Dance India Dance 19th February *Mythological Special*

Dance India Dance 19th February *Mythological Special*

In the mythological special episode of Dance India Dance season 3, all of the dancers performed the Hindu mythological tales but Sanam and Mohena Singh from Remo Ke Rangeeley performed an entirely different act of Jesus Christ.

It was the tale of Jesus Christ’s crucification. Mohena Singh was supporting Sanam and so was not to be judged. All the dance masters were stunned to see this performance. Sanam did an excellent job as Christ and Mohena Singh looked great as Mother Mary.

However, Terrence Lewis found that dance was a bit less on the performance but still he loved it. Dr. Sonal Mansingh and Grand Master Mithun Chakraborty were speechless after seeing this amazing performance by Mohena and Sanam. Grand Master Mithun Chakraborty said that this performance was beyond any appreciation.

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Dance India Dance Season 3 19th February Limelight

  • Prutiy

    Finally! Thank you.

  • Whackybanana

    I thought this episode was more about the choreography and was a challenge for the masters more than the dancers. It was disappointing to see Terence fall flat today, as all his choreo’s were second rate compared to Geeta and especially Remo. Remo brought his A game today and all his choreo’s were amazing. I think Terence needs to lose 1-2 of his contestants so that he can work better.

    Raghav looked miserable today doing the mythological dance and I feel part of the fault lies with Terence for making him do such an act. He could definitely have choreographed it better.

    And nice to have a good critique in Dr Sonal Mansingh finally on the show. She was very knowledgeable and her comments apt. Urvashi is freaking hot I agree, but Paul surprised me today as his attempt at Classical was pretty good. It was nice to see the flaws pointed out by Dr Mansingh about Urvashi. But, Mithun Da is such a perverted old man, I think he is smitten by Urvashi. I understand the junta going gaga over her, but as an actor he must have seen so many hot women in his life. Also considering his age, He should make better judgement, even after Dr Mansingh pointed out the flaws and after all the masters praised Paul. He was like “You have done it Lady”. I think he gets a blood rush for reasons other than dance when Urvashi performs. Mithun Da should be removed from the show and replaced with somebody who can actually dance and give sound critiques.

    • ppmsia

      wow u have seen the videos so fast!

    • dancefan2012

      Terrance is running out of Ideas as he has to set more choreography than other 2 masters and coordinate with his team. Remo on the other hand has plenty of options as he has just 3 contestants in his team. So Terrence has to work very hard this season to keep his team intact. Well Geetha will loose one contestant next week and Remo and Geetha will then go GahGah on each other to keep hanging on the show.

      ***Well I don’t have to see who******

    • virginie

      wow Wackybanana, you made me laugh but you are right about “dada’s” comments on Urvashi! hahaha! And Urvashi unsure stands were too evident… Dr Mansingh did well saying that…

      I will be very upset if she remains in the 12 next weekend…hmmm

      That’s true too that it seems Terence cannot handle 6 performers whether Remo has only 3… What seemed to be a blessing (having more contestants) is becoming hard to handle and Remo is at ease with plenty of time to dedicate to each ot his 3 contestants… Sorry Terence, I am your fan but truth is truth…

      Raghav has no body to be Laxman (if I am not mistaken, it was Laksman, no?)… He is too skinny… lol… He should gave been given another role… That was Terence’s mistake (sorry Terence)…

      Mohena was outstanding in both the performances…

      • Whackybanana

        Yea Virginie, I had to make that comment cos while I was watching that I went berserk. It was a WTF moment for me. I couldn’t agree with you more on your views.

        As of now Mohena and Neerav look like complete dancers who could do justice to any dance form and I wouldn’t be disappointed to see them in the top 4. As for the other 2 spots Raghav can stake a claim if he starts venturing outside his style and performing them with confidence. I feel he can do it, but it all depends on Terence and how smartly he integrates Raghav’s strengths in his choreography.

        And yes Remo is looking very strong this season. And in Sanam, Vaibhav and Mohena he has capable dancers who are good in different styles than last time when he was stuck with Saajan and Puneet.

        I still feel it would be between Terence and Remo this season. I don’t think Abhik, Rajasmita, Urvashi or Paul has what it takes to win. I mean I cant even imagine then winning. It feels so ridiculous actually imagining any of em winning as I write this comment. 😛

        • dancefan2012

          I agree with whacky, I cannot imagine anyone from Geetha gang is fit to be in top 4 but unfortunately we will see at-least one. There need to be a miracle that need to happen that can shut viewers eyes off and Geetha then can sail the boat safely to the other side of the shore. I have a feeling that Masters will try to push the contestants beyond their performing limits and we would get to see some of the beautiful performances in coming week. Lets wait and see what its going to be like and I am sure that Croc boy will work very hard and will not disappoint us next week, hope Terrance give some extra time to Croc boy as he promised him today while commenting on his performance.

          Geetha again you are imitating Croc boys move, Paul is not good in imitating, it looks insensible in his performances, please some one for viewers sake, convey this message to her.

          • virginie

            Completely agree with you, dancefan…On all the points!

        • Nobody

          haha, Wacky, very true say, but don’t forget, Rajasmita is strong dancer in Team Geeta :p .. her technique , attempt & timing were so clean & upto the mark as required, i like her, coz of, she is good performaer as well as good learner, am not surprise if she gonna WIN this 3rd Title 😉 . last night she was great than Abhik… picho chor dia Abhik ko Rajasmita ne apni performance me “D

          • Whackybanana

            Yea I agree, Rajasmita is a good performer, but I dunno if she is good enough to win DID3. Geeta is also a critical factor, she managed to lose even with the strongest dancer last year. 😛

          • esposa

            m fully agree with Nobody, don’t forget Rajasmita, she is a strong dancer.

        • virginie

          I completely agree with you again, 100%!

          And last season, even Punit who was not better than Kunwar Amar made it 3rd… I was so shocked when Amar got disqualified for the finales and Punit got qualified… and 3rd!!!!!

          • Mehnaaz

            I feel like half of the reason Kunwar didn’t make it to the top three is because Terence neglected his strengths and really focused on Shakti because he knew the audience like her…Kunwar was just there as her supporter in my opinion throughout the whole competition. And somewhere in there I feel like the show changed the results because they wanted atleast one dancer per team.

    • Mehnaaz

      I never thought of Dada as a petifile or a perverted old man…but now that you mention it he really does compliment all the young girls that look exceptionally pretty….ex:shakti last year-I remember him saying your performances don’t look vulgar when you perform on a madhuri dixit song hahahhahhahahahaa

      • virginie

        Well, “dada” must be needing spectacles because there is no girl that looks exceptionally pretty right now on the show… lol

    • Lv2dance

      There is no reason to b setnimental about Mithun Da praising Urvashi, Just because she is ravishingly beautiful in that pink outfit and he praised her doesn’t make him a pervert. Dr Manasingh commented on other performers as well should they be kicked out of the show, She also corrected Geeta and Terrance, should they get rid of them as well. Remo Sir, his choreography for Sanam sucked. No dance but all acting. Terrence and Geeta were right for noticing that.
      Loved Mohena and Raghav’s, Urvashi and Paul and Rajsmitha and Abhi’s performance

      • Whackybanana

        Lv2dance do you really think Urvashi is good enough to win DID3? From your comments it seems that you think along those lines. If the answer is yes, then I shall gladly skip over your comments next time and not bother you with my arguments. Please let me know. Thanks. :)

        • esposa

          lol, Urvashi ? Urvashi + Dance = Hell, i don’t know y she is in the DID 3

      • virginie

        Lv2dance, let me tell you that I don’t feel that Urvashi is “ravishingly beautiful” (as you say) at all!

        Without costume and make up, I am sure that she is just one more girl with a good slim body. Simple.

        Let me tell you that I even confused Urvashi with Piyali in an earlier performance, same body shape, same face cut…

        If Urvashi’s beauty was so outstanding, I would have remembered her…

        And last, this is not a beauty contest, it’s a dance contest, and she is not a strong dancer like others, everyone points at her flaws.

        And Mithunda should keep his personal likes for himself, it sounds really bad when he is romancing, it’s not because of the huge age difference between him and the dancers, it’s because it shows that he cannot hold his position with dignity. I never ever heard Terence nor Remo say anything of that sort. Their professional attitude inspire me respect.

        Besides, lv2dance, you are comparing the incomparable in your post…

        How can you say the choreography for Sanam sucked??? I think you should revise your basics in dance and also you need to be more fair.

        I was the 1st one to tell others not to say unpleasant things about Urvashi here, but you cannot say that Sanam performance was only acting and was sucking… Whatever it is, it has made some cry and it was so real… Nothing of these things ever happen with your dear Urvashi…

        • dancefan2012

          lv2dance, I think you should suggest Urvashi to take participation in beauty contest rather than the dance show, at-least you will get a lot of opportunities to admire her beauty, without any of us there to comment on it.

          • nazishk

            lol… right on the spot!!…. love yours and virginie comment!! It’s about time Lv2dance stop arguing coz it’s getting very boring and annoying.

        • Lv2dance

          virgine, you got me wrong, I think Sanam is a great dancer, but his choregraphy sucked is blamed on Remo..who planned this dance. The dance was all an act..not more. Even the guest noticed that.

          I like all the dancers and have nothing personal against anyone. Urvashi and Mohena are my favorite dancers in girls and Neerav and Sanam I my favorite in male.

          Also Im not the annoying one here, its the negative comments i can’t stand. So I give negative comments on someone, its taken the wrong way.

          from now on, I will not be coming on this site as its not for intelligent ppl.

          • dancefan2012

            We would be happy not to see laughingstocks like you here anyways, who likes to give negative comments because we find fault on their favorite contestant. Your comments gives us tickles in the wrong part of the body ******. I guess you understood that part. So please we would request you to not come back with the wrong idea that you will be spared if you disguise yourself with different display name. You are welcome to share your views in the manner that you are judging the contestant based on the performance and not on your liking. We all here are dance fans and will also discuss if our favorite contestant is not performing well, not just one contestant. The the choreography of Remo, please don’t comment on it, you have very less knowledge on dance forms and please keep away from commenting in story telling performance. It is also a art of dance, conveying the message or describe the story in 3 mins act.

    • Nobody

      Wacky it’s Hallarious comment :S
      Mathunda ko koe farak nahi parhna hy Laugh

    • tina

      agree completely with you buddy, he always goes with girls’ looks and gave poor judgement right from season 1, where he use vito to save Khusboo even when she failed in Marjana rope climbing dance. In season2 his fave was Binny Sharma – although she danced better than Urvashi in season3.

      This season particularly he made very bad choices
      1. he should have selected crocroaz rigt from the beginning
      2. he should have never let Sneha gone out – should have been urvashi
      3. should have never let shafeer -riddhika both eliminate the same day sply shafeer was much better in danger zone and wild card round.

      In that way he could have eliminated some useless bunches and brought back in Sumeet,(and snehaa nd shafeer-riddhika could have stayed) and other deserving ones. I so miss Sneha-Varun and shafeer-Riddhika pair…((

      Urvashi was still bad today. I am a Bharat Natyam dancer my self and her legs were very wide apart in all her poses and very off balance.

      Sunday Moheena, Sanam, Vaibhav were good, but I dont see anyone giving consistent good performances.

      • virginie

        Oh God, Tina, I am 200% agree with you, especially on the 3 basic wrong decisions of Mithunda that you are pointing out!

    • royalhunter

      your comment should be removed by moderator. you sound so illitirate, calling mithunda with such degrading word. why not you sit there and judge- its not easy when sit on judge sit and make judgements.. Mithunda is just expressing his opinion.. Common guys i am sure mithunda knows what he is doing..

      • Whackybanana

        @royalhunter – I agree its not easy to sit there and judge people without any bias. Its a difficult job. What makes it even difficult is that he has to do it in front of 3 amazing choreographers and the whole of India. And thats why you nor me can sit there and make judgements. I agree.

        But none of us here are related to the dancers in anyway. Their performances appeals to us and we evaluate them every week based on that. As far as I can see barring a few people nobody blindly supports anyone on this forum. And we are here to have a discussion and voice opinions. I can’t speak for others but I believe in logically analyzing a situation. Yesterday it was clearly evident that Mithun da went out of his way to praise Urvashi. Like some of my friends pointed out he has shown similar behaviour in the previous seasons as well. These are things we have observed. If you don’t agree tell me why rather than saying he knows what he is doing. Also sorry if I offended you in anyway with this comment as well as any above. I am just voicing my opinion on the show and contestants. Cheers!

      • virginie

        Well, indeed, it is very difficult to be a judge, not anyone can be a judge, because:

        An able judge should be fair in his/her decisions, and his/her decisions should be based on the technical aspects of the performance, not on the performer.

        Whoever is the performer and whoever is the judge, an able judge does not flirt with the candidates.

        An able judge should remember he/she is being viewed by hundreds of thousands of millions of people and he/she should be moderate and refer only to the performance.

        An able judge should not act as if he/she was the star of the program. The stars are the contestants.

        An able judge has a huge responsibility on his/her shoulders, thus he/she should remember that everything he/she does or say can be commented by the public, be liked or disliked, and thus he/she should be extremely careful and moderate.

        Well, that’s my opinion.

      • nazishk

        I don’t know what your problem is but no one is asking you to speak in favor of Mithun or against him. Everyone is stating their own opinion about him and if you are not ok with it than get out of here. The reason why a lot of us are mad at him is coz of all the unjustified decisions he took this season. A lot of deserving candidates got eliminated coz of his decisions and he seems to be thinking he is making the right choices. And dude get some manners don’t just come here and call people illiterate coz you don’t have the right to do that. You don’t know who they are and what they are. May be it’s about time people like you mind your own business.

  • Whackybanana

    And thank you for the videos Admin. :)

  • ppmsia

    yes finally! :))

  • dancefan2012

    Thanks for the upload Admin, was waiting for it.

    Performances Today,

    * I think Lv2dance will be happy as Urvashi got good comments from
    masters but the performance was again average, she was not dancing
    on the beat and Paul wasn’t able to keep up the pace. I think
    Lv2dance should teach Urvashi a little of famine walk (The last
    portion of the performance). Uravashi is over doing her
    performance. Lv2dance watch the video atleast few times before
    commenting back on this post
    * Mohina and Vaibhav – good performance
    * Rajsmitha and Abhik – good performance
    * Croc boy, Neerav and Sneha Kapoor – average performance (Is the
    channel going to bring back Sneha Kapoor?) – Missing Croc Boy’s
    hair style and the little bug on his chin
    * Pradeep and Sneha G – Good Attempt. I felt their was disconnect
    between the pair and the song
    * Mohina and Sanam – Good Attempt. (Emotionally too Strong)
    * Piyali and Varun – Good Attempt.

    • Whackybanana

      Well even Dr Mansingh pointed out major flaws in her dance which the masters were picking on right from the auditions. She is very heavy footed. Although I got to admit she looked amazingly hot today :P. Now wonder Mithun Da is keeping her in the show. :)

      • dancefan2012

        Anyone can become “Marilyn Monroe” just with proper makeup, can’t help. Channel needs TRP and they don’t mind even if contestant strip on the show.

        • Whackybanana

          Okay calm down dancefan2012, I was just giving credit where credit is due. She looked really pretty today, but her dance was nothing special as usual. 😛

          • virginie

            not only nothing special, weak… And guys, stop looking at girl dancers with Mithunda’s eyes LOL

    • nazishk

      lol dancefan you are ready for lv2dance this time.. cool!!

      Now as of performances today, i thought everyone did a decent job but i really liked sanam and mohena performance. It was very touching and brilliant. Glad to see Remo back in the show again and Geeta really needs to stop with her attitude. She is really biased, she gave all her contestants stupendo************* remark(too long to type :D) when Urvashi and paul didn’t even deserve it. She should have said that to Sanam and Mohena as she really liked their performance. Terrance can do much better with his contestants he should bring his A game and give them tough choreography. Raghav has a lot of learning to do and he should learn as many styles as he can coz no one wants to see him loose. Over all i thought today’s performances were just ok!!

      And i agree with whacky about Mithun’s attitude toward girls urvashi especially. It’s disgusting to watch him romance on screen, he acts like a pervert and it makes me wana puke every time i see him do that. If there is one thing DID need to improve than that is getting rid of Mithun and having someone else as grand master.
      Anyways Good luck to everyone for future episodes especially to Raghav!!

      • dancefan2012

        Yes dude, I don’t get personal on any one but lv2dance is exception case. If lv2dance would have said the Urvashi is his/her favorite, I wouldn’t have minded it but he said that she performed better than other 12 contestant is what really made me go nuts and on top of that he/she was giving me advise to learn about dance forms. I wouldn’t have replied to it in-case if it was coming from some one who knew at-least a bit about dance forms. There are 543 dance forms in this world and all he/she talks about is contemporary (Could he be a fan for Shaimk?)

        • nazishk

          lol ya i don’t blame you… i would probably do the same if i were you. Well hopefully now she wont come defending Urvashi since the guest herself took faults out in her performance. Whatever it is i know for sure Urvashi isn’t staying in the show for long unless she really improves. Not just here but even on facebook people dislike her for her performances. No wonder why i mentioned in my previous comment on other page to not to argue with me if not agreed with me 😀 I just can’t take stupid comments it pisses me off!! Well don’t worry hopefully you won’t have to argue with her anymore :)

      • virginie

        Point by point, I absolutely agree with you, nazishk, and I would add that Mithunda seems to think that he is being funny with all his romances and “jokes”…

        • nazishk

          Ya i know virginie that’s why i can’t stand him. I get so mad at him that i curses him but admin took my comments off coz it was abusive. Wonder what i will say to mithun if i actually see him in person hopefully that day will never come 😀

          • royalhunter

            if you cant stand him please dont watch the show.. you dont have to watch him..

      • royalhunter

        i am surprise some of the comments been made about specific person which is very negative is being uploaded in this site..

        • nazishk

          lol why don’t you mind your own business?? how about that?? Next time don’t tell me what to do what not to do… No wonder why he is still in DID it’s coz of pathetic people like you…. And if you gota problem with people posting comments here than don’t comment here, it will be good for us.

        • Fazee Perz

          Royalhunter………these r our views n opinions…..ur n0t inclined to agree wit us……but just as how ur voicing ur opinion we have a right 2 do s0……the actions of G.M Mithun da frm since seas0n 1 to now has been disgusting……his j0b is to make fair decisions n call the perf0rmances as he sees it…..not because of the way they look………..he should atleast have some self respect at his age……..

          ***again these r my views n opinions……if u d0nt like w0t I said then u deal wit it ok c0z em n0t gonna apologize……hv a grt day ;)***

          • dancefan2012

            royalhunter and raakeysh appear to be either friends with lv2dance or lv2dance themselves. Admin could you please verify the account and remove the duplicate accounts. Its really getting annoyed and people who are real fans of dance are not able to share their views with chumps or mugs on this blog.

        • virginie


          Because we love the Art form called Dance, we love DID Show, we love and admire the 3 Masters – who are very talented choreographers and sublime dancers – we love the contestants and their performances and we are unhappy with the Grand Master’s show off/flirting attitude and slightly biased decisions – since the previous DID seasons…

          We express our likes and dislikes on the DID show in this page because it’s meant for that.

          And I am myself a die hard fan of DID… Thus I care for it’s fairness…

  • Whackybanana

    What the hell Virginie, don’t hit me back with my own arguments. 😛

    • virginie


  • virginie

    I appreciate the fair attitude of Terence commenting on Mohena and Vaibhav, he only said positive things, not a single negative point, and he was so right…

    Actually, Remo has hit really hard and brilliantly with all his performances of today… In terms of choreography, execution… and complete involvement of the dancer in the character played… They all felt so deeply the role they were dancing that it gave another dimension to the performances, making look them real…

    Which is a thing that did not happen at all with Geeta’s dancers, too “cool”… Out of sinc with the character danced.

    Terence usually also makes his dancers to incarnate their characters from within… But maybe he could not devote too much time to all 6 today…

    Abhik and Rajasmita were completely out of the character… 1st of all, what an idea of dressing Krishna in black! So the costumes were not right, the mood was not there in Rajasmita, we could not see the difference between a gopi and a queen (it should have looked diametrically opposed), and Krishna was not portrayed on the right moods either…

    Actually, not only Abhik, all the Krishna’s failed in portray the mood of a lovely charming naughty beautiful playful boy (Krishna), and especially failed to incarnate the 3-bent pose of Krishna holding the flute…

  • virginie

    Anyone can explain me why, if the votes for “Who do you think should be back through wild card ?” went in the 1st place to Raghav (44% of votes)and in the second place to Shafeer (26%)(just check above), why was Neerav selected instead of Shafeer?

    I am not saying that Neerav did not deserve to be back, he is really good, but I don’t understand what is the purpose of voting if the votes are not taken in account? Have I missed something in between?

    • Whackybanana

      The poll was open the week before the wildcard performances. That week Mithun da reinstated Raghav back in the show. Hence he came in first. Nobody had seen Neerav dance other than his performances in the auditions. That explains the low votes he got in the poll here and the others like Shafeer, Sneha, Hardik and Chotu getting a higher percentage of votes. Neerav did well in his wild card performances and he shot into the limelight. All the masters went gung ho over his dance as well as his determination to lose weight. Zee gave him a lotta time on air to speak and get the audience to know him better whereas they sidelined Shafeer completely giving him little on air time.

      South Indian contestants always find it difficult to shine in the show as their communication skills are below par and hence they can’t get closer to the Junta or raise the TRP of the show with witty comments or emotional drama. From the organizers point of view, it is better to have contestants that appeal to the viewers rather than having 12 amazing dancers who have nothing to contribute beyond dance. Reality television is about the character of the contestants and the emotions they go thru as well. So having people who can’t emote well doesn’t do the show a whole lotta good. Shafeer was a good dancer, he was not exceptional but he was better than a lot of dancers currently on the show. But he cannot get closer to the junta cos he lacks communication skills and that certain charisma. Also he doesn’t bring anything unique to the table like Raghav. Even last season I thot Kunwar Amar was brilliant, but even after amazing performances he was never voted first and on the contrary found himself on the danger zone a lotta times until he was shown the door. The show is rigged for sure and is definitely bot fair in eliminating contestants. But the bigger picture is that it provides a platform for lesser known dancers like Shafeer to come into the limelight, which I think is a good thing.

      • nazishk

        I 100% agree with you!!

      • virginie

        Ya, Whacky, you are so right!

        But then why is the old voting poll on this page instead of the final Wild Card Entry one ? Where is that one?

        I think it would have made more sense to have posted the final voting poll so we could know how many votes got all those candidates who took part in the Wild Card which led to the selection of Raghav and Neerav…

        Moreover, I think we should know the results of the latest poll we vote on every week… If our votes are of any use… They should be published along with the latest videos…

        I also agree with you on Kunwar Amar, he was brilliant and I also felt he was not given the right place on the show, I wanted him to be top 4 at least, he should have been given 2nd or 3rd position in the finale…

        Well, charisma plays a role too in performance artists, my dear… A secondary role but still it’s a plus… Like good looks… People like pleasant faces/bodies and pleasant personalities… Sometimes overlooking the performance skills, that’s also true…

        Now, along with the technical skills, there is also something important to be taken in account in an artist, the capacity to convey feelings, emotions, that’s also an integral part of dancing…

  • mdude

    Have any of you tried the zee tv voting link. It doesn’t seem to be working. Please try and post reply. Thanks

    • virginie

      yeap, i tried too, the vote link does not show the current date, hence I could not vote online.

      • Mehnaaz

        Is the voting really free from America as well???

  • Suraranjani Dhar Chowdhury

    Raghav – couldnt find him anywhere in the show..thats why I always say, it takes a lot to show versatality…

    Urvashi…with her performance still exists in the show at the cost of RIDDHIKA….uncomparable for sure..

    But I guess that’s the way the show works. No regrets !


    It was not raghav’s day he will be back soon…………..

  • curiouscat

    Are you guys able to vote online ? The link in doesn’t seems to be working !!!!

  • dancefan2012

    Voting lines closed 7 AM IST. The has issues with its voting feature, you have to try atleast few times before you can vote successfully. You can still vote through phone lines without any problems provided you are giving just one vote from one phone. But you have unlimited options, use your friends and family phones to cast vote, still I doubt that it has any effects, as the channel has already decided who needs to move forward and who not (We have to just cast votes like fools and hope with fingers crossed that our favorite moves forward). The only reason the voting is free this season is because channel has cracked a good deal with Reebok through DID merchandise and already has made enough money out of it and they don’t care about peanuts that comes through phone voting after sharing the fortune with the telecom providers and other mediators.

  • nazishk

    What about for international callers? Does the 1800 number works for them? I tried calling once but i don’t think it went through. I am able to vote online though with my facebook id.

    • dancefan2012

      I would suggest to send email to and see what they have to say about international dialing.

      • nazishk

        Hmmmm ok thanks!!

  • me.yummy

    I loved Mohena and Vaibhav in this episode. Mohena made a cute Jatayun!! Remo picked up a very nice incident from the Ramayan. Kudos to him. The other act by Remo was good, too…but I think at this stage Mohena alone deserved the MJ band (But AT LEAST he is better than Punit, who was the first recipient of the MJ band last season). Mohena is good at everything that she attempts. She is a very strong contender this season.

    I liked Pradeep and Sneha today. Again, I think it was the incident that Terence chose that worked for me. Paul did something different and was very good. LOL was Urvashi really looking gorgeous today?????

  • tushar

    HeLLo Admin !
    In your previous comments on some episode upload you hav mentioned that you all ( admin ) are trying to introduce a download button to D.I.D video content .. Is it true .. ??
    If yeS.. then how much time it ll gonna take ???
    I am not downloading any of d videoS from youtube as I am w8ng for dis download option here .. REPLY PLZ.

    • virginie

      By the way, dear admin, could you please post the results of the votes we cast every weekend along with the latest videos? :)

      And would it be possible to fix the online voting? I tried many times on Sunday with no avail…

      Thank you!

      • Fazee Perz

        Hi virginie……….this is n0t a Zeetv official site so admin won’t be able to publicize official v0ting results since zeetv will make all eff0rts to have those results not published…….since its rigged, fixed and/or planned……..

  • nazishk

    Alright i have to post this comment this place is getting ruined by pathetic people and their comments. If anyone has a problem with what’s being posted here than for GOd sake don’t comment ok??? Everyone is entitled to their own damn opinion.. Have you head of freedom of speech?? And don’t even start with “negative comments” coz everyone is posting their own opinion and what they have to say about the show. And royalhunter don’t blame the admin for not taking any action he/she will if someone abuses so don’t worry about what admin is doing. Worry about your own self and stop being so annoying. You gota problem with what i said about Mithun or Urvashi than zip it coz i really don’t care about others have to say. I am here for my likes/dislikes not for what others think about my comments. Damnn why is it so hard for people…. can’t believe it!

  • nazishk

    And sorry admin i had to post that comment. Some people are here to pick fights not to enjoy the videos and post their insights.

  • raakeysh

    can that mohina perform any other style than comtemporary. she is not DID quality.

    • dancefan2012

      Oh please, learn the dance form first, not every second performance is contemporary. Please watch all the videos from the beginning again and then come back to comment.

      • virginie

        well said! :)

  • Ram Gupta

    Raghav AKA Crockroaxz Rocks !! hope he wins the contest !!

    • dancefan2012

      Hope he gives better group performance than he performed this week. I like is solo without any doubt.

  • nazishk

    lol dancefan you are on fire… I LIKE :)
    Ya dude i really hope this royalhunter and lv2dance stop posting stupid comments here. It’s just getting really annoying, we come here to share our thoughts about the contestants and their performances not to waste our time on arguing with them. And i wish people could understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion so if someone’s thoughts are different than yours doesn’t mean you go haywire on them. Have respect for others and their opinions and you will get the same. Don’t try to impose your ideas on others and expect them to think like you do. Just coz you are a die-hard fan of Mithun or Urvashi doesn’t mean others are too. So please grow up and stop behaving like a 5 year old.

    • virginie

      Nazishk, maybe it’s themselves LOL

  • niranjanam81


    I generally dont give any comment but I do love reading all your opionons and some good critics. I really appriciate how serious you all are and what it is meant to be. Only suggestion from me is lets this be a place for healthy critics and comments and not to go on their personal or physical aspect. I am saying this because we do comment very hard on people and when they read this it hurts them. Let it be more constructive should talk about DANCE alone.

    I guess this week onwards its people who decides who is good or bad. So we can only pray that they vote for the right person who deserves rather than person whome they like personally :) :)

    Because voting for the right person is more important now a days either in competition or Politics.. :):)

  • HostMaama

    Ref: DECISION MAKING > As far I’m concerned, MithundDa is making a right decision at right time at right place. He is the man of decision. Moral: Saying is not enough, doing is good.

  • rom moore

    Urvashi: “Agar aapko mera performance pasand aaya hai aur aapne mera…. (hmmmmmm) ye mohini roop pasand kiya h to jaldi se…………”
    I: what the heck man. Is this a dance competition or what? Is she allowed to say that. How did she feel while saying that? Was it just slip of tongue or properly preplanned.

  • Sandeep Kumar

    Rakhav Juyal has already performed in front of Terrance many times when he was part of the dance group D-Maniax in another show on TV! Search for them on youtube.

    • virginie

      so what? what matters is how he performs on stage NOW

    • virginie

      technique is learned, talent and creativity are inborn, practice makes it perfect

  • kaiz kaiz

    Waiting for DID 3 to be better than previous seasons! The contestants are really much stronger but somehow it is not clicking!

    • virginie

      i also did not like this prop thing theme in all the performances…

  • dancefan2012

    Masters have to start thinking out of the box and explore more from other shows. Loads of people do not watch dance show from foreign land and it could help masters to use individual potential of contestants. They can pick up some moves from shows like “So you think you can dance” or “Got to Dance”. We do not want to watch the same moves again and again as it would be boring.

  • gsjayanth

    raghav tops!!!:D

  • esposa




  • dancefan2012

    We DID fans rock man. Finally Urvashi out of the show. Voted out by us. Lv2dance will now be very happy to recommend her for beauty contest.

    • virginie

      ya i thought of all of you guys when I watched the show on TV and saw that she was eliminated… I could not believe that Sneha was voted so less, she does great performances :)

  • nazishk

    lol… awesome news!!! I haven’t seen the episode yet waiting for it to be uploaded here. But thanks for sharing the awesome news!!

  • navan bansal

    can any1 please tell me the soundtracks used in the performance of ‘Raghav, Sneha & Neerav’s ram-laxman-sita act.i love the soundtracks.

  • parmjeet thakur

    nice ha

  • parmjeet thakur

    jabar dast

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