Dance Ke Superstars 29th April

Dance Ke Superstars 29th April

We are into third week of Dance Ke Superstars and with Team Josh and Team Jalwa having won once each this week’s winner will take a lead. On Dance Ke Superstars 29th April the Team Jalwa are ahead and only after tomorrow’s performance we will know the winner of this week. There was some heat on the sets today between DID Season 1 and DID Season 2 contestants and some lovely performances followed.

Dance ke Superstars 29th April Highlights

Ruturaj, Atul, Avneet and Vaishnavi performed a groups dance in the beginning of the show.

Kunwar Amarjeet and Vandana performed Samba Dance on the song I Hate Love Story

Siddhesh and Bhavna performed Waltz Dance on the song Pal Pal

Vaishnavi and Ruturaj performed on the song Chota Bacha Jaan Ke in Hip Hop Jive Style

Jai Kumar and Vrushali performed Cha Cha Cha Dance on the song Mehki Mehki

DID Season 2 Team Jalwa performed Freestyle Group Dance

DID Season 1 Team Josh performed Bhangra Group Dance

Alisha and Parvez performed Locking and Popping on the song Jalwa in Face off

Dance Ke Superstars 29th April Videos part1

Dance Ke Superstars 29th April Videos part2

Dance Ke Superstars 29th April Videos part3

Dance Ke Superstars 29th April Videos part4

  • njkkhatri

    First once again….. Prutiy…. how are your exams dear??

  • wawa

    :mrgreen: 😉

  • khatz

    what ever !!! TEAM JALWA is the best because the are down to earth …

  • maegan

    Team Jalwa is sooooo good :) 😀

  • suruworks

    Shows bahot aate hai lekin asli show Dharmesh jaise log banate hai….I hope big mouth Prince is listening…

  • nirmal

    😯 DID-1 Watch The DID-2 Dance and Learn

  • http://NONE big momma

    JALWA – DID 2 – is fantastic .. superb .. great.. 😉

    Dunno why, i dont fancy DID 1 at all except for Paulson.. huh!! 👿

  • Justyna

    DID 1 is the best!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

    • http://NONE big momma

      after watching friday episode, i m loving Dharmesh.. he is cool, down-to-earth, frank n fortrightin his comments…

      Arre Jay, phew!! I love ur dance but not ur mouth… soooo pls Jay, cool down a little.. Vandhana did her best. Thank God Amar came to her defence…

      And DID 1, pls learn to thank DID 2 when they comment. Cos whatever they say comes from thier heart..

      And DID2, i love you guys… love you love u love u!!!

  • me.yummy

    I was really waiting for Alisha’s performance but am tad disappointed with her. Her dancing was good but she could have done better!!

  • Prutiy

    @njkkhatri Exams staring in 2 weeks time. Hopefully they will go well. Fingers crossed. Thanks for asking.


    I so dislike looking at Vrushalli. she looks like the girl you would love to hate in high school… sheeeesh, so much of arrogance in her.. comparing to Kruthi’s classical dance, Vrushalli stands no where.

    I enjoyed every moment of Parves’s dance which is a real treat to to watch. sorry, though Alisha is a lady but she could match up to parves. I loved Alisha in DID 1 and was praying she won. But in this round too I dislike her.. and Jay.. what arrogance..

  • khatz

    Jay is so unfriendly! I dont like his face ! Everytime he is on the dancefloor I just skip his performance, i dont even want to watch it urghhhh 😕 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://NONE big momma

    khatz said: May 3, 2011 pm31 6:28 pmJay is so unfriendly! I dont like his face ! Everytime he is on the dancefloor I just skip his performance, i dont even want to watch it urghhhh 😕 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    True True he looks SISSY to me

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