Dance India Dance 8th January Mega Auditions *Top 18*

Dance India Dance 8th January Mega Auditions *Top 18*

Dance India Dance Season 3 Mega Auditions finally selected the top 18 contestants of the show. Hardik, Paul Cardoz, Rajasmita, Shafir, Riddhika and Urvashi Gandhi were selected in Geeta Ki Gang. Hardik Rawal, Lipsa Acharya, Manju Sharma, Mohena Singh, Sanam Johar and Vaibhav Ghuge were selected in Remo Ke Rangeeley. Pardeep Gurung, Sneha Gupta, Sneha Kapoor, Piyali, Chotu Lohar and Varun Garg were selected in Terence Ki Toli.

Crockroaxz Dance India Dance Contestant who was evicted from the show during mega auditions just shared his views about it.

Raghav Crockroaxz Dance India Dance :-

than q my frends fo supportin me soo much i love u all nd u gona see me again sooooon in remo sirs new movie nd i want all ma frends in face book to suport .i want yo love nd i love u allll thanx wach out fo indias 1st 3d dance movie ? crockroaxz

We have also heard from unofficial sources that he might be brought back in the show during a wild card entry or something, Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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Dance India Dance Season 3 8th January part2

Dance India Dance Season 3 8th January part3

Dance India Dance Season 3 8th January part4

Do you think Raghav Crocroz deserved a spot in top 18 ?

  • Yes, bring him back. (92%, 2,999 Votes)
  • No, it was a fair decision. (8%, 261 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,261

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    thanks Admin,
    over all good performances,

    i found Romeo has a Good Team. 2nd Tarrance & 3rd Team of Geeta Ma’am.

    • smittal

      a far clear winner of DID3 -Raghav Crocroz,nt even in top 18…plz get Raghav Crocroz back….ths was the most shocking n blunder decision ever seen on any reality show…his appearance in d show would make huge difference to us,the audience and therefore for the show..i m not related to him by any way,i m jus one of
      the tv audience who watches this show…so listen to us and
      the above voting poll also clearly say tht GET RAGHAV CROCROZ BACK IN DID3……..

    • smittal

      a far clear winner of DID3 -Raghav Crocroz,nt even in top 18…plz get Raghav Crocroz back….ths was the most shocking n blunder decision ever seen on any reality show…his appearance in d show would make huge difference to us,the audience and therefore for the show….PLZ GET HIM BACK..


    LoL Master’s Politics,
    did you guys notice the thing which is express by 18 Contentants”? when every single contestant express their Favirote Master to go with it, but when selection time coming, all masters specially Remo & Geeta select opposite contestant.

    Geeta is the Biggest Drama Really 😀
    why she choose Shafir over Hardic? khare khare sunany ka mood ho raha hy geeta ko lol.

    • rajneesh66

      mujhe lagta hao jab raghav ne thappad ka jawab diya apne act me to usi se inko pareshani ho gyi hogi tabhi wo nikal gaya.

  • Mehnaaz

    i love the cockroach guy he’s such a hot and amazing dancer.

  • nazishk

    The classical dancer should have been selected not piyali… and i guess the reason why geeta didn’t choose hardik is coz if hardik stay with her he will get eliminated soon. I hope Geeta chooses some good choreography for her team this season.
    Best of luck to all three judges and their contestants. I am extremely happy for Chotu and Hardik.. i hope they will go far.

    • mdude

      Yes, Sanchita should have been picked and not Piyali.

      • nilu789

        sanchita and crocroz should have selected….they were the best…..most unfair decision of DID3…..plz plz plz bring them back…

  • Rambo

    Hey this tym dada didn’t take fair decision by rejecting raghav… as he is with a unique style.. and did 3 will be remembered by his style only lyk did 1 for prince..did 2 for dharmesh and did 3 for raghav… why dada is so jelous of rising stars… i have been watching did from 1st season..but this tym i will quit watching..and with me my family also.. guyz i am not with the wrong decision.. sry did…and sry remo sir geeta maa terence sir.. i knw u all also wanted that raghav must be in top 18…isn’t it…

    • asmit

      I and my friends have been following DID since the franchise started. So many dance reality shows came but none of the shows have been able to become successful franchise. DID have created landmarks in the styles of dancing and I was expecting this year also to become a landmark through Raghav Crocroaz style but it was a shock for me & my friends when he got evicted from Mega Auditions inspite of giving such a unique & great performance. His style has already become a landmark in the online world where all the fans of DID have criticized the exclusion of Raghav. Let it be YouTube, Several Dance Forums or DID website itself. DID is doing a great mistake by not taking him as a part of top 18 dancers and many fans have been disappointed. The masters & choreographers could have experimented and innovated a lot of dance styles with Raghav and the show would have become a success and TRP’s would have shot but God knows what is the strategy of the show. I think so that DID has lost a very big opportunity. My wife is really angry on the results. Sorry DID but we have great expectations and please include him in the show. There are several ways to include him and you people know it also.

      • rajneesh66

        you are right, Even I stopped watching this show.

        • nilu789

          if they dont bring back raghav… and my family also going to stop watching this did……we all users want raghav in the show…..

  • sanam-remo

    this season will rock…. all are very good contestants.. i specially feel bad for raghav. he deserve to be in top 18. any how remo has strongest team followed by geeta.i feel somehow tarrence has an average team… among boys i like sanam in male contestants…and rajismita in female… hope they will go far….

  • vipulmane

    Sorry All Us Usually Geeta & Dada Remo Sir Tarrance Sir But Aapka Ae Dession Verry Wrong Laga Aapne Sanchita Ko Bahar Nikala She is Good Dancer Compare to Pihali ………………..So Bad………

  • dusttumistti

    Dance India Dance..
    DAMN!!! Simply BULLSHITT!! How can RAGHAV CROCROZZ be rejected…I am shockedd…If the judging is so weak..DID will be a flop…sometime I feel RAGHAV CROCROZZ is far better than the judges..he had creativity and he would have brought some fresh air to DID…After watching Sundays is more clear that judging is very poor..though the contestants are really good….good luck RAGHAV CROCROZZ…you have it in u to become a great dancer and choreographer…u are a champion for me…
    SIMPLY NOT ACCEPTABLE….I couldn’t believe when Mithun da didn’t select Raghav, he is fabulous dancer he has unique dancing style, nobody has ever seen this style even by international dancer.He passed choreography round it means he can do any dance style, then why he was not select.

    NO LOGIC will fit for his exclusion…


    • rajneesh66

      you are correct he is the best, Hindi me itna hi9 kahunga
      Wo mohtaaj nahi hai DID ka wo raja hai Dance ka.

  • vipulmane

    Geeta ma Classical Ur Dance form But U Not Support Sanchita Why Ma Why?????????????

  • vipulmane

    I love All Of Adhbuat 18 Best luck miss u ma………..

  • piyushchib_18

    bring raghav back.. mithun da made a very unfair decision by rejecting raghav… he was the most deserve dancer of all 36.. rejecting him means you are taking the charm out of the did3.. if u will ask the audience.. i can bet 99% will say bring him back..

    • rajneesh66

      yes correct Raghav is the charm of DID, Production people knows the same that’s why they make a promo for Raghav’s dance to sell the episode.

  • rajneesh66

    Hello Zee TV,

    If anyone pay attention towards these comments, its my humble request that please bring Raghav back to the DID-3, he is creative and best dancer, how can you people misjudge the creativity he showed.

    Please please bring him back. I stopped watching this show after this judgment.
    I am really sad by this foolish judgement. I am sorry for my words that’s reality… :(

  • rajneesh66

    Raghav You are the best Dancer among all DID contestant.

  • rajneesh66

    You won it already, its just that some people didn’t recognize your talent.

    Faadu Dancer hone ke sath sath Out of box thinking.
    Raghav you rock buddy.

  • rajneesh66

    When I saw promo, Mithun ji was saying Ragahv your dance style would be remembered by DID, and in episode that dialogue was delivered by Remo Sir. Are you guys not listening up voices raised through comments here in this web portal.

    Raghav is the winner.

  • Sonu

    Crockroaxz what a xtremly beautiful nd hot dancer he is..!!! one of the best in this whole 3 seasons… nd what is the decision is being made?? Mithun da said that the one ” jisse apni hunar se mohabatt hain” and then they rejected crockroaxz..!!!!!! unique name unique style unique atti.. only with two performances he is just superhit in web..!! The channel is advertising from the audition round by his performences nd then he is being rejected…????? If he doesnt come back then the show will be a greatest joke itself… we are tired of with the same type of dance forms in different peoples…

  • jasmine11

    Hmm. With all due respect, I’d like to provide some constructive criticism for Geeta. I think Geeta needs to stop being so self-centered. She has a tendency to make everything about her. She interrupts others when they are speaking. Remo and Terrence are genuine and are usually right on the mark with their judging whereas Geeta just likes to hear herself talk and tries to take as much spotlight as possible. Her facial expressions and body language are quite off-putting. I do not appreciate how she is always in Remo’s face, comments, or space. Lady, just sit back.
    Remo and Terrence recognize and appreciate good performances by these young and talented dancers, and that too with meaningful remarks. On the contrary, Geeta comes up with cliched or unspecific phrases even at the most amazing of performances.
    I hope that Geeta is more genuine this season. I hope the producers/directors of the show and/or Geeta somehow receive this feedback and try to resolve the matter (her tendency to take over/interrupt).

  • nazishk

    well said Jasmine!!

  • indukundan

    raghav should come back


    i think if raghav coming on this DID3 show, so coming jst for 1 Another Unique Performance, i felt that REMO Caste Raghav in his up coming movie, or doing some business opportunities with him.

    Agar Raghav ko Bula Bhi lay DID3 me tu phr, dosro Contestant ko log ziada nahi Bhao dy gy :p, jabhi issy select nahi kia, Grand Masters or Masters ne 😉

  • Love


    Raghav should have got selected..everybody has their unique style. He cleared all choreography round. He knows contemporary. Free style, u dont need to learn.. :)

    No one knows the real reason behind it. Yes, he has grabbed a role in Remo’s movie which is also staring Salman, Dharmesh, Prince (may be its a desi version of STep up 3).

    Raghav was with Terence and if he is assisting then it must be terence.

    • JIN_BABA

      Rightly Said Dr Sahiba :p
      i am waiting for this Desi Street dancer kinda movie 😉 , or u know if they been select raghav in DID3, sary Point ussi ne ly jany thy, coz of his Unique Style.

  • Love

    BTW, Admin to add smileys in the comment?? I forgot 😛

  • illusion-93


  • ashutoshlko

    if there any news for raghav???

  • Vishalb_diu

    Waiting for hip pop dance ………..i wont to see dharmesh dancing

  • Vishalb_diu

    DiD stage won raghav to dance on it…………remo team rockzzzzzzzz

  • meghana v

    please bring ragav back…. i stopped watching did just cause dada made such an unfair decision… it was such a shock to hear that he wasnt selected.. i tot he would win did-3…. he has a unique style and its awsome!!!!!!!! plzzzzzzzz bring him back through wild card entry although he wasnt selectd for that also plzzzzzzzz….

  • parvesh malik

    Ur prfrmnce is so Mch (DHAASU)
    Ur stlye is awsme & drct tochn heart!!!!
    Soon u will be Super Star………

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