Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 2 21st July

Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 2 21st July

Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 2 21st July, Amongst one of the top episodes of this season. DID Little Masters defenitely kept the pace with the Dancing stars Dharmesh, Pradeep, Paul, Siddhesh, Amrita, Vrushali and Rajasmita. A superb act by Dharmesh, Raghav and Prince was the highlight of the show. Shalini was the highest voted contestant this week while Tanay and Rohan were voted lowest. Tanay was the one to go, he was voted out.

DID Little Masters 21st July performances

Raghav Ke Rockers

Rajasmita and Soumya performed Ariel Contemporary on the song Tere Ishq Nachaya

Paul and Rohan performed Popping and Hip Hop on the song Phir Mohabbat Kerne Chala

Neerav Ke Ninja

Siddhesh and Jeetdas performed Bollywood Style on the song Cheel Cheel

Amrita and Tanay performed Contemporary Dance Style on the song Tumko Paya Hai

Prince Ki Palton

Vrushali and Shalini performed Marathi Classical Style on the song Apsara Aali

Dharmesh and Faisal performed Hip Hop and Free Style on the song Tujhe Sochta Hoon Main

Kruti Ke Krackers

Pradeep and OM performed Hip Hop and Free Style on the song Dheemi Dheemi Chalne Lagi

DID Lil Master Season 2 21st July Videos Part 1

DID Lil Master Season 2 21st July Videos Part 2

DID Lil Master Season 2 21st July Videos Part 3

  • abc 123

    Truly the best episode of DID so far..


      YOU RI8

      • SAGAR ROCK


  • Kinga Szymala

    Tanay is a great dancer and he was eliminated :(

  • dechjoll lol

    Rohan n Paul’s dance was magical and AMAzing!!!
    Rohan is a great dancer. He has been consistently giving varieties of dance and he can do all dance form perfectly. TRuly speaking he is one of the strongest dancer in DID lil master 2. He deserves to be in finale.I hope he gets to be there!!
    Best of luck Rohan. You Rock the DID stage like Hurricane!!

  • divyasnavi

    It’s always sad to see the elimination.
    But, I know the top five contestants will be Rohan, Saumaya, Jeet, Faisal, and Om (not in any order).
    I hope Paul is one of the choreographers for DID Little Masters 3. Loved that Raghav made sure Paul’s effort was recognized. It was absolutely mind blowing!

  • Prince Abbas

    Bullshit politics and fixed show. Credibility hi ka koi naam hr nahin zee walo ka. Tanay was superb. He was and still is the best. Very underated participant.

  • Liza rockstar

    I juz love Raghav and his team….
    Soumya and Rohan are the two best contestants of this season..they both compliment each other.
    ya Tanway was also very good….but If i had to choose btwn Tannay and Rohan…..I would have definitely gone for Rohan….

    • irshad arakkal

      I would say , there is no meaning in choosing b/w rohan and tanay …rohan has to share a different level along with faizal.

      You can eleminate om , shalini ( eventhough she is one of my favourite ) from final ..but not rohan…he’s closely watching his performance since day one… a real talent.!!!!!

      Love you rohan …….

  • Liza rockstar

    I too wanna c Soumya,Rohan,Faisal and Jeet in the finals.
    All d very Best!!!

  • devi prasad

    Rohan,Faisal and Jeet => finals #hopes

  • Vijay Kumar

    Vrushala dances effortlessly! She was happy before the dance, smiling all though the dance and happier after the dance! Excellent Vrushala! Very good performance by both!
    Paul’s choreography and Rohan’s and Paul’s perfroamnce was outstanding. Towards the end Paul was water mirror of Rohan! outstanding!
    I think RajSmita looked bit sluggish and could not give the winner’s performance?!
    I am highly impressed with Raghav! He looks non-serious kind but does amazing choreography! He doesn’t seem to have any ego or competitive attitude. He gives his best and is great team player for this DID LM!
    Faisal is a great dancer. Seeing him in the audition, it was certain tha he’d win the competition effortlessly. However, so far he has not been able to live upto expectations! Other great contestants are emerging!

  • deepu kiran

    i juss loved paul and rohan’s performence… hatsoff to raghav that he recognised paul’s effort… but i feel tanay was much better than shalini… but if i had to choose b/w tanay and rohan i would choose rohan… how could shalini is in first place and rohan in danger zone i could’nt understand.. whatever.. i wanna see rohan soumya jeet faisal and om in finals…

  • hema santhosh

    excellent performance by Rohan he is keeping consistancy .shalini now dancing better .tanay was better than jeeth and om …good about faisal still waiting for his yet another outstanding performance.but the votting system is still down.

  • Hasmukh Kukadiya

    Tanay is a very good dancer .Tanay We Love You, We always miss you.

  • spartans nikom

    omg. shalini at first place ????? she didnt deserve to be in top 10.. only because of drama of jogambo and mokambo. truly a bakwaas drama…. raghav team is only team which have shown most of the best performances. so please keep voting for saumya and rohan they are the best dancer of did lil master 2 along with faisal. i think they did should remove the drama of jogambo and mogambo because it is giving a negative effect on other contestents. because of this drama tanay was got eliminated. he deserve to be in top 5 . om is a hardworking dancer and he to deserve to be in top 5. jeet dances well but the coment he do drama and nautanki .. they says it is the best dance platform in the world but it is the most drama platform in the world…

    • Sammy Sharma

      I totally agree. Shalini does not deserve to be number 1 at all and Rohan does not deserve to be in the lowest voted contestants. He is such a terrific dancer. Just because he does not speak so much ,people ignoring his stupendous dancing capabilities. People, please vote for Rohan. Let the best dancer win.

  • shardha k

    just loved the way the queen of expressions(vrushali and shalini) made an entry thank u prince for such an act ..
    faisal and rohan u both guys deserve the No:1 positions in the competition all the best ..

  • paritra

    This is a complaint against the Geeta “MA”. I think she has an issue with people with good hearts and real talent which she can neither nurture nor can she ever conjure it.
    With reference to 22ND july episode. ,Saumya, danced on Raghav’s choreography and we absolutely LOVED her performance. It was brilliant choreography and she is just a fat ugly woman who cannot stand Terence.
    I will heavily vote for Saumya and Rohan.
    RAGHAV this is for you we love you and you are a man with a golden heart. SAUMYA WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU. and oh yes I wont be surprised not to see this comment here. —

    Sincere regards,


    • dancequeen25

      i agree completely with everything that you said! its like you pulled the words right out of my mouth!!!!!

  • Angel Alive

    Kruti i salute you and i am really proud of you and proud being a are doing great job and can see strength of’s been difficult for you.only girl skipper with few supporters you have come so far.I can see the hard work,your dedication and your pure Heart.You are above all of are the bestest skipper.I salute You.
    Now i don’t care what ppl says,for me kruti ke krackers are… the winner and i don’t care about results.I have started the did lil masters journey with kruti ke krackers and will end with kruti ke krackers.Love you.

  • Angel Alive

    No Offence but i hate master Geeta,she is really annoying. I have noticed in few of episodes she is literally being rude to Om and Saumya.I know she wants both of them out of the show as she has been showering om and saumya with negative comments so that they won’t be able to get votes.good going master really know how to play it.great strategy. But for us our two kids are too precious and their abilities are matchless.I really feel bad for soumya and raaghav..Kruti and raaghav you guys are the best skipper.

  • shilpa gupta

    All the best dance ke BAP……

  • Liza d rockstar

    I totally agree with Angel Alive and pavitra.
    Ms.Geeta the so called “Maa”of this show have no heart.I really hate her after todays show.
    She is being sooo rude to Soumya and Raghav..dat to this is not the first time, she always find out some negative points of Raghav’s choreography for Soumya and never let go a single chance to criticise her.
    Soumya is such a wonderful child and a must deserving contestant to win this show.
    I dont understand why this Geeta maa is behind her..Is she jealous of Raghav and his paltan..bcoz Raghav and his paltan is far far better than her.
    Geeta is very very biased towards some contestants(dnt wanna take there names).
    Referring to Todays performance (22nd July)of Soumya where she did semi classical on the song “Main Pareshan”was soooo beautifully choreographed by Raghav and Sooo beautifully executed by Soumya.
    It was really something different and Soumya was so perfect in her every step..then also Geeta found out some stupid comments.
    I really didnt understand why Geeta didnt able to connect her to that song “main pareshan”
    If she didnt able to connect then it was her problem..not Raghav’s.

    and Mr.Marzi..u really dont have a sense of judging..u always repeat whatever Geeta says.

    We all loved Soumya’s performance on “Main Pareshan”..dont get disheartened.i’ll vote u and all those who are truely deserving.

    Raghav u r such a gr8 choreographer and u have got two gems(Rohan and Soumya)..encourage them and tell them to give there 100% and juz ignore whatever these stupid judges are saying.
    Audience is always there for u Raghav.

    Love u Raghav,Rohan and Soumya!!!Muahhhhhh <3 <3
    Next time Soumya juz show that fat lady that u r the utimate dancer!!!
    All d Best!!!

  • Dala Zeyda

    I couldn’t help but notice at the end of 22nd july episode how ROhan went to Geeta ma, but Geeta ma was so involved with Jeet and Faisal :( didn’t even see Rohan around………. :( Rohan just turned and left… guess he went to his Bhaiya Raghav and Soumya:)
    I want to say to Rohan, its ok ,the Judges have their own favortes and
    that won’t change but Just continue giving awesome – flawless performances like u always have, and the judges won’t be able to point out mistakes and they’ll be forced to give Good comments :):):) Love u raghav ke rockstars….

    and about soumya, lets say geeta thought there was a disconnecting factor,, lets say marzi also thought there was a disconnecting factor… but whats with misthun, when he said “the Judges are right” :( i think he just said it to make geeta feel better coz retiesh very nicely sad he connected very well :):)
    well since its to up to us, i think i connected really well too with the song. :)


    • dechjoll lol

      I totally agree with you DALA. I mean many people haven’t noticed it because it was at the very end of the show where everyone gets together on the stage. But ya i saw it too and come on who does that?? Rohan went towards her so enthusiastically but she just didn’t even look at him.That Geeta Ma is so engrossed with her Faisal n Jeet that Rohan just went away n run towards his Skipper Raghav Bhai….who is so caring n always hugging him to reassure him that he is so proud of ROhan n Soumya also. Everytime Raghav hugs Rohan n Soumya makes me feel so happy. At least Raghav is there for them to get them to the end of this show. By far Rohan n soumya are one of the Strongest Dancers in this show.They truly deserves to be in the Finale.

      Even I did’t understand the “connection thing” also. But I want to say- Geeta ji, may be u r not being able to connect to Soumya’s dance because you are restricting urself from giving good comments to RKR….. and other judges are always tend to agree with Geeta. I don’t know why they do that… sometimes its good to have some new words in comments than repeatitions.

      I reali loved all the performance of Raghav ke Rockstars. I want to see more of ROhan n Soumya…. just can’t get enough of their performances…

      RKR just Forget everything n Crock the stage
      love u always <3<3<3

    • hema santhosh

      At the end of the show Geetha “MA” deliberately ignored Rohan why?why all are calling her “maaaaa”.i lost respect to her after todays show.iam also a mother of two kids and i dont understand the way that Geetha”maa” treats her children and the judge marzi never gives his opinion he is just repeating her words but Midhunda please give your own opinion.

      Rohan and Soumya are keeping cosistancy in all rounds.


    • dancequeen25

      agreed completely! i too had a certain respect for her at one point in time……but now ive lost all the respect i had for geeta ma………..even marzi……..they are really trying so hard to dishearten raghav and his team and that is just not done….it isnt fair. but the point is that we are voting for rohan and saumya and those votes after a point cant stop them… all depends on us…..we will make the right decision of making either saumya or rohan the winner and it will be like a spit in the judges faces when one of them win! just please please please vote for them!!!!!!

  • Dala Zeyda

    Soumya and Raghav worked so Hard and gets such Comments, I doubt no-one has done a Semi classical as graceful as Soumya in DID….
    but then Every time Geeta either takes it out on ROhan or SOumya or BOth :(
    If other contestants(can’t take names) makes dozens of mistakes its Fine because the overall performance was awesome….
    if rockstars does a performance where there is not a single mistake , there is A Disconnecting factor… i am really not liking this…
    isn’t it so obvious how scared geeta is of raghav ke rockstars coz they are the best..!!!
    Wish Rockstars all the Best, just concentrate on YOur dance, Stick together like you always have and ignore what ever comments the judges gives :)

  • safia bibi

    seeing Shalini’s performance I was reminded of Lakshika’s superb audition. Faisal was my favourite contestant in the start. I don’t know why but with time I’ve lost my interest in his performances. His innocence seems to have faded away or maybe its because of undue comments given by the judges as if they have already decided to make him win. Yes, he deserves to be in top 3 at least but so do others. Rohan and Soumya have to be in top 4 or it will be very unfair. I’ve also noticed that right from the audition till now, if we compare with other female contestants, Soumya has never exposed and has dressed very elegantly. I admire her for this and for her superb dancing even more. Raghav’s team is my favourite. I hope one of them is the winner.

  • safia bibi

    Its my personal opinion but I’m really disappointed with Geeta’s partiality as a judge. Its not like any of the kids is from her own team. All should be treated equally. I always liked Terrence and Remo more but now I’ve lost the little respect I had for Geeta. I think she should never be allowed to judge a kids show again. She is okay for adults but not for kids at all. Compared to last season, Jai did a fabulous job as a host, but the judges were no doubt better last year. Soumya has never been kissing feet type of girl, has been dignified in her approach and I think this is the reason why she is not given much importance by the judges.

  • tp tp

    OM is a winner for me.
    He is the only contestant who tries different things in each performance. There may be some mistakes but at least he tried. And he is a fabulous dancer.
    When OM performs in his comfort zone ie contemporary nobody can beat him. But he always prefers difficult levels. This little boy gives challenges to all the contestants.
    I really dont like jeetdas as he never tried new things.never means never . But he still gets appreciation. bullshit.

    I bet you none of the little masters can do what OM does.

    And shalini did so much drama last week by crying and all. I am sure she got votes for that only. Grandmaster kabhi bhi jeet and shalini ko jane nahi dega. Big Polotics.

    OM love you baby. Keep rocking

  • Joe Singh

    I seriously think that this Geeta has problem with Saumya Rohan and Raghav team . This show was supposed to be based solely on dance but I think now it’s more on drama and emotions . I’m a professional dancer myself and I can say that Saumya is truly a clean and exceptional dancer . She has very good sense on technique . So is Rohan and Tanay . I think this Geeta has dancing sense but she is very biased to certain participants . I’m not saying the others are not good . For their age they are all very good but when it come to judging I think this soo called judges are more emotional than technical . Om is overrated at the moment . Give him a few years and he definitely can be a very good dancer . And for god sake pls leave the dance on the floor and not making this kids do aerial acts . This is not a circus . They do a lot of mistakes . God forbid that they do a fatal mistake . Yet they get good comments which encourage them to do more dangerous acts . If really want to do , why not the judges do aerial acts and we audience watch ?? Well this is my personal opinion and Geeta , U need to stop being biased on Saumya coz she is really an excellent dancer .

  • shiva thakral

    Jeet you r super duper hit dancer tumhara muqbala koi nhi kr skta hai yaar tum to ek aag ka gola ho

  • Roslind Arokiasamy

    I also seriously think that this Geeta has problem, especially with Rohan.I also agreed that Om has been overrated and should give him a few years.I want to say to Rohan, its ok ,the Judges have their own favortes and that won’t change but Just continue giving awesome better performances like u always give, and the judges won’t be able to point out mistakes.

    PLEASE VOTE FOR ROHAN AND SOUMYA. I wanna see rohan soumya jeet faisal in finals…

  • Angel Alive

    Om you are the best and you are unbeatable.I salute you dear.You are the winner for me.

  • Abraham Joshua

    Raghav and his team rocks. I feel judges are biased wile giving comments. Hope elimination is fair enough. Shalini may be expression queen but lacks variety in her style of dancing. while saumya, Rohan and om really do different things each week. OM is the superman of DID. He is so brave and is unbelievable in doing stunts. Always makes our heart beat faster while performing.

  • Mayur Jain

    Hello Frenz I want To Knw The Track or Song name or the melody on which Prince Danced In The Trio Of Dharmesh , Prince and Raghav…………
    on 21st July 2012

    • indranee neogi

      Prince danced to the tune of BIHU Dance from Assam…

  • Liza d rockstar

    Guyz can u tell me what is the time limit for voting a contestant???
    can I vote for Soumya and Rohan today and tomorrow also???
    Or its only for saturday and sunday????

    and Plz vote for Soumya and Rohan

    18002665604 – Rohan
    18002665605 – Soumya

  • indranee neogi

    what a show….loved to see Dharmesh(my all time Fav),prince and Raghav perform together….can any1 tell me where can i find DVD of the Videos…or atleast download sum…
    Rohan …love u ….keep up your good work…

    Faisal and Rohan in Finals for sure…

  • dancequeen25

    i think i got the biggest shock of my life when rohan was in the bottom! that isnt his place and never wil it be in his entire life….he is too good to ever be at that level! shalini didnt deserve to be the highest voted dancer! she is a trained dancer and not a natural one is what i feel! rohan and saumya have dance running through their veins while shalini learnt how to dance and didnt have that original natural dancing talent……..but that s my opinion and im sorry if i have hurt anybosy with this comment..but its true!

  • Darshan patel

    Dharmesh is Dharmesh…
    In Dharmesh , Prince n Raghav Trio perfomance Dharmesh is better…n then prince…
    Raghav performed well but at the end I didn’t connect with his dance…

    D is Back..

  • aniket chauhan


  • bharat mishra

    truly the best coming programme on tv being a 26yr old guy working in bank.I cant resist myself watching this programme and i am watching this from auditions and if any episode if miss out i just watch repeats zee tv has just given an awesome thing to enjoy in this tension full life. the dance ke baap are really daddy of skippers i salute them and bow before them . I thank the grand master, masters Remo sir ,Terrance sir , Gita maa I love you maa you and Jai are the live wire of this show. I also thank salman, dharmesh sir, Raghav, siddesh , cockroach and all dancers for entertaining us tahnk u guys

  • pi_nk

    Rohan and Tanay in bottom 2?? I was like WHAAAAT?!?! They’re both really good. I loved all the performances.

  • sanchita agrawal

    faisal i rly like ur performance u r an inspiration to me ur blindfolded dance just amazed me….its my wish that i could meet u one day.all the very best rather u r already a dance star for whole India.i wish all the success in ur life. god bless you.I am a big big big big big fan of urs infact big word is also too small to express

  • Sudeep Samota

    OM nd Pardeep u both are my favourite u both are king of stnt lv u Om

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