Dance Ke Superstars Videos 23rd April

Dance Ke Superstars Videos 23rd April

Watch Dance Ke Superstars 23rd April videos. Today’s episode features performance in Solo, Duo and Dance Ki Takkar.

Dance Ke Superstars 23rd April Videos part1

Dance Ke Superstars 23rd April Videos part2

Dance Ke Superstars 23rd April Videos part3

Dance Ke Superstars 23rd April Videos part4

Dance Ke Superstars 23rd April Videos limelight

  • me.yummy

    All the best to season 1 in the coming episodes!!
    I’m missing good performances by Alisha and Jai. Hope they do better in the future.

  • aamna

    2ndd and i watched it sumwhere else

  • aamna

    season 1 (brap brap)

  • gouki1

    thanks! btw, when will the performances from april 22nd be uploaded?

  • khatz

    Prince stinkt !!!!!!

    Season 2 > Dance ke Superstar!

  • njkkhatri

    Prutiy…. kahah ho??

  • http://NONE big momma

    Season 2 – rock it… I love u guyzzzzz

    Season 1 – i love Paulson n Prince – they seem humble n down 2 earth guyz..

    I hate most is the expressions on Vrushali’ face… she seems insecured of my Ammu Kutty and Kruthi.. this is ma opinion. sorry if i upset anyone, but this is wat runs in ma head all times..

  • khatz

    Prince is down to earth?????????

    He is toooo overconfident, i really liked him first but because of his behavior i changed my mind and i think i am not the only one!!!!

    • http://NONE big momma

      Hi khatz, any behaviour of Prince’s that you could share wif me? i guess i have to agree partly wif you too.. perhaps the competition wit Season 2 is putting him to a test and joining hands with his competitive team makes him like one..

  • Prutiy

    @njkkhatri busy reversing for exams :(
    Wish me luck.

    • njkkhatri

      @Prutiy; All the best for the exams and I really wish you come first in your exams :)

  • gouki1

    are the videos from april 22nd going to be uploaded soon? =)

  • me.yummy

    Siddesh and Mayuresh did such a good job. I wish that Remo had said “that’s what i call a performance” to Siddesh as well. He gave him a ten and still didn’t say it. And he said that for Punit’s performance which was OK.
    (forgetfulness??? :roll: :roll: maybe!! )

    And Kruti was excellent in the face-off.She deserved A perfect 30. 😛

  • Abhishek

    Unfair by masters…..

  • aangelguna

    It good to see DID one and two together. I just want to wish them all the best and love watching your guy’s performance.
    The performance on April 22nd was rocking.
    When it will be upload.

  • Prutiy

    @njkkhatri hahaha let’s not go to being first as long as i pass i’m happy. Looks like im gonna fail Maths :O :(
    Got to get back to work.
    See ya 😀

  • devika1910

    i love shiamakk in dance ke superstars .. he is just adorable . u rockk shiamak !!!

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