Dance India Dance Doubles 18th March

Dance India Dance Doubles 18th March

Dance India Dance Doubles 18th March, Finally Amit and Falon reached to the top and won the highest votes this weekend. Jeetumoni and Vaishnavi also performed in today’s episode on the song Dil To Bacha Hai Ji. Prithvi-Vivek and Karan-Carling were in bottom two today but Mithun Chakraborty used his vito power and saved both teams. Don’t forget to watch Dance India Dance 19th March which is going to be a Holi Special and lot of fun.

Highlights of DID Doubles 18th March

Geeta Ki Gang

Cornell and Sonali performed Freestyle on the song Zoobie Doobie

Prithvi and Vivek performed Chhau Dance on the song Jalwa

Marzi Ke Mastane

Amit and Falon performed Bolero Dance on the song Pehli Nazar Mein

Saurabh and Vivek performed Hip Hop and Poplock Dance on the song Urvashi, Sapne and Kya Soorat Hai

Rajeev Ke Rockers

Vikram and Niharika performed Freestyle Dance on the song Mein Hawa Hoon

Karan and Carling performed Floor Contemporary on the song Behne De

Performance of the day goes to Amit & Falon.

Vote for Your Favorite Contestant – From Saturday 9:30 PM-Monday 8:00 AM.

Karan & Carling SMS: ‘DID KC’ to 57575 Tele: 1862424757501

Prithvi & Vivek SMS: ‘DID PV’ to 57575 Tele: 1862424757502

Amit & Falon SMS: ‘DID AF’ to 57575 Tele: 1862424757504

Cornell & Sonali SMS: ‘DID CS’ to 57575 Tele: 1862424757505

Saurabh & Vivek SMS: ‘DID SV’ to 57575 Tele: 1862424757506

Vikram & Niharika SMS: ‘DID VN’ to 57575 Tele: 1862424757507

Dance India Dance Doubles 18th March part1

Dance India Dance Doubles 18th March part2

Dance India Dance Doubles 18th March part3

Dance India Dance Doubles 18th March part4

Choose your Top 5 Jodi's

  • Amit and Falon (62%, 997 Votes)
  • Prithvi and Vivek (51%, 814 Votes)
  • Vikram and Niharika (50%, 797 Votes)
  • Cornell and Sonali (49%, 777 Votes)
  • Karan and Carling (45%, 714 Votes)
  • Vivek and Saurabh (41%, 656 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,601

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  • wawa



      I felt very happy that master geetha has a big surprise for her mother

  • prassi


  • marksman

    😀 😀 😀

  • _harsha_

    Performance of the day was Vikram and Niharika and not Amit & Falon.

  • Xenisha

    Es impresionante el rendimiento y refrescante en lugar de Vikram Rajeev y Niharika. Rajeev coreografía es hermosa, sólo que él no lo hace a menudo. Maybe he’s new. 😀

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