Dance India Dance Videos 27th February

Dance India Dance Videos 27th February

Dance India Dance 27th February Holi Special, Another episode matching upto the standards of Dance India Dance. Performances by Kunwar Amarjeet & Shakti, Punit & Saajan and Shashank and Nikkitasha were just outstanding. Dance India Dance Junior Auditions are starting soon as announced by Zee TV, to register for DID Juniors auditions SMS junior to 57575 (Age Group 7-14 Years).

Terence Ki Toli

Jack and Kruti Mahesh performed on the song Nazrein Milana, Mixed Dance Style

Shakti and Kunwar Amarjeet performed Passa Doble Dance on the song Sat Rangi Re

Geeta Ki Gang

Binny and Amrita performed Manipuri Dance on the song You’re My Love

Dharmesh and Kishore performed on the song Jaane Kyun in Freestyle

Remo Ke Rangeeley

Punit and Saajan Singh performed on the song Maula Mere, Contemporary Dance Style

Shashank and Nikkitasha performed on the song Tera Hone Laga Hoon, Contemporary Style

Punit and Saajan won Khubsurat performance of the day.

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355 thoughts on “Dance India Dance Videos 27th February

  1. brkdancekid says:

    yeah i have seen the jai ho dance . choreographed by nakkkul
    i dont know which version of jai ho was that , very hard to catch the beat
    and the handstand which was turned into a beutiful shape by the girl ,
    maybe she is jeanine but the guy with her was jason.

    PHILIP  is the guy who had a popping locking battle with ben last year’s season. he may have lost the battle last yr but didnt lose heart , he practiced and got selected this year.
    and this year he did the opening first dance of this seasons so u think u can dance with a girl .
    his signature move (which he used in the auditions)last season was copied by khusboo purohit in last season of did .
    this year u remember the group dance performance which they did on
    boom boom pow of black eyed peas , philips move was copied by saajan but not with the same flair.and that group dance also had the move which was done by binnymoving her head benath her hand while holding her foot(its quite difficult i tried it also ).

    and the broadway guy u mentioned is maybe evan , i liked him but his brother more because it was his choreography which got him through in the first place .
    and it would have bin better had they selected his brother becuz he ws more experienced and he was older(after a certain age u cant do certain moves) that is what i feel.


  2. brkdancekid says:

    i came across him (thadancerkidd)  on youtube while i was learning a dance form known as tutting . iwas mighty impressed with that guy thats why i named meself as brkdancekid
    i have requested to him twice that he should take part in did3 .

  3. Chandu_DID says:

    great performances! LOVED the ending. It is so much fun playing holi with everyone for hours. I just hope that this friendship will always remain and i can play holi sometime soon! :D

    1. LUV_terrence says:

      @ chandu i also loved the programme today ….many god performances…loved jack and kruti…

  4. illusion-93 says:

    dear admin
    part 2 is not uploaded properly :(
    sorry to bother you :P
    can you please upload itt:):)
    thank you

  5. Love says:

    HAPPY HOLI TO EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Chandu_DID says:

      Happy Holi to you too!

  6. specsybiju says:

    I feel Dharmesh (I wont add to the hype by calling him Sir, Kruti too is an instructor btw) is way too over-hyped. Haven’t seen him do a performance well, apart from his style (the theyyam bit saw him out of DID, and I feel it was justified. try it again and you are going out again….. “SIR”). Honestly I feel Geeta “MA”‘s isn’t that good a lot, the good dancer, Altaf was victimised anyways. Best dancers still are with Terrence as was the case last year (Remember Alisha and Jai Kumar Nayar, and remember the tantrums thrown by Geeta and Sid “I-think-I-am-a-superstar”hesh or Boney Kapoor’s looks-wala pick ‘Salman’). Think history has repeated itself and Geeta’s gang is surely gonna get its due (btw, Binny, did I tell u that u can’t hip hop, so spare us and don’t try it again….)! Shakti n Kruti, u guys are awesome, shine on u crazy diamonds!

    1. pokiree says:

      Dharmesh is called ..dharmesh sir by his students .. and the DID is using that for the show purpose …
      either u call wont call it doesnt matter to anyone .. :)

      1. Love says:

        I agree that Dharmesh sir did not tell anyone to call him “SIR” or put him as a center of attraction.
        Zee TV and media used him for their purpose. He is innocent.
        Everybody is after him. Everybody is expecting a lot from him. Because of Geeta maa i donot think he will able to prove himself.

        1. lisa.patel says:

          right on guys i really love dharmesh sir and im hoping he’ll win all thru. out like salman last season! i <3 dharmesh SIR!

    2. aneeta says:

      I completely Agree with you. Binny does not deserve to be in Top 12. Always smiling with 32 all out will not help.  Frankly speaking in gals, Shakti is the Best. in Guys I guess Punit  is really doing  a good job. He has shown his talent by performing different kind of dance. Where as Dharmesh is good only when he does Hip Hop… but this is not his mistake . If he  was in Remo’s rangile. Remo would have definitely enhanced his skills in Hip hop from 5 to 6 and then to 7.  But Since he is with Geeta.. he is not able to enhance his skills in hip hop. from the day 1 he is at same level.

      I really wish ki Bhavana  would have been there in the show. What a graceful dancer she is.. She was out by Geeta’s Politics. Every time she complained that she does not give her full energy and expression, because of which she had to undergo this Wild card entry game.  May for Geeta energy mean roating urself by a motor with high speed like Binny shown in Ore Piya and  Expression means 32 teeth all out awlays. BS Lady. Anyways. I want Shaki to win DID 2. She is the BEST
      I feel DID should stop doing exercises.. We don’t see dance .. everyone is after stunts and play gymnasium.. Boss show some real dance.. we are bored now. by seeing same kind of magic exercises..

      1. Love says:

        Bhavna was my favorite. She is excellent in dance but just not smiling..
        But Remo said right “if someone face is like that u can’t change it”.
        Dharmesh sir came to DID to learn and improve from where he is…but bad luck he is in Geeta’s team.

        1. ssbasapur says:

          I dont understand why everyone is saying geeta kapoor is not a good ch’per? heeee  people she has done lot of good work in bollywood and also she is doing.  if you dont understand indian styles please dont watch did, you can watch AUSTRALIA YOU CAN DANCE.

          1. Rahul says:

            hey i think u’r a big fan of geeta kapur…peoples are saying what they r lookin..jus see the videos again and then u can comapre that Remo and Terrence did better than geeta…its not about only the classical but if geeta couldn’t give some excellent choreography to her contestants than probably they all r out….u see the videos of 27feb..Dharmesh did the same style with little change thats wat Remo said…evrybody know that he is a mind blowing dancer .all he needs is only some good guidance..which Geeta is unable to provide..please Geeta bring some new and prove that u deserves to be there with Remo and terrence…

    3. jai says:

      shaki has alo not shown nethng different i guess …..pls dun compare jai kumar nair n shakti ..shakti is way out of his league …n we all know why is she at that stage (terrence’s student ) ..n u see dharemsh had 2 of his students in top 40 ..thts why they call him ‘sir’…n see what terrence says abt dharmesh …i feel so surprised ki log apne favourites k liye kuch b likh dete hai ….

  7. a9wahla says:

    well there is no doubt that Dharmesh is good. But to be the best you need to have a good teacher. In his case, Geeta sucks. Dharmesh has talent but he needs to have a better teacher. I feel like hes the best out of the guys but if he was with tarrence or remo then he would have been the best. Its kinda sad becuase he might get eliminated just because of geeta. Also people on this page, who are saying Dharmesh sucks, then idk what the hell are you guys smoking. Like he said the other day, that he’ll show us some new style. So lets just wait and see. Everyone had their own style which there good in. For example Jack, hes been doing the samething over and over again, but hes good at what he does. Same thing goes for shakti, and kurti. i wanna see new styles from everyone.( including Dharmesh)…

    1. pokiree says:

      people want to see different they get bored so easily ..
      that why the new contestants were taken in to top 12 .. as they have to show new faces in the show ..else it will suck ..
      but they are not giving new styles to dharmesh for his solos intentionally to keep the show up cornering the persons ..

      1. hbdasari says:

        Just for your clarification kruti has not repeated anything..If at all there is any versatile dancer in this show then it is kruti n only kruti..She has shown us a wide variety of dances n they were really good…she is outstanding in classical and also pulls off other forms extremely good..she always amazes me..n if someone thinks that she is repeating than i have no comments…I wish her all the best n looking forward to see her in the top 5 coz she she absolutely deserves it!

        1. priyam says:

          very well said bdasari

  8. lisa.patel says:


  9. khatz says:

    I LOVED Shaktis and Kunwar Amarjeets performance, Sat Rangi Re is one of my favorite songs and the dance form Passa Doble on this song was brilliant loved it cant take my eyes of it looooooooveeed it
    Punit and Saajan were also very good I like the story.
    I feel sorry for Dharmesh Sir I really do, he is my favorite dancer and I cant wait till the other Masters choreograph him, just imagine, it would be magical to see Dharmesh dancing on Remos choreography uffffff ….

  10. a9wahla says:

    Yeah i feel sorry for Dharmesh too because he should have been in Remos or Terrences team. Im not saying that Geeta sucks, but she cant teach “guys” how to dance. For example, she wouldnt be able to choreograph something like hip hop because she cant do it. How are you gonna Choreograph something, that you havnt even tried. Yeah remo could have made Dharmesh go too the next level. I have been watching dharmesh from his Boogie Woggie days. That dude has talent. But again Geeta is just Fu***** him up. Everyone has their favorites, and everyone is NOW blaming dharmesh because hes not trying something new. Well the only way hes going ot try something new is when he Choregraph himself. I swear to god, geeta is just going to ruin the poor guy. But also look at Jack. Hes keep on doing hip hop. I wanna see something new from him. I think last years DID was much better then this one because i feel like this year, people are just trying what their “good” at.  I feel like kishor should be out.

  11. nay2in says:

    thanks admin for nice upload

  12. a9wahla says:

    And also i would also like to say to all Dharmesh hates that look at his performence before you say anything about him. All these masters wouldnt say hes the best, just becuase they went publicity. They say hes the best becuase they know that hes really good. I think people that should be inthe final this year should be, dharmesh, jack, and shakti..

  13. JIN BABA says:

    today two performance i enjoy.
    One iz was Shakti & Amarjeet Lucky contestant that have terrance Master, Good planning by Master terrence to survive Shakti lol
    & 2nd one was Shashank & Tashu Darling, choreography was good, but tashu body was lil faty from Shashank, no doubt performance was good, but only this act feel me lil laugh at time, shashank look like Sokhi lakri.
    now talk on Jack & Krudi performance, well it’s looks lil annoyed, Jack pair with Krudi?. isn’t much better if Master terrence can make pair with shakti & Jacko boy, both height match each other. & Amar & Krudi pair match. it’s feel lil irritate. don’t u guys notice what Jacko Says? she look like mo’om hahaha. FuNny Boy ;) . krudi try well, but we n33d more energy darling avarage performance.
    BiNNy & Amrita,
    i really don’t understand such a dance form LoL, sorry guys. but what i f33l i express here ;) . so i go with Masters comments. u know guys what Amrita & G33ta done? as they told that BiNNy have problem to perform such a dance act. so both decide to give slow move act on BiNNy & + wear Balloon type Clot’s on binny to hide her weakness, Smart Geeta & Amrita. it’s my personal opinion.
    Dharmesh & Kishore .. not bad at all good executed for both side.
    Punit & Saajan, i think the Message was Good thorough this form, Bach Gay Dono this time, u know guys what some time i felt that punit have psycho mind!. bcoz he executed such a performance very well.

  14. JIN BABA says:

    Guys Save Tashu, give vote to her as much you can.

    1. VM says:

      JIN, you are always brilliant with your comments. we will only get to wacth DID Holi episode tonite. Will watch out for the comments you have provided in tonite’s show…
      As Malaysians here, how do I get to vote? Do u have the link pleeees?

      1. VM says:

        JIN, i agree with you that Tashu has been looking plumpy of late. Her last act in that black suit too made me realise that she looks as huge as Puneet. In fact when they both danced to that HDDCS song during the Salman Khan episode too I noticed that Puneet had slight difficulty in lifting her up gracefully.
        Well, i can imagine her being paired with Little Shashank. What i m not understanding is I thot Shash was eliminated the nite before? How come he is still here? If he is then this is great piece of news cos I felt so sad n bad to see him go.

  15. dp_81 says:

    Good episode! Enjoyed it. I would rank today’s performances in this order (highest to lowest):
    1. Binny and Amrita (Manipuri dance style) – Amazing, was very innovative! I never thought it could be fused so beautifully. Was difficult to perform as well. So I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    2. Amar and Shakti (Bull fight style): The expressions, agression, and character involvement was good. Choreography was very good.
    3. Saajan and Punit (Two brother story): I must say it was touching. Both of them acted and danced very well. So they got the beautiful perf award. However, I was impressed by the other 2 dances more – so this takes 3rd place.
    4. Shashank and Nikitasha (Contemporary): Wow! very romantic and very sweet. I loved it. Nikitasha is really a strong contestant. She tries hard.
    5. Kruti and Jack (Mixed): Very interesting. I was actually dancing when they were performing. Entertaining and at the same time very cute. Kruti’s expressions always catches me! On Sat, she did that solo (playing with the camera) was also nice – again played with the expressions.
    6. Dharmesh and Kishore (free-style): Was not a bad dance at all. But other dances overscored! That’s it.
    Unfortunately, Dharmesh didn’t impress on Sat. Terence and Remo were not 100% positive in their comments. Then why Geeta always get into defensive mode whenever there are some comments on Dharmesh? I couldn’t get it. Remo said – “try different”; Geeta replied – “this is solo – in solo, they will perform their best!” THEN WHY DID SHE TELL SHAKTI LAST WEEK THAT “do something else” IN SOLO! I felt – it was contradicting.  Somehow, she gets into too much defensive when someone says something abt Dharmesh! If he is good, then let him take the comments, respond to it positively in the next episode, – there is no need to take a side.
    In summary, this was a good episode again. This is the review from a normal audience who doesn’t know much about dance!! (but enjoys it)

    1. illusion says:

      nice analysis!
      i agree almost entirely…

  16. JIGNESHPATEL says:

    happy holi to all did contestant & sir
    jignesh patel   surat

  17. tahir says:

    how can we vote here in this site?

    i send sms from Bahrain to 77145 for Nikitasha, (Tashu) .. plz add

    we realy like her she is so sweet and good dancer.

  18. citra says:

     I am from Malaysia and i love to watch DID 2. My humble request to visitors of this site,kindly vote the contestants base on their current performance..the results could be fair to every contestants who puts lot of hardwork,effordable and improvement.I wish all contestants best of luck and so to 3 mentors….This week i can see some improvement from Tashu,if u guys like her performance , please save her becoz we want to see what’s the next output shows from her.

    1. ssbasapur says:


  19. priyam says:

    I think that Shakti is very strong and her performance was outstanding.She must win this competition. Unfortunately, Public favourite is Dharmesh.

    Kruti is the most versatile contestant

    Jack and Amar are superp as well. Amar made tremendous progress

    Amrita is outstanding, but she talks too much

    I feel very sorry for Shashank after seeing his last 2 performances. He really seems to be strong-I think that Choreography didn’t work for him before.

    1. Rahul says:

      u r right…i think Dharmesh is s good dancer but now the other contestents perform better than Shakti and Kruti..these two girls are really awsome…

      1. kushagra sharma says:

        i agree

          1. Nehla says:

            Me threeeeeeeee!!! :D

    2. Love says:

      Dear all:
      Shakti is strong dancer. Kruti is versatile.
      But Dharmesh sir is favorite because of his dance …public is not blind. He is awesome. It is his luck that he is in Geeta maa’s team.

      1. JIN BABA says:

        lol luck, and that luck surely provide by both Masterz G33ta & Remo Fix. Remo already discussion to G33ta that u can choose him, i thought that they make JANTA fool, i think Master Remo given Dharmesh Hard Time to handle with G33ta Moe hehe.

    3. ssbasapur says:

      Why unfortunately? DHARMESH is a real talent hub thats why people like him. sorry people dont comment simply.

  20. priyam says:

    Amrita is Madame Kontou. She know everything and I wouldn’t be suprised if contestants start calling her Amrita Maa soon. I think that she is a brilliant dancer, but she must act as a normal contestant and not as Master just like Dharmesh does.Her over confidence might be the reason of her downfall. So she better be careful and more professional

    1. illusion says:

      i quite agree.
      since it is a tv show, apart from being good dancers, they need to come across as likeable individuals as well, otherwise they dont attract votes..

      hope amrita manages to master this art.i really like her, and wud hate to see her go due to her personality…

    2. JIN BABA says:

      LOL Amrita Maa’n Soon, you mean to say Mother Part II Of DID2 After G33ta Kapoor kekek

  21. lala says:

    Grow up!!!!!
    See the concepts ramo and terrance r brought……….please show us something that u r also deserving to be judge of DID…
    otherwise better u quit from DID

  22. VM says:

    Hi All here,
    Happy Joyous Holi to all here and you too Illusion.
    Cant wait to watch the colorful episode tonite after reading all the exciting and positve comments from all viewers n readers here. Whenever I read most of the comments, I feel that I am part of this DID forum cos the comments posted seems educational and informational to all here..

  23. mayur_pawar52 says:

    Dharmesh Sir Very Good Dancer

  24. famz says:

    i really enjoy DID 2 and i think Dharmesh is a really good dancer. alot of people say that other dancers are becoming better than him. i don’t think this is true. i think that people think this because every other dancer are showing new forms of dancing each week except for Dharmesh. i think this is happening because Geeta is afraid that the public won’t like his performance if he performs something new. oh well i still love Dharmesh and think he’s really talented!

    1. JIN BABA says:

      remember what master Remo said to Dharmesh, we saw you in that particular form what u did & done, no one can catch u what u did. but we (Masterz & Janta) want to see more new form, from Dharmesh, 
      so we expect more good new dance from by him with Good Energy & Neat & Clean+Chrips like that ;) 

      1. Love says:

        Sudden and aggressive comment from Remo sir was completely unpredictable. What he said was right but the way he told was fishy.
        If he really appreciates Dharmesh he would have told in more polite way.
        Remo sir is now back to fight and promoting Punit as a star. Punit has done several mistakes. His performance with Bhavana in Amitabh special was below average, with shashank he did not even dance. Last three dances he did same yelling and animal like contemporary as his auditions.
        Only performance he did OK was “bhigi bhigi raton main”. Remo sir is not back firing.

        1. famz says:

          i think Remo does that bcoz he doesnt like anyone critisizing anyone from his own team.i think this happens with Geeta aswell but at very few occasions. i think Terrance is a good judge although he never put Shakti in the bottom except for only once whereas Geeta risked it with Dharmesh a few weeks back,just so that Dharmesh could see how it is being at the bottom and it was his bad luck that ‘dada’ chose him to leave. 

    2. ssbasapur says:

      i agree with you.

  25. kushagra sharma says:

    i agree with you priyam … i just love shakti performances …
    i love dharmesh and jack too … kishore is good .. plzzz vote for shakti she is mine favorite … i want to see her performing hip hop and few aerial acts as well … i got better thinking than these three masters and new ideas for acts …terrence plzz cast shakti on avatar theme “i see u” as neytri… she got good height and expressions… belive me this is goin to work..

  26. kushagra sharma says:

    shakti …. i m ur biggest fan… infact i m in love with u … i daily sms u .. sleeping i see u in dreams … Godji plzzz ek baar shakti milwa do naa.. terence sir se bhi.. unko bahut saare ideas donate karne hain that shakti can give competition to dharmesh sir … shkti plzz go to dharmesh and saajan and get lessons for b boying and hip hop … i m dying.. u dont fear of getting eliminated ..all fans of shakti and dharmesh plzz vote for both of them .. they are really good..

    1. LUV_terrence says:

      @ kushagra…loved the way you expressed you’re comment…nice to see that you’re a fan of shakti , i live in norway..and even here there are so many fans of her….. i am also a big fan of her…i’ll keep voting for her…
      and to you shakti you were lookin fab in that costume ..loved you’re performance keep it up….

      1. poorti shrivastava says:

        @kushagra and @luv terence… i will also vote for shakti..she is quet and better performer than dharmesh(he talks too much and worthless… shows that how much illeterate he is… cant speak a line in english so as to get a vote… yeah he dance good… but overhyped…

        1. Love says:

          Dharmesh sir was not speaking anything at all. Zee tv people and Mithunda and even masters forced him to speak. For dance dear you donot have to speak english.
          The way Dharmesh sir has brought himself at this level is purely hard work and dedication. His father has a tea stall, not enough money for good education.
          We should admire such people that are trying to create their identity in this situation.

          Shakti got full training from Terrence for few years and she is excellent in contemporary. Not amazing for me…
          While Dharmesh sir developed his own style of dancing and such people even donot win because of look, or muscle etc but they leaves impression to soul and heart of people.

          1. A_A says:

            err.. who said dharmesh is untrained or developed his own style???… if he’s a dance teacher doesnt mean he has developed his own style

        2. Love says:

          Dear A_A:
          Terrence has his own dance academy with foreign degree.
          Dharmesh sir learnt dance from small town. The dances he did in auditions were his won choreography which are brilliant and thats why he is famous. in that sense he has his own style.

        3. ssbasapur says:

          see how stupid ru? as a indian, watching a dance program, you no need to know english or other first you should have the teaste of dance, then capacity to unerstand the dance. if you know these thinkgs , what for your F english?.

  27. kushagra sharma says:

    i loved shakti .. dharmesh and punit’s performance

    1. shehbazstar says:

      i am agree with you.

    2. JIN BABA says:

      but this week i like Amrita / Binny / Amar / Shakti / Shahsank / Tasho performance. punit & saajan was concept good. kishore / dharmesh so so. Jack & krudi Match Real irritate me at time. Moty Patla ho ja yaR. parvez thek tha. :|

  28. kushagra sharma says:

    Geeta maa plzzzz stop this … dont comment on shakti .. she is sooo good in everything and whatever she did…
    i want to see dharmesh sir performing on mehbooba mehbooba from sholay dressed in costume as pirate jack spparow from movie pirates of carebian… plz pay attention… and all of u commenting here … give your word for my comments..

    1. poorti shrivastava says:

      hi … good ideas …. i had watched the vedio for avatar movie “i see u”….it is awesomely good … i agree… only shakti can perform on it…. i m shakti lover… girls…womens…vote for shakti…the women power…

    2. M@X says:

      i agree wd u.
      let support D sir….to get rid from geeta…

      we all want to see D sir wd Ramo or terrance………….

      raise the voice………….for D sir

      and for his god Ramo K R……

      1. Love says:

        My support for D sir because he does justice to his dance. less stunts..more dance.

        1. annicse says:

          I agree too. why you guyz doing all those circus on a dance floor?? its a dance competition, not gymnastics. you can see SYTYCD in axn. is there any circus of this type? only variety of dance. and these kind of circus(stunts) is also dangerous. accident can happen any time and may be an ugly one. young people are crazy. off course they will do these at home with less protection in spite of the cautions of mithun da.

        2. jai says:

          very true …shashank was in air half the performance …it doesnt work for me …i dun know if ppl have seen circus…dharmesh awesome beat catcher …n more dance in 2 minutes than nebody …shakti is good at contemporary n couple dances n they r those which she has been learning from terrence ( who is 2 good ) …but i always smell sumthng else wen it comes to shakti n terrence inspite of good dance ..may be beacause of their history n ths why i would never vote for her…surprised by the way remo reacted …geeta is doing better this season than last …but i hate aerial acts ..dats not dance 4 me …kunwar is like mayuresh of season 1 …good but would be eliminated soon.D sir and Puneet r amazing dancers …Shakti is also but i always smell politics when she is thr…n binny ..too much loud expressions was needed in song O re pia but she dint have that sexy look yesterday …smiling all d time ..damn it move ur body girl…:P..n some kids commenting abt D sir being illiterate ..m sure they r not indians but some sopiled american kids ..they feel proud to say i passed 10 th grade or sumthng like dat …i respect ppl who r good at what they do …respect D sir  …admire all others

  29. JIN BABA says:

    i felt here peopl caste their vote to their favirote contestant not caste vote for contestant that day performance basis. it’s feel really Un-Fair to those contestant who really doing work hard & hard. like shashank done, but unlucky, but not very un-lucky becoz what Master Remo said to hm that he will with Master Remo, and what Shashank want if Guru with him.

    any one have News about parvez & Altaf where they are & now what they doing?..

    1. kushagra sharma says:

      i miss them both … no news of both of them… from last of few days parvez bhaijaan is not online..

      1. kushagra sharma says:

        hi jin … i think u are right .. i take back my words … correcting them… plzzz vote only for those who performed well …

        don’t be partial …

        1. Love says:

          Dear Jinbaba:
          When you say please vote contestants on the basis of that day performance. Completely agree. But also u need to add one thing.. whether that contestant performed well or not. Otherwise based on choreography anybody can get fool.

          1. Love says:

            I mean did justice to the dance or not.

          2. JIN BABA says:

            ofcourse dr, that thing already include it. if people have sense so they don’t caste their vote to right or wrong contestant. u don’t worry :D

  30. poorti shrivastava says:

    Shakti ….. the powerful girl… she is gorgeous hardworking girl….plzzzz all girls…vote for girls like shakti and amrita they deserve to be in top 5 slot… see shakti…picking kunwar amarjeet on back…also remind her expressions in song naach…. she is very hardworking…. VOTE HER… SHE IS THE BEST PERFORMER TODAY..THE WAY SHE WALKED TOWARDS LIGHT…I FELT REALLY THRILLED…SHE IS GR8..

    1. priyam says:

      Agree that Shakti is very hardworking. She must have worked really hard after her injury when docters said that she wouldn’t be able to walk. Shaktishali Shakti.I hope that she gets the highest number of votes because she stood out.

  31. citra says:

    u r right, to all viewers and readers,please vote base on contestant’s that day performance basis and not to favourite contestants basis..because i felt too unfair to those really shows a outstanding performance on that day and unfortunately they are not regconize by voter .I like all performer very much becoz they give their best in every episod with no doubt  and it was really healthy improvement in each of them,syabash all. I am big fan of Terrance sir and Remo sir,both of u so simplicity and nice.God bless u sirs.

    1. VM says:

      Citra, nice to know that you are from M’sia same as me too. I m a crazy fan of DID.  Apa khabar Citra? Todays performance was awesome.
      Simply loved Shakti’s performance especially when she lifted Kunwar and the finale part of the show. WOW performance la. I always wait for her performances. Another exciting couple was Shashank and Tashu. Very impressive. Puneet n Saajan performance had a nice storyline though a sad one. Good message and attempt. Kruthi was cute. Binny is my fav too but was sad to see her performances today seemed limited within her costume. Amrita is a confident dancer.
      Wished DID screneed in M’sia carried subtitles. Too bad cannot follow the comments passed about the contestants and the jokes they crack.

      1. citra says:

        Good and I agree with you. All contestants perform well today and can’t wait next week our DID contestant’s performance.

        1. VM says:

          TQ Citra.. yeah same here too. Hope to see more stars to grace the show like how they invited Salman Khan and Amitabh Bachan. Hope to see Prabu Deva like last year.

          1. citra says:

            right,that’s be great

  32. dbx says:

    Mithun da should use his “right to recall” power and call Parvez back in action! Even Amithab bachhan like to see him – repeat one performance. Great achievement and proves Parvez ability. This will justified the in this show.
    Regarding the girls, why not there is two Golden cap, one for Boy and one for Girl? Think about it

    1. citra says:

      good idea too dbx,DID should introduce category for male and female(2 golden topis)

    2. JIN BABA says:

      wow DBX Realy i Lik Your Idea for Two Golden CAP, really Nice Idea, they should consider about it. well DBX about to parvez recall, i think you r not clearly listenin to what Mathunda Says, he said within in these top 12 contestant he will call any one who deserve to back again. but permission of JANTA JANADHAN :D , i don’t thiNk that he will be bAck Again :(

      1. hbdasari says:

        bingo buddy..U just said my opinion…I am so hoping that Mithun da uses his recall power to bring Parvez back..but I hardly think so…coz he is not in top 12 …n I think he will use this power only for the top 12…but i am still hoping he calls Parvez..that will be awesome coz i badly miss him…he deserves to be in top 3…Parvez come back dude :D …we all love u!

        1. priyam says:

          Agree with you bdasari. I think that only top 12 can be recalled

    3. Love says:

      Mithunda gonna use his vito power for Binny…for sure…

      1. JIN BABA says:

        might be, others’ for Amar & Shakti

  33. VM says:

    Last year DID had a male winner. I too agree with DBX that they should introduce a category for male/female. And perhaps a topi for an overall winner of the show. So 3 Topis.
    This years contestants are superb and over talented. Tough choice to select/vote. When you think of eliminating someone, that someone turns to be a good performer on that day.

    1. illusion says:

      happy holi to u too, dear friend!
      i know it must be bugging to not be able to understand the dialogues and the jokes… after all these things add personlaity to the show…
      anyway if theres sumthing u reeally want translated, do let us know… i thin everyone on this forum wud be happy to help…

      1. VM says:

        Thanks to you Illusion and the rest here. So sweet of you to offer assistance. Yeah at times when I dont understand what is being commented by the judges, I will feel like hanging the Zee Malaysia’s unit ppl upside down.
        Read that Remo had commented on Dharmesh’s peformance of the Friday’s one. Did he something like Dharmesh’s dance styles are almost the same each performance.
        How come Shashank performed with Tashu despite being eliminated the day before? Poor guy, he looked so depressed and sad that he had to be kicked out so early part of the show.

        1. priyam says:

          Hey, I can translate in Italian, German, French, Creole and English. 

          I’m joking, but yeah, we can certainly help, though being from Mauritius, I understand Hindi very well, but cannot speak fluently.

    2. dbx says:

      Thank you very much for appreciation!

  34. dbx says:

    Guys, Appears admin is running out of fund to maintain and continue service to entertain us. They have integrated payment option for this event “DID server donation”, if possible, please be a part DID server Donation.
    Otherwise I also appeal to help them to generate extra revenue, Just click on advertisements (ads by Google) on every page of this website.
    Thanks for attention and help!

  35. illusion says:

     dear VM,
    happy holi to u too, dear friend!
    i know it must be bugging to not be able to understand the dialogues and the jokes… after all these things add personlaity to the show…
    anyway if theres sumthing u reeally want translated, do let us know… i thin everyone on this forum wud be happy to help…

    1. VM says:

      tq for ur kindness, will check with you for Hindi tranlation. I will call you Guruji..

  36. illusion says:


    well i still dont remember who philip was… actlly i dont watch the prgram that religiously, just aise hi beech beech mein…
    anyway as u say he’s there in the present season so ill keep an eye out for him…

    ya i too liked the jai ho choreography and the part where the girl is standing on her head and does formations with her feet… its ironical how an nri thinks of such innovative stuff using indian dance… good job nakul (or na-cool, as mary pronounces it)

    i think its supercool that this guy called thadancekidd is in india n is so talented… he shud definitely go in for did3, all of us here wud vote for him, im sure!

  37. illusion says:

    its so delightful to see such fantastic episodes where EVERY SINGLE performance is so good… i dont think any act cud be called poor or bad…
    everyone was outstanding!

    i love it when new dance styles are introduced on this show… its a great platform and im happy to see it being used well.

    and im really happy that the hosts , jai and saumya give a brief introduction abt every dance style…
    helps increae our awareness…

    great job guys!

  38. gen says:

    I just want to make a correct the name of the “skirt” worn in the Manipuri dance (Raas Leela).  It is called “Potloi” or “Polloi” but not “Polong”. Manipuri dance is known for the grace and feminity.

  39. gen says:

    I would like to thank Amrita and Binny for taking up Manipuri dance. I would like to correct the name of the “skirt” worn in the Manipuri dance (Raas Leela).  It is called “Potloi” or “Polloi” but not “Polong”.  Manipuri dance is known for the grace and femininity. The performance could have been much better  if it was performed in the original form.

    1. soulcooler says:

      I agree, instead of picking a Bollywood number, they should have gone with an original Manipuri dance soundtrack. Can one imagine using a cheap Hindi soundtrack to go along with a pure Bharatnatyam or Kuchipudi dance? People will be up in arms!
      Go seven sisters!!

      1. hbdasari says:

        I agree too…I really thought the performance would have been appreciated a lot more if it was done on a pure classical or atleast a semi-classical song..sadly Geeta always remix classical and bollywood…for god sake that is  her forte and she should not be afraid to show a pure  classical number…the other two mentors do a great job when it comes to their forte n i am really disappointed with Geeta when it comes to classical :(

        1. VM says:

          I agree too. I did not like the way Geeta commented on Shakti’s attempt on classical dance. though bharata natyam is not Shakti’s expertise, yet she tried on the insistance of Remo Sir and Geeta. Wished Geeta had appreciated her efforts,  rather than to pass remarks that Shaktis steps were basic. To me, I felt Shakti looked so devine and lovely costume she wore. Even prev I felt tht Geeta hesitated to comment nice things when Kruthi and Tashu performed bharata natyam.
          Yet to see Geeta make her ppl perform true classical dance though this is her forte. Easy for her to talk. She must prove her point in her performance then.

          1. hbdasari says:

            also to add…Binny’s manipuri was basic too…I like shakti’s attempt better than Binny’s Manipuri….Geeta ma is very good at passing comments but not so good at practicing them for her own contestants..

          2. priyam says:

            Shakti’s attempt was great. Agree that what Binny did was very simple and Dharmesh is asked to do something different at a crucial moment and was out. Now that he is in and the public is with him, he is doing similar dances all the time and he doesn’t shine.

          3. ChArMz AnGeL says:

            Geeta never said that Shakti wasn’t good. All she did was comment on the choreography, not on the way she executed it. Regardless, Shakti was too stiff on her bharatnatyam performance. She definitely took a great attempt and faired well for it being her first time, but she just needs to loosen up a bit and be more graceful, which is what she lacked.

        2. priyam says:

          Minni work wonders when it comes to classical. maybe, she should choregraph something for Amrita on her own

  40. soulcooler says:

    As people have commented – the quality of each performance is great! Hard to single out anyone as an outright winner. My faves: Dharmesh, Shakti, Jack. Dark horses: Punit, Amrita, Nikkitasha.
    Saajan is a one-style dancer – commendable for what he has learned on his own. Kishore should have been out a long time ago – but for Geeta’s politics. Politically, Geeta is a genius – look at how her group is the largest one now. Also, she is learning to comment better now which is a surprise.
    Gradually, I have learned to respect Mithun-da for his wit, philosophical advice and his seeming expertise in multiple languages. Also, he moderates very well and douses any fires among the 3 masters.
    Great performance in each episode for the last couple of episodes and it will only get better. As number of contestants decrease however, it will also get cheesier… Keep enjoying!

  41. merijaan says:

    hi guys…..if u see this performance of 27th the best is Shakthi and Amar,
    and The worst master comments is from Terrence day by day he is becoming vry selfish…and i request DADA if u really wanna call any of the contestant with ur power of recall pls use it for the best one….if u can call back Parvez pls call back him…

    1. JIN BABA says:

      Same wish here. i like Jacky boy one thing, he always said good word for Parvez buddy.. Khush Raho Jacko Dude.

  42. drvishalanand says:

    regarding jack…i really not able to understand the way he is dance….only m0ve…n finish touch…such he is……
    i really love Dharmesh Sir…he is rocking…..ya i m waiting his dance under remo or terrance ….geeta is really.???????????….Dharmesh is Dharmesh…Sir…..he is like dancer….not doing jimnastic or playing with stuff………plz ppl vote for him…as he is ability to do anything…anything means anything…..

    1. Love says:

      I agree. I even sometimes donot understand his dance, may be it is his dance or my knowledge of that form is not good.
      He does same steps. Just little tricks terrence adds in his performance.
      As a audience if I donot see clear conveying steps i loose interest. When he does that hiphop contemporary style he does not look up.

      1. Love says:

        Yes Dharmesh sir rocks.
        As a dance lover u will be eager to see how many beats he is catching for the dance. Just loved his dance..

  43. merijaan says:

    Amrita is a vry cleaver girl, she made binny a dummy performer in this show, amrita is vry good in manipuri dance and she just given binny few hand movements and some rollings…and she has taken all the credit…but master Remo has said that u can add some more movements in this here comes the Geeta maa she defended the statement of Remo say that she does not want to bring the dance in danger zone it is a vry pure dance …so my concern is that y u ppl bring that kind of dance in this platform this is a entertainment platform so pls dont bring that kind of respectable form of dance on this platform., we need to see the dance with more fun and it should be entertaining also as well..and Terrence pls appriciate the dance of all the contestants if they are done good..but dont just appriciate ur contestants ok…B positive dont b A nagetive

    1. illusion says:

      i beg to differ with ur point..

      i think it was ineveitable that amrita wud play a bigger role in this act as obviously she’s more experienced in this field… since the act demanded one of them to be radha a, binny was the obvious choice as she’s feminine and cute. simliarly amrita was the better choice for krishna, not only appearance-wise  but also coz she’d be able to do justice to the role….

      binny’s dance has plenty of scope for her to show good ‘mudras’ or hand  and wrist movements which are the main pillar of manipuri. unforunately i think she was not that good at the hand movements either…my opinion… her mudras were terrible…

      amrita did not try to take undue credit for the act, in fact i think binny got more complimets for this act for ‘trying sumthing new’

      1. ChArMz AnGeL says:

        I completely agree with Illusion. According to the act and concept, they both played their roles beautifully. If Binny did any more then that, it would defeat the whole purpose of the concept that they were trying to exhibit. Amrita did not once take any credit for anything. She actually stayed quiet for once! (which is good!) Binny was fabulous and Amrita of course was beyond amazing.
        This was a BEAUTIFUL act and Nehla, many art forms are performed on bollywood numbers. Classical is also a PURE form, but many perform on bollywood songs as well. It is about how you utilize the song and make it come to life through the art form used. I think it was very cleverly choreographed and fun to watch how they meshed the lyrics with the dance steps and expressions.

        1. Joy says:

          Hi ChArMz AnGeL,

          I agree with your thoughts on the dance performance but I think nehla is right when she said that this art form is highlighted in more respectable way..Although i don’t mind the performance on any song but when no one was supposed to touch the costume for purity..Binny was playing holi in the same costume and everyone was hugging at end of the show which made me think that geeta only said this to gain public’s attention.. Geeta Mata : Action are louder than words…Don’t mix your words..

    2. Nehla says:

      i dont understand what geetha means by ‘pure’ form!!! if dat dance form is holy and respectable, then y is she choreographing it for a song like ‘you’re my LOVE????’ such a western n mordern song!!! a respectable dance shud b performed in the actual n right way!!( like the classical dance kruti performed! )  not make a ‘remix’ version and claim it is pure!!! im sure she just said that to protect her binny darling!!

      1. brkdancekid says:

        geeta  always contradicts herslef in the end

  44. M@X says:

    plz pay attention…
    i Agree with kushagra sharma
    i also  want to see
    “Dharmesh sir” performing on

    “mehbooba mehbooba”

    from sholay dressed in costume as pirate jack spparow from movie pirates of carebian…
    plz pay attention…
    and all of u commenting here … give your word for my comments..
    PLEASE PAY Attantion
    Give A Chance to Dharmesh to cheriograph himself.
    Sorry for Geeta Maa,,,,,U cant do DAT.
    NO Capability to do That
    A thinkable Ques for Geeta .
    Please reEveluate her self and let Dharmesh to choreograph by Ramo Sir……
    Then Watch the Result………
    Please support my voice…..For D SIR…..

    1. JIN BABA says:

      Hazaaaro Khuwashy Aysee k Her Khuwashio’n Py dum Nikly
      Bary Nikly MeryArmaa’n Magr Pher Bhi Akhir Km Nikly (Adaab Arz Hy)

      I wish k aap ki wish puri ho lol

      1. mnegi says:

        IF Dharmesh will get eliminated, it will be due to GEETA only.

        1. Love says:

          I agree let Dharmesh sir be with Remo and see how he reaches easily to Golden cap.
          I want Dharmesh sir to dance on “Qe sara bhi ho so ho…” by Prabhu deva and Madhuri Dixit.

          1. Rahul says:

            ya..i agree atleast they can do like every master can choose some contestents from other two teams ,then definately we will have something new like Dharmesh doin some Salsa or any other western dance(except locking-popping) by terrence  or a duet by punit and shakti..i think they could make a great pair..
            want to see Shakti doin some hip hop or crumping …

  45. hbdasari says:

    btw..I want to know who is the dress stylist for Mithun da…His dressing sense is the worst…I so wish he changes that style..its so weird..casual would be much better than that..plz Mithun da..think about

    1. VM says:

      ha ha ha, perhaps he dresses himself..
      wondered who designs clothings for the  3 judges?

    2. priyam says:

      Common friend- Agree that his dressing sense is quite weird and he is not stylish, but he is such a nice and humble person, so I think that his dressing sense can be overlooked.

      1. hbdasari says:

        oh yeah..I respect him too..but its just his dressing sense…n it was just for fun ;)

        1. priyam says:

          Happy Holi to all. I think that Holi is a very beautiful festival. It’s a pity that we don’t play that much in Mauritius as we all work on that day and the kids are at school  and by the time we are home, people have stopped playing.

  46. mnegi says:

    Geeta will Spoil the Talent of Dharmesh……….. now it is sure………. She do not have much talent and stuff too, which can give some good feather for Dharmesh.
    He should have been with Remo…….

  47. Love says:

    My vote is for Dharmesh sir!!!!! You rock the stage.
    To dance great on a poor choreography is called a brilliant dancer that you are Dharmesh sir.

    To dance great on a great choreography is just called an artificial dancer.

    1. VM says:

      WOW to Love, so well said!!

  48. abzmiah says:

    dharmes sir rocks he is a pro at what he does,jack is also good but people forget dharmesh won boogie woogie back in the days,how can you compare a pro to a normal dancer?,if dharmesh preforms bad it only goes to GEETA the WHALE, i acualy feel sorry for him,remo just sad because 1 of him student is out so he took it out on dharmesh, the WHALE should be REPLACED by JAVED JAFFREY, then things will get better. 

  49. akshuhanna says:

    Amar and Shakti rocked and were the best on Saturday!! The Paso Doble act was out of this world and they nailed it!! Hopefully Geeta will start to practice what she preaches!! Good to see Remo in action, finally!

    1. citra says:

      right,Remo sir started given wonderful choreography to his team now and u are right,he is in action finally. Hope to see more fantastic performance in coming week.

  50. shehbazstar says:

    I love really saajan performance. Saajan and binny is awww some. i specially watch it. I am Pakistani . I love India. because indian also have passions like us. I m also dancer. Cheograph stage performance. so i would like to Nominate three Dancers for top 4 Saajan, Jack and Binny also amrita. Kishore change your style yaaar… REMO got it . Shehbaz From Pakistan Lahore. Express News TV

    1. illusion says:

      dear shehbaz!

      well said, friend!

      dance and passion know no boundaries! india pakistan have a common history, common passions and the 2 countries are brothers not enemies…

      it’d be great too see a pakistani contestant in did3

      1. patelcharu says:

        We all are well award of History of India and Pakistan…Its good to know that Shehbas love India. About India and Pakistan are Brothers or Enemies we don’t need to prove anything as we all aware of last 63yrs History. But as Indian I know that India is full with verities…its rich with lots of religion, different types of classical dances, every state has different flavor of culture, different languages, but still strongly UNITED.  And India believes in “Atithi Devo Bhava” which means “Guests are always welcome”.  So India has welcome Pakistanis and still welcoming any other countries people. India’s thousands yrs history proves that is always be Passionate country.  

        1. JIN BABA says:

          yeahh agree. but i HATE Indian Politicians, they don’t want India / Pakistan people get together. 63 Years Victam abt it.

          1. patelcharu says:

            Before you start blaming/hating Indian Politician or India…please please please think twice….and recall your history…. and If Mahatma Gandhi was unable to control situation during partition than no point to only blame INDIAN Politicians. India at least let Pakistanis to be in India to meet relatives, and to participate on TV show, movies etc.  I am not in favor of Politician but….I do not like that someone just blame to India or Indian politician when the other party being extremely unfair with India, Indians, and Indian army, or States. Sorry…but I can’t let my India or Indian (Including Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Parsi, or any religion who is Indian) down for any circumstance.   And in this situation its better to be to stay as we are….no need to be together.  You all will not understand unless your family being victim of Terrorist attack.  

  51. a9wahla says:

    to love- i agree with you because your right.  He taught himself all these moves and hes is just damn good.  Shakti was already in terrences team and that is kinda unfair.

    1. ChArMz AnGeL says:

      I agree strongly.
      Not once did Kruti get a Best performance award above Shakti (classical doesn’t count, since that was not Terrance who choreographed it). This is because Terrance gives the best routines to Shakti since she is his student (quite obvious). I used to love Shakti, but it is getting a bit unfair now that she gets high priority from Terrance, hence getting his better performances. I sort of feel bad for Kruti.

      1. Joy says:

        Bang on ChArMz AnGeL..I feel sad for vandana who became victim of this before and my sixth sense says that Kruti would be out soon as terence looks so desperate to retain shakti in his team..
        Sorry to say but making preference in a competetion is Cheating to me !!

  52. shabz.. says:

    in dis season dharmesh is good….
    waiting 4 a new style frm dharmesh…..
    nxt week with new style rock on stage….
    al da bzt……………….

  53. VM says:

    Hoping to see more of Remo n Terrence performances in the DID show . The last they performed together was a memorable piece, though it was a short one. Would love to see Mithunda and Geetu dancing n singing duet duet.. cho chweeeeet and haaaaaaaaat couple…

    I love the song Shano Shano and hoping to see someone dance to it.. and Geeta can dance to the plump cute lady in that song who came for the chorus part. She will do full justive to it.

    1. brkdancekid says:

      hahaa ha
      very apt

    2. JIN BABA says:

      No doubt VM, that’s was really Memorable Performance for both side, it’s really touch my Heart. i feel cry when i saw such a dance by Masterz, u know what? the 1st time i listening that song, it’s really really touchy, i cry that time.

      don’t know why i like G33ta these Day.

  54. almoula says:


    FROM TOP TO END JUST BHAGRA TRADITIONAL. Traditional out fit. After all it is calle dance INDIA dance

  55. tanisha says:

    terrence u were lukin simply awesome….i just lupp your style….nd u ofcourse…..

  56. tanisha says:

    shakti is the best….hope to c her as the winner of this sesson….

    1. LUV_terrence says:

      mee toooo

      1. JIN BABA says:

        LUV_terrence lol i know u liar :D .. not go with her beauty, but her dance form, not only on contempory basis but other dance form too.

        Vandhana & Binny More Smart then her. in wheel chair performance i Like Vandhana attempt not Shakti.

        1. Love says:

          I agree Jinbaba.
          Geeta maa is great in Indian contemporary. Now she has Amrita and Binny to perform. Also Kishore did good.
          First performance by binny “Jag suna suna lage” was awesome.
          Amrita on “Kaise batayein jo tujko chahe” and last one were awesome. Binny is untrained since she did excellent.

          1. JIN BABA says:

            yeahh i really like Amrita last one performance was really impressive to me. i don’t like Kishore, he iz good in Stunt kinda stuff.

  57. tanisha says:

    shakti is the best….hope to c her as the winner of this sesson….plz guys vote fo her…

    1. Love says:

      Kruti is better than shakti even in second grade choreography by terrence she is excellent.

      1. kushagra sharma says:

        hi this is kush commenting on love… see man dont compare kruti and shakti… both are gr8 performers …

    2. JIN BABA says:

      yeahh definatly shakti iz good……. but Only contemporary Lol. she week in other dance form, no doubt she can attempt it. but given us Low & Avarage performance. and yeahhh Krudi have guts to prove herself already. go krudi go

      1. Love says:

        I like kruti and binny..they have done everything very well.
        Amrita is also very versatile but since she joined late we will wait and see. I want to see haer doing Hiphop or some western pattern

        1. JIN BABA says:

          yeahh now they three girls r very tuffiest in this compitition.

  58. rider shyam says:

    awesome dress u wore terrance , hearty wishes to u dude , aahh plz dont make us jealous

  59. rider shyam says:

    binny the godesss , excellent , too cute yaaa , oey midhun kp ur eye out of  her , binnny im lost in ur smile

  60. rider shyam says:

    2. GEETHA ” the national waste”   wat a song she mixed wid tat dnce form
    5. heard lots of comments against dharmesh, im a hardcore fan of him bt not blind, the dance he performd starting to end my eyes moving wid his steps , amazing move wid beat none doin tat so far…..myt… bt dharmesh makes us feel tat…
    6. jack is doing gud job ,gud at heart too …shakthi and amar rockd…
    7.kishore amzing he had shown sme different zones performance
    8.terrance is absolutly selfish these days, geetha is jealous to both remo n lorenze :) coz she lacks themes
    9. anyways did2 rocks wid a diffrnt heat, at one side masters fyts and other side contestants
    10. waiting for dharmesh to come wid smething new and his own techniques too

    1. mnegi says:

      HAAAAAAAAaaa, National Waste—– Geeta KApoor…..

      Yaar itna mat Giraao…….

    2. JIN BABA says:

      Hahaha Taubbah. Yar Inna bhi mat Letao lol. over all she did very awesome impression btw the program goes, i m loving..

  61. rider shyam says:



  62. mukkz says:

    i dint get why u guys criticizing other contestant and wanna make sure that ur fav. is on top… dudes u nt getting anything out of it.. geeta, terrance n remo are at same level in their respective forms..

    this is the only reality show on india television where stuff doesnt happens.. contestant arent jealous rather support each other to grow… just do not ruin the b2y of show with ur sickening thgts n writings… n if  they r’nt that good as written by many here then y dont u go out there n prove it, let your action speak louder then words

    1. priyam says:

      Well said mukkz

  63. priyam says:

    DID is really the best. Hey, I think that the masters must try the SEGA Dance. Sega costumes are very bautiful.(Very flowery and colourful)

  64. MG says:

    I would like to see fusion dance.with Amrita Dharmesh jack Sajan Shakti.It will be great to see this type of dance.And the song jai ho! also I like.They can dance .And the  choreographed should be done by Terence&Remo Sir.
    Then Watch the Result………

    Please support my voice…..For DID SIR…..
    and still Dharmesh is the best.

    1. M@X says:

      i support u…
      i also like D sir and please allow d sir to join in Ramo ke rangile.

      give him a chance………..

  65. JS says:

    people all of u are right in a way.. but i think shashank didnt get a chance to prove himself.. since the beginning of the show his performances wer in a trios. so he didnt get due attention.. his fish act thought was one to remember.. infact remo in all dint pay soo much effort in any of his performances.. not a single dance was worth remembering in the behtareen 18. whereas terence and geeta did their best to highlight their contestants.. remo shud have put more effort then to get gud results now..
    in my view shashank is a terrific performer.. and he shud be recalled.

    1. Love says:

      My favorite were Shashank and Bhavna.
      Bhavna was terrific in audition “O re manva tu to”. Later on she did variety performances. Because Geeta ma put Labeled on both of them like Naresh that they r not smiling etcetc they both r out.
      Kunwar should be out…please see his performance as solo when D sir was eliminated…he is still safe because we r seeing shakti and terrence with him..Kunwar should have gone earlier. Even in audition he was average but because terrence had all these choreography in his mind he left Jack and my another favorite Melvin. That was owful decision.
      See  Melvin’s video on you tube. Even remo said that melvin definitelt i would have chosen u.

      1. ChArMz AnGeL says:

        Bhavna never left a mark for herself on this show. She was never able to outshine her competitors. She is a beautiful solo dancer, but in partner dances she is always left behind due to her lack of energy and expressions. Shashank was never utilized properly by Remo. Shashank was definitely the most talented boy on Remo’s team, but Punit had the better hand full of dances. Shashank finally shined on the performance he was eliminated.
        As for Amar (Kunwar), I am surprised myself that he is still on this show. I do not think he is an amazing dancer, but as you said, he is lucky because he gets those better dances from Terrance, just like Shakti. However, for the Paso Doble, he rocked it very well and finally outshined Shakti.

        1. brkdancekid says:

          i think bhavna was really cute with kajal in her eyes

          1. hbdasari says:

            I agree..although Bhavna was strong in a way, she is also weak at the same time..she was the weakest for me among girls…she dint have the consistency in her performances..

          2. JIN BABA says:

            Hahahaha hmmm kid lolzz or kia kya notice karta tum hahah :D Kajol lol. so deeply us ki eyes me daikhta tum :D :|

    2. priyam says:

      Agree with JS

  66. aman says:


    1. JS says:

      yaa i agree with u aman,,.. remo himself is the best.. and he definitely deserves to be voted on top

      1. citra says:

        I do agree with u both(aman and JS) we want see at least one contestant from Remo sir team to be in top 3…Hope to see some creativity performance from Remo sir team

        1. aman says:


          1. Rahul says:

            ya u r right…but this time i think its Remo’s bedluck..Nikitasha might nt reach to even top5 because she is not frm India..and due to the mentality of audience she doesn’t get votes…c’mon people see the dance and then vote..
            Sajan remembers me of Prince..he knows only one style and he is best in that..but i dont think that he can do other styls like classical or contemprory..
            Punit is very good…all he has to do connect wid the ur best…this time a very tough fight for the Rangeelays and the REMO…all the best to them..

  67. M@X says:

    Dear Admin and all other people Head:

    Please ask geeta to learn something from Ramo or Terrence ,,,,,about choriography….

    AND Please allow D Sir to teach by Ramo or Terrance ,one chance to swap

    introduce a new idea this will improve rating as well

    Create a senario to exchange the contanders in top 10.

    This swaping of contanders will increase the TRP.

  68. M@X says:

    Please make one chance for swaping of contander

    This will provide other Boys and girl to learn something from other mentor.

    one chance to swap.

    i want to see dharmesh in ramo ke rangile

    1. citra says:

      If Dharmesh in Remo ke Rangiley the performance from D sure WOW  & no word to say..definately fantastic one

  69. M@X says:

    I want D sir in Ramo ke rangile .
    Make it happen
    In any way………….

    1. Love says:

      Brother that is not possible. everybody wants him in Remo its too late. There was a chance in the wild card.

    2. JIN BABA says:

      k33p in dream.
      Remo Already Know very well Dharmesh, since Long time. you can’t imagine buddy. they all involved with each other, i mean Remo / Geeta & terrence. didn’t u notice one more thing from terrence side about for Punit. he said that punit had his student. he wish to do hip hop so why he is in Remo team. Remo know well Dharmesh, that’s why G33ta pick him up lol. bcoz all Master involved in choosing contestant. REMEMBER.

  70. Love says:

    Sudden and aggressive comment from Remo sir was completely unpredictable. What he said was right but the way he told was fishy.
    If he really appreciates Dharmesh he would have told in more polite way.
    Remo sir is now back to fight and promoting Punit as a star. Punit has done several mistakes. His performance with Bhavana in Amitabh special was below average, with shashank he did not even dance. Last three dances he did same yelling and animal like contemporary as his auditions.
    Only performance he did OK was “bhigi bhigi raton main”. Remo sir is now back firing.

  71. rockstardchamp says:

    I wanna see a solo performance of dharmesh under remos choreography just onece and see the results.. i hope Dharmesh will rock the stage by his next performance.. of course he always .. guys please support dharmesh .. he came from a very poor family dont .. the way he brought uo to this level was purely coz of his hard work and dedication same way like Remo that’s why dharmesh likes Remo sir much …
    I have never seen such a clean dance earlier ..  the freestyle mixed with hiphop was amazing i bet no other contestant in 11 cant do this i bet for sure … dharmesh sir you rock … You have somany Fans in Hyderabad and bangalore ww love your hard work and dedication …. please i wanna see you in Remo ki rangeelay…. i beg DID for this….

    1. Love says:

      Dear rockstardchamp: I completely agree with you.
      Dharmesh sir is a pure dancer. He has used less stunts and shown as dance. He is a true dancer. Both Remo and Terrence are attacking him because they are scared of him because Dharmesh sir is already in everybody’s heart.
      Dharmesh sir has no help, even choreography is poor, plus zee tV people is using him, plus masters are putting him down. Still he is doing great because of his own talent.
      If he was in Remo’s team or Terrence team nobody would have been touch him.

      1. JIN BABA says:

        haha :D, Dr actually i laugh at time when i read your commnt ” if he was in Remo or Terrence team nobody would have been touch him”.
        Lol Why doctor can Remo & terrence given Running choreography from Dharmesh. than nobody can touch him hehe.

  72. rockstardchamp says:

    below is the list who deserves to be in in DID :-
    No 1:- dharmesh  should be  winner of DID 2 (of course) OMG he rocks…

    No 2:- amritha  1st runner up
    No 3:- should be parvej if mithun da calls back .. it should happen for sure….
    No 4:- Kunwar amar jeet .. 3rd runner up or might be kishore..5050…. :-)
    Rest all all the best ….

  73. rockstardchamp says:

    Jack is not that deserved contestent in DID2 .. man he do the same things .. same jumps thinking he is great in that … rifht from auditions till now he is doing the same steps which any one cannot understand wht it is?… no grace at all in his steps for sure .. main thing he cannot do a free style or salsa ..
    Jack please get some training from Dharmesh sir ……

    1. JIN BABA says:

      Agree Rocky baby, why he iz in the GAME, bcoz of Mathunda & nothing else. if parvez here, so is much better for us. he (Mathunda) just treat hiM well in India, bcoz he come from Norway .. he iz good but Parvez have verstyle. might he will call back again.

      1. priyam says:

        I don’t agree. Jack is an excellent dancer

      2. Love says:

        Parvez was very upto 100% in his every performance. I prefer parvez above Jack. Jack expressions are weird.
        In “tanhaee” song he was little laughing when he started song from the audience bench instead of fearful expressions. He is keep using Parvez name..because people still remember him …of course what a dancer Parvez!!!

        1. Rahul says:

          Please Bring back Parvej…it will make life tough for Dharmesh…i am a big fan of Parvej and Dharmesh…and want to see both performing simuntanusly…wat a scene just imagine a one on one Muqabla between Parwej and Dharmesh…

          1. JIN BABA says:

            what an good idea, but share very late :P

        2. JIN BABA says:

           yeahh. just bcoz of jacko chubby body, i start remember parvez dance act. he (parvez) given to better takkr to dharmesh buddy. but here v see jacko :/

  74. Beanzee says:

    ye dedicate kiya hai DID
    Hum Kuch khaas kavi toh nai…bus socha aur kuch likh diya!!!
    arz hai…
    hum kya jaane…tum kya jaano
    bus beet jaate hai lamhe…
    kuch haste, kuch sikhate!
    DID ka ye munch -
    Le aya eak muskan,
    YE Creativity ki duniya,
    Jane anjane mein bun gaya kuch khaas!
    Dua hai humari…chalte rahe aap isi tarah…
    jaha hum jaise log bhi ye munch pay bun jate hai voh khaas!
    Good going Guys!!!

    1. brkdancekid says:

      wah wah
      wah wah
      kya baat kya baat ………..kya baat

  75. Nehla says:

    Me threeeeeeeeeee!!!

  76. JIN BABA says:

    Comments On 26 February Episode.

    Very Very Sweet Episode i can say. all the contestant try new thing which is not their shelly except few contestants do their Shelly act.
    who touch my heart.. 1st .. Amrita.. really sweet attempt 2nd BiNNY Darlng, very heartbeat touchy act Mmmuah..
    well about Shakti Attempt G33ta was Right, she try new thing that’s good but performance wise is very low & avrage performance. Improment Needed young lady.
    Kishore strengh wise good attempt, but not very impressive. he is good with stunt, but v n33d more new dance form honey.
    Punit.. lol act. he iz very good this kind of form act. i like Last scene of this act, i am not impress. but ya when Remo Shoot hiM out lol, what a Stylish Fire By Remo Sir & Good Impression too
    well Dharmsh & Jacko performace if you compare both doing good performed, but i still mention one thing related to Jacky boy his chrips much better then Dharmesh buddy. i felt that upcoming episode might Jacky boy going ahead from Dharmesh.
    shashank attempt impressive but very late showing. wish u good luck Shashank u already got Remo Sir company Ch33r. stunt wise very impress in boys. by girls side that Amrita done very imressive stunt.
    Tashu is a sweet performer, she try hard. i felt Bad, if she eliminate in Next w33k. I Love Her Mother, she is very sweet & kind Lady, i wish to hug her pPP
    Krudi Darling very good attempt she have ability to justice with new dance form, it’s seem to. Very Nice perform.
    u know guys i think now Amrita know this thing that Janta irritate with her yayayaya act. but did u notice? now she is stop doing this, is good to see her calm, but what G33ta did this always b4 starting her performance same yayay act lol.. Geeta Na kia kar Buri Lagti hy Aunty lol.
    O Yeahh. i am very impressive with Amar attempt what a Dance Chikna baby. Master terrence Good oye. bachy ny Acha keeta, tusi trust karo nee Sir jee, New form karao nee very Good Amar jee k33p it up!.
    NOW i want hip hop dance from Amrita hehehe. i want to see her with this act , hmmm O yeahh Shakti too, O hello if anybody from DID see this msg kindly convey to Master Terrence & Geeta Moto plzz.
    Saajan Singh is so so attempt…. Bas Theek hi tha .

    1. rockstardchamp says:

      Dear jin baba … Can Jako boy do the same dance wht Dharmesh is doing ??… the dance which Jack is doing currently was very well executed by dharmesh yeras ago while he was in Boogie woogie (He is the winner of 2008) .. please go and watch those vedios ASAP…..

      1. Love says:

        Dear roskstardcamp:
        I really want to watch those Boogie woogie Mahayudh 2008 videos of Dharmesh sir. Can you please tell me where i can find them and watch.
        I just show 1 video in youtube.

      2. JIN BABA says:

        rocky baby, if you notice Jacko & Dharmesh btw, so i can say that Jacko have more chirps move then Dharmesh buddy. dharmesh also good, but if you talking about good move, so jacko have stronge in this. but yeah. Now time to come jacko must stop his Old stuff in every dance form. he try well, but it was very nice if Parvez attempt all this form act, so it’s defantly real entertainment for us. he mostly always comment on parvez. bcoz both r stronge contestant. but i felt if parvez did this so it’s really pleasure for us.

        1. Love says:

          Nahin Jinbaba. I think you like Jack because of your love towards Parvez. Its just my point of seeing your comments.
          JAck does “round and round spinning” and he looses the balance sometimes.
          If u watch his steps they are not form in position when it demands. Jack is cute. Radio performance – choreography was brilliant but Bollywood number “pant bhi sexy” was not good, Robot section was not firm.
          If u see Dharmesh sir Wild card solo performance he also did Robot section…was very clear and clean.

          1. JIN BABA says:

            agree dr. :D, jacko radio performance was awesome, yeah v can say in bollywood dance. but i think th Mathunda iz behind jacko, that’s why he is still in the GAME.

  77. lala says:

    It is really surprising that Dharmesh is highest voted contestent. He is same arrogant as his mentor Geeta.
    Ramo has softly indicated him where he is but still he is behaving in same way (Repeating all his steps)
    I want to ask Geeta, she is asking shakti to perform different dance form but why Dharmesh is keep on repeating the same things again and again.

    1. rockstardchamp says:

      You know one thing … Meenu is far better than shakti … shakti is in the show coz of  only terrance … as she is his student .. this is a drama .. to be frank shakti is not a complete dancer…

      1. Love says:

        Dear lala:
        Dharmesh sir has repeated only once his steps. Please see his performance again and say.
        Dharmesh sir is versatile dancer.
        “Rasiya” was excellent. His expressions were awesome!!!!
        If Dharmesh sir is doing locking and popping because Zee tv does not want him to perform other forms.
        He was not arrogant at all. He said very politely to Remo..”no sir, its OK..”. Its Geeta ma’s choreography ,,donot blame him. It is easy to attack contestant when choreography is weak. He did excellent in what he was taught. Because he is clean dancer masters are not able to pick up mistakes.
        See Terrence mentioned 2-3 things he did like and that were new.

        1. patelcharu says:

          Good Job Love!!!…..I mostly agree with your comments..keep it up

  78. hizibizi says:

    I’m replying here for the first time.I personally like this forum very much as I like the show DID 2(and following it from very first day!).Now i’m not an expert on dance;so i’m commenting here only as a dance-lover.
    Here I go with my judgment:
    1st:this position is for Kruty-baby!She dances sooo well and gracefully.And she can  dance in all forms very well.(and she is highly educated too  :P)
    2nd:This position is for Amrita babe(the yeyayeya babe)…
    she is just amazing!She dances well and also does scary stunts also!(I dont know why ppl do not like her saying that…it is just her enthu.but i dont like her habit of talking too much. )
    3rd:None other than Dharmesh!and nothing to discuss about him more…
    4th:Sakti babe.(well she IS AN EYE-CANDY FIRST;SECOND A DANCER! LOL LOL)…..she is very good at ‘contemporary’;but still I think she has to perform on other sectors too.(Terence is just covering his former student very well!)
    5th:Jaco-boy….he is a cubby cute performer and quite well on his own forte.
    6th:Binny-dear.(she COULD BE A GOOD ‘EYE-CANDY’ BUT SOMEHOW HER PERSONALITY DOES NOT MATCH WITH THAT…SHE IS SUPER CUTE THOUGH.)….My God! she is a real warrior….does all scary stunts too..and  very good dancer.
    7th/8th:this positions belongs to both kishor and Kuar amar.Both are good performer as per as same level with each other.
    9th:Sajan…….a super kid indeed;and he is ALREADY is an WINNER on his own forte;which is V-boying…….but only on that……he needs to perform more on different sector.
    10th:Punit…God of  “Animal-Act-contemporary”……lol lol….but some1 in this forum used those terms;and that wes PERFECT!……I’m sict of his same and almost same dance and “over-acting” based performance…..Do some pure dace-based performance dude.
    11th:Tashu baby.Nothing more to say!!

    1. Love says:

      I agree with everything u said.
      Punit is not good dancer. Kunwar too he is hidden because of partner like Shakti.

      1. JIN BABA says:

        punit have 2 go 2 soon.

  79. a9wahla says:

    People that are saying that Dharmesh is doing the same things over and over again. Please shut up because Shakti and Jack are doing the same exact things. Jack does hip hop or whatever its called every time he performs. Actually Dharmesh has tired Salsa, and other things. So please shut up all the Dharmesh haters..

    1. rockstardchamp says:

      Well said dosth… i completely agree with you …
      People are not fools to vote dharmesh .. he got votes coz he connected with people coz of his stupendo fantastically fantastic performance … he deserve to be winner of DID 2… if people dont like him why do they give 82 % votes .. just think on that … terrance dont like him because of this one and only lame reason as he is jealous of dharmesh talent …. please dont comment untill DID 2 finals .. you will come to know who is going to wear golden CAP..

      1. DIDrocks says:


        do u honestly think terrence is jealous of dharmesh? do u kno how ridiculous u sound? im not saying dharmesh is not a good dancer. i’ll be foolish if i said that. and nor am i saying that he did only one type of dance. obviously he didn’t. he actually tried a variety of dances. but the problem is that all his “awesome” and “wow” performances that everyone remembers are done in “his” style- hip hop! i know he did salsa, acrobatia, thayyam and what not. but has he wowed us in anyone one of those performances? nope! at least he hasnt wowed me. which goes to show that maybe he doesnt have the aptitude in those styles. either that or geeta just sucks. and besides those styles were done as a trio or duo. u can hardly give dharmesh the entire credit. and coming to shakti and  jack. yes they pretty much do the same style. but i would like to point out that jack was not in this competition long enough to try as many styles. u have to remember this is his only second week on DID top 12! and he actually did contemporary in his wild card round. and u might ask what exactly did shakti do. well she didnt do as much as other contestants but she did attempt to show variety. other than contemporary, she did do hip hop, if u remember her solo from a while ago. and recently she did do indian and now paso doble ( yes its PASO doble not PASA doble). paso doble means double-step in spanish. god knows what pasa doble means. and this is definately not similar to contemporary to whoever that said this dance is similar to contemporary. but i agree that this is still not much. and she should do more. but lay off on harsh comments on jack. im not saying this cuz im a fan of jack. i actually am not. and also think before u jump right in to defend dharmesh like geeta does. again, im not saying dharmesh is not good, but he just needs to impress us in some other style. also plz think extra before u pass funny and  stupid comments such as geeta is jealous of remo and terrence or terrance is jealous of dharmesh (which i found hilarious).

        1. Love says:

          Dear DIDrocks:
          I agree it is not right language to use. But Terrence as master and mature person he is behaving weird so does Geeta maa. Remo is very mature and professional.
          2 times Terrrence told that Dharmesh posture in Dance was not right. Come us the right posture. Third time he said same in “Rasiya” song that Dharmesh that was feminine. I dont understand what he means. Look at his contestants except for Kruti only Shakti tried classical. They are girls still Shakti was not perfect. He is not commenting there. She did very basic. Ask any classical dancer. The point is he always tells bad points for other team contestants not for his. If u see Kunwar’ solo more than atleast 2 mistakes he did. Plus missed so many beat. If other 2 masters (Remo and Geeta) will do same as Terrence is doing about commenting bad points they will have bigger list for Terrence contestants. Because even litlle tiny mistake by Dharmesh he can’t stand.
          So guys please judge the contestant that they did justice to the dance or not and then vote.

          1. DIDrocks says:

            sweetheart i know terrence has shown partiality. and yes it was wrong. i never took his side and justified his actions. but then again, which master hasnt. geeta constantly does the same. she even contradicts herself. at least terrence does that minimally. and sorry but remo is no exception. he has shown politics as well. and plz dont say im wrong cuz u know very well that he did. but what bothers me the most is that why should it matter to anyone what the masters think and how they criticize contestants. u also have eyes. u see their performances with ur own eyes and u be the judge! if u dont like someone, dont vote. if u like someone, then vote! but vote for the right reasons. look at their performance and compare them with the others and then vote. i advise u to think it this way: u choose one person that u like to vote for….then u think to urself “did this person do better than all of the other contestants”….then think “did he/she do full justice to the dance style and choreography that was given”… and then finally think “if i were to see these performances for the first time (forgetting everything else that happened before), and pick the best dancer, would this person be the one.” if u have answered yes to all of these questions, then u go ahead and vote. u never vote for a person based off of masters’ comments becuz guess wat, all masters are gonna speak in favor of the contestants. so the best way to go is to trust ur judgement. u dont have to know dance for it. if a performance is done correctly, then trust me, it will automatically look good to u. thats the beauty of dance. no matter how stupid u r at dance, if a person screws up, u can tell!!!! and if a person does it correctly, i also can tell!!! so u dont have to worry about voting for the wrong person.

          2. Love says:

            Dear DIDrocks:
            I really appreciate your way of making the vote decision. I am following same way.
            I respond your comment because u said Dharmesh sir performed different dances but did not do justice to all. So here I am..
            1) Salsa he was outstanding insalsa commented by Terrence in audition and Salman Khan episode they got best performance of the day. But I agree his body shape little looks weird in that dance form so we think its not good..but someone structure is like that u can’t help it. But watch his steps in salse he is putting enough pressure on the legs which is the basis. He justify that dance for me.
            2) Acrobatia: no mistake excellent expressions by him and stunts too..binny and kishore too..
            3) Thayyam: We donot want to comment. Because that was not right form to ask contestant to do in 4 days b’s it requires years of practice. He did other contestant can do it..i bate you..For me he justified that dance.
            4) semiclassical form: “Rasiya” he is man there..awesome..

          3. DIDrocks says:

            no, Love, u got me wrong! i never said that he didn’t do justice. its just that he didnt wow us as much as he did with his hip hop style. but that doesnt mean he didnt give us  good performances. of course he did. its just u cant call those performances as dharmesh’s performances. its equally binny’s and kishore’s as well. and in rasiya, shruti and teena were equal contributers to the performance. my  problem is not that dharmesh is not doing different styles. its just he is doing different styles in ONLY his trios and duos and not his solos. i wish he would do something different in his solos. i know that he and geeta are afraid to do this becuz of his thayyam performance’s disaster, but he has got to take risks to prove to us that he truly is a dancing star. a dancing star not only shows versitality and greatness in trios and duos but also in solos. dharmesh so far showed greatness in all his performances. but his versitality existed only in his trios and duos, not solos…yet! im not putting dharmesh down in any manner at all. in fact i have huge amounts of respect for that dude and his god-gifted talent. but DID looks for a dancing star not just a good dancer. i hope u understand.

          4. DIDrocks says:

            @ Love,

            I am also really glad that at least one another person votes reasonably. i was heart broken after seeing last weeks results. I also am a dharmesh fan but i voted for Kruti. u kno why, becuz she clearly was better than anyone else. i dont care if that is “her dance” and thats her shaili or whatever. it doesnt matter which dance is whose. according to my way of voting, i forget the person’s background, gender, team, and their personal problems. I vote based on solely their performances. and last week, it definately was kruti who won my vote. and i was upset to see that janta did not realize this. dharmesh, who gave a good performance, yes, but not better than kruti, got the highest votes. Kruti wasnt even in the top 3!!!!! this shows me that janta couldnt care less who performs what in the show. it seems like they have their winner picked already. its really unfair. i advise janta to vote for correct reasons. that doesnt mean u have to agree with me, but plz no biases! be fair! give everyone an equal chance!

        2. Love says:

          Dear DIDrocks:
          Kruti did best that day. Still did not get votes.
          There must be separate category for girls and boys to my personal opinion because there r some dance form that girls can do best and there are some that boys can do best.
          Its DID pattern is not straight forward. They should give separate Golden caps to boy and someone mentioned in this forum.
          I wonder is anybody at least telling DID management team about these thoughts? to make the program even best.

          1. DIDrocks says:


            if u carefully read my comments from before, u will see that i personally mentioned that shakti has to do more. i never said shakti is a versatile dancer. i never defended her. and as far as having a separate golden hat for girls than guys, i think that is the more stupidist and sexist comment i have ever seen. a dancer is a dancer no matter what. by having separate topis, it will prove that girls cannot dance in the same platform as guys, which i think is the most absurd comment i have EVER heard. guys AND girls can do any dance. yes guys can do indian. if ur dharmesh is incapable of doing indian, that doesnt mean all guys are incapable. also just becuz some girls cant do head stands or any other stunts in krumping, bboying, and stuff, doesnt mean all girls cant. im sure this season’s girls proved that notion wrong. there is nothing that a guy can do that a girl cant and vice versa. the only thing that differs is the individual person.  im sure kruti can dance better than kunwar or kishore or punit overall, but that doesnt mean all girls are better dancers than guys. and maybe dharmesh can dance better than binny or shakti, but that doesnt mean all guys are better than girls in dance. i hope u get my point cuz i am assuming ur not as stupid as u just sounded in ur previous comment. what matters is the individual person, not the entire sex. so dont u or anyone else give that sexist bs ever again. god im ashamed that this type of thinking still exists in 2010! i advise u guys to grow up and see the world around u!

          2. Love says:

            one more thing. Shakti is also doing same contemporary style in duos…
            and we have seen contemporary in one one…classical one.
            What do u say about it?
            Geeta maa clarified that when Dharmesh sir is coming in duo or trio they make sure he is doing other dance forms. But lets wait he has to do different dance in solos too…so does Shakti too should do different in duos..

          3. DIDrocks says:

            one more thing Love, i dont care whether ur a girl or a guy, i do not want to see sexism towards anyone. guys and girls are equally good dancers. no one is better than the other!

        3. rockstardchamp says:

          dear DID Rock,
          lets wait for 12th feb show … iam desperately waitng to see dharmesh and jacky boyyy… lets do comment after that ..

          1. DIDrocks says:

            again…read my comments carefully and then comment. i never ever said even for once that jack is a better dancer than dharmesh or vice versa. all i said was that jack has been here for only two weeks. u hardly can judge him on his veristality. i think u need to chill out with ur fervent support for dharmesh. if u like dharmesh so much, then i think u should learn something from him - taking criticism in a positive way. and i never defended shakti either. i am not against dharmesh. in fact i want him to win. but i want him to win ONLY if he deserves it. not becuz the public are so blindly in love with him that they will excuse even the smallest mistakes that he makes. and that goes for any contestant, not just dharmesh. they have to prove themselves capable of that golden cap!

    2. JIN BABA says:

      uncle we are not Dharmesh Haters, our expectation more from him. hope u got it.

      1. hbdasari says:

        Hey DIDrocks….I really respect ur comments n thoughts…I wish people really vote the way u mentioned but huh that doesnt happen 90% of the time..ppl just want to vote for their favorites no matter how their performance was..thats the reason we end up with the famous contestant as the winner n not the most talented! sad but true

        1. citra says:

          100% i agree that..pls vote base on  contestant’s performance and not for their favourite fair to other contestants  who also puts more efford & hardwork  .

        2. DIDrocks says:


          i know that people dont vote this way. but some people dont realize their wrong way of voting until someone explicitly says so. so that is what im trying to do. even if a couple people start voting reasonably, then ill be happy. and yes it is very sad how the public’s mind works.

  80. Love says:

    DID format should be more organized. So we can judge better who is good and who is weak.
    1) Dance form should be same for the contestants
    2) The choreography for that day should come from one master.
    3) The choreograoher should be of masters like Terrence donot show favoritism.
    4) With this they will easily reach the decision who is best

    1. ChArMz AnGeL says:

      Perfect point! I absolute agree. I think it is so difficult and unfair to judge different forms of dance. Having all the contestants perform the same style, would really mark up how each is compared to one another.
      Great point! I wish they would change that for the following seasons to come.

  81. Prial says:

    I feel very sad for Shashank, I think Nikitasha shoulded be eliminate.
    Although, I loved the perfomance of Punit and  Sajaan, it was very good coreographed by Remo!
    Jack, Sajaan and Dharmesh are my favourite! :P

  82. aman says:


    1. DIDrocks says:

      now thats the kind of blind support i get annoyed with. THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION BETWEEN THE MASTERS!!!!!!!!!!! it doesnt make a difference to the masters which contestant wins. yea they ‘ll feel good if their contestant wins but thats only mometary. and people should NEVER vote for people based on masters. EVER! look at the contestants and their capability.  it is after all the matter of their careers. if u like remo’s team becuz u like his contestants then fine! but if u like remo’s team no matter who the contestants are just becuz u like remo, then ur stupid! for god’s sake, vote for the contestants and not the masters!

      1. aman says:

        I know its not about remo… but punit is the best then the restt.. he can doo any kind of dance and you know it… and cuz he is in remo’s team and REMO SIR IS THE BEST CHOREOGRAPHER EVERR!!! HE ALWAYS HAVE SOMETHNG NEW FOR HIS CONTESTANT AND THEY ALWAYS IMPROVE IT.. AND THIS IS THE REASON HES THE BESTT:)

        1. Love says:

          Dear Aman:
          Punit has not impressed with any dance except Bhigi bhigi that was also just good because of the light trick Remo used in choreography and chand khila badal mein was good.
          First trio performance with meenu and naresh..not good. His performances with bhavan on “apni to jaise taise” u just can’t connect. Performance with Shashank about yogeshwar act – both even terrence used the word” Disappointed”.
          Only he is good at animal style contemporary and no one can beat him in that.

          1. Love says:

            Shashank was far better than Punit.
            I was surprised when remo put Shashank on Dance kasauti rather than punit that day.

        2. DIDrocks says:

          okay aman, i’m gonna ask u something and plz be honest!. if punit was in geeta’s team and not in remo’s, would u still like him? plz be honest! and dont give me an inadequate excuse like “geeta would have made punit look bad becuz of her  stupid choreography.”

          1. Love says:

            very well said DIDrocks. You have true eyes for judgement.

          2. DIDrocks says:

            thank u, Love, for ur comment. i really do appreciate that!

          3. aman says:


          4. Love says:

            Ok Dear aman:
            As your name suggests LETS HAVE AMAN..

        1. priyam says:

          I mean well said DID rocks

  83. Love says:

    Dharmesh sir needs good choreography. He can work hard and prove…no doubt…look at their performance in Zee Rishtey award..was very good..may be remo choreographed.
    About variation in dance..lets wait and watch.

    1. mnegi says:

      When he danced on Zee Ristey Award, I missed it. I wish to see the Vedio Recording, is it available

      Please let me know

      1. JIN BABA says:

        i also miss too.. but soon will be available on Internet i know few good weblink

        1. Love says:

          The video is there in youtube..
          Zee Rishtey award HQ Part 7. Watch it…He looks very happy and stylish…His face expressions are stylish…funny…good one..

          1. JIN BABA says:

            yeah i check it out there, but result was bad, not clear so i stop watching videos. later i will dwnload fom any good wblink thx dr.

  84. Love says:

    Kunwar has not done justice to dance in any of his solo.

    1. JIN BABA says:

      ya little bit u can say. but attempt was Good. he try hard this week. Kaam Dhikta hy Bachy kA.

  85. mnegi says:

    I miss Vandanaa tooo much, she will surely come on Big Screen, one day……

    1. JIN BABA says:

      Definatly, i like Vandhana more then this Shakti.. i have very sweet feelings for this Peacefull Girl. little missing too M33nu Shweeto. Last 26 Feb, Shakti try Good, but attempt very Low Energy Performance. avarage you can say in other mean. we want more new form Honey k33p it up!. Amar was Good this w33k. both performance Excellent k33p it up!

  86. ssbasapur says:

    To the all MASTERS,
    Please can you take few south indian songs in this show?. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. i will be nice to watch.

  87. JIN BABA says:

    For People General Knowledge i would share one thing, 26 or 27 Feb on JAY Say’s that Now JANTA choose all this 12 top Contestant, i think he forget something here lol. he forget that 8 contestant choose by Big Uncle Mathunda Jee. But Only remain 4 contestant choose by JANTA. but really i don’t thiNk about Saajan & JACK entry iz doubtful, bcoz they will also choosing by Master & Grand Master, Jacko choose mathun & Saajan choose by Remo request Duh…

    1. Love says:

      I agree JINBABA. Saajan was not able to clear the audition rounds also..
      But he got into through Wildcard. Also he mentioned his brother and friends are going and making people to vote.

  88. JIN BABA says:

    Now as a compitition going on, the tuffiest contestant are below..

    1. Amrita no doubt (but if she can survive in other dance form well, like hip hop, etc.
    2. Krudi, no doubt she going Fly Over Fly. Impressive performances till yet.
    3. Binny Darling, now i am impressive with her performance, she did takker to boys. only in few hip hop form she did week, but over all she is going Wow, last day performance was HeartBeat attempt.
    4. dharmesh, if he can survive in other dance form so. actually people & Master expectation more & more from him, New Energy k sath aaja bhae.
    4. Jack. we want to see his bollywood style dance & Salsa too.
    5. shakti .. O Girl u are good in what your shelly, if u you think that u & ur Master terrence Smart, so remember Janta are Much Smart than you both. so try new dance form not like what ur shelly iz. last bull dance form also easy for you, bcoz it’s seem like contempapory move, not very difficult for surviving.

    Punit / Saajan / Kishore Friends you can go to your HOME bAck

    1. DIDrocks says:

      jin baba

      ur comments are right but i just wanna point out that Paso Doble is way different than Contemporary. Paso Doble is dance that involves marching steps. the steps in it look like a march. and contemporary is way diff from marching. they r not the same.

  89. JIN BABA says:

    btw this week i notice AMAR doing work Hard.. very Good performance both days.

    1. Love says:

      Dear Jinbaba:
      Tell me which dance forms Amar has done so far…
      All contemporaries even in solo and duos..just one hiphop.

      1. DIDrocks says:

        im staring to get the feeling that u consider any dance that is slow as contemporary. kunwar also did salsa with kruti and parvez and he also did paso doble. but dont staring slashing me back about “well did kunwar do justice to all of them.” well im not commenting about his justice to the dances. im just telling u that he did more than contemporary and hip hop.

  90. JIN BABA says:

    i want to see contestant do attempt on these dance form .

    Binny please do attemp on Classical Dance form, i want 2 c u with this.
    Dharmesh… yeah buddy u can show ur dance on bollywood / contempory & Classical too.
    kishore.. Beta Strengh buhat dikha le stunt me :| . now u doing also bollywood / hip hop / & Salsa with Amrita.
    Amrita darling u do, Hip Hop & One Classical dance for us.

    Shakti, u lucky bcoz of terrence iz very smartly using you in this DID SHOW. Janta ko sub kuch dhikta hy or JIN BABA ko ziada hi dhikta hy lol. so if u think that u r the one, so do attempt on Hip Hop / Classical & Salsa with Jackooooo LOL. i want 2 seeeeeeee terrence ko msg convey kardo Doston.
    Amar Amar & AMAR. wow buddy you can improve better. u ki mehnat dhikta hy. well Amar we expect from u Salsa / bollywood dance / classical .. u r gud 2 in hip hop so do 1 more dance for us.
    Kurdi.. O Baby u are impressive.. not bad at all almost done many dance form for us Not Bad. ok now do Salsa & 1 hip Hop dance with Full Energy for JANTA.
    Jacko Baby i know ur move more chrips then others contestant, u r coming by parvez side & he iz the one who show us many form & entertaint too. lol yar chubby body kam kar.. we want ur bollywood & 1 Classical dance & yeah with Shakti. terrence sakti or jack ka pair ready karo.

    punit bhae mauf kardy Janta ko, show something new not always Drama act form.. we want HIP Hop & classical dance 1 bollywood attempt from u Salsa too.
    Saajan. lol bhae Salsa / Bollywood dance show karo or yeh Dramay act band kardo Remo SIR.
    Tasho if u survive this w33k, kindly show us Hip Hop Or Salsa Dance plzzzz.. lot’s of love to your mother.

  91. illusion says:

    dear DID ROCKS and  LOVE,
    great to see ur fiar and just way of thinking… if only more ppl cud think this way we’d see better results… sigh… but then , as they say, common sense is uncommon….
    anyway heres hoping for FAIR results in the future.

    1. Love says:

      Thank you illusion and DIDrocks.

    2. Love says:

      By the way:
      I am a girl and doctor in USA. I did my medical school in india.

    3. DIDrocks says:

      thank u Illusion!

      1. Love says:

        I specify my gender only because illusion mistaken me as boy in previous session.

  92. illusion says:

    dear ppl,
    just wanna throw a question at u all n see what responses come…

    do u think that any new attempt by a contestant in a new field is worthy of praise, or does it become worthy of praise only if its been done decently well?

    in other words, if a contestant tries sumthing new n does it badly (for eg shakti in bharatnatyam and binny in manipuri) does he/she still deserve praise just by virtue of having TRIED it at all? or shud they atleast be ok or decent even in a new field?

    pl be free to give ur comments…
    (btw yes, i think shakti was not good in bharatnatyam … a 12-yr old cud hv done a better job…
    similarly binny’s manipuri was not good, coz in her act all she had to concentrate on was ‘mudras’ or hand n wrist movements, as she had very little leg mvts, yet her handwork was very very weak

    not that these are the only 2 ppl who tried sumthing new n didnt do that great, but these are the ones that are cuming to mind)

    1. Love says:

      I completely agree with you illusion.
      Shakti’s bharatnatayam was very basic as Geeta maa pointed out but some people took it wrong that Geeta maa is putting her down.
      For me..even the contestant performs new dance form …he or she has to be perfect…no mistakes…(Remo sir mentioned that doesnot matter it is your shilly or not u have to best” because it is so critical to save that contestant because then because of that another contestant is going out..that is injustice.
      Again if that week another contestant is doing same thing and strong..i donot know what to say..
      DID format is confusing..

      1. Love says:

        To me Shashank elimination was fair because he did not do good in his previous  week performance which was for vote appeal.

    2. ChArMz AnGeL says:

      To try a new dance form is always worthy for some praise, only for the risk taken. HOWEVER, when a contestant is going to do a new form, they need to be given CLEVER and exciting choreography as well as concept, because that is the only thing that will save them if they do not perform it well.
      To try a new dance form and perform it well, is praise worthy because to make an attempt towards a form not your own, and doing well in it, shows the hard work behind the attempt, as well as the versatility in that dancer.
      Shakti’s performance was very weak for the Bharatnatyam attempt. I was very disappointed because her form was all over the place. Classical dance requires lots of form and grace, however she performed it with neither. I learned all those moves when i was 6 taking the Bharatnatyam lessons.
      Binny’s attempt was more praise worthy only because the form she had to portray required minimal movement. Her mudras were graceful and well done, but being that she was dancing with Amrita, it would not seem it. Amrita is just too good for words.

    3. DIDrocks says:

      the contestants are not doing a favor by trying something new for us. in fact they better try all the styles becuase thats what a dancing star is. so no, i dont think they deserve credit just for trying something new. however they should get credit for showing effort and dedication to make that dance good. and yes they have to perform it well cuz its a competition after all. at least thats what i base my voting on. as i said, when i vote, i forget whose good at what dance and whose shaili is what. i look at the performance, and if its good, i vote, otherwise no!

      1. DIDrocks says:

        so yes. shakti and binny fell short of giving  a good performance. and so did dharmesh with his thayyam. whether u wanna blame the choreographers or the contestants for this, i dont care. ultimately the person whose gonna get voted is the contestants themselves, not the masters and their choreography. i wanna clear something- trying something new is not an option-no! versitality is a requirement in my point of view to win the golden cap.

        1. DIDrocks says:

          sorry i have one more thing to say. if u cannot show the full form or the best of a dance on stage either becuz its complicated or its disrespectful to the form itself, then dont show it. if doing more than simple steps of a dance is not appropriate on stage, then dont do it. this goes to geeta and terrence. when we see a performance of a certain dance, then we expect to see the best darn performance of that genre of dance. if a dance form will give u limitations, then dont do it. for shakti, we asked for a diff dance form, not necessarily indian. so she couldve done like broadway or krumping or hip hop. and same goes for geeta. if a dance cannot be shown explicitly on stage plz dont show it.

          1. ChArMz AnGeL says:

            I have to disagree with DIDrocks.
            DID is a platform for dancers to showcase their talent and learn different dance styles. There is no way any dance form (especially an art dance) can be fully performed, ever, unless it is a dance show of JUST that specific form.
            The Thayyam that was performed on the DID stage was to bring to us a new art dance form that is beautiful and not so easy to do. It was to give us some knowledge that such a dance form exists and is very traditional. I don’t think there was any injustice done through that dance form because even Geeta said it herself that she had the permission from an expert of this form to perform it. Even for the Manipuri, the idea was brought to the stage of what kind of dance form it is. Bharatnatyam on the other hand is a very popular classical form that majority of the desi community know about. Therefore, when it comes to Bharatnatyam and Kathak, you have to be very careful to what you bring on stage, since it is not something new.
            If DID does not bring new dance forms to the stage, then how would these contestants and us learn new dance styles. For a few minutes worth of a performance, these masters try hard to bring the basic and main parts of the dance on stage and I think they do well.

          2. DIDrocks says:

            @ChArMz AnGeL

            well then u explain to me how in the world can u judge fairly with contestants who didnt perfrom so good but “tried sumthin new” and with contestants who actually did do the best? i’ll answer that. u cant! i know that this is way to introduce new dance forms and have the contestants learn about them, but its just not fair to the contestants.  but even so, i dont think the contestant should get credit for trying sumthing new. i mean for all u know, i can get on the stage and attempt bharatnatyam (i havent learned indian) and totally suck at it and then say “well i tried sumthin new.” that is unacceptable. its just unfair for the people who actually did well but did not try sumthing new. i just wish people would give less credit to contestant’s risk taking and effort and focus more on the execution of the performance. just daring to do sumthin diff is not credible. even i can do that. but to actually perform it (even with the simple steps) like u r a pro at that form, now thats a dancing star.

        2. rockstardchamp says:

          My dear DID Rocks,
          Dharmesh paid lot for the performance “thayyam ” .. result is he got eliminated … its only coz of geetha… infact its all Zee tv acts to increase TRP ratings fooling audience…. i think so…. but how come dharmesh agreed for that dance act …. in my openion if dharmesh eliminates they for sure he will get large number of votes thus increases Zee TV ratings and business … so finally Ultimate fools are People who are watching this Show???……

          1. DIDrocks says:

            its nice how u cover up dharmesh’s flaws by blaming zee tv. “dharmesh is not doing any natak, zee tv is using him for trps,” “dharmesh can do diff dances but zee tv doesnt want him to,” “dharmesh didnt want to do thayyam but zee tv made him,” “dharmesh doesnt look good only becuz geeta ma sucks at choreography,” “dharmesh is at a disadvantage becuz geeta mas has this conspiracy against against him becuz he likes remo.” im not saying that u personally said all this, but these have been the excuses for dharmesh’s flaws. but maybe what u guys said is right(maybe dharmesh is perfect) and maybe its wrong. im not saying anything. but its just funny how u manage to find an excuse for every single flaw of Dharmesh. its as if zee tv went up to dharmesh and pointed a gun to his head and said “u will do thayyam! we dont care if u think that will make u lose! and we also bribed mithun da to eliminate u so we can up the trps! but dont u worry we will manipulate the votes for wild card round so u will come back! and then we want u to do only hip hop (no versitality at all even though other dancers will have to do this). and we will manipulate every week’s votes so u can come first and we will make u win!” this is exactly how u guys sound! its just too funny! im not saying u guys are wrong. there probably is some truth to this but it just looks unlikely that zee tv did EVERYTHING and dharmesh was NEVER at fault.

  93. annicse says:

    My personal opinion is – the judges should not be the choreographer of the contestants. Other choreographer will choreograph and the judges will judge. Like ” So you think you can dance”. Then judging will be fair.

    1. Love says:

      I agree…but who will pay them. Zee Tv wants profit. Also our 3 masters want to show their talent.

      1. ChArMz AnGeL says:

        Good point annicse. I had been thinking about this as well, due to the So You Think You Can Dance concept.

  94. Kalinga Keshari says:

    Shasank is a well dancer. His last dance is absolutely fantastic. My personal opinion is he should be in Dance India Dance.

    1. rockstardchamp says:

      Dear kalinga ,
      I do pity for him .. but when it comes to competition’s like DID .. every performnce counts …  So he failed to connect with audience so got less votes thus eliminated .. :-)

  95. Love says:

    @ illusion:
    one more thing – If the contestant performs well in solo and not good in duo how to vote??????

    1. illusion says:

      dear fellow girl-doctor, (sorry ,cudnt resist :) )
       ur guess is as good as mine….

      frankly the format is beginnig to confuse me a bit…
      initially i thought they’d perform duos on friday , based on which bottom 6 wud be decided who’d perform solos on saturday , and we’d vote for these ppl…
      but apparently thats not the ways its going…
      so now im just as clueless…

      maybe the cumulative votes from friday nad saturday are added up and then the person to be eliminated is decided…

      no idea… sorry…

  96. rockstardchamp says:

    My dear friends and DID fans,
    I have a sure shot question to DID .. i wanna see teams shuffling b/w the masters … then we can easily recognise who is talented and who is not … just my openion .. wht do you say guys … by this evry contestant can gain some extra skills … it will make the show colourful …
    Wht geetha teaches Dharmesh .. nothing … geeetha knows only classical .. she cant do hiphop or contemporary .. because she cant dance as she is fat enough … just kidding

    1. A_A says:

      the show isnt about the talents of the 3 choreographers.. its about the talent of dancers coming in.. there’s no reason why we need to see which of the 3 masters is more talented

      1. rockstardchamp says:

        Dude i think u didnt get wht i mean .. iam talking about only contestants talent not masters talent …

    2. pk123 says:

      Yes, I agree – they have to switch masters only then we will know who the current masters are protecting and the ones who are perform with any master. So I would like to see if
      a) Dharmesh is finally proved versatile (or proved once and for all that Geeta is the cause of all his troubles now)
      b) Binny can perform contemporary under Terrance (I would bet not)
      c) Can Shakti do Indian well with Geeta
      d) Amar doing hip hop remo style
      e) Amrita hip hop (though I personally think she is tooo over-rated – and now she is trying to steal the thunder from Binny, poor girl)

      Surprisingly, Kruti can possibly do anything – even her  hip hop was good, but Remo found some issues.  Its not about the masters, like A_A says, but its about the dancers…we can be sure about things we are only speculating now. Since we need to vote, we need to be SURE

      1. hbdasari says:

        I kind of like that idea…that will pretty much solve the biasing issue…we will clearly be able to see the true talent of the most of them are claiming that Dharmesh can do wonders with good master or choreography…thats just an example..can apply for all other contestants…but I sure like the idea of having each contestant get a chance with each master..

  97. rockstardchamp says:

    I want ask REMO .. Why Punith is doing same acts every time … (psycho acts infact) .. why why why … people get bored of this REMO .. Can i please ask you to make him do in different style i mean only Dance not any stunts at all (hanging on a saree or rolling on a ring) .. sorry Remo i was frustrated with his performance ….

    1. hizibizi says:

      coz Punit was a student of Terrence;who only gives preference to only one dance style…..which was “animal-act-contemporary” for him unfortunately!

      1. JIN BABA says:

        Hahahaha… Anima act contemporary
        Punity lol Hip Hop kar bhae, Salsa bhi ly Shabash

  98. ChArMz AnGeL says:

    Episode Review for 2/27/2010
    This was a pretty good episode where I can safely say that there was no “bad” performance. Following is my favorite for this episode in order.
    1) Dharmesh & Kishore –> I know most of you are surprised right now but with no bias, they were my favorite for this episode!!! I loved their routine. It was cute and simple and not a single thing went wrong. This was probably the most synchronized dance this season. Everything they did from the bed stunts to the freestyle hiphop choreography, they performed it perfectly and left no room for negative comments. This hiphop style is not particularly Dharmesh’s style. He is more of a beats hiphop dancer, where as this performance was a more freestyle-rhythmic hip hop dance. Trust me, it is very different, I have done those styles. Dancing on beats is of course much harder, but for a dancer that is a “beats” dancer to do rhythmic hiphop dancing (more flowing, graceful, entertaining form of hiphop), is not that easy. I feel that just because this wasn’t an art form dance, contemporary or emotional, it did not receive much recognition. It’s sad because this was the most cleanest and flawless performance. Great job guys!
    2) Shashank & Nikitasha –> This was a very beautiful and romantic performance. Their chemistry was great! They both should’ve been paired from the get go. I must say I never knew Shashank was so strong because Tashu is a bit plump and he is quite skinny! Anyway, the way they both performed was beautiful. Of course Shashank was superb but Tashu did a good job matching him. My favorite part was when Shashank picked up Tashu over his shoulder and turning while she was contracting in and out with her body. It was SO beautifully and smoothly done by both. Only negative I can say is that some of the lifts were not that clean and complete. I think Shashank might have lost balance a bit due to Tashu’s height and figure, but otherwise I really liked this performance a lot (and these 2 are my least favorite contestants!). Great job!
    3) Amrita & Binny –> I remember seeing Amrita do this form in the auditions. It was SO beautiful. The whole concept for this episode’s performance was beautiful. It was very very well put together and executed. The whole Radha Krishna story they told through the manipuri dance was very visible, cute and entertaining. Of course Amrita outshined Binny in this performance, but Binny did a praise worthy job for me. According to the concept and the story they were telling, Radha’s moves being minimal are appropriate. The role of Radha was to be more shy, sweet, graceful, expressive, and calm. Krishna is the naughty one who dances around Radha to get her attention and teases her. Hence, according to that story, the concept, choreography, execution, and expressions were outstanding. Binny’s attempt was positive because she had the grace to pull off this difficult art form in a matter of a few days. As for  Amrita, she is just such a great dancer! Liked this performance very much. Great, great attempt girls and very well done!
    4) Punit & Saajan –> This performance brought tears to my eyes at the end. It was a beautiful and emotional concept. Very innocent and well thought out concept. Remo seems to finally be back in the game! Even though they won performance of the day, I think it was mainly because of the emotions behind it. The performance as a whole was definitely beautiful and pleasing, however, in terms of dance it was a bit weak. Saajan’s attempt towards contemporary again was good. Punit’s expressions were great, as well as his dancing. However, both of them together had great chemistry, but were very off synch with one another. Saajan’s moves were very small compared to Punit. Of course this is also due to Punit being bigger then him, however, in this case, either Saajan needed to put in a little more effort to expand his move, or Punit needed to calm down a bit. Even though the concept was emotional, I feel the choreography could’ve been a bit stronger. Otherwise, I really liked this performance a lot and almost as much as I liked the above 3! Congrats on the performance of the day!
    5) Amar & Shakti –> Don’t hate me guys, but I honestly did not enjoy this performace as much as the above 4. Of course I did enjoy it, just not as much. I think they did a fairly good job on the Paso Doble dance, BUT considering I have seen this dance form so much (So You Think You Can Dance has such GREAT performances on this form), Amar and Shakti were just not up to that level. Amar was in character the WHOLE time! His posture was almost perfect as well as his aggression. Shakti also had great posture and aggression, but again, she was a little too stiff. Indeed, in Paso Doble you need to keep a proper form with your back straight and your toes pointed, and need to be stern, HOWEVER, as a latin ballroom dance style, you also need to sustain the grace when the hip/leg movements come in (not so often in this form though, but some). Nonetheless, there were some really cool elements in this dance, but at the same time, the choreography was not comparable to the Paso Doble performances I have seen. Regardless, what they were given, they did well! I absolutely loved when Shakti picked Amar up. She is one strong girl! Overall, great attempt!
    6) Jack & Kruti –> Sorry guys, I was not pleased with this performance. I love Jack and Kruti both, but this hiphop/contemporary performance was very messy. They were very unsynchronized with one another. For the off synching, I’ll have to say it was Kruti who wasn’t up to par with the performance today. She was late on many moves and didn’t complete some of them. Her attempt was good, but this is about her 2nd or 3rd attempt for hiphop and just Friday we saw her contemporary dance as well, therefore, I expected a lot more from her for this performance. Jacky Boy was very good as usual, but was still weak in this performance compared to the prior ones he did. I agree with Remo about their feet movements. It was messy and not quite matching the rhythm. All in all, it was definitely a cute performance and Jack easily outshined Kruti for this one. She will need to brush up her hiphop a lot and I am sure she will be great next time. As for Jack, I am looking forward to seeing him do any form but contemporary and hiphop. Overall , not bad!
    Okay, so that ends my review of performances for the 2/27/2010 Episode. Please keep in mind, this is my opinion based on my knowledge for dance, and I am sure there will be many that agree and disagree.  My next post will be a review for the masters, as per request by Joy. Thanks! =)

    1. rockstardchamp says:

      Dear Anzel you are 100% rite….
      Catching the beats while dancing is very very difficult , as adancer i do really agree 200% , this is what dharmesh is doing exactly .. and this the mantra to connect people ….  for a true  dancer/performer this is what exactly required ..
      I want to see all the 11 contestants performing for a same song in different style … then we can easily judge them  this shud be done during elimination round…. i dont think it can happen .. just my thght…

    2. pk123 says:

      How can you like Amrita and Binny’s performance? I think it was an insult to classical dance – and Geeta was saying so many things about how strict they are with movements, not touching the “holy” dress etc etc..and u do the dance on some Bollywood lyrics! That was atrocious in my opinion and just a publicity stunt between Amrita and Geeta… sorry this may be biased, but i dont like either of them!

      1. ChArMz AnGeL says:

        I don’t let my favorite contestant come in the way of the reviews, which is what most of the people don’t do because everyone is so strong on who they like and believe they are always the best. Sadly, that is not the truth.
        If you notice, Shakti did Roop Suhana Lagta hai in Bharatnatyam form, Nikitasha had performed to Jiya Jale in kathakali/bharatnatyam form, and both these styles are very traditional as well. Majority of the art form dance styles aka traditional styles, do get performed on bollywood songs. It gives it a bit of a creative touch to it and i dont think there is anything wrong with that. My Love was a great song to get the concept across for that Manipuri dance, and this song was not a corrupted song. If they had done a song that was rough or had some sexual interpretations in it, then I would be pissed off, but that is not the case here.

    3. kindi says:

      Exactly as per my thoughts charmz angel…i can watch dharmesh-kishore duet as many times …i loved it..
      But dunno why people are going gaga about paso doble..shakti’s form was not at all good..but then it was a new dance form..

      1. hbdasari says:

        vow…I would prefer just the opposite order of it..except for 1 or 2 changes…but hey opinions differ so …cool!

    4. JIN BABA says:

      Actually CA taste has different bcoz of Watching “So You ThiNK YOu Can Dance” Like Program. his / her Expectation high & DID not in that show level. that’s my opinion, there will be many that agree and disagree.

      1. Joy says:

        @ Jinbaba – I agree with you..DID is way below this show

        @ CA – Though i like reading your review but to be honest i now hardly care about who perform better and who doesn’t as this show is already fixed and there is hardly any fun left in even thinking who is better..

        1. ChArMz AnGeL says:

          I don’t think either one of you should put DID down so much. Of course So You Think You Can Dance is a lot more professional, but trust me, there is SO much nonsense behind who wins on that show too. It’s just apart of the entertainment biz.
          I do not believe DID is fixed. I think us JANTA has our favorites and believe that the one we really like is a great dancer, and there is nothing wrong with that. I feel that everyone against a certain dancer that is getting lots of votes, wants to believe it is fixed by DID. That is unfair. There are so many of us that vote and we all are individuals who are entitled to our best opinions.
          Let’s put it this way, none of us would think Kruti would leave already. I bet you even the masters were as shocked as we are. That has nothing to do with them. Many people just might not have connected with Kruti, therefore didn’t give her as many votes as they did to the others. It’s a show guys, let’s just be enjoy it!

  99. Jhansi ki Rani says:

    I love to read chramezangle review the way he or she describe whole episode like as good as good dancer and master can told without bias opinion. i like that keep up good work.

    Looking forward same review in future too.

    1. ChArMz AnGeL says:

      Thanks Jhansi Ki Rani! I will surely continue this for every episode.

  100. JIN BABA says:

    Which contestant Dance you enjoy Most.

    1. Amrita.
    2. Binny

    Share Your Choice.

    1. Joy says:

      Both are average dancers but between them “Amrita” any day !! Even though shakti is repetitive, her stature as a dancer is better than both of them..

      1. illusion says:

        without a doubt, she’s versatile, skilled and is just plain good!

      2. LUV_terrence says:

        yeyyy buddy….

        1. shani jolly says:


          1. priyam says:

            Shakti dear

      3. LoveDID says:

        i dont think so she has been doing that same old contemprary and those kind of emotional love stories wid pervz and kunwar and thats why she is very known as a good dancer biny and Amrita are awesome they are like Full ON thye have been doing very versatile dances binny never repeated anything she always tried to bring something different on stage and amrita u know that she is loud and she just does amazing i think they shud be at least in super 6.

  101. Joy says:

    Dissapointment continues !!!! DID’s strategy to urge people for casting vote to female contestant didn’t work…People started calling her Versatile and there she go…OUT of DID Season 2..

    $poiler for this week :

    Kruti is out…Other bottom 3 were Amrita, Tashu and Punit

    Highest vote to Dharmesh..Third week in a row….

    My goodness, i don’t believe i wrote this in the morning..

    1. lords2020 says:

      hi  joy its very shocking how true is this.i just cant believe it.uaruti no way.

    2. eena22 says:

      U r kiddin rite??? how can Kruthi get voted out..she is such a versatile dancer…whats happening to the voters?? r they out of their minds??? Mithunda shud bring her back …..she deserves to be there is final 3…..Im really dissapointed …..

  102. illusion says:

    Thats TERRIBL|E!!!!!!!!!!
    she was starting to becum my favourite dancer…
    does her job well,  no naatak, no drama, no poltics, no emotional atyachar….

    Oh GoD!!!!!!! i cant beleive it!!!!!!

    1. priyam says:

      Me too illusion. So unfair my dear. I get very discouraged with this trend

  103. DIDrocks says:

    well that proves my point. people are blindly voting. people dont even care who does what. they have their winner picked already! highly disappointed but not shocked. india ki janta se mujhe ye hi umeed thi. indian public are so easily brainwashed and its amazing how much people refuse to think! no disrespect to india but im just saying. im also indian and was born in india but im ashamed to see the unfairness of the public. but then again these are the same people who elect corrupt politicians. so not surprise there.

    1. DIDrocks says:

      and here i am thinking kruti will go to the finals. i guess i forgot for a second that this is India!

      1. rockstardchamp says:

        Being an indian .. how cheaply you are blaming … its ashame of you … why ??? this is rediculous on your part … how come you tell .. janata bewakufi nahi hi to decide thier winner .. its a show … its thier judjement …  please stop your unnecessary comments .. please dont blame our country … there is no excuse for this mr DID Rocks…. if you are blaming just question your self wht you did for the country … ??  iam very well dissappointed …

        1. rockstardchamp says:

          @ DID rocks
          i dont know who are you …as a friend iam telling you DID is just an entertainment show please keep this in mind …. if you want to suuport any contestant you like or pass on your comments … dont ever try to blame our country …. we are proud that we are in india….

        2. DIDrocks says:

          india voting like this is fair, and me condemning this act is unfair? wow! by the way i didnt criticize india, i criticized the foolish janta who watch and vote for DID. and also by the law of this very India, i have freedom of speech so i can say whatever i want. u have a problem? then dont read! i respect india, and why wouldnt i? its my country. but i cannot stand unfair people no matter where they are from, even if they are in my own family!

          1. ChArMz AnGeL says:

            I guess you are calling yourself foolish then because you are also apart of the JANTA.
            Why would DID want to eliminate Kruti? Everyone likes her, but sadly, Janta has other favorites, so it is what it is!

          2. DIDrocks says:

            correction. im not part of indian janta. i wish i was though. that way i can feel as if i have the power to make some change(which is highly unlikely  but at least i can give it a try). so Charmz Angel, i am not calling myself foolish. and u r right in sayin it is what it is. but i would seriuosly love to look at the standards janta has for these contestants. i mean if kruti wasnt good enough for them, i wonder who is?

          3. ChArMz AnGeL says:

            I am not apart of the “Indian Janta” either, but you can still vote (I do)!
            Also, whether you vote or not, your opinions on this forum makes you just as involved. Like you say that Janta is foolish, other of the Janta will read your opinion and think you’re foolish. We can’t all please one another. We can just enjoy what we see and not get so emotional for an entertainment show.

    2. M@X says:

      cool Dear cool….dont get emotional like other indian…its a game reality show….in all case DID directors & team wants publicity by any means, fair or unfair never matters..and u cant stop public to vote for D … the same way i am continiouslly voting for binny….because i love her smiling face……i m telling you a truth “In india, public voting is just like a Tractor Trolly always goes in the opposite direction” so chill dear and keep watching binny’s simling face…………

      1. DIDrocks says:

        @ M@X

        so very true! i like ur example of tractor trolly. nice!

        1. rockstardchamp says:

          Dear Max and DID rocks .. i dont why again and and again you people discussing about country (literally Bad) our country is like your second mother and you your self making bad of your mother … dont you guys?…
          Stop critisizing about our own country this is wht the difference which you people are creating b/w our countries and out side …. to talk about india me and you people were not enough . this site is only to talk about contestants and DID2 ….
          Dear admin please remove such kind of comments  … we cant bear such kind of comments….. its so horrible to listen ….. i guess you also feel the same as an indian… thanks for understanding …

          1. M@X says:

            Dear rockstadchamp   , hey cool champ….i m never commented that what India is good or bad ….I am saying the truth….if u cant here/read it..Behave like Gandhi ji…… so its up to you….but all in one line …..Never fall your self emotionally attached with these reality show…..the only thing you should worry about ……to vote D sir and Binny…..
            And by the way if you are true patriotic kind of person than tell me wat u hv done till now for country……
            So chill dear …and watch ….DID
            D Sir Rocks……….
            BINNY ….please always smile like this………….ummmmm

    3. eena22 says:

      U said it DIDrocks!!! the people r blindly voting, obviously!!!!! plzzzz guys vote for ‘real talent’…and plzzz make the grand finale be a grand, tough competition…so that we all can be proud of ar versatile dancers!!!plzzz vote for talent be it for boys or girls!!! the girls this season are really gud, strong and ‘out of the world’ kinda dancers!!!!! im sooo proud of u girls!!!!!!

  104. DHARMESH ROCKS WITH HIGHEST VOTE…The Bottom 4 were: Punit Tashu Amrita and Kruti n kruti eliminated… « •
    top 3 are dharmesh,binny,and kishore

    1. eena22 says:

      This is truly sad… can such a versatile dancer like Kruti get eliminated??? She is the one dancer who has done justice to all the dance styles she performed…this is very very dissapointing…ok…I admit that Dharmesh is gona be te winner….but i surely wanted the best 3 as the finalists….whats goin on????

      1. LoveDID says:

        Kruti was  not a versatile dancer she was a very nice clasic dancer she was always not that good in other forms of dances. she wud always do something wrong in other dance but in classical she was like the BEST!!!!!!! but not in other dances.

    2. M@X says:

      yeh you r right….
      No 1 D sir
      2 Binny
      3 kishore

  105. PROSENJIT says:


  106. kishore upadhyaya says:

       Pranam mya KISHORE DAHAL Rowta Assam Ho.
      Sir may Dharmesh Sir ko kuch kahana chahatahu ki PLZZZ Dharmesh Aap Audition walla dance ek bar phirse kijiye woh dance mujhe bahut achcha lagta hai Plzzzzzz Sir ek bar woh Basoriwalla Dance kijiye Plzzz sir Plzzz.

    Geeta ma aap bahut achchi ho.
    Remo sir aapka goli marne walla Style Bahut achcha laga.

  107. kishore says:

    Kya mujhe dharmesh Sir Contac number mill sakta hai.plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. Love says:

      Go to facebook…Dharmesh sir

  108. sukesh n shetty says:

    hiii kishore  plz give ur contact no  i wait for u…

  109. jai says:

    shashank was in air half the performance …it doesnt work for me …i dun know if ppl have seen circus…dharmesh awesome beat catcher …n more dance in 2 minutes than nebody …shakti is good at contemporary n couple dances n they r those which she has been learning from terrence ( who is 2 good ) …but i always smell sumthng else wen it comes to shakti n terrence inspite of good dance ..may be beacause of their history n ths why i would never vote for her…surprised by the way remo reacted …geeta is doing better this season than last …but i hate aerial acts ..dats not dance 4 me …kunwar is like mayuresh of season 1 …good but would be eliminated soon.D sir and Puneet r amazing dancers …Shakti is also but i always smell politics when she is thr…n binny ..too much loud expressions was needed in song O re pia but she dint have that sexy look yesterday …smiling all d time ..damn it move ur body girl…:P..n some kids commenting abt D sir being illiterate ..m sure they r not indians but some sopiled american kids ..they feel proud to say i passed 10 th grade or sumthng like dat …i respect ppl who r good at what they do …respect D sir  …admire all others

  110. jai says:

    remo would want to choreograph some thing classical for tashu ….n delicate dances does not look good on her ..she is strong ..i like her :)

  111. dhyey says:

    sir, i am Dhyey kotak age of 12 year boy based at Rajkot -Gujarat. i have performed many times at District level compition and several stage performance. kindly let me know the date and place of next DID – Junior Audition on mob. 9979 888 444 or 94274 32201 or E-mail :
    keenly waiting for your response. thanks a lot. :P

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