Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 2 1st July

Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 2 1st July

Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 2 1st July, It was another fun episode with kids showing their talent and enjoying the puppets. Today’s performance of the day was awarded to Tanay from Neera Ke Ninjas.

DID Little Masters 1st July performances

Raghav Ke Rockers

Soumya performed Ariel Contemporary Style on the song Ik Tara

Rohan performed Freestyle on the song Sun Re Sakhi

Neerav Ke Ninja

Jeetdas performed Freestyle on the song Hum Kale Hein To Kya Hua

Shreya performed Tollywood Style

Tanay performed Contemporary Dance Style on the song Give Me Some Sunshine

Prince Ki Palton

Shalini performed Jazz & Contemporary Dance on the song Jimmy Aa Ja

Faisal performed Lyrical Hip Hop on the song Hosanna

Kruti Ke Krackers

OM performed Free Style on the song Chota Bacha Jaan Ke

Episodes starts at 4:30 Minutes.

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  • nikhar aggarwal

    the music piece that raghav performed during the face off wd prince on 30th june , was from which song? or was it a piece created by own?

    • Vikranth Singampalli

      Hi Nikhar
      I guess the piece you are looking for when raghav does his trade mark slow motion. It is from STEPUP 4 i think.

    • Abhisek Rath

      its from t hollywood movie barrier 13..

    • Omkar Mukadam

      hey hi nikhar

      the song is ” Android porn” it iz used step up 4 movie.. :)

  • shohab_shah

    Hi everyone, can anybody tell me the name of the instrumental song played at the end of the show (in part 4) from 15.17-15.55?

  • divyasnavi

    I am betting you anything these are the final four (not in any order just the final four)

  • Kishore Allanki

    This really sucks dude,….
    I don’t really understand why the judges are so impartial towards raghav ke rock-stars.. i see that soumya and Rohan are doing much greater job, than any other contestant, but they are not getting any kind of positive output from them.. dude.. please don’t let this kids face the partiality.. they are too small to understand your politics..

    • bijay karki

      i too feel same brother….. why Geeta was soft more then enough to faisal???? this guy is talented but over reaction from geeta can spoil his career…. may god bless him!!!!

    • i love india

      100% agree with kishore dammm why the hell geeta is keeping saying faisal you are my beta…geeta should stop that and plz judge on the basis of soley dance….

    • Dala Zeyda

      I know,, i completely Agree with You Guys..i don’t know but i think Geeta ma expects alot from Faisal.. During the auditions Faisal danced really well, and Geeta ma said kash auska beta faisal jaisa dance kare,,, But from the time the show started till now faisal hasn’t given a single solo that stood out and did justice to what Faisal Khan is all about amongst the audience and Geeta ma. I still think he is a great dancer and a great kid only if prince would present him well enough. On the other hand Rohan and Saumya have been consistently giving awesome performances only because our most favorite Crockroach-Slow-Mo king is very determined and hardworking. Well to me it seems like geeta ma doesn’t genuinely appreciate rohan’s and saumya’s talent and effort despite them being the Best at whatever they do…Both of them deserves to be in top 3. While soumya has a large fan-base (She was No 1 earlier), Its ROHAN i am scared of. I Would feel really Bad if next week instead of Shreya and Shalini, Rohan gets Eliminated.. i would literally stop watching the SHOW!! Please guys support rohan and people who vote for Soumya please vote for ROHAN too. They are in the same team Guys..!!! :)
      No offense to Faisal fans, Still love him:)After all Rohan and Faisal are Best Friends <3<3<3

    • dancequeen25

      i agree completely!!!!
      they have been behaving like this with raghav last season as well…….. raghav ke rockstars by far has the best choreography and dancers according to me n i dont think impartiality is the right way to go! this is just so rude!!!!!!!!!!! how much more do these kids have to work to convince u that being rude is not the way to go!!!!!!!!! uggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! i wish terrence were here he was sweet to all of them n he was the one who gave raghav what he deserves n that is compliments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bijay karki

    Om by your solid performance you makes the Gorkhalis all over the world proud. You’re a boy with extra-ordinary talented. Nothing can snatch a champion crown from you,,,,,,, Shruti should not cry one with her is enough to win her dream. Keep it up genius!!!!

  • tp tp

    OM is a fabulous dancer.
    Message to Jeetdat: Hamesha bolte ho main practice karta hoon.What do you mean. Sirf tum hi practice nahi karte. Sab bache karte hain. Tumhe to direct entry mili hain. Aur tumhara ek hi style dekh ke main to pak gayi hoon.
    Look at OM, look at his age, he has been so versatile. Aur ha sunday ke episode me usne hiphop and beboing kiya tha. Aur admin ne likha hai ki freestyle????

    I hate neerav and his team. Rishi ko out karaya. Ab jeet ki nautanki dekhte baito. Faisal geeta ma ka beta aur jeet grand master ka chahita. Usne hi direct entry diya hai isko

  • tp tp

    According to me:
    Top 4 should me

    Hope jeetdas ko end tak leke nahi jayenge.

  • Angel Alive

    saturdays episode, Om and uday’s act was entertaining.yes Uday slipped few times but he didn’t stop he continued but judges didn’t prasie him.Uday is one of the best Dancer.i really miss him.sundays episode,over reaction from master geeta.tanay was awesome ,infact all the kids were fantastic but i felt Rohan was the best.Only dada felt the pain of kruti but masters didn’t even bothered to motivate kruti.I wish Kruti and Om all the guys are the best.I love kruti ke krackers:):)

    • mehetab nasreen

      plz bring uday and deep back and send shreya and jeet home as shreya dance se baat zyada karti hi her chikchik and jeet always d same style.faizal,om,sowmya,rohan,tanay they are doing justice to their position.

      • hema santhosh

        absolutly right soumya,rohan,thanay,faizal are doing best.still we are waiting for yet another amaizing performance of faizal bcos he is a great dancer.his audition rounds were amaizing but now the choriography is not enough for him to prove his talent.soumya and rohan are doing their best.we miss uday, deep and yash.

      • Raman Tiwari

        plz stop casting aspersions on kids and without any bias stop criticizing the kids, not all fingers are same and the same goes to kids also, some are talkative and some are not so do not judge in that sense, Jeet and Shreya are talented that’s why they are there…….now it’s all performance and fate…’s just a day , timing and the luck which decides the result………

    • mehetab nasreen

      wat guys why r u blaming faisal see his dance he is just superb

      • Raman Tiwari

        Faisal is very talented but not in all genres..but I am sure he is a good learner and will pick it up…plz don’t get biased……

    • Dala Zeyda

      Rohan was the Best :) i am sad for Uday too.

  • i love india

    geet maa with my due respect please stop commenting unnecesarily faisal as a son(if she didnt then administrator should stop her too much). yeha we all know faisal is strong candidate and also he is a good dancer but they should judge and encourage the dancer on the basis of only dance dance n dance and also at that momment.If you see soumay and rohan tillnow they have done everyform of dance..I have never seen geet maa saying to soumay and rohan..this is really bias. overall raghav is really working hard than anyother skipper…the least working one is prince nothing new ….soumay n rohan u rocks…

    • Suprabha P

      i agree with all
      1) stop too much drama on Faisal as son…. her mom will never let her child near Geeta once competition is over lol
      2) support other participants
      3) If prince is not interested don’t call him from next time as skipper and spoil the children life… children are here to learn not to do stupid dram on floor…….

      • Raman Tiwari

        I totally agree, from very first day Geeta Kapoor has created a hype around faisal, all the kids are equally talented and need equal attention too…….

  • priyanka kollins

    Soumya and Rohan just don’t give up…whatever the judges say to you….let the judges ayes open and proud of you,,,that you are not JUST the best dancer ,,but a GREAT GREAT GREAT dancers,,, FOR GEETA , you should not call Faisal as your son,,,i know you like him much than the others,, but in here,,,stage !!! did you even think about the others kid heart GEETA ???

  • Badri Narayan

    love the dance of Rohan and Faisal followed by Soumay. u guys deserve to be in top 3 of DID. gud luck…
    please woh nautanki Shreya ko jaldi nikalo… bahut ho gayi chik chik…


    aree yaarjeet ko kab tak dekhna padega………….
    woh dance sirf ek hiii style ka karta hai…..
    aur om toh har style ka dance karta hai aur om nai audition sae ab tak sare dance forms kiye hai woh jo bhi baate karta hai dil sae karta haiiiiii aur sab ko uski bate achi lagti haiiiii…
    lakin jeet aaaj kal jo kuch bhi bolta haiii woo sab banawati hota haiiii
    uday & deep dono strong contestent theeee aur mujhe lagta haiii un dono ki jagha shalini and jeet ko jana chahie thaaaa.
    jab om and uday kae dance mai uday sleep hwaaa toh sab nai usko bataya even grand master nai bhi unko wahi bola par rohit sheety , ajay ko chod kar kisi nai bhi unko encourage nahi kiya……
    but jab sunday kae perfoprmance mai shalini nai itni mistakes kiii toh usko kisi nai kuch nahi bolaa even grandmaster nai usko aur encourage kiya and sari galti prince ke upar daal diiii.
    but jab om nai ek naya style ka dance kiya and that was fabulas…..
    usko naaa geeta maa ki wistel mili naaa hii snda babada performance mila…………
    thats not fear …………
    agar yeh sab karna hopta hai toh audition kyu karte hooo jeet kae jaise hiii sab ko entry de doooo agar abh
    mai sae koi bhi eleminate hua toh mai voting karna aur dekhna band kar do ga

  • tp tp

    I agree with AJAY KACHROO.
    OM bohat hi innocent hai. Uski baatein sabko achhi lagti hai. Lekin jab se jeetdat aya hai wo sirf “OM” ka copy marne ko try kar raha hai jo bilkul usko suit nahi hota.

    OM ne sabhi rounds clear kiya hai, aur haq se DID me hai..
    4)Trial Zones
    5)Every week performance with new style
    5)Direct top 10, aur wo bhi ek hi style

    • Suprabha P


  • ashini dias

    Jeet Das is so very irritating, just hope he gets eliminated quickly. All da best wishes to Rohan, soumya, Faisal and Om they r doing great.

  • Dala Zeyda

    I wish Rohan comes in Top-4 Because right now i don’t think he has many fans:(, But he can get more fans by performing better and better each week. CROCK THE STAGE JUNIOR CROCKROACH..
    Shock the Judges:P,Grandmaster:0,and THE ENTIRE INDIA next time with your performance like you did with your first SOLO :):):)
    Love you ROHAN :):)

    • dancequeen25

      agreed completely!!!!!!!! its like u stole the words out of my mouth!

      • Dala Zeyda


  • spartans nikom

    todays episode was rocking. rohan . soumya. om. tanay rocked the stage… guys i think as there are 4 skippers (last year 3)unlike last year there wil be 5 finalists. and i think they r as follows:-
    5.tanay. sorry guys if i hurt anyone by placing stars in this order .. please forgive… thanx guys…

  • Red

    A skipper is the one who can make his contestant dance like him, or even better. Last season Ruturaj was called Dharmesh’s clone. This season Rohan is Raghav’s shadow. Clearly he’s doing a brilliant job! But his contestants are not getting the comments they deserve. That’s just not fair. Honestly Rohan, Faisal, Soumya, Om and Tanay really deserve to stay!

  • Jitendra Singh



    raghav,,,please give soumya the song ‘bumro’ from mohabattein as she did before during her contest in boogie woogie

  • Suprabha P

    i want om hip hop style… mera support always with u and when u say pata nai with innocence wa kya bath kya bath kya bath. par om beta make your steps clear when doing other styles apart from contemporary.

  • Suprabha P

    faizal improve kiya hai but only because of geeta faisal sabh se duuuurrr ho raha hai…

  • Karan Jain

    YASH,PRADEEP(as i mentioned in wild card episode),UDAY etc ko nikal diya aur JEET,SHERYA,SHALINI ko rakh liya..i dnt understand…I STILL GET IRRITATED WHEN I SEE PRADEEP’s INNOCENT FACE…POOR GUY..THE MOST UNJUSTICED ONE…

  • manu sharma

    DID Little Masters show which started with great expectations, is becoming quite bore these days because of –
    Geeta Ma’s emotional drama for Faizal. Even if she considers him as son, what is the necessity of showing it in every episode. Her out of way attention to Faizal may weak down the morale of other contestants as they will feel neglected. Is DID maneavouring to make Faizal win this time ? Faizal is not at all a number one dancer.
    Grandmaster is wasting so much time in teaching discipline to contestants. We devote our valuable time to watch dance and not his dramas. He was so much unkind to Somya when she slipped on wings. Linking such a happening to God’s punishment for a child’s disobeidience to parents is just rediculous. Such things might have happened in Grandmaster’s own life also at one time or the other, was he disobedient or arrogant to his parents ?
    Mogambo-Zogambo act is just wastage of time. The time given to these puppets could better be given to contestants to give more performances – solo or couples or group.
    Gradmaster and these days Geeta too have become so partial. Especially Raghav and his team is getting step treatment from these two. Still Raghav takes everything so smilingly. Grandmaster had been too harsh to Somya in her last solo performance. This time he did not utter even a single good word of apprecation for Somya on her par excellence aerial act, nor a kia baat, what to expect a salute from him. He just said well done. Somya felt belillted this time which was clear in her expressions after master’s comments. It will not be surprising if one of Raghav’s contestant is eliminated soon because of masters’ cold attitude towards them.
    Jeetdat is being given undue attention by masters. He gives expressions much larger than his age. His dialouges too sound artificial and don’t suit his small age. Rest of the contestants are doing fine.
    Shreya has made a couple of excellent contestans eliminated. She has no dancer’s grace on her. She is the useless of all. Still she is getting so much appreciation from masters.
    Shalini too seems to be a favoured contestant.
    For Raghav and his team
    Raghav, you are doing wonderful job Beta Ji. God bless you and your team ! You three are quite focused on your work. And that will take you on top of world one day. Somya and Rohan are most sophisticated children on the show. They are full of innocence. Please don’t care for master’s partial attitude. You are above these things. You have won hearts of millions with your hard work, sincerity and honesty. So is true with Rohan and Somya. Please give them good romantic songs in future instead of funny ones. They express and impress better in romantic numbers. If you get opportunity sometime, give Rohan and Somya any song from Dil to paagal hai.
    Everyone knows that this reality show is pre-fixed as was apparent in Rajsmita’s case last time. So viewers don’t worry. You please go on doing fair voting. I would place skippers in following order – Raghav, Kruti, Neerav & Prince. And contestants to be in grand finale – Somya, Rohan, Tanay and Om.

    • dancequeen25

      agreed!!!!!!!!! wow that was a lot of writing!! but all of it is true!!!!! except im sorry but i dont think om shud be in the final! srry if i offended anybody but i truly think he is too young at this point!!!

  • tp tp

    Though OM is too young, he has given the most “daring and difficult” performances. He has been so versatile. He is a champ in contemporary. apart from that he has done all types dances.Thats what we like him.

    He completely deserves to be in Top 4.

  • Angel Alive

    Om deserve to be in final,he is young but he performs with maturity.he is far more better than jeet das.I think the youngest is Jeetdas who has been performing same style.actually jeetdas doesn’t deserve to be in every performance of jeetdas i see a bit touch of MJ.Om should be in final and my full support to Om.

  • manu sharma

    Thanks dancequeen25. I agree with you. No doubt Jeet is too young. But inspite of that he is doing much better than rest of the contestants. At least he is giving his best and showing his versatility. That is why I mentioned his name in expected final four. Thanks again.

  • KIT


  • Himadri Roy


    I dont know why some peoples are making comments just against Jeet. I mostly found that who are doing so, are fan of Faisal, Om..

    No doubt, that both of them are good, but JEET IS BEST. Even he is getting much more votes than others (only Soumya is ahed of him).

    I request all to kindly note the age & talents of all contestants liberally. Jeet is only 6 yr. old where Faisal is 13. Only Om can be compared with Jeet on this angle & certainly not Faisal. But Om cannot do what Jeet has done. Just imagine if Jeet can do these at this age level, what he will do at the age of Faisal. Thats why he is ” DUNIYA KI AATWE AAJUBE” as commented & accepted by all the masters, and is also a Gold Mine as per Mithun Da.

    Another thing, I really dont understand why some people are saying Jeet is only doing the same style, even though he has performed several dance styles (viz, MJ style, Freestyle, Bollywood style, Salsa style etc.). Just see the expression of him when he dance. Afterall DID is a dance reality show and not a circus to show stunts.


    • Dala Zeyda

      Honestly I think that All the contestants are just so talented for their age.. Everyone has their own strengths and The audience love the show because of the theM and the family like feeling DID projects, no other Indian entertainment Show does. My favorite contestant is ROHAN-Crockroach`Junior.
      All his performances were awesome except just the one on 23rd June, where he was certainly tensed about getting Eliminated or the prop(fire lamp) :(
      He is a true ®°©kStAr for me!! Despite his poor fan base, i hope if he ever gets eliminated (the day which i assume is near, :( sadly), I want him to give him an AWESOME PERFORMANCE MAKING RAGHAV PROUD AND EVERYONE ELSE AWE-STRUCK……


      TOP-4, AT THE LEAST :)


  • Madhusmita

    I want raghav ke rckstrz 2 win….dey r awsm and hardwrking..!!!!THEY DESERVE THE DID TITLE :)

  • Arnav Magar

    hyyyyyyyy i lyk soumya n om……….dey so gud dncr…….n both lukng cute….:p

  • tp tp

    @Himadri Roy,
    I think u r from kolkatta. so u supporting jeet. But we are not doing that. regional votes and stuff. We are observing real talent. No doubt jeet is doing “same style”. Everyone knows it. Agar woh alag alag style kare to uska asli rang pata chal jayega. Isiliye neerav smartly choreograph kar raha hai.
    But you cannot compare jeet with OM.
    Om is the “most hardworking, deserving, versatile dancer”.

  • tp tp

    And yash, rishi jaise acche dancers jeet ki wajah se out hue hai. Jeet ko to victory mil gayi bina kuch kiye.

  • Himadri Roy

    Dear tp tp,

    thnx 4 ur comments. As u r openly backnig Om, on d same way I am supporting Jeet. I dont understand why some people raise finger to religious/provincial/regional sympathies whenever their views get attacked. We are all Indians right! and DID is a dancing talent hunting reality show (& is not a circus party to show stunts & balance plays, sorry for repeating). Om certainly doing good stunts for his age, but Jeet is doing true dancing & we people are enjoying his performances, honestly, without the barrier of region..:-)

    hope u understand & give due respect to other views which are contrary to yours…thnx

  • tp tp

    Himadri Roy,
    If you are talking about talent then why you forgot yash, rishi, susanket. They deserve to be in Top10.
    Jeetdas did not clear any megaaudition rounds, trail zones nothing.

    But OM has gone through all these. If he is not a good dancer, then he would not be here in DID “after clearing so many rounds”.
    I am sure if jeet would have gone through choreography round he would not be in DID.

  • Himadri Roy

    Dear tp tp,

    I think you have missed the audition section of ongoing DID L’ll M S 2. There (ofcourse in Kolkata audition) Jeet did a very good performance on ‘Kolaveri D’ & got appraised by all the Masters. Unfortunately he got ill & was not able to participate in ‘trial zone’. But he showcased a tremendous performance in the ‘wild card’ episode & became eligible to be in top ten. This also proves his dancing talent (i.e. unlikely others he came to top 10 by only 1 performance. I suggest you to watch that performance). But sorry to you, ‘wild card’ is as per the programme’s norm, where DID try to compensate that type of unfortunate events. I also feel happier if Jeet could performe in ‘trial zone’ also, then we could watch some more ‘dhamakedar’ performances of him.

    And the most important is, nobody of us cannt deny that everyone who got selected (including Om Chetry & the names you have mentioned) has the quality/ talents that make judges bound to select them. But here you & me are sharing our viwes about the best one among them.

  • smruthi nair

    All the very best Faizal…….

  • tp tp

    For your kind information i have watched all the epiodes of DID 4-5 times.
    So I am telling you that if jeet had to go through mega audition rounds he would not be in DID. Kyunki short time me nayi cheez sikhna uske bas ki baat nahi. Choreography round me hi woh out ho jata.

  • pi_nk

    I watched Saumya’s performance again after listening to the judges comments, her feet were pointed the entire time … I liked Om’s, Tanay’s and Saumya’s performance the most in this episode, GORGEOUS!! =)

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