Dance India Dance Doubles 28th January

Dance India Dance Doubles 28th January

Dance India Dance Doubles 28th January, Dillin aka Max and Manik had a terrible day. They were the most hyped couple in Dance India Dance Doubles. After all the performances today judges will select 2 couples from their team who will perform tomorrow. Overall the performers are doing fantastic job this season, the hard work from the choreographers is also showing. We hope to see a real tough competition in DID Doubles. If you would like to know tomorrow’s Elimination, read this

Highlights of Today’s episode.

Geeta Ki Gang

Cornell and Sonali performed Ariel on the song Tere Bina Nahi Jana

Prithvi and Vivek performed Robo Lavni on the song Waajle Ki Baara

Hardik and Nidhi performed Hip Hop on the song Mein Deewana

Abhinav and Sangeeta performed Freestyle on the song Kisi Ke Haath Na Ayegi

Marzi Ke Mastane

Rahul and Roza performed Rock n Roll on the song Nakhre Nakhre

Saurabh and Vivek performed Freestyle on the song Hum They Wohi Thi

Surya and Sneha performed Afro Jazz on the song Tun Tunak Tun

Amit and Falon performed Hip Hop on the song Hum Dum Suniyo Re

Rajeev Ke Rockers

Karan and Carling performed Contemporary on the song Jiya Dhadhak Dhadhak

Vikram and Niharika performed Lyrical Hip Hop on the song Pee Loon

Manik and Max performed Freestyle on the song Aashayein

Performance of the day awarded to Prithvi and Vivek

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  • Love

    First 😆 😆

  • DIDrocks

    Geeta is downright rude and foul! Hate this woman! Poor Max and Manik. It wasn’t their fault at all. Bhagwaan kare this happens with her contestants as well (not that her contestants deserve this)! Then she’ll know how it feels when your contestants get blamed for something they did not do.

    • daris

      Dude!! relax!!! See on such a stage you cant allow goof ups to slow u down.. ofcourse there was a mix up in the track in the beginning 8 beats but they were really hit a downhill spiral after that… they never managed to up their ante… Manik was dancing all confused through out the song… thats not a great thing to see considering you dont watch DID for bad dances….

      Others have goofed up too isnt it and they correct it immediately and not let that effect the rest of their performance.. The masters commend the participants for presence of mind. So why not point out if it has happened otherwise..

      • DIDrocks

        uhhh u see the goof up here is not because of them. they had a wrong track played. so obviously they would be confused and don’t know what the hell to do. and if ur beginning was bad, then how are u supposed to come back and do a good job once the song came back to the original? you would be scared and confused as to what just happened. you can’t continue. and if the goof up was of max and manik’s then you can’t do anything about it. but the fault was not theirs. some other stupid track was played. so how is it their goof up? whatever it was, it was highly unfair and geeta being rude is just not acceptable. marzi also gave comments. but was he that rude? no. she needs to tone down that attitude.

        • suphurti

          They simply succumbed to the initial goof up. It shows their inability to ‘rise after a fall’. They deserved to be ousted.

    • hbdasari

      I agree with DIDrocks. Not just for this particular performance but even otherwise she clearly shows that discrimination between her contestants and the other ones. Geeta takes all the time to point out their mistakes but finishes up in one phrase if the performance was good. I mean, how can she be so selfish? Well, to some extent its acceptable but what Geeta does is unacceptable. This time she started all this drama way too early. :mrgreen:

      • DIDrocks

        lol. indeed.

  • maegan

    Geetaji sahi hai. The beginning was messed up but it was the same song. They should’ve continued on. Go Prithvi and Vivek 😆

  • Love

    I agree, Geeta was rude.
    Poor Max and Manik, esp manik’s confidence went down. Both completely looked lost. But I was not expecting Mithun to milao han in han of Geeta.

    I am completely shocked by watching her choreography this season. I wonder who is assisting her.
    Esp Lavni Robo act and Hardik-Nidhi’s performances…I smell D after it…Also may be Mini is working very hard. May be i am wrong..Does anybody knows about this anything? I know everybody has their assistants, but cant give all the credit to her 😐 😐

    I feel sooooooooooooo sssssssssooorrrryy for Rajeev.
    Rajeev plzzzzzzzzzzzz wakkkkkkkke uuuuuuppppppppp.
    There r news that Jai will help Rajeev now onwards. Hoping for fight back. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    Geeta’s choreography as well contestants executions are fantastic. But the way this lady gives comment its just sssooooooo fake…sometimes. For her contestants always excuses, for other masters not. Pehle churi maro phir funk maro… :roll:

    Anyways, nice performances. I really enjoyed Abhinav and sangeeta’s performance…also waltz they did was beautiful. Prithvi and vivek were hilarious as well as brilliant!! They should not say “I hate GIRLS” …mar padegi voting mein 😆 😆 😆

    • suphurti

      Don’t you think there might be some talent in someone who has assisted Farah Khan since many years, choreographed song like- Sheila, and been a judge of a popular dance show for 3 consecutive years?


    when geeta sheds her tears so often, i wonder if it is real or fake… i noticed that she is being overly dancing on a high note…she is being stupidly snobbish and arrogant towards Marzi n Rajeev’s contestants this time..

    not surprising if someone is helping her like wat Love had mentioned..

    me thinks, this may explain why Remo n Terence opted to join other dance programs… i may be wrong, but just my thinking…

    geeta being senior in DID trying to play smart, act smart. So Marzi Rejeev, i hope u guys will keep up to your best… great job guys..

    • suphurti

      It’s her tears, her eyes, her contestants, why are you so concerned?

  • priyam

    I fully agree with DIDrocks. Let’s see the facts.Geeta has often been rude to contestants.
    Geeta is tecnically very strong, maybe best among the 3 judges, but she is poor in terms of creativity. We all know that there is someone’s else hand behind her choreography. As far as Sheila ki Jawani, the credit goes to Veronica D’Souza, not her.

    Marzi is quite creative and innovative.

    Rajeev is cool, but unfortunately does quite poor choreography. He really needs help.

  • priyam

    I am starting to miss Terrence and Remo. DID without them seems incomplete.

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