Dance India Dance 31st March *Top 8 Contestants*

Dance India Dance 31st March *Top 8 Contestants*

Dance India Dance Season 3 31st March, Top 8 Dance India Dance Contestants performed today to carry on their journey for the Dance India Dance Winner. It was a Master’s challenge episode, where three masters decided dance styles for the opposite team contestants. According to the voting last week Rajasmita Kar was voted highest, Mohena Singh secured second place while Raghav was third. In the danger zone today were Neerav, Vaibhav and Abhik. As per rumors since last week Vaibhav Ghuge was the one who was eliminated. A very sad end to his superb journey through Dance India Dance. Best of Luck Vaibhav, hope to see you around the Dance India Dance stage in future.

Don’t forget to watch tomorrow Dance India Dance 1st April which is Master Terence Lewis Special.

Dance India Dance 31st March Performances

Terence Ki Toli

Pradeep Gurune performed Michael Jackson style on the song Meri Jaan, his challenege was given Master Remo Dsouza.

Raghav Crocroaz performed Ariel Contemporary on the song Tu Dhoop Hai , his challenge was by Master Geeta Kapoor.

Neerav performed House Dance on the song Ibn-e-Batoota, His challenge was given by Master Remo Dsouza.

Remo Ke Rangeeley

Sanam Johar performed Broadway Jazz Dance Style on the song Tu Bole. His challenge was given by Master Terence Lewis.

Mohena Singh performed Mohiniyattam Dance Style on the song Khoya Khoya Chand, Her challenge was given by Master Geeta Kapoor

Vaibhav Ghuge performed Robotics Dance Style on the song Humka Peeni Hai, His channelenge was by Master terence Lewis.

Geeta Ki Gang

Rajasmita Kar performed Contemporary Dance Style on the song O Re Piya, Her challenge was given by Master Terence Lewis.

Abhik Banerjee performed Locking Dance Style on the song Tamaa Tamaa Loge, His challenge was given by Master Remo Dsouza.

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  • nay2in

    Rajasmita no 1 good

  • Prerna Mehra

    how did raghav get d mj band???? his ariel was very average compared to other ariel acts.. more than him pradeep deserved it… Goddddddd y does d show hype raghav so much???? its getting annoying now!!… and i realllyyy hope neerav goes out next… cant stand himmohena’s act was the best IMO cuz she did it with grace but the masters praised raghav instead.. dunno what floats their boat? raghav doesn deserve top 4!!!it shud b: rajasmitha, mohena, pradeep and sanam in top 4 IMO


      i m agree with u


        today vaibhav eliminated but he is doing well as cmprd to neerav i think neerav have 2 be eliminated before vaibhav

        • esposa

          Sorry, but i think neerav is better than Vaibhav in my opinion & one more think, i have not seen performance as vaibhav did in audition. When i saw him dancing in audition, i though he is the best & i was very upset cause the zeetv has not shown the vaibhav’s complete audition performance. if u compare vaibhav’s audition performance with his performance with till date, I will say not good.

    • Ranna

      Its absolutely right. Raghav have not done much. He was safely seating on the bench and just doing some simple movements. Yes his Pythagoras movements were really good. Mohena’s dance was really gracefull. For me Sanam was best today. the very best of Broadway. He is a very graceful dancer. Yes Top 4 are Mohena, Rajasmita, Sanam and Pradeep.

      • prabhat pujari

        wt a bullshit it is… How does Sanam come there, other 3 r okk, and u have missed a legen— wait for it — dary(legendary) name from thr.
        and Rahgav comes there….

        My top 4 are:
        (1): Raghav
        (2) Rajasmita
        (3): Pradeep
        (4): Mohena or neerav

        • esposa

          salut to u sir, i completely agree with u. this is the best top 4 ratings

      • Shariek Gasieta

        Some peoples are saying right answer that in the final must be: mohena rajasmitha pradeep sanam

    • Shamik Chanda

      I agree with prerna.. Much toughr ariel acts hav been done and raghav doesnt deserve mj band

      • prabhat pujari

        There is a very thick line between tougher act and brilliant act..
        And Raghav does Brilliant act..
        and one more thing, If u can see that it is a tough performance it means the performer is not doing gud job coz u r able to identify that it is a tough one..
        But the quality of a brilliant act is u just love the performance and u just say wouw, u don’t even realize the toughness of the act..

        That’s why once Terrence sir said to him “”””” THE SMOOTH OPERATOR””””” I hope u got the point….

        • virginie

          You are right, prabhat!

          • prabhat pujari

            thnx amigo…

        • virginie

          And that “smooth operator” performance of Raghav was so magical and brilliant that I watched it innumerable times… The song was also so nice!

          • prabhat pujari

            Absolutely right, HE should have gotten MJ band for that only.. but Remo sir just waited to check out whether he can gel easily with other type of dance form or not and He is a “smooth operator” so he did it… And he got what he deserves…

        • virginie

          …. that Pavitra Rishta serial has included Raghav’s smooth operator performance song in their romantic portions… :) Everytime I hear it I remember Raghav… God, he is so soothing and a happiness giver… This guy is magical…

          • prabhat pujari

            I didn’t see it , can u tell me whr i will get that.. i am waitin for it…

          • virginie

            sent you the link to your inbox in FB :)

          • virginie

            It’s the song of the Wild Card performance on Feb 12, 3rd video, starting at minute 6.

            Song name: Dil Kyun Yeh Mera Shore Kare


            They had put it already 2 or 3 times in Pavitra Rishta AFTER Raghav’s performance, when Arjun and Purvi get romantic and shy :)

            I always remember Raghav’s performance! <3

        • Ranjan Mishra

          completely agree with u prabhat. Another thing yesterday the prop was a difficult out. It was not fix means bahut uper niche ho raha tha. So i think ragav deserve that Mj Band.

          • prabhat pujari

            absolutely he deserves it.. He is just Awesom… HE has gotten everything( dancing tricks, expressions, humble and many more..)

        • esposa

          agree with the comments by prabhat pujari

    • anamika biswas

      yes, i m totally agree with u and want to ask master Remo how Ragav got MJ band? Pradeep deserve it honestly and Avik too.
      I m really dishearten from all Masters today

      • Ranjan Mishra

        Anamika Master Remo is better than all of us to judge who was better deserving candidate between raghav & pradeep.

        • chakri_4u2

          ranjan, master Remo is sure better than all of us to judge but he is not judging as his heart feels. He is trying to please janatha to vote for his contestents. so he is pleasing them by giving mj band to raghav coz he’s got a good following. he is a smooth operator but itsn’t an mj band deserving performance & thats completely true.

        • esposa

          To my dear friend Ranjan Mishra: Yes, your right, we cannot judge but u know one think, this section is for comments and chat, so u better think of it before posting anything.
          We can share things and talk about all happened in DID. One more thing as I said earlier post that Ragav is a phenomenal dancer and he will be remembered as a magical guy. However, for that performance, he don’t deserved a MJ Band. Pradeep has shown all dance forms with good performance however he has not got anything from Remo, not a good from Remo Sir.

      • prabhat pujari

        I think pradeep ko ye singham wale act mai milna chahiye tha, but Remo sir has his own opinion , i respect his opinion so let the time speak the story.

      • esposa

        anamika biswas: yes, u r right, in my opinion Ragav is a phenomenal dancer and he will be remembered as a magical guy. However, taking about MJ Band, I think in this DID 3 season, Remo is giving MJ Band on sale. As anamika biswas said, really, Pradeep deserve it & somewhere I feel that Remo ignore him & I think he don’t like pradeep or maybe he is scared of Pradeep’s talent as he has told that I wanted pradeep in his team

        • virginie

          I believe Pradeep ALSO deserves MJ band, he is GREAT!

    • Mayank Jayaswal

      He didn’t get MJ band for just yest’s performance but for all he has given and for attempting Ariel too. Raghav should have got the MJ band long back the kind of performances he has given.

      And Sanam better than Raghav? I don’t think so….. Sanam has been giving so average performances for a long long time now. Rajsmitha, agreed. She is one of the best and even deserves to win : )

      • prabhat pujari

        bilkul sahi bro.. Remo sir was just waitin to watch whether he will do other acts with ease or not, and he is the champ , so got the reward for it…

      • esposa

        agree with Mayank Jayaswal with the 2 para.

    • did123fan

      Prerna I agree with u totally,,, sitting and standing around the prop wasn’t an Ariel Act at all. I don’t think he deserves the MJ band , nor Supendo nor the Chumesh or Grand salute.(I’m not judging the judges :P)


      Raghav is good in his slow motion but not versatile at all like the others.

      • chakri_4u2

        did123fan I completly agree with u. u got good sense of judgeing masters are trying to please janatha by ‘WOWING” raghav for an average performances cuz he has got the following.

      • chakri_4u2

        did123fan I completly agree with u. u got good sense of judging. masters are trying to please janatha by ‘WOWING” raghav for an average performances cuz he has got the following.

      • prabhat pujari

        If wt u have written above is right then i think according to u Raghav is the winner of this season….. right?? but that is not the exact case, Raghav is having a huge fan following.. and based on that he should be number 1 in all episodes, but this week Rajasmitha was no. 1 ans RJ was at 3rd… so see how it goes.. and i am sure Raghav will always get more votes and based on that he should be the winner of DID3, but somebody other than RJ will be the winner… chk it out at last of DID3..

      • esposa

        Ragav is a great dance, thats all

      • virginie

        Raghav is proving NOW that he is versatile too… just see the folk trio… where was the slow motion there?

  • vijay jha

    thnks admin…

  • Prerna Mehra

    Sanam: Loved his performance!! such a graceful sweet dancer! defo top 4 material. but he was limping towards the end, hope he’s not injured too

    pradeep: very nice effort to match MJ! he deserved the band more thanraghav

    raghav: nice act, but not MJ band worthy! the guy is not top 4 material. please!!!! the show needs to stop hyping him!

    mohena: very very graceful…she was the best today IMO.

    rajasmitha: nice dance. that’s it

    abhik: very nice attempt and look n feel was also good

    neerav: hes just plain BORING! he really NEEDS TO GO!

    Vaibhav: nice robotics act. really liked it. sad he had to retire hurt

    top 4:

    • prabhat pujari

      if u r think that they r intentionally giving him the hype, then by writing this comment, u have shown that u r also a huge fan of Raghav and waana see him in top4… don’t try to pretend that u ain’t a fan of Raghav…

  • dancefan2012

    Pradeep Gurune – MJ Style was good but again there is only one MJ (Late). Pradeep justified his performance, no complaints

    Raghav Crocroaz – Childish performance. Yes, did not deserve the MJ band for todays performance, his past performances where better than today’s. But again we wanted to see new style, got to see in few places. He still repeated all the past steps again. He is funny and people like him because of his childish behavior.

    Neerav – Remo gave you the House dance style for the bounce and you did not bounce. Is Remo hinting you that you are not in top 6. New style attempt in this season of DID (Solo).

    Sanam Johar – I don’t know why Sanam was given Broadway Jazz, its his forte and he does good, we all know. To be honest his solo Broadway was better than the duet he gave on 100th episode

    Mohena Singh – Need to improve the expression and reduce the acting on the stage for sympathy votes.

    Vaibhav Ghuge – Last Solo performance was good. This robot has loose connection in whole body. Talli robotics performance.

    Rajasmita Kar – Need to work on expression, her body is flexible but she could not justify the song selection. The dance and song had total disconnect.

    Abhik Banerjee – Lock got unlocked in lot of places and became pop. Need to work on down rock when kicking the floor.

    • did123fan

      Totally with u dancefan :)

  • chetan sagar

    raghav and rajshmita u both r in the final round.rocking performance.mera sath bhi candle light dinner ke lie aao.

    • prabhat pujari

      chalo tum rajasmitha ke saath karo, mai mohena ke saath kar lunga dinner… aur waise bhi she needs a prince.. and here I am , this is me.. wt else u want…just kidding… Well done Raghav and apart from raghav Pradeep was superb… tu sab kuch kar sakta hai .. well said by terrence sir….

      • virginie

        I so agree with you Prabhat! And somehow I got your Hindi :)

        • prabhat pujari

          y amigo.. why the difficulty with Hindi?? anyway from now onwards i am gonna write everything in English so worry…

      • virginie

        I believe in Little Masters, Farah Khan had said many times to Vaisnavi with a special voice intonation that Terence had too ;),

        “Vaisnavi, tu kia hai! Tu sab kuch karti hai!”

        And that applies as well to Pradeep! :)

    • prabhat pujari

      I think Raghav , rajasmita and Pradeep are in top 3..

  • Whackybanana

    I am writing the comments as and when each performance ends. I hope this way I can rate the performance without any bias that could occur from other contestants.

    1) Sanam – The fact that he sang the initial section of the song was praise worthy. I felt he rendered that well. The dance was just mediocre. There were many sections in which he lost his balance, was heavy footed and didn’t have enough grace. I dunno why his feet were painted black, couldn’t he have just worn a shoe? Maybe it’s sommit that I am not aware of. It looked kinda odd. I think he is charming and has a good personality but, he should not make the top 4.

    2) Pradeep – I think it was a good performance by him. He nailed most of the steps, but I felt he did not get the MJ flair/attitude right. Maybe it was the mixing of the songs or his general posture. But then again he showed his versatility. I think now he should focus on making his future performances mind blowing than attempt many styles. He deserves to be in the top 4.

    3) Raghav – I actually enjoyed this performance. I don’t think this was the toughest/best aerial act attempted on DID. But, he did justice to the theme, aerial and also brilliantly integrated his forte and strengths into the concept. I loved the tutting section and his attitude was bang on. It seems like more than a good dancer, Raghav has a sound mind and he knows his strengths well. Also Terence has this ability to work around his contestants strengths and knows to pace the contestants than go all out one week and fall flat in the other. This could be advantageous for Raghav. Deserves to be in the top 4.

    4) Mohena – Mohiniyattam is an art from that takes years to perfect. Although the steps attempted in this performance was very simple. I should say that Mohena was very graceful and did complete justice to the challenge thrown at her. Of course I have seen better performances outside DID as well as in the show. But, kudos to Mohena to come out unscathed after attempting sommit hard. I feel she deserves to be in the top 4.

    5) Rajasmita – Have to appreciate Geeta on her concept of using the candles to cover the stage. Rajasmita did a good job, although she did look kinda awkward in a few places during the performance. Geeta did a good job of using the candles as a decoy than attempting contemporary steps. I saw a step that Rajasmita did during the intro (dunno the technical terms), which looked great. But, I didn’t see that during the performance. Or maybe I missed it. Can somebody confirm that? Definitely deserves to be in the top 4.

    6) Abhik – He took on the challenge well. I thought the choreography wasn’t all that great. Also his steps weren’t very clean and he did not finish some of his steps. Like I said about Pradeep, Abhik needs to deliver mind blowing performances from now on to make the top 4. It would be difficult for him cos one place from Geeta’s gang would definitely be Rajasmita’s. Which leaves one spot open. Anything can happen, but he needs to step up his ante for that. But, given his age he will go a long way.

    7) Vaibhav- Was pretty okay. It was like watching any other performance. He is a good dancer given the right choreography, but otherwise he is just mediocre. Does not deserve to be in the top 4. But I don’t have a lot of complaints about him making this far.

    8) Neerav- Okay I haven’t watched his dance yet, but the Intro in itself was so lame that, now the whole “HOUSE” stinks. Right from Day 1 he has been trying to be funny. Whenever he talks it is so bloody boring and makes no sense whatsoever. I wanted to get this outta the way before i watch him dance. Sorry. Now for the performance, first of all what horrendous pants. It was a pain to even look at it. Also the dance lacked energy and he did not finish his steps well. And to think he came in instead of Shafeer. He has been a waste of space on the show and has not entertained/delivered a single good performance after his wild card entry. Very disappointing, I think its about time he went back to his “HOUSE”.

    The theme for tomorrows episode sounds interesting. Waiting to see the performances. I feel Neerav would definitely be leaving next week. But, after that the show is going to get very tight.

    Dancefan2012, Virginie, Nazishk and Tina, lemme know what you guys thinks. Cheers. 😀

    • virginie

      hehe whacky, I agree on many points with you. :)

      I also 1st watch each performance and take notes like Terence LOL… Then I write the entire comments at the end of the show… like you :)

      • Whackybanana

        Good to know. :)

        • dancefan2012

          Alzz well Wacky….

          So, Are you following us on Facebook?

          • Whackybanana

            Yes, dancefan2012. I am very much there.

    • virginie

      So this Master’s Challenge was very nice, I thoroughly enjoyed it, I was smiling all the time during the show…

      Sanam (Choreo x Terence)=
      Sorry guys, I have to tell what I felt as a gal, he was looking gorgeous today, because he was in his element like a fish in the water… Sensual, attractive and with sex-appeal… Fortunately he trimmed that beard (lol)… Nice new moves, nice extensions… He said he started performing at the age of 7… Performing means dancing?

      Pradeep (Choreo x Remo)=
      Though there was only 1 Michael Jackson, Pradeep performed extremely well as usual, whatever masters tell him to do, he does it brilliantly, and so quietly… He can do anything and everything! Pradeep is so well on the beats, he is so sharp, energetic, versatile, strong and cute… a real rock star… Pradeep should reach the higher steps of the rating scale…

      Raghav (Choreo x Geeta)=
      The queen of prop, Geeta, chose very well the prop for Raghav, it was a simple prop, but he performed so well, I liked very much when he was hanging from the spinning desk and he managed to come under the desk, and when he was hanging by hands under the desk… Finally he did his aerials 😉 Raghav has something that connects to so many people, he reaches our hearts… I myself was absolutely mesmerized with his performance, I guess dance, as a form of Art, is not just about technique, but also and especially about conveying feelings, and Raghav is a master in that… I also believe that Geeta staged the own story of Raghav, which makes people to connect more to him… Including me… I had tears of joy in my eyes when I heard the masters praising him and when I saw he got the MJ band and even when Mithun Da praised him, as he also dismissed him earlier, like he was dismissed 7 times from school! Poor Raghav… It usually happens with geniuses kids, they get bored at school and start being naughty and teachers cannot differentiate… Anyways, every time I see Raghav I am filled with bliss… It’s a strange phenomena that I believe happens to so many people too… I believe we people are not professional judges and we vote for how a dancer makes us feel more than just technique… That explains the ranking… (if the votes count, of course)

      Mohena (Choreo x Geeta)=
      I believe this was the toughest challenges of all, because to learn Indian classic dance cannot be done in one or two days, and everyone knows how to judge it… So it was really difficult for Mohena who never ever did Mohininatyam earlier… She did it quite well but obviously not perfect (it’s impossible in such a short time). I don’t know why Geeta gave this so difficult challenge to her… I felt it was not fair and she might wanted everyone to see flaws in Mohena’s Indian dance so that Rajasmita stays on top… I don’t know but somehow I felt the challenge given to Mohena was really unfair and too tough. She was crying as she maybe also felt it might cost her her place on the ranking… Really unjust.

      Rajasmita (Choreo x Terence)=
      Here we can see the generosity of Terence… He always gives wonderful choreography to the contestants of the other masters… The candle choreography was very beautiful, romantic, well integrated in the entire stage.
      Rajasmita danced very well as usual, but I did not connect with her again… I guess she does not want to/can’t express feelings on her face and that song was an emotional one that required her to show other expressions rather than a happy smile.
      Another thing that disconnected me was the lights, I mean when she could not extinguish some candle, and the lights were dimmed, there was a lack of synchronization in between. If the staff would have dimmed the lights at the exact time than the candles, we would not have notice any failure in extinguishing the candles, which was a very important part of the performance.

      Mithun Da made me laugh when he pretended to get upset because Rajasmita accepted the candlelight dinner with Terence, then with Remo… and did not mention him.. LOL… Which woman in her senses would prefer to have a candlelight dinner with Mithun Da instead of Terence? LOL… that was a good one…

      Btw, I am dying to see tomorrow’s breathtaking performance of Terence… Wow… I guess I saw the promo like 50 times LOL

      Abhik, Vaibhav and Neerav were all 3 very good. Lots of efforts too from all 3 of them.

      • Whackybanana

        Great review Virginie. Although I don’t share the Sanam love, I agree with what you said about Raghav. I am waiting for Neerav to be shown the door. Things would get interesting after that.

        • virginie

          hahahahaha – about Sanam – of course you are not a woman lol hahahahaha but today is the 1st time I found him so nice… LOL

        • virginie

          I believe things will get heartbreaking after that dear… when they’ll be only 6… God… :(

          • Whackybanana

            Yea, the top 6 would be pretty even. My bet is Sanam and Abhik would be shown the door. I can’t see Raghav and Pradeep eliminated, which pretty much picks Mohena and Rajasmita as the other 2. What would your top 4 be Virginie? And how did you figure out whether am a woman or a man? 😛

          • dancefan2012

            Looks like you guys are enjoying the blog.
            So are you guys following us on facebook?
            Have you invited any of your friends to our facebook page?

          • virginie

            Lol whacky, i just thought you speak like a man lol…

            My 4 fav? Very very difficult to decide… :/

            I just feel I would sacrifice Abhik because he still has not reached maturity (body wise, as he is just 17) and he can be even better in a couple of years…

            Then if I have to chose between Sanam and Rajasmita, if Rajasmita does not improve her facial expressions soon, I would chose Sanam over her…

            I cannot take out Pradeep, Mohena, Raghav from the 3 first places, and then my 4th would be either Rahjasmita, either Sanam.

            Honestly speaking, I would rate:
            1. Pradeep.
            2. Raghav.
            3. Mohena.
            4/5. Rajasmita/Sanam.
            6. Abhik.

      • dancefan2012

        @Virginie – Just FYI… Mohena is a trained Khathak dancer, her grand-mom has a degree on Khathak, who trained her before Mohena joined Terrance academy.

        Also the masters gave only the challenge to other team contestants, they did not set the choreography

        • virginie

          Yeap, but she never did Mohininatyam…

          So who set the choreography? Their own masters? Themselves? I heard Geeta talking about Raghav that this portion was created by Raghav himself, that other one by her… Or maybe I misunderstood the Hindi…

          Btw, Dancefan2012, yeap, I am very much on the DID page on facebook you mentioned… I would also like very much that you add me as a friend there, the same goes to whackybanana :)

          • Whackybanana

            Yea, even I thought the rival masters just gave them the theme and the current masters set the choreo. And Virginie and dancefan2012 I would love to add you guys as well. But, I dunno your profile names or any other info. Any ideas on how to go about adding you guys?


      i also wnt neerav out

      • vicky subra

        mee too

  • shark 619

    I really Enjoyed today watching the show. Got to see some new Styles. :)

    Sanam – Beautiful performance, did it in very simple manner. Many good portions were there and he was very Flexible also.

    Pradeep – Great performance. Attempted again something different and did it Superbly. I really enjoyed the Moon Walk.

    Raghav – Amazing Performance. Happy that he attempted a New Style and performed Amazingly. The prop was Difficult to handle but he did it so the tutting part was Awesome. Deserved what he Got. And yeah Dancefan2012 what you said is completely wrong that Raghav did again the same steps and did not deserve a MJ band I’ll just suggest you to watch his all previous performances you’ll get to Know that he repeats his Steps but in Different Manner. And the thing about deserving or Not Deserving which you think is what I think You din’t either Understand the concept or the level of his performance.

    Mohena – Very Beautiful Performance. Liked many Steps and many portions. Still could have done it in a better way.

    Rajismitha – Nice performance. The concept was very nice but dance was not that impressive. She is a strong performer and can do better in future.

    Abhik – Great performance. Was happy to see him dancing in that style. Was very good at some steps but other got disrupted.

    Vaibhav – Firstly sad that his eliminated. Performance was nice enjoyed his dance. Some very good steps were there.

    Neerav – Nice performance. Did very well but bouncing off wasn’t that good. But I was happy and Enjoyed his performance, specially the beginning part.

    • dancefan2012

      You did not understand my comments, read it again. I watch the performances at-least twice before posting my comments, so please….understand the meaning behind the comment given…If you do not understand, let me know, so that I will clear the confusion you have in understanding my comments.

  • tina

    Sanam- OK we have only few episodes request to DID3 and dance 2012 if u can pass this message….Sanam should never be given to do an opening performance, so boring my god, I fell off to sleep in broad day light, agree his Broadway style was good( long stretchy legs etc)…but nothing new, or new steps…needless to say school kids will perform better Broadway than him…and pl get rid of that stupid beard you only look old , even roadside romeos have more style than you. I will be shocked if he reach top4(which I know he may) with such mediocre performance. Abhik should be in place of him…and what is wrong with Geeta and Grand Master. Why they suddenly promoting him and NOT PRADEEP??? who is , we ALL KNOW is a much better dancer. Stop gaining sympathy by limping, Rajasmita and Mohena do more stunts than you yet they never show bodily injury to the junta

    Pradeep- very nice, very clean and sharp. I know Remo would not have commented on Pradeep much as he is KANJUS #1 when it comes to other contestant, his moon walk was very accurate, not surprising that Remo did not comment on his moonwalk.

    Raghav – Something different, but again the most boring aerial act, it was a shame in name of aerial act. I am strongly criticizing the contestants today because this is what the aster should do. HIGHLY UNFAIR MASTER REMO TO GIVE MJ BAND TO RAGHAV FOR THIS PERFORMANCE AND NOT PRADEEP FOR HIS SINGHAM ACT. Anyway this MJ band is over-hyped and none of the worthy contestants have deserved it. (except few)

    Moehna-I really really liked her performance among the 4 that have performed so far. Also a very good performance after the last few duds.Me being a B’natyam dancer, I would highly rate her performance, given that she has no background in classical. except for eye movement which is more prominent I really like her performance.

    Rajasmita-Beautiful, superb, terrific, wonderful – ALWAYS SOMETHING NEW. Very difficult to slide through the candles without throwing them off. Again I had a smile on my face while watching. Pls watch immediately after finish Remo specifically and all others masters had a smile on their face which shows they completely synced with the performance. same with me I had a wide smile when her performance ended.

    Abhik- very very nice attempt, many new steps and stunts, he should replace Sanam big time.Remon commented him being stiff when he split and came up- I think that was a v nice step, mu Q to Remo is -Can his Sanam do this same step- Pant phat jayaga ….Remo pls stop being so partial to your unworthy Sanam.

    Vbhaibav- even today he was bad, it was not robotic at all, more like a deformed human.Why so much importance to Sanam today, dance2012 can you throw some light?

    Neerav- bad start, I could see his hand through his show and also his entire body through blac dress. If I compare this with Rajasmita puppet dance last week, I could not guess till end which one was Raj, such was her perfection. He should get out next week, then ma be Sanam.

    I got a sneakpeak of 2morows perf- I can already say I am liking abhik-rak performance,today rating

    1. Rajasmita – for difficulty, innovative,versatility, dance, strength
    2. Mohena
    3. Abhik
    4. Pradeep
    5. Raghav
    6. Sanam
    7. Neerav
    8. Vbhaibav – btw pls look carefully Vbhaibav has all his 10 fingers intact.

    • prabhat pujari

      just jealous of Raghav bhai… koi nahi boss chalta hai… honi chahiye jalan kisi se,,, i don’t think u know anything about dance.. and if u do then let me know ,let’s have a talk on this..

      Master Remo is not a kid, he don’t give MJ band to eveybody, if he loves the performance and see that the their is the quality performer , and he gives it to the guy.. and This time Raghav gets it…
      so just chillex dude… have fun… tata bye bye…
      love u .

    • dancefan2012

      @Tina – Sanam was chosen to talk to the audience call because of fan following he has between girls. Other contestants, especially Dada’s funny call will be aired soon, stay tuned

      • virginie

        Tell me one thing, dancefan2012, if the show is filmed on Tuesday and aired 4 days later, how can people call LIVE???

        • dancefan2012

          Its not live call…. 😉

          Live call according to the show means, talking to a live person rather than the recorded one. :roll:

          • virginie

            I thought you would say “live call is talking to a live person rather than a dead one..” 😉

            That means people should call on Tuesday at what time? I find all this very unclear LOL

          • virginie

            One more thing, if you know it, please tell me the date of the grand finale :)

          • dancefan2012

            Grand Finale is long way to go…

            It will be aired on a Sunday 2 weeks from the time the final 4 is decided.

          • virginie

            That makes it the 1st or 2nd Sunday of May?

  • dancefan2012

    Guys there seems to be some problem with the new tool. Admin is working on it to resolve it but for now, I will edit the text you have posted. There are issues with the reply section as well. Stay tight, the issue will get resolved soon.

    • dancefan2012

      Alright Guys, the comments section is fixed also the reply issue is taken care.

      • Whackybanana

        Thanks dancefan2012. I was like WTF when my review looked like one huge chunk. 😛

  • tina

    Whacky agree to ur comments completely, even I do the same, watch a perf, pause then comment and then go on to see the next. Sanam and Neerav bad – Pradeep and Abhik are much better , dono why they dont get good comments from master- dance2012 any clue??

    Admin- pls have a look, formatting is not happening, readers may feel tired to read such huge paragraphs

  • Prince Abbas

    Jeetumoni did a similar performance to the one Raghav did today and frankly speaking Jeetumoni did it better and he’s was the dance ka baap did little master #1 dancer; he attempted all types of dance.So what if he can do slow motion.. nothing big about that…. he has shown no versatility… and looked amateurish one the classical mythological week. No doubt he’ll be in the final but others are more deserving. Whats wrong with Mithun the self proclaimed grand master… he’s just embrassing to watch tbh.Kya baat x3 = give it 2 anyMJ band = has no importance as ‘remo’ gives it 2 any1.

    • prabhat pujari

      Dude, slow motion is baap of all style u do any other style and i will do slow motion.. imagine who will get more praise and claps…
      so game on …

  • Ranna

    Please stop creating over hype for Raghav

    • virginie

      Please stop talking ill about Raghav.

    • prabhat pujari

      everbody doesn’t have it in their destiny…

  • Masnobi Haque

    Dear Admin,
    What is wrong with the videos from few weeks? All the episodes have few minutes of broken videos (I mean the videos cracks quite lot while watching, even I cant see the performance). There was an episode where you commented under the video that it has some problem, after that episode, every video I have downloaded had the same problem. If I am not wrong than it is not happening just with me, am I right? Could you please make sure that the file is not broken, before you download them?
    Btw, thanks a lot for all the videos, I love DID :)

    • dancefan2012

      Could you send an email with the date of the videos broken to email address ? So that it can be looked and corrected.

      • Masnobi Haque

        Every past 3 weeks episode has some bit of broken videos, but i cannot remeber the dates. I hardly remember about last weeks performance (Vabhna & Avik), I coudnt watch the performance because of broken video.

  • jasmine11

    Hi all,

    Apologies in advance, since this might be a long post. I had posted a few comments at the beginning of the season, but then seeing that the comments or what the public thought had no ramifications on how the show went, did not much care about commenting.

    Rather than starting with the contestants or today’s episode/performances, I’ll share my thoughts on some of the other aspects of the show.

    I had conveyed my annoyance (even aversion perhaps) for Geeta’s nautanki/histrinoics/politics when I had commented a few times at the beginning of the season. Personality-wise, many things about her irk me immensely. Even dance-capability-wise, I do not regard her that highly. Below are some things, in a random order, that contribute towards my having such an opinion about Geeta.

    She is extremely political and such a narcissist. Her political nature led to the untimely elimination of more deserving contestants, including those in so-called her team. That untimely selection of putting Shafeer and Riddhika on the kasauti, only because Paul and Urvashi had received some remarks from Mithun, was quite yucky. I am sorry, but I feel Urvashi should have been eliminated in the first episode, or in the second for sure. I think both Manju and Sneha were much much stronger dancers than Urvashi. I feel in a lot of ways that that misjudgement (of not having eliminated Urvashi at the right time) led to so many other unfair eliminations. Geeta’s uber-political nature costed her two of her strongest contenders. Her politics, narcissism, not-a-good-heart transpires in pretty much most of the things she says, including her commentary on the performances. Sorry to the fellow commentators for the strong language used herewith.. but I must say that I am irked by how unfair, prejudiced, biased, improper, cunning, and dishonest her commentaries are. I can go on and on with examples, but let’s just leave it at that. I have nothing against her.. I do think that she’s articulate and capable of being good, but her choice to not be the latter is leading me to say some of these things here.. I had provided some constructive criticisms for Geeta in my comments at the beginning of the season.. This time I’ll say this.. Geeta, please at least try to be a genuine person! Stop putting so much emphasis on yourself, and actually focus and try to understand the efforts, trials, and tribulations of the participants. That is why you have been given that place on the show. Not to try to hijack every scene, every comment, every person, to show your own self. Anyway, sorry again to the fellow commentators for this long bit.. but just wanted to say so in hopes that somehow the universe communicates this to her, for her own sake.

    On the exact contrary, I am totally inspired by Terrence, from his personality to his abilities as a mentor, master, dancer, choreographer, entertainer, judge, and person. I feel he has been one of the most genuine persons on the show, or at least this season. And from the way he interacts or carries himself on the show, I can actually see the goodness in him as a person. I can give examples here as well, but I shall leave it at that for now. I think the majority of the folks expressing their thoughts on this forum have a good idea and judgement of what’s what and what’s not, despite what people like Geeta try so hard to convey. This to (Master) Terrence – thank you for being a part of the show, and most of all for your genuineness, candor, integrity, kindness, and respect towards all on the show.

    Seeing that my thoughts regarding the ‘mentors’ has turned long, I shall wrap this up by being brief about Remo. I feel that Remo, during this season, figures somewhere between the goodness of Terrence and the wickedness (perhaps unfairness or politicalness are more apt in the context, but when it comes to Geeta, I have reached a point where I’m letting my emotions speak more than my rationale) of Geeta. I do think that Remo is genuine and is capable of being fair, however, sometimes he may have allowed the way Geeta operates to influence what he speaks. So can’t completely blame him. Sometimes when the game has some not-very-nice players, one may need to become the same or similar.

    Coming to Mithun, I think some of us had conveyed our disappointment over the unfair selections for eliminations. I feel when it comes to him, the show’s producers may have a control over what he says/’expresses’. I do agree with something that has been said on this forum is that sometimes the way he complements a participant’s looks does not suit his age.

    Anyway, though I can elaborate on my thoughts above, I shall wrap this up. Time-permitting, I shall try to note my two cents on the following in the near future – the contestants, the creativeness/choreography of the masters, the show overall.

    Before I end this note, I’d like to say thanks to the fellow contestants for your participation on this forum. I enjoy reading your thoughts on the contestants/performances. I find myself to be in agreement with the majority of you, for the most part. But more on that later.. Till next time.

  • Shamik Chanda

    Good episode..
    And good challenges.. I will start with remo k rangileey.

    Sanam: wsnt it unfair on terences part to gave sanam his own forte of dancing???? Yes it ws.. He did well.. But yes some parts d balance went offf.. Nywys sanam is good and he deserves a plce in top 4…!!

    Mohena: was dat mohiniyattam???? I will faint out…!! Vry surely dis ws d toughest challenge gvn.. But i felt if in last season binny, an completely untraind dancer cud do it so well dan mohena cud hav been bttr… Yes c ws graceful…!! I agree.. But her expressions?????? Actually she had no expressions aprt from fluctuating of her eye brows… And i think c shud stop taking sympathy votes.. This was her weakest performance.. But i appreciate her attempt

    vaibhav: ahhh.. Ws not expected from vaibhav… Robotics ws sooooo good… His biggest weapon ‘expression’ ws offed bcoz of d style.. But today his dance expressd… But sad to knw dat he walks out… U were a gr8 sport man..

    Pradeep: d real god is one… No one can replce MJ… But ppl can mimic his style.. And pradeep did it very well. I felt he shud hav got bttr appreciation for this…

    Neerav: its tym u go home and do house dance… I basically lyk his way of dancing but dis week m dissapointed.. Bounce was missing.. Enrgy went off towards d end… I hpe nxt week he does well bfre he goes..!!

    Raghav: MJ band for this????????? MJ band has startd losing its imp… Yes i cud connect to him.. It ws vry eye pleasing… But whre ws ariel..???? Jus sitting and standing on a bench in mid air makes u do ariel… May b he jus did one flip above other dan dat it ws no ariel.. May b 30sec of ariel part in his performance….!! Other ws tuting and slow motion… Still dis performance ws bttr dan his othr ones… Atlst he tried… But MJ band was toooo much of appreciation.. Kya remo sir is se acha pradeep ko hi de dete…!!

    Abhik: locking is not dat easy… And i agree with remo sir dat his uppr body as a bit stiff.. Still it was rocking.. I hope he makes it upto top 5…

    Rajasmita: ahhhh d grl with golden hands and legs.. It was magical…. Geeta maas concept ws so brilliant.. C is truely adorable… Rajasmita did it so well.. Wat a execution.. Da smooth ness ws fantastic… Some parts were so pleasing… I dont think c has failed to express.. She did dat very well and c deserves to b in top..!! Go go rajasmita… U deserve d peak..!!

  • jasmine11

    Since once posted, we are not able to delete our own comments.. some edits to the long note above…

    *Seeing … the same or similar. But personality-wise, I think Remo is good. He respects others, is not obnoxious on the show, does not try to take other people’s time, or interrupt while others are speaking. My above comment regarding him figuring somewhere in the middle of the spectrum was with regard to the commentary on performances.

    *As for Mithun, I … age.

  • Shamik Chanda

    Someone plz give me the link of d place where i can get d vidos of d performances… I dont want d complete episode videos.. I jus want d parts of some episodes..

  • abhinav agrawal

    what the hell is going on in did people getting mj band for average performance so far i felt only rajsmitha and mohena deserves it ……….

    mohena is the killer for me performing Indian classical in two days with such a grace. honestly i felt she should win did because iam not aware of techniques but i just vote for what touches my heart

    prerna saw your posts on did wall and i totally agree with you…….

  • Suraranjani Dhar Chowdhury

    The most strongest & deserving contestants lost their chance in the wildcard entry only becoz of Neerav. He was DEFINITELY not JANTA’s choice. His credibility only & only pertains to being part of Terrence’s academy for 10 years. This guy till date have never been able to prove himself. Even if Neerav gets eliminated next week. Who cares ??
    …and Raghav, who is interested in seeing his childlish behaviour ?
    his slow motion is the best…but shdnt be working for him, any more.. its a dance show, only versatilty shd work. At times, this show sucks…seeing how unfair the judjements are..

  • Prerna Mehra

    I dnt care abt raghav. Hes tooo average.. Sanam in top 4

    • Mayank Jayaswal

      I feel Sanam should get eliminated now, he just doesn’t cut it. But ofcourse first Neerav should go and after that Sanam for god’s sake.

  • Shariek Gasieta

    I think mohena,rajasmitha,pradeep and sanam johar will be in the finals,,,,,,,,,,,abhik will be eliminated on top5,,and raghav will be eliminated

  • nazishk

    WOW 70 comments already… :) :)

    OK so i watched the episode and I am really happy for Rajsmita as she really deserves to be number one.

    Sanam’s act was horrible to me… I didn’t like it at all. I thought he could have been better as he is also a trained contemporary dancer.

    Pradeep’s solo was good… his mj dance suits him. I hope he is one of the top 4 coz he deserves it.

    Raghav’s solo was actually ok.. I don’t think it deserved an MJ band but oh well .. I am happy for him and wish him all the best.

    Rajsmita’s act was really nice… I loved the whole candle concept. It was unique and something new. I really hope she wins the competition… her hard work shows.

    Mohena’s solo was ok…… I thought it could have been better. I just get really annoyed when she starts crying for no reason. And Mithun needs to stop comforting young girls…

    Neerav’s house wasn’t that good… he needs to improve on his hiphop.

    Abhik’s performance was good… i liked it and would had to see him get eliminated.

    Vaibhav’s solo was also ok… his robotic could have been better.

    Over all it was an ok episode….

  • Fazee Perz

    Rajasmita being #1 this week was right………in my views she was sp0t on wit her perf0rmances…..I feel 2 should’ve been Pradeep n then Mohena f0llowed by Raghav :)

    1) Sanam (br0adway) it was a g0od perf0rmance….in my view it was his best in the past few weeks……ols0 he rec0rded the s0ng in his own v0ice I heard…..grt j0b…if DID d0esnt w0rk out u sh0uld explore singing 😉

    2) Pradeep (MJ style) as mentioned in previous c0mments there is only ONE MJ….but I Pradeep has d0ne justice to his dance…….thts right frm Master Terrence n Dada he can d0 anything………y n0 MJ band as yet :(……….

    3) Raghav (aerial) nice perf0rmance…..grt 2 see him attempting new things……..I don’t think he deserved the MJ band..repeat of past steps…just one thing was tht rubix cube olready s0lved or did he s0lve himself in sl0w mo? Explanation of PT’s was superb…….keep it up :)

    4) Mohena (mohiniyattam) great attempt….nice dance

    5) Rajasmita (c0ntemporary) not her very best perf0rmance….candles pr0p was grt……however the s0ng I d0nt think it was the right ch0ice…..but still lo0ked beautiful

    6) Abhik (l0cking) grt attempt……..steps were n0t clean, but overall g0od job….needs 2 w0rk a lot harder 2 make it 2 the t0p 4

    7) Vaibhav (robotics)… perf0rmance in spite of injury……hope he gets well s0on…….I’m sry 2 say th0ugh he was rightly eliminated judging frm past perf0rmances……best of luck in the future……..

    8) Neerav (h0use) well n0t much 2 say here……lack of energy, b0ring 2 me…..hope he g0es next week…..

    *can s0meone just tell me if the choreography were d0ne by the masters wh0 gave out the challenges or if it was d0ne by the c0ntestants team choreographers?*

    My t0p 4 pick would be:
    1) Pradeep
    2) Rajasmita
    3) Cr0ck boy
    4) Sanam

    However I think the first 3 in my pick w0uld g0 thru n wh0mever c0mes back thru veto p0wer…….

  • afrah kurkikar

    I think there should be the use of veto power for bringin vaibhav back…he was the very good dancer…we will miss him alot…he deserve to be in…..!!!!!!!!

    • prem o3

      i totally agree with you @ afrah kurkikar…vaibhav is the killer for me…he is the best in expression…..we wan vaibhav back!!!

    • vicky subra

      yeahh i agree w it

  • raj shetty

    raghav doesnt deserve a mj band…though his dance was good..mj band loosing its importance….

  • vicky subra

    for me i feel its not fair make vibhav out frm it .. he done a superb job then neerav … he is awesome … he can done all the characters … no wn cn do tat he and his expression wo … how come dance india dance i feel thy no fair at all …. he done well thn evr … bt the othr neeyav is still in bullshit

  • prem o3

    Absolutely rite @vicky subra…neerav should b eliminated…so sad for vaibhav…

  • afrah kurkikar

    we miss vaibhav alot……he shud come….he was more better dancer than neerav…he shud b back…..he was ritely known as “VERSATILE VAIBHAV”……he can perform any form of dance….he shud b back…..!!!!!!

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