Dance ke Superstars *Grand Finale* 21st May

Dance ke Superstars *Grand Finale* 21st May

Dharmesh and Company did it. It seemed like Dharmesh vs Prince throughout the Dance Ke Superstars till the Grand Finale. Prince faulted today in the performance, In the Face Off round Dharmesh was wayyy better and the end result was very deserving team Jalwa from DID Season 2 won. Along with Shiamak Dawar and Remo Dsouza, Marzi Pestonji, Rajeev Surti and Geeta Kapur joined the grand master Mithun Chakraborty in the Grand Finale of Dance Ke Superstars. Awards were given for best group dance, individual performance and other categories, Enjoy the videos.

Dance Ke Superstars Grand Finale 21st May Highlights

Team Jalwa performed Freestyle Group Dance on the song Woh Sikandar Hi

Team Josh performed a Garba Group Dance

Prince performed Locking and Popping on the song Tapori

Dharmesh performed Lyrical Hip Hop on the song Yeh Kali Kali Aankhein

Mayuresh and Bhavna performed Freestyle on the song Pal

Punit and Amrita performed Contemporary Dance on the song Tum Gaye Ho Kyun

Siddhesh performed Freestyle on the song Baawre

Punit performed Contemporary Dance on the song Tera He Karam

Kruti performed Indian Classical Dance on the song Aarambh Hai Prachandh

Vrushali performed Bollywood Dance on the song Aaja Nach Le

Jai Kumar Nair performed Contemporary Dance on the song Tujhko Jo Paya

Kunwar Amar performed Ariel Contemporary on the song Tujhe Bhula Dia

Dharmesh and Parvez vs Siddhesh and Prince in the Face Off round.

Dance Ke Superstars Grand Finale Videos part1

Dance Ke Superstars Grand Finale Videos part2

Dance Ke Superstars Grand Finale Videos part3

Dance Ke Superstars Grand Finale Videos part4

Dance Ke Superstars Grand Finale Videos part5

Dance Ke Superstars Grand Finale Videos part6

Dance Ke Superstars Grand Finale Videos part7

* Due to some technical difficulties the comments on group performances of the team could not be recorded in the part1.

  • njkkhatri

    Congratulations…….DID2….I am happy for DID2

  • Prutiy

    I’m walking on sunshine(8)

  • wawa

    D D D D SIR……. 😉

  • xioguru


  • khatz


  • sonia singh

    Congratulations DID 2.Dharmesh sir is gud,but Prince is better.Love u team Josh.Remo u love u love u love u.Thank u 4 the lovely Performance.babye 😉

    • nirmaldanu

      how i can gt flute songs of dharmesh sir..???

  • divyasnavi

    Okay, this might just be me, but I didn’t feel like this was a grand finale show. You know? like the dancing were great some not, type. I wished wished wished WISHED I could have seen Vaishnavi do some classical! It was a great show, dharmesh sir you were amazing but you couldn’t have been amazing with out parvez! Hope they have like a grand finale 2 or something. Can’t wait for dance india dance 3! AND I MISS MANISH JOKES!!! WISH THEY HAD THEM! please administrator i know you must cut down the timing and stuff but can you put the whole episode keeping without editing it!? please Mashish is an amazing comedian and I saw so much during the limelight wish I could see the whole show with the edited parts in! please administrator could you make it happen?

    • shehbazstar


  • shehbazstar


  • nazishk

    YEYYYYYYYYYYY I am so happy… JALWA team rocks….

    And now about all the performances… I loved Puneet’s act, it was mind blowing the moment i saw him in Sari i knew what the performance was going to be about. He is truly amazing and so is bhavna, i am so glad she got one more chance to prove herself and she literally did; happy for her :)
    Dharmesh’s performance was good but i felt a little uneasiness on his face. I don’t know if it was coz of the pressure or what but he was hesitating may be i am wrong but oh well he rocks.
    Prince’s overconfident brought him down today, i kinda feel bad for him though. He didn’t get to perform the way he wanted to.
    Kruti was amazing and Vrushali was good, i didn’t like her performance though, she has put on weight. 😛
    Siddesh and Jay were ok but i really liked Mayuresh and Bhavna’s performance.
    Amrita and Puneet were awesome, fab!!! They make a really strong dance couple.
    I just wish Vandana had danced, the kids didn’t dance as well. I wanted to see rutu and vaishnavi performance 😐
    oh well i love them very much, avneet was good too.
    And now about the face off, i was amazed to see Parvez perform so well along with Dharmesh, he literally matched Prince and Dharmesh. Parvez has improved a lot and i am really happy for him. Face off was just amazing, Dharmesh and Parvez killed prince and siddesh, mind blowing guys!!!!

  • nazir


  • saket chitram

    Wohooooo JALWA JALWA JAAWA..
    dy simply deserved it.. :)

  • greatjacky

    all parts stuck in half, only playing half, so please try to fix it

    • Admin

      Working good here. check you connection.

  • Kaley

    Congratulations Jalwa, you won despite the obvious biases and prejudice against you, so obviously demonstrated by your “Judges”, “Gurus” and “Mentors”.

    This is for the DID bigwigs (including Mithunda, who just slipped down a bunch of notches in our estimation):

    Let’s do some analysis here-

    1. Since all of you “elders and betters” are frequent visitors to the United States, you must know that there are 8-year old kids who are better than Prince at “locking and popping” all over Harlem and our various train stations – to deify him is to insult the intelligence of all your viewers from those 180-something countries that you love to speak of.
    2. It was a competition which is why you handed the winners, prizes; hence, Prince was duty bound to perform and furthermore, he definitely had to prove that he was indeed the best even under pressure – he failed royally, but you folks decided to reward him nevertheless.
    3. There was nothing remotely “graceful” about Vrushali’s dance – heck, she pulled out all the stops to ensure that she was seductive enough to win everyone’s approval, or else she wouldn’t have conveniently forgotten her chunni, which was draped modestly around her, all through the evening! What in the world did you find in her performance to call it “subtle”? A more obvious display of “assets” was hard to find.
    4. Kruti was brilliant and you guys all agreed about that; yet, Geeta found it incumbent upon her to penalize Kruti for tiny indiscernible errors – how come Jai didn’t have to pay for his mistakes or the others in Josh?
    5. Mayuresh and Bhavna were great tonight – but neither was consistently brilliant throughout the competition – yet, Mithunda decided that Mayuresh and Bhavna should receive accolade after accolade, and award after award, just because they were Mayuresh and Bhavna! Why were Dharmesh and Ruturaj penalized when theirs was without a doubt, the best duet, while performing to the song from Guzarish?
    6. Do you know what the show looked like from our obviously objective viewpoint? During DID-1, a lot was made out of the fact that Salman won instead Jai, Siddhesh or Mayuresh, and that happened because the Indian public voted overwhelmingly for Salman. Among those who complained, Mayuresh’s voice was perhaps the loudest and most vociferous. Tonight’s results look like a “do-over” for Mayuresh and an occasion for your folks to balance the scales. Truly disappointing and unworthy of all of you, Mithunda and Shiamak included.

    Do not repeat this, Mithunda, during the third season, please, because it is unworthy of you. It is obvious from all your (by that we mean all of the mentors, not just Mithunda)comments and marks that none of you can even pretend to be non-partisan with regard to your participants – under those circumstances, try to stick to an acceptable format please, like the International Dancing competitions adhere to, and then we can hope to see some decency and equality. Mithunda and Shiamak – “dance” did not win tonight, biases did, at least insofar as the duets and solos were concerned. A higher power must have been watching over Jalwa or else they’d have lost it all. And “Remo Sir” – thanks for the delightfully ignorant comment you made after Punit and Amrita’s duet! Of course you have seen marital strife being depicted by other dancers previously – that dynamic has been present since the institution of marriage came into being. What was great was how these kids depicted it, and since this was the first time anyone saw them perform this, your deja vu attitude was ridiculous!

    Also, “Remo Sir”, holding on to your crotch while simulating Michael Jackson, is about the stupidest thing any performer can do. Even though Jackson was a superb dancer, his real merit lay in his singing, and his crotch stunt was the most hated thing in his country of birth, because it reminded us that the guy was a pedophile. Actually that deplorable habit was a synbol of his contempt for his father, deliberately displayed to publicly humiliate him. Is it your intention to broadcast that to your fans?

    Hopefully, you folks will grow as your participants do from hereon; we sincerely hope so, because we are ardent fans of dancing and the behavior displayed by you guys is beyond toleration!

    • smith24

      I agree with ALL the points u mentioned!!!! So well and intelligently said

      Definetly Kruti deserved much more marks and the tiny mistake that she made (not her fault) was so unremarkable
      Technically speaking, Kruti was the best today for me with her pure classical steps! And yet she got 8 :(

      And yes comparetively Jai’s mistakes were so obvious and so remarkable as compared to Kruti, and yet he got 10. I think its just because the judges wanted to show how kind they were and that they forgave Jay for last week (disgusting!!!)))

      Remo MJ dance sooo AWFUL!!!! Rightly pointed out! I think its an insult for MJ! Kids have better MJ style than him!!

      Prince didnt stop BUT he constantly showed on his face that he did mistakes!! And yet he got 8!!! He should be getting 3 or 4 out of 10!!! Besides he did nothing new apart his usual old steps!

      Last week Vandana did a nice COMPLETE performance, and she neither showed her mistakes on her face nor she forgot her steps, yet she got only 7…this is the proof that prince is being HYPED! So disgusting again!

      Mayuresh Bhavna again and again comes with his old extreme level of gymnastics! And they get 10 marks!! I guess the judges cant differentiate between gymnastics and dance!! In addition Bhavna’s expressions were so dull and artificial!

      Dharmesh sir outstanding amazing!
      Parvez superb and he did B-Boying so well!!! and so many new steps….they were far much better than prince and siddesh who again repeated their old steps and old styles…And yet 2 of the judges (definitely Remo!!) gave Prince and Siddesh 10!

      Fortunatly at the end, deserving performers won!!! Im so happy that Jalwa won but im sad that undeserving DID 1 contestants were so much hyped throughout the show!!
      Well done Jalwa!!!! 😆 :mrgreen:

      • monicavinite


        Prutiy said: May 22, 2011 am31 1:23 amI’m walking on sunshine(8)

        Prutiy said: May 22, 2011 am31 1:23 amI’m walking on sunshine(8)

        • smith24

          Prince is good in locking and popping but he is a completely unversatile dancer! Even in Garba style, he was doing locking and popping! How ridiculous!

          He dont deserves to be in DID for me!
          Im also from US and ya kids here do much much better locking and popping than him!!

        • Prutiy

          Huh? I’m confused…I am clam… 😛
          Prince <3 😉

          • smith24

            so continue to be “CLAMED” 😛 😛
            Dharmesh Dharmesh Dharmesh 😛
            D D D D Sirrrrrrrrrrr!
            And DID 2

          • smith24

            so continue to be “CLAMED” 😛
            D SIr <3 Dharmesh <3 DID <3

    • nazishk

      😈 :mrgreen:
      You are damn right…… and Hilarious 😆

    • me.yummy

      If I may put my two cents in..I don’t agree with the criticism regarding Vrushali.She was doing a Madhuri number!And she heavily borrowed from her style,hence the seductive quotient….

  • monicavinite

    njkkhatri said: May 22, 2011 am31 1:14 amCongratulations…….DID2….I am happy for DID2


  • Prutiy

    o opps that was meant to be for monicavinite 😀

  • Prutiy

    and i can’t spell LOL
    I’ve lost it now… 😐

  • satish_sandy

    i feel it was a wrong judgement for the duet act

  • satish_sandy

    its suppose to be dharmesh he bought a some thing new which we have to appreciated

  • nazishk

    i meant Kaley :mrgreen:

  • niravchina

    I am sure no one have notices that the score calculation was totally wrong calculation
    If you re watch the show and calculate each score the original score was much bigger then what Manish declared at middle and end of the show.calculate
    But Original score also JALWA wins but with a big difference.
    Because JALWA is the best and D Sir is the MAN OF THE MATCH
    We can Say D Sir is SACHIN OF DANCE.

  • priyam

    Congrats Jalwa team.

    I personally think that all the rewards were well deserved. Both DID 1 and DID 2 have great dancers.

    Price was Dissapointing today. Best of luck for next time

    Siddesh was nit great. He should have done his best acts for the final.

    Mayuresh and Bhavna were out of the world. Really outstanding

    Jay was cracking as Shiamak Sir said.

    Punit was Fantastic.

    Vrushali and Kruti are very beautiful dancers.

    Kuwar Amar is very sporting and has always been great.

    Dharmesh was mindblowing as well as Parvez.

    Bhavna has made tremendous progress since DID 1. What a dancer she is.

    I think that Alisha could have brought some more marks for team Josh.

    Would also have been nice to see the 4 kids dance for the final (apart from the group dance)

    Manish is the most sporting host- Keep it up Manish

    The judges have been mindblowing. Remo and Shiamak Sir are just too good.

    That was a great show and I hope that Jai has learned a lifetime lesson.

    • me.yummy

      Hey, even i missed watching Alisha. 😐 😐

  • priyam

    Forgot to mention that Amrita was great as well.

  • Radhapriya

    Congrats DID 2. You guys are good, but I still wish that DID 1 won. DID 1 still rocks! Love you PRINCE & D SIR 😉

  • Radhapriya

    Congrats DID 2. You guys are good, but I still wish that DID 1 won. DID 1 still rocks! Love you PRINCE & D SIR

  • me.yummy

    Congrats to JAlWA!!But I wish That JOSH had won this competition!! If Prince wouldn’t have faltered, they would have won!! 😐 😐
    I feel that the best duo award should have gone to Dharmesh and Rutu!! Also, Mayuresh should have won the best solo performance award for the other aerial act…on the song ‘jeena yahan marna yahan’!That act was so much better!But never mind!

    Mayuresh and Bhavna’s act was wonderful!! 😛

    I liked the intentions behind Punit’s act but not his performance.There was less of dance.I don’t understand why Mithun keeps praising him to the skies!! 👿

    Jay was fabulous today!!This performance might re-deem him a bit.
    Kruti was good 😆 and so was Vrushali!She is best when she does bollywood style!Siddesh was ‘paisa wasool’ but wish he had danced better in the first half of the performance. 😐
    Amar could have done better if he had just danced on the floor rather than making it a half-baked aeriel act!!

    And Parvez…. he is fantastic!! He matched Dharmesh in the face-off and he was the best in the group act done by DID-2. He danced the least but was the most hilarious!He was one of my fav dancers in season-2(beside Kruti).I had wanted him to go ahead in the competition but he was not voted back by the audience!I’m glad that Zee remembered him! And Bhavna, too!!

    I would like to see Shaimak Davar dance someday!And I really have to say this…among all the MJ acts done on DID, Alisha’s was the BEST!

    • me.yummy

      Will miss Manish Paul in season 3!!

      • priyam

        Who is going to host DID 3?

        • me.yummy

          no idea!!

  • Salman_chaudhry

    I have been a great fan of DID, but Im little disappointed by dance ke super stars . This show was going much better without Geeta ka drama. As soon she joined the show everything began to go down. As far as finale is concerned.

    Sorry prince you couldnt sustain pressure otherwise you are a great dancer

    Myuresh & bhavna great performance!!
    Puneet and amrita good try you didnt deserve 10 . again geeta the drama gave 10 and I felt by doing that she insulted the myuresh bhavna performance.

    Dharmesh always rocking .

    Pervaiz fabulous!

    again puneet ‘s solo was over rated . I couldnt find any dance in this performance. I was expecting 7 for this performance.

    Vaishali you seriously need to control your weight .

    Jai was good but I like his trampoline act from DID1 better than this .

    Sidesh is full of drama like geeta. Hate him since DiD1.

    We need another dance ke super stars with salman , shakti,, kunwar amar, pervez, dharmesh, khushbu, bhavna,kiran{most of you dont remember her .she was eliminated in did1 in the beginning.}, prince,jai and mangiaaa my fav.

    • smith24

      I think amrita and puneet’s performance was better in terms of dance…what mayuresh and bhavna is is extreme level of gymnastics, NOT DANCE!
      N i love geeta maa, she is the most fair and honest judge in the show for me

  • samreensaini

    It was outstanding sply Dharmesh Sir, he z juz mind blown…..congrats DID 2…..u rockd it!!!! best wishes to all the contestants….al are superb dancers…:-)

  • nazishk

    smith24 said: May 26, 2011 am31 3:48 amI think amrita and puneet’s performance was better in terms of dance…what mayuresh and bhavna is is extreme level of gymnastics, NOT DANCE!
    N i love geeta maa, she is the most fair and honest judge in the show for me

    I agree!!!

    • Salman_chaudhry

      And geeta suxx big time! Drama

  • Salman_chaudhry

    samreensaini said: May 25, 2011 pm31 1:39 pmIt was outstanding sply Dharmesh Sir, he z juz mind blown…..congrats DID 2…..u rockd it!!!! best wishes to all the contestants….al are superb dancers…:-)

    I disagree. They were not dancing they were jusy hitting each others head against the prop they were using. Jumping around prop is not called dancing :)

  • nazishk

    DID 2 is awesome…. and Dharmesh is simply mind blowing.
    He is not only a good dancer but a great human being. And i won’t be wrong if i say Parvez alone is enough to beat DID 1!!

  • nazishk

    Salman_chaudhry said: May 27, 2011 am31 2:10 amAnd geeta suxx big time! Drama

    If Geeta mam is drama than what do you have to say about JAY?? Wasn’t he responsible for creating so much drama on the stage with his misbehavior and gator tears??

  • nazishk

    Salman_chaudhry said: May 27, 2011 am31 2:07 am
    I disagree. They were not dancing they were jusy hitting each others head against the prop they were using. Jumping around prop is not called dancing :)

    Are you talking about DHARMESH SIR?

  • http://NONE big momma

    Guys, i just managed to watch DKS finale today in Malaysia (repeat of last weeks show) due to some unforseen circumstances which happend last week.

    I loved Alisha’s dance in DID1, but her last performance was looking seductive at the beginning, but thank God her performances got better after that.

    Instead of Vrushali’s Madhuri act, I wished Alisha had performed. It is a total embarassment and insult to watch the vampirish looking Vrushalli perform to Madhuri’s songs who is so devine and a timeless beauty’s.

    Vrushali fits for cabaret types of songs or dances. She totally sucks.

    Mayuresh and Bhavna did a gymnastic dance act and got 10!! Surprising though, but I adore Mayuresh a lot from DID 1 days.. He deserves to have won the place of Siddhesh.

    I loved looking at Siddesh’s jealousy and evil face, especiallyu during the dance ki thakkar round when Dharmesh got all the accolades.

    It is unfortunate for Prince to make a mistake but I am glad he did b’cos his over confidence and idiotic behaviour brought his downfall. Best he learns from hereon.

    I hated his face after his dance and thank God Marzi requested him to smile.. When ever I watch Prince perform, I would fast forward b’cos he always does the same stuff all over and over again. But this time i decided to watch him in full b’cos of the mistakes he made.

    Why didn’t the kids perform? such a waste.. should have had a dance ki thakkar round for the kids.

  • jasmine11

    Master Marzi’s recognition of Dharmesh sir was right on!

  • saavi

    dharmesh sir and prince these two are my favorites.. i love prince locking and poping..

  • Vishal Patel

    U rite wrinku

  • Wrinku DGreat Thakur

    where is Terence Sir?, sabko bulaya bt Terence Sir ko bhul gaye?? :-(

  • Kartik Roy

    Dharmesh and Company did it. u r the best Dharmesh sir, keep doing it…..

  • Prince Gupta


  • Sonal Patel

    dharmesh sir you r fantastic…………..

  • Prince Gupta

    I am very sAD of the day

  • Wrinku DGreat Thakur

    Hey u r Prince!! y feel sorry?? just salute u…

  • Sandeep Baghel

    Koi Baat nahi Prince Humare liye Josh Team Haar ke Bhi Jeet gayi. Josh Team Pahle bhi Dance Star thi, hai, aur aage bhi rahegi.

  • Ritesh Kumar

    prince is best

  • Joy Biswas

    yes….I also agree with..Sandeep+Ritesh…..DID–1 r the for me that Day(Grand Finale)……bad- day(on be half-Grand Master) for DID-1 that’s all…..and holl Dance ke Superster…….I realy Miss……..Terence Sir….

  • Chitrangi Patel

    Dharmesh sir nd prince U both r fantastic!!!!!! ……but love u Dharmesh sir nd jalwa team little more than Josh …

  • Anupama Devi

    m upset 4 josh my fav team is did-1 josh.they r always best

  • Anupama Devi

    prince u r always a prince so dont get upset.u always rock

  • Shobha Bhattarai

    watever hapen i don’t care did-1 is always forward than did-2 all d consentant r more excillent then did-2 i luv u josh team. It’s also upset me yar

  • Sonam Snm

    Bad day…hard luck…DID1….feeling so bad for u guys….just wana to see u guys as winner….but..its ok!…sometimes v don’t get all dat v desire……move ahead in ur life……gud lc to u all 4 ur future.

  • Reena Gohil

    prince is best…

  • Zuber Multani

    no u all r wrong, ddd D Sir….he dsrv dhat……..ok.

  • Mukesh Suthar

    Yes D sir always winner. After DID 2 every shows win by D sir.

  • Radheshyam Pradhan

    dharmesh out of the world……….

  • Raghavi Yoganand

    S ..! he always rocks………DID 2 proved by their win !

  • Nazish Khan

    DID 2 is the best…. And Dharmesh sir is out of this world. Superb…… DID 2 will always be the best!!!

  • Sonali Tayade

    u r the best dharmesh…i like ur dance always.

  • Jitendra Dadhich

    dance wins attitude loss

  • Jitendra Dadhich

    dance wins attitude did’nt so focus on dancing did-1

  • Monu Goyal

    D is already vry big dancer.dincak performance.

  • Sashi Chandra

    armesh is good but DID 1 ROCKED- judges were little biased.

  • Nazish Khan

    Lol judges were being biased from the beginning of DKS but God help those in need and he sure helped DID 2, they deserved to win and I am glad they did!!

  • CA Navin Saraf

    i liked the words said by mithunda, “yeh kiksi team ki jeet nahi yeh DANCE ki jeet hai”

  • Atul Mehra

    iam very intersted did

  • Alex Jones

    I can’t wait for DID 3

  • Ramsha Malik Shahid

    DID 1 ,u roch……east or west Prince is da BEST

  • Ratna Bhele

    i like his performs so much

  • Deva Rathod

    i miss did 3

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