Dance India Dance Doubles 22nd January

Dance India Dance Doubles 22nd January

Dance India Dance Doubles 22nd January, Geeta, Rajeev and Marzi nominated 2 couples from their teams to perform on Dance Ki Kasuti, It was Ponnambalam and Maulica who went out despite superb performance. Mithun Chakraborty reminded the contestants that he has power to recall any couple who are going to be eliminated. We will know more about the format as we go further into the show.

Geeta Ki Gang

Cornell and Sonali performed Contemporary on the song Kuch To Samjho Na

Hardik and Nidhi performed Lyrical Hip Hop on the song Sun Re Sakhi

Marzi Ke Mastane

Saurabh and Vivek performed Lyrical Popping and Jocking on the song Emotional Attyachar

Surya and Sneha performed contemporary on the song Allah Ke Bande

Rajeev Ke Rockers

Ponnambalam and Maulica performed Hip Hop and Semi Classical on the song Aloo Chaat

Manik and Max performed Krumping on the song Blue

Performance of the day awarded to Cornell and Sonali

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  • Love

    😐 Poonambalam..out!! :( :(

    • suphurti

      He jumped his way out of the show.


    I see DID doubles NOT as rocking as DID 1 & DID 2… without R & T around, is simply boring.. though i dont fancy jay at times, i feel he is better than the new host.. she seems too matured for this show though she is trying her best… i miss Soumya so much .. even Manish would have done justice..

    • suphurti

      Why do not you try being a host next season? People might fancy you.

      • DIANDRA

        I m entitled to pass my comments, if moderators felt it was harsh, they would have reprimanded me, but NO.. so i will still continue to say what ever i feel like saying..

  • me.yummy

    It’s sad Poonnambalam and Maulica are out!! 😐
    They were not the worst performers in this episode.I think Cornell and Sonali should have been out, but they were awarded the Dont know what’s happening. :roll:
    Also, what a poor choice of song in the case of Cornell and Sonali..Himesh ka hi gana mila tha?

    In toto, this season doesn’t look as exciting as the previous ones.Even lil masters was better than this.

    • suphurti

      So you perhaps can dance better than Cornell and Sonali. Do you even know the class of dance they were doing?

  • DIDrocks

    Maulica is a very good dancer. Poonamballam is tad weaker than her, but still good. I wish they stayed a bit longer. I bet they would’ve improved. Sigh!

    • Love

      I thought poonambalam has great stunt skills and i also heard he is great Bboy. I was not sure that this couple would have been proven versatile in future??? Unless Rajeev works sssssssoooooooo hard after them. In case of Remo, i would have been sure about this but not Rajeev. Mithun’s decision is right. I liked their first performance better than this..jiya jale jaan jale.
      I still love his stunts…no match thats true. What a jump… 😳

  • nazishk

    DID should replace Mithun da with some other celebrity, perhaps Amitabh Bachan. His grand salute and KB3 are very annoying. The new host is not that good, even Jay is better than her.
    Rajeev needs to start working on his choreography skills, he is not using contestant’s talent properly may be that’s why Maulica and Poonamballam got out.
    Over all, DID this time around is not as good as Season 1 and 2, dearly miss Remo and Terrance.

  • Love

    Marzi and Geeta are great at heart is switching towards Marzi… 😛 But I still have lots of Hope for Rajeev :mrgreen:

  • Mayuri93

    Can anyone tell me the name of the song when maulika and poonambalam gets eliminate….. it start wiz hum chale hum chale..thnxxxx

    • suphurti

      hum chale hum chale

      • Mayuri93

        thnxxx but it is from which film?

        • suphurti

          Everyone should thank you for bringing this evergreen song to everybody’s attention. This song is an impeccable source of motivation and encouragement for so many kids of the world.

          • Mayuri93

            thnx yaar but its not the song… listen 2 it carefully then tell me

        • amber_sawant

          Did you get the name of the elimination song

          suphurti said: Jan 26, 2011 am31 10:17 amEveryone should thank you for bringing this evergreen song to everybody’s attention. This song is an impeccable source of motivation and encouragement for so many kids of the world.

          • Mayuri93

            its not the song…..

  • prabhudeva

    this is injustice to eliminate this couple… hope they wil be in the show with GM ka magic se….

    • Rocky

      its justice .. and they will not be back 😆 :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

      • mallikvm

        maulika and poonambalam is certainly not worst of performance the day.Saurabh and Vivek should be eliminated.
        Some contests like max & manik don’t know why they have selected leaving many deserving dancers in mega auditions.


    P & M are still great. too early to leave the show… they still have potential. perhaps Terrence would have ripped them up.. i miss them.

  • deepak00700

    :mrgreen: now DID3 is boring yaar,i miss terrence n remo.olso the new host is not perfect for DID platform,she is not same like soumya.soumya is too good as a host.jai and soumya r really OWESOME toggther.they r perfect couple for hosting this show.there r no celebritys came to this seosion.

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