Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 2 10th June

Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 2 10th June

Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 2 10th June, it looks like TV has become the favorite platform for film promotion. It was all fun and dance, with the cast members of Ferrari Ki Sawaari. Boman Irani and Sharman Joshi not only had the audience in splits with their witty remarks, they also happily obliged to a dance number with the young contestants. Boman was happy to see Mithun Chakraborty, as he gave him a tight hug. He even managed to get Mithun up and dancing with him. Sharman and Geeta Kapoor also joined the senior actors on stage. Super 10 Contestants are selected today after the elimination of Yash and Rishi. Don’t forget to login back next weekend for the Dance India Dance Little Masters Wild Card Round. It’s going to be a blast.

DID Little Masters 10th June performances

Raghav Ke Rockers

Raghav, Soumya, Rohan and Yash performed Slow Motion on the song Pehla Nasha Pehla Khumar

Yash performed Freestyle on the song Patti Rap

Neerav Ke Ninja

Neerav, Shreya and Rishi performed Freestyle on the song All iz Well

Rishi performed Hip Hop and Freestyle on the song Is There a Vacancy

**Rishi’s performance is missing and will be uploaded on thursday.**

Prince Ki Palton

Prince, Faisal, Shalini and Deep performed Hanuman’s Act

Shalini performed Bollywood Style on the song Darling

Kruti Ke Krackers

Kruti, Uday and OM performed Ariel Contemporary on the song Hum Rahe Ya Na Rahe Kal

Uday performed Locking and Popping *A must watch performance*

Best Act of the team was awarded to Kruti Ke Krackers.

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DID Lil Master Season 2 10th June Videos Part 2

DID Lil Master Season 2 10th June Videos Part 3

DID Lil Master Season 2 10th June Videos Part 4

  • preethi b

    The kids are sooo talented. I love Faisal, Soumya, Rohan, Deep. These are my favs. But i so wish that they wud stop the nonsense drama between mithun and Geeta. Its so irritating to see them gets the kids involved in these unnecessary drama, they make them rehearse dialogues and stuff. I dont find it entertaining at all , they shud just concentrate on the performances.

    • yash

      +1 for what you said about the drama. these are kids (not even teens). perhaps kids are lot smarter these days, but it is completely unnecessary for the panel to get involved in such stupid acts.

      without any doubt i must say that all the kids are super talented, but the judges could be a little more honest and impartial. a bad day for a good perfromer should see him/her out on that day, no matter if he/she is better than others on average (thats life!). you cant give justice to all of them by wild-card entry if you have wrongly eliminated them in the first place. so be fair on the day.

    • Manjir Mitra

      I simply don’t understand what is neerav doing…why is he saving shreya everytime…just for her he is eliminating the better dancers…i am finally forced to post this, seeing such desperation from Neerav…i liked him as a dancer but now i simply feel he is more of a businessman trading off for his own sake!!

      • s g

        Neerav has been very very unfair to Rishi by putting him in the danger zone consecutively. It is sooo bloody obvious that all these guys are only trying to keep Shreya in the competion just to have some fun.
        I remember Rishi from his auditions, and ished he get selected, this obviously means he has the talent to be remembered as a good candidate.

        Had Rishi not been put to test the second time too,which he did not even deserve, he would have been in the top 10.

        As a guru it Neerav should be ashamed of doing this to Rishi who has always been good and so sincere. This unfairness will bounce backn to him one day, only then will he realize.

        It is very upsetting and not expected from DID management. Mithun who always tries to project that they are very fair, dont know how he’s letting this happen.

        Very disappointing!

  • keerthi reddy

    I don’t get why the Judges kept shalini and not yash just because of this elimination I don’t like the judges even though they r funny

    • Amitabh Saikia

      Totally… I just feel that last two elimination from Raghav was unfair.. Wondering how much of this is voting drama.. or TRP.

      Its questionable whether dance masters are really reasonable.

  • Suprabha P

    I do agree with the above comments on drama . Everything has its own limit please don’t stretch like chewing gum . Stop this drama and bring something new . And about performance super kruti your are born to win you proved it . I was knowing one day you prove and get the super quote from judges which your team never got . Now like this bring more creativity in performance and make them say fabulous santa baba performance . I would like to see something new from you always which i can’t except from other skipper apart from Ragav :)

  • abhinav agrawal

    agree with you all dada stop being a pervert!.!!!!.. falling in love with somya, all the mothers and geeta in a single episode .!!!!!!!!……wtf

    • Shamik Chanda

      Supr lyk abhinav . . . He has infinite hearts mayb. . Dats y he gives one to each

  • Arpita Chugh

    I do not understand why Rishi n Yash got eliminated and Shalini is still in TOP 10. Better option is either Yash or Rishi …..

    Please stop this flirting in this kid’s show n grow up……Show should be more fair …..

    • Amitabh Saikia

      Totally Agreed!! Last two elimination by Judges were really unfair. They are losing their own credibility by doing such judgement..

    • s g

      I agree… Am happy for Tanay, but Rishi and Yash also need to be there simply coz they deserve… dont know why Shreya, Om and Shalini are in top 10…. its very frustrating for the fans of DID…

  • Shamik Chanda

    Wonderful show.. Boman and sharman rocked and hope ferrari ki sawari is a hit..

    Coming to group performances:

    raghav k rockstars: sweet, simple, cute, lovely.. Saumya is a dol…!!

    Neerav k ninjas: nice concept, nice choreo, bt execution..??? NOT NICE

    prince k paltans: shocked…!! Prince dat too indian??? Dat too so beautifully.. Wow.. Gr8 prformance.. !! Luv u faisal..!!

    Kruti k krackers: sherni jag uthi.. S geeta mam said it ws a proud moment 4 entire did.. Wat a performance..!! Ariel act wit a 8yr old boy and 11 yr old guy..!! Superb.. I jus think c rocks and wil b a dark horse… Om hs genuinely started to b my fav..!!

    Cuming to solos:

    rishi: nce.. It ws not daat good 4 meee..!!

    Uday: wow..!!! Ws it uday himself or ws it paul..?? Reminded me of apsara ali.. Beautiful choreo kruti..

    Shalini: personaaly i lyk her..!! C is a fab dancr. Bt to b fair yesterday i ddnt lyk her.. I thought she ws too loud and her expression ws over expression.. And dre ws no finish in her moves..

    Yash: off course u were bttr dn rishi and shalini yesterday.. So i think ushud hav stayed..!!

    Anywys congrzz to ol d kids in top 10.. Luking forwrd for a fantastic performance frm rishi, jnana, rimsha, shreya and shivam hope d lucky two r frm dem..!! Luv.. Truly dey ol r dance k baap

  • pushkar singh

    The deserving kids are getting eliminated ! stop this nonsense! Shalini hardly gives a good performance.. Rishi is extremely talented he deserves to be in top 10…. or ye baccho ko dance sikhaane pe dhyaan dena jyada jaroori hai bajaay unhein draamebazi sikhaane ke…

    By the way OM and somya are my favorite

  • dipshika

    neerav sholdve eliminated shreya like seriously rishi is way better than her she shouldve been out a long time ago and now neerav has the weakest contestant and uday ur r sooo freakin cute 😉 and om ilove u ur such a sweetheart(: FAISAL UR THE BEST ur my fav and rohan(:

    • Saroj Kumar

      I totally agree that neerav you shd not do this. Now I have doubt on Nirav, Is any close relation or give and take relation with Shreya Parent.

      Itsssssssssss really bad.

  • spartans nikom

    this is truly a drama show than a dance show some contestant were better but not have been in top 16 like naina,simran they were 100 times better than shreya . there r many good dancers like shivam . rishi. susanket which were better than shreya. shalini why they were eliminated.. . shreya even dont know to dance why she is there? only to increase trp . i m not saying that there r no good dancers but some contestants do not deserved to be in top10

  • snappy jung

    guys plz help me out wid the song dat was played on 3rd june after rishi performed is solo dance…… the background song dat was played while rishi’s father was narrating his sad story……. the song is rukna nahi humain ek pal bhi raah main, chalna hai humko to manzil ki chaah main ……. guys plzzz help me out…. i couldn’t find it online……..!!!!

  • Soneb Malik

    Guyz, whwre is the part where Grandmaster and boman irani dance on the stage with geeta? Which part is it?

  • ifda taj

    the problem why yash was eliminated is because if some1 else is eliminated then they ll have only 1 contestant left. soo cruel .
    ihate their dissisuns its too lame.bah.simply they r eliminating raghavs team.poor raghav .i hate the judges.baaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.

    • Amitabh Saikia

      Totally with you ifda taj!!
      I felt last two elimination from Raghav’s team were totally unfair. At least for me both the judges are losing their credibility.

  • Swapnil Shukla

    Soneb I got you what you are trying to point out… !
    Yes please tell us where is the part when Bomen with Mithun DADA and Geeta performed…… Please also tell us why at the broadcast at TV that portion has been edited as well removed totally from here ??????

    I can only guess the Drama would have reached to its hights while Someone was really Drunk and the whole show biz of this DID lil champs trying to ignore HIM.

    I would’nt part a parent with my KID in such …… Show.
    Dada you should be icon for HIGH DREAMING low grounded kids… I didnt expected you to act the way you did in the WHOLE SHAME FULL DRAMA THIS WEEK END. :(

  • N R

    I am totally disappointed with the 10th June show – Judges are beginning to show partiality. I felt Yash and Rishi are much much better dancers than Shalini and one of them should have been selected. Their shows were awesome compared to Shalini’s. Just expressions and twisting of faces shouldn’t account for selection to the top 10. Please reconsider your judgement and be fair to the contestants – and Master Geeta, this is specially for you. You are compassionate and you really love the kids but please focus on the kids’ performances and not on their expressions.
    Maybe the janta should vote for the kids’ performances – that way there will be no partiality.
    On a side note, I think the two lil girls rock!

    • Unspokenmind

      Totally Agreed NR.. Master Geeta is really making me unnerved from last two judgement (especially after two unfair elimination from Raghav’s team).

  • Vijay Baskar

    Hello Masters! Geeta and Marzi,

    Please never, don’t, shouldn’t, mustn’t, and can’t eliminate OHM… from Kruti Krackers….
    Want to see his performance until the end of DID little masters 2012..

  • Amitabh Saikia

    Keep it up Raghav!! You are a great skipper!! I believe all four of your candidate are very strong and last two elimination from you team has been totally unfair.

    Probably some TRP drama but this will never become as good as the original “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa” where both judges and contestant are respected for their authenticity.

    Planning not to see this show if this really happens once more.

  • alka darade

    i missed u i hop u will come wailed gard entry

  • keerthi reddy

    U all no what I think that why the judges r eliminating raghavs team probably because he was the one that hadd the most contestants and I agree that shalini hardly gives a good performance and the judges really need to stop unfair eliminating the people who really deserve to be in top 10 and dada needs to stop saying that have faith in me ur on my team I will see in the wild card entry for every single kid that got eliminated cause u can only have about 2peopke come in from wild card entry and by the way I love raghav people love him and the kids in his group so judges stop being unfair and judges I hope ur seeing this and I hope now u realized what a huge mistake u made by eliminating raghavs team an only having 2 people left and next when u eliminate think about the comments for raghav oh and STOP BEING UNFAIR bye comment again if u agree

    • Afshana Ahmed

      I so agree, none of his members deserved to go out, they danced good and thats all that matters. So what if he had the most contestants, its only because his contestants are that good. But at the same time I feel bad for Neerav, he got all the young kids who need more attention and teaching. But I still like Shreya. She is so sweet and honest with everyone, I feel bad she has the whole teams responsibility on her.

  • keerthi reddy

    The audience is supposed to pick an eliminate people isn’t that true not the judges

  • Afshana Ahmed

    I love Neerav Ke Ninja!!!!
    I also like Deep and Faisal, Soumya. They are my favorites. I am very unhappy with the fact that they kept shalini. She did poorly and it wasn’t even entertaining. I despise the relationship they are trying to make with Geete and Mithun. What are they trying to teach to the kids???
    I think Yash from Raghavs should have stayed and not sure about Kruti or Neeravs team members. The judges shouldn’t favor Shalini just because she came back from being sick. I hope the wild card winners are chosen by the audience, I like the judges but not their decisions.

  • Anwesha sen

    hey guys, got to knw the wild card entry result in news wher they showed mithun da’s bday, i saw tanay & jeet das in that video, both r in neerav’s team.
    m happy for these 2 kids but sad for susanket, he was awesome, i really wanted him back, this saturday i thot they will show the wild card performance, but they r not showing it, just anouncing that they r back… thats really mean of them..
    can any1 tell me how did Raghav got back the chance again to come in last time in DID 3?? who contacted mithun da? same way supporters of susanket plz mail mithunda in his grandmaster id, or by any means that we want susanket back in the competion.. hungama macha do yaar!!! he really really deserves to b there… plzzz plzz kuch to karo!!!!

  • Anwesha sen

    hey ppl, none saw my post?? plz as soon as u see it, plz spread the word to take susanket back into the show, this website is made by DID fan club & not affiliated to zee, so i dont think they see it, so plz tell all ur fb friends to mail mithun da in his id that they showed in the video.. plz all the supporters of susanket do it to giive justice to this litle talented boy..

    • Prince Abbas

      Susu ko kyun nahin choose kiya wildcard main? Kya Susuket ka facebook fanpage hai?

  • Anwesha sen

    nai hai, aap log sab apne wall p, frens k wall p request rakho to send mail or by any means to zee tv, DID, ya mithun da ko contact karne k liye to take back susanket, how did it hapn in Raghav’s case that he was called back, that too mega audition select hi nai huwa tha, but he came, its possible. so cant they make it top 11 for lil masters too like how raghav k liye top 13 banaya tha & woh finale mein pahucha, same way susanket ke liye bhi kuch karo…dis boy really deserves…

  • Hitesh Maher

    waiting for the 16th June video… put it Fast Please…

    • andy

      same here… Come on Admin!!!
      waiting for wild card contestants’ performances, what they got to show???

  • Admin
  • keerthi reddy

    Guys don’t u think jeet das should have gotten into raghavs team not neeravs team but I am still happy for them love u Om saumya Rohan

  • s g

    I read the comments and this is a wake up call for the judges & the GM as their credibility is at stake…as almost all are chalenging their decisonto keep Shreya & Shalini and not Uday, Rishi , Susanket or Shivam, it seems they are distracted …certainly not focussed on fair judgements…

    Please do something about it….

  • pi_nk

    One of the disappointing moments in the show; today’s elimination.

  • Sudeep Samota

    Realy OM toofa bhut-2 jyada cute tha apka chota sa pyara sa nd god bless u nd i pray for god jo tum chahte ho wo tumhe mile nd main b londan jana chahta hu or dancer banna chahta hu

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