Dance India Dance 22nd January

Dance India Dance 22nd January

Dance India Dance 22nd January, Geeta kapoor nominated Abhik and Rajasmita, Terence Lewis nominated Varun and Sneha while Remo D’souza nominated Hardik and Lipsa for the solo round today. A real tough contest between them produced another controversial decision of the season. While Sneha Kapoor was evicted from the show, A tie between Hardik Rawal and Abhik Bannerji saved both the male contestants who will perform again next week for their spot.

Dance India Dance 22nd January Performances

Remo Ke Rangeeley

Lipsa Acharya performed Robotics Dance on the song Rangeela Re

Hardik Rawal performed on Likhe Jo Khat Tujhe

Geeta Ki Gang

Rajasmita Kar performed Roundhe Hai Mujhko Tera Pyaar

Abhik Banerjee performed Contemporary Dance on the song Kyun Main Jaagoon

Terence Ki Toli

Varun Kumar performed Contemporary Dance on Aye Kash Yoon Hota

Sneha Kapoor performed bollywood style on the song Munni Badnaam Huye

Dance India Dance Season 3 22nd January part1

Dance India Dance Season 3 22nd January part2

Dance India Dance Season 3 22nd January part3

Dance India Dance Season 3 22nd January limelight

  • dancefan2012

    Sneha eliminated!!!!!!!! Hmmmm, will she come back through Wild card entry? We will see, for now, we are going to miss the duet of Sneha and Varun from next week. All the performances were jabardast. Dada really is having tough time in this season. We will wait and see what happens next week between Hardick and Abhik as Dada postponed the boys elimination for next week. 90 secs competition between Hardick and Abhik will be easy to judge as Abhik is better dancer than Hardick but can’t deny the fact as fate decides everything.

    • samecute

      yes guys i agree elimination of sneha kapoor was upsetting and surprising too she did justice to the choriography.Geeta should have nominated urvashi instead of rajismita, keeping in mind urwashis yesterdays performance as she didnt do well at all instead of blaming abihik. viewers are not blind.I hope in upcoming episodes no controversial nominations and decisions.Best wishes for terance ki toli.

    • VM

      well said Dancefan, among the girls I love Sweet Sneha Kapoor.. so sad she is eliminated during the early part of the competition. is kind of weird that the good ones are being eliminated fast..


    very bad selection for Solo, Espicially Geeta :@ Y she call Rjismita 4 Solo Over Urveshi?. nonsense,

    i say again, that Neha was un lucky today, but she is good dancer 😐

    Today i am not ENjoying .. so so episode.

    Lipsa & Nando Act I Like Today.

    Hope the Master’s show us other dance form on their Contestant for sure. hope it will come next week.

    as master tarrence show yesterday varun & neha kapoor act.

    for Grand Master is really difficult to take decision to Elimanate contestant. 😐

    • Neha_K

      What NONSENSE are you talking!!! Geeta maa didnt broke anyone’s dream!!! The competition was very fair!! It was sneha who was weak and could match the level of the other dancers!

      Let me remind you a few points to clear up your stupid thinking:

      1. In DID season 1 Remo nominated his strongest dancers Bhavna and Khushboo everytime to cover up for the weakest girl contestant ever in DID; that is RAKHEE!!!

      2. In DID Season 2, Terrence nominated Shakti despite that shakti won the best performance of the day!

      3. And also Remo nominated puneet when it was shashank who messed up the whole choreograpgy

      SO these decisions didnt broke somebody’s dreams??? why were you not blabberring then???

      4. Urvashi was already nominated in episode 2, how many times will geeta maa nominate her again??

      5. Urvashi came first in the first elimination episode (she did better than Manju and Piyali according to the masters and grand master)…so stop telling that she is the weakest contestant when you dont have a proper knowledge on dance! you stupid!

      6. Dance is not about doing lifts and stunts correctly…it is about charm, beauty, steps…i believe urvashi is a good dancer (at least she is better than prince who knows only locking and popping)

      I agree that she had a heavy foot in the audition but now she has improved a lot

      7. Sneha kapoor deserved to be eliminated today!!! She was weak and did an ordinary bollywood item which i believe an ordinary indian dancer also could do…and also i hate her facial expression…she has a constant boring large smile on her face

      8. Why are you all after Geeta Maa???????? Even terrence and remo unfairly nominated strong contestants in the past! N they also gave their contestants weak choreography which resulted in their elimination (remmember when meenu from Remo’s team and Kiran from terrence’s team got eliminated just because of their respective master’s weak choreography)

      9. you are always jealous when a women is ahead. Even remo n terrence is always jealous of geeta’s choreography. They give standing ovations to each other but not for geeta maa!

      • Satyender

        geeta kapor ko bollywood style ke alawa kuch nhi aata. she herself a weak dancer among three judges.and uravshi is the weakest dancer in this season.15jan ko hi uravshi eliminate ho jani chayie thi.and prince sirf hiphop ke dum par nhi pohcha tha top 5 mein.he is a perfect dancer.i think geeta kapoor ko season 4 se bahar kar dena chayie.wo ek bahut badi dramebaz hai.

        • Lv2dance

          Totally disagree. I think Remo is a weak dancer..maybe he was good at one point.. his last performance was not that good

    • VM

      i guess Geetu knew that if she had selected Urvashi, she may get eliminated. Which may be the reason she picked Rajsmita who is a stronger dancer than Urvashi.


    My Favirote are in Remo team,

    Mohena Singh
    SANAM Johar

    in Tarrence team
    Pardeep & Neha Ji

    in Geeta Jealous Aunty Team
    Shafeer / Rajismita & Radikha

  • lmnaasira

    very unfair decision,sneha deserves to stay!!!

    • aashish24

      +1 agreed.. technically speaking I felt that Lipsa was not as good as Sneha. Yes in terms of WOW moment, the choreography for Sneha was not great but she did justice to it. Sometime I wonder how much Dada know’s about technicality of the dance. Oh well..

      Somehow I am feeling that elimination performances are getting worse..not sure why.

      Seems like DID3 is making 1-2 mistakes..

  • jeedas07

    This is really unfair watching Sneha being eliminated !!
    We lost our patience watching Cockroach eliminated….and now Sneha….
    We as fans are really disappointed……

  • jeedas07

    I feel Geeta’s gang is the worst of all….in terms of new innovation.
    She always praises her contestants that they have tried their best,
    When it comes to Remo’s or Terence’s contestants……
    According to her, they never stand to 100%….
    This creates a very negative comment and impression on the viewers as well.
    Geeta try to win on competence and not politics…..
    All the best…..
    Wish Some contestant from Remo or Terence win DID – 3
    DID 3 rocks !!!!!!!!!

    • dancefan2012

      That is the reason. Geeta has not won the competition yet. But lets see this season. She has some good contestant this season. Well we know the moment she did not take Hardhik into her team though she mentioned that she wanted to take him in audition. She knew that Hardhik will not last for very long time in the competition, neither she could set a good choreography every time for him. I really appriciate Remo for taking in Hardhik, he has potential but lacking experience. He looked so disappointed even in the audition, it looked like he was begging to get into the competition. I still feel that his movements are not that great compared to other contestants.

    • Lv2dance

      Disagree, Its Geeta’s gang, that uses most props with their dances and have proved it efficiently. None of the other masters have choreographed any of their team’s performances with props. That is innovation. You can shake hips and jump up and down. But dances with props is dancing with them with style and charisma is only done by Geeta’s gang and her team. Urvashi You have out done all your performances and have grown well with each of your versatile performances. You belong up on the top 10, which is where you are. Thanks to the judges in DID, I’m pretty sure someone know about dancing, to keep you there. Good decision.

  • Whackybanana

    I feel the eliminations today were justified. Sneha definitely is a good dancer, but I felt Lipsa challenged herself today and although didn’t pull it off quite well, it was a commendable effort. But am sure that if Geeta would have nominated Urvashi instead of Rajasmita, sneha would have definitely stayed. Urvashi is the worst dancer among girls in the show right now. She is heavy footed, sloppy and clumsy.

    As some of my friends mentioned in the posts above, Geeta is very shrewd in her comments as well as decisions. Urvashi should have been nominated today based on Saturday’s performance. But she decided to protect her, cos she was sure Rajasmita would come back by knocking a dancer out of the other master’s teams. Even in her comments she underplays the effort of other contestants and overly supports her students. I feel Remo and Terence are honest when they give their opinion.

    This time all the dancers have potential and hence the choreography is going to be important and would decide the fate of the contestants. Varun, Shafeer, Abhik, Sanam and Vaibhav are strong among the guys and Mohena and Ridhikka are strong among the girls. Haven’t seen much of Sneha Gupta, but she seems like she has potential. Hoping for a great episode next week. Cheers!

  • did-3

    WOW Gita Maa… What a fantastic job u did in the show. Never expected that u can do such things… Just to save your contestant you have broken someone else dream. M dam sure everyone must have this question in mind that how can u send Nandu (Rajasmita) to perform in solo… and rest everything is in front of us. But m sure you will understand when one of your contestant will be eliminated by this trick when other 2 master will apply on you.
    Even Mithun Da did a mistake by eliminating Sneha. When you are giving 2nd chance to a guy then y not to girls even after seeing what Gita maa did.
    M a big fan of DID and all masters. But this kind of things put –ve impact on all viewers.

    • dancefan2012

      Guys check 21st video again and you would know, why Nandu was sent for the face off. I am not talking about the Dance, if you are genius and watching close enough you will understand, what I meant. As I do not want to pin point someone directly.

    • did-3

      @Neha_K – Thanks for reminding about last sessions. Ya I agree with u what Remo sir and Terrence sir did…

      M a big fan of Gita maa… I love her every expressions and the way she gives comment and complement during auditions.

      LOL Plz stop comparing Urvashi with Prince..:-)

      Remo sir and Terrence sir jealous of Geeta maa…:-)LOL they both came in ur dream and told u I guess :-) All r best in their own style…

      • Neha_K

        you have a very poor memory of things
        Has Remo ever gave a standing ovation to Geeta despite geeta dd so many wonderful choreographies??? He did give many to terrence

        Every masters is somehow a bit jealous of each other and wants to be the best

    • Lv2dance

      Agree with you Neha_k.

  • nazishk

    Hmmm i feel sorry for Sneha.. I wish Terrance had given her some other choreography other than Bollywood. Sneha is a very dancer but for some reason her Bollywood number was a lil weak. Lipsa has a lot of potential and i know she can be a good versatile dancer. Nandu was awesome i loved her performance. As much as i want Hardik to stay in the competition i really think Abhik is much better than him. I love the fact that he is only 17 and such a strong dancer.
    I don’t like Mithun anyways, i think he is very annoying and knows nothing about dance. And about judges, i think if i was in Geeta’s place i would also be as selfish as her because i would want to save my contestants. I really think her choreography has improved a lot. She is doing much better with the contestants than DID 1 and DID 2.
    I wish all the contestants and Judges all the best for the remaining season. Hopefully the deserving ones will stay put :)

    • JIN_BABA

      gud comments Nazishk,
      yes i also notice that Master’s given weak Choreography, that cause for contestant Elimination, it SAD 😐

    • dancefan2012

      Well she wants the title this season as previous two seasons were shared by Remo and Terrance.

  • me.yummy

    Sneha’s elimination is sad. She should not have been nominated in the first place. In Toli, she was the strongest among girls. Piyali and the other Sneha were average yesterday but the grand salute saved them. This will be a setback for Terence as the other 2 girls are not very impressive. I hope that the masters don’t nominate a strong dancer to save someone else or because they didn’t get a grand salute!!!

    Varun’s act to me was mediocre. Abhik (*thumbs up*) and Hardik were very good. Rajsmitha was the best among girls and Lipsa should have gone today as she was the weakest.

    • Love

      U took my word yummy:

      Sneha did excellent salsa style in Munni song..She was FAB was only that dipping section they felt her stiff. But Terrence should have at least protected her by saying this was Salsa style and u dont need loosen up..SAD. The strongest female dancer is gone.
      I blame terence for nominating Sneha over Piyali. Eventhough their group performance was nice, but clearly piyali was not good in contemporary..She is the weakest female contestant, even worse than Urvashi.
      Lipsa should have gone, but u see how smart Remo is in commenting. He defended her saying she is the first female who did robotics. So our Mithun is flattered by this comment. Mithun is not doing right job, first week he eliminated Manju over Piyali.
      Boys he did right decision. I bet it will be Abhik to go this week. Hardik is very tall..he will not go long way. YEs, if Remo will save him somehow till top 12..Then definitely he will reach far since girls will vote for him 😛

    • Dance ka baap

      :) yasmin how are u?

  • mitmani

    Friends good evening—


    1. You both have good understanding of choreography.
    2. dancefan2012….thnx for sharing the link with u tube.
    3. one question…who will win DID 3?….
    4. First edition…contestant from Remo ki Rangile….2nd edition….from Terence ki Toli….Now what?…from Geeta ki gang…..???????…..I don’t think it is possible… per the fair dancing talent and choreography from geeta…..some manipukatiuon will be there..
    5. Zee TV must have certain plan….which even Grandmaster have to follow during eliminations….
    6. Guys…do you agree with me?

    • dancefan2012

      Well I am not sure, but cannot say anything as politics is every where. Geeta has some really good Dancers this season, hope one of them lasts till the end of the season. As you know, many of the viewers do not like Geeta’s attitude which in turn affects her team members, when it comes to votes. Hope people do not vote according to the Masters but looking at pure talent and performance of the candidate. Geeta decided to win this season title and keeping her fingers crossed, and her intention was reveled when she did not select Hardik which she promised during audition.

  • mitmani

    Friends good evening—


    1. You both have good understanding of choreography.
    2. dancefan2012….thnx for sharing the link with u tube.
    3. one question…who will win DID 3?….
    4. First edition…contestant from Remo ki Rangile….2nd edition….from Terence ki Toli….Now what?…from Geeta ki gang…..???????…..I don’t think it is possible… per the fair dancing talent and choreography from geeta…..some manipulation will be there..
    5. Zee TV must have certain plan….which even Grandmaster have to follow during eliminations….
    6. Guys…do you agree with me?

    • JIN_BABA

      thank buddy for appreciated,

      well is possible that Geeta WIN this session of DID, or may be Master Remo stole the Session, coz of good contestant in both teams, Geeta only Master, the real work has done by her Team Mates, not only Geeta choreograph all the thing. same thing for other Master’s;) , in Geeta Team, only Shafeer is a Strong Dancer instead Paul yeah, Abhiv & Rajasmita also good dancer, i want to see Paul in other dance form, in terrence Team, Most i like Pardeep only. remain r jst so so.

      Finally i would like to say, about Politics, I Hate it. they should play fair Game. but i Njoy Dance not politics.

      • Dance ka baap

        Hi Jin baba howz you buddy :-) after a long time

        • JIN_BABA

          hiya DKB , i am fine, ya bit a long time, so how’s everything going?

    • dancefan2012

      Well I am not sure, but cannot say anything as politics is every where. Geeta has some really good Dancers this season, hope one of them lasts till the end of the season. As you know, many of the viewers do not like Geeta’s attitude which in turn affects her team members, when it comes to votes. Hope people do not vote according to the Masters but looking at pure talent and performance of the candidate. Geeta decided to win this season title and keeping her fingers crossed, and her intention was reveled when she did not select Hardik which she promised during audition.

  • illusion-93

    i have a feeling that coackroaxz will come back and will go to geeta’s team which will make her team stronger. And lets face it guys, dont hype up but as usual such games and shows r planned and fixed. e.g shakti won did2 despite the fact that more people wanted dharmesh to win. And as far as the masters are concerned, trust me all of them are good, it takes guts and brains to come up with all these innovative ideas and choreography and its not only the masters but hats off to their teams. yeah i do agree that Geeta does not praise(by saying stupendo…) to the other teams compared to Remo and Terence.. but they are in a show, they are given scripts by which they have to follow and all the rest is cut out. ohh yeah and you guys have realized that the masters wear earphones when they r in a show.. and that’s how they chose their contestants 😉 so its not like geeta didn’t want hardeek, she was told to pick someone else via the earphone. :) LOL buh i like 2 dancers from each team..or maybe 3 from remo’s team HAHA .

    • Whackybanana

      I totally agree with you. The show is rigged, there is no doubt about that. We all know that there has to be some parity among the masters in terms of contestants. We have seen many a dancers sacrificed to accommodate a weaker dancer cos the numbers were skewed. I was rooting for Amar last season. He was really good in duos, solos and did justice to each and every performance, but he was eliminated.
      And yes, am sure Dharmesh would have won the last season hands down if the show wasn’t rigged. In terms of dance it was hard to pick either of them as they were really good. But, popularity wise Dharmesh was way ahead cos his performances, background and personality connected better with the masses. But I think they wanted a girl to be the winner after Salman and hence tilted the votes in Shakti’s favor.

      But it’s so hard to watch only the dances without being involved with the contestants. I wish I could just appreciate the dance and not the dancer.

  • jasmine11

    Sneha was such a graceful dancer. Dancing is a lot about grace! If all the female contestants were asked to perform the same song-dance-style that Sneha had performed on (the bollywood-salsa number),she would be ranked in the top two, if not the top most. In comparison, some of the contestants who still remain on the show would have performed not too well or gracefully.
    If Sneha were taught and asked to perform on the same number that Rajasmita performed on, she would have excelled in that as well. But I can’t say whether vice versa would be true, i.e., if Rajasmita had to perform on the bollywood-salsa number that Sneha did. Such critique and speculation should be considered. Sneha was a strong dancer, technique, grace, and natural ability wise.

    • Whackybanana

      Your comment makes a lot of sense. But then you are taking out the competencies of the masters out of the equation. There is a level of decision making involved in nominating a particular contestant and selecting the dances. I believe each dancer is unique and has a forte. The sooner the master understands to maneuver the dancer around it the better. Like how Terence took Shakti all the way even though she wasn’t strong in hip hop or bollywood. But through her journey he mixed it up and played according to her strengths. There is no point in saying Dhramesh cannot do a good job as Amar did in the duos he did with Shakti and how Shakti can never dance like Binny. I feel the masters have to understand the strengths, weaknesses and moreover the personality of the dancer asap and drape the choreo around these characteristics.

      Terence took a gamble with Sneha with the bollywood number. If she would have been safe, he would have played to her strong points next week and this bollywood number would have passed as an added dimension in her repertoire. But unfortunately it didn’t pay off. I feel that Geeta screwed Terence by nominating Rajasmita, cos Urvashi deserved to be nominated based on the performance on Saturday.

      Your point on the overall ability of a dancer is true, but its difficult to judge that objectively when there is no set theme given to all dancers. I mean if Dharmesh attempted bollywood on the kasauti and pulled it off well while Shakti gave a strong contemporary performance, who would you vote out? Would you go for variety over a strong performance. Its debatable.

  • VM

    Dear Admin

    You are doing a wonderful job as usual. Can u include “Like” and “unlike”, so that we could click on it if we like or dislike any comments posted.. Just a small suggestion. Thanks.

    • Whackybanana

      *Like* :)

      • Admin

        Will try this, but guys please use the contact us form for suggestions.

        • VM

          Sorry Admin, will send my suggestions as per ur request. thanks yaa..

  • Dance ka baap

    this season Geetha ma contestant surely going to win :-) pre planned ZEE TV show :-) :-)

  • illusion-93

    Hardeek or Abheek??? I know who is gonna be eliminated 😉 but i don’t wanna spoil it for you guys do i??? 😉 LOOOL and sneh kapoor got eliminated for various reasons, i found out from sources that she was in Jhalak,IGT & Guinness world of Records before doing DID3 and therefore the producer of DID did not allow her to carry on.. maybe she could be back through the wild card entry. 😀

    • Whackybanana

      Are these shows going on simultaneously that she can’t be a part of DID 3?

      Also, was the whole thing staged? As in she knew she was going to be eliminated even before the kasauti?

      And is there anybody else who is in the show who would be taken off due to these same reasons? If so, I don’t want to follow that guy and then break my head when he is eliminated due to reasons beyond dancing.

  • nazishk

    Well i know that Hardeek is eliminated… it’s on facebook already!! But as for Sneha if contestants like her weren’t allowed to take part in DID 3 than why choose her in auditions. Oh well, whatever the reasons are i wish her all the best and truly hope that Geeta wins season 3!! I think she deserves it her choreography has improved a lot!!

  • nazishk

    lol.. don’t get mad at me for spoiling the suspense.. i found out on facebook!!

    • dancefan2012

      Give the link to the facebook, let me see who it is and verify the same.

  • nazishk

    lol you are talking like you own me or something.. i don’t need to verify anything to you. But if you really want just search Dharmesh is dance page on facebook and you will see for yourself!!!


    wow what a Act By Geeta ki GANG, Shafeer / Rajasmita & Radikha .. Awesome, zabardast, i told you guys, that Shafeer is a Strongest Dancer in Geeta Aunty ki team. Muhahaha… But also tell ya that Rajamista & Radikha my favorite too in Aunty Team;) , but Most Favorite are Shafeer & Rajasmita.

    • Whackybanana

      Jin Baba, kaise kar lete ho be? 😛

      On a serious note, kahan se milte hain aapke ye sab information? :)

      • Whackybanana

        Shafeer, Riddhika and Rajasmita looked good in their act. Geeta is coming up with very innovative and versatile dances this time around. Shafeer looks like he could go far, but again could be shown the door due to lack of audience votes.

        Sneha’s belly dancing was also pretty good. She has been wearing a belly dancing costume for all the kasauti’s. So I think this one is for the kasauti.

        Ab pata chala Jin Baba, ki aapko information kahan se milte hain. :)

        • JIN_BABA

          Ök Ök LöL , that’s ma mistake to given Clu3 here;)

          • Whackybanana

            Koi nai 😀

  • priyam

    Hai friends, good to see you again. Seems that the old DID team is back again. I think that they really make a difference

    Sneha’s elimination was not expected. she is one of the best .Really sad for her. Hope that she comes back through wild card.

    Urvashi is the weakest amongst the girls.

    DID 3 is really great. The contestants are just too good.


    sanam & lipsa cute performance.

    Geeta … be a brave person, khul k comments kr lia karo Sanam py :/ . i notice this. since 2/3 week.

    also notice that Mathunda also very close with sanam. feel cry.


    urvashi or radikha left this week?
    it’s Shafeer? do u believe this :/ , hope i was wrong :/

    • Whackybanana

      Shit, Shafeer is out? That is shocking.

      • JIN_BABA

        ya Whacky it’s really Shocking if Shafeer left 2morrow :/ then who gonna Lead Geeta Team, LoL Big Question here 😛 .. i think Rajasmita going into Final, or other WildCard Entry dude fill those Area .. Let c

        • Whackybanana

          Yea very sad to see Shafeer and Riddhika go. Two of the strongest dancers in the whole show. Not a single bad performance so far. And it was shameful to see Paul and Urvashi getting the grand salute for their performance. Geeta’s team would be really weakened by this. Sad.


    i laugh, when Hardic hug to Geeta, Mamma :S
    tsk tsk ..

    for more comments shared, later here.


    Face off performance.

    Abhive doing good attempt, very Active 17 year old Handsome Boy, love his performance. Ay GanPat,

    Hardik act nice, but yeah, nice song, nice beat. cool performance,

    Abhive ka banta hy baap rukny kA,


    Sajh Dhajh k Tashon me Rehna,
    O Ban than k, Tashon me Rehna.

  • ujinwalravi

    videos of todays episode pleeeaaasseeeeee…………….

  • ppmsia

    admin, i know u are doing a great job in uploading videos in great quality and all. thanks alot …..but it wld great if u can upload them faster..plssssss :(((((

  • andy

    DID 3 rocks!!!
    admin, videos for yesterday and today’s episode??? when will it be uploaded…

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