Dance India Dance 7th April *Super Six Contestants*

Dance India Dance 7th April *Super Six Contestants*

Dance India Dance Season 3 7th April, We are down to Top 6 Contestants for the race of Dance India Dance Season 3 Winner. This week’s highest voted contestants were Raghav Crocroaz, Rajasmita Kar, Pradepp Gurune, Sanam Johar and Mohena Singh respectively. Neerav and Abhik were in dangeour zone today. Abhik was the last one to get through to Super 6 Dance India Dance Contestants. Neerav’s journey to Dance India Dance which started through Wild Card round comes to an end here.

Today’s special moments were Master Remo D’souza leg shake with Pradeep and Raghav’s father and brother doing slow motion with him on stage.

Dance India Dance 7th March Performances

Terence Ki Toli

Pradeep Gurune performed Hip Hop Dance Style on the song Ho Ja Fully Faltu

Raghav Crocroaz performed Slow Motion on the song Na Jane Koi Kaise Hai Yeh Zindagani

Neerav performed Contemporary Dance Style on the song Beete Lamhe

Remo Ke Rangeeley

Sanam Johar performed Contemporary Dance Style on the song Ruk Ja

Mohena Singh performed Freestyle on the song Tanhayee

Geeta Ki Gang

Rajasmita Kar performed on the song Azeem O Shaan Shahenshah

Abhik Banerjee performed Contemporary Style on the song Meri Aarzoo Kaminey

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Dance India Dance Season 3 7th April part2

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Dance India Dance Season 3 7th April part4

  • Prerna Mehra

    i sooooo agree!!! i dnt understand why is Raghav HYPED SO MUCH>???!!!! he’s not a top 4 material!! i genuinely feel sanam mohena pradeep abhik n rajasmitha re tough contenders for top 4 slot!!! but this show is fixed and we knw what the result is…

    • Indie Dude

      @Prerna, agree with you.. Raghav is a mass phenomenon. They are cashing on that.

  • Admin

    A million’th time, No bashing, name calling or abusing.

    Comment goes to trash bin straight from here if you cannot adhere to rules.

    • samecute

      Respected Admin

      Thanks for taking action because posting negative comments in fact humiliating others is not ethical.Always positive criticism is good.I have been reading comments posted on this forum and many time i didn’t like all this but couldn’t do anything accept feeling bad.We should send our best wishes to the contestants, we can not judge their performances, Three masters are already doing their job.DID is the only program where contestants are very nice to each other and judges have a nice bonding with each other.Thanks once again!

    • virginie

      Thank you so much, Admin

  • Shamik Chanda

    Prerna: i agree.. If dey nid to call d parents dn do dat 4 evry1… Not nly 4 raghav… But i dont think he will win… Rajasmita has a strongr possibility

    • Kunal Sinh

      Since you chose to ignore the instructions, your comment posting rights have been revoked.

      • Shamik Chanda

        @kunal sinh… I dont think dats 4 me??

        • dancefan2012

          @ Shamik – The update is not from Kunal. We have removed his comments and updated the above information – Admin

  • Shamik Chanda

    Though m a supprter of geeta ki gang …. I feel its fair to sat dat Dis episode genuinely goes to remo k rangeelay..

    sanam and mohena rocked the stage..!! Both the dance were conceptual and it ws heart throbbing.. Sanam was gr8… Aftr a large time he killed it… Mohena as usual was great… It was hundred times bettr dn her last solo… Superb… Hope both r dre in top 5..!!

    Coming to terence ki toli… M soooo happy dat neerav did his forte.. Its a treat to watch him doing contempry… Bad luck he was out… Pradeep was good… I cud connect this act of his with d act he did with nandu… Raghav was same as usual.. D slow motion star..!! I feel he has accepted dat without putting slow motion in oll of his acts he wont get hype…!! Carry on nothing to say… U will get d actual result…!! U dont dserve to b here.. Dats oll..

    Last but not the least is my team, geeta ki gang… Firstly geeta mam looked stunning in d blue saree… And thnx to her dat c plcd a mat for rajasmita.. Bcz if dat wsnt dre nandu wud hav surely hurt herself.. I felt abhik ws bttr dn nandu… But both were gr8… I thinh abhik is d most deserving dancing star among others on d basis of maturity and versetility…. His act was very beautifull… I lykd rajasmitas one tooo… Dats some thing very difficult.. But c worked hard and c did welll….

    Waiting 4 tommorrws episode.. Two duets frm each team.. Wow..!! And hope master geeta comes down to shake d stage..!!

    Vote 4 rajasmita and abheek..!!

  • dancefan2012

    Guys what good will it do by showing your frustration in this blog. Lets talk about the performance rather than blaming some one of not doing their basics correctly. Everyone is working hard, if someone has reached to the top without a good performance in the previous week, lets say he/she was lucky that week.

    Talk about dance, talk about your support, talk about the show and your passion about dance. Why to unnecessarily do an abuse or personal comment just to get blocked.

    • Prerna Mehra

      true… but u knw.. 1 person being hyped and “getting lucky” is another person’s bad fate as well.. that’s very harmful u knw. i just wish if this show is abt dance then let’s go on dance and not on antics

  • Prerna Mehra


  • Prerna Mehra

    My analysis:
    Pradeep: was good but not shocking good… i think he’s got repetitive, but still he’s good at what he does so good for him

    Mohena: good performance but she overacts A LOT and hence I can NEVER relate to her performances. The woman needs to chillax a bit. LOL.. but she’s a great dancer

    Raghav: I just get irritated with the way everyone hypes him up… I hope he goes in the next episode, but somewhere I feel that aint happening! If this show is ALL about dance then where is his variety? I mean come on… the other 5 are WAY BETTER THAN HIM! let’s be fair and I am not bashing any one, jut saying what i feel is the truth

    Sanam: I think he SHOCKED me in this episode AGAIN after the AKS (personality disorder act). he defo shud be in top 4! he is very subtle in his acting… not too much, not too less. JUST THE RIGHT BALANCE and his performance KILLED everything today! I think Geeta cudve been more expressive in her comments wrt Sanam n not just say too good and keep quiet :)

    Abhik.. was OK…

    Rajasmitha: she has done better and this performance cudve been more clean and sharp. she cudve nailed it.. but she tried her best and was very male oriented performance so well done on that

    Neerav: no comments


    Rajasmita & Mohena My Favorites

    Final Four… might be (Due to very tough competition btw these contestant).

    1st Rajasmita without any doubt Winner…
    2nd this is very tough.. Raghav / Sanam & Pardeep all three might be got 2nd position, very tough for me too to guess lol.
    hmmm in 1st & 2nd session, Master Geeta contestant were got 2nd position, but i felt this time Paradeep or Raghav got 2nd Position,
    3rd Sanam or Paradeep,
    4th should be Paradeep (Finale Eliminated), if rules not change.

    but i really really Wonder if Sanam & Mohena choosing for Finale & in Final four category.

    If Sanam & Mohena choose for Finale game, so rank will be.
    1st rajasmita
    2nd Sanam
    3rd Raghav
    4th Mohena

    • tina

      Jin baba
      nice to see you after a long time

      I agreee with you ranking
      1. Rajasmita winner( has to be from geeta team this time)

      2.Sanam( bad dancer but just based one popularity)Did2- #2 and $ was from geeta and Did1 #2 and 4 from Terrance, so this time i think #2 and 4 from Remo, so


      4. Mohena( although No2 and 4 should be swapped)

      Abhik and Pradeep may not be in top4

      although both of them are far better than Sanam and Raghav

  • ronit kd

    i Feel every one is strong dancer in there style.. y to target just one (Croc) that he is not versatile .. sanam and mohina are trained Contemporary dancer and whenever thy perform this style they are called strong and versatile dancer ..

    Pradeep is really versatile in true nature … he is master of his style and jack of all others ..

    Nandu’s core strength is unbeatable ,i would compare her with her with Sakti. though she is not trained but capable of doing anything …

    Abhik is not going to make in top 4 i guess .he is strong dancer but again i feel he needs to be master of one style….

    Croc boy is again performed slow motion but i would not say he is not versatile .. he is best in his style .. slow motion and i still remember his mirror act. ..he is not that good other style but when he mix his own style with any dance .. it looks grt … do doubt he is unique …

    Neerav- all the best for future..

    i still see top 4 as rajasmitha,mohena,pradeep and sanam but would not be Surprise if croc make it ..i would like to see him….

    • Indie Dude

      I think Abhik needs to create that connection with Janta like the way others did.. He doesn’t have a strong presence like others. Also there is no strong USP on him like the others.

  • tina

    pradeep- as always very energetic, good expression- high time should deserve MJ band
    abhik- again so many new steps so clear dance so nice expression- defi must be in top4.
    mohena-i liked her dance but same old steps, even concept was not new, not her fault, but looked like I have seen it 100 times.
    raghav- again slow motion but this time was v refreshing and different. I know he has v unique style, but same 1 style fetches him top4 slot, then it would be very wrong
    sanam-some new steps, good
    mohena-for a change she had correct expression in her face, but she faltered while jumping form huge height- nonetheless she was the best as o oe would even dare attempt such a step
    neerav- for a change I really liked his dance today , something new which he should have done long long ago.

    Got a snippet of tomorrows performance og Abhik-rajasmita= already liked it. they are strong, very good dancers, always have taken risks and bold steps, their performance touched our heart many times. Abhik really give v good expression and always into character.

    Acc to me top 4 are

    but I know – abhik will be out and not sure between Sanam,pradeep – will be out as well.

    • priyam

      My dear Tina,

      If Pradeep is out, the show will lose its charm. I feel sorry for Abhik as well as he is a fantastic dancer and he is in the danger zone.He was one of the best last week

      • sri_valere

        yes i agree show looses charm if Pradeep is out.
        I guess that’s what gonna happen, pradeep gets out and Dada uses Veto power.

    • sri_valere

      Acc to me top 4 are

      • sri_valere

        little correction, Cannot edit so my top 4 are
        abhik or CrocBoy

  • Indie Dude

    Once upon a time I was thinking talent will overcome everything. But that is not the case. Luck plays a very bigger role too.
    If Rajasmita wins, people will say ohh she is lucky and she is strong.
    If Sanam wins, they will say, ohh he got the good looks and attitude and he is charming.
    If Mohena wins, they will say, ohh she is princess, what do you expect..
    If Pradeep wins, people will say, he is versatile and people like him..
    If Raghav wins, they will say, ohh he has a different style and people love it.. he is so honest and always says the truth.
    If Abhik wins, the wording will be he is good and hard working..

    And what they all miss is that all these contestants are damn good dancers. They have the guts to stand in front of so many people in a TV show and face criticism and even after that they are there struggling, fighting their way in.

    It is time, that we accept and move forward.

    I see that Sanam is injured, poor guy an injury at that age to his foot will last a life time whether he chooses to keep dancing or not.

    That is the kind of prize each one of them is ready to pay.

    But ultimately winner is the one who is lucky among them all. And who that guy only a few in Zee TV know. And they are laughing their way to the bank..

    • Mehnaaz

      I agree 200% with you Indie. Whoever the winner is the audience will always make up excuses for how and why they got to their position. The rankigs are probably already fixed for the most part and all we can do is wish that your favorite dancer will win. Sanam will hopefully atleast make it to 2nd if not first position.

      • Indie Dude


        It is a tough one for Sanam as in the end there will be one dancer from each team. Who will you choose between princess and Mr. charming?

        Same applies to Terrence’s team and

        Geeta’s team (between Rajasmita and Abhik.. I think Rajasmita definitely has advantage)

        I am guessing there will be 2 girls and one boy in the top 3. The way Zee TV is taking this, season 3 is projecting that idea of woman power. So, I think Mohena, Rajasmita and Pradeep.

        • Indie Dude

          And yes, you need someone who is good in presenting the idea of Zee TV DID brand ambassador. Mohena and Sanam fit that angle.
          Rajasmita and Pradeep will need a lot of work in that area.
          Both contestants from last 2 season are doing really good as brand representatives.

  • riti patnaik

    phewwww….today’s episode was contemporary overload…seriously i got BORED TO DEATH after 2nd performance and skipped the comments of masters and all…excited to watch my 2 fav ones RAJASMITA and RAGHAV.
    plz zee give some performances that are entertaining too…for me it was like watching theatre…

    PRADEEP- he is so GOOD…even if he not my fav …i can never say he is bad.definitely deserved GF(GOLDEN FEATHER)

    ABHIK-very gud performance….i liked it.deserved GF

    MOHINA-does she have to do this everytime…week after week…same pain and drama acts..gud dancer but gets stereotype…one with sanam was the best..remo should have stopped giving her that kind of acts after that.not sure for GF.

    RAGHAV-i agree he is highly over rated…but he is my fav after raj…he is kind of funny and like his dance…atleast he doesnt bore me…deserved GF for his unique style

    NEERAV-i have really never liked any of his performances…so no comments

    SANAM-he did dance very well today…he is gud in contemporary…deserved GF

    RAJASMITA-my fav one …she is the most timid and sweet girl on did.the only contestant on DID who became my fav by her dance (originally 1st few episodes i liked mohina)I LOVE HER DANCE AND LOVED IT TODAY TOO…thanks for trying something new though there were some faults in execution.DEFINITELY DESERVED GF

    hope tomorrows episode will be gud

    • Indie Dude

      @Riti, even I felt the same about this season. An over emphasis on contemporary. Sometimes I wonder what happened to those strong bollywood dances?

  • nazishk

    Well I loved today’s episode.. I thought everyone did a good job. I hate to see Neerav go but i wish him all the best I am sure he will go far.

    For me everyone was brilliant today… I must commend rajsmita on trying something new… I haven’t seen a single girl do that act but she did and i love her for that. She always comes back with something new and it’s working for her.

    Mohena’s act was very touching..I thought her expressions were amazing like geeta mentioned. It’s an everyday story where a lot of innocent women get stuck with unfaithful husbands and that’s just totally wrong I hope to see that changed someday.

    I would really like to see Abhik, Rajsmita, Pradeep and either Raghav or Sanam to be in top 4. Just want this season to be over with so we can enjoy DID lil Master.. can’t wait for that.

    • virginie

      Dear Nazishk,
      Nice to read you :)
      I don’t know if you have seen a Zee Awards show, probably last year, in that show, the actress Kratika Sengar (incarnating the queen Laxmi Bai in the Zee serial Jhansi Ki Rani on Zee TV that ended last year in June) also performed like this, and if I am not mistaken, it was on the same song that Rajasmita performed, with turban, sword and all…
      I love to see such courageous girls acts. Jhansi ki Rani was my preferred serial because of that :)

      • smith24

        Hi dearest virginie.
        I hope you are fine. Each and every word that you said are so correct.
        Its amazing and stunning for girls to do martial art dance forms.

        Apart from rajasmita, i dont see any girl in did3 capable of doing even 1% of what rajasmita did today.

        Yes you are absolutely correct. Kratika Sengar did a similar act but of course rajasmita showed a lot more of dancing techniques and many innovative steps.

        Rajasmita did completely innovative steps like the beginning, the somersault, the jumps, the handling of the sword and especially the finishing position was exceptional.

        As you said, its normal to copy a dance theme. All the performances that were done today has been copied. Like Sanam’s phone act has already been done before, Raghav repetitive slow motion, Mohena’s breakup love story.

        Masters cannot bring new dance themes every week. Like terrence should always do a “sad love story” theme at least once in a month in DID.
        But he brings innovative steps in each and every theme.

        However, in my opinion, its ok for Mohena to do a repetitive dance theme (sad love story, break up etc) but she should have done new steps to support it.

        90% of the steps that Mohena did today was copied from shakti’s dance in “zindagi mein koi kabhi aaye na rabba” and shakti’s “chachi 420″ dance in DID2.

        She even copied exactly the steps that shakti attempted, especially the tarsal stretch.

        For me it was a completely copied act (= repetitive theme + copied steps). She cannot be shakti for me.

        One thing that she obviously added is her over excessive expression. Obviously she is good at it because she is known to be the drama queen and over-expression is her forte.

        Even the public has noticed that. She jumped from 2nd position to 5th due to her repetitive drama acts.

        In my view, on the basis of today’s performance, she should be eliminated next week.

        Well thats my opinion. One may agree or disagree.

        • virginie

          Mr Smith,

          It makes my day sour and it saddens me to read so many negative comments against one person, whom by the way, I like.

          Yes, you are right, there is nothing new under the sun. That’s why I myself did not compare Kratika with Rajasmita.

          You adore Rajasmita and I respect your feelings. Everyone has a soft corner for someone, someone that impresses us more, and it’s absolutely normal.

          Nevertheless, I request you from the bottom of my heart to please stop focusing on comparing Mohena with Rajasmita, finding Rajasmita perfect and Mohena undeserving.

          It’s my humble request to you.

          Please, please, stop the face-off.

          Thank you very much

          • smith24

            Dearest Virginie
            Its a forum
            I can compare whomever i want with whomever

            I have freedom of speech to express my views

            And its a competition afterall
            One need to state the negative points of a contestant to find who is better

            Besides you also did that.

            I maintain that mohena is a drama queen and today she copied the act completely from shakti. And she was excessively over-expressive

            And in my view, she should be eliminated next week.

          • virginie

            Yes, it’s a competition. But the competitors are all friends! Rajasmita and Mohena are friends!

            I am sure if Rajasmita reads all what you say about Mohena, she will feel bad too, she will not appreciate you…

          • smith24

            LOL your reply is so funny and childish
            1) If all the contestants are so friendly as you said, then why when shafeer and vaibhav was on the dance ki kausauti, Mohena was constantly supporting vaibhav and saying his name? Why she did not care for shafeer? Why she was happy after shafeer was eliminated?
            2) You talk as if you know mohena better than mohena herself. In fact im am very sure that from outside she claims to be friends with everybody but from inside, as any normal human being, she wants to win and surpass the others
            3) If Mohena was so friendly with others, she would cry when each and every contestant are given bad comments. Why did she only cry and made a drama only when she was given a bad comment?
            4) If Mohena was so fair and respected others, why she flattered herself by saying “Terrence sir told me chumeshwari 4 times” , “master remo told me –that’s what I call a performance- “ 5 times….
            5) And for your knowledge, I am not a fan of rajasmita. I just appreciate her techniques and her dance styles because I am a dancer myself. I absolutely don’t care what rajasmita will think if she reads the above comments LOL
            6) I am just writing what I felt after watching the show, like everybody. If I don’t like Mohena, I am free to express it. You cannot force me to like her. Stop being a dictator.

            Hence I maintain that drama queen Mohena is being hyped a lot, that is tries to imitate and copy the steps of Shakti and that she is excessively overexpressive.

      • nazishk

        Hey Virgine… thanks for your info :) I don’t watch TV much so I had no idea there was an act in one of the TV show. Anyways hope you liked Rajsmita’s performance :)

  • shark 619

    Today’s performances were really good. Enjoyed all the performances. :)

    Pradeep – Excellent performance. Attempted new style and did it in fabulous way. Many good steps of B-boying were there.

    Mohena – Great performance. Her Expressions were totally out of world. Many good steps were there but still could have done much better. But the concept was amazing.

    Raghav – Great performance. Something new and creative which was WOW for me. I’m happy his using his slow motion in different ways. And I’m sure he will show us more better performances in the future.

    Abhik – Fantastic performance. So well performed and expressions were again amazing. The concept was really good.

    Neerav – Nice performance. Did in his style beautifully. And many good steps were there. I really enjoyed his performance.

    Sanam – Amazing Performance. For me Today he stole the show. What a concept and so beautifully and superbly danced. He was totally outstanding.

    Rajismita – Excellent performance. Power pack performance and Attempted again new style. Fantastic work done by her.

    Sad Nerav got Eliminated, but just waiting for tomorrow’s Episode ‘Magic Special’ 😀

  • dancefan2012

    Pradeep – Spectacular performance. He is versatile and he is best but I don’t know, why people don’t support him.

    Mohena – Contemporary is her forte, we know that. But still the performance count. We know that she is good in acting, so this performance was a cake walk for her

    Raghav – 2 new steps attempted, apart from that same old steps, nothing special, hopefully he does something good. He should watch other international slow dancers and learn some new moves from them to be in No 1 spot

    Abhik – Good performance, will wait for next week to see, if Dada uses the Veto.

    Neerav – Eliminated, no comments

    Sanam – Postures were good, too much of acting which could have been avoided.

    Rajasmitha – Has to work on balance as she was out of control on few places. But she attempted a different style today, which is appreciated. Still there was flair that was missing in her performance today.

    Will be looking forward for tomorrow’s episode and would like to meet DID LIL Master’s on TV – 28th April…..Stay tuned for more…

    • priyam

      For me Pradeep is the most versatile and should have been no 1.

      Raghav is making a lot of effort and is gradually becoming versatile. He did very well last week, so he must be among the best.

      Rajasmita is a fantastic dancer, but her dances lack feminity- She tends to dance like boys, lifting heavy things and so on…..

      Sanam is a graceful dancer, but has not shown much improvement.

      Mohena is very graceful.

      Abhik is very young and yet a very fine dancer. He was fantastic last week and does not deserve to be in danger zone.

      Neerav is a good dancer with mindblowing expressions, but he still has a long way to go.

  • sri_valere

    @dancefan2012 : totally agree with your comments.. I think Pradeep was fantastic… and people need to support him more for his dance talent..
    Only thing he is lacking is that “non dance zing thing” to pull the crowd with charm. Sanam i felt the same too much acting than dance, Abhik was really expressive and excellent mature performance for his age.
    This is a dance show so most definitely people need to vote for true talent.. and hope Pradeep gets votes that he deserves and zee doesn’t do any insider stuff.

    • priyam

      I agree that Pradeep must get more votes.

      • HostMaama

        I also agree with your comments that Pradeep must get more votes. He is one of the best dancer. No doubt at all.

  • Shamik Chanda

    Ny1 thinks dat rajasmitas dance lacks feminity?? I genuinely dont feel soo

    • Indie Dude

      @Shamik a question for you..
      Feminity has many shades, as a lover, mother, partner, protector, innocent girl.. Which shade does she fit in?

      Now compare her to the other woman in the race…

  • abhinav agrawal

    the only word came out of ma
    mouth watching mohena perform
    killer !!!!!!
    you literally killed it princess!!!!!
    yes you are the princess of
    dancing !!!!!!!!
    not a single contestant can hold
    your hand in contemporary………
    luv u mohena!!!!!!

  • virginie

    I am really loving DID more and more.
    The masters are getting greater day by day praising the good qualities of all the contestants, especially Terence and Geeta, wow!
    Remo’s choreography were very meaningful.

    And all the dancers are giving 200% to the show. Hats off to them! I don’t wanna see anyone go :(

    Especially I really enjoyed this show with many great emotional contemporary performances :)

    PRADEEP = Absolutely mind-blowing! He bounces like if he was a spring, so sharp, so strong and energetic, what stunts, what a stamina! He is working really hard… As Terence said, it was looking easy because he was looking relaxed, as it should be… I really wish him to be in the finals, he deserves it so much…

    ABHIK = Very good expressions, strong performance, very mature for his age.

    MOHENA = Meaningful choreography by Remo, hats off to Remo for making a choreography on that topic… Extremely well executed by Mohena. Yes, contemporary and expressiveness is her forte, so she really shined and was outstanding! At many moments it gave me goose bumps… Bravo Mohena and Remo! The end was fantastic! :)

    Terence said: “Outstanding wonderfully done performance! You always dance well. Emotions very strong. Chumeshvari!!” :)
    Geeta said: “Variations of emotions, I could hear it, feel it, you took my heart away, you are a dancing star!”

    RAGHAV = New fusion of his slow motion with an expressive contemporary too, perfect combination! This is what the public and his fans want and this is what he does the best! A real master of slow motion, which is so captivating… Very good expression of a drunk guy, very emotional and vivid, and especially when he stands in one hand in the wing till the end it was absolutely mind-blowing!

    Geeta said: “New style,’Croc style”. Very interesting end. Maintain your style.”
    Terence said: “You are doing everything, contemporary, classical, Bollywood…”

    It was cute to see Raghav’s family on stage, and I appreciated the fact that Dada highlighted the true character of Raghav, big-hearted and truthful, his dad confirmed… Very sweet family and sweet moment. Raghav’s joy was overwhelming and touched me very much.

    NEERAV = Very good stamina, one of the best performances of Neerav, sad to see him go as an excellent technique, that’s why he is such a good teacher that he has made DID winners like Shakti. I felt very bad seeing him crying bitterly due to his elimination :(

    I noticed one thing. Whenever Dada says to a contestant “I don’t know what is the decision of public…”, that contestant had been eliminated. He said the same to Geeta G, Urvashi, and I think to Paul (not sure if it was Paul or another guy)… So I fear when he will again say that…

    RAJASMITA = Gita gave her a completely different choreography from the ones she usually gives her, I really like that character Rajasmita incarnated, the woman warrior, and it suits Rajasmita’s personality and strenght, as this act required strength. At the end of her performance, her expression of anger was very good. I was happy to see that.

    Just a humble remark to the masters. I just wish that when there are sounds of instruments or weapons, the choreography should be on sync with the sounds to make them appear real. That was missing in this performance as well as it was missing in a past performance, I do not remember who it was, but it was a male and he was holding big karatalas and playing them but they were not on sync with the music. Maybe I am the only one to notice this but I just think performances would look much more “real” if the moves are all in sync with the sounds. Sorry if anyone feels hurt. Not my intention.

    SANAM = Again a meaningful choreography by Remo, very good expressions, contemporary is his forte and he did it wonderfully well, emotional and strong, as it should be, sharp, graceful and beautifully executed. I connected very much with him.

    He is having an almost invisible bandage on his foot since the past week (or more?). What happened to him?? Still he is giving his best like Vaibhav did, it’s heartbreaking to see that :(

    It was so delightful to see him welcomed in his neighborhood like a prince of dance! :) I was feeling very happy for him.

    I cannot rate the contestants as to me all deserve to be number 1, though I have a soft corner for Raghav, Mohena and Sanam, who are the ones who touch me more emotionally, but according to their skills and fruitful hardwork, Pradeep definitely deserves it too, and Rajasmita and Abhik are definitely also excellent dancers. Anyways, let’s wait for the next set of performances :)

  • HostMaama

    What a sweet conversation between Sapna and Pradeep,I liked it. Yes we need friends in life. We can’t be happy without friend. Friendship is a divine gift. Please go ahead.

  • priyam

    Pradeep was mindblowing. This was a power pack performance.

    Mohena is very graceful and light on the foot.

    Sanam- very graceful performance as well.

    Abhik is fantastic for his age. Too good.

    Crocs was again magical.

    Rajasmita was very good

    Neerav- Beautiful perfarmance. keep smiling and best of luck.

    • virginie

      wow! that’s a really good review :)

      • priyam

        Thank you so much Virginie

  • Shariek Gasieta


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