Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 2 16th June *Wild Card Special*

Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 2 16th June *Wild Card Special*

Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 2 Wild Card Special 16th June, Terence Lewis was the special guest on today’s show. His special performance on the song Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin was a treat to watch. In the wild card round today 9 contestants performed. Tanay and Jeetdas were selected for SUPER 10 DID Little Masters Contestant. Enjoy the performances.

DID Little Masters 16th June performances

Rishi performed Freestyle on the song Singham

Nayyana performed BharatNatyam Style on the song Krishna

Yash performed Freestyle on the song Mangal Pande

Jeet Das performed MJ Style on the song Mera Joota Hai Japani

Tanay performed Contemporary Dance Style on the song Kiyon Mein Jagoon

Susankeet performed Hip Hop on the song Bum Bole

Rimsha performed Contemporary on the song Naach

Shivam performed Bollywood Dance Style on the song Ghori Charh Ke

Shreya performed Bollywood Dance Style on the song Chalka Re

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DID Lil Master Season 2 16th June Videos Part 2

DID Lil Master Season 2 16th June Videos Part 3

DID Lil Master Season 2 16th June Videos Part 4

  • Abhisek Rath

    Tanay, Susu performed very well but Jeet Das steals d show…..

    Susu and Jeet should come back

  • neal sami

    shivam and rishi shud have come back with jeet prasad

    • s g

      Agree 100%…. I just hope teh judges & GM are listening (reading…)

    • Sweety Neerav

      jeet das is the name dude!! ¬_¬

  • joe

    I am speechless, these guys are great, hope someone continues to
    help them in the future, for all of them have a great future.
    All the best for many more years to come.

    • Anwesha sen

      the results were decided even before any 1 performed. u saw jeet das talking so much, he was given dialogues to learn & say it on show, even tanay was given sum dialogues to speak, coz they were already fixed, any other wild card contestant dint speak.
      there were total 13 contestants but they showed only 9… where is prishita? kamya? dhruvita? & pradeep?? its so unfair. & u heard the judges say to mithun da, that without his permission they brot jeet das, actually he was mithun’s favourite from the show called dance bangla dance, where mithun da was judge & he told him, i will giv u direct entry to DID. its all made up ya. ye reality show hai ya nautanki show??
      dance Show hai ki talk show?? they selected those two kids who will talk a lot in the program & increase the TRP.
      DID has become so corrupted!!! never thot they would b like this.

      • priyanka kollins

        agree with you Anwesha,,,there was all dada desicion not janta,,all bullshit yar,,,

      • s g

        so who are they fooling … themselves ?!!!

      • Avishek Karmakar

        No ..i don’t think so..if whole thing is fixed how u justify Best performance of the day crown to Soumya on 17th june where Jeet got comment from judges that he is the 8th wonder of earth.Why?? Mithun da can’t set a single day performance crown for Jeet? You only notice Jeet ‘s dialogue. Try to notice his dance,his labor.You can’t say that Jeet dance is ordinary or not so well. He perform total 3 and in every show he makes STUPENDO job. So just go easy.Its a good show and nothing more than that.

      • Sweety Neerav

        no dude!! its because its telecasted after the show and decisions are done, so they showed tanay’s and jeet’s thoughts…its unfair that u think this small of jeet and tanay’s talent…both r superb…neeraaaav!!! kya choereography!!! waah!! i love u…all were good…rishi, shivam and tanay…

      • Sweety Neerav

        and 1 more thing…they only have 1 hour permission to show the dances…they were out of time…i know it coz my uncle works there…i am giving u the guarantee that this is real…i asked my uncle too…he only told that they have to select specific dances…coz they have to show it on tv they shorten everything..

  • anju mukadam

    hi did lil masters team…
    love ur show..and effort put in by everybdy…but i wud appriciate… with dance if u ll teach them som manners as well…all teachers and judges are very experienced and elders and children shud not b allowed to make fun of elders…they do it in fun i kno..and they r little children and i think they shud b taught now abt dances are too gud and beautifully done…hope u see this comment

  • didviewers choice

    I am fully agree with Anwesha sen. Actually Pradeep got a excellent comment & should be eligible for TOP Ten. This is not a competition but a reality show where Dada & creative team fixing everything. Now watch today poor individual performance of top ten & comments passed by those so called judges. Really this is nautanki only.

    • pramod chauhan

      ya every thing is fix warna shreya and shalni faltu mi or baacho ki jagha mi na hote inki jagha yash and rishi ho sakte the

  • Inder Rohilla

    happy b’day dada

  • s g

    Have a request for Terence, believe that he loves to help whoever needs it, if he can help Rishi learn further in his dance school. This will help him to do better in life… all the more because it was due to his Asst. Neerav that that little well deserving boy is out of the competetion…

    Admn… can you pls convey this message to Terence, pleeez.. thanks!

  • jeffry khan


  • dipshika

    shreya totally doesnt deserve to be in top 10 and i hate neerav for this. I really wanted rishi, yash and susanket to be in top 10 well like always the deserving once dont get to go long way and i jux hope faisal wins and rohan or soumya is 2nd *Finger Crossed*

    • pramod chauhan

      fully agreee 1st faisal 2nd rohan 3rd soumya

  • yogesh sharma

    jeet is amazing

    • Avishek Karmakar

      i agree

  • tp tp

    I completely agree wid you all…
    Jeetdas spoke so much bullshit. I did not like that kid.
    And i think he can do only one style. he is Not a versatile dancer at all. He is trying to copy OM ka style of anchoring. But it does not suit him. OM is so cute, he speaks innocently and he is a fab dancer.
    Yash and Rishi are fab dancers. Real performers, deserving candidates. They have to be in top 10.
    Shriya and shalini are useless, they should have been eliminated long back.

    • dipshika

      i agree buh shalini is good buh shreya all she knows is how to talk! om is sooo cute and ithink he was kinda sad cuz he used to be the smallest one in the show and all the attention went to him buh now its jeet. The expression om was making u could see he felt bad/sad

    • Sweety Neerav

      jeet das is the do u think that he is a bullshit? this case…i think u r aa big time bullshit loser…i can’t imagine how small ppl think!!

  • tp tp

    And you can see that jeetdas has already become overconfident.
    Watch sundays episode while announcing the best performance of the day. He gave expressions like he is only going to get it. But wen it went to soumya he made faces.

  • shree ram thapa magar

    Dance dance India dance program is very excellent program especially the child competition.

  • Vijay Kumar

    I am amazed how much of my views coincide with views expressed above! As are other things corrupt in India, so is this DID not untouched by unfairness and manipulations. I have seen much better dancers in real life those have been rejected by DID and doing much better on their own. The point system is non transparent. I was surprised how did Neerav went up so high in DID (not DID l’il masters)!
    Shreya, I feel, should have been out from the audition itself but is in the top 10! There were other better contestants who were surprisingly rejected! Rishi (definitely) and Yash deserve to be in top 10. And how can you promote Jeet Das to top 10 only after one performance?! Sure he danced well but giving him top 10 title with just one performance when others have been consistently doing well and have been out?!
    Still except for few undeserving ones included and few deserving ones excluded, the kids are amazingly talented! God bless them! Wish great future ahead!

  • Karan Jain

    Guys its all corrupted…if we remember, a child used to sit with these contestants idle just attending the show…well it was Pradeep Sharma…who was assured a chance in Wild Card by Terence Lewis…(see Ytube guys)however he wasnt given chance.that poor guys attended all episodes and now kicked out…i expect Answer to tis DID..

    • Sweety Neerav

      he was there to perform…i was there in the show!! they all performed…but only some were shown in the tv coz of less time…

  • s g

    Is DID even listening or have they all become thick skinned!

    As long they are getting their monies they are not bothered… No response no clarification or effort to rectify their mistakes… why have this forum at all then..?

  • white terro

    I just want Rishi back in the show. He is so so so good yaar. Why has not been selected? The GM always show the hidden card,I dearly hope this time he takes Rishi back in the show b/c the boy really deserves to be in the top 10. pls pls pls, pls bring him back. he is so talented and hardworking kid. he has 100% right to be in the show. pls someone in the admin team request the judges and GM to take him back.

  • white terro

    I am so happy that Tanay is selected. he really deserves it but why rishi is not selected. I want rishi back in the show…………………………………………………………………………………………….

    • s g

      I agree agree agree … hope someone at DID is listening

  • pramod chauhan


  • Paul Ranglong


  • Athar Bhat


  • sumaira gracias


  • poonam sharma

    my favorites are tanay, faizal and shalini ofcourse. must be in top 3.

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