Dance India Dance Season2 Videos 26th March

Dance India Dance Season2 Videos 26th March

It’s really sad to see that a versatile dance like Jack is out of the show and others who are good at one dance style are still competing for DANCE INDIA DANCE. People are voting based on popularity and not looking at the performances every week. If this trend continues then we are going to see most popular contestant win instead of most brialliant dance. There were some really nice performances today including Jack’s superb dance. We are looking for tomorrow’s episode Dance India Dance Season2 27th march where we can see contestant’s choreographed by other team masters.

Terence Ki Toli

Kunwar Amarjeet performed Contemporary Style on the song Pehli Nazar Mein

Shakti performed on the song Dauda Dauda, Contemporary Style

Jack Samules performed on the song Maut, Contemporary Style

Geeta Ki Gang

Binny Sharma performed Rope Mallakhamb on the song Hoshiyaar

Dharmesh performed Freestyle on the song Dil To Bacha Hai

Amrita performed Freestyle on the song Mumma

Remo Ke Rangeeley

Saajan Singh performed B-Boying and Hip Hip Style on the song Meri Marzi

Punit performed Tollywood Dance Style on the song Aadungada

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Dance India Dance Season2 Videos 26th March Part2

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Who was worst Performer on 26th and 27th March.

  • Dharmesh (25%, 2,160 Votes)
  • Saajan Singh (24%, 2,049 Votes)
  • Binny Sharma (16%, 1,389 Votes)
  • Shakti Mohan (13%, 1,125 Votes)
  • Amrita (9%, 801 Votes)
  • Punit (8%, 645 Votes)
  • Kunwar Amarjeet (5%, 409 Votes)

Total Voters: 8,577

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368 thoughts on “Dance India Dance Season2 Videos 26th March

  1. hizibizi says:

    awesome performance from
    punit,sakti,binny,sajan all gave an ok performance.

  2. lords2020 says:

    Hi everyone today’s episode was brilliant i am not a shakati fan but her performance was excellent she deserve MJ band.dharam performance was also excellent but terance playing a mind game with geta and dharam to put dharam down and try to keep shakati no 1.2maro episode also looks very promising.jack deserve to go his performance just like previous once.saajan looks very improved dancer.

  3. AnnieJ says:

    But Binny wasn’t feeling well :\

  4. dance4life says:

    binny is not well and we could see n tell that from her face

  5. ibne batuta says:

    yeah today binny wasn’t ok with her performance, but as i see her saturday performance it’s going good not like Friday performance.

    guy listen terrence ny Jack ko Us tarha sy use nahi kia jesa k Ussay Geeta ny use kia, i can’t believe k Jack itna acha dance kar sakta hy, Remo ki bhi Aankhien khul Gae thi :lol:

  6. viresh says:

    Hey who got highest votes??

  7. asahni20 says:

    Agreed binny is not well. But there is no denying Amrita is a one of the best dancers in this show. She needs all the support and is not given enough credit that is due to her.

  8. suruworks says:

    Does anyone feel a plot is being created for a girl winner?

    1) They literally kept a limelight episode to show girl power in DID this year

    2) Diya’s edited script about Shakti the other night

    3) Purposeful plotting against dharmesh to let him down?

    Something’s fishy for sure

  9. dance4life says:

    vote for amrita and dharmesh. dharmesh should be number 1

  10. Anuz says:

    Jack was one of the unique dancers ..but the competetion is really getting feirce,afterall one has to be crowned..but finals may be shakti,dharmesh ,Amar and Binny i guess…

  11. kali.mangal says:


    Common Punit’s performance did not have enough energy…at all..i am disappointed.
    Compare the energy and foot work of Amrita’s and Kishore’s loud..MAN

  12. lords2020 says:

    I completely agree with your assessment. i do feel something wrong happening in DID.

  13. kaaya says:

    omg…i hate remo….. :evil: hes saying bad comments to all other contestant accept saajan and punit,c mon get a life….remo should be out of show for sure.i know hes a gud choreogragher but since his team is goin down dats hes being sooooooo mean to others,sucker.i want to see dharmesh,shakti,binny and amar or kishore in final.well who knows kishore can be back by mithunda’s vedo power.all the best D ,PLEASE VOTE FOR DHARMESH……HE DESERVE TO WIN…..

  14. lords2020 says:

    Hi kali what you thing whats going on in did :?: lookalike they try to put dharmash down and ramo also join terance to pr-mot shakati.:lol: pleas give your coments. :wink:

  15. iec2007026 says:

    i saw glimpses of contestants swapping episode ,dharmesh is with remo.what kind of choreography he gave to sucked,don’t know whether it was done intentionaly.saajan being his partner was icing on the cake.he made fool of himself by dancing with him.couldn’t catch beats at all.shakti did contemporary .no surprise she will keep doing that till the end.use wahi aata hai.surprisingly she was not swapped,may be terence was insecure.this was 13th contemporary performance of shakti,rest were nearly masters too have stopped pointing repetition,as she and terence are not going to listen.:P

  16. kali.mangal says:


    I already said that I am against this MJ badge drama.
    Todays performances ..i am not impressed with anybody to be honest compare to last week episode.
    My ranking and comments r as follows:
    1) Jack..awesome..I know same moves but his expressions everything very loud and nice..I liked it
    2) Amrita: Great and clean and heart touching expressions along with dance
    3) Shaki: She presented little little things in her act very beautifully..i respect that. but Amrita was way better than her in expressions..As mind reader I donot think so it was Shakti’s idea to present working women concept..It was just given credit to Shakti. If she got Mj badge than i think Amrita should have got it too. She was equally good in presenting MAA
    4) Dharmesh: He used the prop very well and to the point with dance..nice expressions..I can definitely say that this performance was better than Amar’s and well used prop than amar’s. I did not like Terrence at all for his comment about prop..It was free style..not contemporary. Remo did agree that Dharmesh used properly the prop. For piruate yes Terrence said right that he needs to stretch the middle portion but it was great flawless performance for me..I respect him for showing drastically different style means stunt.
    5)Saajan: Very nice and clean dance. I loved his performance.
    6) Amar: Sweet and Romantic..but i did not like the cloth part..that took away my attention..without cloth he was doing great..
    7) Binny: Very well done stunts on rope..for me the floor section was lacking the energy. But It was not bad at all
    8) Punit: I put him last because ..he could have blast with this performance ..but not..there were simple steps yet he did not put the energy and synchronize well with foot work. I completely agree with Geeta in the comments.

    Remo was just harsh on Binny on the part that “Do it properly otherwise donot do it”. I donot agree with remo..Binny did well. Terrence was Ok with his comments except he said to use the prop properly that i donot agree..even i can count Remo on that.
    I am not impressed with the episode..

  17. breathless says:

    I was watching zee tv show house arrest, and they were talking about that punit prepared his tollywood dance in 4hrs because the creative team of zee told remo to change their original prepared dance for some creative difference. This just proves punit derserves the mj badge.

  18. iec2007026 says:

    i have 1 thing to say,everyone deserves MJ badge xcept dharmesh. lol
    he is the one who should have got it after the audition itself.neverthless he will get it when he will be eliminated owing to his “god” remo.

  19. kali.mangal says:

    for politics..dude..I agree with ibne batuta for Terrence using Shakti 8) 8)
    Remo and dharmesh..i would like to wait and watch tomorrow..
    I will never forgive Remo if he does something to Dharmesh..
    He has already played with words and drama with him… :mrgreen:

  20. kali.mangal says:

    Common..buddy…that is most hilarious comment i saw on this forum..
    Hours u put for ur performance proportional to ur chance of getting MJ badge :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  21. breathless says:

    @ kali.
    I didn’t know i was comedian, my point was that punit only had few hours to prepare his performance, and still he did a great job. Mj badges is not just for giving the best performance its also for giving a show without any excuses, like punit said in his act the show must go on. He and remo didn’t create a whole scene that there were given little time, they just did what they were supposed to and gave a good show.

  22. jjuli says:

    How come Shakti is getting maximum number of votes….??????

    There is a humble request for Remo….Please Judge Dancers As per their Perfromance and not as per his team performers … please dont be partial …

    Public please vote as per the performance and dont go on LOOKS.

  23. sul03 says:

    @ viresh

    shakti got the highest votes

  24. jjuli says:


  25. sul03 says:

    @ jjuli

    thats tru all the judges are in favour of their own team they cant take it when one of their members have done bad and they always defend their team alot

    it wasnt like this in did1

    i personally think did1 is 10,000 times better than did2

    n i also think they should look at the dance and judge that nothing else

  26. mnegi says:

    VOTE For Dharmesh……
    He is becoming escape Goat Target of Remo…… Remo is doing that every thing which can make hurt Dharmesh….

    Vote for Dharmesh……

  27. Happiness says:

    I loved Dharmesh and Amrita’s performances..
    My dharmu is fantastic… :P :P :P :P :P
    Dil to bachha hai ji……….

  28. sharvinhanz says:

    i tink remo is just being unfair to geeta ki gang team members.he alwiz praises his team member altough when they dunt dance well.terence definitely is feeling insecure when it comes to shakti.i tink the voters will sure remain dharmesh till the final…….good luck dharmesh,binny,amrita………hope shakti n saajan will be voted out soon

  29. sharvinhanz says:

    i also tink tat in DID 3 remo shouldnt b the judge.his judgement sucks.i tink they should bring in farah khan coz she is very good choreographer too b4 she became director.

  30. DIDrocks says:

    my ranking for this episode. i dont even care anymore about people’s shaili. and there is no relation between my comments and master’s comments. i just said what i felt like.

    1. jack (unfortunately he picked a bad day to give such a great performance. if he had given this earlier, maybe he wouldnt have seen this day. and who says terrence doesnt give good choreography to his other contestants? loved the choreo!)

    2. shakti(to do a performance like this without props and yet making it feel like everything was there (like the kid, phone, computer etc…) was exceptionally brilliant. very well done shakti)

    3. dharmesh (i disagree with terrence. i think that prop was used to the full extent. i dunno wat else he wants. but then he is a master. i am not. and it was refreshing to see dharmesh in an another style. contemporary or freestyle. i dont care. it was diff. so for that, dharmesh deserves a shabaashi from me.)

    4. amar ( very very well done. i thought he did a fab job. good choreo, feel, song, and performance. it was perfect.)

    5. amrita (loved the concept. it was touching. but also i felt the dance was really really good. i luv u ammu. ur just so good at everything. there were no flaws as far as i could see. the only reason she is fifth is cuz perhaps the whole perfromance was not as impressive as the other 4 were. otherwise very well done.)

    6. saajan (despite doing bboying again, i will put him here cuz i dont care about shailis anymore. whatever he did was good. it was seen before but it was good.)

    7. punit ( very sloppy. no finishing. i have seen better tollywood performances. face expressions were good but finishing of the steps is important as well.)

    8. binny ( yes i understand she wasnt feeling well. but i cannot put her at top becuz i know she COULD HAVE done it. i have to rate her according to what she did. and it wasnt impressive at all. she “walked” to the rope to do stunts. she was wobbly at times. it was binny’s worst by far. she can do so much better)

    this is just my opinion. if u feel differently, u r welcome to share ur opinions (without bashing). lol!

  31. DIDrocks says:

    @sharvin hanz

    i do not doubt any of the masters’ ability to judge. its just they all are blinded in defense of their own contestants and so they are not judging fairly anymore. terrence had the right idea in judging last season, but remo and geeta changed him as well.

  32. ravipatel8 says:

    Jack gave an awesome performance today no doubt… but I am just going to make a little bit of comparison with him and dharmesh because i just noticed something and i feel like i have to throw it out there and get some responses from did forum users… okay Jack is very good in his own style just like Dharmesh no one can touch them in their styles… How did Jack become so versatile than Dharmesh out of all the performances I have seen on DID i have seen Dharmesh do more different style of performances than Jack.. Although Jack did come in latter part of the show he has done some different acts but all the other acts he did without his style werent even that good… Today’s status is “It’s really sad to see that a versatile dance like Jack is out of the show and others who are good at one dance style are still competing for DANCE INDIA DANCE.” now they are definitely talking about sajan, and Dharmesh.. Sajan is okay but dharmesh has done different styles on the show but people cant get his style out of there mind so they keep saying oooo he has only done one style… I mean look at all jack’s performances two of the best performances he gave when remo said now that’s what i called performance why couldnt remo be like oo i know u are good in this no one can touch u.. i would like to see u in different style… i agree Jack should not have gone out today but i couldn’t resist but speak my mind about injustice that is happening to Dharmesh sir.. Just because he gets highest voted contestant 3 times Remo and Terrance both have to gang up on him and try to bring him down by talking bad about him… Today’s performance of jack was amazing but we have already seen him do the same stuff before same moves were done repeated with using light tech. performance came out better than ever… I wanna read other people’s comment on this.. thank you just wanted to throw what was on my mind…

  33. amar vani says:

    Would say everybody is grt and a good performer, every one has his own fan.

    Dharmesh is one of the most best of the best dancer, no body can beat him, he is second from last two weeks time but would say just watch and see the results for next week done deal No one highest voted Dharmesh.

    TAQDEER KI TOPI = Its already made the size of DHARMESH.

    You deserve bcoz you are the BEST.

  34. tweetytweets says:

    okay now its high time that some one tells that Dharmesh though he is good has not given any good performance since last few weeks… look at shakti, amar, punit, jack ( unfortunately he is out) and binny.. they have constantly proved their dancing skills in various styles. Dharmesh is good only at what he knows best.. he doesnt stand in front of these guys… but it seems he has lots of blind supporters to vote him to the top 2nd position.
    Now talking about Geeta.. when will she learn to accept that she needs to improve her choreography.. whenever something goes wrong she tries to play the emotional game with tears… and hugs and what not. In Dharmesh’s performance, the utilisation of prop was not good enough.. and Geeta was the one who made such a huge issue when Terrance’s team had done the same kind of performance with Cart wheel.. but instead of accepting that she could have done better.. she just tried to insult Terrance by saying show me what you can do.. :evil:
    Remo should work on Sajjan… Punit is mindblowing and has been consistently giving good performance… i thoroughly enjoyed his act.
    Shakti is awesome… too good well deserving… Amar has improved a lot and i liked his performance too…

  35. ChArMz AnGeL says:

    I think this was probably one of the worst show in DID 2. Only reason I feel this way is because all these contestants have shown so many extremely good performances, that none of these done today lived up to that mark. Otherwise, of course the performances were done fairly well. For the most parts, I agree with DIDrocks, but just a few adjustments.

    1) JACK –> I cannot believe he had to leave after probably his BEST solo performance. It was brilliantly done and props to Terrance for such a wonderful concept and choreo. It was so much fun to watch and of course Jack did it flawlessly. I’m going to miss him! :(

    2) DHARMESH –> I was quite surprised to see him do “contemporary” or free style, whatever they want to call it, SO BEAUTIFULLY. Considering this was his 1st attempt, I must say that I am very impressed. Now I can say he is definitely versatile and capable of alot more. GREAT EXPRESSIONS, awesome use of prop, Terrance, you need to watch this again buddy!

    3) SHAKTI –> I thought this was the BEST concept of the night! Hats off to Terrance for such a brilliant concept (I don’t know why he said Shakti thought of it, i find that hard to believe, but who knows!). She did a fantastic job with the acting, but i wish there was better choreo b/c what she did was already done by her, otherwise, great job!

    4) AMRITA –> What a sweet and heartfelt concept with good choreo! Of course Amrita performed it flawlessly and was just brilliant! Her expressions are mind blowing and I just cannot believe how flawless this girl is when she performs. PLEASE VOTE FOR HER GUYS!! LET’S SAVE THE BEST!!!

    5) AMAR –> I have begun to really like Amar. He is just so versatile and hard working. His performance today was flawless, romantic and sweet! He is just so smooth and his expressions are very sweet. I can’t wait to see how he is in Geeta’s dance! This guy can do it all!

    6) SAAJAN –> Have to agree with DIDrocks, he was pretty good. Of course he did his style, hence why I expect nothing less, but it was credible. Was it enough to survive in the competition? Not really, unless Punit leaves before him, then it is okay.

    7) PUNIT –> Terrance is despicable. I cannot believe he did not point out all the flaws in Punit’s performance. He kept it short and simple just so he doesn’t have to point them out. If there is no excuse for a SICK PERSON, then there is NO EXCUSE NOT TO SING the song you are dancing to, even if it is not your language. That is absolutely no excuse especially since they practice on the song enough to learn it. Very disappointed in Terrance for saying “no lip synching MAAF”. Terrance pointed out the little “bump” in Amrita’s performance and the “prop” in Dharmesh’s performance considering both were flawless, but NO BAD POINT IN PUNIT’S. Sigh, all I have to say is this was not a good performance. He was so messy and barely completed his steps. It was clearly visible that the song was too fast for him. No where near the mark Kishore and Amrita left with a Tollywood performance.

    8:) BINNY –> Only reason i put her eight is because I really do not want to count her in today’s performance, but sadly have to. We all know what Binny is capable of, and in today’s whole show and performance, you can see that Binny was barely there mentally. She definitely looked very weak and sadly had to perform. I think she did a credible job considering her weakness and I definitely thought the rope portion was daring and nice, and the dancing portion with the sword was awesome! If she was better, I know for sure she would have been in the top 5 for today’s performance. She is the girl version of Amar who is very hard working and versatile. Feel better Binny!

  36. jai says:

    @proncerij90 : i think u were asking ppl to grow up ..just look at ur comments …they dun like terrence n u dun like geets ..dats the only difference ..dun try to show u r very good at judging etc.. or u are any different from those ppl

  37. ChArMz AnGeL says:

    @ Tweetytweets –

    I agree with you that Geeta is not that great in choreography compared to Terrance and Remo, but I don’t know how you can say Dharmesh is not versatile and Shakti and Punit are?

    Shakti is brilliant in contemporary, but the performances she gave that are not contemporary were not that great.

    As for Punit, I do not understand how he is still on this show in the expense of Kruti, Shashank and Kishore leaving. Punit is definitely awesome with his expressions and acting as well as his contemporary, but honestly, none of his performances had me saying “WOW”. Today’s tollywood attempt was so messy and not good compared to what Amrita & Kishore did, but I don’t understand how these masters overlook his flaws. Oh well.

    Amar, Binny & Amrita –> Most versatile dancers on the show, HANDS DOWN!!!

  38. avgiri says:

    all the best to all

  39. jai says:

    @princerij90 : i think u were asking ppl to grow up ..just look at ur comments …they dun like terrence n u dun like geets ..dats the only difference ..dun try to show u r very good at judging etc.. or u are any different from those ppl….u r asking ppl to get over D who luv D ..n u simply hate Geeta ..get over Geeta SADDIST n try to look at things after getting over hating her ..luving some is stil not a bad thing …but one who hates blindly is a SADDIST like u ..

  40. golegappa says:

    Mithun da should recall Jack, no doubt he is one of the best.
    Best comment of the day was..

    “faisla caheen kuch bhi ho 165 desh is performance ko yaad rakhenge”

    No one would disagree that Jack was atleast better than Saajan and Binny.

    Shakti gave a mind blowing performance.

    Dharmesh getting screwed up by Geeta Big Time.

    Geeta made the same comment when Amar used wheel prop – that prop was not used properly, Terrance was making the same point.

    She was shamelessly asking Terrance to SHOW HER, damn you Geeta can you show even single dance you choreographed for your contestants.

  41. anujsharma says:

    i just wish ki ye log aise hi dnace karte rahe..or humein entertain karte elimination is really something very heart breaking…but…as said..its a game…we have to bear…once againg..shakti did a fantastic job..justifying her no 1 position..would like to say..dharmesh sir backup….do something rocking…

  42. jai says:

    @princerij90 i said saddist for u were telling others to grow up …i m just telling u since u hate geeta every 1 else is also entitled to hate any 1 …u cant convey ur opinion as absolute ..just accept it …i m no hardcore fan of terrence geeta or remo ..but i m hard core hater of politics n i am seeing dat ..dun tell others to do what u dun do ..dats my point ..i hope u understand it …else u knw i dun give a crap …

  43. fyzy says:

    Saajan repeated all the moves we have seen before… :|
    Remo is a very diplomatic figure… He praises only his team.. does not matter how they perform.
    Terrence just knows to comment… he had no guts to use the prop in a different manner… The excuse he gave was “I am in a suit”… That is utter nonsense… :oops:

  44. shital says:

    vote for DHARMESH

  45. fyzy says:

    I agree with Shital…. I guess Remo and Terrence hav joined hands in puttin down dharmesh in front of every1…


  46. arvindhlw says:

    २६ मार्च २०१० का DID अदितीय था , शक्ति के न्र्त्य ने मन मोह लिया , शक्ति एक कुशल न्र्त्याग्ना ही इसमे कोई शक नही है किंतु उसका दुर्भाग्य है कि उसका मेंतोर किसी भी द्र्स्ती कबिल नही है , उसमे जलन कि भावना है वोह दुसरे को आगे बडते नही देख सकता है , काळ जब गीता ने उससे कहा था कि वोः उस पोळे जिस पार न्र्त्य करणे के लिये धर्मेश से कहा था DANCE कर के दिखाये तब वो बगळे झाकने लगा ,
    DID कि TEAM से अनुरोध है कि वे भविष्य मी इन MENTORS से लिये भी PUBLIC POLL करे और CHANEL कि पारदर्शिता के लिये पर्तीभागियो के राज्यो का विवरण न दे , प्रतीभागी भारत से होते है न कि किसी राज्य से,
    जितने वाले प्रतीभागी के विजेता बनने के बाद हि उसके राज्य का विवरण देणा स्वस्थ परंपरा को जन्म देगा !

    और अंत मी एक बात भारत स्वयं मी एक न्र्त्य प्रधान देश है , जिसे विदेशी न्र्त्यो कि जरूरत नही है ,हर राज्य का अपना एक न्र्त्य है ,फिर इन तेर्रांचे जैसे लोगो को BADAWA क्यो , जिसे ये PROP कहते है वो राजस्थान के नतबाजी कि तरह ही है ,भारत को साल्सा कि जरूरत नही जरूरत है अपनी संस्कृती को बचाने कि , ओर DANCE INDIA DANCE का मतलब भारत के DANCE से होना है !
    DID की सारी TEAM को मेरी तरफ से शुभ:कामना एवं बधाई !!!!!!!!!!!!

    मेरी इच्छा है की FINAL के दिन एक बार TERRANCE को वो COSTUME जो धर्मेश ने अपने एक न्र्त्य मी PEHNA था ओर जिसका वजन मात्र ५० KG था पेह्ना कर STAGE पंर अवश्य बुलाया जाये !!!

  47. DIDrocks says:

    @charmz angel

    im not saying ur wrong or whatever, but i would like to clarify sumthing for u and everyone also. its just that people keep saying there was no other dance that shakti did best than contemporary. wrong. there is one another dance. it was paso doble. just becuase it wasnt hip hop or stunts or fast music, doesnt mean its contemporary.(also a dance doesnt become contemporary just becuz there are stretches in it either.) paso doble HIGHLY diff. so shakti is good at TWO styles. agreed that this is nowhere enough. two is as good as none. but im just saying. and i would like say sumthin for dharmesh. people claim that dharmesh tried new stuff. well yes. i dont deny. in fact shakti has tried lots of styles as well just like dharmesh. BUT neither of them suceeded in anything. Dharmesh as well is good in TWO styles. those are hip hop obviously and Viennese Waltz. well now u might ask what about today’s performance. yes no doubt it was good. but this performance was sumthin like shakti’s hip hop in top 18. if u remember her hip hop performance when she was first put into dance ki kasauti, she rocked it. although all the other hip hop performances failed to impress me much. just likt that, dharmesh’s today freestyle performance is good. but his previous styles like this have not impressed me much.

    so my point right now is, if dharmesh is bad, so is shakti. and if shakti is bad, so is dharmesh. i personally do not see ANY difference in them. the only thing thats diff is their fortes in dance.

    so im just hoping this war between shakti and dharmesh’s fans would just stop. although i find dharmesh’s fans a little more harsh than shakti’s cuz at least shakti’s fans dont call dharmesh a seducer and monkey and what not. (again not all dharmesh fans do this. but there a few who i absolutely despise becuz of this). i advise those of u who are doing this to acture mature and fight and debate like an adult. no name calling plz!

  48. iluvdid says:

    Review of 26th March Episode:

    1st- Amrita:The choreography was very difficult[mentioned by terrence as well].Performance was emotional and Remo and terrence praised her as well. Remo rightly said she was the only one who could fare well in this tough choreography!!!Terrence also rightly said she never lets Geeta down!!!

    2nd- Jack: He did very well…but the steps looked very similar to what he had done before.But never the less he was brilliant in the unique style.

    3rd Dharmesh: Geeta made him do dance as well. and the prop was also perfectly used unlike Amar when he tried the German Wheel.I think Terrence was just trying to get back at geeta.

    4th Amar: Choreography was simple but still good….Amar performed brilliantly with only one flaw.

    5th Punit:He was crisp n clear in his movements.He emoted well as well but geeta said rightly that his foot work was not that good!!

    6th Shakti: He moves were not clear at all.Choreography was too very fast.But still she did an OK job as the choreography was tough.She performed the same style though with stretching her legs being the USP of the performance.

    7th Binny: Even after being ill she gave a decent act weaker than all the others except sajan.

    8th Saajan: He was terrible.Moves were not clear at all.and the B buoying stunts he did the windmill or the stunt were he jumps on his hand were already seen so he did not do anything new.He was was disastrous in the floor work.I loved his ending as the performance thankfully ended.

  49. iluvdid says:

    When saajan does the something in B buoying there is no harm but then why Remo always asks Dharmesh to bring something new in Hip Hop Style……so very hypocrite of Remo???????I just Hate him………

  50. shital says:

    i agree with iluvdid and i hate Remo :evil: too..

  51. iluvdid says:

    People vote for Amrita as she truly needs our help and she has proved herself again and again that she is the best. She has not given any performance were masters could criticize her which the masters are eagerly waiting for but the girl knows the art form DANCE better than all the others on the set!!!!!!

    Vote for Amrita

    SMS: AMRITA to 57575

    Call: 186 2424 7575 16

  52. iluvdid says:

    Amrita could hv performed better in the act perfomed by Shakti as she has the grace unlike Shakti who is just flexible and shakti cd not even cope with the fast choreography.

  53. shital says:

    Plz Vote for DHARMESH & AMRITA

  54. DIDrocks says:

    i give up on saajan and his inability to do anything else properly. ab jo hoga dekha jayega. im confident that people will vote amrita out even if saajan, punit or even binny deserve to go next week. just watch it happen. amrita, i cannot do anything for u but shed some tears. my two votes for u hardly will count for anything. :( i luv u darling. all the best in life. reality shows are not for u. people cant stand to see a good performer do well cuz she is not “fair-faced.” what bulls***! i dunno why but reality shows always end up like this. indian idol, saregamapa, DID, blah blah…somehow in all of them, the who deserves to win never does. happened same way in DID1 and it will again this season.

  55. imkiller says:


  56. Shakti says:

    dude i say freaken Geeta needs 2 freaken shut up and stop askin 4 simpily by cyring and freaken stop cussing i thought it was a family show wasnt it and shakti rocked like always! :wink:

  57. DIDrocks says:

    @ shital

    what u said:
    “Shakti only knows stretching her leg and bums to here and there.”

    really? enough is enough. im highly disturbed by these comments. they r digusting and cheap. if u have problem with shakti’s dance, then say so without using such vulgar language. i have no problem with that. im sorry im only attacking u, but this is intended for the other people who have said this also and u guys know who u r!

  58. DIDrocks says:

    @ shital

    u think terrence only knows how to dress up like a girl and doesnt know dance?!!!! what the heck is that supposed to mean? i dont know what u have been watching but it surely wasnt DID.

  59. bhargav523 says:


  60. bhargav523 says:

    Dharmesh WAS AWESOME………………

  61. iluvdid says:

    @ DID i completely agree with Shital becoz that what shakti does and nothing else. Ask her to perform without stretching and you will see her as the worst dancer in DID for sure.
    When she performed Roop Suhana where she couldnot stretch we saw how bad she was.
    Even she and her dear master realized it.thats why they are back to square one stretch stretch stretch stretch…………….Even Geeta and Remo are tired of telling her to do something new..

  62. shakoorbaitu says:

    I saw DID for Dharmesh & Binny.

  63. shital says:

    i think DIDrocks loves Terrance, shakti and her performance so much!

    DIDrocks u r feeling so much insecurity hum. Dude stop commenting here and start voting for shakti to save her. becoz she will get off very soon from DID2.

    Becoz people are not fool. All know wht shakti can do and wht she is doing constantly one same contemporary style from first episode to till date.

  64. srini145 says:

    Terrence is clearly dominating the show..his choreography and concepts are just fantastic …all three of his contestants today were brilliant. Shakti is just too good. No matter what people on this forum say about her doesnot matter. She is getting votes and thats more important. She truly deserves the No.1 position.
    Dharmesh fans are just jealous of Shakti and Terrence.

    Dharmesh again gave an ok performance. He got Geeta ..what can he do. Feel sorry for him. But you need to judge the individual performance on that day.
    Shakti, Amar, Jack, Punit all of them are giving very good performances and improving every week.

    I honestly think next to go should be either Binny or Saajan. And when will Mithun use his veto power.
    Shashank, Jack, Kruti, Parvez…all deserve to come back..

  65. srini145 says:

    I think certain people on this forum forgot the concept of decency when commenting on Shakti..
    Looks like people can stoop to any level to defame an innocnet girl calling her all kinds of names like moneky, commenting on her clothes, commenting on her appearance and everything..
    Why?Just because she is beating Dharmesh?
    This is pathetic..

    Shakti is brilliant dancer and very sweet girl. I hope she wins it.

  66. a9wahla says:

    Hey does anybody know how was Dharmesh sirs performance on sat?

  67. satubeni says:

    Yesterday performances are in sequence wise are following for me:-
    1. Amrita: – Very energetic dance with new for me
    2. Amar:-He is growing up after every performance
    3. Dhramesh:- For trying some thing new he will be on no.3
    4. Shakti: – It is confirm she can do only cont.made by Terence , DID Means Indian style (Classical, semi classic , kathak) She can not do this so she not deserve to be at no.1
    5. Jack :- Same as usual only Hip hop ,He deserve to go & it was the fair decision
    6. Binny:-Despite being ill she done a good job, this for her courage.
    7. Punit: – He can not dance he can do only acting. Legs movements was not proper as indicated by Master
    8. Sajan: – He deserve next to go can only do b’boing .

  68. a9wahla says:

    PLus can you guys just stop blaming everyone. I feel like everyone is good except that b boying dude. So both d sir and shakti are good. Can anyone tell me how d sir did on sat? like tomorrow?

  69. love_dharmesh says:

    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: By d way all are know that dharmesh will win did2 season

    and by d way shakti will do contemporary today again..she can’t do other dance style because she dosen’t know other style

    ONLY geeta’s contestant do all the style in every dance performance..

    AND REMO and TERRENCE ki mili bhagat he dharmesh ko nicha dikhaneki..kyuki vo jante he ..KYUNKI DHARMESH IS DOING ALL THE DANCE STYLES…AND he will win … they are jealous on him..

    AND punit is 6akka dancer how he deserve MJ BAND of remo …he got it bcoz he is remo,s contestant..and remo gives MJ BAND to shakti for her bumpi bumpi dance.. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :D



  70. love_dharmesh says:

      By d way all are know that dharmesh will win did2 season

      and by d way shakti will do contemporary today again..she can’t do other dance style because she dosen’t know other style

        ONLY geeta’s contestant do all the style in every dance performance..

    AND REMO and TERRENCE ki mili bhagat he dharmesh ko nicha dikhaneki..kyuki vo jante he ..KYUNKI DHARMESH IS DOING ALL THE DANCE STYLES…AND he will win … they are jealous on him..

    AND punit is 6akka dancer how he deserve MJ BAND of remo …he got it bcoz he is remo,s contestant..and remo gives MJ BAND to shakti for her bumpi bumpi dance..



  71. sandeep321 says:

    I can’t believe Jack went home!!!!!! He was such a good dancer!!!! It’s just typical India people they will never let an outsider get ahead…… Dharmesh,Saajan , and amrita deserve to go home……. I hate the way Amrita acts she thinks she’s better than everyone else but she’s just stupid and annoying!!!!!!!!!!! Saajan always has some kind of flaw in his performance and still he doesn’t get on red sofa!!!!!! I honestly think dance India dance is planned and votes do not even count…. They already know who they want to win……. All you Dharmesh,Saajan, Amrita fans you guys all suck!!!!!!!

  72. DIDrocks says:

    @ shital
    “i think DIDrocks loves Terrance, shakti and her performance so much! DIDrocks u r feeling so much insecurity hum. Dude stop commenting here and start voting for shakti to save her. becoz she will get off very soon from DID2.”

    insecurity and me? for whom? shakti? if u have been on this forum from before, u would realize how much i oppose shakti and dharmesh. i think both are useless. but anyway, i do not need to justify myself for ur silly accusations. think whatever u want. but do us all a favor, and especially me, and dont ever use vulgar language on this forum. its grossing me out. stretching, bums….blah. eww!!!

    and as far as insecurity goes, i think this is evident in shakti and dharmesh’s fans. u guys have become so pathetic that u have stooped down to name calling like 1st graders do. very mature!

  73. DIDrocks says:

    @ shital

    oh and one more thing, if u have been here long enough, u wouldve known im a girl, not a “dude.”

  74. Nishikant says:

    why there is only contemprary dance for shakti from terance ki toli if dharmesh do his style its like he is doing the same stuff this means terrance is playin a mind game now trying to be smart,but the answer Geeta gave to Terrance was good slap on his face,do it when u have so much of problem with other dancers.

    No doubt Shakti is a good dancer but dharmesh tries out every single step to be his part of life.good going dharmesh i love your dance

  75. DIDrocks says:


    amrita is not stupid! she the best dancer on DID currently. no matter how she is personality wise, she is the best there is and desreves the topi by a long shot. jack was good but nowhere near as good as amrita. no one is as good as amrita. she is true dancer.


    no personal attacks plz! its very rude!

  76. DIDrocks says:

    @ satubeni

    jack’s dance looked like hip hop to u???? it was contemporary!!! and jack definetely did a great job.

  77. DIDrocks says:

    srini145 said:

    “I think certain people on this forum forgot the concept of decency when commenting on Shakti..
    Looks like people can stoop to any level to defame an innocnet girl calling her all kinds of names like moneky, commenting on her clothes, commenting on her appearance and everything..
    Why?Just because she is beating Dharmesh?
    This is pathetic..”

    dude, u are so right. u nailed it. this is what ive been trying to say. although i dont feel shakti should win this competition but she does not desreve all these names that people are calling her. i think its pathetic how people are putting down (in the cheapest way) shakti, terrence, remo. calling them unfair is one thing. but calling them 6akka, sexist, prostitute is taking it overboard, u guys need to chill and come to ur senses. stop being so cheap!

  78. shital says:

    @ DIDrocks – whatever you are girl or dude.. who cares abt u and ur comments and abt ur likings. :mrgreen:


    you keep annotating ok :lol: :lol:

  79. shital says:

    :wink: I AGREE WITH love_dharmesh

  80. love_dharmesh says:

    oh thanku thanku shital

  81. love_dharmesh says:

    mindblowing shital

  82. MG says:

    What was going on ?You people are con’t see the perfect dance or what?Why Amrita was siting on the red chair?

    Please Please vote for Amrita & Dharmesh.

    They were superb fantastic last night also
    God Bless

  83. Whackybanana says:

    Dharmesh was ordinary when compared to Amar’s earlier performance with the wheel

  84. sharvinhanz says:

    Dharmesh sir is the best dancer ever had in DID,he can perform all kind of dances.shakti only noe to seduce the judges n the jaanta other than doing contemporary style.shakti try do sumting new.u just sucks n spoil the mood of the show.remo shud be thrown out of the show by Mithun Da.a guy who cant dance well n Remo will say N Tat Wat I Called A Performance.wat a sucking line. Pls everyone vote for Dharmesh Sir.

    vote 4 dharmesh
    vote 4 dharmesh
    vote 4 dharmesh
    :o :evil:

  85. MG says:

    Vote For Dharmesh Amrita

  86. sharvinhanz says:


    i tink u shud just take shakti back home n tell her to dance for u…….at least DID ka show bach jao gah shakti toh
    shakti succcccccks every1.

  87. shital says:

    Vote For Dharmesh and Amrita

  88. shital says:

    Vote For Dharmesh and Amrita – both are superb

  89. sonam.arya6 says:

    What is wrog with Remo and Terrance, they have been supporting each other’s contestant but have been very rude with Geeta’s contestants. just so Obvious, they are insecure, no matter what this time the winner is going to be from Geeta’s team. Giving a MJ badge to Shakti, DUH!! all she has been doing in contempory style dancing, Binny was genuinely not well, it showed. And i don’t think she gave a bad performance. Dharmesh was also good. Nice expressions, good use of Prop (unlike Amar with the same prop)! Am tired of watching the politics in the show. Thought this was one genuine reality show, but now coz of Remo’s and Terrence’s insecurity the show is loosinbg its charm. why so much importance is given to Shakti. What is she, some Filmstar’s daughter or a politician’s daughter to be given so much importance. Common its high time she is out of the show. She is a bad dancer!! Give her classical, salsa or any other dance form, m sure its gonna be a flop show.If in one more episode she is given this importance i am going to stop watching DID. Grow up Remo, Terrance!!! Accept it!! Dharmesh Amrita are the best dancers on the show!!!

  90. shital says:

    I am completely agree with sonam.arya6 8)

  91. sonam.arya6 says:

    Shakti should be eliminated ASAP, Janta is not blind, giving her a MJ badge(which now has no value in my eyes) or giving her a standing ovation for a pathetic dance performance or giving good comments to her though she didn’t dance well, or making the guest say good things about her will not make the Janta vote for her. it is mere politics that she is getting highest votes,for all you know she might not be getting single votes, and Zee and DID are just manipulating

  92. sonam.arya6 says:

    Thank you Shital for agreeing with me

  93. sonam.arya6 says:

    we don’t want insecure mentors like Remo and Terrance in the next season!!!

  94. sonam.arya6 says:

    Saajan, Shakti should have been elimated long back. Shashank and Kruti deserved to stay, rather these so fit for ntg Shakti and saajan

  95. MG says:

    where is locking & popping dance & true HIP HOP?

  96. shital says:

    yes sonam.arya6, u r right, Shashank should come back – he is also a versatile dancer

  97. Yes, i agree with sonam.arya6 and shital, Terrance and Remo had been supporting each other and Remo had given an MJ band to Shakti, which she doesn’t deserve to get yesterday. Its true that she was 1st highest voted contestant for 2 weeks, but Dharmesh Sir had been 1st highest Voted for 3 weeks and 2nd highest Voted for now 2 weeks. Dharmesh deserve it, but Remo gave it to Shaki to make Dharmesh jealous…. Its not fare………….
    Dharmesh Go and rock the world man!!!!

  98. adair says:

    Poor Binny i hope she feels well……. Saajaan i think should go..Jack is better then him.. i don’t know why Dharmesh is so popular because his dance are just mediocre.

  99. MG says:

    I am completely agree with sonam.arya6


  100. sonam.arya6 says:

    Guys did you even listen to the reason what Remo gave for giving Shakti the MJ badge ” She has the highest voted contestant for the last two weeks, and her performance has been awesome in the last few weeks. If m not wrong, Dharmesh was the highest voted contestant for 3 weeks, and now he is 2 weeks. Remo Grow up. Your insecurity is just so obvious. what are you trying to do, make Dharmesh feel bad, or put down Geeta’s team. Your such childish behaviour is not going to affect Geeta or her team members. Amrita and Dharmesh rock, and they have a very bright future!!

  101. sonam.arya6 says:

    Though Zee’s and Remo’s and Terrence’s politics might make Shakti the winner, in my eyes Dharmesh is already a WINNER!!!

  102. priya says:

    Dharmesh is untouchable now,its proven.
    Yesterday’s episode clearly show the fear of mentors(R and T off course) who are looking for all sort of reasons and criticism for Dharmesh.

    Unknowingly they are helping Dharmesh,as People are smart enough to know their move,those who dont see are liked to befooled.

    Great going Dharmesh,the real faces of them are coming out now.

  103. priya says:

    Guys one more thing,
    So going through

    its clear that the jabardast MJ batch are for non dancers
    we can also get that.

    now I know why Dharmesh,Amrita and kunwar are not qualifiled for that.

  104. sonam.arya6 says:

    Well said Priya

    Guys have you noticed, when Mithun gives his kya baat or when he stands to give stading ovation, he is not looking at the contestants, but looks at the TV screen to see how he looks…whoever made him the grand master must be nuts

  105. princerij90 says:

    for every dumb retards who comment on this show, stop complaining about shakti just cuz she’s number 1 okay? dharmesh, dharmesh, dharmesh…it’s really annoying…he’s NO BETTER THAN SHAKTI in his own style..shakti is amazing in contemporary, dharmesh is amazing in hip hop..when it comes to other styles, they aren’t much stop saying vote for dharmesh vote for dharmesh like idiots..what has dharmesh done so amazing that we have to vote for him..calm the f*** down..dharmesh doesn’t even deserve to be number 2 and neither does shakti to be number 1..the best place should be taken by dancers like amar or amrita..they are the most versatile and strong in all if you’re gonna keep complaining about shakti being number 1, then stop saying vote for dharmesh..because if you’re tired of watching shakti stretching her legs, so are a lot of people watching dharmesh doing hip hop..get over yourselves and get over dharmesh..if you’re so obsessed with dharmesh cuz of his hip hop, then there are a lot of people obsessed with shakti cuz of her contemporary..THIS IS A FACT, JUST ACCEPT IT AND STOP COMPLAINING..
    i really wish amar, amrita or even puneet would get more votes..these guys are so versatile..all ppl do here is say vote for dharmesh..ridiculous

  106. cool_007 says:

    Guys Vote for Dharmesh!!!

    Guys remo n terrance r playing dirty games!!! They both r trying everthing to bring down dharmesh!!! Yest dharmesh performed free style!!! But terrance thought it was contemporory!!! poor terrance lol!!! 1 thing i must say Remo is a big looser!!! lol!!! According to remo n terrance if dharmesh does diff styles they both say it was d same style!!! N if shakti does comtemporary every time they say fantastic!!! lol!!!

    Now coming to shakti!!!
    Guys i don no why remo gave mj badge to shakti??? Is he gone mad or wt!!! shakti dosen’t no to perform other styles than contemparory!!! she don deserve to get that badge!!! I don no why she is in this show???

    Plz vote out shakti in d next episode plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

  107. princerij90 says:

    another thing, jack shouldn’t have been out..this wasn’t his was saajan or binny’s turn..binny was sick? c’mon this show doesn’t go with any excuses..everyone has to perform their best in every show and that’s all that matters…saajan when will you leave this show??? it’s really not fair to other contestants for him to be here..MITHUN DA PLEASE BRING KRUTI OR PARVEZ BACK..this show needs more versatility..

  108. AnnieJ says:

    On Shakti:

    Yes, stylistically, she leans toward contemporary, and it bleeds into her attempt of other styles. Dada did say it was okay to use your sheli at least a little in other styles.

    I think it’s unfair that people put Shakti down. Pretend Shakti never did contemporary and then look at today’s performance. It was mind blowing! I don’t believe Dance India Dance means they have to be talented in Indian dances. It depends on what you think the goal of the show is (as someone said once before in another post):

    1. You want either the star of India to be the winner,
    2. Or you want the most versatile dancer to be the winner.

    If you fall under #1, Shakti or Dharmesh is it. If you fall under #2, you need to GET REAL because then it would have to be one of the underdogs, not Shakti OR Dharmesh (at least not so far).

    To be fair, I did like Dharmesh’s attempt today. I saw where Terence was coming from on the prop thing – he climbed on top twice! Nevermind that he did a spinny thing once. But I still felt the prop was decently utilized. I felt comparing Amar’s performance with the German wheel was soo unfair because THE GERMAN WHEEL IS A HUGE THING!!! They just don’t have enough stage space! This wheel was different (poo poo on you who thought it was the same! lol) and a lot narrower cause it’s cylindrical instead of a circle. But as a whole, Dharmesh is getting better in other styles, and feel the same about Shakti too.

    You guys really shouldn’t blame the contestants so much. They do what their choreographer asks of them! :mrgreen:

  109. princerij90 says:

    @didrocks..i respect your last comment..this person shital needs to grow up and get over dharmesh lol

  110. DIDrocks says:


    im only commenting back to tell u how pathetic u sound and not to mention insecure. otherwise i wouldnt even waste my energy typing responses to ur silly comments.

  111. princerij90 says:

    for all the DANCE EXPERT WANNA-BEs out there, if you guys think you are so great in judging dancing, then why are all of you not there instead of remo? pathetic really

  112. DIDrocks says:

    @ princerij90

    yes, she does need to grow up big time. but i have a feeling she is like in grade school. otherwise she wouldnt be so childish. so im stopping myself from being extremely harsh.

  113. DIDrocks says:

    @ annieJ

    agree with u 100%

  114. jai says:

    watever ..why the hell is saajan there ….leave nebody else ..why is he here ?? (mad) :?: :x :!: :( :evil: :twisted: also its clearly visible remo n terrence being partial …shakti is being over praised n dharmesh isnt being praised at all …although i find both at same level ..but shakti has not been trying new things although dharmesh has been ..n why is AMRITA not in picture 3 are amrita dharmesh n amr/shakti ..cus its amaar who made her dances look gr8 ..neways she is not good at expressions and contemporary 2 n D excels here for he himself is a choreographer ..but a genuine question How Can an UNBIASED judgement be expected when participant is an old student of urs ??

  115. jai says:

    is not abt dharmesh or shakti …its abt being FAIR n i dun think judges r fair to D … n cus of D’s popularity n judges biasedness ..the one who is suffering the most is AMRITA …judges try to put dharmesh down n extra praises for shakti …dat creates a fight among fans ..n AMRITA gets ignored among all fans …ppl just ignore the judgements n everythng for person who dances well atleast n dun vote AMRITA out …it doesnt matter who is first or second ..its all who has more fans n who is more luved ..but being last ..when saajan n punit r there ..its terrible ignorance …what matters is who gets eliminated ….whoever is more popular will win after coming in top 4..ppl will decide who is luvd more ..but ppl r fighting for 1 n 2 place …damn …n yes i dun trust remo’s judgements cus he has been praising saajan for NO reason n criticizing D for no reason …i still have faith in Geeta n terrence though ..n this MJ badge drama totally sucks …who the hell is REMO to distribute MJ badges ?? even remo doesnt deserve 1 …its a shame to MJ’s name …he is way too big …no dedication to legengd but misusing of his name :x

  116. princerij90 says:

    forgot to mention lol, geeta once again tries to win ppl’s hearts with her tears..pathetic, really pathetic..and who gave her the right to curse in a show like this who EVERYONE, I MEAN EVERYONE INCLUDING LITTLE KIDS WATCH..very f***ing well??????wtf geeta? grow up okay? if binny is too sick to perform, then she should just voluntarily leave this show..this is NO EXCUSE for a show like DID..i seriously hate geeta’s the f*** do you ask terrence to show what more could be done with the props? he’s a judge just like you.. idiot..why don’t you go ahead and show amar what more could be done with the wheel you fat loser..leave this show..and binny, feel better..

  117. Namrata Janiani says:

    The first Indian to receive the prestigious Dance WEB Scholarship, representing India in Vienna, Austria.

    The first Indian to represent Asia at the international Choreographer’s Meet at the TANZ platform, Stuttgart, Germany.





  118. breathless says:

    This forum has become a war field for dharmesh and shakti fans. Why can’t people just accept that both are good in their own style. some of the comments i read about shakti and calling her names is just unbelievable. I think that all the fans of did2 have just chosen who they like and if any body says anything about( even master like remo and terrance) they jump up and start bashing them. DID2 is just a show, we should all watch and hopefully enjoy it and not start fake conterverios over like terrance and remo have joined to make dharmesh lose and etc. But looking at the comments on this forum( i am also guilt of this) I fell like dance india has become a fight of the egos rather than a talent hunt.

  119. kari2321994 says:

    :evil: jack was nt supposed to b out so soon..he was gud………

  120. kari2321994 says:

    dharmesh sir iz da best ……….sajan 2 bt shakti …..i don’t think so

  121. jai says:

    i agree with u …but it sometimes pisses me off that on 1 hand u r being very good n on the next comment ur using all sorts of words(***) for ur non favourite n asking the others to GROW UP …i totally second ur statement n i hope i dun see atleast u cursing one or another …
    @ everybody ——peace

    Again it doesnt mater who is first or second ..what matters is who gets eliminated..dun ignore AMRITA

  122. jai says:

    i guessi am not clear on ly point ..supoose i have to caste two votes n i like DHarmesh n amrita both ..but seeing shkati’s popularity i will caste both votes for D n none for amrita ..Amrita suffers …suppose i like shakti n dharmesh both n amrita also …i will vote for both ..amrita ignored :( ..suppose i like shakti n amrita ..but thinking abt D i will caste both votes for Shakti ..amrita suffers :( …Here i have not considered the cases where amrita is not liked ..cus i think more or less every 1 agreesshe is a brilliant dancer …but somehow show is not dependent on her for TRP…n due to this ignorance ppl who r voting for saajan cus he is from punjab or gals who thnk he is cute or may be remo voting all day long :P ..exceed her votes …dat was my point …vote for every 1 except for the person u think should be eliminated this week :P

  123. JIN BABA says:

    Aaj K Episode Me Amrita or JACK Ny Loot Lia Hy SHOW Guys. Hurryyyyy.. you people also can’t imagine how Good Jack with his New Dance Attempt, awesome performance Amrita & jacko today. And Geeta done very good job with Jacko, she hug both Dancers after the performance. Master Remo also get shocked to see this performance. his eyes Wild Open :lol: .

    Shakti doing same contempory with Punit, Tereence u r such a Looser this time, why Shakti not going to other group?? ANSWER da** it. you act like there is nobody but Shakti :twisted: .

    Dharmesh & Saajan doing Break Dance with Black Getup, with 3 or 4 Mix # with awesome lighting, i felt that bcoz of Saajan, Dharmesh performance also not looking good, Saajan is a weakest contestant on this SHOW, Surprisingly still in the GAME just bcoz of Master Remo, Jack much much better from this Saajan Singh, Remo Grow up & leave this hAck Politics.

    Today on Saturday Master & Grand Master also doing each other acting, Mathunda acting Geeta / Remo & Terrence, and they (Master) doing Mathunda Acting :lol:

    AAJ TU PYSA WasooL Hy Bo$$ . FuLL Entertainment 2nigh SHOW

  124. Dreamcatcher says:

    @Dipti and Shital (who I think might be the same person)

    I feel SORRY for you that you got such a poor upbringing that you have no manners and speak such filthy, gutter language. I wish you had gotten a better upbringing at home because then at least you would have been a decent person. I have nothing to say to your comments about Shakti, because your gutter thought and language is not worthy of any decent response.

    I believe going by the rules of this forum, and any decent forum, Dipti and Shital should be blocked from here and their comments deleted?

  125. shital says:

    princerij90 is also annotating too :lol: good going keep it u both DIDrocks and princerij90 :mrgreen:

  126. princerij90 says:

    @jai..yes i do hate geeta and i admit it, simply because of her can she ask terrence to do that..seriously, she can’t even move around any more..and she has already copied terrence’s act twice..she has no creativity whatsoever..she cries for no reason to win ppl’s heart..and i’m only saying that if shakti is being hated like that, so should be dharmesh..because they are no better than each other, only strong in their own fields, and honestly, i like both..i don’t think geeta is a bad choreographer, but it pisses me off to see her copy terrence and then be rude to him..i’m no hardcore fan of terrence but i do think he is the most unbiased and at the same time, most creative and also the best choreographer in the yea i said it, i hate geeta..and whoever thinks, i’m a saddist just cuz of that, it’s his/her opinion and i simply don’t care..thank you

  127. shital says:

    @ Dreamcatcher – read other comments too :lol:

  128. princerij90 says:

    @dreamcatcher..thank you very just spoke my mind..and i also think dipti and shital are accounts by the same person, who’s a sad child and needs to get a life and grow up..

  129. shital says:

    i think “princerij90″ and “DIDrocks” are same person :lol:

  130. JIN BABA says:

    Geeta Ma’am Is Right, They Shakti & Punit doing good acting (contemporary tu acha kar hi lety hy but) she mention right. Acting us say ziada achi kar lety hy :lol: ,

    terrence you seem like Scary CAT this time, i know u r wonderful choreographer, but due to play this politics, u disappointing me :confused: . Remo Aap ny tu History Raqam karlee hy Sir Saajan ko Bardasht karwa k Is Show me :lol: . bhae kis tarha sy Save kar rahay ho Saajan ko can you tell us please ?.

    Guys Listen to me, do not Caste Vote at all, don’t waiste your time & Money, bcoz there only Zee decide that who gonna out & who stay in the GAME :?

    Else upto you, weather you caste your vote or not.

  131. samdurian says:

    Why people vote for Punit and Saajan. They are the most hopeless and non-versatile. They dont deserve to be even in top 7. Remo didn’t get a good team this time. So he is trying to protect them. Almost for every performance he says, ‘Now that’s what I call a performance’. When even others gave loads of bad comments. Seriously, good dancers like Jack, Kruti. Kishore has been eliminated. I feel so bad. Same thing will continue. And just see both Punit and Saajan will be in top 5, and even someone may win. :evil:

  132. JIN BABA says:

    Grow up Guys. this is not a place for Fighting Or Abu$ing each other, just share your thoughts & be Calm 8)

  133. DHARMENDRA says:


  134. princerij90 says:

    @shital..really?? you think so..well you really are brainless..i’m really sorry for saying that but you give me no choice..didrocks clearly stated that she opposes shakti and dharmesh..i already said i like both..her favorite is amrita, my favorite is yea, read the comments again plz

  135. princerij90 says:

    @jai..thanks..i know you don’t give a crap and neither do i..and i do understand what you are saying..i shouldn’t have been so’s just that ppl saying so many cheap things to shakti just cuz she’s doing better than dharmesh pissed me off..seriously, when dharmesh was getting the highest votes, i didn’t see any shakti fans doing this..none of them are my favorites, but it’s not right that shakti should be called those ugly cheap names just because she’s getting more votes than dharmesh, i think you would agree with me in this fact..

  136. DHARMENDRA says:

    i think some person dont like remosir, punit & saajan. but they dont know what is dance.

  137. vmenezes.menezes says:

    hiiiii! i like punit & shakti a lot. plssssssssss vote for them. they r the best and they deserved to get MJ’s band. i like remo ke rangeelay and terrance ki toli from 1st DID i dont like geeta ki gang. she is very dramebaaz hamesha roti rehti hai. my four finalist are
    they deserve to be in final. pls vote for them. thks

  138. JIN BABA says:

    JIN BABA recent alive Favorite contestant Are Below:-

    1. Amrita
    2. Dharmesh
    3. AMAR.
    4. Punit.
    5. Binny.
    others contestant i leave bcoz of Politics involvement.

    All the Time Favorite Contestant Are.

    1. Amrita (She is my Darling Contestant).
    2. Parvez Rehmani (how i can 4get ya).
    3. Vandhana (Sw33t Heart)
    4. Dharmesh. (Decent human Like Jin baba :lol: )
    5. Amar. (hard worker, Kahin tu hogi woh lyric hip hop)
    6. Jack (27 March ki performance ny Fan bana dia :lol: )
    7. Meenu (Hawtt).

  139. JIN BABA says:


    :lol: mostly Girl roto hi hoti hy (sigh 8O )

    actually jin ka heart cute hota hy woh issi tarha sy rona shoro ho jaty hy, but aksar itna rona bhi dosry k lia mushkilaat peda kar deta hy :lol: . aysee larkiyon ko Control karna chaiya, kuch Seekh lo Jin baba sy :oops:

  140. vmenezes.menezes says:

    i feel mithunda is more partial to geeta’s gang. he always take her side. binny was nt that good still he gave her a standing ovation. and punit did a fantastic job then to he didnt even say kya baat kya baat kya baat.
    this is not fair. he danced really well. i think next elimination would be saajan or amrita.

  141. Admin says:

    @Dreamcatcher : Sorry for the delay but it’s done now. Both accounts and abusive comments removed.

    The number of comments which we have to go through on daily basis is massive and sometimes we do skip some of them. We need support from you guys also, If you find any abuse please use the contact us link on the right corner and let us know the url just like for this comment.

  142. JIN BABA says:

    Guys Control Warna Sub Ban Ho Jay Gy :o

    No More Warnings. Immediate Ban for those who choose not to follow the rules. Read this before you hit submit button.

    Note*: Comments maybe under moderation so there is no need to resubmit your comment again.
    Note**: Do Not Post links to other websites; your account will be banned immediately.
    Note***: Spam, Abuse and Personal Attacks will lead to immediate ban.

  143. vmenezes.menezes says:

    i totally agree with you. aksar log misunderstand karte hai. they feel that girls who cry a lot is doing drama. trying to win attention of others.

  144. bhoomi says:

    Hey guys please stop pointing out each others. Why you all are fighting for such a small thing ?

  145. Admin says:

    @bhoomi/shital or whoever the F*** you are : I just told you to play by the rules and you come back with a new ID, you think i won’t know ?

    Enjoy the slaps now.

    If you guys don’t start acting sensible, The comments section will be totally closed down soon.

  146. fyzy says:

    I agree with Soman.arya6…
    Insecurity is the sad thing which is causing to loose all the charm of the show… :evil:

    Stop all this and open ur eyes…

    Simple test wil be, giv shakti some other dance form and check if she performs it…

    The DID show now is started to stink because of Remo and Terrence…

    Authorities.. Plz do something abu it… Ur show is loosing exceptional dancers…

    Its high time u act…

  147. jds says:

    Geetha is like female ‘Himesh Reshamiya’ for her gang no matter how they perform she will say, you are fantabulous, etc, etc. There is no meaning for that. Crying like a crockodile. I hate her.

  148. luckystar4uu says:

    I finally have registered to share with all my comments and feelings about the show. I think the best dancers on the show are Shakti, Dharmesh and Amrita. The next in the row are Punit,Amar and Bini. Sajan is very weak dancer. I feel that ramo and terrance delibrately want to low the PR of Geeta and Dhermesh. Like yesterday, Dharmesh did well with the wheel but Terrance was after him until he was stopped by Dada. And for long time, remo is working bit by bit against Dhermesh.
    Terrance is a well learned choreographer. He works hard on his contestents and also know how to promote Shakti and Amar by showing some chemistry between them. Geeta should do more effort to shhow more from the very talented contestents she has. I think ramo has no creativity. He just put Punit to show expressions.
    Vote for the best dancers. I will vote for Dhermesh just because he is good dancer and judges have unfair behavior towards him.

  149. iluvdid says:

    Vote for Amrita as she is the best and the others Dharmesh and Shakti doesn’t need our help as they will go till the finals due to politics.
    I think this time Zee will take the following contestants to the finals:
    4.Amrita/Binny…whoever GM supports

    But the top 4 Should actually be

    1 Amrita
    2 Dharmesh
    3 Amar
    4 Jack/Kruti/Sashank

    Shakti shd be out now as she only knows one style and only attempts one as well.Though i am not a fan of Dharmesh i would like to say at least he has tried many styles from Acrobatia,Classical,Semi Classical,Contemporary Salsa etc etc

    Remo and his team should voluntarily leave the show as they themselves know that they are all hopeless.

  150. luckystar4uu says:

    Shakti and punit are acting more than dance. If Geets was crying for Bini then what is bad in it. Girls are soft by nature.
    Ramo was so worst in his comments. He ca give the same comments in low tone to show that he is a professional.
    Their behavior is not good with Geeta on the show. May be thats why dada give some moral support to Geeta.

  151. iluvdid says:

    Saajan is very arrogant as well as i saw in a video where he is telling that he is proud that people recognize his parents because of him….it shows how proudy he is
    Its parents who feel proud if they are recognized because of their children.

    I think only because he is in class 10 he doesn’t get harsh comments…remo said once that geeta and Terrence also adores Saajan, i think its only because he tries to act childish.
    Looking at him i am sure he is not a 16 yrs boy but much older than that……

  152. A_A says:

    err whats the problem if saajan says that he’s proud that people recognize his parents coz of him?.. that doesnt show his arrogance

  153. Suvash Gautam says:

    i bet thaat shakti will not get a single vote if she dance in other styles (e.g. classical, hiphop n more) and increases the length of her clothes
    people are voting her coz they afraid that they will not see her 75% naked body if c get eliminated.
    Mr terrence n remo u r given responsibility to judge correctly not for playing mind games to eliminate DHARMESH for your own ego.
    if u both do these things like this repeatedly i n we (janta) must think zee tv should search some loyal judges for DID3.

  154. lords2020 says:

    :idea: JIN BABA :idea:
    you must give shakati a place in your top five :wink:

  155. lords2020 says:

    very sad to see amrita standing in last 2.she is the most deserving and by far the best dancer in DID.
    :wink: :wink: PLEAS VOTE FOR AMRITA :wink: :wink:

  156. Surjya says:

    Dharmesh is going to win DID2. :P :P :P :P

  157. khatz says:

    what is this MJ badge DRAMA jaise kai it comes from Michael Jackson personally, it just a gag from Remo so why everybody talking about this badge.

    First of all in the last season every contestant tried new dance forms i dont know what is happening now for example ALISHA she was fantastic she did hip hop classical bollywood freestyle and contemporary not only her everyone even the worst dancer sunita. so why everyone is syin shakti should win this show she is only very good in contemporary style thats it …

  158. kali.mangal says:


    I am really frustrated and hurt by your comment repeatedly that Dharmesh is good (excels) in Hiphop and Waltz. Shakti is good (excels) in contemporary and Paso Doble.
    Dharmesh has excelled most of the forms he has given to do. He has done best. Comparing Shakti with that..she is average in Hiphop and she was below average in classical and Bhangra.
    This is really hurting..really :| :|
    Lets talk about Amrita in that context. Amrita has excelled in only Manipuri for me..all other forms she has also done best as same as Dharmesh. Its her hard luck that she is not getting enough votes.
    Before i was afraid but now i am confident that Dharmesh is best…enough :|
    I hope u also understand my point of view. :)

  159. kali.mangal says:

    Siddesh is one of the DID1 contestant who will participate with DID2 contestants.

  160. Wish we the citizen of Bhutan, can also VOTE for the participant of DID…..

    Go Dharmesh Sir, You are great and superb dancer…


  161. kali.mangal says:

    Its sad that Dharmesh is pissed of from everywhere..masters (Remo and Terrence)…zee tv politics (promoting Shakti and has declared as winner plus manipulating votes)..afraid of Geeta most of the time…plus demoralizing the contestant…

    I salute Dharmesh for being so humble, unshakable and concentrating on his effort and dance. If Dharmesh wants he can easily blast the stage with his one move on Hiphop and get the votes..But he is doing different styles with flawless performance. He feels competition from every single contestant…I know ultimately he is behind in looks..zee will give that title to..S…who does not deserve at all but very good looking :| He is also hard working..It hurts when people say Amrita, Amar, Binny are hard working..Dharmesh entered DID with his background in Hiphop style only yet he learned other styles and executed well. :confused:

  162. sweetk says:

    Shakti….u are very good dancer …as Dada said if someone is better in doing sth then she should excel in that…but definitely needs to improve in other dance form as well…keep the good job shakti…amar congrats for this improvement and keep the good work…Guys dont pay attention to what is written on the blog against u…u are fantastic both of u and punit as well….I just love the three of you…u are a class apart not only doing bollywood dance and copying on others….U KEEP UR STANDARD!!!! Jack…I’ll miss u man….Remon and Terrence congrats for your attitude, good work originality in your concepts and the touch and class that u bring to this show…u guys are simply amazing…Remon and terrence i like you both …Remon i like your honesty and u always keep a low profile at the same time u know what u are and what u are capable of….hat off…n you were right abou the fact that contestants come on the platform to perform and not to shed tears and finding excuses…Terrence u are so diplomatic and professional man….i like both of u masters equally….

  163. LUV_terrence says:

    wow…terrence just two more contestants buddy!!
    you don’t need to worry man you’ve got the two best contestants in di d 2 …AND AM PRETTY SURE MITHUNDA WILL JUSE “WITOPOWER” ON JACK TOMORROW….
    SHAKTI AND AAMAR ROCKS DUDE… :lol: :lol: :lol:

  164. LUV_terrence says:

    SHAKTI AND <<<<<<33333
    AAMAR ROCKS DUDE..!!! <3

  165. LUV_terrence says:



  166. Pari123 says:


    vote for Dharmesh because he deserve to win

  167. hizibizi says:

    now back to discussion.
    It seems that Sakti-lovers are continuously saying that D is only good at on his shelly and not versatile.
    NOW LOOK AT D.HE TRIED EVERY OTHER DANCE HE COULD WITH HIS ALL HEART AND SOUL (i’m personally not a great D’s dance fan(but i’m definately a fan of his attitude and as a human-being.)
    just look what he did at friday…. danced with all and gave an awesome performance with that prop.I cant say he was the best;but was great compare to punit satki sajan binny.

  168. saket243 says:

    pl. guys vote 4 dharmesh amrita – she deserves to go more far biny since she was not feeling well we need to motivate her and we know that how good she is we have seen her earlier performances plz. guys plz. vote 4 binnyyyyyyyyyy binnnnnny binny binny and vote out that stupid saajan and shakti both performing same style remo is just doing naatak of giving mj band to others just to save his saajan and punit but saajan should go people tolerated a lot his bboying

  169. kali.mangal says:

    I agree with hizibizi. Lets have positive polls rather than negative. :)

  170. Love says:

    WHAT IS THIS GOING ON????????? :| :| :|

    PLEASE VOTE FOR DHARMESH.. :( :( :( :(

  171. Happiness says:

    WHAT IS GOING ON??????????? :| :| :|

    Please vote for Dharmesh…He is becoming a game for everybody..Please donot play with him.

    Please vote for Dharmesh :( :( :( :(

  172. Flora says:

    I felt, Shakti was the best yesterday. Followed by Amrita,
    Jack,Dharmesh ,Amar ,Punit ,Binny and Sajaan.

    Poor Jack … He is very good compared to Sajaan. Don’t understand , how Sajaan is safe always ?

    Grand master should call either Kruti or Jack back now.

  173. Admin says:

    @ hizibizi : Next time you have a suggestion, use the contact us form and no caps please. There are 20K+ members here to whom we have to listen so just because you said so, we can’t do that.

    @ kali.mangal : same as above.

  174. Pari123 says:

    I think Shakti and Saajan should be eliminated :twisted:

  175. vmenezes.menezes says:

    shakti is on top and she is going to win DID season 2 :lol: masters are not mad to give good comments to shakti. and audience is also nt blind. so pls think twice before typing.

  176. lords2020 says:

    :wink: kali.mangal :wink:
    Hi kali thanks for your replay and genuine comments.

  177. sushliana says:

    woot woot! i love shakti’s performance yesterday! well done! i dont care what negative words u says for shakti but for me she’s really good dancer…Im not Indian but I really appreciate Shakti’s performance…

    all the best for u shakti…im ur fan from Phils…

  178. shrita21 says:

    why is there so many politic in DID2. why is mithunda alway in favaourism in geeta gang, well as geeta she is a drama queen, she loves to pick point on other grtoup dancer but she always deny on her group member espeacially on dharmesh n binny, i reaklly hate her. where else i 10000 times feel remo sir is really truthful person , i felt whyhe is so supportive to sajan n punit cos this is wht geeta maa also doing always support her group even they do mistake so in this case why cant remo sir follow full of rubbish i still love DID1 sorry mithunda ur show for this is is not as good as DID 1.

  179. sushliana says:

    i hate tears..pls geetha stop making drama on the show..i hate it! :twisted:

  180. kali.mangal says:

    This contestant swapping is just drama to put weak contestants (Punit and Saajan) up for top 6..and survive..ridiculous.
    One (punit) cartoon is with Shakti (the highest voted contestant and another cartoon (Saajan) is with Dharmesh (the second highest voted contestant) :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: Oh…GOD..
    YUKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  181. sushliana says:

    @shrita21 – ur right geetha is dramatic actress…and i think she like bini more than amrita…too obvious… :evil:

  182. sushliana says:

    My top 4:

    1. Shakti
    2. Dharmesh
    3. Amar
    4. Punit

  183. shrita21 says:


  184. kali.mangal says:


    It is easy to say that Geeta is dramatic actress. When someone’s daughter in unhealthy..she as mentor responsible for it..if the contestant gets emotional ..she has to stand by..It is easy Kiddo to say that.

    How about when Terrence cried when Shakti got the MJ badge??? 8) 8)
    This is the fact of the world that Mothers are sensitive…it is true 100000000000000000000%
    Terrence ..cried…YUKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  185. shrita21 says:


  186. shrita21 says:


  187. sushliana says:

    @shrita21 – since DID2 started geetha the dramatic actress always giving more good comments to her group esp.binny coz she looks like her as per judges said… :mrgreen: but yah they do like the same both are dramatic… huhhuhuu

    @Kali – terrence cried of happiness as he never thought that Remo will appreciate shakti’s performance even she is not in his group….

  188. sushliana says:

    i want to see Geetha crying when Binny will be out, i hope that will be the last time she will cry on National TV…suckkksss hate her….

  189. priya says:

    yesterday’s episode,

    TL saying dharmesh woh spiral wala kyun nahi kiya jo kishore ne kiya.

    arre bhai sirf stunt hee chahiye khambe ke ird gird goomne ke to MUSIC ki kya jarorat hai.

    If Dharmesh would have done that ,R Sir kehate aisa humne naya kya dekha jo pehle nahi dekha tha.
    yeh to wohi baat huee
    “Chit bhi meri aur pat bhi”

  190. priya says:

    yeh season hai DID2 ka bhagwaan aur bhakt ki leela ka

    Aap is season mein dekhenge ki God swarthi(selfish) kaise ho jaate hain kabhi kabhi.

    hamaree aur se song dedicated to God (R Sir)
    Kabhi kabhi bhagwaan ko bhi bhakton se kaam pade
    jaane tha ganga paar prabhu kewat ki naav chade.

    Just a suggestion R Sir apne swarth ke liye apnee achchayiyaan naa khoye.

    Vote for Dharmesh,Amrita and Kunwar
    They are the most deserving.

  191. luvdid says:

    hey guys my personal opinion….. and just my personal opinion

    A word about judges performances…
    well I am not sure, or may be I missed it completely – but like 3 idiots movie the way virus is looking for bright student to hand over the pen he received for being one..Remo is distributing MJ badges as if MJ himself gave it to him and said ” Remo I am giving it to you since u r sucha good dancer and you should continue doing the same :-) ;-).” I mean hahahahahahahahaha
    and the deal he made with terrance is pretty apparent that is – you scratch my back and i will scratch ur’s and let’s bring D down by hook or by crook.

    Terrance pretty much the same…and Geeta is not as good as terrance in choreography but she is doing way better than remo who is mostly showing drama’s without dances thru his contestants…

    Heard that shakti will stay with Terrance even in “adla badli” well that was pretty obvious since Geeta will make her do classical and remo hip-hop.. once again hahahhaha.

    And now about Contestants….
    Since the no of votes per each contestants are not displayed I am not sure and will not take Shakti or even D as a matter of fact as leading the public votes list.

    For me top 5 are
    1 – D (He deserves it to be here since he is damn good dancer)
    2 – D (and here since he is humble and not involved in politics )
    3 – D (and here again cuz he’s just too good)
    4 – Amrita
    5 – Amar

    Have fun and njoy D’s magic on dance floor in every type of dance he is attempting unlike other people who are just doing same thing and staying on top thru everything else but dance(theu judge, baddges ;-), politics…etc,etc,etc…)

  192. JIN BABA says:

    Aaj ki Saturday ki episode dhaikhny k baad aap logo ko pata chal jay ga k Yeh Hamara Chota packet (AMRITA) kitna bara dhakama hy Asal me. Shakti tu Ghans Charti dikhaee dete hy Amrita ki performance k aagy, Kia Blast Phora hy Amrita ny Aaj Stage py k sub ko Hila k Rakh dying Dheee. Jacko lol Hila dia yar tm ny bhi Aaj, really ab miss hogy tusi bhi bcoz terrence ny tu waiste kar dia u ko, per Geeta ny show kia actually k What is Jacko Is & What more he can do it, but terrence didn’t use him in that way,

    Ek or baat, Amrita ki performance dhaikh kar Really Parvez ki Kami puri ho gaee hy, i was SAD for pervez Elimination but Amrita ny us kami ko pura kia hy, per kia hi acha hota Agar pervez or Amrita dono hi performed karty rehty tu Real Entertainment Hasil hota Sub logo ko, Khair :confused:

  193. priya says:

    You are very right.

    For me if I can watch the performamce again and again , they are gonna me best ones for me .

    This is happening consistently in D sir,Amrita and Kunwar performances.

    Kunwar is just the dark horse of this season.

  194. JIN BABA says:

    Guys Do Respect to Female Emotional :lol: , I really Like G33ta Crying :mrgreen: , it’s really touch Jin baba Heart :oops: . very well Said Mathunda to Binny, Real Drama tu Remo or Terrence kar rahay hy Real me, in this session both act Like Vilon :lol: Beware :wink:

  195. JIN BABA says:

    errrrrrrr hy Amar is going good these day. what’s wrong with u guys. he is Ok. i really Hate Shakti & Saajan bcoz of these two contestant this Show going too much Political. and i hate this thing :evil:

  196. kali.mangal says:

    @priya and luvdid:

    very nice comments!
    If u can translate it into english..then other people in this forum will also able to understand.

  197. Bhaggy says:

    an”tt believe that acck iss outt .. ………amrita should be out next weekk….acckk iss so mucchh better thann herr,,,,,,,

  198. Bhaggy says:

    jack i mentt

  199. kali.mangal says:


    Ek dam sahi bol rahela hai BAAP!!!!
    Remo and Terrence ..VILON VILON KHEL rahele hain!!

  200. kali.mangal says:

    I liked the sentence ” Shakti seems cow eating grass in front of Amrita”…………ANOTHER THE MOST HILARIOUS COMMENT IN THE FORUM :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  201. kali.mangal says:

    @Jinbaba: u made my day!!!!!! :P :P :P :P :P :P
    “Kabhi apni photo bhi rakh diya karo yaar” 8O 8O 8O

  202. JIN BABA says:

    explain yesterday performances

    1st. Saajan, he usually what Master Remo try with him again in again, but i must say this time Saajan doing perfectly what he usually doing, Not really Bad. (but u still weak contestant in this session 2).

    2nd Binny, i felt she doing good as was her 1st attempt on Rope Mallakhamb. but due to her bad health, she done just OK for me. i think Master Remo kch ziada harsh nahi howay with Binny, it’s a normal comments by him. Geeta tu bas Rona shoro kar dete hy :lol: , but it’s really touch my Heart :mrgreen: . Roti hi ayse hy k Kia bolo Bo$$ :wink: .

    3rd Amar wow maN again u have done beautiful performance buddy. terrence say right to u, Hira ban rahay ho tusi. it’s common sense hard work karty raho gy tu Shine tu hogy hi, my Best wishes for you AMAR 8) .

    4th Dharmesh, what a cute attempt by him, Person Humble, Song touchy, tu baap kesy Bad ho sakta tha :mrgreen: he is trying 1st time, obviously koshish ki Dad dene pary gee Dharmesh Dear ko k33p it up D 8O .

    5th, Punit . Good attempt. good energy, Not bad Punit, her new attempt Qaably Tareef, k33p it up.

    6th. Shakti? Less Dance, 90% Acting :lol: , Message Good, act good, but i felt is a Dance Show not Acting Floor :roll: .

    7. Jacko, yeah he doing very good attempt, but i am still tired of his swing again in again, he doing same act. but i feel that’s was full energy power pack performance. but i Like very very much your Today Saturday attempt jacko u On Fire maN :mrgreen: .

    8th. Amrita :o , Darling u always Cute for us. it’s a Good attempt, as the message for Mother, it’s really good, you always show something new in your attempt, and that was Master high light in their comments. and ur today (saturday) performance tu Sub ka Mouth Khuly ka Khula Chor Dy gee. Dhiiiiiii :mrgreen:

  203. hizibizi says:

    just look Sakti and Punit
    super lame.u cant believe it.TERRENCE COPIED HIS OWN MOVE!
    SUPER LAME. :evil: :evil: :evil:

  204. Ia strongly agree with sonam.arya6…… Go Dharmesh and Geeta ki Gang…. AL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!

  205. hizibizi says:

    and i already told it.

  206. kali.mangal says:

    @Terrence: hummmmmm :mrgreen:

    Kya zerox machine hai tu :oops: Galti se khud ki copy kar dali :oops: vaise to international dance ki copy marta rehta hai..kabhi pakada jaiyega 8) 8) 8)

  207. JIN BABA says:

    kali, mangal u happy so Jin Baba happy. k33p happY maN. :P

    lol why picture :lol: leave it yar, Nazar lag jati hy samjha kar :wink: .

    roflz hizzibizzi, Super LAME :lol: yar what we have to do? when Janta or Zee total blind :mrgreen: . they thing we don’t know anything, but Fortunately we know all their Hoshiyariya :twisted:

  208. JIN BABA says:

    Aaj k Episode me bhi Dant pary gee punit or shakti ko lol, acting achi kar lety hy :lol:

  209. kali.mangal says:


    Ghunghat wala photu nahi hai :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P

  210. JIN BABA says:

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Q Ghunghat wala foto dhaikh kar Achar Daly ga us py :lol: .

    roflz jab kch dikhy ga hi nahi tu Why Ask for Ghunghar snap :mrgreen:

  211. kali.mangal says:

    Mein ghunghat utha ke dekh lunga..wapas ghunghat rakh dunga..kisiko pata nahi chalega..
    Sorry if i am going too much off track..
    kya kare masters ne hawa kharab kar di hai..socha jara fresh ho jaye :D :D

  212. sushliana says:

    wow this time i love jack and Amrita performance! they are great! too bad jack now is out… i will miss him in DID! :(

  213. lala says:

    I must say Terrance and Ramo are really big hearted guys. Binni couldn’t performed but they haven’t made that as big issue.

    Geeta, you are very bad choreographer but good actress. I have never seen in DID that master is creating drama just to safe guard her contestant. Binni is good dancer but if she performed bad then accepted it whatever the reason it.


  214. hizibizi says:

    Terrence clearly said Jack i underestimated u.

  215. DIDrocks says:


    perhaps u feel that dharmesh excelled in everything he did. but im sorry but i dont. then again this is my perspective. im sorry if ur hurt becuase i dont feel dharmesh is that good to win the competition. its my personal opinion Kali. u cant do anything about it and i cant change it for u. i hope u understand. and one more thing, i actually respect u for ur sane manner of giving comments. although ur an ardent fan of dharmesh, you dont go insane like some people do on this forum. i thoroughly respect u for that. keep it going. :)

  216. DIDrocks says:

    @ shital

    no! me and princerji90 are not the same person. im not as low as making up a new username and supporting my own comment. maybe thats ur style. im not a loser. someone else agrees with me and thats a fact. why dont u read the comments carefully and u will see how diff we are. ur so sad.

  217. kali.mangal says:

    I may go off-beat for remo surely…soon..i have not seen Dhamresh performance yet. Not a single master is honestly giving him nice choreography..

  218. DIDrocks says:

    i agree with jai and breathless.

    its really really annoying, when u r trying to post ur views in nice humane manner and then all of the sudden the next comment u see is that random people are accusing u of random things and calling other contestants disgusting names and crap like that. its really annoying. if people cant talk sanely and be calm and be respectful, i advise them to leave this forum. u guys are bothering everyone else.

  219. DIDrocks says:


    ur right that no master is being fair. i said this already. its just human nature. they will ALL play games. so kali, u’ll just have to endure it dear. we cant do anything about. just vote for the contestant u like. thats the only thing u can do. i havent seen sat’s episode yet either. it doesnt air until 5 hours. :|

  220. ibne batuta says:

    Hahahhahahaha O Wow…

    Next Week session 1 & 2 contestant Performed TogetheR………

    Imagine People what a Blast Ufffffffffffffffffff.

    O My Godness… My Heart JumpiNg jumpINg here. :lol:

  221. DIANDRA says:


    Just watched DID of 26/3. This round was litl dull to me.

    Saajan b’boring has improved this time and his face expressions synchronised with his movements.

    If the same song of Punit’s was given to Amrita to perform, she would have done full justice. I love Punit but I wished he had added more energetic and crisp movements to it. Perhaps if he had lip sync the song fully, it would have added some flavour to his performances.

    Shakti was great, but not really a WOW performance to me.

    I agree that Binny is not well and yet she took the challenge sweetly to perform a tough act. She looked rather dull and weak, plus her eyes were slightly swollen. I dont see anything wrong with Remo for having pointed out her weakness. Least Remo said in front of all rather than to be a hypocrite and gossip behind Geeta’s back.

    Geeta, I hate tears. :(

    As for Dharmesh, I agree with Terrence partly that the prop was not utilised to the maximum. I understand the fact that this is a DANCE competition and should not emphasise on circus nor stunts acts. But since Geeta has created a dance with prop for Dharmesh, so she should have guided and coached him efficiently. She keeps failing to uplift Dharmesh which is bringing him down to NO 2….

    Geeta, I hate tears.

  222. LUV_terrence says:

    to you people who compare shakti to amrita :roll:
    shakti is WAY better than amrita , amrita hasen’t been in top 4 even one time guyzz so pls stop comparing shakti with amrita…

  223. LUV_terrence says:

    wooow aamar is just superrbbb guyzzz V-O-T-E….

  224. swtmoni says:

    Dharmesh Sir is the best! I hate the way how Terrance always says something negative about his performance, despite him being the best! Shakti does not deserve to be number 1! I just hate it how terrance always puts dharmesh down! Shakti is a good actor, not a good dancer!

  225. LUV_terrence says:


    #2 : AAMAR ( LOVE U MAN )
    #3 : PUNIT
    #4 : DHARMESH
    #5 : BINNY
    #6 : SAJANN
    #7 : AMRITA

  226. LUV_terrence says:


  227. LUV_terrence says:

    BINNY WERE ILL…! BAD LUCK :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

  228. LUV_terrence says:

    8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
    TERRENCE IS SOOO ¨GOOD-LOOKIN-MAN 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

  229. Beauty1996 says:

    I still believe that Amrita is better than Shakti. 8O
    Just because Amrita never been in the TOP4 does not mean that she is a bad dancer. First of all tell me why she is not in the top4. I would say for all the wrong reasons, including behavior and appearance. Amrita deserves to be in the top3. It does not make sense to base your your opinion on something that is baseless.

    This is just my opinion. :D

    BTW: Spinach is healthy for us !!!

  230. DIDrocks says:

    i thought it was very immature of geeta to cry like that. i agree with lala. whatever the reason, she should just accept binny wasnt that good. and i like to know what exactly did remo say that people are bashing him up for? all he said was if u cant do it, then dont do it. which i think is also true. at this critical stage of the competition, u have to come out with ur best everytime if one choreo is too hard for u cuz ur not feeling well and it will not show ur strengths, then dont do it. do something else that will still show ur versitality but not drain u out with its difficulty. binny couldve easily done sumthin easier. geeta even suggested that she do something, but this girl thinks she is veera so she refused. that was very dumb. if u cant do it, dont do it. its very important that u do well everytime at this stage of competition. otherwise u will be out. binny, we know what u r capable of, and dont ever perform under ur standards.

  231. swtmoni says:

    I think I would agree with beauty1996! Amrita is better then Shakti, I think people vote according to looks, not performances! Amrita, Dharmesh sir are way better then Shakti!

  232. junior b boy says:

    To all members
    I have hears thers one prostitute outthere in did2. can you please tell her name…. please :roll:

  233. DIDrocks says:

    i agree. saumya was looking so gorgeous on friday. her blue dress was outstanding. she is beautiful.

  234. rockstardchamp says:

    Hello all especially for @DIDrocks,

    you girl you suck with your comments on dharmesh why you every time pinpoint D , why why … coming to shakti wht variety and wow kindaa performances she done so far to be true nothing its all a game only coz of terrance and remo … i like remo but couldnt resist his way of comments on dharmesh… coming to dharmesh scince he came from a very poor family he came to this level with his own struggle and the way he bome NO1 contestant is inspirational to all kindaa upcoming dancers

    by the way iam Kiran from hyderabad i know you are also from andhra ??? please just check it out in hyderabad how much fan following is there for dharmesh … i know him scince from boogie woogie as he is title winner (dharm yud)… He is amazing dilse truly amazing … lets see his bboying dance this week 2nd april remo’s chice… al wishes from my side with my precious vote … all the best dharmesh .. tum jeethe raho

  235. DIDrocks says:

    @junior b boy

    people have been saying this. yes. its a rumor. there isnt one. people are just disgusting with their comments. so no need to find out who it was.

  236. kali.mangal says:
    Dharmesh was outstanding as Robot..Keep going boy!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a blast by Amrita…Left Shakti all the way miles and miles behind…….

    Amrita and Dharmesh ROCKS!!!!!!!HURRAYYYYYYYY :D :D :D

  237. hizibizi says:

    sati’s luck ran out! she was looking very awefull today!

  238. DIDrocks says:


    correction. i dont pinpoint only dharmesh. i pinpoint shakti along with him. becuz they both bother me. i never supported shakti. u have to stop assuming that just becuz i hate dharmesh (which i dont), i like shakti (which i dont either). and coming to struggles, i dont care what anyone has done. as a person i care and feel for them, but as a voter i dont. i dont vote for people according to their struggles. cuz everyone has their own sob story and i dont let those affect my voting.

    and yes i was born in hyderabad. but i dont live there. ive been in the US since i was a little child. and dont ever say anyone “sucks”. it very rude. im assuming ur very decent and will not stoop down to insulting other people.

  239. DIDrocks says:

    oh man. todays episode looks good. i wanna watch so badly!!!!

  240. rockstardchamp says:

    @ Didrocks , the way you comment doesnt suit for doctors , it would better you would have done Law .. so that you can better argue in court cases …… i want to see you as a lawer rather than judge .. i feel you would be good in that .. coz you are a one way passenger….

  241. kali.mangal says:

    Really Dharmesh was outstanding in catching beats ..Jesus..Saajan was behind catching beats..
    Dharmesh..perfect Robotic flexion and extension of arms and legs..not overdone ..just perfect man..hatts off to u..I wish u could have done this dance as solo.. :P

    Remo knows very well..who did better.. :wink: :wink: :wink:

  242. Beauty1996 says:

    Wow! You are from Andhra Pradesh? So am I.

    What you said is not very true about Didrocks. Even if it was you should not attack her like that, because that is her own opinion and if you have a problem with it, deal with it in a mature way(Don’t use the word”suck”). Just a heads up, I think that you account might get deleted due to ur lvl of maturity.It is just a possibility.

    Can anyone tell me what a prostitute is? I have never heard of that word.

    BTW: Cats have 42 muscles in each ear. :D

  243. kali.mangal says:

    @hizibizi: u..for all ur comments..I agree with u..
    1) Amrita
    2) Dharmesh
    3) whoever wants to line up man…

    Shakti and… boring performance and hyped by Remo and Terrence..Remo get a life dude before telling this performance NTWICP..get a life..if u donot have life..let me

    Look at Geeta …What a performance by JAcku and Amrita.. u dear..u donot need special treatment or dressing..go baby go…u rock.. :D

  244. kali.mangal says:

    Its so obvious Remo..u want to uplift Punit so obvious.. :mrgreen: :twisted:

  245. JIN BABA says:

    lol at Hizibizi, maN you put Shakti on LuckY 7 wow… :mrgreen: so finally she deserve Top 7 :wink:
    clapping 4 hizibizi.

    kali kia bola tha me k today Amrita ny Floor Hila dying with Jacky Boy 8O

    swtmoni & beauty Exactly that what i have b33n told since few w33ks , why shakti on top just bcoz of her look & appearance , u know better what people like or dislike Specially In Girl 8).

  246. JIN BABA says:

    Guys 2Day Iz Ma BirthDay! :mrgreen:

  247. kali.mangal says:


    Only seven contestants hizibizi put that S…..on 7…really she was boring today totally..felt like no more life left in contemporary..roflzzzzzzzz :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  248. Beauty1996 says:

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  249. Sheildmaiden013 says:

    hello everyone!
    i’m a die-hard fan of DID!
    from the last few episodes remo’s behaviour HAS been really dissapointing.have you realised he never praises any of geeta’s contestants even if they are really good?
    It is also true that geeta should experiment more and bring different ideas like terrence. i think she is not making proper use of the talents in her team.if amrita and dharmesh were in terrence’s team they would have beem faaaar better than shakti and the others.
    I’n not being biased,, and i think amrita, shakti, dharmesh, amar are the best. binny and punit is good too.
    i really think saajan should have gone much earlier. i hated seeing jacko go….but its better him, than amrita!

    Can anyone say HOW amrita ended up in the last 2??? Its too bad people don’t judge the dances…..

  250. JIN BABA says:

    Guys i wanna know your birthday Date & Month & Your Star. so here i Go.. Mine is 27 March Aries. :)

    now tell yours kali / hizzi bizzi / DIDrocks / Beauty / Luv_terrence & More….. :arrow:

  251. kali.mangal says:

    @Jinbaba: i WILL SING A SONG FOR U..




  252. kali.mangal says:



  253. JIN BABA says:

    kali but no doubt she is awesome in this Contemporary form :mrgreen: Khair is me koe doubt nahi :) , did you see lighlime kali ??.. What Remo Said to remain 7 contestant, they all doing Master Remo style in next week. wow. Ab Ay Ga Maza :lol: i just thought About Shakti, how she perform :o . i don’t remember but Remo said to Saajan doing Locking poping & Dharmesh doing Lyrical hip hop i waiting to c Dharmesh performance in Lyric Hip Hop.

  254. Beauty1996 says:

    I personally think that Amrita ended up in bottom 2, because of her looks.

    I seriousely think that they should give a list of requirements (other than dance, such as good looks.) for the ppl who audition because so many ppl are voting based on looks that it is n’t fair for some pppl to work so hard to get to this point and just get out due to stupid and irrevelant reasons such as looks and behavior. :D

  255. hizibizi says:

    i know i know not many ppl like sajan.
    he did same again today.

  256. kali.mangal says:



    No i have not seen ..limelight..let me see..

  257. JIN BABA says:

    Thanks to Beauty1996 & Kali.mangal. $o Tw33t both of You 8)

  258. Beauty1996 says:

    My birthday date is January 19,1996. I don’t know what my star is though. Capricorn is my astrological sign and the rat is my chinese zodiac sign. LOLZ!

    BTW: Odontophobia is the fear of teeth. :D

  259. hizibizi says:

    mine is 3rd nov.
    BTW i noticed that u already decleared about DID1′s contestant are returning.where did u saw the news? or u work at…….

  260. Beauty1996 says:

    How did you that red lettering and how did you make ur letters bold?

  261. kali.mangal says:
    I can watch JAcku and Ammu again and again…
    They shake the stage ..that no one has done so far…man..
    WHAT A PERFORMANCE…still laughing….

    If I see that Shakti number one again..i cannot tolerate..
    It has to be Amrita and Dharmesh for next week..

  262. hizibizi says:

    @ beauty
    u didnt let us enjoy ur birthday here! :oops: :( :(
    in jan19 we all were here. :D :D

  263. gdookee says:

    Dharmesh has been very consistent throughout…just ignore masters comments…be fair and judge consistently…u will come out wiz only one conclusion….DHARMESH IS THE BEST ….he is going to WIN THIS COMPETITION…for sure

  264. rockstardchamp says:

    @Beauty 1996 and Didrocks, iam very sorry with my comments.. excuse me … one thing i wanna tell you every one DID is just a TV show .. and we sholdnt be that much serious and to comments very bad on contants .. and some one called shakti a monkey and amritha a ugly girl … why you people use such comments … sach me visa nahi hona chahiye .. who are we to comment on their way they looks or so … this is just a tv show just watch it and enjoyyy ….

  265. Beauty1996 says:

    It is okay! At least you guys know now.

    BTW: Elephants are the only mammals that can’t jump.

  266. kali.mangal says:

    another hilarious part was Jay…awesome..paisa vasool
    Also DID lil champ…so cute…these kids r awesome..
    I just donot want to see them crying when they will be eliminated one by one..and masters will not tell them their favorite lines..for their performance..

    BTW Remo is not one of the judge..He looks out of DID mentally..

  267. DIDrocks says:

    @jin baba

    OMG!!! its ur bday? HAPPY BDAY JIN BABA!!!!!!! have the happiest year ever! we luv u!

  268. Sheildmaiden013 says:

    Happy Birthday Jinbaba!
    mine is on june 19th, and i’m a Gemini.

  269. DIDrocks says:


    thanks for standing up for me! :)

  270. Beauty1996 says:

    You are a copycat, I am telling the teacher. :lol:

    BTW:You burn more calories sleeping than you do watching TV.

  271. DIDrocks says:


    its ok. and thank u. i agree, people should top using abusive language.

  272. DIDrocks says:

    @ kali.mangal

    if ur 23rd december then ur a sagitarrius.

    im a cancer! karka raashi in sanskrit! lol!

    of course im from andhra. i speak telugu too. remember?

  273. Sheildmaiden013 says:

    do u guyz know anything about tomorrows performances?
    they said jack and amrita are performing together…what are the other jodis and under which master?

  274. luvdid says:

    @ Jin Baba..many many happy returns of the day :)….have a wonderful day ahead of u…

    btw..i am an Aries too..(14th April..)

  275. Beauty1996 says:

    You are welcome!!

    Well said!!! (CLAP, CLAP, CLAP, and more claps…)
    I agree I definately do get too seriousely about this sometimes. It is just that I don’t like it when pl play with the lives of other ppl.

    BTW: The word “lethologica” describes the state of not being able to remember the word you want.

  276. rockstardchamp says:

    @Beauty1996 , i think you are mature enough to know who is prostitute .. Fyi .. here it goes

    Prostitute: A woman who engages in sexual intercourse for money or Sell one’s body; exchange sex for money …

  277. JIN BABA says:

    Thanks Sheildmaiden013, luvdid, hizzibizzi, & DIDrocks 4 Best Wishes :mrgreen:

    I Like Gemini, Leo & Capricorn star most. & Yes My Star too :wink: Nice to know about your Star luvDID :)

  278. Beauty1996 says:

    Infact, I do not remember that! I don’t think you ever told me that. But, if you did tell me, this will be a lesson for me to eat for fish for more brain power.

    Who is your favorite telugu actor and actress?
    Mine is Ram Potineni. He is the dude who acted in Deavdasu, and Ready… My favorite actress is Genelia! She is awesome I love her acting!

    BTW: When you die your hair still grows for a couple of months. :D

  279. ChArMz AnGeL says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIN BABA!!! =) Hope you have a great one dude!!! 8)

  280. ChArMz AnGeL says:

    Admin –> Where are the videos from today, the 27th episode???? I want to see who won performance of the day!

  281. JIN BABA says:

    Guy You know Next Week, Session 1 contestant come to DID2 Show & Dance together with this Remain 7 Contestant. but don’t know heard more about which contestant come bAck from the 1st DID session. well it’s really really Excited to me. don’t you guys see tonight Limelight :?:

  282. Beauty1996 says:

    I am serious I did not know what that word means. After I have read that definition for that word, I regret asking about it. :oops:

  283. rockstardchamp says:

    i like to see some telugu users here … btw iam also fom andhra but all the way iam an indian … bolo bhrat mata ki jai ….

  284. wowsz says:

    im really sick of people on this forum accusing each other of other things and telling others wat to do, hello guys this is just a comment forum u r aloud to write wat u want but keep it less violent and dnt try to hate on each other

  285. kali.mangal says:


    I know Shakti is best in contemporary..
    but seriously after todays chillachalu girlfriend boyfriend story and fighting..made me nauseated..I can’t tolerate this anymore (I am not telling Shakti) :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    But i have to watch one more episode of Terrence special…GOD SAVE ME..i will sit with my antiemetics :D :D :D :D

  286. yang says:

    Dharmesh is so good and he did use the props well. Terrace is simply making it up! hello! this is not fair!
    Remo! Dharmesh deserve MJ band as well! if you want to put value to ur MJ BAND,Dharmesh’s has to get one!
    ANyway, dun be rude!

  287. JIN BABA says:

    thanks ChaRm Angel for wishes.

    Amrita & Jacko Win the Performance of the Day Gift 8) , have u seen tonight episode Charm?

  288. DIDrocks says:

    i have a question: why are all the guys in DID scorpios or pisces?

  289. Beauty1996 says:

    You too! You said that you live in Hyderabad, right?
    Have you ever heard of a school called Oakridge International School? If you did what did you hear about it. I am not testing if you are from there or not, but I just want to know more about that school.

    BTW: According to suicide statistics, Monday is the favored day for self-destruction. :D

  290. DIDrocks says:


    i love mahesh babu and siddharth (the guy from bommarillu and from rang de basanti) lol. and i love genelia too. she is so cute! and i luved the movie ready.

  291. JIN BABA says:

    DIDROck ya i am lil surprise too, but tell u about Binny :mrgreen: She is a Taurus Star, haven’t u heard Jai / Saumiyah says? :?

    Kali buhat kch bardasht kar rahay hy thora or karly :lol:

  292. Sheildmaiden013 says:

    hahahah!!! good question!!!i was thinking that too! i wish there was a gemini!

  293. DIDrocks says:

    @ beauty1996

    i celebrate ugadi too. and only telugu people do that. remember u wished me a happy ugadi? thats why i said that u already know im from andhra and im

  294. DIDrocks says:

    @ jin baba
    i was talking about the guys, not the girls. all the guys are scorpios and pisces. lol. not that im complaining cuz believe it or not, cancer is the most compatible with both scorpios and pisces(how coincidental is that) according to wikipedia. and im a cancer. lol. :wink: :wink: :wink:

  295. Beauty1996 says:

    Oh yah! I forgot about Siddarth, he is a great actor and a total cutie!!!!
    You like Mahesh Babu too. My goodness every girl that I know who watches TOllywood movies llikes him. Last time when I went to India in 2007, my two cousins and her friends said that they liked Mahesh also! I don’t understand why ppl are crazy about him. I respect their opinion and yours too. But I think that he can’t act that great. Just my opinion.

    BTW: It is impossible to lick your elbow.

  296. kali.mangal says:


    Mere lovely pyare Robot (Dharmesh) ke piche pade hai sab ke sab..Shanti kahan se milegi..votes ke dhakke dene padege..
    Usko aur Amrita ko… :P :D

  297. Beauty1996 says:

    So you did tell me that you are from AP. So I am going to have to eat more fish. LOLZ! :lol:

    BTW: It is impossible to lick your elbow.

  298. DIDrocks says:


    i dont know. i think mahesh is pretty good. but most of all, he is soooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! i would marry that guy anyday despite the fact that he is married to namrata shirodhkar and has like two sons. :wink:

  299. kali.mangal says:

    Only thing i know is Siddesh in one of the DID1 contestant that will perform..

  300. Beauty1996 says:

    I knew it!!! I knew that all the girls like him due to his looks!! Something that I did not know is that Mahesh has 2 sons!

    I still think that Ram Potineni is awesome. He is soo cute!!!

    BTW: The Neanderthal’s brain was bigger than ours is.

  301. A_A says:

    i didnt think amrita and jack were that good that they deserved the performance of the day.. imo it should have gone to shakti and punit or dharmesh and saajan

  302. kali.mangal says:

    Performances rank:
    1) Ammu darling and Jack babu
    2) My lovely Robot Dharmu and Saaju
    3) Binnu and amru
    4) Shaku and Punnu

  303. DIDrocks says:


    when it comes to telugu indian actors, we have to like them by looks. its not like they can act great anyway. lol. some are decent though but most of them are like stupid.

  304. JIN BABA says:

    Oh DIDrock i thought u were asking for all Guys :lol: , my two brother also pieces star. and i consider that star people are very complicated, i feel very uncomfortable with that star people. and scorpion star people are very clever and hoshiyar too. they are ok for me :lol: . and Yes Cancer star people also aggressive but it’s not very complicated like Pisces are. :) , my little brother have Same Star Cancer.

    Btw The DID Ka Zee Channel Chalty Chalty Telgu Channel kahan Sy Shoro ho gaya :lol: :?:

  305. A_A says:

    plus a note to the admin:
    the people should be allowed to form their own opinions.. statements like the ones used in the topic promote bias against certain people. the topic should be objective without any such statements
    please take note.. if u guys have some comments to make u cud write them below but putting them in the topic is just not right

  306. A_A says:

    my ranks for today:
    1. punit and shakti (i didn’t see much dance in any other)
    2. saajan and dharmesh
    3. amrita and jack(very close though)
    4. binny and amar(not so close)

  307. Beauty1996 says:

    Very very true. I have a question. I think I am getting ppl mixed up. You are in U.S. and studying in college to become a doctor right?

    BTW: “Goodbye” came from “God bye” which came from “God be with you.”

  308. DIDrocks says:

    yes beauty1996. thats me

  309. DIDrocks says:

    @jin baba

    actually no. cancer people are not agressive. on the opposite end, we are obedient. this star is more feminine and romantic as opposed to masculine and powerful. but thats just being general. of course it does differ from person to person. lol. i personally am the follower not the leader. lol! so i dont think im agressive.

  310. Beauty1996 says:


    My little brother is Pisces and he sure is complicated!
    I am Capricorn, can you tell me about myself. LOLZ! That sounds so weird!

    BTW:1 in 5,000 north Atlantic lobsters are born bright blue.

  311. rockstardchamp says:

    Why you people believe in start signs Blaa blaaaa … come on guys we are in 2010 … why people believe on all these things.. we are educated … we should have belief in our hard work and effort which we put on it…
    believe in God(Unknown power which i believe) , finally trust your hard work thats it .. wht all i can say…

    Please this is just my view / openion or wht ever ….

  312. Beauty1996 says:

    I believe in star signs and hardwork and effort.

  313. moredance says:


  314. rockstardchamp says:

    Next week may be saajan or binny goin to eliminate … chances or more for saajan … he should go out now for heaven sake

  315. hizibizi says:

    I think next week sakti should be eleminated.for god’s sake she is like taken for granteD!doing over and over same act(NOT EVEN DANCE)…. today Terrence even copied his own moves!!! HE USED SAKTI-PARVEJ LOVE-ACT CONTEMPORARY, 8O U WONT BELIEVE IT.. BOTH THAT ACT’S MOVE AND TODAY’S ACT MOVE ARE SAMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEE,

  316. rockstardchamp says:

    Is Geetha kaoor un married or married and divorced .. do any one knows thiss?

  317. kali.mangal says:

    I already said that now i hate contemporary ..literally..nauseated…on writing this also..i got two hiccups..dude..
    Give me some different entertaining contemporary..i will try to see..but not this old Gengen fenfen…blablabla

  318. DIDrocks says:

    well i’ll tell who SHOULD go out and that is SAAJAN. but as we all know, some unkown power is still keeping him there and will keep him there until he wins. so he wont be going next week. im scared that it will be amrita. i hope its not. but binny has more chances to go. so maybe she will. but if she goes, mithun wont let her and he will definitely use the veto power. but before amrita of binny, saajan should go. if not him, then punit. one of them should just go and leave amrita and binny safe.

    so bottom line….

    - saajan should go!
    - if amrita or binny leaves, mithun will use hist veto.
    - punit should leave is saajan doesnt. but again i have a feeling mithun will use his veto for this dude as well.

    i dont think anyone else is in danger of leaving. shakti and dharmesh will in the top thanx to their supporters and amar will be safe cuz he is actually good and people actually see that. the only people who are good and janta DOESNT see that is Amrita, Amrita, and Amrita.

  319. JIN BABA says:

    lol at hizibizi, :lol:

    next week might be Binny / Saajan or Amrita :?

  320. kali.mangal says:


    This time the poll is the most hilarious…results are awesome..friends are showing their love towards their unfavorite contestants..very freely and liberally voting.. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    I am shocked it is same as vote for ur favorite contestant…Hilarious… :P :P :P :P :P :P

  321. DIDrocks says:


    geeta is not married.

  322. kali.mangal says:

    Why not punit in bottom 2..?????????????hain..hain..

    Binny, Punit, Saajan (this kid was shameless to leave beats in todays performance)
    Saajan–abhi tereko beat chodne ke chances khatam ho gaye…to ja..mere bhai..tere per padta hun..maf kar de…hum logo ko..DID ka stage chod de…plZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  323. DIDrocks says:

    ok so according to the poll, shakti, binny, dharmesh, and amrita deserve to go more than punit does? wtf? are people reading this right? i have a feeling all dharmesh fans are voting for shakti as worst contestant and all shakti fans are doing the same with dharmesh. and all the sane people are voting for saajan.

  324. jjuli says:



    DONT DO IT :(

  325. JIN BABA says:

    DIDrock gud fiqure out 8O .

    Mathunda must use one power for Amrita i am sure. Saajan must go for next week, why he is still in the GAME? they (Master) told what they do?. when Janta choosing him :lol: , that’s is real Joke till Now. Jacko go but Saajan still chipking in the show errrr. Binny kesy ja sakti hy, us ki Smile ny pata nahi kitny baywaqoofo ko vote karny py majbor kar rakha hoga :mrgreen: , Only Amrita i can say she must be in the Game, i want to see her more performances just till FINALE 8)

  326. kali.mangal says:

    Donot cry buddy. God is with my lovely Robot Dharmu and u fans…..u can atleast do justice to him by voting :D :D

  327. kali.mangal says:

    today Saajan himself confess that he is the master of leaving beats behind 8) 8) 8) 8)
    Then why r u not confessing that u donot deserve buddyy……go man..
    Agar ticket ke pasie nahin hain Jalandhar ke to main bhejta hun..per tu jaaa..jaaa :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  328. JIN BABA says:

    kali mangal Saajan ny Gilo / Elfy laga rakhi hy, itne easily nahi jany wala, let c what’s is gonna happend next week,

  329. kali.mangal says:

    Buddy these three will be there in final no matter what we do..OK
    4)here is the real battle amongst Amrita, Binny, and Amar..

  330. JIN BABA says:

    monday / tuesday tk News mil jy gee, k kon gaya ya kon bach gaya By MAthunda Option. :mrgreen:

  331. rockstardchamp says:

    DID 2 is goint to be interesting going forward as contestants have to perform on masters choice .. i desparately want to see How punit perform different styles .. i dont see any X or Wow factors in his dance .. and so why he is still there … i dont think he knows dance except expressions…. parvej or ameeth are far more better than this guy … do any one agree with this?? sorry to punit fans i dont think he has fans in this forum …

  332. kali.mangal says:

    When this Grand master will use Right to recall..
    Lagta hai usko reminder bhejna padega..kya bol to Jinbaba??? 8) 8) 8) :roll: :roll: :roll:

    It is late..he should have declared by next week…time dena padega usko..warna shock mein dal ne wala hai jarur :wink: :wink:

  333. kali.mangal says:


    Punit hawa mein latak rahela hai….
    Kahan bhi bhej do usko….Remo usko nahi chodega…Remo ki lifeline hai Punit.. 8) 8)

  334. jjuli says:

    HA HA HA

  335. kali.mangal says:

    I donot know about masters?
    But may be in future i will do it :wink:

  336. kali.mangal says:

    Binny and Punit will be in bottom 2…Veto power will be no one is eliminated..that is next week..
    OK now everybody go..have a good night sleep :wink:

  337. DIDrocks says:


    yes no one will be eliminated next week. BUT if saajan is eliminated, then mithun wont use his veto. so hoping that saajan will go.

  338. A_A says:

    saajan didnt miss beats in this performance.. everyone said that.. in some areas he even looked better than dharmesh(im not talking about the individual areas)
    imo binny or amrita need to go next week.. preferrably binny

  339. swtmoni says:

    hizibizi, I agree with you! Shaktii needz 2 leave!! And also, I hate it the way remo and terrance are always on dharmesh sir! He always does something different, and Shakti, omg she needs to leave! She always does the same

  340. lala says:


    Are you Dharmesh’Student or Geeta/Dharmesh with change name?

    I haven’t seen any good comments from you about any contest from Terrance or Ramo team or even you haven’t mentioned any good comment about Terrance and Ramo as well….

    Any contest from Terrance or Ramo group is praised in show, you will say it’s politics, manipulation blah..blah…blah

    Stop doing such stupid things….be fair and open with your mind when you watch performances……A average performance from any one from Geeta’s gang (specially D) you praise and a very good performance of terrance or ramo’s group you will say bad, same type etc…

  341. DIANDRA says:


    Again n again, reading about Amrita makes me puke.. i wonder why her looks are judged. To me it is plain stupid to even think that cos of Ammu’s looks that she has never gained TOP 3 position.

    But again, i too wonder why Ammu has not mesmerised the Janta’s heart to win her higher votes… strange though.

    If truly we are judging looks for a dance competition, to me Shakti too looks plain without make up. Just like any other ordinary ladies. I have nothing against Shakti cos I am not in her level, but just my opinion only!!

    You all have seen how Geeta looks before and after make up.

    Ammu, what ever you are, who ever you are, how you look has never mattered to me cos you cannot have all the top 10 qualities in you.

    But in my eyes, Ammu stands out cos she is attractive in her ways, energetic and earned the judges excellent remarks.

    Correct me if I am wrong, I dont understand Hindi much, but I am yet to hear any judges passing negative remarks for her performances to date.

    Geeta, I hate tears!! :mrgreen:

  342. priyam says:

    @ DIDrocks

    I agree with everything you said concerning ranking of the contestants and all other things. I think that everyone has their favourite, but your judgement is very fair.

    I also think that Jack was outstanding. Naughty public, instead of voting out Saajan you voted out Jack. I really wish Jack lots and lots of happiness and success in his life. He is such a sweet and nice person. I think that you will always be remembered after this performance.

    Shakti was fabulous- What a performence. Her moves were so clean.

    Amar was also outstanding. A real star.

    Dharmesh was superb. It is not his fault if prop was not properly utilised. Whatever he did, he was superb

    I think that Remo was a bit too harsh on Binny. Dada should not have asked her if she was ok. I felt sorry for her.

    Amrita did a fabulous job as usual. I am sad that this girl is always among least voted and angry that Saajan always survives.

    Saajan, Punit and Binny were ok

  343. priyam says:

    Not again dada. Don’t waste your veto power again like last year please. I sincerely believe that veto power can only be used for Dharmesh,Shakti, Amrita and Amar.

  344. priyam says:

    Hey Jin baba, Happy Birthday- sorry, I’m a bit late, but I wish you lots and lots of happiness and success in your life dear. WE must be of same rashi cause my birthday is tomorrow 29th March. So, Let’s celebrate…Hahaha. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  345. priyam says:


    Binny will not be out because Geeta cried for her and now people will fell sorry and vote for her dear….

  346. vmenezes.menezes says:

    punit and shaktis peformance was rocking. my four contestants for finale are
    they deserve to be in finals.
    mithundada shayad next week veto power use karenge. amrita ya binny ke liye. he is more partial to geeta ki gang.

  347. DIDrocks says:

    @ priyam

    well happy birthday to u too! :) have a great year. and ur comment that said “naughty public” was the most hilarious one ever. “naughty” public. hahaha. lol! that was funny. i have heard “unfair” public, “blind” public. but “naughty” is a first. lol!

  348. Dreamcatcher says:

    @Admin: Thanks for cleaning up the forum, and I completely understand what you said about there being way too many comments here, and hence the time lag in deleting offensive posts.

    AMRITA: She was awesome in ‘Dekha jo tujhe yaar’!! I really, really, really hope that this is the kind of paisa vasool performance that will finally make the junta vote for her! I’ve never seen such a bindaas comedy performance from a female, heck it was definitely one of the most paisa vasool comedy performances on DID… Amrita’s too cool! Only she could carry this off. :D :D

  349. sherlly says:

    Jack and Amrita Rocks..

  350. Prial says:

    In my point of view, it was an unfair decision by public, because Jack shouldn’t be eliminate!

    I really liked that, master Remo gave the MJ band to Shakti!

    Don’t mind, but next week, Binni must go!

    DID rocks… :P

  351. AnnieJ says:

    I mentioned this in yesterday’s thread too, but does anyone have a link (I mean, don’t post it, I don’t want to get anyone banned here lol) to the Shakti promo that is “promoting Shakti” or whatever? Is it on Youtube anywhere? House Arrest maybe? (Just heard about House Arrest today lol)

  352. satubeni says:

    Gabbar Singh :
    Please note only two contests reerve the MJ Band that should me
    1. Amrita
    2. D –Company
    We are still surprise what you have seen in Shakti & Punit.
    Punit is your contested so as usually he deserve that .You always will be in favors of your contest.
    But a girl who is doing only one style (contempary) from audition to as on date
    How she can be deserve despite Amrita…………………………………..
    Please explain
    Please note both of these guy deserve to be on top, they will be ………………..
    Because audience is not fool , they know everything

  353. Halima says:

    Again Shakti proved to be the best dancer. She is a natural. All her performances are flawless. She is the clear winner of DID


  354. tenzin rabyang says:

    if dharmesh does not do well then remo and terence will speak bad comment.

  355. vidshan says:

    When Amar performed with that German Cartwheel he was told by Geeta that the wheel-the prop was not used effectively… and now when dharmesh performed, Terence told that now the prop was used inefficently… wat a blame game going on here…
    i realy felt bad for contestants, after see such a waste drama betwwen Geeta and terence when she told him to show some moves on wheel, that was too rude… this attitude between masters is really gonaa affect all of the contestants…Just dont fight among urselves…come on guys, be mature… Dont give advice, when u cant take one…

  356. AnnieJ says:


    I think Terence knows that the German wheel was not utilized fully – he knew it because he had to change the choreography because the stage wasn’t big enough! And it’s not like he denied it on stage. He agreed that the prop was used decently, but because he interpreted the dance as being contemporary, he wanted to see more contemporary prop utilization – stretching between the bars and such. And also, Dharmesh’s prop was much smaller, thereby having different “effective uses.”

    I don’t feel like they were really fighting on stage…unlike in that one episode where Geeta goes nuts (oh wait, doesn’t she always get overly dramatic? Lol).

  357. rajan says:

    I’m surprised to see voting for the question-

    Who was worst Performer on 26th and 27th March.

    Either people just vote without understanding the question or just vote for DharmeshSir, Is it how our democracy works. I feel the comment of Remosir once that D’sir is getting votes just out of his popularity. It seems it is true. No doubt D’sir is a good dancer & he cannot dance bad.

    :twisted: :oops: Just check for what you are voting.

    I hope everybody will take me in right spirit. 8O :D


  358. naresh saini says:

    :D :D for every body :arrow: come on guys, just enjoy the DID no need to suck ur mind. i just love to see shakti performance, she is tooooooooooo…… good and soooooooooo….. :oops: and who does not like shakti’s performance those guys are blind and sick. and hope jack will come back :D BUT I JUST LOVE SHAKTI. NARESH

  359. maryamazi says:

    Jack you really soooooooooooo good!And i wish you,i now that you will be on the up!Maybe not DID but in you life :P We all will be missing you.
    NOw Remo,such eh mard muje isi do hafte me apna asli chehra dekhaya,bus JELES,JELES,JELES!itna bara admi aor itne ..uff!NOW THAT WHAT I CALLING A REALLY ENVY MAN!!!!!!!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
    sHACTI ,yes,you also good,but not 1st,sorry.
    Binny,i wish you will be ok soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

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