Dance India Dance Doubles *Mumbai Auditions* 31st December

Dance India Dance Doubles *Mumbai Auditions* 31st December

Dance India Dance Doubles finally is on Air. Auditions have been completed and the first episode went On Air today. As reported previously Rajeev Surti and Marzi Pestonji are the two new judges on panel while Geeta Kapoor is still retaining her spot after 2 Seasons of Dance India Dance and Dance India Dance Little Masters. Jay Bhanushali is back again hosting Dance India Dance Doubles Mumbai Auditions had some good doubles performances and some fun moments, Siddhesh Pai and Prince also came for sharing the stage with contestants.

Here we (AnnieJ, brkdancekid, Sruthi and all the team members) would like to extened our wishes for a very Happy New Year to all of our Users. Happy New Year to Everyone All over the World! Let´s join forces for Dance.

We have revamped the website in last couple of days in preparation for Dance India Dance Doubles. Please use the contact us form to send us your feedback.

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Finally Enjoy today’s episode videos.

Dance India Dance Doubles 31st December part1

Dance India Dance Doubles 31st December part2

  • sarathkanth

    part 1 has some problem !!! 😐

  • Admin

    sarathkanth said:
    Jan 1, 2011 am31 1:08 am
    part 1 has some problem !!! 😐

    Use contact us form for any problems you are facing.

  • t.kompany

    hi i long wait for thi time watching did3

  • nazir

    hi all i want say you be must watched

  • 11DIDFAN11

    Everybody knows that Prince is SOOO much better than siddhesh. Geeta is retarded. Terence and Remo were SOOOO much better than her. Instead of them,, Geeta should have gone. gEETA keeps trying to compare siddhesh to prince. Well guess what? geeta is stupid. Prince is a complete original and no one can beat him at his own style. DUH. 👿

  • hbdasari

    Wohoo…DID is back!! I am so happy that a new season started. Gosh, it’s the only show I watch. It cheers me up 😀 The competition does look tight :mrgreen:
    Thank you guys for posting the vids. I really like these videos. They download faster n also have good features. Good job mods n owner/s!! 😀

  • sb

    O’Lord, where is the dancing? If circus is dancing then I guess there are enough circuses that can compete in this competition.

    I just wished there was some real dancing that happened in these shows.

    Being a dancer myself, I’m soo disappointed.

    • AnnieJ

      I had a similar sense while watching the show. A lot of showy stuff but not enough dancing! ^___^;;

  • siddhi shah

    😐 😡 😉 😈 :roll: 😳 😮 :mrgreen: 😆 💡 👿 :confused: ➡ 😛 😀 ❓ 😕 :) :( ❗ 😯 8)

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  • Phini

    FINAAAALLLYYYY :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  • Sudeep Samota

    U r my fav master Marzi

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