Dance Ke Superstars 16th April

Dance Ke Superstars 16th April

Dance Ke Superstars 16th April, It was a memorable moment for Dance India Dance fans in today’s show. Dharmesh Sir and Prince in a face off, What better can you think of ? DID Season 1 team josh won this week’s competition with 1 point but we saw some excellent performances, we hop to see more in the coming weeks.

Highlights of Today’s show

Vrushali performed Semi Classical Dance on the song Piya Tose Naina.

Vaishnavi performed Lavni Dance on the song Apsara Aali.

Parvez performed Locking, Popping and Tutting on the song Na Tum Jano.

Paulson performed Hip Hop dance on the song Tarkeebein.

Vandana performed Semi Classical dance on the song More Saiyyan.

Atul performed Hip Hop and Freestyle dance on the song Aye Pappi.

Dhamesh Sir and Prince Face Off on the song Dance Pe Chance.

Dance Ke Superstars 16th April Videos part1

Dance Ke Superstars 16th April Videos part2

Dance Ke Superstars 16th April Videos part3

Dance Ke Superstars 16th April Videos part4

  • njkkhatri

    first….hahahaha…. Pruity 😀

  • Prutiy

    ahhhhhhhhhh DAM njkkhatri i knew i should have came on here before! Next time im gonna forget my exam work and be first. Be Read!
    BTW I have been first 5x in a row so try beating that! 😛
    Prince <3

  • njkkhatri

    Hmmm…..but I am gonna make sure that you won’t repeat this 5x 😀 😀

    BTW, today’s dances were awesome!!


  • Justyna

    Yeah! DID season 1 is the best!!

  • http://NONE big momma

    Season 1 (S1) dancers seems litl arrogant, competitive and threatened by Season 2 (S2) dancers.. can see it in mayuresh, siddesh, vrushali. S2 dancers are litl more humble and accomodating.. when Kruthi was asked to comment on Vrushali’s dance number, I saw that she was not that happy and she did not like even thank kruthi for her nice comments..

    anyway just my opinion guys.. so peace to all.. :mrgreen:

    • kkoble

      agreed season 1 contestants are over confident
      however there are exceptions
      atul is great in josh’s team
      and there are a few week ones on jalwa’s team however none of them seem arrogant like most of the season 1 contestants

  • illusion-93

    100 % agree with big momma ^^
    thats why i support season 2 😀

  • khatz

    Season 2 is the best !!!! 😉

  • http://NONE big momma

    yoyoyo… @ illusion93 & khatz, thanks guyz for da support..

    in Season 1 dancers, I kind of like Paulson & Prince – they seem down to earth guys.. the rest sorry la.

    I hate most is the expressions on Vrushali’ face… she seems insecured of my Ammu Kutty and Kruthi.. this is ma opinion. sorry if i upset anyone, but this is wat runs in ma head all times..

    • khatz

      Prince is not down to earth , he is tooooo overconfident!

      Josh main hosh ko raha hai!!!!

      • kkoble

        I think prince has some right to be a little overconfident
        but i agree his team members are too overconfident

        • khatz

          to be confident is always good and yes Prince is a good dancer BUT his overconfidence makes him very obnoxious.

          I am a very emotional Dharmesh fan 😉 !!!!

        • SouraV5136

          khatz said: Apr 23, 2011 am30 2:46 amSeason 2 is the best !!!! 😉

          khatz said: Apr 24, 2011 pm30 2:55 pmPrince is not down to earth , he is tooooo overconfident!

          Josh main hosh ko raha hai!!!!

          khatz said: Apr 24, 2011 pm30 2:55 pmPrince is not down to earth , he is tooooo overconfident!

          Josh main hosh ko raha hai!!!!


  • nimmashankar

    Really Nice programme…. WE all enjoying lots…

  • SouraV5136

    Amrita is jst to irritating……I hate her.I have been in front to her but her attitude is so much dat it sucks……………..


  • pi_nk

    I don’t like this competition, I thought it would be a healthy competition, but some of the contestants are giving such harsh looks, especially when the judges are commenting on Parvez and giving him marks.
    Their attitudes are already starting to get on my nerves, and i’ve only watched the second episode so far.

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