Dance India Dance Season2 Videos 13th March

Dance India Dance Season2 Videos 13th March

Boman Irani on Dance India Dance Season2 13th March enjoyed brilliant performances from the remaining 9 Dance India Dance Contestants. He danced with Geeta Kapoor on stage and Mithun Da. Today Shakti and Kunwar Amarjeet were really special. Lots of new dance styles tried in today’s episode and they came out well for the masters. This week Saajan Singh has not performed up to the standards, maybe because he was not doing his own style but we wish him best of luck for Dance India Dance 19th March Eliminations. Here are today’s performances.

Terence Ki Toli

Kunwar Amarjeet and Shakti performed on the song Blue in Avatar Style

Jack and Shakti Mohan performed Bhanga Dance Style on the song Rang De Basanti

Geeta Ki Gang

Amrita and Binny Sharma performed on the song Dheem Tana

Dharmesh and Kishore performed Kalia Mardan Dance Style on Govind Bolo Hari Gopal

Remo Ke Rangeeley

Saajan and Punit performed Bollywood Mixed Martial Art on the song Taali

Punit and Nikkitasha Marwah performed on Sita Haran in Semi Classical and Bollywood Style

Shakti and Kunwar Amarjeet got performance of the day

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1,270 thoughts on “Dance India Dance Season2 Videos 13th March

  1. brkdancekid says:

    when remo gave the MJ badge to punit
    dharmesh was looking miserable ,
    and Remo also rubbed salt on the wound by
    saying it was his bhagwan’s badge …
    poor dharmesh

    1. drocks says:

      Definitely punity deserve MJ badge
      Dharmesh next to his style  all of his performance  r too much boring
      he donot deserve to be a winner

      1. luvdid says:

        ohh yeah Punit Deserves it … maybe cuz he is in Remo’s team ;-)…. For sure he cannot give it to Sajaan and there is no one else in his team…may be for Remo he is the gr8 dancer..but unfortunately within his team only…Remo played a very nice trick of using Sachin’s name. For sure people may vote but more for Sachin and not for Punit’s dance….

        1. DIDrocks says:

          just using sachin’s name is not going to get any votes for punit. i hope u understand that. a contestant has to do good dance as well. and punit really and truly was fantastic. im proud of him and amar for showing such improvement recently. i can honestly now say that punit and amar are BACK!!!

          1. luvdid says:

            you said it..they are back but only for this week ;-)…and if it takes only one performance to be back in contention….well then D has done all the time :-)…
            D Rocks…

          2. kindi says:

            where was the dance in punits performance??just gimmicks..remo had to do that or else punit will also have to say tata bye bye..

          3. suruworks says:

            damn…who says he’s is back? did u see the choreography of that saching song? it sucked….people dance better in baarat than that…’s just sachin’s name…..Remo has no one left….don’t u see he has no hopes other than Punit if he wants to win the show and who deosn’t want to? I seriously feel Amar did a good job with his lyrical hip hop yesterday…if there is competition, I feel it’s Dharmesh, Shakti and Amarif he keeps giving good performances and stop making small mistakes during his performance……

          4. MG says:

            i totally agree with u suru…
            THe only hope for Remo is PUNIT who dances well but not that well tht remo gives him MJ batch !!
            Shakti is the most deserving contestent ..then comes DHARMESH
            n  amar.. jack ..n pUnit…
            i see like 0% chance of SAAJAN to be in top 8 cuz he is only n only good in bee boying THATS IT…!
            he is a 3rd class performer as compared to others in this DID…
            Amrita.. Binny and Kishore r ok ok.. not tooo good not too bad..
            But some of their performances really rocks!
            I just hope SHAKTI wins even shes a girl .. she is deserves it D MOSTT!

          5. crazebunty says:

            please guys vote for dharmesh. dharmesh is the best i prefer
            dharmesh to be winner n he deserve. remo is jst trying to demotivate him
            from last two weeks nthgn else. Pls Remo sir dnt play dis kind of trick v respect you. i am also gr8 fan of remo but dis should not accept from
            you sir,
            I think dhamresh ll be winned after that shakit n kunwer but i think sajand shld not b dere in top 12. parvez was much better dan oder three who got entry in wild card round.
            ALL D BESt Dharmesh I like to see you in toper in next week again n i know dharmesh sir will

          6. Smiling Rickey says:

            You all r just going on face and fame………
            but dude its a dance compilation and there is no mach of AMRITA
            only She deserve Sunahri Topi.
            Be honest dont just flow in the emotion.

          7. teodce says:

            Shakti rocks… she is the best

          8. LUV_terrence says:

            love u shakti you’re the best…….!!!!

      2. akshay1122 says:

        hey u………dharmesh is good n very talented……n bcuz of gita maam wo kuch kar nei pa raha hai…..uska dancing style,har ek bit pakadna or wo gita maam se jyada apna khud coriography rahta hai…itna baat samajh me nei ata kya?????agar wo alag team me rahta to sab ka faad dalta samjhe……..

        1. pankaj kumar says:

          kya re dharmesh ke bachon kitne ho tumlog………….

          tum log ishi site ka pole kyun nahi dekhte ki har week wo elimination hone walo ke list me 2nd hota hai ………….. ye dekho list

          Who should be eliminated on Dance India Dance 19th March ?

          Amrita (12%, 451 Votes)
          Binny Sharma (7%, 238 Votes)
          Shakti Mohan (5%, 183 Votes)
          Punit (7%, 249 Votes)
          Jack Samuels (9%, 322 Votes)
          Dharmesh (17%, 608 Votes)
          Kishore (8%, 305 Votes)
          Kunwar Amarjeet (7%, 254 Votes)
          Saajan Singh (28%, 1,012 Votes)

          Total Voters: 3,622

          sudhar jaaaaao tum  log

          1. JIN BABA says:

            haan tu next week Saajan then Dharmesh :D , thiz is real site, at Official page people play Politics. only this site result total different from Official site. that’s what i know.

      3. harish.adco says:

        if u put gold on a coal pot gold will gold buddy & dharmesh is gold

        1. amrmanish31 says:

          but the performance of the week is AMAR

          1. Smiling Rickey says:

            Amrita :-)
            be honest

        2. sara1102 says:

          hehehe agar tussi chandi no sona kao ge, means not that it bacome gold..chandi will always be chandi..

          JACK IS THE GOLD!! He will win!

      4. srikanthbajaj07 says:

        i agree with you completely, dharmesh is no way going to be winner

    2. khatz says:

      You are Right , I also feel very sad for Dharmesh , he said once Remo is his God and Remo is always disappointing Dahrmesh with his comments. Remo wants to win thats why he is doing things like that. I really agree that Punit is really good but he is lucky coz he is in Remos team, I am sure  if Dharmesh had a chance to be with Terence or Remo he would be better than any Contestant ever…. wishing all the best for Dharmesh

      1. akshay1122 says:

        ya tats the fact…..or dharmesh thodasa vi galti kare to ssab pakad leta hai..or usko point out karta hai…….or saajan ko vi bht vote mil raha hai uska vi to ek hi dancing style hai or stund karna.hum log dance dekhna chahate hain yaar dance nei…….aaj kal to pure 3 min me stund 2.30 min rahta hai or dance .30 sec kya hum usko dance bolenge????????????????

    3. mnegi says:

      By seeing Dharmesh, I remember Karna of Mahabharta…. the most honest, Strongest, Kind, Truth living, Beautiful and Most talented too, but …….. got wrong side……….as he took by them….

      Dharmesh too, took by Geeta ………….. Oh My God……… God  Save this Karna this time.

    4. imkiller says:

      I think all the dancer in Geeta Ki Gang  are  good…..but their bad luck they got geeta as a master.All this 4 would do much much better if they where in Remo Ke Rangeeley /Terence Ki Toli…………….
      wat do u think guy….

      1. rubinadear says:

        why do u say that..? this year geeta has given really fab performances from her team. nikitasha was such a good dancer but we didnt get to see her in any good form. none of remo team girls did any ariel act or anything risky or beautiful.
        geeta is working hard accept it

    5. gudduavi says:

      i think Dharmesh is better dancer than Remo and Terrance.
      he deserve to be winner.

    6. hizibizi says:

      I actually never paid attention to “characters of the judges”;coz i thought every judge has his/her own virtues and thinkings… no one is too good;no one is either too bad…
      But he did not do that.
      Giving mj badge to his own student like that;he was trying nothing but TO SHOWING DOWN TO ONE ONE PERTICULAR DANCER(WHO IS HERE BY CHANCE DHARMESH)….HIS THIS ACT IS REALLY MEAN..
      could not stop myself writing this.

      1. JIN BABA says:

        hmmm. ya this perception is valid.

      2. jai says:

        it wasnt meant for that i guess..its ore of a publicity stunt ..first sachin ramesh tendulkar and then MJ ..seriously …every dancer treats MJ as god every 1 can keep that badge …it was not sumthng dat was given to remo by MJ himself …he loves MJ n carries his badge …even i can do that cus i beliieve MJ as god 2 …but to make ppl fool as if its a big thing ..

      3. pankaj kumar says:

        Who should be eliminated on Dance India Dance 19th March ?

        Amrita (12%, 451 Votes)
        Binny Sharma (7%, 238 Votes)
        Shakti Mohan (5%, 183 Votes)
        Punit (7%, 249 Votes)
        Jack Samuels (9%, 322 Votes)
        Dharmesh (17%, 608 Votes)
        Kishore (8%, 305 Votes)
        Kunwar Amarjeet (7%, 254 Votes)
        Saajan Singh (28%, 1,012 Votes)

        Total Voters: 3,622

    7. kumar says:

      punit is a real dancer who deserve it MJ badge i like punit all performance dharmesh loolikg boring

  2. rahul672sweet says:

    shakti you rockkkks….no one can ever match u…the finishing of ur steps is just awsome….u do totally unexpected dance steps on unexpected songs….hats off dear…

    1. terencerules says:

      agree shakti always make terence sir feel proud

      1. LUV_terrence says:

        she makes india proud dear…..

          1. LUV_terrence says:

            shakti…….you*re ….simply……the -…….best…….and you’re terrnce’s shakti dear…kep it up sweeheart…..

          2. hizibizi says:

            nah Indian ppl r much smarter to be fall into a same cat-dande over and over;even-eye candies grows old…and then BANG! she ‘ll be out.

          3. Smiling Rickey says:

            Sakti is good but Amrita is best
            be honest dont go on face.

          4. lords2020 says:

            I totally agree with you amrita is the best.pleas vote for her.

    2. pari2386 says:

      shes wonderful  !!  very few girls can manage to do martial art forms so well and wid ease and she was excellent
      she has shut all the mouths now who said she cant do anything except contemporary

      1. santosh says:

        Dharmesh is the best dancer on DID and i think he deserves to win :-)

  3. brkdancekid says:

    finally terrence ne mia michaels ke routine ke ek part ki copy kar hi li .
    well maybe its their inspiration or adaptation or whatever ..

  4. drocks says:

    kishore  should  be eliminated from DID 2

        1. akshay1122 says:

          me too n sajan also……….

          1. harish.adco says:

            i think sajan or jack

          2. MG says:

            NOT JACK..
            He is the KING of lyrical hip hop..! Cant let the king go so easily ! !

          3. canadianfan says:

            Yes. Saajan should go. Jack should atleast be in top 6.

          4. sara1102 says:

            and for longer.. Jack is damn gooooood…he can dance!

    1. DIDrocks says:

      agree 100%. and binny and saajan as well. my blood boils everytime i see saajan and kishore safe, and binny in the top 3, while dancers like amrita, punit, and amar come in the bottom.

      1. JIN BABA says:

        hahaha blood Boils .. Cold Water Dala Karo DIDRocks on your head when u feel like that ;)

      2. Ani says:

        completely agree with you
        i dont know wat kishores doing here
        and binny top 3?
        makes the whole contest seem like a joke
        i think kishore was in top 3 last week
        made me wanna vomit

        1. roopkatha says:

          AgreeD..Binny has given several below average performances and still managed to notch a big chunk of votes. When will people stop looking at her face and start concentrating on the performance..
          I think Kishore was give so many lifelines that now he has started improving! I agree that Kishore, Saajan, and Binny should be out!

        2. DID S2 dhamaka says:

          i think binny and kishore did wonderfully this time!!! geeta’s performances were awesome…
          binny and amrita got a once more, as did dharmesh n kishore
          shakti was good.. only in the avatar dance- she SUCKED at bhangra!!! jack was soooo cute :D
          amar was real good w/ the avatar dance as well
          i feel bad that nikkitasha got out :/

      3. hbdasari says:

        totally agree…saajan needs to be out ASAP…

        1. JIN BABA says:

          Utha kar Bahir Bhejhna pary ga Saajan ko lol

    2. Shakti says:

      yea duhh and i think amrita should also join him

      1. JIN BABA says:

        Shakti c your Face (Witch) :D , why not you go out for Next ;)
        how dare u say this lol

        1. LUV_terrence says:

          you think shakti seems like an witch ….send me you’re photo so i casee how pretyy  you are!!! lolzzz

          1. lollypop says:

            he he….. very well said LUV_terrence…..
            jin baba send me you’re photo too…

          2. JIN BABA says:

            ay hello ticket laga wa hy kia idher picture dikhany ka roflz.
            and let me explain my above comments, 1st of all Shakti iz scared of Amrita bcoz of her Appreciation by Masterz, that’s why her 1st wish for Amrita go out soon as possible, but i felt is not easily can happend, while Mathunda iz there ;)

          3. LUV_terrence says:

            dear jin baba ( ohh got scared) lolzzz. just wanna tell you that okay you hate shakti , b ut that’s not a reason to call her a witch…. what would you feel like if i called amrita a monkey face?????

          4. LUV_terrence says:

            and when it comes to dance sweetheart shakti is a mutch mutch better dancer than amrita…… 

          5. JIN BABA says:

            i remember b4 shakti ur favirotes was Jack, isn’t it?

          6. hizibizi says:


          7. JIN BABA says:


          8. Smiling Rickey says:

            jin baba compare Sakti with Amrita (only in Dance as this is a dance compilation) ????????????
            be honest ……..even no one can mach Amria dude come on.

          9. JIN BABA says:

            k33p ur eyes open sir .. amrita also my favirote to get this golden cap ;_

      2. hizibizi says:

        nah Sakti is a jealous-loser… who can not even control herself hearing other’s praise…. she is going out soon!!

        1. canadianfan says:

          lol.. Shakti is going to be in the final 3. Just wait and watch.

          1. jai says:

            yeah for sure cant u see terrence sleeping with her

          2. AnnieJ says:

            EWW!! Terence is not sleeping with bechari Shakti lol

          3. hbdasari says:

            now..thats rude!!

  5. drocks says:

    people should wake up why dharmesh is always 1st ……wake up sid!
    thats his popularity from the auditions ././..  AS MASTER REMO SAID IS CORRECT

    1. dancewithme says:

      punit, amar and amria ok……but sajan fav???

    2. kindi says:

      punit??what did that guy do till now??

      1. dancewithme says:

        several psyco and sucidal moments……dont know abt wow moments…..i think he missed chunks in some dances like the one with shasank, one with sajan and a couple more…..but still people like him coz he is handsome…….and he dances with more flair than anyother in remo’s team….it would be a competition between d and punit when they perform same dancestyle together someday…

    3. imkiller says:

      SAJAAN FAV???

    4. harish.adco says:

      dharmesh is always excellent boss. he have tellent. no one else dance on perfact on songs bit else dharmesh. i think there is no single person in rambo ke rangele with dance even better than binny.

      1. DID2 says:

        rambo ke rangele……..hahaha… it

        1. LUV_terrence says:

          he heh….lolzzzz

  6. terencerules says:

    Nice job terence ki toli all the best to amar and the whole toli

    1. LUV_terrence says:

      yeahh budddy…..

      1. Sangeeta says:

        yeah..liked d avatar performance by amar n shakti..
        terence ki toli rocks!! :)

  7. luvdid says:

    Terrance seems to be th most cunning and making shakti do the same things again and agian i.e. stretching her body this way or that way and nothing else. Whenver he’ll have do something different like last time sridevi song..he gave her very very simple steps and nothing else..even when paired with jack , she didn’t do good in hip-hop…..
    He’ll make sure that she is dressed very neatly and nicely and cover her FLAWS or LACK OF VERSATILITY by looking beautiful and putting on good clothes… she seems to be more of an actor than dancer on that stage….
    Remo seems to be way too protective for his team and find pleasure is commenting negative on Dharmesh…..When he says that to D, he shud also remember that Shakti was 2nd in votes with her “oh so ok” performance of “sridevi dance number” from last week…
    Dharmesh… does anything he does with sooo much easy that judges think it is easy and simple……what the heck..wat are there own dancers doing… when shakti did the same thing last week she got “cute performance” from all judges including mithun daa…
    D Rocks…He is simply amazing dancer….

    1. dancelover says:

      really agree with uuu..!!
      kyas baat kya baat kya baaaaaat….!!

    2. Dancer222 says:

      I really agree with you on the Shakthi part.

      From all contestants my faves are/were Binny, Tashu, Amrita, Punit Darmesh, Kishore, Parveez and Amarjeet.

      1. princerij90 says:

        really guys? what shakti does is easy? why don’t you DANCE EXPERTS give it a try and show yourselves in the next DID..i wanna see how gud you do what shakti’s form was NOT was a very difficult style for which shakti’s flexibility was needed..terrence had to choose shakti and amar for this dance form and that’s why he did so..
        luvdid, get real..shakti is simply amazing in contemporary form and she’s not that bad in others, specially the traditional marshall art form that she did today was amazing..whereas we HAVEN’T seen any great performances from dharmesh other than hip hop..blame geeta or whoever you want for this..but dharmesh isn’t impressing for a while now..
        so before you guys blame terrence, why don’t you start wondering why hasn’t geeta put up dharmesh in a contemporary form? the classical he did also sucked, i’m not blaming dharmesh for this, i’m blaming also saying terrence shouldn’t be blamed for using shakti’s strength for the performances..terrence is putting the best of his effort to bring versatility in shakti’s performances, it’s true that he’s not very versatile but terrence is trying, learn to appreciate his effort..whereas geeta isn’t being able to do much with dharmesh’s talents.i really wish dharmesh would be moved to remo or terrence’s team so we can see his skills shine once again like they did in the first few episodes

        1. princerij90 says:

          i meant to say it’s true she’s not very versatile ( i meant shakti, not terrence, terrence)****sorry for the typo

          1. luvdid says:

            @princerij90 .. reality check…Shakti is good at contemporary, but D is simply outstanding in hip hop….as u said she is” not that bad” in other dance forms… well same thing applies for D and the reason I said Terrance is doing so is becuase SHAKTI is TERRANCE STUDENT and graduated from Terrance’s dance academy… hence Terrance knows all her flaws and strength. That is not the case with D and Geeta.
            Last but not the least Shakti’s dances have been mostly to with showing how she can stretch and how flexible she is… only costume and music changed… dance wise it was pretty same thru out…..

          2. MG says:

            AGREE WITH princerij90

            100% DISAGREE WID luvdid
            SHAKTI is the dancing diva and everyone admits it but feel hesitated to accept it…

            Its just that shes in Terence team n lovers of geeta or remo would OBVIOUSLYY speak bad about her..

            I am a FAN of TErence and now more than him i adore SHakti cuz she is a killer performer…!
            N the thing which u r sayin tht she always attempts contemporary…
            I will make u count tht once again..
            1. Chaliya Chaliya.. [NOT contemporary] ..
            GOT the award for best performance
            2. Ey kya bolti tu .. [NOT contemporary]
            WON best performance award
            3. Attempted classical..
            4. LAst SOLO.. on rabba.. [NOT contemporary]
            AGAIN appreciated
            n thats not all… i hav missed many of her brilliant performances.. but till now yall also must be clear tht i dont need to tell abt them..!
            N PPL IF U THINK STRECHING LEGS N ARMS IS CONTEMPORARY THEN PLZ GO on youtube n watch a contemporary dance..
            n next time u say something about terence or shakti then just remember this thing.!
            THANK u!

          3. Ani says:

            YAY :D
            Thank YOU

            I dunno why ppl dont understand contemporary and how difficult it can be

          4. hizibizi says:

            yea yea yea…
            but u know WHAT IS BASE OF ALL THIS DANCE??
            ANY LADY HAS “THESE QUALITIES”???????

            :P :D :P :D

          5. Ani says:

            ur making no sense mate

          6. hizibizi says:

            but u know it is not my fault if SOMEONE fails to understand some simple words!  

          7. Ani says:

            hah i doubt its just SUMONE
            ur saying contemporary is about cat dances, weird clothes and beautiful faces :S
            how confused can u possibly get

          8. hizibizi says:

            nah; i’m not saying about contemporary dance;i’m just indicating “one perticular supposed to be contemporary dance,which sakti does;a.k.a cat dance.”


          9. Ani says:

            lmao im jus saying ur making no sense
            which you arent
            whatever your saying is NOT what shakti is all about
            her “weird” clothes are apart of her dance and are usually worn to suit the dance and its theme.

            and she’s only done one “cat dance” on the 13th :S
            so come up with better justifications as to why you think shakti sucks
            therefore im not the confused one you are

          10. hizibizi says:

            nope her EVERY dance r cat dance;no doubt in it….and she covers her weekness with “minimum clothing”(for all the dates) and “seductive body-painting”(for 13 th only)…..
            got it son??
            (BTW now u r in the correct line of talking!;about sakti’s true dance-style!)
            follow me and ur ALL confusion ‘ll go out soon.

          11. luvdid says:

            @Mg Feel sorry for ya… it’s difficult to c y tek it so seriously…if u talk
            about being versatile…then Amrita is Waaaayyyy better than shakti
            anytime and anyday… as far getting appreciation.. if u luk/listen
            all the comments on Shakti’s performances..they are related to how good she’s luking and how nice expressions she can give.
            back to my point – shakti’s more of an actor than dancer…

          12. Meghna *wOw* :D says:

            oh my god !
            I Actually dont understand y yall r so insecure if Shakti is pretty ..!
            SHe is beautiful n she will be so! u cant do anything abt it.. :p
            Its not that she only does those dances which look beautiful on her…
            THe real thing is THat she is GRACEFUL + BEAUTIFUL that is why every dance looks amazingg on her…
            ANd let me tell u 1 thing .. every time after Shakti’s performance .. u should see Remo’z face.. he is like soo insecure..
            Geeta is phir bhi better.. becuz she has dharmesh.. PooR remo has no1 to hipe about.. PUnit into his tactics now… :(
            I will repeat it again .. SHakti is very versatile .. n u’ll see it this Friday and Saturday 8)

        2. Ani says:

          here here princer :)
          the master’s job is to show the dancer’s strength and not weaknesses.

          1. princerij90 says:

            well ani that’s the point i was trying to make

          2. Ani says:

            lol yeha i know
            im agreeing with u :)

          3. priyam says:

            Also Agree with Prince…….

    3. roopkatha says:

      ……and you believe that D Sir does all the complicated steps????? Unbelievable!!! Which one of D Sir’s performance was extremely difficult? may be the tubelight breaking Ganapati dance ;)…..just for your understanding, stretching is not a dance form…the dance forms are contemporary, pasadoble, bollywood etc…so if she has a good body that can be stretched so well why shouldn’t anybody utilize that

      1. princerij90 says:

        exactly roopkatha i completely agree with you..these guys are hardcore fans of dharmesh  and they can’t accept the fact that shakti has been consistently giving better performances than dharmesh..once again, i’m not saying dharmesh is bad, yes he is extremely skilled, but he has to show it..he is definitely not keeping up with shakti..shakti has been getting awarded for best performance of the day consistently, whereas dharmesh has mostly been disappointing

        1. hizibizi says:

          nah;sakti was been geeting “awarded” coz terrence’s clever-partiality towords her…and BTW Dharmesh is STILL far away better than her.

      2. luvdid says:

        well that’s the whole thing…she is doing only on thing STRETCHING and nothing else and u can call it watever u want i don’ t care….and if u r ok with the same freaking thing from shakti all the time then be good with it…
        Other genuine concern is forget about D for a while .. which is difficult to do…but say competetion is for 2nd,3rd…spots..don’t u think Amrita is WAY better than shakti..well that’s the whole thing u r sticking to shakti.terrance as most of the people are to D…but unlike D haters …D fans love to talk about D and his performances rather than criticizing and showing less of other contestants ;-)…but still we need to do that since people bring up his name just to talk sh*t
        D Rocks!!!….and Amrita is way better and more versatile than shakti ever can be in this lifetime….

        1. pk123 says:

          Amrita way better than Shakti is a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Geeta is taking off on Shakti these days because she has begun to feel insecure…. Shakti is tops anyday

          1. MG says:

            ya RIGHT PK 123 ;) :D

          2. JIN BABA says:

            u said again same word, still don’t agree with u, Amrita have brilliant performer also she have VAST ability to justice with dance act, but if v talk abt shakti she have limited ability to justice with performance. Remember

          3. hizibizi says:

            Sakti is no match for both Amrita-Binny-Kruti.
            sakti is feeling very much insecure;just look;her dress is getting more shorter…is not that proves enough?

          4. pk123 says:

            As if Amrita’s dresses are gettng any longer!!! She is trying every trick in the book to get back at Shakti – except dance well

          5. hizibizi says:

            heh heh heh heh!!!!
            i know i know;eye-candies always wins!!!

          6. LUV_terrence says:

            pk123…really agree dear she’s the best ….best… best.. best.

    4. hizibizi says:

      yes clearly Remo is finding pleasure by neg comments on Dharmesh…i’m not a fan of Dharmesh…but Remo is really sick now

  8. username says:

    Hi All

    Kindly watch this and say Kya baat !!:)

    Kalari Payattu, Martial Arts – India

  9. alfiya says:

    Hai everyone pls wakeup bsc Remo playieng game bsc every weak he is blame to dharesh about dance why in remo team saajan is poor but remo will tell good for him  dharmesh is the DID2 ROCK STAR WISH YOU BEST OF LUCK

    1. DIDrocks says:

      remo is not playing a game when it comes to dharmesh (maybe when it comes to saajan but not dharmesh). i think its time YOU wake up and see reality. dharmesh continues to disappoint becuase he is not doing his hip hop and this means only one thing. he is not good at anything but hip hop. remo is being honest. i dont kno why people rush to dharmesh’s defense even after an average performance and start saying ridiculous comments like remo is jealous of dharmesh, or geeta is showing partiality towards binny and other such crap comments. have u ever stopped to think that maybe dharmesh’s performance wasnt that great? no. i bet u didnt becuz in ur eyes, dharmesh is perfect. he cannot do ANYTHING wrong, can he? and this “wake up call” goes to not only dharmesh’s fans, but also saajan’s and shakti’s fans.

      1. jai says:

        his performance looks ordinary for it doesnt have any flaws ….choreographically may be some were weak …but thats ur n mine taste ..some liked that 2 ….but seriously so much praises even after forgetting to SAAJAN …dats kinda surprising 4 me cus remo dint use to do it last season .

        1. JIN BABA says:

          Remo just play with Saajan (don’t take me wrong) i mean he just Experiment with Saajan as he did this thing with Prince in 1st Session.

    2. JIN BABA says:

      Point to be Noted Alfiya :D very well right.

  10. username says:

    They all are good so you cann’t compare them to TOM, Dick n Harry but if you talk about weakness Saajan forgots everytime, puneet forgot this time though Puneet is really talented. Biny is average among all…Kishore is really good but from guys we don’t expect Indian so there lies the fault that Gita is limited to Indian forms . Dharmesh till now have given more than 100 percent to each n every choreography. Amar is good but doesn’t look like Pro. Shakti is another talent . She’s really talented in contemporary , She did the Bhangra well…She’s among the best but she doesn’t look that good doing Indian. Whereas Amrita looks really graceful and at it doing any dance form. Jack is limited too but thankfully he’s under terrence so he gets the best out of him and personally Jack is really innocent. but for me top 5 is 1. Dharmesh 2. Amrita 3. Shakti 4. Puneet 5. Amar 6.Binny 7. Jack 8. Kishore 9.Saajan(he forgots every time)

  11. JIN BABA says:

    WOW Factor Episode i can say :o
    on this episode Saumiyah jst mind blowing Compiring awesome.
    now come to the describe 2 day contestant performances.
    1. punit & Saajan… well as v all know the competition iz going tough & tough week after week, so there are no any space for weakness or miztaking, and i already told abt Saajan sahib he always forget step, so did today too as well :| , he dissapointed again. i think coz of him, punit performance also going lil LOW. but punit as Good performer v know it. & he try hard week by week. (Saajan only in the GAME bcoz of Remo being liking him).
    2. what a expression both contestant, some moments in AMAR Expression were out standing, really impressive & some move Shakti were awesome. over all performance are Mind Blowing With WOW Factor in it. (i think hats off to terrence Sir too) Amar ny AMAR ker dia is performance sy apni very well Done. c guys what Shakti say he scared of her ownface in mirror Hahaha. i already told that she look Witch in it :D . but what a Get up. What a Get up. AWESOME. Next Week sure top three me hongy yeh.
    3. Amrita (Our Favirote) Binny. Very Very Good Attempt both of you. as v all know better, as u hear by Masterz & Grand Master abt what iz Amrita Iz, i thiNk not to again mentioning by Me ;) . they (Amrita/Binny) got Double Double Grand Salute+ Appreciation comments, but new 4 binny so appreciate 4 her attempt.
    Btw I like Bhomin Dance with Geeta, Bhomin looks good in dance.
    4. Ahhhh. Grace Ful Girl Tasho Darling has been Eliminated, but the performance was Great as it is her Shelly. wish her best of luck in future.
    5. Dharmesh & Kishore, As Master Remo Says in Limelight k blackout me lighting ka effect acha laga same thought i put here. but i like Dharmesh Costume, Dance nazar hi nahi aaya Andhery me :o . but attempt Good both contestant.
    6. Jack & Shakti, Guys I must Say tonight tu Shakti ny Medaan Maar lia hy, 1st with Amar & then with Jacky boy, i felt that Shakti Attempt Good, i like her performance in this attempt Jacky boy not much impressive, bcoz his 1st time. over all Fine performance.
    Shakti Congratulation 4 today Excellent Performances.
    Amar both day performance were mind blowing.
    so I Give Today # in list.
    1. Shakti. (bcoz 2dy both performance very impressive)
    2. AMAR (U Rock maN. yesterday & 2dy both perform Excellent)
    3. Amrita. (just bcoz after ur every attempt u got very very good comment by Masterz & Grand Master).

    1. luvdid says:

      JIN BABA …kya baat kya baat kya baat….just cuz Amrita got good comments from judges she’s 3rd on ur list…well one thing she shud be # 1 for being the most versatile dancer in DID2 (not taking D in contention here) he’s pure genius…and as for Shakit and Amar…. well D has given his best for every performance..unlike people who r 4getting steps(Sajan), doing same thing again and again(Jack, Shakti), or even contestants who lacked stamina/power  (Amar’s last weeks’ solo dance)…
      Well I am just saying with just one good performance doesn’t mean they are better or not..but D has consistently performed without any mistakes with such accuracy and clean/crisp moves….and he’s #1 in votes for some reason like doing gr8 dance and connecting with people..etc
      #1 for now and always –D and after that
      - Amrita then followed by the rest.

      1. jai says:

        i m sure remo wont be commenting too much on him if geet’s team had atleats 1 eliminated ……n yes D is genius n dances like a pro …no mistakes at all …its natural tendency for saddist ppl to not like some 1 good …ppl luv shakti cus amar lifted her …n no one thinks of him ..n that MJ badge ..why is it such a big thing ..MJ dint give remo that badge dat he transferred to punit was just a drama to make public fool dat its such a big thing ..MJ is god for a lot of dancers …n every 1 can keep such badge …n i hope some 1 else wears such a badge while performing …he dint give that badge to salman for he was already getting votes ..all masters r using talents for their own careers..

      2. JIN BABA says:

        lol :D yar just aaj k lia dia .. she really did something WoW factor Attempt so issay lia dia. check my previous posted u didn’t Find these List level there.
        NjOY :P

      3. Sem says:

        I agree with you on the fact that Amrita should be the best as far as todays performance was concerned. And “D” has been doing utterly simple things so far for the past 2 weeks. I mean whats the point when your master says…blame me, blame me…how lame. Is that a way for getting your contestant votes…I hope next week Geeta doesn’t make him just stand idle on stage and then say…oh i made him do so but look at him he did it to perfection..blame my choreography…people can appreciate only when masters push their contestants beyond their limits and comfort zones…i loved dharmesh and I know the guy has talent but it should be on stage and not like we assume on the basis of a few performances that he is the GOD or sommit. The votes should encourage dancers to fight it out among each other every week so that they work their asses off to bring their best on stage. I loved Dharmesh when he came back after elimination, yes that kinda pressure should be there…if you give a weak performance the votes should push you the week after to dig deep and come out of it. Do Dharmesh a favour guys….don’t vote him to the top when he doesn’t deserve it…we all are losing a good performance from him…and its really depressing for the other dancers as well…think about it.

        1. DIDrocks says:

          sem…dude u hit the bulls eye.

    2. DIDrocks says:

      i agree with ur top 3 jin baba but in reverse order.
      1. amrita
      2. amar
      3. shakti

      4. dharmesh
      5. punit/kishore ( i couldnt choose which one did better)
      6. binny
      7. jack
      8. saajan – needs to GO!

      my bottom for next week should be:
      saajan (less than average performances both days)
      jack (solo-very very simple. duo-new style but still needs improvement)
      binny (solo-very very simple but duo was really good)
      Kishore or Punit (Kishore’s solo wasnt good (although duo was fab!) and punit forgot his dance in duo-when ur in top 12, forgetting is not acceptable, punit’s solo was fab!)

      and the person who should be OUT is Saajan!!!

      1. JIN BABA says:

        As You Wish :D ,
        i am smiling on your reverse list :P

      2. priyam says:

        Same thought  Didrocks. But I would Have put Amar in first position this week coz I think that he was outstanding on both days.

    3. username says:

      Oh! really then what about Saajan,Puneet,Shakti,Amar  and Jack? Was Shakti n Amar’s beautiful Avtaar act was anything from Kalaripattu i feel not or else u could also derieve as Kung fu, contemporary is also some mutant of that. If the theme was hindustani it was best narrated by Binny n Amrita’s performance. At this stage we don’t expect mistake. Leave Saajan n Punnet who forgot the step. What about Shakti n Jack they couldn’t do properly the shoulder climb act then in their dance energy was lacking …they did the basic bhangra steps…while dancing they need to bend knees and bounce i didn’t see that. Their shoulder were not going up and down with arm movements only when they are solely doing the shoulder. Now if we talk about 12th march Dharmesh danced on each n every beat whereas Shakti’s contemporary in Indian dress was camouflage or do u guys think it was fusion. I would say Dharmesh and Amrita are new choreographers not even dancers. Their own choreography has a unique touch. We have something special that is Dharmesh…simple yet Brilliant…Class apart…still its good to see he’s fighting it out n thats y people vote for him. In terrence academy there will be many Shakti n Amar but Dharmesh is unique.

      1. hizibizi says:

        yes that’s what i’m saying:
        In terrence academy there will be many Shakti n Amar but Dharmesh/Amrita is unique.

        1. priyam says:

          Each and every contestant is unique.

  12. jai says:

    why r ppl so negative abt dharmesh ..too much expectations ..n he is the only guy who never does mistakes…rest all r good ..but seriousy if u call dharmsh a hype …i think the sachib tendulkar performance of punit …the roop suhana performance n hip hop performance n veen today’s performance of shakti are a hype …she is doing continuously what she is good at …why the hell r ppl thrwing the hammer at his head .what i like abt him is his performance dont have flaws …n he is doing good ..its abt a dancing star …who is luvd by ppl ..he is luvd ..n why do ppl think he does not work hard ….well i just like him for his performances r perfect ..he as never done a mistake till now ..choreographically some were weak …but i think the guy deserves where he is …i used to like terrence ..but after what he is doing with shakti on cost of amar  and jack :( .. abt the performance of the day i thnk it was binny n amrita’s …but dunno what ppl like in kicks n jumping n lifts …amrita n bnny were 2 good ..first time i heard once more for classical …neways some r stuck for dharmesh n some r struck against him for he is famous ..n the world is full of saddists …but why do such ppl try to convey that he dint dance well or he doesnt work hard …n like shkati for that crap hip hop n punit for sachin tendulkar ..o man ..i feel sad for amar …all his beautiful performances were overshadowed by shakti cus of terrence…:( ..dharmesh has given some extra ordinary performances to reach ppl’s heart ..n its good he is at top n being criticized ..its motivating to do better ..n look at amrita ..she has given some extraordinary performances n she will rock voting charts ….n thr is only 1 way to become popular dats “dance” ….n not giving excuses dat  he is getting votes cus he is popular …he gave performances to become popular …n its sad dat no one gave ne such performance in 3 weeks that could make ppl forget his auditions …this place is full of saddists ….a humble guy who earns by teaching dance …whos father has a tea stall do think he learnt dance ..without hard work ..well psychologically ..its so natural for ppl to not like some 1 good …

    1. jai says:

      same goes for amar ….for sure amrita n amar will mmove up the voting chart …as they have dun sumthng extra ordinary …i wont comment abt shakti ..for she is my personal most non favourite cus of the fishyness terrence shows with her/…next 3 to be eliminated in my opinion should be saajan binny kishore…

    2. Love says:

      I agree 100%. If remo is really does not have that intention to put Dharmesh down then as elder and mature person he would have say it in a nice way. Todays performance was nice but did not see wow factor. Since u r highest voting contestant u need to work on more hard choreography.
      But Remo’s intention was to uplift Punit and hurt Dharmesh. Remo i hate u …U donot deserve to be called God. First learn to be nice human being..If u want to win tell ur contestants to dance properly first. Ur words r stronger than ur dance. Saajan forgets steps. Punit did not dance in Sachin’s act. I will give some marks for his Duo. Sachin’s act …there was only one step punit was repeating. Why u did not bring newness there? Telling Dharmesh..give me a break please….Forcefully creating signature style for Punit..looks very funny.

      1. jai says:

        m not a big dharmesh fan ..i like all dancers ..but it is clearly visible dat  tricks r being played on him …n seriously find a technical flaw or step flaw in his performance ..dey cant the guy will be istting in their seats some day ..AAMEEN

    3. Terrance_Rox says:

      jai!! wat is rong wid u bro??? wat does dharmeshs damn father ave to do with dancing?? when it comes to the DID stage! its about dance!! and not about the hard work that he did PREVIOUS to the show! please! that just shows its all such an emotional scam!
      im getting sick of people defending dharmesh! “no flaws, clean moves” PLEASE!!! if he is given such BASIC and SIMPLE moves to do !!!! then obviously! it will be flawless and clean! i mean i can jst bet you that if he did what pravez did (that amitabh act or even that tango act with amar and kruti) DHARMESH WILL NOT BE ABLE TO COPE!!!
      referring to his “bungee dancing” i mean seriusly, ok il blame the choreography! but it was such a basic dance and he still got votes! i mean seriusly!!! THAT IS SAD!!!
      and i know (from previous posts) that most of the people are taking just ONE of his performances and voting for him! that is utter craziness!
      people need to vote for the best of that week!
      and honestly! if dharmesh did or does do an extremely wow performance then its fair that he gets voted for that week only!!! otherwise its all just BU**SH*T
      if that was harsh im sorry! but im really beinging to dislike it when people THINK they know how to judge each performance! as most of the time the performance that they think is wow!!! (esp for dharmesh) for a dancer, technicallity, use of expressions, posture, the feel! all of these make a dancer! and most of the time the performances that get voted (dharmesh again) does not even have these! 
      and most of ya’l keep on saying that he is versitile right? go back and check his dance categories 5 outa 6 dancers that he did (most recent – from 12th march) are freestyle?? VERSITILE??? REALLY??? 
      I DONT THINK SO!! 
      so before any one of you bother to start complimenting dharmesh’s dance style and critising someone else THINK!!! it would be the smart thing! 
      and your last line states “its so natural for ppl to not like some1 good” excuse me that is not true! everyone will appreciate great dancers! i appreciate dancers who are exceptional each particular week! and plus dharmesh is not that good! thus i dont appreciate his dance! yes there was a time when i thought he was brilliant! but that was at the very beginning of DID2! after that it was all downhill for him!
      im just waiting till the day he is giving a salsa, tango or samba number! then he will just FAIL!!!  

      1. Ani says:

        Well done Terrance_ROX
        EVERY WEEK, its FREESTYLE frm dharmesh
        thats so that he can do hip hop with a little bit of other styles without it being LABELLED AS A HIP HOP DANCE. SO that the other masters wont complain.

        AND yeha the comment about not liking goog dancers is jus stupid.
        coz then most ppl would hate EVERYBODY there

        Dharmesh’s little defence team should really stop with their emotional crap

        1. princerij90 says:

          i love you ani for the last line you wrote on your comment (if you are a guy, no homo lol)

          1. Ani says:

            haha na im a girl :)

          2. JIN BABA says:

            Agar boy bhi hoty tu kia kar lety ;)

          3. jai says:

            no doubt a gal only can be this fool …m sure not more than 15 like terrance rox ..every week stretching legs with some other name of the dance …without being called Contemporary…n yeah hip hop n rup suhana of shakti sucked big time ..IN MY OPINION …m not forcing that 2 u …neither am i singing this all over the place ….opinions always differ …n one who get highest voted is luvd by most ppl …dats what matter ..ppl have not forgotten his auditions …n u r talking abt rest …masters comment wont help ..especially drama by terrence for shakti n remo for punit..if some 1 reaches ppl’s heart directly ..he /she is gonna move up ..n dharmesh is for sure gonna move down ..for some ppl r nt voting him cus they dun like him not cus some 1 else was better …seriously try to understand what has been written n then comment …i dunno if u guys r illiterate or sumthng … u dun like dharmesh thts ur opinion..some like ..thts their ..but he has done sum extra ordinary things ne 1 has to do more extraordinary to replace him from ppl’s heart ..this was the point ..

          4. Ani says:

            then how can you come out and judge me as a “fool”
            you can critisise the dancers all you want but no way should you be saying anything negative towards anyone posting here.
            Learn to respect other people’s opinions like you want them to respect yours.
            Dont you dare call me a fool and in the future, keep your sexist remarks to youself. It’s so degrading to see people like you still exist

        2. Terrance_Rox says:

          Thank you :D

        3. kindi says:

          every week only stretching and splitting by shakti??
          stupid dance by punit,saajan and jack??
          till now only weak solos by amar??
          what say??

          1. Terrance_Rox says:

            u obviously dont know about dance! so its better if you go back to kindi like ur name sugests! :D

          2. username says:

            Lolz n u know about it..hehe..anyways Its Terence Lewis not Terrance….lolz… jab jago tabhi savera :)

          3. hizibizi says:

            u obviously dont know about dance! so its better if you go back toTerrance_Rox like ur name sugests! :D

          4. DIDrocks says:

            i say ur wrong. u obviously got hit in the head somewhere. reality is something and what ur seeing is something else. either ur crazy or u need to check your eyes. i suggest u go get some glasses. i realize how u havent mentioned a single geeta’s member in ur list of bad performances. it seems geeta’s team is getting strong support from u. im not saying ur wrong about supporting ur beloved dharmesh, binny and what not, but try not to put down other contestants for no apparent reason like u just did. u look stupid. sorry if i was harsh, but darling, u need a reality check.

          5. DIDrocks says:

            this was for kindi

      2. username says:

        He has done Salsa twice one during auditions and one with Amrita. He has done hip hop, locking n popping, contemporary, bollywood, stunts and many indian dance forms. You are saadist Terrence_rox when you wish people fail. Have you seen other people say i wish Shakti fails , Jack fails or Amar fails. Till now Dharmesh has not failed coz he’s a master who knows how to dance coz most important thing in dance is beat aka Taal which he never misses. Terrence is really good but in future he’ll also have another competitor DHARMESH.

      3. priyam says:

        People are not negative about Dharmesh. Try to be realistic and don’t just vote blindly. Dharmesh is very good , but not the best,that’s it.

      4. jai says:

        what the hell is wrong wid u …i m sure u r not an indian …an avegage indian cannot have this much low IQ ..u r a plane dharmesh hater …i never siad i m a big fan of his ..but he is doing well ..atleast he is not covered by geeta like terrence does for shakti …n i h vae written this 100 of times why dou  want all of us to agree to ur opinion …what looks dill to u is being luvd across the country …cant u see d results …i clearly wrote one need to give that extra ordinary performance that reach ppl’s heart to rock voting charts …ppl have not forgotten his auditions n u r talking abt others …amar n amrita will move up ..only 1 thing helps dats ur attitude n performance…not what ur own masters r doing 4 u as terrence for shakti n remo for punit …u guys why dun u say good points abt ur favourites …u r just plane saddist person  dude ..GET A LIFE …u cant understand what i am saying …i m sure u have been born n brought up somewhere else in the world n thts why u have his low IQ …that u cant read what is written .. not a dharmesh fan ..but i definitelt hate Shakti …n u can call me an amrita fan …but dude voting charts r rocked by sum 1 who is luvd…n i just feel glas dat a lot of ppl luv him …firstyly u r saddist secondly u r from somewhere else with a sick IQ n thirdly i guess u need to grow up i just hop u r some 15 year old kid writing whatever comes in ur mind n not even seeing what some 1 else has written …if these things r true more arguments …i just feel sad 4 u …grow up n come ut of the kool different looking mentality …n GET A LIFE

      5. jai says:

        i wrote his father to tell u that every 1 works hard…cus some other freak like u said he isnt rubbing his ass

  13. dance4life says:

    geeta’s chreoghraphy is much better than last year.

    i think all the contestants performed very well other than sajaan

    and sajaan should be one to be voted out for next up coming week

  14. Love says:

    Jack was not good. He did not bring newness either..there was no wow factor. Bhangra was cute…but I agree with Geeta that Punjabi when they dance they have that pride thats make bhangra looks beautiful. Jacku u r so cute..but not good…sorry. Why terrence not giving u the best choreography as he is always giving best to Shakti and Amar. Sorry…I miss PArvez..he would have done fantastic with bhangra.

    1. JIN BABA says:

      terrence lil play politics on his own group. he iz smarter, he know well how to handle Shakti with Care roflz

      1. aman says:


        1. MG says:

          c’mon JACK is AWESOME…
          before jack there r many ppl who need to get eliminated..!!

          1. JIN BABA says:

            ya 1st Saajan,
            then Kishore or Jack for Sure lol

      2. priyam says:

        Quite normal reaction JIN BABA. Everyone want their team to win dear

  15. JIN BABA says:

    for next week Saajan / kishore or Jacky boy should go out from the show, i felt SAD  for Tasho, she should go, but after Saajan / kishore & Jacky boy.

  16. viicckk says:

    dharmesh must win.

    1. harish.adco says:

      i agree

  17. Sem says:

    This is my review of the dances. This is unbiased to the most extent :P
    Punit and Saajan – Remo is back in his elements and his choreography is getting better. So sad he has people like saajan in his group who screws up with amazing consistency, yet again today he showed us all why he SHOULDN’T be there on the show. Am really impressed with Punit cos he is a very versatile dancer. I hope Remo gives him good choreographic numbers yet again in the future. I can see only him takin Remo into the final four.
    Kunwar and Shakti - a very good powerful performance. Terence proves why he is the best on the show yet again. I believe this year he has the contestants to his liking and who represent his perspective on dance, really well. Am happy for Kunwar cos he has shown with both his performances why he should be up on the voting charts. Shakti once again proves why she rules the roost when it comes to these kinda performances. I want to see Shakti bringin the same zeal and perfection in other dance forms as well. As for Kunwar I would request the people to acknowledge the guys hard work and talent .
    Binny and Amrita – A very few occasions I have been impressed with Geeta’s choreography and this would top that list. All the forms were very well blended in. Amrita was sizzling hot yet again, Binny I should say was good but Amrita just showed us that she is a class apart. I hope she makes it to the top 3 next week. I wouldn’t say Binny needs to improve but she doesn’t have it in her to compete with the likes of Amrita and Dharmesh every week on a consistent basis.
    Tashu and Punit - It was good. Not going into the details much. Tashu’s graph has dipped from the auditions. She is very talented I feel, maybe was not a good fit in Remo’s team. She was good. A very classy woman who would go far in life.
    Dharmesh and Kishore - a good piece by Geeta. But most of the time I feel she just portrays these myths or artforms without any real creativity or choreographic brilliance in terms of dance, like  Terence.  Kishore I felt was not really imposing as somebody who should be like when he is depicting Krishna, maybe my bias cos dance wise he was real good. Dharmesh was awesome, mindblowing, out of the world…damn…I myself am laughing and hating myself wen I write was again an ordinary performance from him. No mistakes, but not the kinda performance that keeps one in the Top. I feel Dharmesh would have rocked the stage if he would have been in Remo’s team. Geeta really has no clue on how to bring out the best from him. All she can do is keep praising Dharmesh whatever he does. Look at her comments…”We cannot find anybody who can do this better”. Yea rite…sure..I feel sorry for Dharmesh, he has 2 challenges to get to that topi, one is the other talented bunch who would push him and the next is Geeta. Hope he overcomes it cos I am really looking forward to his performances.
    Jack - Jack tried something different and am really happy. But again he is not really good when it comes to these dance forms. I don’t see him going far in the competition cos he is not really versatile. His moves tend to repeat. Today was a brave attempt from him. Yes I would say Shakti was a lil bit rigid when it came to Bhangra. But amazing expressions gal.
    I was really happy with this weeks performance. I hope the votes next week reflect the performances and not popularity. And Saajan should realize that he is not good enough to perform on this stage. And like one of my friends said “shud just run away”  (god am imagining this and cant stop laughing)…..LOL…Cheers!

    1. srini145 says:

      I agree with your views Sem……also want to add Kishore was better than Dharmesh this time ..observe the leg movements…Kishore’s leg movements were more crisp..Loved the concept though……
      Dharmesh is very very averag when it comes to Classical style dances..

      Amar, Amrita and Shakti were

      1. kindi says:

        Hey sem..i think for you shakti might be awesome in classical..ok let me finish laughing..
        I am tired of shakti she is doing only and only splits and stretching in all her performaces..
        we are here not to watch circus..

        1. Sem says:

          dude…read properly…I was not showering praises on her…I said am looking forward to see this same perfection when it comes to other forms as well.

        2. Maya1987 says:

          Dharmesh is only good at holding his crotch and jumping like a bafoon

          1. Ani says:

            and thats supposed to be one of his best moves

            So imagine how retarded the rest look :)

        3. hizibizi says:


    2. princerij90 says:

      sem u’re the man!  (i’m assuming u r a guy frm ur name lol)

      1. Sem says:

        LOL…thnks prince…and yes i am the man…:P

        1. Terrance_Rox says:

          bro! you always leave a smile on my face whenever u comment! im soo glad there are ppl lyk u and princerij90, who at least have some sense, unlike some of these other nuts around, who keep saying things off their head!
          love u guys man! haha

          1. hizibizi says:

            yeah!! others are “nuts”… and u r the “man” RIGHT????
            “LOVE U  MAN!!!” HAHAHAHAHA

          2. Sem says:

            Hizibizi or wtever tat means. ur exactly the NUT he is talking about. Lets all laugh to dat…:)

    3. aman says:


    4. Ani says:

      awesome comments sem :)

    5. priyam says:

      Very well said sem.

      Choreographies were outstanding. Now that’s what I call DID.

      Amrita was very very beautiful in the Indian dress. I could not take my eyes off her. She was like a shining star.I felt the same as Remo Sir

      Amar did such a great job this week and he has been outstanding this week. For me he should be on first position. For an untrained dancer, his performances were amazing. I just hope that that his hardwork is seen by PUblic.

      Shakti has also been great on both days and her moves are so clean and beautiful to watch.

      I also think that Saajan is too weak for this competition. One cannot make mistakes upon mistakes at this level and it has become quite boring to watch him.

      On the overall, that was a very nice episode with very nice performances and outstanding costumes

  18. dancewithme says:


    Ranking 13th march performance
    1> Amrita and binny
    2> Amar and Shakti
    3> Dharmesh and Kishore
    4>Tashu and Punit
    5>Jack and Shakti
    6> Punit and Sajan

    I personally feel that Sajan should be out this week….

    I like Shakti very much…..she was my favourite but now have a question that can’t she dance without stretching herself…..cannot she have some locking movements in her dance…..why is she not being judged on bhangra… was a good attempt to show her versality…..

    Its just my wish to see Dharmesh and Binny doing a slow romantic song with locking dance style….Dharmesh is very good but can be explored more with choreography of Terrence or Remo sir…..Binny trying to match up with every one and she does but i think that if people only judge by their dance than will be in line of elimination…….

    for kishore i think was not good at all but getting strong day by day…..

    Punit is a very good dancer and has made an expectation level but this time cannot keep up to that level…..may be or not bcoz of sajan…

    Amrita is damn good versatile dancer…..She is the best in versality……

    Amar…..very strong and good……will love if he does a classic number……Or i will say will love if Terrence Sir attempts an Indian classic number bcoz hardly see him experimenting with indian classical ……he just comment that posture was not good for indian classical etc etc…..but why not try urself…..

    Jack good in hip hop but only with it….has to improve a lot with his expressions…..

    Top 5 according to me are
    1> Shakti
    3> Amrita
    4> Punit
    5> Amar

    Not commenting on Kruti and Parvez as i do not know they will be back or not

    And can someone perform a tap dance or a samba?

    If in a group than lion dance from china is also new on indian televison

    There is also tutting and many other forms…..Never seen any Irish dance form as well…..Instead of hip-hop, contemporary, freestyle or acrobatia(mostly stunts and circus) if they try on other forms it will be something refreshing…..

    1. Sem says:

      I like the your suggestions in the end. I too feel acrobatia has been overused this season. Yes forms that you suggested will surely bring a whiff of freshness on stage. Awesome. Cheers :)

      1. priyam says:

        And why not the Sega Dance.

  19. bizkit says:

    Govind bolo hari gopal bolo.
    Dharmesh and kishor good perfomance.
    D sir, u are the best.

  20. princerij90 says:

    geeta_sux, i LOVE your name

  21. abzmiah says:

    remo is soo unfair now towards dharmesh its really bad,its all mind games to tarnish the love people have for dharmesh,remo is jelous of dharmesh and is scared that dharmesh will win. remo just wants one of his students to win, so far dharmesh has preformed all his dances without any flaws,just geeta’s faults in chreography. And geeta admits it!!

  22. Love says:

    I may not watch DID now onwards…I watched yesterdays episode today. Again I got sick after Remo’s comments. I better avoid this show. Horrible. I should also stop commenting in this forum.

    1. aman says:


      1. Love says:

        @Aman, DIDrocks, Ani:
        I was telling to Jinbaba.
        It is not because of Dharmesh i am leaving..
        If I tell the reason ..friends may be u will not understand. The reason i am leaving this forum…u proved it. One person is sharing and addressing to one person…and 3 people trying to read the mind behind it and attacking. Dear DIDrocks: u told me once that donot read mind of people..right?
        I did not watch television since last 5 years. Until my mom told me that this program is nice. I saw Dharmesh in audition and liked it and started watching it.
        But what i saw that i started criticizing a lot, jumping into comments and writing etc and somehow subtly its getting into my personality…arguing, making fun of people etc. I may have also jump into comments like u and may have commented. Dharmesh is not the reason. If he is good he will definitely win. I just gave an example of Remo’s comment. May be that was the peak time for my emotions…i got sick. May be I have to learn …???? This was my first experience of sharing in forum like this. u all…Best of luck with your favorites. If i have hurt anybody i am sorry.
        @Jinbaba – If I miss u i will stop by and say u hi!

        1. JIN BABA says:

          :) Love don’t u remember what Mathunda Say to Krudi Mahesh?. k Life Straight ho hi nahi sakti Utar Charao aaty hy in life me, Kabhi acha Experience hota hy or kabhi bura, but it’s all upto the person that how he or she manage with it. i can understand what u says about urself & ur mother, that’s why u take too seriously, weather here some one hurt u or you hurt by Masterz comments. this is a Life Love. people growth with it, and this is also a life part. i was surprise to listening that u were not watching TV last 5 years. it’s good thing but as u a simple person, not very much involved in people gathering, so you hurt easily, i understand that most people don’t like such a thing which is going on this forum leg puling :P , but we are here just share our thoughts with each other, but i respect your choice, weather you coming here or not, i go with you. Remember Be HaPpy Always, don’t be more sensitive, yeh kabhi kabhar life me buhat muskilaat peda kar deta hy, Specially For Girls. :|

        2. hizibizi says:

          SO “NO” WINS……. NOW COME BACK … U HAVE TO :D :D

          1. Ani says:

            it’s just you and Jin Baba who want Love to stay
            So that’s 2 Nos
            I dont think the rest give a crap :P

          2. kali.mangal says:

            U r very rude and harsh..Donot be selfish.

          3. JIN BABA says:

            Ani he iz another person not I’m got it?.
            hizibizi use very harsh word 4 Shakti, Not me.

          4. kali.mangal says:

            Dear Love:
            Respect ur point of view. Please come back…Its just a matter of learning..where to to comment..what to comment.
            Lot of people here needs love…we r fighting a lot.

        3. brkdancekid says:

          please dont go
          u see there r all kind of people in this forum and sometimes they tend to be a bit harsh u see its a part and parcel of this forum .
          sometimes they comment casually on others
          dont take it to heart
          waitting for ur comments

          1. priyam says:

            Yes, you must not go. Take it easy dear Love. You know I used to be sad at times and take things seriously and then this Quote changed everything for me .
            “When death finds you may it find you alive”
            Just chill

          2. hizibizi says:

            yeah clear win for ‘no’ for ur go. now just come back.

      2. JIN BABA says:

        Be a Gentle Aman

    2. DIDrocks says:


      do u just see the “unfair” criticism against dharmesh? cuz u never said u’ll leave the show when kruti was out. u never said u’ll leave the show when amrita was repeatedly in the bottom after good performances. it looks like u only care about dharmesh and his performances and only see the unfairness towards him and no one else.
      also if u wanna just talk about dharmesh, i felt there is a bitter reality to what remo said. i  agree it was very harshly put by remo but it was true. dharmesh no doubt was good in his solo but it was simple. u might argue then why were other people who also gave “simple” performances in the past not criticized as much. well for those people who did give such simple performances paid their due. they either were voted out or were put in the bottom. so they saw justice. however this is not the case with dharmesh. he is not paying his due. not matter how simple his performance is, he doesnt move from the 1st position. u might again say that this is not dharmesh’s fault. its the janta’s. yes this is true. but remo cant do anything about janta’s voting. so what he is doing is, in order to justify dharmesh’s first position, he is asking and forcing dharmesh to act and dance like #1 so his being #1 can be justified and not be unfair to the other contestants. i hope whatever i said made sense to you. again im not sure if remo meant to do this or not but if i were him, i wouldve certainly did this.
      so the bottom line is that dont leave the show if u cannot stand to see dharmesh being criticized becuz thats a stupid reason.

        1. hbdasari says:

          Hey Love, its just a show n there are always two sides of a game…same thing is percieved differently by different ppl..u can see that clearly in this forum…just be cool..n dont take things to heart..we r all here just to share our opinions n opinions differ…most of us can’t change our opinions for someone else..anyways just wanted to let you know that a lot of us dont want u to go…:)

  23. illusion-93 says:

    i loved the following performances:
    binny, amrita
    shakti n amar
    dharmesh and kishore

  24. ujinwalravi says:

    shakti u were awesome today in both dances. u r becoming more beautiful day by day.
    as my opinion a dancer should win not beauty or drama or favouratism.
    but ofcourse its high time sajjan beta apne school par dyan do.
    kishore bahot ho gaya yaar ab tera perfomence bardash nahin hota.
    amar b confident u can do it .
    jack yahan tah thik hai bas aur nahi.
    still miss KRUTI   PARVEZ  and fareena…………

    1. Sem says:

      yea fareena was shown the door after one of the most entertaining numbers Ihave seen on DID. I feel she should have been given a chance. She was real good in that performance. I still go back and watch it sometimes….”raat ke dhaai baje”…LOL..and parvez was really good…now i see why terence chose him over jack during auditions…he is really versatile…hope mithun da brings him back..that would really spice up the competition…and yes SAAJAN should just retire on his own…doesn’t he see for himself that he sucks? wierd kid..

      1. Ani says:

        i literally started laughing at the sajan comment
        thats wat i said…he should jus RUN AWAY by himself
        how blind can one get

      2. dancewithme says:

        people who will be missed are kruti, parvez, farheena and meenu……
        I think they are better than saajan, kishore, bhavna or may be tashu

        1. DIDrocks says:

          so true. but include vandana as well. at least she was better than saajan and tashu.

      3. priyam says:

        Yeah agree that fareena was mindblowing

    2. LUV_terrence says:

      yeahh ujinwalravi really agree shakti is realyy beautiful

      1. JIN BABA says:

        the most beautiful iz Binny Moto, right now after her u can say Shakti,
        I miss Vandhana she iz beautiful too :|

      2. hizibizi says:

        yes “this supposed to be beautiful face” of sakti covers her “ugly-jealous face”……

        1. LUV_terrence says:

          hey bizihit/hbizit/ hizibzi what ever…seems like you and jin baba is the same person…LoLz ….

          1. hizibizi says:

            beware ppl here is some multi nick user…

          2. hizibizi says:


          3. Ani says:

            hahaha if you dont need to prove yourself then neither do we
            All i know is that i have better things to do than be multiple ppl to prove my point about a competition :S
            The rest prolly feel the same

            so hizibizi maybe you need to stop with you pathetic assumptions?
            hows that sound?

          4. hizibizi says:

            perfect now after seeing ur comment my assumptions been proved. u PROVED URSELF.. :P

          5. Ani says:

            lmao wth :S
            dude, i dont even live in india
            and i have no clue where the rest of them ppl live
            i think you need to grow up

          6. hizibizi says:

            heh heh heh heh
            WHO CARES??

          7. Ani says:

            coz i watch the show dumbass
            i dun think its for INDIAN CITIZENS only
            since the show is posted ONLINE
            I was jus trying to make a point that we r from different places

          8. hizibizi says:

            no one said the show is for Indian “dumbass”!!!
            heh heh heh heh.
            it’s u who started whinning.u r ‘welcome’ to comment here;but just look above to ur OWN msg “dumbass”..
            u just said: “
            dude, i dont even live in india
            and i have no clue where the rest of them ppl live

            make points(though all ur ‘point’ is lame and pointless) but dont insult any nationality.
            easy and simple
            clean and perfect.
            now what u r doing it just contradicting urself poorly and when u see u cant make a ‘point’ u start whinning.
            GROW UP SON :D

          9. pk123 says:

            Excuse me – just because we all like Shakti!! Now, if I were to sy the same abt D fans, I will have to put 75% of the board as one user!

          10. hizibizi says:

            just tell it to LUV_terrence
            hope he/she understands!!!!

          11. Sem says:

            Wat the heck is goin on here? Hzibizi or whoever tat is…is a NUT. LOL…

          12. hizibizi says:

            and here comes sem!! the “NUT-EST”!!!!!

          13. pk123 says:

            Hizibizi is crazi – i like the sound of that!

    3. JIN BABA says:

      lol Good Comments on contestant, I like it.
      yeah kruti / pervez wass History :-/

  25. aman says:


    1. Terrance_Rox says:

      chill aman!
      its them who said it not u…so y r u getting angus over it! relax brah!
      bt im still agreeing wid “geeta_sux”… she does man! i dnt c y shes even in DID2… shes pathetic to the days bro!!

  26. lala says:

    I really don’t know what is the basis of voting……………If that week performance is the criteria then Dharmesh should never ever come to top#1 position because after voting is started all his performance were average. He gave some good performances but that was long time back.
    Guys please vote for good talented dancing star like Amrita, Shakti, Amar and Punit.
    Please open your eyes and vote for deserving and performed well in that week, Otherwise all highly talented dancing star like Kriti will go out from DID and average performer will remain in the show.

    1. DIDrocks says:

      i think i have understood the way janta votes and that is…”vote for dharmesh no matter what, even if he just comes on the stage and stands still for like 5 minutes and poses.” cuz this is evidently true after this weeks results of the top 3.

      1. lala says:

        It looks like you are right but i really felt bad for deserving stars like Amrita, Shakti, Amar and punit.
        It again shows that we believe in …..Bhed chaal. We don’t think but we just follow no matter we r following right one or wrong one…………..
        Come on guys…………..Be fair in giving your vote and support.

      2. JIN BABA says:

        :D Yar itna such mat bolo Hazam nahi hoga logo ko Hahaha.

    2. priyam says:

      Very well said lala

  27. Sem says:

    Why don’t people like Amrita. Even in the polls here in this forum I see her wanting to be voted out after giving such amazing performances. Is it cos she doesn’t look good? Is that what this show is about? Damn…if there is a logical reason I would really like to know…any takers?

    1. DIDrocks says:

      india’s voting is never logical unfortunately Sem. to me amrita is better than dharmesh, but have u seen her beat dharmesh, or even come in top 3 for once? nope!

    2. priyam says:

      Amrita was so beautiful in the Indian dress dear. People are blind

  28. kindi says:

    every week only stretching and splitting by shakti??
    stupid dance by punit,saajan and jack??
    till now only weak solos by amar??one good solo by amar doesnt make him great..i wont say his solo was the out of the was a simple hip hop routine..he has this sad look on his face that i dont like in a dancing star…
    what say??
    I think only Dharmesh..cuz he is a pro in what he does..and amrita..and then after that binny or kishore..are good

    1. Ani says:

      Hey kindi
      why dont u try and STRETCH like shakti :)
      go on

      As for ur pick of “pros”,
      the only deserving one is amrita

      1. kindi says:

        I am not the one who is participating in a dance competition..why should i stretch like shakti??lol u r ridiculous..
        shakti only does only stretching and splitting..happy

        1. Ani says:

          dude ur ridiculous
          her dance styles require her to do the things she does

          I know your not the one participating
          but IF U DID DO THESE THINGS
          you MIGHT, JUST MAYBE, you would understand its not jus SIMPLE STRETCHES

          1. hizibizi says:

            no one said “stretches” r easy… BUT IT IS SURELY BORING AFTER SEEING IT FOR MONTHS AFTER MONTHS.

          2. Ani says:

            So are Dharmesh’s disappointing performances :P

        2. DIDrocks says:

          kindi dear, u need a reality check.

          1. Ani says:

            THANK YOU

          2. LUV_terrence says:

            i agree with ani….sorry kindi dear ….

          3. JIN BABA says:

            i wonder to watch Two Girls Fighting on the forum lol

          4. Ani says:

            uve lost the plot

          5. JIN BABA says:

            why? you buy it 1st roflz

  29. dancewithme says:

    I have few queries regarding terrence……i like him a lot so it must not be taken in a way that i m putting him down…….

    What are wow moments according to him……some great steps which no one else would have done better or performing little hard steps which looks simple to perform……

    He didn’t find any wow moments in meenu’s one dance…..want dharmesh to be in trans…….often seen him talking that he has seen better performances………

    I just want to say that there cannot always be wow moments…..some dances look great when kept simple…..

    If he want wow moments in every dance that there are many dances choreographed by him which did not have any wow moments….eg.. Jack’s bhangra, shakti’s classical, etc…..

    1. kindi says:

      shakti doing only splits and stretching in all her performaces..terence surely knows how to make use of that 

      i thought kalaripayuttu was a martial art form..when did it become dance??

      also only one or two steps fron kalari didnot do full justice to the art form..

      Award should have gone to binny and amrita..or dharmesh and kishore

      1. hizibizi says:

        he made it a bad dace out of the great kalaripayuttu martial act… he transformed it into a cat-dance-act.And fools the common ppl.THAT’S ALL AND FINAL.

  30. swarn suman says:

    What was the performance of  Dharmesh last night on Govind Bolo Hari Gopal Bolo. Ultimate………ab bolo janta. yaar u people r really stupid when it comes to critisize Dharmesh. when other dancer like punit, jack also gave lackluster performance many times but u didnt comment about their average performance but only Dharmesh.
    Dharmesh we know that u will win and nobodyelse can  beat u. coz u r good dancer and also good at heart.

  31. dancewithme says:

    This season i came to know many new dance styles from dance india dance……..
    i knew kalari as one of the oldest form of martial arts…..never heard that it is a dance form…..
    Bhojpuri salsa…..feel good to know that there is also a salsa type dance in india…..
    Kalia marden is a dance syle……i thought it is a small part of mahabharata in which krishna defeats kalia……is there any particular mudra or steps for performing this dance……..just asking to improve my knowledge abt dance………. 

  32. dancewithme says:

    This season we also had many animals performing…..
    shashank becoming a tiger of goddess durga
    kishore doing a tiger dance…
    dharmesh—ses nag
    shakti becoming a bull
    amar and shakti again in avatar………Ha ha ha

    ab jai ko turtle dance nahi karna padega

    I think there can be another season dance janvar dance……

  33. Ani says:

    I must say today’s classical dance by Geeta was by far one of her better dances…
    Amrita really shined in this performance. Binny did try i must admit but obviously coz of Amrita’s experience she has outdone her.

    I dont know if its Punit’s stature or what but his movements are defintely much crisper and sharper than saajans
    Saajan was eliminated from the Mega auditions where they had to try differeny styles by each master
    THIS WAS FOR A REASON. It showed that he relli cant do much except breaking
    I dont know how on earth he got fastracked to Top 12 when he couldnt even go throu the mega auditions :S

    In the past few weeks, I never saw Tashu shine, yet in the beginning she was defintely Top 5 worthy, but today after a long time her perfomance was quite good…Too bad shes out

    I guess Dharmesh and Kishore werent too bad. Im not their biggest fans. And their whole lighting thing defintely made the dance look better…

    Kunwar and Shakti were quite amazing as usual. I think Terrence’s choreographic intelligence really shines through in this performance.

    Jack put in good effort i guess, but it wasnt anything spectacular. Shakti wasnt AS BAD as Geeta made it seem…

    Mithun Da annoys me. overacting crazy man

  34. KNSG says:


    1. Ani says:

      are u talking to me?

  35. imkiller says:

    I think all the dancer in Geeta Ki Gang  are  good…..but their bad luck they got geeta as a master.All this 4 would do much much better if they where in Remo Ke Rangeeley /Terence Ki Toli…………….
    wat do u think guy….

  36. Shakti says:

    i think shakti and amar were just fab!
    and ummm im so very sorry 2 say this but
    it looks like saajan is gone next week? =(

    1. harish.adco says:

      i think  amar

      1. LUV_terrence says:

        noo..sajaan will be ne)(t out ..for sure!

  37. pbm1980 says:

    i think Dharmesh, Kishore, Kunwar, Amrita and Shakdi have done fabulous job. nice dance. i think jack will be gone next week.

  38. kindi says:

    The only thing i can notice here is how popular Dharmesh is!!
    good or bad..people just cant ignore him..ha ha ha

    1. DIDrocks says:

      and that is just what he is. POPULAR. not the best dancer…but most popular. and this is why he gets votes. very sad. very unfair. if janta is fair, dharmesh wouldnt have been #1 this week and  if janta is fair, dharmesh will not be #1 next week either. amrita should be. but i bet u anything he will be #1, not becuz he is good, but becuz of the reason kindi just mentioned….he is popular.

      1. kindi says:

        but why is he sooo popular..let me tell you..cuz most of the people love his dancing..whatever he does simple or complicated..he is a treat to watch..he has got that charm when he is on stage..people have their favourites..u cannot go on telling everyone not to vote for their favourites..
        who is stopping other dancers to not to connect with audience..
        I personally prefer watching dharmesh and only dharmesh’s dance as i enjoy watching him..this is just an entertainment show and vote for those who entertains..
        if we go for the best dancer then none of the top 12 is the best dancer in india..there are loads and loads of technically perfect dancers..
        Even zee says..VOTE FOR YOUR FAV DANCING STAR

        1. DIDrocks says:

          kindi, all i asked was to vote for ur fav IF and ONLY IF he/she deserves it. bit if u wanna go ahead and choose a “popular” dancing star rather a “best” dancing star, its all up to u. i cannot force anyone to do anyting. all i try to do eveytime i comment on this bog is try and make people be fair and more importantly vote fairly. if a person doesnt do his/her best, then i think people should not vote for his/ they can improve and do their best again next week. this will motivate them and force them to give their best everytime. if we vote for them no matter what, they will not have any reason to work more. i dont know about u but i personally feel very upset when deserving dancing stars go away and people who did not do as good still remain in comptetiton. also, DID’s motto is also to find “sabse bade dancing star” not “sabse MASHOOR dancing star.” if u still feel u should vote for dharmesh…by all means go ahead. i cannot do anything about it.

        2. luvdid says:

          Hey @Kindi… I agree with you…. Today’s dances only Geeta’s gang got grand salute for both the dances and Remo and Terrance got only for 1 of the two performances they had….
          Terrance is partial and Shakit graduated from Terrance’s dance academy ..he will do anything to hide her flaws/weakness and I feel she’s doing the same freaking thing as u said with change in music and clothes…
          EVEN PUNIT GOT TRAINED IN TERRANCE’s DANCE academy. Remo and Terrance want their studnets to win the DID2 and hence praising PUNIT and SHAKTI to every possible extent.
          If today we judge Shakti by Bhangda dance they she’d be screwed big time.
          People go by her look and costume – Which Terrance wants and knows and prepares Shakti from that perspective only, and people don’t luk at her Dance..frankly speaking there’s nothing to luk at ;-).
          If people talk about being versatile then they shud be talking about Amrita and still not Shakti..she sucks at every other thing than her usual circus :)….
          D ROCKS !!!! He is fab dancer in every aspect

          1. Ani says:

            The only reason geeta’s gang 2 salutes is cuz Mithun is retarded
            He doesnt know anything about DANCE and actual dance forms
            Jus dancing in his lil bollywood movies as a “disco dancer” or watever does not make him sum hot shot judge

            Dharmesh and Kishore got a salute prolly coz Mithun found it entertaining in terms of the effects. Who knows what that man thinks

            The girls deserved the salute…but dharmesh and kishore?
            no way
            Kishore’s movements as sumone portraying Krishna were sloppy. His stature seemed so innaccurate

            You are talking about Shakti’s costumes and how it makes her performance look better?
            I can say the same for Dharmesh and Kishore today
            Their costumes enhanced their performance, not their actual dance.

            So how about you watch next week’s episode WITHOUT the BIASED perspective you have towards ur beloved “D”?
            All this bias is clogging your braing and preventing you from seeing clearly.

          2. Sem says:

            Yea..who knows what he thinks…i think he is high on weed or sommit some times…really…sometimes i think he is just retarded…pata nai…i feel sad for his mental health…:(

          3. Ani says:

            its almost scary
            and his weird facial expressions
            when jay bhanushali dances
            as if he wants to go in and dance himself
            argh he kills me

          4. Ani says:

            argh sorry i was talking about Mithun da…i got confused with one of my other posts…
            Thought it was my mithun da post
            gah i write too many posts, it’s scary

            BUT YES the same thing goes for this luvdid kid :P

          5. Sem says:

            2 birds with one stone :)

          6. Ani says:

            hahahaha indeed

  39. harish.adco says:

    I think dramesh is feb & he dance with full of gurds he attempt many style i think no one can touch him. I think Rambo & terrance sir galice with him. becouse he is in geeta ki gang. i think if he is in rambo ke rangele than we shaw some more memorable moments of dhramesh sir dance. i also like binney. i think she is more tellented than shakti & other girl she is so beautiful i like her.

  40. a9wahla says:

    i would like to say that yes judges are jealous because every single one of them wants their contestant to win.

  41. mitmani says:


    actually…Remo started fearing Dharmesh Sir’s popularity….he is jealous bcoz his own contestants are not getting the same quantum of vote as dharmesh is getting…dharmesh is dancing exactly the same way as Geeta asks him to dance….if u think impartially there is nobody who is performing better than dharmesh…..dharmesh ne apna standard itna uncha set karke rakhkha jo ushe cross karna almost na mumkin hai…..i think u guys will agree with me…..

    1. lala says:

      You may be right………..but we need to understand his point as well…………..see people r voting him by default…no matter how good or how bad his performance is?
      He gave good performance earlier but i will say from last three weeks his performance is average and still he is on top…………….

    2. DIDrocks says:

      oh here it goes again. one more comment that says “remo is jealous of dharmesh.” seriously guys when will u grow up? dharmesh didnt do as great. and yet u keep on defending him over and over and over again.

      1. kali.mangal says:

        Get a life dude!!!!!!
        If Remo is gentleman then he would have never reacted that way………
        Remo is big celebrity..this kind of behaviour is not acceptable from someone professional like him..not at all.
        I donot want to see any value talking about GEETA. But weird seeing Remo following Geeta’s footsteps.
        I am seeing u r going to such comments where they discuss about jealousy..Take a break dude…For some people it looks jealousy..nothing wrong to take it in that sense too.

        1. DIDrocks says:

          u kno what, u r right. whenever dharmesh is criticized, someone is definitely jealous. dharmesh cant be wrong. *gasp* absolutely not. how can dharmesh be wrong? he is god! shame on people who criticize him. very bad. people who criticize him have no life. and as far as remo goes…remo is out to get dharmesh. remo cant stand to see dharmesh win cuz if dharmesh wins, remo ka “nuksaan” ho jayega. remo’s life will be destroyed. that is why he is spending hours and hours in his private room making plans to destroy dharmesh and insult him the worst way possible, instead of coming up with choreography for his contestants. he has no life. thats why he is doing this. how pathetic of remo.

          …this is what u wanted to hear right? well there u go. mentioning that masters are jealous of any contestant sounds just as stupid as what i said. so i hope u get my point. if u still wanna feel the masters are “jealous”…dude, then its up to u. cuz i dont give a damn about what u think. but do me and urself a favor and dont post it on here. cuz i will definitely comment on ur post if u do. if u wanna think i got no life, then fine, so be it. think whatever you want. as i said i dont give a damn. and one more thing, i luv how people only bring up “jealousy” when dharmesh is the one criticized.

          oh and for ur info…im a girl!

  42. almoula says:




    Love dance,

  43. almoula says:

    in my school in detroit we had a lady do bharatnatyam on a hip hop number with vibrating beats and then a hip hop dude doing jugalbandi and then they dance with each other. Similar concept as done in my comment above

    1. JIN BABA says:

      almoula do u have that act video clips ?

  44. arvindhlw says:

    धर्मेश सर की presentation बहुत अच्ही थी लेकिन लगता है कि terrrance और धर्मेश के बीच कोई जंग चल रही है या terrance धर्मेश कि लोकप्रियता से ड़र से गए है,
    जी टीवी से निवेदन है कि  did2 में mentors का चुनाव सावधानी से करे DANCE इंडिया DANCE भारत का ह़ी नहीं भारत के बाहर रहने वाले भारतीयों में भी लोकप्रिय है और TERRANCE के पास VULGARITY के अलावा   कुछ भी नहीं है , जब जब गीता माँ ने CLASSICAL प्रस्तुति दी , हमेशा उन्हें वोह प्रस्तुति अच्छे
    नहीं लगी /
    इसका कारन क्या हो सकता है धर्मेश से COMPTETION ?जबकि TERRANCE कि टोली में भी बहुत बेस्ट PARTICIPANT थे लेकिन MENTOR  कि कमी उन्हे उभरने नहीं दिया!!!

    1. LUV_terrence says:

      ha ha didn*t understand anything dear…..

      1. JIN BABA says:

        it is Pure Hindi lol,
        i can’t understand either, but respect Language :)

        1. priyam says:

          Too small for me to read

    2. dbx says:

      HINDI hi type karna tha to Sirf  HINDI kyoon nahi?

      1. LUV_terrence says:

        HA HA loLz<…just understan the english words…baki to bass…..

  45. pk123 says:

    I dont like Geeta as well… but please don’;t pass personal remarks… it pollutes this board

  46. USAKing says:

    I agree Dharmesh Sir  is the best, and i vote for him every week but I agree with Remo, terrance, and the admin that he is getting votes on “ok” performance.He is highest voted contestant, so his performance should reflect it. The judges me be partial, but no way are they afraid of dharmesh like many of you said. If dharmesh keeps this up he wont be getting my vote.
    This week punit, and amar have performed way better than him. The uv light did seem cool, but without the special effects it would been less than average performance.
    When remo was supporting dharmesh people were mad at him, now that his is telling dharmesh performance as they are people are still complaining.

    1. DIDrocks says:

      wow USAKing. i would like to say that u are the only and ONLY dharmesh fan that i actually think is fair. i completely have to agree with what u just said. this is what i have been trying to say for the past couple weeks. thank u very very much for thinking like this. hopefully all dharmesh’s start to think like u and hopefully the competition will come back to becoming a “competition” again.

      1. priyam says:

        Very well expressed USAkind and DIDrocks.

    2. Ani says:

      good points USAKing
      The lighting definitely made dharmesh’s dance look better

  47. fussytassy says:

    everyone has their own viewpoint…i think i am pretty unbiased

     i think this guy has improved a lot…if there was an award for most improved contestant..he should get that..pretty versatile..not finding much to complain about him at this point

     if sajaan is blamed for being only expert on b-boying..then shakti should be blamed for being only good at anything that requires stretching out her body…she is very competent in contemporary and other dance forms which are near to contemporary..but she couldnt do hip-hop, bollywood (sridevi dance) or bhangra well..just because she is pretty she is getting much more votes than other deserving candidates

    yes i agree he isnt that strong in other dance forms but he can beat everyone at b-boying hands-down…and if we r so strict on him for forgetting some steps in between..why arent we blaming shakti for not being able to perfom the bhangra step she was suppose to?but we r clapping our hands with extacy saying how good of a performance that was! we r just simply biased..and moreover sajaan is only 16!

    he is very versatile..atleast to me..he is humble and very hardworking..just like amar..he is getting stronger each week..i would like to see him in the finals for sure

    poor amrita isnt getting enough votes just because she isnt pretty enough..sigh..even though i havnt seen her doing hip-hop…i am sure she can pull that off too..she is always taking up the difficult portion of the dance when dancing with binny..even this time in the mixed dance forms..yet people want her out over binny

    i have been disappointed at her in the past many performances..i think she has become overconfident after the first few wow performances and started to give mediocre performances then onwards…she is always taking up the easier portion of jugalbandi with amrita…i really think people should try to see the reality and bring her to the bottom few..

    he should have been out a long time back..before wild-card even…but he stayed..and it would be wrong if i dont accept the fact that he has improved..his jugalbandi with dharmesh was very captivating..mostly because of the play with neon-lights and the costume..not because of the choreography..but their performance was not at sync at some point..

    he has been my favourite for long..yet..i have started to see his weaknesses..he is mediocre in anything other than hip-hop…his face is pretty expressionless..topping the votes everyweek is certainly not a fair thing to do..but that does not mean he needs to go out..its just that he isnt pushing himself to the limits just because he is coming out first every week and has nothing much to worry i wish he has in remo’s group..

    i have always loved him as a judge..he is always unbiased even when geeta is always trying to bash his contestants..his harshness towards dharmesh is just cause he wants him to push it to the limits..but he himself said before he loved dharmesh..poor remo..this time he didnt get a strong team..

    terence is very clever and plays his contestants well..but he is catty at times..atleast was last year..he is good at pinpointing many faults and coming up with good concepts..but full of self-praisal..but he is less bitchy than geeta ofcourse

    i dunot know what is her problem..she hardly praises remo’s contestants..even in DID season 1..she is just so bitchy..and over protective of her contestants..when she tries to take the blame off her contestants by saying “its my fault”..she is actually trying to save them..dharmesh is just so wasted in her group

    1. fussytassy says:

      oh yah forgot to mention about

      he is sweet and cute…he seemed pretty unbeatable at first but now a days his flaws r starting to come out..he is really good at hip-hop though..i would love to see him glue-on for a while though and see if he can improve

  48. MG says:

    THE TOP THREE OF DID season 2 :
    1. SHAKTi
    3. Could be AMAR.. PUNIT OR AMRITA…
    i m 100% sure about this… 8) :)

    1. MG says:

      Who are you?another MG

      1. LUV_terrence says:

        ha ha  lolzzzz…that was the funniest thing i heard today….

        1. MG says:

          :o !!
          xcuse me this is meghna..  !!

        2. priyam says:

          Funny indeed. MG vs MG

    2. JIN BABA says:

      u r in DREAM i must say lol
      Wake Up!

      1. LUV_terrence says:

        seems like you’re following me jin my shaddowww…BBBuhhhhh

  49. Sem says:

    Am posting the comment again cos I liked it the first time I made it. :P. Open to discussion people.
    I agree with you on the fact that Amrita should be the best as far as todays performance was concerned. And “D” has been doing utterly simple things so far for the past 2 weeks. I mean whats the point when your master says…blame me, blame me…how lame. Is that a way for getting your contestant votes…I hope next week Geeta doesn’t make him just stand idle on stage and then say…oh i made him do so but look at him he did it to perfection..blame my choreography…people can appreciate only when masters push their contestants beyond their limits and comfort zones…i loved dharmesh and I know the guy has talent but it should be on stage and not like we assume on the basis of a few performances that he is the GOD or sommit. The votes should encourage dancers to fight it out among each other every week so that they work their asses off to bring their best on stage. I loved Dharmesh when he came back after elimination, yes that kinda pressure should be there…if you give a weak performance the votes should push you the week after to dig deep and come out of it. Do Dharmesh a favour guys….don’t vote him to the top when he doesn’t deserve it…we all are losing a good performance from him…and its really depressing for the other dancers as well…think about it.

    1. Ani says:

      well said Sem

      Geeta is loosing her credibility as a choreographer with her input and her “Blame me” game. She’s also quite defensive about her dancers which all masters are, but her facial expressions just tell all, the look of bewilderment when Terrence or Remo says something even mildly negative. Its as if shes shocked as to how they could come to that conclusions
      They are also choreographers Geeta
      I’m sure they know just as much if not more about dance as you

      And i completely agree with your comments about Dharmesh. And it goes for any other contestant. Votes should make the contestants fight it out via dance. I mean it almost seems other contestants have lost hope of being the highest voted even once.
      There would be no issues if he deserved it but the clear and simple fact is that he DOESN’T

      I think Dharmesh fans owe it to Dharmesh to only vote for him when he really has showed us something incredible on stage.
      If he is as HUMBLE as you all say he is, he would wanna win the RIGHT and FAIR way, not through some ridiculous emotionally charged fanbase who are still drooling over his first few performances.

    2. kali.mangal says:

      Donot blame Dharmesh..thats true. Geeta is not allowing him to choreograph his style ..
      He is not allowed to share his wisdom…can’t u see that he has to follow Geeta after Wild card.

  50. MG says:

    DID 13th March was out standing.
    Top was Amrita.I wanted to see the fusion dance and it was very very good performance,
    and I would like to see more this type and hip hop type of dance please sir remember  my request.
    and for good dancer Dharmesh  and Amrita is the best.Needs good choreography only for them .
    God bless you all

  51. MG says:

    DID One is much better than DID two sorry for saying this!

    1. Bhaggy says:

      Inittt .This yeariss is not kwol!

  52. Sarah786 says:


  53. Sarah786 says:


    1. JIN BABA says:

      ya but in dream,
      i felt she got 2nd or 3rd position in Finale
      Please in your Dairy or book ;)

    2. LUV_terrence says:


      1. kali.mangal says:

        WHO KNOWS ON WHAT BASIS??????????
        DEFINITELY NOT DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. MG says:

    Don’t bad coments  to much about the masters

  55. illusion says:

    dear all,

    i dont know abt u but i thought the bhangra was terrible… i see ordinary boys doing better bhangra at my college dance parties… what happened on that stage simply want bhangra…
    i understand that a lot of u stay abroad and probably havent seen bhangra as its performed in india for long but for sumone staying in india, i can confidently say that it was sad to see one of india’s most popular dances seen at every baarat and so popular hat it seven inspired a whole new genre of music (bhangra rap), being mutilated beyond recognition…

    just my opinion. im sorry if i ve hurt any sentiments

  56. illusion says:

    also i agree with sum of the other ppl that AMRITA is highly underrated , i dont know why….

    is it coz of her looks? is ot coz she joined late and hasnt had that much time to build a rapport woth the audinece? is it coz she’s outshined by binny’s smile (which btw i think loooks constipated)?

    whatever the reason its pretty tragic….

    AMRITA!!!! woo hoo!!! go girl!!!

    1. JIN BABA says:

      1st to welcome Dr,
      well gud point u raise here dr. i feel same thought what u mention here. most people don’t like her, just bcoz of her Looks, but i tell you people Amrita iz Most Stronger Contestant in This DID Spot, She Beat Every Contestant who participate with her, Like Dharmesh / Kishore & Binny, Remember Master Comments, specialy terence & Remo, terrence said k Amrita tu kha jati hy dosry ki performance yeppi :P , and Master Remo said k Mere Nazar Amrita ki performance sy hati nahi, what a BIG compliment to herself. i really appriciate her for her attempt. i know she iz not very good looking but attractive, coz of her awesome performance i didn’t notice her look’s or what people think abt herself.
      She Bang The Stage.
      i remember terrence word k Aysa lagta hy k tu Far Daly ki Stage ko lol
      Go Amrita Go.

    2. priyam says:

      Hey illusion, where have u been. People are blind. Don’t you think that Amrita looked very pretty and outshined Binny. I could not get my eyes off her throughout the dance and felt the same as Remo Sir. She was so brilliant.

    3. DIDrocks says:

      ha ha. binny’s smile lookes constipated. lol! very nice. very nice! and yes i also think poor amrita is being highly underrated. and i bet looks has something to do with it somewhere. actually not even looks, more like her color. indians never liked girls with a darker skin. they are “looked down upon” although half of our nation is of that color. thats why they got these ridiculous bleaching creams like “fair and lovely.” i mean i like to ask whats wrong with being “dark and lovely.” i swear i hate this prejudice and people who actually do it. when will people stop looking at looks and actually see what the contestants are here for…dance!!!!

  57. illusion says:

    dear fussytassy (what a name!)

    i agree that saajan and jack seemed to have a lot of potential when they enetered but havent quite lived up to that potential….
    its not that they’re not good, but there are a lot of better ppl on that stage..

    and as boman irani says in 3 idiots … dance india dance “is a race… if u dont run fast enough u’ll be a broken andasssssss” :)

  58. illusion says:




    THANK U.

  59. VM says:

    Shakti is great to perform both dances..cant wait to watch tonite.
    Amrita was great for the previous day show. Amrita’s face expression itself is enough to get her going. She is so damn energetic. I hv been looking forward to watching her dance.
    I hope Puneet prepares well for himself to save Remo Rangiley.
    If only Dharmesh n Binny were on either Terrence or Remo’s team, they wuld have rocked the stage even more. Not to say that he is not doinf well for himself now, but with Terrence’s type of new n creative dances, and  Remo’s guidance, Dharmesh will certainly excel better.

  60. saket243 says:

    see guys i feel that dharmesh is the best and from 2 weeks remo cannot resist the truth that he is 1st and demotivating and discouraging dharmesh just bcoz his contestants are getting eliminated dharmesh should win did 2 dharmesh rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. lala says:

      I hope what you said will become true but “First Deserve than Desire”.
      Dharmesh has given some good performance earlier but from last three weeks his performance is really just average and ramo has that dareness to say that in front of every one.
      He knows that this time he doesn’t have really good guys in his team but there are many other contestant like Amrita, Shakti, Amar and Punit who performed much better than dharmesh atleast in last few weeks but still haven’t got recognization….…….
      I would only like to say……..Khuda Maharban to Gadha Pahalwan

      1. kali.mangal says:

        because Punit is now giving good performances u r commenting this.
        If Remo has real guts…Then tell Geeta that u can’t handle Dharmesh rather than attacking and demoraling Dharmesh. Talking about guts????????
        What guts….as a senior and well-known person thats how u comment. Be humble man. Terrence said it in a nice way. No matter Terrence favors Shakti but his comments are more professional. He is not liar. Remo is liar ..some section his contestants forget steps ..still he will say we will correct it and u did not let it go it was little mistake we will work on it. HOW MANY TIMES MAN REMO U WILL WORK ON UR CONTESTANTS. BEING IN TOP 10 Still u think these kinds of blunder u r tolerating????????????????u r just big drama.
        Contestants are starting their career with show like this…as a mentor instead of telling or suggesting u r demoralizing. Please donot use MJ …does not suit u. U can’t even dance like him that we show in Audition when u were dancing with that little guy -Gauransh.
        Rather than playing tricks and words…concentrate and make sure ur contestants atleast give flawless performance…then we will judge even it was simple or what.

      2. kali.mangal says:

        Mind ur language.
        What do u mean? by the last line…
        Dharmesh is not bad ..ok. He deserves at least to be in Top6. After that also his performances are same kind…he will be out.
        Donot comment blindly…

      3. kali.mangal says:

        Khuda nahi…

  61. dbx says:

    MJ batch = people forgot their real GOD?

    1. kali.mangal says:

      what is this MJ batch? It is Michael Jackson. Punit should have been out long time ago where he continously performed very bad in two performances (One with Bhavna in Tango-Amitabh special and Second with Shashank-Vivek oberoi’s episode). Shgashank was far better than him even in Hiphop. Funny to see how Remo gets an orgasm at super ordinary performances by his contestants and blatantly down grade Dharmesh. First of all Remo needs to remove that MJ arm strap, he is no where close to MJ. 2 insecure Remo and Terrance

  62. Bhaggy says:

    = I think Amrita should go Next week…….she can’t dancee n Dharmesh is not gd awell onlie Jack n sajan n manii otherss butt Everyone Just Votes Dharmesh Coxzzz Once in his life he used to teach n now he is Sir…i  meann he is gd sometimes but y does everyone vote him …jack is kwoll….so is Kunwar n shakti n binnyy,…….i thinkkk binny should win this season or maybe jack!!

    1. pk123 says:

      I agreee with u on Amrita – but Binny or Jack! NO way – its Shakti or Dharmesh

  63. Rhea Garg says:

    i m 13 yrs plus 5 months old can anyone tell me can i participate in the little junior audition pls rply soon.

    1. VM says:

      Dear Rhea, I recakll reading this earlier….. perhaps you would have known by now. Just tried my luck to be of help to you my dear..
      Requirement for Audition
      Participant shall carry valid proof of age and nationality (Age between 5 – 13 yrs) and two passport size colour photographs.
      Proof of photo Identity like School ID card, Passport etc.
      The Participant needs to carry an audio CD with the track number written on it on which they want to perform.
      Participant registration will be at the venue during the audition.
      Audition will start from 8 am onwards.


    2. VM says:

      Dear Rhea, I recall reading this earlier….. perhaps you would have known by now. Just tried my luck to be of help to you my dear..

      Requirement for Audition
      Participant shall carry valid proof of age and nationality (Age between 5 – 13 yrs) and two passport size colour photographs.
      Proof of photo Identity like School ID card, Passport etc.
      The Participant needs to carry an audio CD with the track number written on it on which they want to perform.
      Participant registration will be at the venue during the audition.
      Audition will start from 8 am onwards.


  64. LUV_terrence says:


    1. SHAKTI

  65. DIANDRA says:

    WOW AMRITA!! She is damn mind blowing man!! Geeta is lucky to get her. All her dancing is so fantastic and powerful acts she has to offer each dance sessions.
    Shakti is great cos she has been in Terrence team prior to joining DID. of course she is talented in her own ways.
    Jacks is cute and what a weight loss over such a short period.
    Poor saajan needs to buck up a lot. good dancer but he seems playful and taking DID for granted. he has lots of catching up to do to be in league with Dharmesh, Jack, Puneet and Amar..
    I love Puneet. He is simple and Remo’s hope.
    I loved Binny’s performance in Ore Pia and her bharat natyam was great yesterday.. so Sweet she is.
    dharmesh has come up with yet another power pack act. hope he keeps up too cos of late it is a little boring to watch his dance, though i adore his simplicity and humble mannerisms..

    1. kali.mangal says:

      Punit will survive 50% based on his dance and 50% since he will be the only hope for Remo.
      This year Definitely someone form Terrence or Geeta will get the Golden cap.

      1. kali.mangal says:

        Also now Remo will inderstand why Geeta was bursting last year.
        Remo ..dude u r also bursting….ue contestants in  bottom 4 and u r yelling Dharmesh dude…
        Get a break.

  66. rags1710 says:

    Top-4: 1) Shakti, 2) Amrita, 3) Punit, 4) Amar.
    Middle-2: 5) Binny, 6) Kishore.
    Bottom-3: 7) Dharmesh,8) Jack 9) Saajan.
    I won’t do any justification to these rankings–to me these are the fair rankings.
    Dharmesh is no doubt a wonderful & superb dancer.. but it is very boring off late..not only the dance form but even some steps repeat!

  67. hizibizi says:

    as now it is top 4 is:

    1. JIN BABA says:

      not bad, 4 # tu dy bhae Shakti ko lol

      1. DID S2 dhamaka says:

        punit’s gotten better.. i hv to admit.. but i would say shakti deserves top 4 versus punit…

        1. DIDrocks says:

          yea i agree as well. shakti is way way better than punit overall.

  68. kali.mangal says:

    Donot try to get votes on name of Choreography. Also creating and impressing JANTA with ur foolish acts like MJ.
    Make sure ur contestants life line is maintained every week. Saajan’s life line is already over. Can’t tolerate him anymore..
    Make sure Punit is lifeline is maintained. Even he will will in bottom 2 ..Mithunda will be pitty on u and give him lifeline.
    Donot try to get vote on name of Sachin. If u have guts try to get votes on name of Michael Jackson..If punit will perform …nobody will stop him to win…but looks dream to me right now.
    Dharmesh u need solite dance number. ur lifeline will be over after Saajan, Jack, Kishore and Binny. If during that he gets good performance he will reach top 4.
    Right now…Amrita is best
    Amar…make sure u perform with confidence in ur solo. Looks like only with shakti u r good. Binny …working hard..not enough perfection.

    1. hizibizi says:

      nice analysis… liked it.:D

  69. kali.mangal says:

    Anyone from Road side can do the play that Punit did.
    If u really want to see What is Gimmick…See DID1 archives.there was one guy in audition..excellent in Gimmick..Terrence told him this is dance india dance not gimmick.

    1. hizibizi says:

      well u know that was not actually Punit’s mistake;it was Remo’s poor plan.

      1. kali.mangal says:

        My point is Remo’s strategy is changed…instead of getting votes on dance he is trying too fool people with Choreography.
        Last week solo or i donot know which week..that hiphop Punit did..Remo used loud music to impress..but Punit left so many beats there. Amar is better than him.
        Since he is the only one good left in his team …people’s attention is on him because he is getting to perform two dances. Remo is forcefully promoting him…DID should be strict about this thing.
        Have fair Dance competition. Look at Boogie Woogie..other dance shows.

        1. JIN BABA says:

          yeah i agree that Amar hip hop performance was good then punit,
          i like AMAR attempt.

  70. kali.mangal says:

    Remo dude: Be Gentle man like Terrence.
    If ur GOD is MJ..ur choreography never reflects him…lol..hilarious…
    Dharmesh idol is Prabhu Deva ..not u dude. After ur comment…Dharmesh said “His GOD has left for him in audition” ..I hope he takes u out of his heart too.

    1. USAKing says:

      <!– /* Font Definitions */ @font-face {font-family:Calibri; panose-1:2 15 5 2 2 2 4 3 2 4; mso-font-charset:0; mso-generic-font-family:swiss; mso-font-pitch:variable; mso-font-signature:-520092929 1073786111 9 0 415 0;} /* Style Definitions */ p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal {mso-style-unhide:no; mso-style-qformat:yes; mso-style-parent:””; margin-top:0in; margin-right:0in; margin-bottom:10.0pt; margin-left:0in; line-height:115%; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:11.0pt; font-family:”Calibri”,”sans-serif”; mso-ascii-font-family:Calibri; mso-ascii-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-fareast-font-family:Calibri; mso-fareast-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-hansi-font-family:Calibri; mso-hansi-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-bidi-font-family:”Times New Roman”; mso-bidi-theme-font:minor-bidi;} .MsoChpDefault {mso-style-type:export-only; mso-default-props:yes; font-family:”Calibri”,”sans-serif”; mso-ascii-font-family:Calibri; mso-ascii-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-fareast-font-family:Calibri; mso-fareast-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-hansi-font-family:Calibri; mso-hansi-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-bidi-font-family:”Times New Roman”; mso-bidi-theme-font:minor-bidi;} .MsoPapDefault {mso-style-type:export-only; margin-bottom:10.0pt; line-height:115%;} @page WordSection1 {size:8.5in 11.0in; margin:1.0in 1.0in 1.0in 1.0in; mso-header-margin:.5in; mso-footer-margin:.5in; mso-paper-source:0;} div.WordSection1 {page:WordSection1;} –>

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      mso-bidi-font-family:”Times New Roman”;

      Its pretty clear from all you comments that you hate Remo, and are a big blind fan of Dharmesh. Dharmesh is the best most of the people agree, but whats up with bashing on Remo in your every comment. Dharmesh called Remo his god, God is supposed to make sure that he rewards you when you do good, and tells you your mistakes. Remo was prasing Dharmesh and then everyone said he was partial, now that his is point out the mistakes people like you are still hating on him. Geeta ok, but I don’t like it how she always has to defend Dharmesh  even when his performance are week, and you do the same thing. You think that everyone who doesn’t think dharmesh is good is wrong. From my view he is the best, but other people think Punit, Amar, or Shakti is the best. I can understand that. If you like Dharmesh, and hate Remo and Terrance that fine but don’t make stuff about how their trying to bring Dharmesh down. They are point out his mistakes so he can improve. I think they are the judges and they know more about dancing then me or anyone else on this forum.

      1. kali.mangal says:

        Dude cool down!!!!!
        chill out!!!!!!!go get some cold drink!!!!!! I am not blind fan of Dharmesh.
        That comment was not professional. That was harsh…He would have told him that ur dance was simple ..does not look to be of highest voted contestant esp.choreography. What mistake he did in the dance to point out??????? Dharmesh does not need to improve but needs good choreography…
        This is my point of view…so chill out.

      2. DIDrocks says:

        i agree with USAking. and kali.mangal, i also think that the bashing on judges should stop like right now. no judge is jealous of no one. they have much more fame and money than any of these contestants. why in the world should they be jealous? just as remo ” looks” jealous to you, you also “look” like a blind fan of dharmesh to me.

        1. kali.mangal says:

          HAve u read my other comments in this forum??????????????????????????????
          First read and then come to conclusion…that i am blind fan of Dharmesh.
          Yes. in my opinion Remo reacted bad with Dharmesh…Period.

  71. kanubhai says:


  72. kanubhai says:

    ALL IZZ WELL… DHARMESH IS # 1    best dancer   and second is binny……

    1. JIN BABA says:

      lol really? tu Baqee kia Channy Sale karny ko aay hy DID me ?

  73. mitmani says:

    <!– /* Font Definitions */ @font-face {font-family:”Cambria Math”; panose-1:2 4 5 3 5 4 6 3 2 4; mso-font-charset:0; mso-generic-font-family:roman; mso-font-pitch:variable; mso-font-signature:-1610611985 1107304683 0 0 415 0;} @font-face {font-family:Calibri; panose-1:2 15 5 2 2 2 4 3 2 4; mso-font-charset:0; mso-generic-font-family:swiss; mso-font-pitch:variable; mso-font-signature:-520092929 1073786111 9 0 415 0;} /* Style Definitions */ p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal {mso-style-unhide:no; mso-style-qformat:yes; mso-style-parent:””; margin-top:0in; margin-right:0in; margin-bottom:10.0pt; margin-left:0in; line-height:115%; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:11.0pt; font-family:”Calibri”,”sans-serif”; mso-fareast-font-family:Calibri; mso-bidi-font-family:”Times New Roman”;} .MsoChpDefault {mso-style-type:export-only; mso-default-props:yes; font-size:10.0pt; mso-ansi-font-size:10.0pt; mso-bidi-font-size:10.0pt; mso-ascii-font-family:Calibri; mso-fareast-font-family:Calibri; mso-hansi-font-family:Calibri;} @page Section1 {size:8.5in 11.0in; margin:1.0in 1.0in 1.0in 1.0in; mso-header-margin:.5in; mso-footer-margin:.5in; mso-paper-source:0;} div.Section1 {page:Section1;} –>

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    mso-bidi-font-family:”Times New Roman”;}

    Guys I hav something to share….first of all let me tell u that I am not a diehard dharmesh fan….but there are some true facts…. dharmesh is the champion of “all gujrat dance championship” and winner in “boogie woogie”….he has his own dance academy…….so many of his students got selected in DID(even in last eighteen also)…..he considers remo as his god/idol…..initially remo liked him…….but thereafter there were some twist of fate…….dharmesh committed a great mistake(????)…..he became highest voted contestant for 3 consecutive times……..remo became jealous…….(actually he is upset bcoz dharmesh is not in his gang)……u guys must agree to the fact that geeta is a poor choreographer……it is not the fault of dharmesh……..he dances with utmost accuracy whatever geeta teaches him……dharmesh is the most versatile dancer………u guys tell me does any other contestant showed the dance variation that dharmesh has shown………eventually he was eliminated by trying “thyam”…….remo’s last hope is punit who is a good contemporary dancer……but until now punit has given mostly contemporary oriented performance…………next to dharmesh was parvej….unfortunately he is not in the competition……..remo is actually trying to promote punit……he has tried to evoke sentiments of “janta” by staging a sachin tendulkar drama(can u call it dance?)……….i am telling u all that dharmesh is being targeted very badly……..i think Terrence should be the mentor of dharmesh…….there is every good reason that people should vote for dharmesh……… keep voting dharmesh………..thank you…………….

    1. pokiree says:

      100% agree with you … .. our analysis is same … it is true that
      dharmesh and binny were getting targeted …
      anyone can cleanly make out ..that
      parvez, kruti, shashank .. were gone becoz they were good dancers ..and something bad happened behind the scenes.
      they have to buttering to masters and mithun amritra does.

      1. bizkit says:

        tottaly agree with u, remo last hope is punit, thats why he did sachin and then MJ drama tsk.  Dharmesh yes, he is the best. i know D sir  from the boogie woogie, and i was waiting so see dharmesh on DID season 1. but he didnt come.
        Now on seson 2 he’s ROCKING.

        Remo stop with this drama and concentrate on Sajaan and Punit.

        Best of Luck D Sir.

    2. JIN BABA says:

      i agree with your last three lines, he iz targeting , i also notice that terrence give him almost fine comments. Geeta iz good choreographer but not upto Dharmesh Level, he must be in Remo or terrence team, then v people get real entertainment & high Class performances.

  74. kanubhai says:


    1. Meghna *wOw* :D says:

      According to me its the thing that Remo is just super insecure and he is left with no other option other than to promote punit
      Terence is 1oo% balanced in his opinions and judgements and i respect him for that…
      Geeta …………….*nO cOmments* :(

      1. JIN BABA says:

        lol no comments 4 G33ta hahaha..
        Murghi Chura k Bhagi Thi Tmharee Geeta kia. Mehgna ? lol

        1. Meghna *wOw* :D says:

          Hah .. i didnt understand ur thing jin baba :o !!
          Geeta seems to be vry vry sure that shes gona win this tym.. but to remind u … SHE WILL NOT :D !!

  75. kanubhai says:


  76. kanubhai says:


    1. JIN BABA says:

      i put Dharmesh on 2nd :D , 1st iz Amrita . she beat Dharmesh with their duet Attempt “Tery Hath Me”, Dharmesh iz out Standing in Hip Hop, but Amrita have Much Skill then Dharmesh.

      1. pokiree says:

        yes… amrita has more buttering skill ..i put her 1st for that

    2. Smiling Rickey says:

      No dude i lick Dharmesh for his style but …true Winner.

      1. Smiling Rickey says:

        true Winner is Amrita

  77. Prial says:

    Excited to watch this episode! LOL :P

  78. vicky says:

    yup D is deserve GOLDEN cape …What was the performance of  Dharmesh last night on Govind Bolo Hari Gopal Bolo. its a feb men ……. best of luck dude….

  79. pk123 says:

    Guys, did you know that the Dharmesh and Kishore Act on Govinda Hari Bolo Goplala bolo was copied from DPL? Mini (Geeta;s assst) was the choreographer then for Central Surmas and the technique used ws the EXACT same!! check out this if u dont believe me

    First Geeta copies from Remo (Kaisi hai yeh) and now from her own asst!!!

    1. Joy says:

      Awesome observation !! Yes, it was copied and Mini copied this from India’s got talent (PRINCE Dance group) and they copied this from BOOGIE WOOGIE..
      Chor Chor Mausere Bhai !!

      1. pk123 says:

        Wow Joy – ur observation is even more awesome! U are obviously a bigger fan than I am ;)

        1. ChArMz AnGeL says:

          You guys, this whole “glow in the dark” act has been around for manyyyy ages. It is nothing new, therefore it’s not copied. People get inspired by certain acts and then they make it their own.
          Speaking of Geeta, Mini is her assistant, therefore, Mini helped her with this anyway. So does it really matter? But I do agree, Geeta should not have done something like what Remo did with Salman last year. That was just weird!

          1. pk123 says:

            Thanks Charmz Angel – u are right I guess. I think Geeta wanted her copied act to be so awesome that everyone would rate it higher than Salman’s but unfortunately for her that didnt work ;)

  80. devil.angel says:

    i think shakti and amars performace wass wierd….i liked thier body painting but th clothes they wear was wierd.shakti looked like an ass lol…but i still like shakti she should not wear that again……………and the performance i liked dharmesh and kishores performance….i still dont like dharmesh but this time he fianlly did good :) good job d

    1. hizibizi says:

      sakti and her weird dress in her every cat dance are all ugly.
      and that’s why she gets vote.
      easy and simple.
      clean and perfect.

      1. Smiling Rickey says:

        This Avatar performance was inspired with Telagu dance show D-3.
        Come on Terence i did not expect this theft from u.

        1. Meghna *wOw* :D says:

          c’mon rickey !
          getin inspired is nt bad .. his way of execution is unmatchable!!
          ACCEPT IT !8)

          1. kali.mangal says:

            Terrence also copied Amar’s solo  this week.
            Same thing Rohan n group did.

  81. Ritika says:

    Amrita and Binny’s performance was too good and superb then other so I think lux khubsurat performance of the day should be given to both of them.

    1. JIN BABA says:

      CORRECT! Ritika

  82. Meghna *wOw* :D says:

    OMG !
    Shakti is like so Famous.. i love it ;)
    She n Dharmesh r d best n r the most talked about :D
    SO we all wud for sure agree that these two brilliant ppl r into top 2.. :p
    I like vote for Shakti 5 times a day n hope u do too ;)
    Keep Voting ..!

    1. kali.mangal says:

      People telling Dharmesh is getting bogus votes. Here is another example for Shakti.
      To me Amrita, Amar are doing good. I hope Dharmesh shines with good choreography.

      1. hizibizi says:

        absolutely right.

      2. JIN BABA says:

        yeahh Dharmesh must got Good Choreography, but don’t know when he Got it …… i am waiting contestant Switch Episode.

        1. kali.mangal says:

          According to ORKUT – Official page – master were interviewed and they donot want to loose contestant because of weak choreography by other masters. Looks like not possible, if that page is right.

    2. JIN BABA says:

      Mehgna only this Saturday she look & Attempt good, but every week’s , Only Amrita had done Yet Awesome performances, Not Shakti Pagloot ;)

      1. Meghna *wOw* :D says:

        who ever u are jin baba..

        1st of all get some sensible name
        2ndly .. stop commenting derogatory about others.. x-(

        n 3rdly behave ur self mr.!

  83. SAD_BOY says:

    when the dharmeesh come in his shally no body touch him in his shally.
    remo stop dharmeesh to do in his shally.
    thats not good.

  84. SAD_BOY says:

    dharmeesh is the best.
    i hope dhameesh sir will win the DID.
    please vote to D.sir

  85. anujsharma says:

    Oh my God…
    kya performances thi..i can’t judge any of them…….
    but enjoyed a lot watching themm..
    Proud to be an Indian….

    1. JIN BABA says:

      mean three people going Speechless You / Geeta & Mathunda roflz

  86. brkdancekid says:

    please dont go
    u see there r all kind of people in this forum and sometimes they tend to be a bit harsh u see its a part and parcel of this forum .
    sometimes they comment casually on others
    dont take it to heart
    waitting for ur comments

    1. JIN BABA says:

      kido i feel that some one told abt Dharmesh to Love, that Remo passing bad comment to him, i think from that time i felt Love mode iz change, and after Love watching that episode she got hurt seriously :o , and she decide to leave forum :| , Moto Aa Jao Dr :D

  87. kali.mangal says:

    Hey guys:
    U all r after Dharmesh. But this the news i am reading…upto u that u want to take it or not. Otherwise Time will prove it.
    ” DID season-2,everyone knows that Dharmesh is getting huge amount of votes,but the thing is totally different backstage..Dharmesh sir is going to become a false victim of bad politics by supportless choreography and shakti is correctly supported by ztv crews by wonder concept…”
    Zee tv is going to make Shakti win. Shakti is from Mumbai.
    I donot know how true is this..but I cannot tolerate this girl to became Champ. Anyone else is fine but not this girl. She is supported by everywhere.

    1. hizibizi says:

      man u hit the nail;I WAS JUST THINKING THAT.

      1. kali.mangal says:

        Its Zee tv’s politics that they make Dharmesh hatrick for highest votes. but does not look true. Poor Dharmesh suffering from bad politics.
        And u can see since last 2 weeks he is getting slamed….People are concentrating can Shakti can slide slowly…MAN OPEN UR EYES!!!!!!!!!!Its not Dharmesh..that dude will be used badly for promotion shake.

        1. hizibizi says:

          yeah so dharmesh IS going to be a victim.(well i’m not too fan of his dance but  a fan of his honest character’s indeed).

          1. kali.mangal says:

            Dharmesh should definitely be there till end in my opinion…He is flawless in his performances. I will suggest him not to rely on anybody in his Life. If he wants to be a good choreographer then create ur own style and work hard. Give satisfaction to ur students who come to learn dance.

    2. JIN BABA says:

      What a News you Break Here. Wow Factor in it really :D , Who Care. we are just watching for Entertainment this program. we can understand politics, but what we have to do??.

    3. JIN BABA says:

      u mention here this but i already thought abt it. there must be something wrong ahead with Dharmesh, remember what mathunda told him once, k her performance ko final samajh k karo, kch nahi pata aagy kia ho jay. in that time i feel that something might wrong ahead.

  88. kali.mangal says:

    Kruti was literally very very talented than Shakti. Vandana has great looks and grace. Parvez was better than Amar. Guys please open ur eyes.
    I have seen Shakti stood whenever Shashank performed…Shashank was perfect in contemporary. His lines are great.
    I hope not another shock this week…????????

    1. JIN BABA says:

      kali.mangal v r watching u here 1st time, and what u saying we already heard & see many times :D . anyway good comments. k33p it up!

  89. kali.mangal says:

    All the lux performance of the day so far except 2 (Punit-Saajan and Dharmesh-binny-Kishore) were given to Shakti and Amar (as partner).

    1. priyam says:

      coz they deserve it.Why are u so afraid of Shakti?

  90. ithefighter says:

    i love shakti…

  91. jiya jal says:

    lolzz sohme of f youh guyssz are diuscusting really.
    youh gys cAnt comment, no respect, no shame, no nothing.
    Im jiya jal i had caame for mumbai aduition in DID2 in this season, u guys might not heard of me or seen in me on tv. thast because i told dah camera man nott to record me..i got rejected by geeta kappor. remo had liked my dance but geeta kappoor and terrance lewis said no. thank god i didint get selected to final 18. i cant imagine of how many people would insult me. dam even the good dancers r getting whipped by thier looks and dances. no wonder god had helped me by not getting selected. by the way so far in DID2 i like jack….now he is hottttt i mean hotttt….i dont like amrita and amar. i wont be rude so iwont say why i have shame but i love jack i like dharmesh to :) :) :)

    1. JIN BABA says:

      ok thik hy ab so jao.

    2. priyam says:

      Good you were not selected. If your comments are like that, I wonder what It would have been to watch you on screen. very funny…you told the camera not to record you………Ab so jao baby

      1. kali.mangal says:

        Hey Guys:
        Donot insult her. If u see her dance then only u can say u r not good dancer..
        U may not agree with her comments thats another thing.

  92. kali.mangal says:

    I show u commented once that Remo and Geeta mile huye hain…something like that. Geeta always opposed badly when Terrence talks wrong about Dharmesh. Geeta can’t speak word in front of Remo when he criticizes.
    Oh! man this much level of politics….same on u guys. On name if God shake..

    1. JIN BABA says:

      why she can’t speak word in front of Remo? maN that what i am saying, why she can’t reply? bcoz both r involved with this Dharmesh matter. Geeta choosin him for source, & Remo targeting himself & She can’t complain roflz
      understand or not?

  93. jiya jal says:

    i get so mad when girls say girls should win…not to be a huge discrminiator but seriously im a girl and im being honest girl in DID cant dance. they only have one sheli and they do it.they cant do hip hop or anything hard boii can do. so far shakti is awesome from girls and so is binny have they ever done handstands or whatever never!!! when i came to auduions i did classical and i even showed conteporary, but i guess judges dont like mee, illl be honest i had won the superviour india national all kind dance competition in 2007 i had done salsa, contemporay, classical, hip hop, kathak

    1. ChArMz AnGeL says:

      hmm jealousy?

  94. kali.mangal says:

    Amrita is clearly winner for me for this season.
    She proved herself from Wildcard. No need to prove anyother style.
    She did Salsa, Contemporary including stunts, Classical (different forms), Freestlye, Lavni, Tollywood…within short period of time. All styles excellent!!!!!!
    Shakti..comman girl show us Salsa, Lavni like style, Classical (forget it), Tango etc.. Atleast attempt quick step that Kruti did.

    1. kali.mangal says:

      Want to add one more thing..
      If dancer is really great..She or He will prove it.
      Within a month This Girl AMRITA PROVED IT!!!!!!! Only thing against her is she is beautiful but not slim and extra-ordinary.

      1. hizibizi says:

        i’m saying this for ages!! but does anyone listens?????
        sakti gets vote only for being an eye-candy.
        that’s all & final.

    2. JIN BABA says:

      kali.mangal maN i think you take me wrong, and i think you are not clearly See my comments toward Amrita, She iz my Hot Favorite contestant, just bcoz of her performances. and if u review my previews comment so u come to know better. for me 2 Amrita iz deserve to this Golden Cap. then whoever got 2nd 3rd or 4th i don’t complain :P

      1. kali.mangal says:

        Dude ..where did I take u wrong?
        I am just commenting about Amrita. thats it.

  95. kali.mangal says:

    People will keep thinking that how come Dharmesh dude is managing to get votes….But he is not.

  96. Ani says:

    lmao im jus saying ur making no sense
    which you arent
    whatever your saying is NOT what shakti is all about
    her “weird” clothes are apart of her dance and are usually worn to suit the dance and its theme.

    and she’s only done one “cat dance” on the 13th :S
    so come up with better justifications as to why you think shakti sucks
    therefore im not the confused one you are

  97. Special msg 4 Everyone…” DID season-2,everyone knows dat Dharemsh sir is a winner,since he is getting huge amount of votes,but the thing is totally different backstage..Dharmesh sir is going to become a false victim of bad politics by supportless choreography ( or by not allowing him to do himself )..and shakti is correctly supported by ztv crews by wonder concept…and ztv is trying to get dharmesh sir now time begins for us to stand together by giving wonder support to D giving lots of comment to ztv and by lots of phone votes…plz forwrd dis msg to all D sir’s true fan and allow him to get golden cap as he deserve…plz…be fast in action.. MSG TO ALL BY SANTOSH  plzzzzzzzz   suport to DHARMESH SIR

    1. hizibizi says:

      already old news..
      some1 named kali.mangal already told this here;just few comments ahead.
      so it is true! satki the eye-candy-cat-dancer is going to br the winner;by zee’s choise!

    2. USAKing says:

      Wow! where did you get that news from? Come on, if this was the true story dharmesh would never been hyped up as he is, mostly every promo I see on zee tv before saturday and sundays it has dharmesh in it. Zee tv even did a dharmesh special on their website when did2 started. they even did the love affair with the host of the show. your are saying politics is being played against dharmesh. what am thinking is  kali.mangal and santosh are the same person with two logins making up false info. Nothing against them buy my theory. I hope too dharmesh wins, punit 2nd shakti 3rd.

      1. are this is right informetion yaar meri aab tak koi bhi infomation wrong  nahi nikali yaar thats right or ye msg tumare liye  nahi he DHARMESH ke fan’s ke liye he ok

        1. JIN BABA says:

          All Play Politician. lol. Masterz & Grand Abba duh!. some one (Government play politics b3hind the Scr33n & some people Play On the TV Screen. :|

        2. DIDrocks says:

          is this a plot to get dharmesh even more votes becuz u think he might fall behind after last week’s performance? cuz if it is, it is sick!

      2. kali.mangal says:

        OYE USAking:
        We r not the same people OK…Can’t make out the language dude……..

  98. golegappa says:

    Some of these Dharmesh fans are so jealous of Shakti that they have started creating a conspiracy theory. They are playing the victim card, in favor of a guy who is number one from last 3 weeks, how come he is a victim..
    I can understand how they are feeling, they are so uneasy…not just Shakti even Amar and Amrita are performing so good.
    If zee can choose the winner and they want Shakti to win why will they make Dharmesh number one from last 3 weeks.
    This campaign of playing victim card in favor of Dharmesh is just a propoganda to make people think “Oh my God no Dharmesh is in danger vote for him please !!! he is getting victim of back stage politics”.
    Guys Dharmesh has the capability of winning this thing let him win with Honor, if he is able to pull it.
    And I am so happy we have a challenger now to Dharmesh, it was all getting so boaring, it is like watching s suspense movie where you already know the end.
    What is a fun of watching a fight in which you already know who the winner is you start feeling sleepy, there should be uncertainty and some tough challenge..
    I am really enjoying it..

    1. priyam says:

      Hello Golegappa. Good to hear from you.

    2. DIDrocks says:

      golegappa, ur so right!!!!!!

  99. neema.1625 says:

    I completely agree with Santosh.



  100. brkdancekid says:

    @santosh rocking world

    friend dont spam the site by posting
    same info again and again

    1. JIN BABA says:

      kido Just remove those Multiple message, it is Your Job :D

  101. sonylorraine says:

    Please vote for Kishore.

    1. lords2020 says:

      he will be eliminate 2 weeks time.

      1. JIN BABA says:

        achay contestant jaldhi chaly gy yeh Sahib bonus me chal rahy hy :|

    2. JIN BABA says:

      sonylorraine, kishore iz fine dancer, not upto that Amrita / Dharmesh level, he is better in Stunt, so v don’t like him much.
      Ok here my New Ideas for DID Session 3.
      for session 3, The Masterz &  Grand Master Kindly Consider this thing which i share with you :D . as Far we have seen in session 1 & two policy are same related to one Golden Cap for 1 contestant,  but for DID session 3 iz much much Interesting if you can Make 2 Golden Cap for two Contestant, one 4 boy who iz leading vote in Final, & One Cap for Girl who iz leading vote among girls, it’s all upto Masterz & Grand Master Choice that they decide to 2 girl & 2 boys in Finale or 3 girls or 3 boys in Finale, but Win Only one boy & one girl among them. Hope they consider :D.

      1. DIDrocks says:

        jin baba, i respect u and ur opinions. but i have already refuted this idea before when our dr. love proposed it and i will have to disagree with u again. as i have said….there should be no discrimination between girls and boys. both are equal in every aspect. if shakti cant hip hop like dharmesh, then dharmesh cant do contemporary like her. if amrita cant do backflips like kishore, then kishore cant do manipuri as well as amrita. do u understand where i am going with this? the limitation exist from dancer to dancer, not boys and girls. do not generalize everyone. just becuase dharmesh cant do bharatnatyam, doesnt all guys cant. just because amrita cant bboy, doesnt mean all girls cant. so “who can do what and who cant do what” depends on the person, not on gender. therefore, eevryone should be treated equally and there should be 1 golden cap for all of them, whether they are girls or boys. cuz dance doesnt care if ur a girl or a boy as long as you got the skill.

        1. kali.mangal says:

          WOW DIDrocks:
          For Jinbaba..i respect u and ur opinions..
          And poor Dr. love (she is doctor looks like) ..u attachek her like a hell (aggressive words)..i read that…
          u commented her about sex etc…horrible. I thought u r good genuine being..

          1. DIDrocks says:


            HOW DARE U call me a “horrible human being”? tum hote kaun ho?!!!! dont u ever dare comment on my character!!! do u understand? what right do u have? and as far as being a good human being….i think i’m a very fair and a good human being and this is exactly why i cannot stand discrimination and that is why i was harsh on Love. i meant no personal insult to Love, i just told her not to discriminate and that is exactly what i am telling jin baba. and yes i did talk to her about sex, as in gender. i told her not to be sexist. there was no other meaning to that word. it is not my fault that u have a dirty mind and u took that comment differently.

            and im warning u again…dont u ever question my character or anyone else’s for that matter. in fact, i believe i am a better human being than u are. at least i dont comment on people’s personal character like u do. not only with me, but with the masters as well. u comment on their characters as well. werent u the guy who claimed remo is “jealous”? how can determine someone character like that?
            u know, i always thought u were one of the blind fans of dharmesh. but today with this comment of urs…u proved urself to be loser. ironically, by calling me “a fake human being” you, in return, proved urself to be “a fake human being.”
             i always respected ur comments, although i never agreed with any  of them…but now, forget ur comemnts, i dont even respect YOU. with the thought of keeping this blog clean, im refraining from using any bad words. im a deeply hurt by ur comment!!!

          2. voice of reason says:

            DID Rocks,
            I agree  with your reasoning for equality, you were bang on target.

          3. DIDrocks says:

            thank u voice of reason. im glad someone values my opinion.

          4. Ani says:

            yeha DIDrocks, your points about equality are always in my mind too, ever since mithun keeps urging everyone to vote for girls
            well done :)

          5. JIN BABA says:

            Kali i just want to say you buddy. think 1st b4 put comments on this forum yar. Be Gentle, sorry 4 her. or iz sy koe chota bara nahi ho jata.

          6. kali.mangal says:

            Hey Jinbaba:
            Be gentle???I am gentle…can’t u see she is stretching little things.
            Did u read the above comment????????

        2. JIN BABA says:

          ahaN.. so Dr already share same idea :D . anyway i understand your opinion but i why i bring this idea, just for bring new thing in the Show, so make Excited in the GAME. well i just given basic idea toward Golden Cap or what more, it’s all upto Game Planner & Masterz & Grand Master what they decide or what not. as this sessioin i saw new thing bring by them “Recall” like it. but i was thinking that when Mathunda use this “Recall” option.

      2. chowdhury says:

        i ever think that its a good iea to separate boys and girls. i always take it as a discrimination. the best should win, either a boy or a girl. maybe its a better idea to consider the prize money for 1st, 2nd and 3rd palce. golden, silver and a bronze hat.

        1. JIN BABA says:

          kya baat lol Chowdhury Sahib, here we talk abt 2 Golden Cap, and you bring here two more different Cap Silver & Bronze :P . Amazing!
          let see what they decided for NEXT Session :)

    3. Nayak_Family says:

      I watched the ‘Govind Bolo Hari dance on 13th march 2010 DID 2′. I think this dance is by far the best of Kishor so far and the best of DID (season 1 and 2 together). We watched it over and over again in the internet and did not get bored. Geetha Jai Ho! Kishore Double Jai Ho!!!!

      1. hbdasari says:

        Yes it is definitely Kishore’s best but not the best in could have been so much better..Kishore is improving now…but he is still weak compared to others..anyways its time for Saajan to go out now..for god sake plz…:D

        1. Ani says:

          hahahha yes saajan mate, its time to leave

          1. x Princess Tania x says:

            dont fight guyz plzz.. :(

  102. JIN BABA says:

    actually Shakti Amar ka performance Itna acha tha, k in btw hum yeh Bhol Gy k Terrence use very care fully Shakti, as Far as we know the Amrita iz Verstyle then Dharmesh then u put Amar / Shakti & Punit in list. Why i say that this? didn’t you notice? when Amrita finish her attempt, she always got appriciate comments some time got kya baat & some some both kya baat+Salute. while Shakti not contestancy do this in every w33k. even not Dharmesh, not Binny & others. So Finally Only Amrita Deserve this Golden Cap in our Eyes. but if may happend with Amrita & she got eliminate to just bcoz only her Look, i don’t think there are any other reason. :|

    1. lords2020 says:

      jin baba sunehre taqdeer ki topi amrita ko de do.
      very good comments.

      1. JIN BABA says:

        Hum Ny Tu Declared kar dia hy AMRITA ko, Ab yeh Politician or Janta ki Galti sy kch bhi ho sakta hy.

    2. maulik4388 says:

      i dont see any co ordination in the dance of shakti and amar
      i didn’t enjoy it
      i like the most binny and amrita’s performance bcz its true indian style ..

  103. Joy says:

    This week was Magical for Dance India Dance…I think the only way to keep Dance above Cricket (IPL) is by maintaining the standard of acts performed this week..Kudos to Mentors and Participants for pulling up such entertaining acts for us !! Barring few performance all of them were Excellent !!

    I am a die hard fan of both Cricket and Dancing but DID was above cricket atleast to me this time

    All the best champs and keep Rocking !!

    1. lords2020 says:

      very magical.
      especially shakti&amar.amrita&binny.

      1. x Princess Tania x says:

        YEAH really ! i love cricket n DID both ! equally!

  104. shantilal says:

    I like Dance of Shakti, Amrita and Binny. Really they are good dancer and brilient proformer. My blassing for them. and love to all participants.

    1. JIN BABA says:

      yeah they are too good, but level as below.
      1. Amrita (She iz Hat k Totally) k33p it up AMRITA, our best wishes with u.
      2. Shakti & Binny (Both Same)

      1. hbdasari says:

        JIN BABA..I would rate shakti as 2 and Binny as 3..Binny has potential but for some reason she is dropping down day by day and on the other hand shakti is gearing up every week n we do know that she is best in contemporary!

        1. JIN BABA says:

          and what was the reason her dropping down day by day :o ?

          1. hbdasari says:

            can we blame it on geeta again?? lol..may be not..poor geeta :D

          2. JIN BABA says:

            well buddy She iz pretty good & Hard Working contestant, well in some area you can say that thing is exist toward G33ta ji, (hehe) Binny weak in some area, but over all she iz Fine Dancer.

          3. hbdasari says:

            yes i do agree binny is a good dancer…she did really well initially..but I dont know whats wrong with her now…may be she is not getting much attention as Amrita n Dharmesh r back?? we have no clue whats going on inside..

          4. x Princess Tania x says:

            Shakti is the best girl dancer in d show..
            Binny and Amrita r no less though
            All three of them burn the stage.. Go GIRLZ ! 8)

  105. shantilal says:



    1. Joy says:

      @ Shantilal….Shanti se raho :-)

      Vaise there is no issue in asking for your preference but shoot happens every monday or tuesday so it is too late now for next saturday..

  106. priyam says:

    Hahaha…………..Trying to gather votes for Dharmesh. No way Buddy. We are only going to vote for the deserving.

  107. lords2020 says:

    Who should be eliminated on Dance India Dance 19th March ?

    1. JIN BABA says:

      Jack / Kishore or Saajan.
      in teeno ko one by one Jana Mangta :D

      1. hbdasari says:

        Saajan has to goooooooo..he is the weakest among the three at present..but I think either Kishore or Jack will go to keep equality among the three teams..ughh /)

          1. Meghna *wOw* :D says:

            Ahem * Ahem *
            Is there a need to ask ??
            SAAJAN !!

          2. ChArMz AnGeL says:

            Saajan needs to go. It is quite ridiculous to see him amongst really amazing dancers. He is awesome at BBoying, but everything else is below average. If Jack and Kishore leave before Saajan, then you know for sure, ZeeTV is playing its politic cards. If Saajan left, Remo would only have Punit left. Yup, I can see the politics coming!

          3. hbdasari says:

            absoultely..its definitely between Kishore n Jack..I would be okay if Kishore leaves as Jack can be given a chance to prove better!

          4. x Princess Tania x says:

            Kishore is out :/

  108. usha5010 says:


    1. lords2020 says:

      not possible.

  109. usha5010 says:


    1. usha5010 says:


      1. theguru says:

        heyyyyyyyy ye sb sajjan ko eleminite krne pr kyo age hue hai yrr o sb se aacha v boy hai did me
        yr ye kaun sa sahi kaam hai aise hai remo ke rangele se 1 dancer eliminite ho gya  jo ki contempory ka master tha
        give him one chance gysssss.

        1. JIN BABA says:

          theguru it iz a Dance Competition program not B Boying Compitition :o . he already got many chances. he must go in upcoming episode or next week, but he should go!.

      2. JIN BABA says:

        we already give him many chances, now it’s enough. he have to Go Out as soon as possible.

        1. hbdasari says:

          enough chances..cant be tolerated any more…high time for saajan to go, PERIOD!

        2. Ani says:

          yeha he got a chance he didnt even deserve.

      3. chowdhury says:

        ok, but who then well????????????

  110. priyam says:

    But Saajan is the one with the poorest performance.

  111. kindi says:

    I want punit and saajan both to be eliminated..
    I dont remeber any of their gimmick was a joke..
    but alas..all teams have to be represented till the i guess to save punit some good dancer will get eliminated..most probably amrita..

    1. theguru says:

      reeeeeeeee dance janta hai tu jo punit aur sajan ko out kr raha hai

    2. theguru says:

      reeeeeeeee dance janta hai tu jo punit aur sajan ko out kr raha hai

    3. JIN BABA says:

      kindi keep ur eyes open.. Punit iz much better. O yeah Saajan must go out, bcoz of too much mistakes, he continuously mistaking & forget Step, huh!

  112. priyam says:

    I don’t think that Punit deserves to be eliminated at this stage. It is unfortunate that Punit is the only good candidate left in Remos team.

  113. preetam says:

    shakti u rock  yar really  i like ur dance very much  vote 4 shakti  plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  114. a9wahla says:

    its not dharmesh’s fault that hes getting those kind of dances. Hes doing his part so please stop blaming him and blame geeta. I was in india yesterday and i met dharmesh. Hes really nice…

    1. kindi says:

      hey where did u meet him??..i wish i were in ur place..

    2. JIN BABA says:

      i mentioned this thing in my one post. the problem with Geeta she have no standard to give Dharmesh Standard Choreography, he did his best but due to average choreography he has to pay for it by many people criticize but all iz G33ta Fault, they are too bad i mean (Remo & Geeta). Sara Maza kharab kar dia dono ny, Dharmesh k sath khilwarr kr k, Remo already know Dharmesh b4 his Audition attempt. it’s really hurt that Remo did this. i cannot expect from him this. might be they already know that how to Geeta Win This Session so bcoz of this they plan all GAME. & give Geeta to choose 1st. lol

  115. merijaan says:

    DHARMESH bcarefull geeta maa has sidelined u..kishore was dancing and u just holding that props and moving and helping kishore perform..there is nothing dancing of urs sorry to say this but if u watch the performance kishore was best then u…KALIYA thoda nachley…

    1. jigs_reliance says:

      really.. can any master do that??????

      1. hbdasari says:

        lol…masters tak kyu…other contestants can also do..may be even better…lol

    2. kali.mangal says:

      Thats ur way of seeing it..if u r watching who is getting what steps, blablabla..then definitely u will see this. Watch the dance dude in all performance…..In that case u will see Amrita got more dance to do than Binny…Amrita was circling ..all that steps..what u say??????????
      Dharmesh did justify the dance..Its mentor who decides the role. Kishore’s hair were matching with Krishna. Of course Dharmesh is black..sorry
      So donot judge how many steps etc..see the dance. If the character demands that u cant blame. Its for all performances and for all contestants. So Dharmesh fan ..please donot attack unnecessarily.

  116. merijaan says:

    In this season of DID2 the strong contestants are girls..Amrita, Binny, and Shakti..where as boys..only Dharmesh, i can see..but otheres???????
    in girls Amrita is very strong, she is good in all her performances she has showed the talent what she got in her..Binny she is a good dancer but not in all forms, styles, but she can coverup 90% of forms and style…Shakti is a good looking hot and sexy dancers she also showed her talent but not so versatile…in boys Amar, kishor, punit, this 3 dancers are good in there form of dance. , only Dharmesh is the one can stand till the end……..but he has to show his performance in solo or doubles what ever it may b…so best of luck u guys….and saajan sorry to say this u vl be out by next week or two..

    1. hbdasari says:

      I agree girls are really strong this season..but keep watching.. they will all be eliminated one after the other..I think Shakti will stand till the end..n among guys..Dharmesh will go till the end because of his fan following but Amar is also doing a very if he is given a chance he can stand too..

  117. jigs_reliance says:

    dharmesh should be DID winner this time…..actuly mithuda said very right.. people expecting lot from him… and he is continously on acid bed.. from the beginning itself… so recently joined seems fresh… but still.. dharmesh sir…u r the best..

    I think you should perform on “are re meri jaan hai radha” u must have heard this songs- since you are from Gujarat, o/w you can get it from internet (youtube).. I trust Geeta madam can cast you in that song very well. I hope you will rock the stage and will become winner… best of luck

    1. jignesh_reliance says:

      i this you want to say dharmesh is on acid test…

  118. talha says:

    i realy think so JAAN but i think shakti is far more better than any of the other girls. U have to c that amrita is not only a trained dancer but also she is a dancing teacher .On the other hand shakti is just trying to learn the various forms of dance.So u have to give it to this amazing learner.How fast she is picking up her dance to another level and mind it this week she will be no. 1 in voting or closest to be there.Great job once again done by master terence on amar and shakti.And this is now like a ‘jodi no. 1′.How much ‘SAB SE KHOUBSORAT PERFORMANCE’ awards they together have won, we cant even count them.and also shakti has got the most ‘GRAND SALUTES’ than any other in the competition.She  deserves to be the no.2 this past week and now even to be the no.1 this week on vertue of  both of her performances.I feel sorry for dharmesh .Geeta once again failed to benefit from dharmesh’s talent.Amazing dancer(dharmesh)is not getting what he deserve  and this certainly will not help dharmesh to retain his top position.And this is once again just because of geeta.I am 100% sure that geeta is doing  this just because she  got nothing more in her bag.Just put dharmesh in terence or remo’s  team and c what this man can realy do.I pray  deep in my heart for this miracle to happen.

  119. kushagra sharma says:

    jignesh_reliance, merijaan, kindi,a9wahla,JIN BABA,preetam ,theguru,lords2020,Joy.brkdancekid ,drocks luvdid ,luvdid,suruworks,crazebunty, Smiling Rickey, MG,teodce,LUV_terrence ,akshay1122,pankaj kumar,JIN BABA ,amrmanish31,khatz ,imkiller ,rubinadear,gudduavi,hizibizi ,jai,kumar,terencerules,pari2386 ,santosh,Abhishek,harish.adco ,akshay1122 ,Ani ,roopkatha,DID S2 dhamaka ,hbdasari ,priyam,Shakti ,dancewithme,princerij90,Dancer222,Terrance_Rox ,srini145 ,fussytassy ,Sarah786 ,dbxillusion ,saket243 ,kali.mangal,Bhaggy,DIANDRA,kanubhai,jiya jal,golegappa……etc..etc..etc… some good ideas for ur favourite contestantants…all mentors visit this see responses…my idea for avatar worked,….i think this did episode is best one…u all guys rock with your comments…it will be grateful that u speak right from the hearts…but do not insult them they are all good dancers… being a dancer…i promise that in DID season3..i will participate and rock…i will show what i got…. i love shakti…dharmesh and kishore also jack and amrita..

    1. JIN BABA says:

      lol hy u put my nick Two Times ;) .. what idea? didn’t you notice our comments toward contestant & Masterz ?. ahaN wish you good luck for Session 3 :P , What iz ur Real Name?. yeahh all contestant are good, but in Final only 4 contestant going. I Love Amrita / Amar (coz his hard work), Binny / Dharmesh / Punit. Shakti they deserve to be go in Finale.

    2. JIN BABA says:

      how you sure to say that Mentor visit here?.

      1. hbdasari says:

        i too feel the same…that this forum is been tracked n some ideas r given attention…well..I want a nice salsa dance form TKT…I dont think this season we have seen any good salsa dance from Terence…last season they were plenty of them n lovely too..may be Shakti n Amar again??? Jack could also be given a chance!

        1. priyam says:

          Yeah, Salso most welcome. Want to see Sega, But don’t know if Many people know about this dance form

  120. golegappa says:

    voting for best choreography and voting for best choreographer
    Guys I feel there should be weekly voting for best choreography as well.
    And also the best choreographer of the season as well.
    also all contestants should be choreographed by all the masters turn by turn..
    Something like “so you think you can dance”
    What all you think…
    Just imagine we would have seen:
    1. Dharmesh performance choreographed by Remo.
    2. Shakti’s performance choreographed by Geeta.
    3. Jacks performance choreographed by Remo
    4. Punit’s performance choreographed by Terrence.
    5. Shashank’s performance choreographed by Terrence.
    6. Kruti’s performance choreographed by Geeta.
    7. Ameet Gunda performance choreographed by Remo.(Guys I have not forgotten him, I still recall his power packed performances.)
    We are missing so much guys…

    1. JIN BABA says:

      Idea Good GolGappa. i am also waiting for Switch contestant episode as we saw in Last Session Geeta Choreographs all contestant, then Remo & Then Terrence did.  no doubt Ameet iz a out standing performer, but he left too early, i have seen ameet have much potential to survive, but what we have to do :| .

      1. hbdasari says:

        I dont think switching is gonna happen this season..I read somewhere that masters are not ready for the idea of switching as they r not willing to sacrifice their contestants on other mentors poor choreography…too many clashes of ego n u never know if one of the master play tricks…

        1. Beauty1996 says:

          Totally agree with you hbdasari. The masters will probably mess up their own coreography , to make sure that person ( who is from another team ) gets out.

          1. Meghna *wOw* :D says:

            just dnt worry .. hez gonna rule in DID 5 …
            Cuz DID 4 is for lil dancers.. :D
            I m sure he will be there…

  121. kushagra sharma says:



    1. hizibizi says:

      i just want to see sakti in a circus ;with a make up as a monkey.
      it would be a perfect dance for her;and  she ‘ll get a “must grand  salute”…..

      1. JIN BABA says:

        roflz hizibizi bas kr dy ab, jaan ly ga kia bachi ki.

        1. hizibizi says:

          well i’m telling a secret.
          i’m wayyyyyyyyyyy younger that Sakti(24: facebook;google search)

          1. priyam says:

            Not nice of you hibizi

          2. hizibizi says:

            ho ho ho ho…
            what’s not nice?
            i just said i’m younger than her(her all profile and age is given on OFFICIAL  DID PAGE)
            my “comments” ’bout her??

  122. aman says:

    plz everyone vote 4 SAAJAN and PUNIT i want remo 2 win again
    but i also lyke dharmesh but remo is da best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. hbdasari says:

      sorry dear..I dont think its gonna happen…REMO has got the weakest team

    2. kali.mangal says:

      both should be out..first Saajan…Jack….Punit…..Binny….Dharmesh

      1. Meghna *wOw* :D says:

        Ya Remo is tooo not supposed to win this tym

        1. x Princess Tania x says:

          yaa right Meghna!!

  123. aman says:

    i dont think they r doin da thing they did last yr tht geeta Choreographs all then remo n terrence
    altho they should

  124. jill says:

    does anybody like amritha? she is over confidence. there is nothing special on her. for the bearmisaal bhaaraa vandana or bhavna should be selected. amritha doesnt have what she should have. anyways, i dont think she is good enough.

    1. JIN BABA says:

      you judge her by her look, i thiNk?. Yes I Like Amrita, & Remember She iz Not Over Confidence .. but Over Excited. she have good potential. as she return through WILD Card Contestant. that’s why she iz So Excited, and why not she have to? over all she iz Awesome Performer+good skill+Happy Girl. :P

    2. hizibizi says:

      lol here is one more fan-girl who only understands “look”!!!

      1. Beauty1996 says:

        When are people going to stop basing who they should vote for on how a person looks.


        WE ARE NOT TRYING TO FIND THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PERSON. (I personally don’t think that she is not beautiful, it is just that other’s look at her as an ugly person. This irritates me soo much.)

        I don’t think that we are going to the true deserver of the Topi this season. I am losing faith in the JANTA!!!

        1. Beauty1996 says:

          I forgot to add this stuff:

          You said,” does anybody like Amritha?”
          I say,” I llike Amritha, and I think that she is the best among all the other’s.
          You said,” amritha doesnt have what she should have.”
          I say,” You tell me what she should have, OR for that matter tell me what she does not have.

          You said,” I don’t think that she is good enough.”
          I say,” Tell me why she is not good enough. I bet you #1 reason will be her attitude is annoying OR that she is not good looking.
          People just some statements without thinking about it in dept, but when asked about why they think that this so, they don’t have a single good reason to support their reason.
          You guys remember when Mithunda was incharge of picking who should be eliminated. He should’ve been asked to gice 2 or 3 good reasons as to why a cerstain someone should be eliminated.
          Do you guys  remember when the judges would nominate the person who supposedly didn’t dance well, they also should’ve been asked to give 2 to 3 reasons as to why they believe that a certain contestnat should be nominated.  I bet that this would’ve made a difference of who made it into the TOp 10 and further.

          1. Beauty1996 says:

            I am sorry Jill, I just had to let it out , and you just happened to be the the 30th ( or even the millionth)  person who has said something like this about Amritha. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, including you. ( Even if it at times  does not make sense).

          2. hbdasari says:

            oh crapp…I love Amrita for her dance…is this a fashion show?? certainly not…its a dance show n she is the best among girls…then from where does the question arise of not liking her??

          3. JIN BABA says:

            i agree hbdasari, but didn’t u notice she didn’t got vote enough why?. bcoz of her Face, b4 people irritate for her yayaya act, but now she control on it. but as i feel about what Janta thiNk it’s true, bcoz she usually in bottom or in Janta ki kasoti :|

          4. hbdasari says:

            oh yeah JINBABA…I agree thats how Janta thinks…she is not pretty and therefore she doesn’t deserve to be on the show…what a shame!

          5. kali.mangal says:

            Thats true. Actually janta does not like her that much..i have seen people commenting not good about her. They say she looks way mature..big..humble looks overconfident..not humble..blablabla
            People telling..not me…be careful..:-D

          6. kali.mangal says:


          7. rockstardchamp says:

            @ beauty

            Nice answers  dear…

    3. dancewithme says:

      Yes, I like her very much and I think she is appropriate for the Golden cap if she wins……..Initially i was a fan of D Sir and Shakti but seeing versatility of Amrita I need to change my decision…….Sorry abt that……..

      1. kali.mangal says:

        u should change your name to
        “changewithme” :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  125. jill says:

    jack!!! luv u!!! you are da bst!!! marry meeeeeee!!

    1. JIN BABA says:

      Hahahahaha so that’s why you Like Him :D . i happy if he got marry with u ;)

  126. Ishana says:

    I like Dharmesh. He is the best

    1. JIN BABA says:

      i saw Dharmesh few Dance form in Boogie Woogie he perform great there. but here in DID the memento has change :P

  127. Beauty1996 says:

    Many of you huys say, “Darmesh deserves the Topi,” or ” he is the best,” and many other things also.

    Just tell me why, specifically does Darmesh DESERVE the Topi, in comparison to other contestants? What has he done that other’s haven’t? Why is he THE BEST OF THE REST?

    Who ever wins has to be good in a varity of dance forms. They can’t just be good at a single dance form.

    BTW: Rayo Bakhirta is awesome !!!

    1. JIN BABA says:

      in my eyes Amrita deserve to get this Golden Cap. Dharmesh is a Good Dancer but you people not compare Dharmesh with Amrita. but yet i look forward from Amrita do hip hop dance. only in Hip Hop Dance u can compare dharmesh & Amrita level, otherwise no match up Amrita & Dharmesh level. other contestant also good, i didn’t say other r not good, but Amrita no Match up in this DID Spot.

      1. Beauty1996 says:

        I wasn’t reffering to you JINBABA, I was talking about people who keep on repeating those same lines, over and over again, without an outstanding reason.

        1. JIN BABA says:

          Acha na Amma Bi, logo iz ko answer kardo haha. she iz malayshian isn’t?, i thought there she nahi janti hogi hindi / urdu ;) , jabhi hindi me likha k pally hi na pary lol

    2. priyam says:

      very well said Beauty

  128. hbdasari says:

    some food for thought?? I too feel that DID does take some ideas from here..if that’s true guys we ROCK..:D

  129. Beauty1996 says:


    1. hizibizi says:


  130. hizibizi says:


    1. Beauty1996 says:

      LOLZ. YAH!!

  131. hizibizi says:

    next round of elemination;

    1. kali.mangal says:

      Like it !

  132. Beauty1996 says:

    I don not like  that they have that at the top of the site that tells us who is going to be out. Because when I enter this site, the first thing that I see is that. So far, I have found out who is going to be out for 5 weeks in a row due to this . I would rather watch the show and find out that way.

    1. hizibizi says:

      yes it is direct spoiler;without any warning.

    2. Admin says:

      Sorry guys :( I thought it was a better idea than posting the spoiler on the website but yes I agree it is spoiling the fun. I will try to control this from next week :)

      1. JIN BABA says:

        yeahh suspense barqarar rehna chaiya, well even if you hide this thing, but here one user should tell all story b4 the episode come Santosh ji

        1. hizibizi says:

          but we all like another spoiler thread of the eleminated contestant.and that would be fair.

      2. Beauty1996 says:

        Thank you Admin. !!! I appreciate it !!!

      3. dancewithme says:

        if there could be 2 threads……….1 for the discription of the whole episode and other for the elimination……….i think it should work…….

      4. kali.mangal says:

        I like the suspense to be revealed ASAP!!!

  133. Beauty1996 says:

    I wish they have another Tollywood performance soon. I just LOVED the performance that Kishore and Amritha danced to. It was so energetic and made me feel like dancing along with them.

    What I have noticed is that someone does cultural dances ( Bharanatyam, Kuchipudi, Kathakali, ect.) , that contestant is in a risk getting out, even if he or she did well.

  134. kali.mangal says:

    Kishore’s solo was very good..Poor Kishore should be there for 2 more weeks
    SAAJAN got lifeline…ridiculous

  135. Yash says:

    guys Kishore will be eliminated this week. Finaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly!

  136. kali.mangal says:

    Poor Dharmesh will be pissed off more between two girls…Amrita and Binny.
    His dancing partner is

    1. kindi says:

      yeah..poor guy..phas gaya between two smiling beauties..

      1. JIN BABA says:

        Hahaha. Say like this, Poor guy Pans Gaya ek tuffiest or dosri beauty k btw roflz. dharmesh tainu kee howy ga Pa jee. tusi ty funs gy ;) .

  137. jai says:

    kishore gone …he had to at some stage ..but i believe saajan should go ..he is just  16 …he wont be able to participate in did 3 …he is 16 ..forgettting steps is no big deal for a 16 year old ..fighting with dancers who have a lot of experience ..he should be out now …
    this is personal choice to judge every 1 …fro what till they have done till now
    i would luv to see dharmehsh doing main aisa kyun hoon or say dangerous by MJ or smooth criminal
    punit on bas ye meri kahani
    amrita on kehna hi kya from Bombay
    binny on some song from umrao jaan
    jack on ice box by omarion
    amar on aashiqui me meri from china town i would have said bas ek pal bt siddesh did that last year
    shakti on zara zara touch me
    saajan ishq tera tadpawe by sukhbir
    what do u guys think ..its just a dream episode …i will also post my about group

    1. madhumK008 says:

      I like your performance choices even though it’s based on whatever shelly each dancer excels in. What are your ideas for group performances?

  138. DIDrocks says:

    ok. i dont think kishore shouldve gone. yes he is a weak performer and i was hoping he would go. BUT, based on last weak’s performance, he didnt deserve to go. in fact he was better than jack and dharmesh. i really wanted SAAJAN OUT!!! why is he still there? i mean after forgetting a whole chunk of steps in his dance…he is still there!!!!!!!!!!! why is god so unfair?

    1. DIDrocks says:

      ok i take that back… maybe he wasnt better than dharmesh…but he was definitely better than jack, saajan, and binny.

      1. hizibizi says:

        yes this time Kishor was better than Sajan-jack.
        to be “fair” i like jack a lot.. but his performance was not that good.
        and sajan NEEDS to go.

  139. DIDrocks says:

    can anyone tell me who is in top 3? im gonna have to get angry again if i see dharmesh in the #1 position.

    1. puneet.matoliya says:

      Dharmesh at 2nd postion this week. he written that in his facebook page :) no idea about 1st nd 3rd

      1. DIDrocks says:

        thank u puneet!

        1. puneet.matoliya says:

          any time dude

          1. hizibizi says:

            thanks for the news puneet

          2. DIDrocks says:

   a girl. lol!

  140. username says:

    Dharmesh is 2nd this week. Important is this has been leaked and that’s done every week as i know and i give three grand salute to DID for being another corrupt show of a corrupt state.

    1. golegappa says:

      When you say ” Important is this has been leaked and that’s done every week”
      what exactly you mean.
      Also when you say ” i give three grand salute to DID for being another corrupt show of a corrupt state.”
      Are pointing to some specific Indian state..
      Dont misunderstand me I just want to know more about your comments..

      1. hizibizi says:

        if u think something is ‘corrupt’ then plz GIVE SOME SPECIFIC REASON.
        well like this:

        “I think this show is corrupt;coz they fixed that the winner is going to be sakti… and DID cleverly slowly slowly poisoniusly giving her the top intentionaly”

    2. JIN BABA says:

      he might out like how Prince Eliminate in 2nd last episode b4 Finale, or might he got out Like JAY Kumar Nayar in Finale:|

  141. golegappa says:

    Guys looks like Shakti is number one this week.

    1. DIDrocks says:

      i dont mind if shakti is first cuz she deserved it after last week’s performance, but i feel amrita deserves it more. why did u say it is shakti? any information?

      1. Meghna *wOw* :D says:

        SHAKTI U RULEE!!!!
        she is # 1 !!
        YOOOO!! :D :D :D

        1. JIN BABA says:

          Khayali Pilao Mat Pakao, Abhi Confirm nahi hy . i wish that AMAR got 1st Position this w33k :D

          1. hizibizi says:

            yup Amar should go to the top.

          2. x Princess Tania x says:

            NOooo.. i totally agree with u meghna…
            Shakti is way better than all others.. she should win DID 3..
            All d best SHakti Mohan :) !

          3. kali.mangal says:

            HAHAHAHA ..
            She can definitely prepare better for DID 3 and WIN!!!!!!!!!
            :lol: :lol: :lol:

          4. priyam says:

            Yeah, Amar must go to the top. But Shakti and Amrita was fantastic as well. Hope to see all of them in top 4

    2. JIN BABA says:

      if this happend so i can tolerate this only for this w33k (rolfz) not Again ;) :D

      1. kindi says:

        me too..jin baba..but looks like zee is gonna make her winner this time:((
        i dont understand whats the point of the competition..
        Terence has trained shakti in his academy for years and now has brought her in the show…what is the use of such competition..they would have worked together so many times before..sigh :((

        1. hizibizi says:

          Terrence is a circus fan.
          So Sakti always does circus-act.
          Terrence’s fav animal is “avatar”.
          Sakti’s fav animal is cat.
          So the result=

          1. JIN BABA says:

            Hahahaha. forgive Master terrence he iz Nice person, :D , but i feel only for Shakti coz, he iz play Game, otherwise he is Fair person,

          2. priyam says:

            Agree with you JIN BABA. People must try to think as a normal human being. It is quite natural that he supports his student.

          3. rockstardchamp says:

            If he is a fan of circus why he is in DID .. better go and join mumbai jumbo circus team … convey him not to do any stunts like hanging  on clothes rolling on rings .. like wat shakti does every time … lolz .. resembles circus …..

        2. JIN BABA says:

          Hahaha. hey don’t be SAD. don’t take it seriously in your heart. every body wish to like their Student go on top, when they (Student) participate in Real Dance Show. it’s a Natural kindi :D . Just Smile. :)

    3. Beauty1996 says:

      @ goleappa

      I would not be surprised if she is #1, due to the politics.

      1. ChArMz AnGeL says:

        Sad, but true. Based solely on last week, 1st place should have been Amrita and then Amar. Shakti’s indian contemporary wasn’t anything spectacular and neither was Binny’s. They both were good, but not better then Amrita and Amar. In the duets, Amrita, Binny, Kishore, Dharmesh, Shakti and Amar were very very good. The rest 4 were disappointing.

        1. priyam says:

          I think in the duets, Amrita, Dharmesh, Shakti and Amar were very good

  142. kindi says:

    WTH Jack or saajan or puneet deserved to go out..
    what cricket dance??stupidest dance i have ever seen..
    remo going down and down in choreography..
    his contestants suffers from short term memory loss..
    kishore is a sweetheart..he should have stayed..

  143. JIN BABA says:

    Well Kishore should go But After Saajan & Jack or b4 Jack, but it’s too Early he go b4 of these two. lol Saajan kitno ko khay ga Bhae,
    1. Shashank
    2. krudi mahesh
    3. Tasho
    and now KISHORE new victim.

    1. JIN BABA says:

      that’s mean Saajan much better than from these 4 :o Surprise!
      what u guys say?

      1. DIDrocks says:

        this saajan shouldve never made it top 12. jin baba, dont forget all the other wild card contestants that were sacrificed.

        shashank, kruti, tashu, kishore, parvez, vandana, altaf (who was in top 18), melvin, farheena, meenu, and i think even ameeth was better.

        i personally feel all of these people are better than saajan.

        1. JIN BABA says:

          very right DIDRock you mentioned here. but i feel Saajan as a B-Boying Dancer and in India that dance is not very Familiar, so Remo Sir bring him & show the World. so i feel only bcoz of Remo Sir he iz still Alive in the GAME.

        2. ChArMz AnGeL says:

          I still couldn’t believe it when Saajan made it in, and Parvez, Altaf and Vandana didn’t!!! That was heartbreaking. To be honest, I wanted Parvez to come back, but even if at least Altaf or Vandana made it in instead of Saajan over Parvez, I wouldn’t be as disappointed as I am right now.
          I like Saajan, but ONLY for BBoying, that’s it!

          1. DIDrocks says:

            i dont even like him for bboying. he is no good!!! one day jalandar will realize this. one day! hopefully that day will come soon and before the finals.

          2. hbdasari says:

            I agree guys..I don’t think he should be in the top 12 to begin with..but seems like he is gonna be on the show for a couple more weeks…SHAME!!!

          3. x Princess Tania x says:

            its totally right decision…
            but saajan’s last performance was veryy weak n he should have gone…
            kishore should hav gone after him :p
            baaki all r very well deserved and anyone who gives weak or slightly less good performance should go…
            Because at this stage no1 is a bad dancer all r the BEST of India .. ;)

          4. Ani says:

            omg i so agree DIDrocks
            even his bboying isnt that geat… Remo brags on about how its the best but i fail to see it.
            Most ppl here seem to dislike Saajan’s dancing, dunno how he is still in the show though.

          5. priyam says:

            Agree that the others were much better than Saajan

          6. ChArMz AnGeL says:

            Definitely! Saajan’s bboying is not crisp clean. He is very loose. But, as a dancer on DID, I only enjoy seeing him do BBoy.. the rest, he needs to stop!

  144. MG says:

    All contestants  are well for did2 .but Amrita and Dharmesh is the best contestant.did 2 conteestanst are very ok type.

  145. Meghna *wOw* :D says:

    LOL @ jin baba !!!!!!!!! :D :D hoho .. hahah!! :D :D
    i mean u like 24 hrs online.. !! seems like u do not hav anyother work
    n cum heah to chuk ur tym :D !
    getta life jin baba ..
    u sayin anythiing abt anyone outta heah abt terence or geeta does not matter.. CUZ ppl jux cum here to take a look of wts new.. :D
    SO drive it away dude !~

    1. kindi says:

      hey whats ur problem??
      we all love jin baba here..u have no right to talk to him like that..
      how do you know he is 24 hrs online..unless u do the same..
      get some life girl..

      1. JIN BABA says:

        O kindi how sw33t. :P

      2. Beauty1996 says:

        I am soo with you kindi !!!

        YOU ROCK JINBABA !!!

        1. priyam says:

          Yeah, you rock JIN BABA

          1. kali.mangal says:

            u r ROCK????????????? :(

    2. JIN BABA says:

      Muhahahhahahahaha “Kha Jaonga Paka Jaonga”
      well i am doing job, i am a Computer Professional, in morning till 2pm. after that at home i have internet service too, but i enjoy myself here. so what’s a BIG Deal in it Meghna Moto roflz ;) . why i drive it away honey?.
      Bolo Bolo Tell Tell

      1. hbdasari says:

        Hey  u…we all like jinbaba…he/she makes us laugh..dont be rude :/

        1. x Princess Tania x says:

          wts goin on ??!!!
          well its vry dumb lolz..
          fighting on internet is just soo lame..!
          But jin baba ur name is really tacky .. plz change it ..

  146. Satireee says:

    but jin u r soooooo dumb!
    y r u wastin all ur tym here!!!
    how stupid of u !

    1. JIN BABA says:

      thanks for compliment.
      anything else! ?

      1. DIDrocks says:

        lol. jin baba, just so know, i thoroughly enjoy ur comments. =)

        1. priyam says:

          And I like the name JIN BABA- Sounds magical

          1. DIDrocks says:

            it reminds me of an Arabrian theif. sorta of like aladdin.  lol! its mystical. lol!

    2. Beauty1996 says:


      Who are you to tell him what to do. He can do what ever he feels like doing !!! AND not he is not stupid!!!

    3. kali.mangal says:


    4. ChArMz AnGeL says:

      You need some help. Jin Baba never harms anyone on this forum, or anyone’s opinions. Let him be.
      P.S.–> Lage Raho Jin Baba

    5. hbdasari says:

      why is everyone behind JINBABA now?? what has he done?

      1. JIN BABA says:

        yeah why they all b3hiNd myself? pichy sy Defend kar rahay ho Front py aa k Karo logo :mrgreen:

  147. Meghna *wOw* :D says:

    lolz.. cant stop myself!!:D
    chill jin baba .. :P

    1. JIN BABA says:

      what am doing here so FAR?
      Ajeeb log samajhty hi nahi hy.
      Oh per samajhny k lia tu Mind hona shart hy, or woh Meghna Moto k Shayad Holiday py hy Aaj kaL ;)

  148. nksk says:

    dharmesh kyo tu apni aisi taisi karva raha hai geeta k chakkar mei yaar….chadd de use apne mei….tune hi jeetna hai..geeta k xperiments mei mat mar dobara….god bless

  149. nksk says:

    binny u r so sweet….aise hi acche performance dete raho…i lov u…….frnds plz support karo yaar….wo mehanti bandi hai……

    1. kali.mangal says:

      She does not need support. She just have to smile and she will get votes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :->

  150. kali.mangal says:

    @Jinbaba, voice of reason, DIDrocks:
    Read my comment on previous discussion on 2 golden caps. Its on the top of this page.
    Want to add one more thing…
    @DIDrocks-i did not meant u r horrible human being..u r making little things into mountains....I said comment was horrible…when u said “Sexiest bs” and all those words. not only Love, but also few people in this forum shared their opinion on 2 caps.
    I donot have any problem..whether there is one cap or 2 caps…

  151. joshi tarun says:

    hay gayzzzzzz now a dayz this Videos are not complete? and i m not able 2 C at Friday coz seven sony tv (7) is coming on same time and now ther is no full videos on this sit and i m not able 2 C this so plz any 1 can help me wher can i C this all performance ……

    1. Admin says:

      What do you mean by “Videos are not complete” ? Please give ur feedback through If you face any problems playing a video on this website.

    2. kali.mangal says:

      he is right admin…may be second part…is cut.

      1. Admin says:

        I can watch it complete till 18mins and 32secs. What is your internet connection speed ?

  152. joshi tarun says:

    and i think Shakti Mohan ,  Jack Samuels , Kishore this 3 should go now Back 2 home sorryyyyy friendzzzzzzz but i think  this  3 …………

    1. hizibizi says:

      well according to some last performance;
      but u know;DID already decleared Sakti as a winner.

      1. JIN BABA says:

        wait for next week episode b4 says this, i wanna see 1st, Shakti Attempt .

        1. kali.mangal says:

          What attempt Jinbaba:
          Shakti is drama queen…………Arrogant….Proudy………..
          She is good only in contemporary type dances..
          Can’t u see her both performances were of contemporary style last week?????????????????

          1. Beauty1996 says:

            All I have to say is

            RIGHT ON, RIGHT ON !!!!

          2. x Princess Tania x says:

            hahahaha….! cant believe u guyxx!!
            Terence is the strongest this tym .. N geeta is second just n just cuz of DHARMESH…
            Terence ki toli’s contestants hav a  lot of potential n dey can burn d stage..
            JACK is SUPER CUTEE!! n his lyrical hip hop is just out of the world .. i feell completely transported ~~
            Amar is very good but sumtimes loses concentration n does mistakes ..
            But i dont see any mistakes in last 3-4 performances at all
            x SHAKTi x is just amazin! she is unmatchablee!! D BEST !

          3. Ani says:

            spot on Tania
            Terrence’s team is defintely the strongest.
            Kali.Mangal… how is shakti a drama queen?
            You can critisise her for performing too much contemporary
            but being a drama queen?

          4. kali.mangal says:

            Ofcourse: Shakti is unmatchable:
            Only one monkey piece in whole world!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol; :lol:

          5. kali.mangal says:

            Geeta ki Gang is the strongest of all.
            Terrence is a lier of introducing different dance form and fooling people.
            All are “nautankibazzzzzzzzzz”
   foot..not a single move looked WALTZ…….
            Joker sala..

  153. saket243 says:

    u people cant eliminate kishore ! u cant judge people grandmaster u have to call back kishore otherwise people will consider u dont know to judge

    1. hbdasari says:

      I would think the other way round..If Mithun da brings Kishore back…then he is out of mind…not fair yaar!

      1. Ani says:

        Mithun is already out of his mind… But brining Kishore back would be an all time low even for Mithun.
        Bring back Kruti i say

        1. priyam says:

          Yeah, Bring back Kruti, not Kishore- Kruti is much much better

  154. hizibizi says:

    well go to the official site to see “contestants”…
    i’m sharing the fan-following pages of each CURRENT members;
    1st.Dharmesh 97 pages.
    2nd.Binny 76 pages
    3rd.Sakti 44 pages
    4th.Sajan 20 pages
    5th and 6th: Jack and Amar both 18 pages
    7th:Punit 12 pages
    8.Kishor(well this week he is no more;even if) 11 pages
    9th:Amrita 8 pages

  155. DID2 says:

    Dharmesh is 2nd this week.
    Shakti 1st

    Eliminated: Kishore (I really think due to zeetv politics, since he was 3rd and 5th for the last 2 episodes and suddenly got eliminated…wtf……just wanting to equate the contestants with masters) If this is how the show goes then let me tell u next up will be 1 from each of terence and geeta’s gang

    1. JIN BABA says:

      well it’s ok if Shakti got highest vote this w33k, but i feel that AMAR more deserve than Shakti, so where AMAR iz?. DID2 i agree suddenly he got Eliminate i think b4 he go Saajan go 1st, but due to Remo he iz still Alive in the GAME Show, i wanna c this week how to perform Saajan this upcoming w33k.

    2. ChArMz AnGeL says:

      Kishore is eliminated?!?!???? WOWWWW that is ridiculous. No doubt, I don’t think he deserves top 6, but his performances last week were good! He was not one of the weaker performers, so I would’ve never thought he would leave! Especially, after never coming on the bottom, and all of a sudden, he is out??? That makes no sense. I honestly thought it would be Saajan leaving! He was quite horrific in each of his performances for the past 2 weeks!!
      This is utterly disappointing, and the politics have begun!! Saajan is still kept in because if he left, then Remo would only have Punit left. I was sad when Kruti left over Tashu, and now I’m sad that Kishore left over Saajan.

      1. DIDrocks says:

        i feeling just as bad as u are charmz angel!

        1. ChArMz AnGeL says:

          I am really hoping this news is not true. Just as I hoped when the *spoiler* for Kruti’s elimination was released! =/

          1. jai says:

            spoilers have  always been true..why dun ppl kick dis shakti’s butt out :(..sajan 16 year old ..he has something extraordinary ..but its unfair to rest ..after forgetting steps in top 12 ….3 time s …he is still thr…terrence is complete politician …what is left in this show …sachin tendulkar drama ..MJ badge drama …jack n his moms drama by terrence ..

          2. kindi says:

            though i want shakti to be kicked out..but terence wont allow that to happen..but he can surely make sure that now jack goes next followed by amar..
            terence wont want kruti to be back as she is a bigger threat to shakti ;-)

          3. kindi says:

            shakti will not go anywhere..she is the only one who dares to wear minimal clothes on national zee cant let the eyecandy let go so easily..

          4. DIDrocks says:

            im really disgusted by ur comments! im ashamed u think this way.

          5. priyam says:

            me too.

          6. Ani says:

            Shakti’s clothes reflect her dance
            Her style of clothing are perfectly suitable for her dances.
            That’s quite narrow minded of you to bring clothes into the picture.

          7. hizibizi says:

            heh heh heh…. no Terrence is a very clever guy…
            he wishfully MAKES sakti to wear “minimal clothes” and “seductive body-paintiong”….
            now he Knows indian ppl ‘ll just fall for it;and just see what’s happened!!! (she came 1st….. and just watch Dada’s face again;while he was watching Sakti’s avatar-cat dance)…. so it is not at all ‘narrow-mindness’… it is actually “open-mindness and saying the true words to the society”.
            now the question is why Terrence choosed Sakti?
            the answer is easy;Kruti refused to wear those “weird” dress as sakti’s;so she was just sacrified by Terrence… and it make him at ease to provoke Sakti to “wear” those;who was ALREADY AN EX-STUDENT of his academy.

            now to the point
            Shakti’s clothes reflect her dance
            Her style of clothing are perfectly suitable for her dances

            yes u r true!!!!!!! :D
            yes only think from as the vice-versa.
            “her dance reflects her clothes.(an eye-candy cat dance surely needs those dress!!)”
            “her dances are perfectly suitable for her clothing!!!” :P  

          8. JIN BABA says:

            Truth Hizi Moty :D

          9. usha5010 says:

            alwis complain other wat u get……

          10. DIDrocks says:

            im afraid it is. =(  look at kishore’s pic on top. as much as i hate kishore, he didnt deserve to go this week. woh saajan tho jaane ka naam hi nahi le raha hai. grrrrr!

          11. Ani says:

            he should jus nominate himself to leave :(. He’s killing the standard of the show

          12. hizibizi says:

            so does sakti.

          13. kali.mangal says:

            Common Shakti I mean us some good Indian style!!!!!!!

          14. ChArMz AnGeL says:

            I know I saw the black and white pic of Kishore. This is just so sad!!! I don’t like Kishore either, but he has improved so much and is consistently improving. I can’t believe the politics on this show man! Now I know why Kruti was eliminated. I also agree that she poses as a threat to Shakti, so this had to happen =(

        2. priyam says:

          me too. Kishore is not among the best, but had improved a lot and does not deserve this. Saajan should have gone

    3. hbdasari says:

      Plz dont reveal the results…its no fun to watch then :(

  156. Ani says:

    WOW so he like got the idea from you
    awesome idea then :) ahaha wow i thought they dont even know about this site’s existence

  157. kali.mangal says:

    If Saajan is saved like this …I wonder Punit will be out before Saajan…
    and he may end up in top 6 like prince!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

    1. hbdasari says:

      nooooo..that will be terrible :(

    2. priyam says:

      I also have same inpression

    3. Ani says:

      Everytime i see saajan, i get reminded of prince
      And i too have the same fears as you :( It’s scary

  158. kali.mangal says:

    Amar was with Shakti in Duo. Amar was better than Shakti in Solo.
    ???????????/Why Shakti 1st???????????/
    I hope Amar is 3rd at least. I will be surprised if he will get that many votes. Same is with amrita…but i am surprised why atleast people from Calcutta should support her.
    People…donot start nonsense like region etc……….It is matter of support. First it starts from local city. Saajan must be getting votes from Jalandhar as his brother mentioned.

  159. kanubhai says:

    dharmesh is sab se bada dancer in india. his dance style is realy good.I think some judge give rong comment for dharmesh.because they  want suport only mumbai ‘s dancer.we watch most zee tv commpetitoin programe finaly judge faver to mumai’s team,like singer competation sa re gam pa.and lital sa re ga ma pa.ets

    1. kali.mangal says:

      Ekdam sahi BAPUU!!!!!!

  160. brkdancekid says:

    @meghna and satiree

    why dont u guys mind ur own business
    and even if jin baba is staying 24 hrs online
    it shouldn’t bother u .

  161. Shree.. says:

    Hello…..hey guys m new here……..
    grandmaster Mithun Da is good for nthing
    in every episode…he is giving grand salute to one of  the contestants of Geeta ki gang…..seems like he is having some  personal affection towards that very gang…..Geeta ki also taking undue advantage of that…….wenever remo or terrance comments on the dancing skill of any of her contestants…..she alwayz sayz….this is my fault….i said them to dance like dat…….

    1. Ani says:

      Someone who also thinks Mithun is retarded
      That man makes no sense and i fail to understand what he is doing as a so called “grandmaster”

      1. kali.mangal says:

        Sometimes I feel..Eventhough MithunDa doesnot know much about dance…
        I respect him to be atleast giving encouragement to contestants. He stands with them when they r totally barked by masters…
        He is doing good except favoring girls!!!!!!! He will use his veto power on Binny or Amrita!!!!!!!!

  162. Shree.. says:

    god i simply dnt like jack’s dance……..
    wo kya karta hai kuch smjh hi nhi aata…….
    dada shud call back kruti or prashant……
    they deserves to be in top 5…along with shakti, puneet, dharmesh, amrita

    1. DIDrocks says:

      who is prashant?

      1. hizibizi says:

        probably his/her dream hero!! lol

        1. kali.mangal says:

          Guys: understand…Shashank

  163. Shree.. says:

    oops…amrita shud be replaced by binny…..

  164. Beauty1996 says:

    My picks for TOP 3

    Amarjeet ( Kunwar)

    BTW: Rayo Bakhirta is awesome !!!

    1. kali.mangal says:

      Jack???????? :(

      1. Beauty1996 says:

        I think he has lots of potential, if not Jack, I would say Shakti or Binny. AND I don’t like Shakti.( if u were wondering ).

        1. kali.mangal says:

          lots of potential????????
          How about then Dharmesh ..he has great potential…but getting ruin by Geeta!!!!!

    2. ChArMz AnGeL says:


      1. DIDrocks says:

        i agree with the top 3 charmz angel. unless kruti comes in. then i think it should be amrita, amar, kruti. sorry but i just feel like kruti is better than dharmesh. no offense intended.

        1. hbdasari says:

          absoultely…Kruti is much better than most of the others contestants in the show currently..

          1. kindi says:

            amar should be replaced by dharmesh..amar is surely not a winner material..he is the saddest person on earth

          2. DIDrocks says:

            no kindi, amar has improved a lot. and im not basing this on just improvement, cuz in that case dharmesh falls way below in my list. he has done anything but improvement. so its not improvement im basing it on. i feel that amar has improved so much that he has continuously been giving magnificent performances compared to other people, and especially dharmesh. im sorry but but after top 12, amar was neck and neck with dharmesh, maybe even better. so i’ll have to disagree with dharmesh in top 3. amrita, amar, and kruti deserve to be there. if, god forbid, kruti doesnt come, then only dharmesh should be in top 3. cuz that guy falls after kruti for me.

          3. priyam says:

            Amar definely deserves to be in top 3

          4. ChArMz AnGeL says:

            Yeah I agree with you on Kruti. If she comes back then I would definitely have her on my top 3. But, I know what you mean about Dharmesh. Sad part is, he is such a brilliant dancer but Geeta is not utilizing his talent!!!! She needs to realize that she has some of the best dancers on the show and needs to give them more challenging and creative dances. Otherwise, just like Kishore was sadly eliminated, any one of them can be next!
            If Dharmesh was with Terrance, he would have definitely improved like NO tomorrow, because he would get some good choreography.

      2. kali.mangal says:

        I agree but Amar should be replace by Shakti because Terrence will definitely make sure Shakti is in final.
        About Dharmesh improvement….He was already at 8 when he started and he never let it down..yes he is stuck at 8 because choreography sucks.

  165. ayroks says:

     hiiii guys i m new here but old for DID and  liked this site very much i read some of urs views i liked it very much i luv did and seeing it frm begning and i think pervez is the best dancer and a very good human being also he shuld cum back and shuld take the takdeer ki topi

  166. kali.mangal says:

    WHO ID THIRD???????????????????????????????highest voting contestant????

    1. Beauty1996 says:

      Well, who ever it is, the all top 3 people better not be from Geet’s gang.

      1. kali.mangal says:

        Of course will be there everytime!!!!!!!

  167. Beauty1996 says:

    ( I just remembered……..)

    1. lords2020 says:

      meenu was the best girl dancer in remos team.

      1. Beauty1996 says:

        Yah, for sure !!

      2. lalo 87 says:

        yes, i agree with you nikitasha ki jagah pe meenu ho ti to wo itni jaldi out nahi hoti
        dharmesh sir is best

  168. Beauty1996 says:

    How do you guys do those smily faces ???

    BTW: Rayo Bakhirta is awesome !!!

    1. kali.mangal says:

      try this simple emoticons from this website:

  169. kali.mangal says:

    Geeta’s choreography will sacrifice all 3 remaining!!!!!!!
    She is worst choreographer.
    Amrita’s dance was very good but dressing :-(

    1. Beauty1996 says:

      What about the dressing of Amrita?

  170. Beauty1996 says:

    I wish they have another Tollywood performance soon. I just LOVED the performance that Kishore and Amritha danced to. It was so energetic and made me feel like dancing along with them.
    What I have noticed is that someone does cultural dances ( Bharanatyam, Kuchipudi, Kathakali, ect.) , that contestant is in a risk getting out, even if he or she did well. Come on guys we got to appreciate our native dances.

    1. lords2020 says:

      can any other boy from D.I.D do tollywood better than kishore.

      1. Beauty1996 says:

        I don’t know. So far that was the only performance in both seasons that someone did Tollywood style. But, I have to say Kishore was AWESOME !!!

  171. illusion says:

    dear JIN BABA,
    we all love ur comments on this forum.they always bring a smile to my face. u re an amzingly laidback cool guy with a good sense of humor and a kind word for everyone.

    no matter what anyone says, pls dont decrease ur comments, coz  a lot of us love reading them!

    1. priyam says:

      fully agree with you illusion.

    2. ChArMz AnGeL says:

      I agree!!! Keep on writing Jin Babe!!

      1. ChArMz AnGeL says:

        oops typo.. i meant Jin BABA***

  172. illusion says:

    dear ppl, anyone out here who’s learned bharatnatyam?

    if yes, didnt the bharatnatyam portion in binny and amrita’s dance look a bit fishy? it was beautiful no doubt and very well choreographed, but it wasnt bharatnatyam im pretty sure. some of the movements were very atypical and rather bollywood-ised to be called bharatnatyam.
    which is a bit unfortunate if the dance claimed to show indian classical dances in their pure form…
    also a bit suprising from geeta kapoor, considering she’s supposed to be trained in bharatnatyam.

    just my opinion.
    anyone out here who has a knowledge pf bharatnatyam or any of the other 4 dances in that sequence, i request u to have a look again and see if u notice any discrepancies…

    1. Beauty1996 says:

      Aren’t you tired or sleepy. Isn’t it around 3:28 in India?

      1. illusion says:

        he he  he i usually study till 4 am and then sleep, but last  nite padhai nahi ho rahi thi, so i came online instead… thats all… :)

        1. kali.mangal says:

          same here..preparing for boards!!!!!!!
          but i donot stay up late night. I am morning person.

    2. ChArMz AnGeL says:

      I’ve learned Bharatnatyam for a while, and what they did was actually Bharatnatyam. It seemed bollywood-ish because those Bharatnatyam steps were choreographed on a rather bollywood-ish song/classical song. Usually one when advances a bit in their Bharatnatyam classes, they begin doing these kind of dances, where there is a lot more movement, as oppose to just the basic “heel foot foot” rhythm.

      1. jai says:

        o well impressive…grand salute

        1. Beauty1996 says:

          Now That’s What I Call an Comment !!

          Chummeswari Comment !!!

          Superfantabulous Comment !!!
          ( Is that what Geeta says)

          1. DIDrocks says:

            its stupedo-fantabulously-fantastic. lol. thats what geeta says. good try though Beauty1996.

          2. DIDrocks says:

            wait actually, i think its fantastical at the end. i dont know. that woman is crazy. lol.

          3. brkdancekid says:

            why does geeta start with  STUPIDO-fantabulously-fantastical

          4. brkdancekid says:

            i want dharmesh tp perform toprock and uprock

          5. Ani says:

            ahhahahaa its STUPENDO
            as in stupendous?
            wish she did say stupido tho

      2. illusion says:

        dear charmz angel,
        i beg to disagree.
        i learnt bharatnatyam for 7 yrs and some of those steps were definitely atypical, imnot saying it wasnt good, it was.
        but what im saying is it wasnt pure bharatnatyam. specially after they get up from the muramandi and hold a very weird bollywood posture..
        also nikitasha did a bharatnatyam sequence to ‘jiya jale’. again , a bollywood number ut it seemed to be more better done…
        thats what i think…

        1. ChArMz AnGeL says:

          Haha, I actually thought Tashu’s Jiya Jale was more bollywood, but I loved it!

    3. hbdasari says:

      I have learned Bharatanatyam for a couple of years..yes u r right in saying its not purely bharatanatyam..I guess geeta tried it to make it look more beautiful with some bollywood mix..I dint think it was bad though!

  173. kali.mangal says:

    I read someone said somewhere : “Dharmesh and Binny got the best performance award this week”..
    Sounds tough competition!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Beauty1996 says:

      Why did you post that!!!
      Great another surprise lost!

      ( I meant this in a very joking way)

      1. kali.mangal says:

        But I am not sure….

      2. kali.mangal says:

        But I am not sure….:-(

        1. Beauty1996 says:

          It’s okay .

          How do you do those smiley faces?

          1. kali.mangal says:

            Dear : Donot take it seriously.
            actually i am practicing this emoticons too.
            I gave u the website

          2. Beauty1996 says:

            So you actually were not apologizing?

          3. kali.mangal says:

            No,  this is true that i am not sure about this information.

          4. Beauty1996 says:

            LOLZ. Okay I understand now. Happy to know

          5. Beauty1996 says:


      3. kali.mangal says:

        Then where will I post it????????

        1. Beauty1996 says:

          On an envelope.

          1. kali.mangal says:

            Here one more:

          2. Beauty1996 says:

            I don’t understand what you meant when you that you gave me the website.

          3. kali.mangal says:

            Are Beauty:
            U asked that how u get these smiley faces – right?
            This is the website that says the text how to get these faces.
            I also just found out today. Before i was trying but never came right.
            Why r u always suspicious? ;)