faisal. But u see the difference in their comments(hype) b/w the two.
        Soumya made mistake with props,so did faizal(many a times)- by the way soumya didn’t continue because they stopped the song in case u wanna argue about that.So there also u can make out the difference in their comments.

        Uday once made a mistake in dance while dancing with Om and faisal also made mistake in transitions- which the judges did point it out.. but see the difference in their afterwards comments between the two..
        I can really go on and on but will stop here…

        so what we are trying to say is that there is a certain level of partiality in their judgements. We know that they are judges and they know better than us but they are humans too. They can get carried away with their emotions towards their favorite ones. And we have the rights to point that out so that other contestants as well as coming new show’s contestants don’t have to go through the same phase.
        This is a complaint against judges n not to faisal. He is just struck in between. He is a kid also. He can n he does makes many mistakes but judges are overshadowing him…and I really don’t think people needs to pay money to get partiality.Judges are human n they have same emotional connections towards their fav contestants as we have. But being a judge means u have to be impartial as far as you can. Thats all.

        • Roslind Arokiasamy

          I really really agreed with u. This is what we are trying to say
          about the judgement.

      • paritra

        Geeta is one of the three judges so she makes up 33 % of the total judges’ comments influence. She is very partial and biased and jealous person. Otherwise she would alwyas appreciate good people like Raghav and Terence and never apprecites or doesnt see the goodness of their hearts. Instead she just goes against them.
        PARTIALITY. Mithun da please take note of this.

  • Janhavi Dethe

    Raghav ke RockStars are awesome dancers

    Rohit n Soumaya Crock the DID Lil’Dance ke Baap…

    Wish you all the very best!

  • Ruchika Gupta

    U arent understanding my point either…

    Please watch the episode of saumya’s prop act and faisal’s pr act once again …Carefully.. May be u’ll understand the reason for difference in comments….

    I am not against Saumya.. I too believe she is an amazing dancer…
    But i d’nt support the idea of judges being Partial…

    I am a dancer and know that certain behavior in dance or certain acts makes you sensitive. And some dancers have that special thing in them that creates a magnetism.

    Once again to remind you they havent appreciated other contestants once in a while… they have done it most of the time… and whenever they have criticized it is the choreography they have…

    I m a gr8 fan of DID and have watched every season of it…. The show rocks… and no judge can be doubted in terms of their genuine comments.

  • Ruchika Gupta

    @dechjoll lol : u may not be against Faisal but u did said there there is nothing no special about him…

    And i really dont agree with that. Every dancer has something special in them. Faisal is one of them.

    • dechjoll lol

      I just wrote this:-

      “I don’t think there is anything so special about FAISAL TO BE JEALOUS OF”

    • mehetab nasreen

      i agree with ruchika’s comments.stop scolding geeta ma.did is impartial show…

  • tp tp

    Even i have seen the happiness on Geetas face when faisal gets grand salute or comes first in voting. She feels really happy as if he is her own son. She is partial. And shalini was in first position this time. that was ridiculous. She does not deserve to be in Top 10 also.

    By the way my fav is OM.
    I also like rohan and Saumya.

  • Ruchika Gupta

    Well let it be.. I think you guys have fixed in Ur mind that she is partial then i cant help it… But that’s Ur opinion…

    I have always seen both the judges supporting all the contestants equally.

    Rest Faisal may be Geeta’s fav and i dont think there is any harm in being happy with his coming first and getting a grand salute.
    but her judgment has never been biased… she appreciates and criticize all contestants equally.

    Mine Fav is Faisal and i also want him to win but i think all the contestants are equally ausum …

    I also dont agree that Shalini doesnt deserve.. she has also given some of the brilliant performances.. her expressions are unbeatable…

  • Ruchika Gupta

    Faisal is an amazing dancer and no one can prove it wrong…
    Yes rest of the contestants are equally good.. instead of puoring in negative comments about Geeta Maa and Marzi..
    Vote for ur fav contestants…at last winner will be the one who deserves the most and one whom the audience loves the most…

    In all the DID season my fav contestants have won, whether Salman, Shakti or Rajsmitha ( was my second fav after Pradeep )

    Hope this time my Fav Faisal Wins… ( rest all are deserving )

    • yash

      You see Ms Gupta, you have a fav! So how can you share fair comments? I disgree with whoever says Faisal or any other kid is not good; they are all superb and I believe all of them are winners already. I wont be less happy if Faisal wins.

      …but it seems that you have a soft spot for Geeta. Look, if you are at the same wavelength as Geeta I can understand your various comments on this page. But I do not agree with you at all that she has a balanced head while giving her verdicts – not always, but many a times compared to other masters (excluding marzi). thats all.

      • hema santhosh

        Exactly I agree with u Yashji

  • Rinky Sachdeva

    Since Shalini has got eliminated this Monday, so most probably, going by the trend that DID has followed over the years, after this weekend, it wud b :
    becoz … only 1 of them will go to grand finale n not both!! Although Tanay, Shalini, Rohan n Saumya all dance better than Om.. but they wont eliminate Om at any cost coz Kruti has no other contestant left! As in DID season 1.. Prince got eliminated n Siddhesh reached grand finale (cz Geeta ma ws lft wid him only..)!! So called reality shows!! STRANGE AND SIGH! :(

    • Vijay Kumar

      Shalini got eliminated this Monday?! Against whom?

      • mehetab nasreen

        against k age me itna acha dance no one can do.he will b 3rd i tnk.
        4.rohan bt it will b jeet unfortunately.i think these wil b the final results

  • bijay karki

    Hello who is this saying Om dnt deserve to be in top ten. He is the most deserving contestent of DID this season. Dnt you feel the innocence in his performance. Gve him any challenge and he can live upto it. Dnt get biased by the comments of Geeta towards Faisal after the performance. All the kids are equally compitible but a bad day dnt take them to the show ahead. Even Faisal had that day but judges are partial towards him. Dnt play with the emotions and sentiments of this kids or just stop the show, seniors (esp. judges) should be fair and not biased.

  • jyoti dogra

    I agree with Ruchika, she is rite

    1> Faisal is a good dancer [no doubt]
    2> We shld focus on r contestants and vote for them

    As a reader of all comments I realise couple of points

    A> Everyone LIKES faisal but hates Gita’s favourtism to him
    [Note: As a paid judge of the show, she shld not get too emotional, her comments for raghav and soumya were emotionaly driven and also for Rohan, comments were short and sweet, it seemed she wanted to keep the good comments for Rohan as less as possible. NOT GOOD.]

    B> it seems nobody cares abt Marzi and his comments, he is just a low cost judge replacement for remo and tereance
    I loved raghav’s expression when Marzi was comenting on soumya’s dance, he had tht smirk on his face which literally meant, I DONT CARE… u piggy bag.

    C> Everyone loves Raghav’s choreography..

    Geeta and Marzi thumbs down
    Raghav – Rohan and Soumya thumbs up
    Faisal bechara fass gaya Geeta maa ke emotions mein

    • Dala Zeyda

      The Best CONCLUSION To the Entire Discussion by Jyoti :)

      Really Raghav doesn’t care and he shouldn’t 😉
      So to Rohan and Soumya, Don’t think about what the judges has to says… Keep on giving Good performances.KEEP CROCKNG
      <3<3<3 LOve you Rockstars :):):)

    • pi_nk

      HA! your comment cracked me up “I really don’t care you piggy bag” LOL. I watched the part again, where the judges were commenting on Saumya’s performance just to see Raghav’s reactions, and you are so right, that’s exactly what his face said.
      I loved the performances by Rohan and Saumya, and have to hand it to Hitesh for having the guts to say what he wanted. =)

  • dechjoll lol

    Totally agree with ya. Thanks for the good summation of all our points. I agree with all your points especially A with the note.
    Raghav should carry on with his great work n pay no heed to others.

    Best wishes to all the equally talented kids and may the most deserving Dancer win the title.


    guys rohan is unwell n is hospitalized..
    pray fr him so dat he recovers soon…


    Log kch bhi kahy about Faisal,

    but he is the winner this session for sure.

    2nd i wish Saumya win i mean 2nd position ;p

    3rd Rohan if he recover from fever & reach Finale top list

    4th OM or JEETDAS

    5th JEETDAS or OM

    • Vijay Kumar

      If Faisal is winner of this season, I would say positions were all pre-decided!
      Faisal, no doubt started as best performer. However, over time we did not see much from him. Rather Rohan gave some incredible performances. I am not sure if Faisal can dance only one style or is it that Prince could not bring the best out of him, but as of now Rohan rules over Faisal.

      My rankings:
      1. Rohan
      1.1. Saumya
      2. Om
      2.2. Faisal
      3. Jeet

      Faisal will have to give some really good performances to beat Om now and am sure he can.

      Om and Jeet have tremendous potential and when their time comes, they may be miles ahead of current dancers but as of now, just judging by their performances, I think they have scope of learning.

      I really pray for Rohan that he gets well soon and gives us outstanding performances. What happened to him btw?

      • JIN_BABA

        But Vijay According to D.I.D the Rank is follow (i jst predict DID)

        1. Faisal
        2. Saumya
        3. Rohan
        4. OM or Jeetdas
        5. Jeetdas or OM

        If they make 5 contestant to go, otherwise 4 contestant are

        1. Faisal, 2. Saumya, 3. OM, 4 JeetDas

        • Vijay Kumar

          JIN_BABA, I have seen your predictions come true so I can only sadly say.. All Right! Whatever! Lets move on!

          Also JIN_BABA please predict when do I get married? 😉

        • mehetab nasreen

          JIN_BABA.ur prediction is true.coz i too predicted d same …

  • mkdmkf1 mksmdk

    i think rohan’s was the best perfomance..
    faisal was also outstanding ..

  • tp tp

    OM completely deserves to be in Top4.
    jitna versatility OM ne dikhaya hai utna kisi ne bhi nahi dikhaya.
    Hiphop and b boying,
    Aerial conteporary,
    Fire act
    7 saal ke bache ne itne difficult styles kiye hi. Hats off to you OM

  • Ruchika Gupta

    Well my Ranking would be:

    1. Faisal
    2. Rohan
    3. Saumya
    4. Om
    5. Jeet

    For me either Faisal or Rohan should win… rest 3 are also deserving.

    I don’t agree that Faisal has dropped down as a performer… or he has only one style of Dance..
    everyone has there own fortey but Faisal has proved himself in many forms.. in contemporary, in hip ho, robotics and to some extent evn in Indian.

    Every one has a good or a bad day.. If Faisal had some week performances so did other contestants as well..

    And yes Raghav is no doubt a very good choreographer.. he is my fav also but i don’t agree that he should not bother about the comments of the judges… his career has just started and in order to excel in this field he need the guidance of experienced choreographers… It will help him to learn more…

    these are small kids to him he is choreographing in future, he will choreograph senior artists and for that, suggestions of these exp judges would only help him.

    • JIN_BABA

      you know what Ruchika Gupta what i feel..

      i notice now many people praise Rohan performances than Faisal, & i also feel same, i felt it becoz of Prince i think, coz prince give choreography to Faisal to perform & if v see other side Rohan have Raghav & Paul(behind the screen) i felt is Raghav(Innovative, Creative)choreography that make the different btw Prince & him, i also notice Faisal & Rohan dance move, and i saw Faisal cleanness & so Rohan, both have different dance move variation which people enjoy it, i felt if Faisal in Team Raghav so here those people who praise Rohan than Faisal, i felt than they praise Faisal much, but still i say Rohan also very talented child & fast learner as Faisal, Faisal did many flawless Solo & duet with Beautiful Shalini, i Admire both but Specially Shalini, Shalini is the Princes of Heart, Shalini Smile hi krday tu Grand Salute hy :D, us pr woh dance performance bhi dete hy, I like her sooo much. i also notice that the Saumya is mind blowing performer, i give little edge Saumya over Rohan, if you know my Top Ranked, that i give Equally #1 position to Faisal & Saumya, I count Rohan & Shalini on 2nd Ranked, just for 1/2/3 Ranked Formalities, otherwise all r awesome performer no doubt. OM & JEETDAS very talented, but due to very very young age, i didn’t feel connect with both performances, but yes i do 2nd “Vijay Kumar” Lines that (Om and Jeet have tremendous potential and when their time comes, they may be miles ahead of current dancers), I Really Miss Deep he also a awesome performer but due to Program script he unable to reach in top 5/6 List :)

  • Roslind Arokiasamy

    I really happy that Rohan have lot of supporters please pay for him.

  • kanchan tolani

    I think rohan is better than faisal, its because Prince dance style is limited, Raghav is the best choregrapher. Somuya too is good, yes i agree Geeta ma is too partial towards Faisal, which is wrong, Rohan has shown different dance style performance than Faisal. According to me the top 4 shall be – 1) Rohan, 2)Somuya, 3)Faisal 4)Om or Jeetdas.
    I hope the winner is Rohan. He is the best.

  • Angel Alive

    Heard that Om was in bottom 2,seems like it will be very difficult for Om to be in final.but i wish him to be in final coz he deserve to be in final.:(:(

  • tp tp

    Angel alive,
    I too heard that. Felt very sad.
    He is the most deserving contestant who worked so hard to give such beautiful and different performances every week.

    Since day one i loved all his performances. Infact I watch DID lil masters only for him.

    Hope hope hope he does not become victim of voting s/m.

    • Angel Alive

      Same here tp tp i too watch did only for Om.i am really upset and worried.he worked so hard and gave wonderful performance every week.I hope Om will make it to Final.Let’s support him all we can.these days he doesn’t have many supporter i really feel bad for him.

      I too hope he doesn’t become victim of voting:(:(

  • Ruchika Gupta

    Not to worry Om wil be there in the Finals for sure… He has good followers…

    Guys either Saumya or Rohan will be in the finals… So decide ur choice…

    I want rohan to be in finals but i feel Saumya will be in top 4… and rohan will be eliminated after shalini.

    Faisal,Om, Jeet and Saumya will be in finals…but i want Rohan instead of Jeet to be in finals…

    if the above 4 are in finals,either Faisal or Saumya should win..

  • tp tp

    Agree on this statement!
    Jeet should be eliminated.

  • Angel Alive

    I like Om,rohan, soumya and’s really difficult to chose one.but whoever gets eliminated will be heartache especially Om.Anyways whatever has to happen will happen.let’s just support our dear ones,keep voting them and pray for them.

  • hasmah wt

    please yar, stop all the nonsense about geeta ma…she’s fair and square..she also comment about faisal when he did’nt manage his prop….then, she always praise soumya and no doubt anout her talent…don’t be silly…if all of u vote for rohan, he never felt under that voting…i like faisal and rohan’s performance so much…but dont be unfair for faisal’s talent, just because u r fanatic with rohan…both of them deserve it..

    dont put a blame on geeta…she’s a good master in dance…who r u to blame her???r u bollywood choreographer too???i’m think not…sorry for saying this…

  • Laila Jain

    Jeet Das is too small to compete for this DID little master because of him good dancing little masters have been out, therefore he should be out from the competition.

  • Ruchika Gupta

    Jeet Das will not be eliminated as he is the only contestant of Neerav…

    Rather i too believe he should go…
    Doesnt matter whosoever goes… winner will be one..

    And i think it will be either Faisal or Saumya..

    • JIN_BABA

      Old News!

  • Darshan patel

    Raghav ke rockstars r not so much good…I have to see Rohan in Arial act n something different not in lyrical hiphop…
    I like Prince ki paltan
    n specially Faisal…

    • JIN_BABA

      i agree too in Rohan Aerial Act, but not agree that Raghav k Rockstar is not so much good :) “Peace”

  • Dala Zeyda

    And For me Soumya is way Better than Faisal, in terms of versatility, consistency,and giving flawless performances(Making no mistakes ), unless Master Geeta finds a disconnecting factor LOL, Mater Geeta is really clever.
    I just want to keep believing, that even if winner is not Rohan or Soumya, They have won millions of hearts just like Raghav has…


  • Ruchika Gupta

    My fav choreo is also Raghav but then as a dancer Faisal is par excellence than anyone there.

    Rohan and saumya has won many hearts for sure and i m also won of them but Faisal has just blown us with his performances.

    Its not only Geeta Maa but many other have found the disconnection in the performance… The steps were very good for sure and even the song was good but it really didnt connected together… I very well understand the meaning of fusion but in this performance the Fusion was not there…

    Agree that Saumya danced very well and did her best what she was asked to do

  • hema santhosh

    I think Rohan and Soumya are the bestest.Faisals audition rounds are better and the people who found the disconnection are those who want to see Geethe maa happy.There is no confusion in that fusion.

    • JIN_BABA

      i notice u said this again in again, Stop it now Hema 😛

  • Shivani Desai

    I strongly feel both Raghav and Soumya only deserve to win.

    If Geeta spent more time actually looking at the performances and less time flirting with Mithun her comments would be less biased.

    Yeah I don’t like Faisal either.

    • JIN_BABA

      really don’t lik3 Faisal? but for ur kind information, he gonna WIN the Show lolz

    • Dala Zeyda

      i Totally agree with you,,What’s with the Flirting thing, Isn’t Mithun-Da Married or something.I mean Come-on Even the Kids don’t like to see all these.And do u remember when Mithun-da danced with Geeta-ma and Boman Sir? Seriously? What was he doing?? eww

      BTW Flirting with Just Geeta ma was still bearable since she isn’t married, But this season Mithun-da crossed the limit by flirting with all the mothers. Its like on one hand they are teaching the Kids to eat vegetables, Drink milk, be disciplined and stuffs (he even scolded Soumya and made her cry) While on the other hand they aren’t disciplined themselves.LOL

      And What’s With the Mogambo-Zogambo drama, DID is seriously bigger than All these. Come-on its a Dance show and this thing is not even related to DANCE

      If only DID would spend more time focusing on the KIDS and their dancing, the Show would have been Better than Season-1. But still Choreography and Creativity wise, S-2 I think takes the cake. Especially i loved all Raghav ke rockstar’s Performances

  • Liza d rockstar

    Heiiiii Laila…no offense dat u like prince ki paltan more but I think u havn’t seen Rohan and SOumya’s performances…that wall dance,suraj hua madham and the first performance…dey were juz mind blowing!!!!…
    n individually also they have proved demselves…
    anyways its everybody’z own independent choices..

    But for me Raghav ke rockstars truely rocks….
    both Rohan and Soumya deserve to be in the finals..
    Rankwise :-

    1- Rohan
    2- Soumya
    3- Faisal
    4- Jeet

    lets c wat will happen…hoping for the best and shalini to be eliminated 2morrow..but at this phase I’ll really miss anybody who will get eliminate :( :(

    • JIN_BABA

      most people like Raghav .. u know why? just bcoz , bcoz of His Unique Style, which he regularly use on his Group contestant which is the reason people lik3 most Raghav pa ji & his contestant, Me Too Lik3, but like to share Reality behind it 😀 .. Prince also good, but i personaly Lik3 Faisal too, Rohan & Saumya also good dancers, i lik3 Shalini too. Sad for her Elimination tonight, but it’s all part of the Show

  • PS Nishchal

    The Final ranking would be as follows;

    1: Soumya Rai
    2: Rohan
    3: Faisal

    • JIN_BABA

      lol, dream achi hy, dekho, koe nahi rokta :p

      1. Faisal, 2nd Saumya, 3 & 4th position would be OM & JEET

  • Liza d rockstar

    heiiiiiiiiiiii how u ppl come to know that shalini has been eliminated and rohan is in hospital???

    • JIN_BABA

      throught Net & Facebook

  • pi_nk

    I personally liked Rohan’s performance the most today, I like Faisal too, but Rohan was better today.
    I felt Raghav was telling his story through Rohan’s dance, very nice. =)

  • Ruchika Gupta

    There is nothing that i wanna see Geeta Maa Happy…

    I felt the disconnection so i told it honestly. Dance is my passion and i respect every individual who can dance well…

    I also like Saumya and Raghav and have no doubt on their talent but i guess you people are so much against Geeta Maa that u guys dont want to accept anything.. Its good that u guys support Raghav and u should but everyone is not so perfect that they can never make mistake.

    And com on guys start accepting facts!!! Geeta is a choreographer and she very well knows the concept of Fusion… and i guess because of ur dislike towards Geeta Maa u guys have started disliking Faisal…

    Faisal in no terms less than anyone…
    And u guys better accept the fact!!!

    • hema santhosh

      ya we dont want to accept any opinion that clarifies master Geethas attitude towards rockstars u just watch the mega audition round and see how she gave comments while giving golden wings to Rohan but that time Faisal was my favourite but i feel sad on hearing her comments and that was the beginning after that unfortunately bcoz of the choriography of Prince faisal didnt come forward on the other hand through brilliant choriography rockstars came forward and they won the hearts of millions.only through hardworking today they are in this level and ya Geetha is a choreographer but she is the judge of the show so her comments are valuable and she should not be partial but she is partial no doubt in that.


    • JIN_BABA

      Ruchika u know what? when i saw the Saumya dance which Geeta complain disconnect problem, she is right, i saw the saumya dance, no doubt she is so awesome done it. but agree with both Master’s the choice of Song is not really match with Saumya. i agree with Both Master’s comments, just on Song choice not Saumya, it’s a part of Experience Which Raghav surely got it :)

      i still Lik3 Raghav pa ji too.

      • mehetab nasreen

        fullyyyyyyyyyy agree wit ruchika n baba

  • mahendra patel

    Kruti ke Cackers are awesome dancers

    OM Crock the DID Lil’Dance ke Baap…

    Wish you all the very best! OM..

    Todi Nakh Fodi Nakh Bhuko kari Nakh…

  • mahendra patel

    The Final ranking would be as follows;

    1: Soumya Rai
    2: Faisal.
    3: Om.

    • JIN_BABA

      final four are

      1. Faisal
      2. Saumya
      3. OM
      4. JEETDAS

  • tp tp

    OM tu hi hai asli “Dance ka Baap”.

    • JIN_BABA

      lol. can’t say 😛

      but yh he is Stunt k baAp for sure 😀

      • Priya Joshi

        No JIN_BABA,

        OM is the strongest contestant of DID little masters season2…

        This child is AWESOME…

      • Sudeep Samota

        Yes priya u r rgt OM great dancer in the whole world he is strongest dancer in did

  • Ajeet Gujar

    Never seen before that like episode speechless

  • Robot Dance

    dear all,
    im not an expert of dance, but on the basis of true dancing entertainment both faisal & jeet along with rohan & samya should be in top 4. om is a good dancer of course, but he performs stants much better. so I feel om should be out from top 4.

    I dont know why skippers & masters are encouraging circus acts in a dance show. this is not fair…

  • fivola 16

    The Final ranking (top 4);
    1. Faisal
    2. Om
    3. Saumya
    4. Rohan

  • Dala Zeyda

    PLease PLease PLease this is a humble request to DANCE INDIA DANCE to please do not call Master Geeta for DANCE KE SUPERKIDS which i suppose is starting soon.
    I have Nothing against Master Geeta But from What i have seen in This season of DID l’il masters and from what alot of above comments suggests she is Really not Fit as a Judge in a Kids show. Because She is way to emotional ..

    People literally can’t bear her, be it her Favoritism towards certain beta or sorts, or be it her Disconnecting Issues towards true Creativity and UniQue Ideas.

    I have heard Raghav is a part of Dance ke Superkids, So please No Geeta Ma this time. Please. She doesn’t know how to appreciate Raghav’s Choreography and Creativity, May be She doesn’t Get it.. But whatever it is.. just Can’t see her back to back in 3 different shows.

    Just watched DID LIL MASTERS S1, yes Farah MAM loved Jeetumoni , but She treated all the Kids Equally when it came to Judging their Performances.. Gave true judgments to all the kids equally.And Atleast had the Guts to appreciate New Choreography brought to the stage by the skippers despite being a huge name herself.



    super yr



  • Priya Joshi

    Jeet does not deserve to be in Top 4.
    He completely lacks in versatility.
    Faisal and Rohan are best….I dont think so judges are partial.

  • Sudeep Samota

    Om tum best ho u deserved every big word in the world nd plz snd ur mobile no. My fb id is nd lv u OM god bless u

  • Sudeep Samota

    For my side ranking as follows
    1 OM
    2 Faisal
    3 Somuya
    4 Rohan
    5 Jeet
    U are a great dancer OMOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Anjali Khan

    Just the way people (definitely Rohan’s fans)are so jealous of Faisal because he is Geeta Maa’s fav, and some people also started hating Faisal, the same way, Rohan can NEVER be my fav! I nvr felt that Geeta Maa was partial…n the way they talked rubbish about her, because of all these reasons, now me too started disliking Rohan… sad :(

  • Anjali Khan

    and yesss…..just because here, you saw some people to support Rohan, does NOT mean, that Faisal has less supporter….Go to facebook DID official page…you will surely get more supporters of FAISAL :) Because he is GOD’s special child who can easily take a special place in everyone’s heart except FEW!!!

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