Dance India Dance Season2 Videos 19th February

Dance India Dance Season2 Videos 19th February

Dance India Dance 19th February Episode23 comes with Top12 Contestants selected. Our earlier spoiler is confirmed and we have Dharmesh, Amrita, Saajan Singh, Jack Samuels in the Top 12 Contestants along with Kruti, Shakti, Shashank, Binny Sharma, Kishore, Punit, Nikitasha and Kunwar Amarjeet. I loved Jack’s performance today and also Parvez and Altaf’s Hip Hop. Tomorrow’s episode promo looks amazing, don’t forget to watch Dance India Dance Season2 20th february Episode. Enjoy The Videos.

Dance India Dance 19th February Highlights

Parvez & Altaf performed on Dhan Te Dhan in Hip Hop Style

Dharmesh and Amrita performed Freestyle on Meray Haath Mein

Saajan Singh and Bhavna performed Contemporary and Freestyle on the song Aaja Gufaon Mein Aa

Jack Samules and Vandana performed on the song Dil Kya Kare American Waltz Style

Top8 Contestant’s performed on the song Dum

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152 thoughts on “Dance India Dance Season2 Videos 19th February

  1. nay2in says:

    They out parvez very sad, its all dirty game in did2, its already fix.

    1. LUV_terrence says:

      i agree..parvez is so talented ….but what can we do it was all fixed…..

      1. mandalkk says:

        I beleve collection of 8 may be a fixed but wild card entry of 4 nos participant is not fixed. They are selected by the opinion poll. I think selection of Kishore & Nikita was not correct. Parvez is talented but not kishore & Nikita.

    2. JIN BABA says:

      it’s All About Mathunda & Master+Zee people dissicion to how to running this show & what to do, & what to promote or what to not. it’ allFIX FIX & FIX by them, SHAME on them.

      if you people compare This Site Result & official Site result, so you all come to know.. what iz gone haPpend in DID2, all preplanned by them.

    3. FANOFDID says:

      Parvez was my favortie. Cannot imagine DID without Parvez. Kishore is absolutely a WASTE compared to Parvez. It is unbelievable to see Kishore still sitting there but Parvez out of DID2.

    4. slowdance says:

      they only eleminate pervaz because he is muslim
      other wise every one know that what is the difference between pervaz and Kishore
      u should also notice the face of terrence when he announce the name of pervaz

  2. TMAN says:

    God im so upset. parvez worked so hard. it was so obvious he deserved to get back in! amrita sucked and shes just a drama queen!

    1. Rahul says:

      ya ur right…Parvej is the best dacner in the DID up till now..i think he is the one who only can beat Dharmesh..but now Dharmesh is the clear winner…and that Amrita is really ridiculous…In the auditions she was crying after each performance and now she is smiling always,i think her return to the DID was fixed and she knew that…she is not better than Vandana in any manner….

      1. TMAN says:

        thank you Rahul.
        you’re right, Parvez was dharmesh’s only competition. This is somehow fixed because:
        Jack, Saajan & Amrita were the ones who didn’t make it to the top 18. Vandana, Bhavna, Altaf & Parvez did make it. So these 4 got replaced by the other 3 and dharmesh. Obviously if dharmesh didn’t make it back to top 12 that all of india would’ve gone crazy.
        Still not fair. Parvez has been the strongest dancer so far. He can pull off any dance. From deep emotion to comedy. Dharmesh can’t do emotional at all and his not as good as Parvez in comedy. Also Parvez’s steps are clean and crisp.
        I just lost all my respect for DID season 2.

      2. TMAN says:

        Thank you Rahul.
        Yea i agree with you. Parvez is the only 1 who can beat Dhamesh. There’s no way amrita deserved to be in the top 12. This is not fair to the watchers of DID because we all know how hard Parvez worked to get this far. His a real strong dancer and can pull off any role. Amrita’s just a drama queen and she’s not even a strong dancer. I just lost all my respect for DID season 2.

      3. LUV_terrence says:

        yez..parvez was the only to compare with  dharmesh…i also agree with you saying that vandana is better than amrita….and dear illusion please don`t comment everyone who says vandana is better than amrita…this is an comment site and everyone has the full right to say they’re opinions without someone comenting them everytime… think about it…LUV-terrence:D

  3. wowsz says:

    can sumone please tell me is tomorrow night elimination night?

  4. discodancer1 says:

    really upset……Parvez and Vandana were still vey good today .

    1. Rahul says:

      Both of them are always good…its only to satisfy Geeta “Ma”

      1. veer says:

        I agree with you Rahul. The administration went against audience. I just wanna say audience that don dream of did 3 coz you went against jantas. but our blessings are always with Vandana and Pravez. Guys you rock and you are the winner for us. We no more gonna see this crap drama anymore.

        1. eena22 says:

          Tats true, Veer….Parvez was and is the winner all the way…he was a complete entertainer….I cant simply digest the fact that Kishore is sittin on the couch with the top 12 and the best dancer Parvez is out of the show…this is really sad!!!!!!

        2. shantanumandal01 says:

          i kno very well that whtever happens happens for the best….and whtever happend is jus the best…the one who are good dancers etc are all rubbish..the fact is if ya that good jus prove it everytime ya on stage…because indian ppl vote more to their favs rather than voting honestly for the best of performances…and perhaps thats the reason why ppl get aggitated when sumting unlikely to their likenss happens…why dont ppl believ thi sthat the deserving shud be getting wht he/she deserves noone can jus snatch it back…”DID IS NAT JUS EVERYTHING” ITS JUS A PROGRRAMED REALTY EVENT…dont ya wll see the advertisements inbetween…huh<its commercially emotional stuff>

  5. Rahul says:

    Geeta “Ma” dane karao apne contestents se….unko rona mat sikhao…Frm last DID to this DID the only change is u r now playing politics with other candidates to save ur candidates…stop doin that….we want to see good dance not the stupid politics…

  6. Roms says:

    Parvez deserve to be in top 12. He is the best dancer after Dharmesh.
    Amrita sucks. Amrita is the another drama queen after very very stupid Geeta. Amrita doesnt deserve to be in top 12.
    Why they r pairing Dharmesh with amrita. its really yuckkkkkkkkk.

    1. Beauty1996 says:

      What makes you feel like Amrita does not deserve to be in Top 12?
      Why do you say that pairing Dharmesh with Amrita is yuck?
      How could you say that, that is just so mean.

      Are you saying that the pairing was yuck, due to Amrita’s appearance?
      If that is so, you make me sick!

      1. TMAN says:

        She doesn’t deserve to be in the top 12 because she sucks. She’s a very weak dancer and  a drama queen. When she didn’t get chosen for top 18 and Mithun offered her the stand by, she still cried and caused a scene. Parvez deserved it way more. Everyone knows it. This isn’t fair to the viewers. Even Vandana was better than amrita

      2. eena22 says:

        yes.. Amrita is gud..she does all the different dance styles with grace…..she was gud with Dharmesh…im just pissed off tat Parvez is out of the show….he deserved to be in the top 12….

        1. rahi says:

          yup parvez is toooooo gud he deserves to be in top 12,,,,,,,,,,, nt only in top 12 but in top 5 also………………..n dharmesh in mind blowing no one can compare dharmesh he is too gud………………..n amrita is also gud but nt with dharmesh…………………….

  7. sharanjeet kaur says:

    Yes i am sad that Parvez is out , he is obviously a very good dancer n gives competition to Dharmesh. I strongly feel that he should be in the final 12 and amrita whose dancing sucks should be out. She is so so irritating. Its unfair I think everyone who watches DID has the same point of view Parvez should be brought back in the finals.

    1. TMAN says:

      I agree with you sharan. This is really unfair to everyone that watches DID because we all know that parvez deserved it. Even if Parvez came runners up I would be happy because Dharmesh has half of india supporting him.
      There is no way amrita deserved a spot in the top 12 over Parvez.
      I just lost all my respect for DID season 2.

  8. TARIQ ALI says:

    Dance India Dance Videos 19th February Part4?
    were is part 4

  9. Beauty1996 says:

    Guys, it might seem like Amrita is a so called ” Drama Queen” to some of you due to her loudness and unusual mannerisms when tallking. But, that is just her personality! Some people are like that and might come across as irritating or over dramatic, but this is just her personality.

    1. TMAN says:

      Even dancing wise, she’s a very weak dancer. There’s no way she deserved to be in the top 12. Parvez deserved it. This is really unfair to the viewers because we all know how hard he worked for it. sigh even vandana alftaf and bhavna are stronger dancers
      FACT: Mega auditions when amrita didn’t get selected, mithun offered her the stand by Wild Card entry. She STILL cried and caused a scene.

    2. brkdancekid says:

      yeah and a bit melodramatic with her yeyeyeye……. loolll

    3. JIN BABA says:

      yeah she must must stop this yeyeye etc NOW, and concentrate on upcoming performances, no doubt she iz good performer, i like her performer, but when i saw her face than u can imagine my feelings toward herself ;) , well today her performer also good one. but she iz over excited, she must control this thing. chao

  10. Beauty1996 says:

    Amrita is not that BAD!! I think the hatred that some of of you guys possess toward her behavior/or her appearance are getting in the way of you guys realizing her talent!! Maybe, Possibly.

    But, on the other hand I totally agree with you guys when you say that Parvez deserve to be in the top 12. First of all, he should have never been in the Bottom 3, and then have gotten out!!
    This is just my personal opinion towards the comments. We cannot gauge Amrita’s talent yet. Because, we have not gotten the chane to see her full capabilities in dance. So, in the future if the viewers ever feel like she doesn’t deserve the “Topi”, she will obviousely be OUT.(Hopefully, she will not be OUT due to her supposed unattractive appearance. Talent should NEVER be based on  appearance. ” Looks can be decieving,” as someone wise man has said.)  Parvez absuloutley did deserve to be in the TOP 12!! I agree.

    Don’t worry guys “Justice Will Be Served!!!”
    Rayo Bakhirta is the name of a person who is a model and actor. You guys might know him as “Billu” if you guys watch a soapapra called Aapki Antara on ZEE TV. I am a fan o f him, that’s all.

    1. mandalkk says:

      I am agree with you. She was given only one chance to prove herself and she did it. Selection is based on public opinion. I think DID is one of best cleaned show.

      1. TMAN says:

        wasnt based on public opinions. parves got 2nd highest votes, next to dharmesh. amrita got lowest. amrita is a very weak dancer. she did not deserve to be in the top 12. parvez deserved it more than anyone. his dharmeshs biggest competition

    2. brkdancekid says:

      sorry no sops for me ;)
      but why mention him out of the blue ?

      1. Beauty1996 says:

        Beacuse I am a fan!!

        1. Beauty1996 says:

          I said his name randomly because I watched a episode, right before commenting. You don’t have to watch the saopapra to know him. Just look him up. He is so adorable!!

  11. Beauty1996 says:


    1. eena22 says:

      Justice has to be done…..Parvez shud  be in…Mithunda shud use his veto power to bring back Parvez…..

      1. JIN BABA says:

        Same Thought here :D , but as we Remember last DID1 session mathunda use his Veto power, but the contestant were in this Adbudh 12, Khushbo prohit, may be this time might he Change his Veto power with new policy hahaha

  12. Beauty1996 says:

    I just totally hated the hair and outfits of this girls in the Top12. Just weren’t pleasant to the eyes and kind of showy. If you know what I mean.

    1. JIN BABA says:

      Ganja Karwado tmhara bas chalay tu hyna? :D

      1. Beauty1996 says:

        I don’t know whhat u said. I don’t speak Hindi. Can u plz translate ur comment inti English.

  13. TMAN says:

    Even dancing wise, Amrita’s a very weak dancer. There’s no way she deserved to be in the top 12. Parvez deserved it. This is really unfair to the viewers because we all know how hard he worked for it. sigh even vandana alftaf and bhavna are stronger dancers
    FACT: Mega auditions when amrita didn’t get selected, mithun offered her the stand by Wild Card entry. She STILL cried and caused a scene.

  14. kindi says:

    Can everyone out here talk about the present and future performances rather than crying foul over the results and bashing the contestants on their appearences!!

    1. JIN BABA says:

      don’t u imagine, how much we all concern about the Unfair Elimination of deserving contestant. there r many people hurt for this etc. :-/

  15. says:

    Parvez was the best.. He really deserved to be in the top12 or rather i could say top 5.He has always performed well in any form of dance without giving any chance for anyone to speak against his dancing abilities.I think, his elimination was because of the “not so good” choreography by his master on the day of elimination. Terrence sir, you may regret this…Coz i feel that parvez was the strongest contestant in Terrence ki toli..Much better than Amar and Jack.
    I was hoping that Mithun da would use his Veto power to get Parvez back.. but he did not do so :(

    1. teju says:

      yes that’s true

  16. illusion says:

    dear beauty 1996,

    im becuming a fan of u day by day, young woman!
    everything i was going to say, it appears u already did!

    guys, its RIDICULOUS to say that amrita cant danc!!! for ur kind info, in terms f technical finesse and grace, she’s much better and more polished than binny and nikitasha put tohether.
    she’s the only female contestant to rwllay be able to challenge shakti and kruti. probablythe strongest female in the days to come…
    she danced with dharmesh and OUTSHONE dharmesh… isnt that sumthing?
    her pairing with dharmesh was fantastic… in case u guys havent noticed, dharmesh is also ok-looking only. he’s no brad pitt either…  similarly none of the guys, kunwar, shashank , jack or kishore are exactly hot hunks. so when we judge the guys purely based on their dance, why cant we do the same for the girls?

    ya i agree amrita can be a bit loud and iriitating at times, but she’s on this show for her dance n nothing else. and thats sumthing she does fantastically, so can we give her a break pls?!!?

    1. Beauty1996 says:

      Thank You SOOOO Much!! You always compliment me !

      1. Beauty1996 says:

        I love the point that you made about the appearance of the guys!!

  17. illusion says:

    @beauty 1996,
    sorry yaar i dont watch any serials on tv… anyway ill try to keep an eye out for aap ki antara… and rayo bakhirta (what a strange name! sounds like a spanish dish! lol…)

    1. Beauty1996 says:

      Lol! Brkdancekid thought the same thing about the name!

  18. wowsz says:

    everyone here keeps on fightn on geeta and amrita, guys just chill geeta might be saying comments that are mean to other people but seriously if you guys cant see the othr judges are doing the same like terrence with shakti and backing her up when she does contemperary with kunwar and Remo always putting the good person on the bottom 3 like meenu and nikitasha like meenu did better than her in that trio dance but still she was put in the bottom so everyone just back off the judges cuz everyone wants their person to win so yea
    everyone keeps on hitting amrita because she isnt beautiful and shes loud but so what, this isnt a fashion contest you know so she doesnt have to be quiet and all dolled up

  19. illusion says:

    dear brkdanceKID (he he he)

    yeah i watched superstars of dance for a bit… was quite amazed by the show… i LOVED the 2 indian girls… one kathak and 1 bharatnatyam if i rmember correctly….
    apart from that i particulkarly remember the irish tap dancing troupe (military precision man! it was brilliant!) and the chinese kung fu one (thats what i call a gravity defying performance)… u might also have esp enjoyed the american street dancing group… also the australian solo guy
    well thats all i rmemebr. ..

    but yeah the concept was superb. showcasing dances from various parts of the world…

  20. illusion says:

    dear brkdance kid

    how did the interview go?
     oye thanks for the reference to the dr.devi shetty article… now i know why a friend of mine suddenly got a montivation boost recently. she quoted dr devi shettyb as her inspiration. ill try to get my hands on that article…
    but ya, u’d be surprised to know that most ppl dont enter this profession with a zealous sense of serving the world or treating the sick. they blunder into it for various reasons like parental pressure, lack of info n misguided ideas… and then they wail all their life… :) such is life….
    thankfully i havent lost my motivation yet (except for fleeting phases of doubt).. but then im young n have a long way to go… so u never know… :)

    too much philosophy perhaps? :)

    1. brkdancekid says:

      cracked the written but was kicked out in the technical interview.
      still i’m happy :)
      yeah the street grp were my fav , and that australian guy was too good
      got very high marks for one of his performance .
      and u can always give me a few dozes of ur philosophy …
      ” uske bina to yeh forum hi adhoora hai” lolz

      1. Beauty1996 says:

        How did both of you guys become moderators?
        brkdancekid, if u do not mind me asking what was the interview for?

        1. brkdancekid says:

          ’twas a campus interview for a company in ma college
          as for how we became moderators i think illusion will explain it to u
          ya, the moderator badge looks like i’m being made the  CR of the class

          1. Beauty1996 says:

            I might be getting annoying by now but, what are you planning to become?

          2. brkdancekid says:

            well a computer game developer.
            thats ma dream job .

          3. Beauty1996 says:

            That is like one of the most funnest jobs!! I wanna become a doctor, which of course, come with alot of work, but with alot of happiness through the actions that doctors do.

          4. brkdancekid says:

            in that case
            better consult illusion our resident forum doctor i believe she’ll be happy to guide u .

          5. Beauty1996 says:

            Do you know if she studied in India or some other place, and what country she works in right now, because there’s a difference of curriculum and requirements.

          6. brkdancekid says:

            well it’d be better if u ask her urself ,becuz u see i dont want to intrude on her privacy by passing on her personal details . u know what i mean .
            sorry if my replys r short i am not much of a writer and a bit lazy lolz

          7. Beauty1996 says:

            I totally understand what you mean and I definately will ask her myself. Thank you

            BTW: Rayo Bakhirta is awesome!!!

  21. eena22 says:

    misss uuuu Parvez……

  22. MG says:

    wowsz says
    everyone keeps on hitting Amrita because she is not beautiful and shes loud but so what, this isnt a fashion contest you know so she doesnt have to be quiet and all dolled up.
    You are right,every one please see her talent  she’s the only female contestant to rwllay be able to challenge all girl contestants. probably the strongest female in the days to com e…
    all the best Amrita,Dharmesh Jack you are superb

    1. JIN BABA says:

      hahaa hey MG you Forget Masterz Choice Saajan Singh with other 3 ;)

  23. limbu says:

    jack  is the best.

    1. JIN BABA says:

      yeah he deserve Nation people Love, that’s why mathunda get him in. he (mathunda) convey the message all over world. that the Indian people have respect for their Nation people, wheather the person living in India or Abroad.

  24. Rahul says:

    what would u say…who is the next one to be elininated????

      1. Beauty1996 says:

        You cannot really guess who is going to be eliminaed, because one day a contestant might have done excellent and the next day they might have not done as well as before. It is only possible to guess after seeing the peformances.

  25. Me xD says:

    I’m gonna miss Parvez : (

    1. LUV_terrence says:

      mee too…may god keep you happy where ever you’ll go…and have a superb career-..all he best …..

  26. FANOFDID says:

    Saw real Dharmesh yesterday; He could not perform as good as Amritha. Good to see come competition for him

    Parvez should have been there not Kishore.

    1. JIN BABA says:

      FAN buddy, What Janta thiNk, Masterz & Grand Master won’t care. So Ignore them.

  27. Mehnaaz says:

    I loved Amrita’s performance yesterday it was absolutely wunderful.

  28. Dreamcatcher says:

    (Feb 20, Saturday)
    Wow, Kruti was FANTASTIC today! My god, I haven’t seen such good Bharatanatyam in any dance competition show till now. Every single one of her expressions – simply brilliant! I really hope people appreciate classical dance too and vote for her.
    And Jack is oh-my-god-awesome! His performance today was bombastic. All his movements are SO strong, clean and technically fine. Truly a power-packed performance.
    I love Amrita too! Her passion for dance and her talent, and all the dances she has professionally learnt – wow, reeeally admirable.
    Okay, TV pe break over! And the next performance is Dharmesh’s… waiting for it!

  29. pak says:

    voting ap sab kay samne hain…jesa kay pervez In hai or amrita out……
    i hate mithunda ,,,,pagal…pagal…band kro ye show jahan insaaf hi nahi hai….insaaf do….pervez ko in kroooo

    1. JIN BABA says:

      not only parvez but Altaf too hahaha. they have to scared from them. that’s why they play Game with their Career. Very Unfair.

  30. brkdancekid says:

    jack’s radio performance was the best for me in today’s episode
    really awesome moves buddy..
    Now that’s what i call a preformance /*remo sir ne to nahi kaha par chalo
    meri taraf se gift*/ lolz

    1. JIN BABA says:

      Kido Buddy yar we all know Jack iz good in this Shelly, but he iz not Smart. his body chubby. i don’t thing he will so longer in this SHOW.

      1. brkdancekid says:

        but this time unadeltrated hip hop and popping not his contemporary

        1. JIN BABA says:

          but he iz also good in this dance form yAr, i saw his yesterday performance with Vandhana, he trying well, but due to his Body, he is Not fit on the Dance Floor. while Vandhana were Awesome.. Hard Luck she’z gone :-/

          1. brkdancekid says:

            but jack  has hius plus points
            1.he can bboy a bit like saajan
            2.he can pop a bit like dharmesh
            3.he does contemporary in unique style

          2. Beauty1996 says:

            Jinbaba JAck is not that chubby, it probably just seems like that due to the loose clothing that he wears. He is actually very muscular. I know this because he took his hirt off in one of the videos and I saw that he had toned abbs.LOLZ

  31. JIN BABA says:

    Episode Iz Good, But Unfortunate by Eliminate by deserve contestant.
    Start performance was awesome, Altaf & Parvez doiNg Excellent job as they doing in previous episode. but unfortunate by Masterz & Grand Master hmm..
    Amrita performed well, lol she beat Dhamesh :D , i think when both coming for Hip hop dance, than dharmesh defiantly beat her.
    Saajan try well, but we need to saw his more dance form, how to he executed. Bhavna as good as in Contamparory so no word for her. but i felt she did excellent job. but Not anymore in this GAME.
    well what to say abt Jack & Vandhana performance might they r good in it, but Jack is not Fit on this Stage as i feel, no words for Vandhana she iz pretty well as performer. :-/
    DID Organizer Done Very Very Unfair decision
    Thumps Down.

  32. JIN BABA says:

    maN Control your Emotion..

    1. Beauty1996 says:


      1. JIN BABA says:

        Beauty u can learn hindi chatting too ;)

        1. filmifever says:

          guys the HOT guy from AKA Rayo Bakhirta
          you can chat with him on facebook, he is tooo sweet, and so handsome.
          he is going to become a big bollywood star one day.
          i really love him, so hot and good actor also man,
          so talented guy.

  33. sudhir.c.m says:

    plz tell me any one how i vote for contestant

  34. Beauty1996 says:

    Dear Sudhir,
     You can go to the link that I have posted below to vote for your favorite contestant:


    I just learned how to do a smiley face!!

    1. Beauty1996 says:

      Never mind it did not show up.

      BTW: Rayo Bakhirta is awesome!!

      1. JIN BABA says:

        O REally so finally u like hiM right?.

        So Baat Pakki PhEr? heheh ;)
        i check his picture, itna bhi acha nahi hy khair

        1. Beauty1996 says:

          Don’t talk to me in Hindi. I don’t speak Hindi, but I can understand bits and bits of it when ppl are talking. So, can you plz translate that into english. Also, you also commented in Hindi for one of my comments about the outfits and hair of the girls, so can you translate that into english also? Pretty plz with a cherry on top> LOLZ

          1. JIN BABA says:

            it was just kidding comments Beauty Dear.
            i saw your two / three comments for Rayo Bakhirta, it’s seem u like him, so i just put my kidding comments toward him for u :D , i mean O Really so finally u like him right?. so can we talk to him about yourself so then he also like u, as u say abt him. then in last line i say that i check his picture on Net, hmm as a Male i feel about him .. he is not really a dashing Guy as you say in ur many post abt him that he iz awesome lol, Cheer up Beauty
            Remember i am not Good in English, but i’m very much understand what you people talking about, but i enjoy talking writing in English as well as Hindi / Urdu :D

          2. Beauty1996 says:

            Jinbaba it seems as if I have hurt ur feelings. I never meant to criticize ur english. I just wanted you to write in english so that I can understand what ur saying. Sorry

            Also it depends on what pic u saw of him. Did u see him with long or short hair. He looks dashing in short hair!!! And he looks rather creepy in long hair. But I just love his curly hair!!!

  35. patelvinay008 says:

    HI…I just wann say….
    Dharmesh is the only strong contender for DID 2.. so, keep voting for him…..

    1. Beauty1996 says:

      He isn’t good at other dance styles. You have to be well rounded to win. But, there is still time for Dharmesh to show his other capabilities and maybe even improve in other forms of dance. For example, in the above videos, Terrence pointed a few mistakes that he did. They were small mistakes, but it makes a difference.

    2. JIN BABA says:

      You Are Wrong patelvinay, so please change your mind, i think now Amrita iz stronger contestant among all Top 12

      1. Beauty1996 says:

        Totally, agree with you Jinbaba!!!

        Can u plz translate the comments that you made to me about the outfits of the girls and Rayo Bakhirta into English, because I don’t speak Hindi, but am only able to understand bits of it.

  36. alfiya says:

    what ever i love binny smile and i love from my heart and all the best to all the 12 did patci  take care all of them

    1. Beauty1996 says:


  37. LUV_terrence says:

    i am from norway so is Jack…we are even from the same city….OMG this is gonna be fun…everyone here in norway already loves him….^^app ka jadu saath samundar par phel gaya hai^^^i wish you all the best hope yo`ll WIN….<<<<<333

    1. JIN BABA says:

      ya i can feel your exciting at your side Dear :D .

  38. JIN BABA says:

    brkdancekid says:
    February 20, 2010 at 8:48 pm
    but jack  has hius plus points
    1.he can bboy a bit like saajan
    2.he can pop a bit like dharmesh
    3.he does contemporary in unique style

    i know he can do this three form better than other contestant, but u must know if he can WIN this compitition, so he almost know & have done many other dance form as Well.

    Beauty1996 says:
    February 20, 2010 at 8:51 pm
    Jinbaba JAck is not that chubby, it probably just seems like that due to the loose clothing that he wears. He is actually very muscular. I know this because he took his hirt off in one of the videos and I saw that he had toned abbs.LOLZ

    Alright as u say so :) , but i am sorry for one thing that what i feel after SAW his performances, he iz good, he have good energy too to perform his shelly dance form very well, but i felt that he look like not very much Fit on this Dance Floor, ya one thing if he can loose his Weight, so defiantly he fit for it. his real exam start when the Mr Terrence try new dance form to him, like what parvez doing on “Bety Lamhe” Song. imagine beauty can he do that dance form :D ?

    1. brkdancekid says:

      he lost 15 kilo’s after coming on did sets
      what more can u ask . lolloz
      not exactly biggetst loser kaun haha

  39. JIN BABA says:

    Beauty1996 says:
    February 20, 2010 at 9:52 pm
    Jinbaba it seems as if I have hurt ur feelings. I never meant to criticize ur english. I just wanted you to write in english so that I can understand what ur saying. Sorry
    Also it depends on what pic u saw of him. Did u see him with long or short hair. He looks dashing in short hair!!! And he looks rather creepy in long hair. But I just love his curly hair!!!

    no no no, don’t say sorry, it’s alright.
    hmm well i visit his name offcial site, so what i feel abt him i told u, but after ur this comment i don’t say anymore becoz everybody have their like & dislikes, i respect ur opinion. k33p haPpy & Have fuN!

  40. Beauty1996 says:

    Thank you Jinbaba for understanding and not being a Drama Queen. LOLZ!!!

    1. JIN BABA says:

      hahaha, that Drama Queen thing is Match on G33ta Auntio not Moe selfo ;) ,

      actually i didn’t see tonight episode, so am waiting for Latest Videos to Watch.

  41. JIN BABA says:

    Admin Videos Please???????..
    & thanks for yesterday night Videos :P

  42. surya singh says:

    how long more for 20th feb episode???
    hurry please

  43. JIN BABA says:

    I Heard it that Next w33k … Depika & Farhan Akhtar coming at DID plate form As a New Guest. i really exciting to watching Depika Sweet heart. ;)

    1. $urya@ Gwalior says:


      1. Beauty1996 says:

        I feel like Deepika is very pretty, but not exactly a great actress.
        Just my personal opinion.

        1. JIN BABA says:

          lol feel like :D , why beauty u r not seems like her haan ;) , she is very attractive honey, her emotion Uff awesome sweety, u know what i mean don’t u ;D

  44. merijaan says:

    hi guys..DID is losing its u can see the voting is not real, i vote to my favorites contestant to whom i like much or his or her dance style i like much..but honestly nobody votes for that contestant who deserves to be Saajan said in jallandar my brother and his dancing club members took a rally out for votes to saajan and they convince the police to vote for saajan..for me this kind of voting is not a honest voting..and DADA pls try to select the best from ur side but not with the votes..we are public but we are not honest..stop public voting..and try to bring more judeges in this show, so that they can select the real not distroye some ones hopes, dreams, life, which is connected with this DID show..

    1. Beauty1996 says:

      I totally agree with you. They should bring in some good judges who are talented and honest. Or, atleast make the existing judges honest. Yes, I also agree that the public voting isn’t veery fair. The Public tends to vote for a certain contestant for the wrong reason, such as appearance and the place where they come from. They cannot make the public vote honestly, just too many ppl to control. But with 3 judges it is a very possible thing to be fair to the contestants based on their performance and NOTHING ELSE.

    2. JIN BABA says:

      very w3ll said dear, DID losing it’s CHARM, No Doubt,
      i didn’t see tonight videos yet, but i saw limlight video, i was shocked once again :-/ , that terrence again do what they doing b4 this Top 12 contestant. i again dissapointed from terrence, Only Shashank / Amrita doing different .. about other doing same shelly what they r expert in that dance form, very SAD … i like Amrita performance, but she must be control her beautiful Smile :D , bcoz i enjoy her performance but when she smile, i start crying here hehehehe ;)

  45. $urya@ Gwalior says:


  46. Beauty1996 says:

     I also want to become a doctor. Can you please tell me a few things being a doctor.
    What should I expect?
    What are the day by day things that you have to go through?
    Any tips?
    Level of difficulty?
    I really cannot think of many good questions right now.
    So, can you please tell me things that you think might help me.

  47. merijaan says:

    who will b the best 4????

    1. JIN BABA says:

      Dharmesh & Binny , now i felt that Geeta moto have Stronger Contestant than others.. Moti Khush Hoja

  48. Admin says:

    @ JIN BABA, Surya : Let’s get there Warriors.

    Very long episode today + Lime Light Videos are added too.

    1. JIN BABA says:

      Admin u rock Sir ;)

      many thanks to u :D , we appreciated your effort for US thanks once again.

  49. Beauty1996 says:

    THANKS ADMIN.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Admin says:

    Go Get there it’s going to take a long time.  1Hr 45Mins Show + 18Mins Lime Light. LOL

    1. JIN BABA says:

      no worry at all, we have fast internet service, i myself Download all videos to watch eeeeee :P

  51. priyam says:

    I’m gonna miss Vandana and Parvez. They both danced vo beautifully today. Vandana is such a graceful dancer and her inner beauty makes her performances even more beautiful.

    Jack and Vandana were just Superb-just mindblowing and Vandana was the Queen of the show.

    Wish all those who have not been selected lots of success ahead and keep dancing as you are all just amazing.

  52. Bhaggy says:

    Ii Soo Don’t Agree Thatt Parvezz Iis out!
    Justt so Not Fair On Him!! DID Judgess Don’t Even Look At The Vote ..If They Did thnn Parvez Was Third So He Should be In it!!
    Jackk Onlyy Got Inn Jus Coxzz Of Parvezz :l
    N Terrence Should Have Chosen Parvez Not Jack: Iamm Nott Saayiing Thatt Jack is not Gd but……:l



  53. zishan says:

    man its a shame if its all a fix……..
    geeta is useless i hate her

  54. nirmal says:

    IT’s Disgusting to eliminate the PARVES




  55. Akash Kadia says:

    Dharmesh Sir is the best

  56. merijaan says:

    hi, Admin when u vl going to updated todays show..pls update fast yaar..i m waiting to see it..

  57. merijaan says:

    hi guys, As i m watching this DID show when it get started first time from that DID to this DID2 there is a lot of changes i can see in TERRENCE judgements..his decisions are selffish decisions..i m not against any contestant but it should be fair judgements, and decisions..i want the best talent to win…{ I notice one statement which is given by Terrence when he selected Jack, he said that last time i have selected Parvez now i want to give a chance to Jack..} this is unfair u r there to select a right talent not to give a chance…Now i m telling u guys after seeing Jack last performance of ballroom walts dance with vandana….Parvez is more better then Jack….

  58. merijaan says:

    hello…Admin r u guys off today or what,still not downloaded..comeon yaar make it fast guys..

  59. saurabh verma says:

    i very very like it sanjan  binny dharmesh sir n  kishor bcoz kya dance karta hai wo koi chu nahi sakta super so pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls              vote 4 in 4 contansance only so pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls

  60. bhawnab says:

    well, i saw yester’s DID..and i was in a state of shock by the time the show ended…it was a tragedy..!!! i mean by how far would Nikkitasha stay in DID at the expense of others..?? she shud have been outta DID last to last episode…bt shashank was eliminated..and den Kruti..!!
    It’s high time dat something is done nw..!!We watch dis show to c something gud,,and not some usual crap..if dats d case den dere r other ME-TOO shows running on othr channels vich can b seen…KRUTI NEEDS TO BE BROUGHT BACK TO THE SHOW..!!!!!!!!!

  61. vidshan says:

    parvez not being in show, for me was a shock… bt amrita being in the show was’nt… she is a teacher having knowhow of different dance styles so maybe it would be better for Geeta to train her easily and she is talented too…so amrita was’nt a bad choice after all..
    yeah, she does’nt look so beautiful, bt make-up will take care of that… atleast during dance… and Vandana had a hard-luck… may not being very well trained got in her way…DID should have chosen top 13 and brought parvez in… he will the missing part in did 2…

  62. vidshan says:

    will miss Parvez… :(

  63. vidshan says:

    plz someone stop Amrita’s yeah yeah cry… aah it irritates me a lot… where did she learn that… that cry is so yuuuccckkkk…. :x

  64. JIN BABA says:

    Amrita Darling

      Amrita Darling
      Amrita Darling

  65. Amrita Darling
    1. Amrita Darling
  66. akshara says:

    we just like u the mosttttttt
    just keep on dancing so good
    we know u will win takdeer ki topi
    best of luck
    kya baat.. kya baat.. kya baat…….

  67. Leave a Reply

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