Dance India Dance Doubles 26th *Super 8 Doubles*

Dance India Dance Doubles 26th *Super 8 Doubles*

Dance India Dance Doubles 26th Super 8 Doubles, After being selected by the judges and grand master now the contestants will face elimination based on viewer’s votes. After the wild card of Omkar-Akshata to Geeta Ki Gang and Vikram Niharika back in Rajeev Ke Rockers we have 3 couples in Geeta Ki Gang and Marzi Ke Mastane while Rajeev Surti has 2 teams as Rajeev Ke Rockers.

Highlights of DID Doubles 26th February.

Geeta Ki Gang

Omkar and Akshata performed Freestyle Dance on the song Jhoom Brabar

Cornell and Sonali performed Salsa Dance on the song Twist

Prithvi and Vivek performed Hip Hop and Popping on the song Sheeshe Se

Marzi Ke Mastane

Surya and Sneha performed Contemporary Dance on the song Pehli Baar

Amit and Falon performed Lambada Jive Dance on he song Jumma Chumma

Vivek and Saurabh performed Contemporary Dance on the song Arey Rukh Ja Re

Rajeev Ke Rockers

Vikram and Niharika performed Freestyle Dance on the song Gulabi Aankhein

Karan and Carling performed Freestyle Dance on the song Jadugar Saiyyan

Performance of the day goes to Amit and Falon.

Vote for Your Favorite Contestant – From Saturday 9:30 PM-Monday 8:00 AM.

Karan & Carling SMS: ‘DID KC’ to 57575 Tele: 1862424757501

Prithvi & Vivek SMS: ‘DID PV’ to 57575 Tele: 1862424757502

Sury & Sneha SMS: ‘DID SS’ to 57575 Tele: 1862424757503

Amit & Falon SMS: ‘DID AF’ to 57575 Tele: 1862424757504

Cornell & Sonali SMS: ‘DID CS’ to 57575 Tele: 1862424757505

Saurabh & Vivek SMS: ‘DID SV’ to 57575 Tele: 1862424757506

Vikram & Niharika SMS: ‘DID VN’ to 57575 Tele: 1862424757507

Omkar & Akshata SMS: ‘DID OA’ to 57575 Tele: 1862424757508

Dance India Dance Doubles 26th February part1

Dance India Dance Doubles 26th February part2

Dance India Dance Doubles 26th February part3

Dance India Dance Doubles 26th February part4

Dance India Dance Doubles 26th February limelight

Vote for your favorite DID Doubles.

  • Amit and Falon (38%, 579 Votes)
  • Karan and Carling (17%, 267 Votes)
  • Prithvi and Vivek (14%, 214 Votes)
  • Cornell and Sonali (13%, 201 Votes)
  • Surya and Sneha (6%, 94 Votes)
  • Vikram and Niharika (5%, 83 Votes)
  • Vivek and Saurabh (4%, 54 Votes)
  • Omkar and Akshata (3%, 50 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,542

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  • Prutiy

    First <3

  • hbdasari

    Amit and Falon, you guys rock!!! Keep rocking 😀 The competition seems really tough. Hope they will come with new and interesting concepts.

  • njkkhatri


    I think you deserve TATA NaNo khushiyon ki chabi…. 😀

  • priyam

    Amit and Falon great as always. I also like the performances of Omkar/ Akshata, Conell/Sonali and Vikram and Niharika- Really nice to see Vikram and Niharika back.

    Host Shveta is really great.

    Master Marzi is very funny and amazing


    1)Amit and Falon

    2)Prithvi and Vivek

    3)Cornell and Sonali

    4)Surya and Sneha

    dats wat i think n Karan and Carling thay r nothing karan is great but only in some styles n he always show them as i noticed in any 2nd performance people shud judge them through dance india dance scale dont 4get did1 n did2 guys

  • Magic

    No doubt amit and falon were great!…but i think the judges n people also need to appreciate saurabh and vivek’s work!! they praise the tiny things other couples show, but even when these boys put together a fabulous performance, it doesnt get appreciated as much…quite sad!

    The fact that they were in the danger zone so many timess and still returned…i think that is more commendable than being eliminated and making it back!

    Good job boys!!

  • almoula

    Vivek and Prithvi are awesome

  • Dabhi Yuvrajsinh

    cornaly is best one

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Do you agree with Sunil and Arundhati's elimination ?

  • No (74%, 687 Votes)
  • Yes (26%, 247 Votes)

Total Voters: 934

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